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Answer: International trade theory is related to international issues, globalization and also

many things. By studying international business a person can knows many things like international terms, issues and also about the globalization and its effects and affects. If anyone going to work in a multinational firm international business helps him very much because a multinational company has a wide-range of business in the worlds and they are related to international economic system. But in other side if anyone go in a small firm international business may cannot help him because a small firm is surrounded in a certain country and it has no relation with other countries and outside the countries. So it has no relevance for individual firms.
2. Answer: The technological changes contributed the globalization of markets. Technological

changes helps it to marketing and operating strategies and product features be customized to best match conditions in a country.Technologival changes helps globalization of markets to sourcing of goods and services from locations around the world to take advantage of differences in cost or quality of the factors of production it also helps globalization of production by making skill labour, proper use of lands and capital and maintaining the organization. The globalization of markets and production is not possible without technology. Technology brings greater facility to use internet, Transportation technology both for globalization of markets and production.
3. Answer: The study of international business is same as the study of domestic business.

Because the international business is related to international issues, terms, etc it focus largely on international factors and in other side the study of domestic business is related with domestic issues it focuses on domestic business system. But there is no point about a single course of international business. It is a combined course. It would be a single faculty in business studies.
4. Answer: The internet and associate of worldwide affect international business activities. The

internet brings facilities on the World Wide Web systems, telecommunications, and transportation technology. For the internet and world associated it is it is easier to crates jobs sector, make economic growth stimulation etc and in a globalization etc and in a globalization of world economy it affects these things like lower price for goods and services, economic growth stimulation, countries specialize in production of goods and services that are produced more efficiently.
5. Answer: The world trading system is now free trade system. There are no barriers in trading

system into one country to other countries. A product of one countries is supplied other countries in the world. For this system people of one country can easily get a product of other countries. The world monetary system is related to the international monetary fund which is the lender of last resort to nations states. It also lent money to the governments of troubled states.

6. Answer: The free market economies stimulate greater economic growth because free market

economies make the lower price for goods and services and make strong economic growth. On the other hand state directed economies stifle the economic growth because they make centralized economic system of the state they have no relation outside the country and they creates a barriers of manufacturing jobs and they are responsible for their sovereignty.
7. Answer: A democratic political system is an essential condition for sustained economic

process because democratic political system creates individuals right to freedom of expression, opinion and organization. It makes free access to state information for this reasons it is essential for sustain economic process.