HandBrak e For W indo ws Guide

by roflmaocopterzor


What You Need
There are 2 programs you need to be able to use HandBrake. One is HandBrake (obviously), and the other is a program called DVD43. It automatically removes the decryption from a protected DVD so that HandBrake can access it. If you have no idea what that means, it doesn't matter, just trust that it works :). 1. HandBrake For Windows version 1.6.2 Final Creator: sr55 Download Link: http://www.sr88.co.uk/scripts/download/download.php?id=5 2. DVD43 Creator: sr55 Download Link: http://download.copybase.ch/dvd43/DVD43_3-9-0_Setup.exe Once you have both of these programs installed (and DVD43 might require you to restart computer), continue to the next section.

Getting Started
HandBrake should have installed a shortcut to itself in your Start Menu. Go to Start>Programs>HandBrake, and the shortcut to HandBrake should be there. Open HandBrake.

Next, make sure that DVD43 is open. To check to see if it is open, look at the lower right tray in your computer (where the clock is). If there is a yellow sad face or a green smiley face there, DVD43 is open. If DVD43 doesn't appear there, open DVD43 from the start menu, as you have done with HandBrake. The fact that DVD43 might be a yellow sad face or a green smiley face (as shown in picture below) is very important. If the face is yellow, that means that you haven't inserted your DVD yet. Insert the DVD you want to rip now. The yellow face should turn into an evilish yellow face for 3-10 seconds, then it should become a green smiley face, as shown below. This means that your DVD is ready to be ripped.

Note: If any programs such as a DVD player come up when you insert your DVD disc, please close them before continuing.

The Steps
Ok, now that you have HandBrake open and DVD43 running, you are ready to begin ripping your DVD. There are a few settings that need to be filled in prior to ripping, all of which are detailed below. 1. Select the DVD In this step, we will select the source for the DVD rip, which is the disc itself. In the section labeled “Source”, click the button “Browse”. Browse to your DVD directory, and select the folder in it called “VIDEO_TS”. Click “OK” to select this folder and return to HandBrake. Your screen should look something like the picture 2 images below, but the drive letter might be different.

Now, hit the button “Select Title”.

A little box should come up.

Hit “View”, a nd a little message should come up.

Obviously, do not hit “OK” yet. A weird black box will appear minimized, and HandBrake will now scan your DVD for all the video files on it.

Depending on your DVD and the speed of the drive, this will take 30 seconds to 1 minute. When this is done, the minimized black box will disappear from the task bar. After the black box disappears from the task bar, hit “OK” on that message.

There should be a bunch of information in the little window now, similar to above. In this list of video information, look for the video with the longest length. This will be your movie. Below is the longest video from the example above (1:36:44 means 1 hour, 36 minutes, 44 seconds):

First, look at the number at the end. This will either be 1.33, 1.78, or 2.35*. Remember this number for later, it is VERY important. Then, highlight this video by clicking on it, and then hit “Select”. Now, you are done selecting your DVD and movie file. *Some movies are not always 2.35; 2.36 and 2.39 are also common. Just remember whichever number it says.

2. Select your output Now you have to select where you want your iPod-formatted video to end up. In the section labeled “Destination”, hit “Browse”.

Browse to where you want to rip your DVD to, and then type in a filename. IMPORTANT: The filename must end in the extension “.mp4”, such as Spiderman.mp4. Type in the full name of the desired file, INCLUDING this extension (Don't fill in “Save As Type:”). Then hit “Save”. Ha ndBrake now knows where to save your new video file upon completion.

3. Selecting Video Options This is where you select the options for the video quality and size. Under “Encoder”, make sure “H.264” is selected. Under “Audio Encoder”, make sure “AAC” is selected. These 2 options make your video the highest quality possible.

For the “Width” and “Heig ht” boxes, you need to know if your DVD is Fullscreen, Widescreen, or Extra Widescreen. Remember when I told you to remember that number earlier? 1.33 is Fullscreen, 1.78 is Widescreen, and 2.35 is Extra Widescreen. Use this information and the images below to know what to fill in for the “Width” and “Height” boxes. Fullscreen: Widescreen: Extra Widescreen:

4. Selecting Advanced Options This is where we set some advanced options. First of all, ignore that box that says “Output Filesize”. Hit the orange box called “Enable Advanced Options”, and that box will disappear anyway, and a bunch of new boxes will appear below it. You should notice that this lower section is divided into four different sections, which I will call “tabs”.

In the first tab, called “Picture Settings”, simply make sure that “Cropping” is set to “No Crop”, and the “Subtitles” option is left blank. HandBrake may be able to support subtitles fully in the future, but right now it is too buggy.

Advance to the second tab, called “Video Settings”. Now you will decide something – do you want to fit your movie to a certain size, such as 700 MB (to fit on a CD), or do you just want to set a specific bitrate for the video? Bitrate is the measure of the quality of video, and the higher the number, the better the quality, but also the bigger the filesize. If you want to fit the video to a certain size, simply type that number into the “Output Filesize” box (this is measured in MB (megabytes), so you don't have to include units, just write the number).

TWO V ERY I MPOR TANT N OTES ABOUT USI NG “OUTPUT FILES IZE”: 1. It is accurate to within about 3% each way, so allow a few MB to make sure it will fit into whatever you want, such as 690 to be able to fit into a 700 MB CD. 2. When you use this feature, HandBrake automatically calculates a bitrate for you. This is fine as long as it doesn't make the bitrate over 768, because that's all that the iPod supports. To make sure it doesn't do this, fill in the rest of the information according to this guide, and then when you start to rip the DVD and the little black box comes up again, check the information in the box. It will say something like “Calculated Bitrate: x kbps”. If number x is greater than 768, simply close the black box to stop ripping and go back into HandBrake. Delete what you wrote under “Output Filesize”, and write “768” under “Video Bitrate”. Now, the quality will be as high as possible, and the filesize will obviously be below your desired filesize because you just lowered the bitrate. If you would rather set the bitrate to a certain amount, just type that number into “Video Bitrate”. If you are not sure what to use, I recommend 500 for animated video (such as cartoons) and 640 for real life video (movies with real people). Just remember that you cannot go any higher than 768, or it will not work on your iPod. Whichever of these two options you would like to use, just remember to ONLY FILL IN

ONE OF THOSE THREE BOXES, as shown below.


Don't worry about the box “Video Quality” at all, it's not as useful. Leave “Video Framerate” blank, and make sure all three boxes in “Advanced Output Settings” are NOT checked.

Advance to the “Audio Settings” tab. Simply type “128” und er “Audio Bitrate”. This most likely is already filled in, so you can just leave it. Leave “Audio Sample Rate” at 48000, and leave “Audio Channels” blank.

Finally, go to the 4th tab, “Advanced Settings”. If you have a dual core processor, change “No. Processors” to “2”. This will make the encoding go MUCH faster. However, if you don't have a dual core processor, or if you don't know, just leave it set at “1”.

That's it! Now, just hit the big orange button at the bottom called “Encode”.

A little message will pop up, just hit “OK”.

Like back in Step 1 when that little black box appeared and scanned the DVD, another black box will appear and start encoding.

It will start minimized, you can bring it up by just clicking on it in the task bar (that big bar at the bottom of your screen). It should say a lot of random information, and at the bottom, it should show how far into the rip it is (in percent), and how fast it is going in FPS (frames per second). The example below shows that the rip is 1.23% done, going at 13.61 FPS, at an average of 15.22 FPS, and it expects to take 2 hours, 30 minutes, and 33 seconds.

This is long because I only selected one processor when I have 2. Expect a regular movie to take about ½ to ¾ the length of the movie to rip. (So, for a 2 hour movie, about 1-1.5 hours is expected). Once this black box reads 100%, it will close by itself, and your new iPod-ready video will be sitting in the folder you told it to be in. Enjoy!


sr55: for creating a brand new working GUI for HandBrake. This project continues the previous HandBrake for Windows project that was ended. sr55's Website: http://www.sr88.co.uk/projects.php titer: for the original program for Macintosh. Obviously this is what started it all, if you are looking for the Mac version of HandBrake, go here: titer's website (HandBrake Homepage): http://handbrake.m0k.org
This guide was created by roflmaocopterzor. It was last updated January 6th, 2007, and it is meant for HandBrake version 1.6.2 final, which is the current version as of this date. If you have any questions about the program, visit the forum thread about this program in the official HandBrake forums: http://handbrake.m0k.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1698 If you have any questions about this guide, please email me at: roflmaocopterzor@gmail.com