Stanza 189 to 191.

- According as the Rasl arrived at by adding the longitudes of the lords of the Ascendant and the 6th, is conjoined with or aspected by the Sun. the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter or Saturn, Mars or Venus, the remedial measures to be resorted to are respectively Aghorabali, Kapala Homa, Chakra Homa, Prathikarabali, Bhuthamaranabali or l<hanga Ravanabali or Krittikabali, or Prathikara or Bhutha maranabali. NOTES I do not propose to explain in detail' these remedial measures. There arc even now experts in this subject and they may be consulted. According to stanzas 189 to 191, add the longitudes of the lord of Lagna and the lord of the 6th and find out which planet occupies or aspects the resu lting sign and prescribe the remedies as follows:-

The Sun-Aghorabali The Moon-l<apala Homa Mars-Bhuta Maranabali, or Khangaravna bali or Krittika bali Mercury-Chakra Homa Jupiter-Prathikarabali Venus- Parthikarubali or Bhuthamuranaabii Saturn-Prathlkaraball Stanza 192.-0r the remedies must be prescribed by taking into consideration the planet occupying or aspectingthe 10th from Arudha Lagna. NOTES. If you find no association or aspect in the Rasi arrived at as per stanzas 189 to 191, then examine the 10th house from Arudha and see whether any planet joins or aspects it. Then recommend the above noted Balis. Stanza 193. - If the Prasna Aksha ra (length of the question) of the messenger is long, remedy to be prescribed is music; if it is short, puja and feeding; and if it is neither long nore short, temple dancing. Stanza 194,-ln Prasnanushtana Paddhati, certain remedial measures have been suggested, based on the looks of the questioner. Stanza 195. -If the questioner looks towards the right side In an upward direction, the remedies should be performed by Brahmins: if he looks down, by temple musicians; if he turns his eyes up on the left side, the high class amongst the low-born; if he looks down on the left, then the inferior amongst the low-born ones. Stanza 196.- By closely observing the parts of the body the questioner is touching (sparsa) when he puts the query, the nature of the badba (affliction) can also be ascertained.

DIFFERENT KINDS OF DEVATAS Stanza 197. - According to Anmhtana Paddhati if the questioner f eels with his hand his chest, forehead, private parts, and navel, then the man has troubles from devatas; if he touches his sides, back fingers and neck, then he is troubled by serpents; and if he touches his eye-brows, ears and armpits, he has trouble from pisachas. Stanza 198. -The different devtas causing affliction can be known by considering the planet s owning or occupying the house of harm, as also on the basis of the Navamsas Involving these lords. Stanza 199. - If the lord of the house of harm occupies the sign of Mercury or his Navamsa, the trouble is from deities worshipped by high-class people in their homes; if the house or Navamsa of Jupiter, the trouble will be from deities worshipped In temples; If the house or Navamsa of Saturn, the trouble Is from deities worshipped by low-class people; If his own house or Navamsa, the trouble is from deities h av ing their abode in solitary gardens. Stanza 200. - If Mars owning th e house of harm joins Ketu, then the deity is Chamundi; if he joins with or occupies the signs of Mercury, the deity will be Pancham i. Stanza 201. - If Mars occupies odd signs or odd Navamsas, then the deities are Bhalrava-Kanta Kama, etc.; if he is in even signs or Navamsas, the deities are Rakteswari, Rakta Chamundi Atibhayakali, etc. Stanza 20.2. - Effects suggested in stanza 201 should be stated if the lord of harm occupies an odd sign and an even Navamsa or an even sign and an odd Navamsa. Stanza 203 - When different planets occupy different signs, they signify different murthis or subsidiary deities. These are dealt with here briefly. Stanzas 204 t o 206. - The Sun disposed in Aries to Pisces indicates respectiviely the following murthis or deities: Siva, Yakshi, Vishnu, snakes and Dharma Devas, one's own family deity, avataras of Vishnu, Bhadrakali, Swayambhu, Gandharva and yaksha, Ayyappa, Pisacha and huntei's deities, same as in Capricorn and Gandharva and Yakshi damsels. If within the exaltation parts of Aries, the deityofSivawill be one founded by a high personage, while in the rest of Aries, It will be deities Installed by ordinary human beings. NOTES The comment ator adds that when the Sun is in his exalted portion, the Deity may be that of Parasurama. Swayambhu means one grown nuturally. This also refers to Siva so that when the Sun is In Aries or Scorpio, the Deity will be the sam e. Likewise If the Sun Is In Gemini the Deity Is VIshnu, while in Virgo, it is Sri Rama and other Avataras of Vishnu. In Taurus it is Yakshi. In Libra it is Bhadrakali.ln Sagittarius it is Gandhana and Yaksha. ln Pisces the sam e deit ies in the fe male form. For Capricorn and Pisces the deities are the same. Stanzas 207 to .209.- The Moon in Aries ind icat es the temple God Chamundi; in Scorpio, the same goddess worshipped by low class people; If weak In these signs, both types of deities; In Taurus, Yakshi; in Libra, Dharma Daiva; in Gemini and Virgo, Vi mana Sundara and Sundari; in Cancer, snakes if weak, and Dharm a Daiva if strong; in Leo, Bhagavathi worshipped by others; in Sagitta rius, Akasa Gandharva (male): in Pisces. Akasa Gandharva (female); and in Capricorn and Aquarius, Preta Soola Pisachas etc., Stanzas 210 to 212.-Mars In Aries, Bhuta Rakshasa, Brahma Rakshasa (male), etc.; In ScorpioNarabhojini, Balaprabhakshani, etc.; in Taurus- Bhairava, Yakshi (female); in Libra - Bhairava Yaksha (male); Gemini - Narasimha (terrible Vishnu Avatar) and Gandharva; Virgo terrible Narasimha andYakshi; Cancer - Bhagavathi, Krishna, Chamundi; Leo - terribleSiva Bhutas as Aghora Vana Devatas; In Sagittarius - Kush I Sast a; Pisces - Vee rabhadra; Capricorn- a Deva angered by Abhichara. Stanza 213.- Mercury in Aries and Scorpio -Jwara Devata; Ta urus a nd Libra- Gandha rva; Gemini and Virgo - Gandharva and Kinnara; Cancer - Jala Pisacha; Leo - Naga Kanya; Sagittarius and Pisces - Chamundi charged with mischief by an angered Brahmin; in Capricorn and Aqu arius l<avachl, Suia Plsachl, Kala Plsachl. Stanza 214. - Jupiter in Aries and Scropio- Siva Bhutas, Durdevata formed by the Abhichara of Brahmins; Taurus and Libra - Apasmara Yakshi and Yaksha: Gemini and Virgo - a neuter Devata formed by the wrath of Gods or by the Abhichara or Brahmins. Stanza 215.- Jupiter in Cancer indicat es Da-vata in a Brahmin's house caused by his Agni-hotra, Gandharva Chief; in Leo Davata caused by Abhichara of king's servants or caused by Abh ichara of a wom a n performed aga in st he r husband; in Capricorn and Aqu a rius - Bhasm a Pisacha, Jala Pisacha, Adhama Gandharva; and in Sagittarius and Pisces - do not signify any Devatas, St anzas 216 and 217.- Venus in Aries and Scorpio- si milar to Jupiter as in stanza 215, but in addition Yakshaand Rakshasa also: in Taurus, Cancer and Libra - Yaksha, Yakshi: in Gemini and Virgo - Abhichara Devata of rival inimical co-scholars; in Leo - tem pie Yaks hi; Sagittarius - a M urthi caused by curse of a Brahmin; and Pisces - Durga Bhagavathi: in Carpicorn - Apasmara : and in Aquarius- Ka la Plsacha. St anzas 218, t o 220. -Saturn in Aries-effects of Apasmara Devatas not curable; Scorpio- a Siva Bhuta whom the native troubled in his last birth ; Taurus - Apasm ara Yaksha, Yakshi, curse of a Brahmin ; Libra - Bhuthanathas as l<i rata, Ayyappa, etc., originated by obstructing a festival: Gemini -Vana Devata: and Virgo - Pretas of re latives; Cancer - Devat as worshipped by low caste people: Leo- t emple Sasta, I<Irata, hunter's Gods, Plsachas: Sagittarius and Pisces- ManI (Gandharva); and Capricorn and Aquarius - Preta and Pisacha. NOTES So f ar the a uthor has been revi ewing the t roubles caused by foes. He will now study how diseases can be cured. Stanza 221.- The nature of af fliction is to be read f rom Arudha and the remedies to be employed are to be ascertained from th e rising sign. If Arudha Lagna is affli cted, the progress of disease will be stoppe d . If th e ri s in g s i g n i s aff li ct e d , the i ll ness will fu rth e r in cr e as e . St anza 222. - If benefics occupy the 9th house, or the lord of the 9 th is favourably disposed, or if the lord of Lagna is associated with or aspected by the Sun or Jupiter, the object of the remedial m easures, viz., the recovery of t he patient, will be realised. If however the lords of the Lagna and t he 9th are afflicted, then recovery is unlikely. St anza 223. - In a query pertaining to Illness, recovery should be predicted If the rising sign be Prishtodya, movable, adhomukha, ja la hrasa rasi. Othrewise there will be no re lief Stanza 224. - Recovery should be predicted if th e Ascendant, 4th, 6th, 8th and 11th houses are free from malefics and benefics occupy the 4 th, 7th and 10t h. NOTES Relief is to be predicted only after t he due performance of r emedial m eas ures. WHOSHOULD PERFORM REMEDIES ? St anza 225. - Remedies have to be suggested t o be performed by persons of Sathvic, Rajasic and Thamasic nature according as the Badhaka planet occupies a Sathwic, Rajasic orTham asic Rasi orNavamsa. Stanza 226.- Remedies should be performed by different pe rsons accordirfg to the situation of t he badhaka planet thus: Badhaka planet In the sign or Navamsa of the Sun or the Moon - holy Brahmins; sign or Navamsa of Jupiter-te mple songsters; sign or Navamsa of Mercury- potters; in the sign or Rasi or Amsa of Venus - high class amongst the Chanda las; sign or Amsa of Mars ordinary Ch anda las; and sign a nd Am sa of Saturn - very l ow a mongst t hem . St anza 227. - If the troubling or ha rming planet Is combined with or aspected by Gullka or stands in the 5th or 9th house from him, Pulayas a re to be employed. If the planet joins w ith Ketu, Parayas should perform the rites. Stanza 228. - If the troubling planet is a benefic or occupies a benefic sign, the remedies should be done by Brahmins; if he is a m alefic or occupie a m aefic sign- low cast e people should be employed for the purpose. St anza 229. - To the query wh o should be the physician to whom t he work of m edical treatment should be entrust ed, the anwser is simila r to the one given in verse 32. In addition to what is given there, the 10th house a lso must have benficial influences. St anza 230. - With regard to the q uestion to whom the remedial measures should be entrusted, t he answer is to be read from the favourab le disposition of Jupit er such as in 4 , 9 or 11. The Ascendant should be Jala hrasa rasi, 10th house must be benefi c in character and the Lagna should also be Urdhwamukha. Stanza 1 . - In the last fifteen chapt ers, the question of longevit y has been examined In det ail, noting also whe n disease is likely to begin, how it originates and how it could be cured by suitable remedial m easures. Stanza 2. -The longevity of the person is to be examind first and then the trends in the horoscope prognosticated. This Is what great Rlshls say. WHEREABOUTS OF THE QUER IST Stanza 3. -Considering the movable, fixed or dual nature of the Ascendant and the Navamsa Lagna, one has t o infer the whe reabouts of the questioner-wheth er he is at home or in a fa r away place, etc. NOTES If Lagna and Nava msa Lagna are movable, t he n the questioner is in a dist ant place traveling about on some work; if the Lagna is movable and Navamsa is fixed, he is in a dist ant place but stayi ng without undert aking any long j ourneys; if the Lagna is movable and the Navamsa is common, he is in a distant place, and there he is sometimes staying at one place and sometim es journeying; if Lagna is fixed and Amsa is movable, he is in the ne ighboring places and journeying from place to place; if Lagna is fixed and Amsa is a lso fixed; he is in a neighboring place and stays w ithout any longjourneys; if Lagna is fixed and Amsa is common, he is in a ne ighboring place and while there, he is som etimes journeying and somet imes staying in one and the same pl ace; if Lagna is common and Am sa is m ovable, he can be found neither very f ar from his native place nor very near It, leading a nom ad's life, If Lagna Is common and Amsa Is fixed, he can be fo und In the above-me ntioned place leading a sedentary life; if Lagna a nd Navamsa a re both common, he lives in the above-mentioned place leading both sedentary and traveling life. Here Lagna means Aru dha Lagna. Lagna Rasi indicates dist ance, and Amsa signifies the nature of life. St anza 4.- The above can also be read from t he Rasi and Am sa occupied by the lord of Arudha. lf any contrad iction is discove red betwee n the two, the stronger of the t wo sh ou Id be considered.

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