. 1. TELL ME ABOUT YOUR SELF Interviewer : We’ve received your application letter, CV and credentials.

Now, we’re going to interview you to get more information about you. To start with, would you please tell me a little about yourself? : All right. My name’s … My friends usually call me … That’s my nickname. I’m from …, but actually I was born in … and grew up in … My parent were pensioner. Now I live with my parents in … I am graduated from Faculty of … of … University with GPA ... I’m a hard working and creative person who possesses leadership and managerial skill as well as technical writing skill (jelasin kelebihan-mu). Being able to speak English and Japanesse fluently will surely benefit me much to carry out my work later. Well I heard that your company is offering a position as a staff for … So, I’m here now to apply for the position as I believe that I have the skills and qualifications Interviewer : All right. Thank you. Now please …


(3 menit pertama yang menentukan kesan yang baik tentang dirimu) 2. TELL ME ABOUT YOUR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Interviewer Candidate : Now, would you please tell me about u’r educational background? : I was admitted in the … faculty, majoring in … I graduated from … University in <month, year>. To complete my final task, I did a research in … and then wrote a thesis entitled … : It sounds convincing : Thank you. Besides attending classes in the university. I also took some courses like English, Japanesse, and computer. I’m sure that my skills on those languages and computer will surely support my work later in u’r company. : Yes, I hope so

Interviewer Candidate


Interviewer Candidate . of course. : So… are you trying to say that you are an experienced person in conflict resolution management? :… Interviewer Candidate 3. would you please describe u’r personality? : Well… I’m a sort of person who is open minded and easy going.m hard working person who doesn’t mind working overtime. some possible problems. hiking. in a relaxed work situation. I always need more challenges. In my opinion. people can work more productively. I always think anything positively. If you accept me to work in your company. That makes me enjoy the life. I will learn the available material from the training in which I am sure that the material will support my work. martial arts. corporate culture and vision of the company. I’m easily bored with anything. WHERE DO YOU SEE YOUR SELF FIVE YEARS FROM NOW? : where do you see your self five years from now? : well. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONALITY? : I believe that someone may be good at one point and weak at the other one. meaning that I have sense of humor. Besides.Candidate : In addition. tapi ingat HRD punya banyak pengalaman jadi dari Interviewer Candidate Interviewer Candidate Interviewer Candidate Boleh bo’ong asal kagak ketahuan. I will spend the first months to learn more about my job description and responbility. I mean u’r weak point? : All right. The training will surely give me a comprehensive picture on the strenghs of the company. I’m not saying that I’m to ambitious but new things are always challenging. basket ball. soccer. : What about u’r weak point? : Well… ehm… people sometimes say that I’m not serious as I often create jokes in the workplace. I joined some student’s extra curricular activities such as student executive boards or in Indonesian we call it Badan Eksekitif Mahasiswa (BEM). cara bicara bisa menduga kepribadian macam apa yang kamu miliki. I was the chairman of that several organization from … to … That activity really taught me how to manage people effectively and solved managerial problems. my short term goal is. 4. etc. So. to get a job in a fast growing company with solid performance and futures projections like your company. I. : That’s a strong point.

I will apply for another job which suits with my educational beckground and skills or I will pursue higher education. I will try hard to get it as career development is a very important for me. Being a leader menas having better chance to make important managerial decisions. I will utilize all my organizational skills to improve the work environment in the company. may be a graduate program. what would you do then? : Perhaps. But if a bad thing happens.. As a part of a team.Interviewer Candidate : Yes. I will think that other people may be better than I am. Interviewer Candidate Interviewer Candidate Interviewer Candidate : So. I want to add value and continue to grow the company. : You haven’t mentioned your long term goal. Then. : Well my long term goal will partly depend on where the company goes. I will get the job. Then. So. Perusahaan ingin mengetahui bahwa Anda adalah orang yang tak pernah berhenti belajar. I will do my best to accomplish my work and to get the best work performance. There might be some points that I have to improve. The first year will be the right time to show that I am the right person in the position. My plan is to move into a position of responbility where I can lead a team. : That will help. so that we can build a good teamwork. Awal yang baik berarti setengah selesai. surely I am an optimistic person so I always think that If I do the best. They may deserve to get this position. we usually have 3 month training for the new staffs. .. (hik. in five years I will keep on learning with a hope that I will can grow into a position of more responbility and will have made a significant contribution to the organization. ) … say … you don’t accept me here in your company.hik. when I have got a chance to get promoted. In brief. As I believe that a good teamwork in the company plays a significant role to lead to a great achievement. : What would you do if we don’t accept you? : Well. orang yang selalu mempunyai rencana pasti dan visi ke depan.

Furthermore. so that I can finish my task as targeted. I always plan my work well since the beginning of the day. I can control my emotion and remain pleasant and friendly. I am aware of the problem. I have to make sure that I can finish my job as targeted. so that at the beginning of the year I usually structure my plan with specific time line. adaptive learner with strong written and verbal communication skills. because I am a perfectionist so I always try to do my best to accomplish my work. WHAT ARE YOUR MAIN STRENGTHS? Interviewer Candidate : Woukd you please tell me about your main strenghts? : Well. have good written communication skill. I can monitor how far I have done my job. my wide knowledge on any subject helps me a lot to get involved in other people’s discussions. and many people say that I am quick. as I told you before that I am a sort of person who has a very good interpersonal skill. Kami hanya ingin anda berkata jujur. I can adjust myself easily with a new working environment and a circle of new co-workers. 7. I will certainly be able to use my skills to contribute to the growth of your company. Last but not least. In addition. (tak ada manusia sempurna di dunia). WHAT ARE YOU MAIN WEAKNESSES? Interviewer Candidate : What is your main weakness? : My main weakness? Well.5. When I have to work under pressure. I am familiar with microsoft office program. WHAT ARE YOU SKILLS? Interviewer Candidate : Now would please tell me about your skills? : Well. Kami ingin mengetahui pula apakah anda orang yang bisa belajar dari kelemahan anda. My experience in organization also gives me valuable lessons on how to deal with different kinds of people. Kami yakin andapun mempunyai kelemaha. Masa depan menjadi milik mereka yng percaya pada keindahan mimpi mereka . I can say confidently that I am an excellent communicator. Therefore. 6. I have strong communication and interpersonal skills. Moreover. Mereka yang nyaman dengan dirinya sendiri akan menghasilkan hal-hal baik. I get nervous when the job does not get done on time. Maybe. I can still focus on the task. my flexibility to handle unexpected change in my job is also one of my strong points. That’s why I never work overtime.

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