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2008 Bipasha
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Is Zayed a family man?

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When music runs
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21 Shamita Shetty: Hit Item! Wow, looks like Aishwarya’s taking quite a
Hi, Mr Rajesh. I love reading your SAIndia knock since her wedding! Madhuri Dixit is
21 Hrithik ditches Bhansali
magazine, and I really like it! Best of luck releasing a new movie soon, you definitely
22 Bipasha’s root canal problem in Italy and keep it up. From Aziz Malik
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22 Milind Soman in a financial mess Thank you Mr Aziz, it gives us great pleas-
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22 Riteish met Kevin Costner
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23 Shiney Ahuja Hijacks His Parents!
Ranbir and Deepika - how they met and
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27 Adah Sharma’s spooky film experience!! never ever seize to amaze me. Could you nal K, Konkana, Vidya & Aftab in your up-
27 When Katrina met Salman on 10 Ka Dum please, pretty please feature Riteish Desh- coming issues! Shukria namaste. Philile
28 Hema’s dream project for Esha mukh? Thank you. KEEP UP THAT AWE- - Durban.
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38 The Fresh Look.... Rao or SRK & Rani Mukherjee? Thanks so Hi Ra’eesa, he is the new hottie of Bolly-
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44 Bridal Asia
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55 MUSIC Hi Rani, we do have a Salman interview in
55 When music runs in the family this edition, however, we will put a poster Bollywood Address
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Our SAIndia World
Hello Everyone,

Come October, Delhi will glisten with

some famous names like “Sabyasachi
Mukherjee, Ritu Beri, Bhairavi Jaikis-
han, Falguni & Shane Peacock, Niki
Mahajan , Gaurav Gupta , Pallavi
Jaikishan, Vinita Pittie from Hydera-
bad, Golechas (jewellery), Choko-la
(chocolates)” amongst others.

Over the years, Bridal Asia’s event

and exhibition has been making waves
with the glitterati & the buzz thrown in.
Synonymous with panache & luxury,
Bridal Asia is known to bring all the
bigwigs from multi fashion galleries
onto a single platform. The glorious
past has witnessed household names
like Tarun Tahiliani, JJ Vallaya, Rina
Dhaka, Anamika Khanna, Rocky S.,
Surily Goel and Ritu Kumar who high-
light the niche market targeted.

A one-stop shopping destination for

exclusive bridal trousseau, the event
promises to be an exquisite mélange
of bridal apparel, jewellery and acces- Today, our cover celeb has managed
sories, working towards revolutioniz- to buy herself a fancy apartment and
ing the Indian wedding industry - the a car for herself. Life was, however, far
contemporary way. Turn to SAIndia from comfortable for her when she first
fashion pages to catch a glimpse of came to Mumbai to further her career.
what Bridal Asia 2008 has to offer next She lived alone in Kalina East in a room
month, so if you are visiting Delhi dur- with one charpoy and a Sintex tank for
ing the month of October do stop by at water. The neighbourhood was full of
Bridal Asia! truck drivers and the like, and commut-
ing was a huge problem. It was a bit of
Friend or foe, what will it be for Sal- a terrifying phase for her, now when she
man Khan? Well the truth is finally out looks back, all was not in vain, as she is
in an exclusive interview with Salman, Bollywoods Item number. Her first crush
that he is refusing to call it a ‘war’, nev- was Keanu Reeves! Her cover story is
ertheless he has admitted to SAIndia an exclusive one on page 12.
that he and Shah Rukh Khan do have
differences, and they can probably In the past few months, the children of
never be friends. Page 18. many senior musicians and actors have
entered Bollywood’s vibrant music busi-
Just Blog it!, that’s the new buzz in ness. Most of them have already made
the Bollywood industry. Bollywood a splash, signed big projects and are
celebrities are now fighting over their steadily creating a name for themselves
personal blogs and commenting about in the industry. In this edition, we take
each other, apologizing for comments, a look at some Gen-X musicians in
statements etc. It all started with Amir our music section beginning with Udit
Khan, who started his own blog. Right Narayan to Kishore Kumar’s youngest
after launching his blog, he actually son.
launched his personalized chat appli-
cation so that he could talk to his fans. Last month the Gremlins somehow man-
Our Entertainment section this month aged to chew up our article for Star Talk
reveals which celebs have their own which confused most of our readers, but
Blogs. do not despair this month we have re-
published it.
Is he a pampered prince gone astray?
A guy who just struck it ‘Lucky’ due to Ramadaan Mubarak to all our Muslim
his support system of friends and fam- readers.
ily? Or a much-misunderstood youth
full of nonsense whose talent remains Enjoy, until next month….
largely untapped? Is he a cool dude
who can make teenybopper hearts go
flip-flop? Or a style-wise mannequin
whose moves and movies are not Rajesh Devjee
aimed at drawing critical acclaim? Will
the real life Zayed Khan please stand
up? This heart-throb can be found in SMS SA: 082 322 5601
our Lifestlye section.
Intenational: +27 82 715 3911
P hoto

Akshay at Singh is Kinng Diandra Soares on the ramp

success bash Deepika with dad at Tata event for iijs show

Celina at gay parade in Mumbia

Aamir at Tare Zameen Par DVD launch Ranbir at Filmfare Mag launch

Abhay Deol in yoga mood

Bobby Deol, Dharmendra and Sunny Deol at

Saif and Soha at Colgate Champku music launch Aaja Mahi Vay launch
promotional event

Axe chocolate model with

models in Malani Ramani
Alibaug on location clothes Bachna team at Vashi event

Page  The Premiere Indian News, Lifestyle & Bollywood Magazine Website :
E ntertainment

Bollywood is buzzing with

o the new buzz in the Bollywood industry is personal blogs.
Whether it’s a promotion of a movie or a Reality show or
whether it’s your favourite cricket team, Bollywood celebrities
are now fighting over their personal blogs and commenting about
each other, apologizing for comments, statements and what not. The
entire Unforgettable tour was online thanks to the blog - the stars
were well-connected with the stars. And you got all the gossip from
the star's diary itself and not some unknown source!

It all started with Aamir Khan, who started his own blog. Right
after launching his blog, he actually launched a personalized chat
application so that he can talk to his fans. It’s a different story, that
the experience of chatting on his site was chaos. So, right after that,
many other Bollywood celebrities started their own blogs.

Amitabh Bachchan wrote, he blogs whenever he gets time. “I read

about it in the media, spoke to the people who were in the process of
preparing my website and they educated me on the blog.”

To keep blogging, Bachchan admits to having lost a bit of sleep, “but

what is the loss of a little sleep compared to the love and affection of
those that express themselves in the blog.” Bachchan says he blogs
whenever he gets time to write. “There’s no time set aside for it. It’s
more of a self imposed commitment than an addiction.”

The Big B writes (at 3am), about how he is enjoying the current
Cannes film festival and finds it ‘sad to see no Indian representation’.
He also denies a story in a Mumbai tabloid that he had been paid a
large amount of money to write the blog, and condemns the recent
serial blasts in the Indian city of Jaipur after a reader pointed out …
‘my indifference to it’.

Aamir Khan has written about why he ran in the controversial Olympic
torch relay in Delhi, though sympathizing with the pro-Tibetan
protestors, and how he ended up with a hamstring injury while ‘chasing
the villain’ during the shooting of his latest film.

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, who began writing a blog and discontinued

it later, says blogging is ‘like a therapy’. “It is the future. A person can
express himself, it is a good thing. It is to bring out what is within you,
to reach out, to say your own thing, which you can do the best if you
say it yourself. That is why I started writing.”

Writer Anil Dharker says Bollywood stars taste “freedom” to get their
point across to their fans using blogs. “Earlier the stars had to go
through an intermediary - be it a reporter or a TV interviewer. There
was a possibility of misunderstanding. On a blog, they have complete
freedom in what you say. It gives them an opportunity to clarify things
or with some people to settle scores.”

Page  The Premiere Indian News, Lifestyle & Bollywood Magazine Website :
Here is a list of some
popular blogs... - Aamir Khan started this blog to promote his Lagaan
DVD launch in India. He is been consistent and regular when it comes
to posting on his blog. He keeps his fans up to date about his movies,
shootings and incidents that happened in his life etc. At times we felt
that he might not be writing on his own, but over his different posts, he
made sure that everyone believed that it was him.

Amitabh Bachchan's Blog - Amitabh Bachchan also jumped into

blogging right before the launch of Bhoothnath. He started promoting
Bhoothnath and later talked about the Maharashtra issues and created
quite a bit of controversies. Well whatever it is its good that his fans
now can directly talk to him without having the media in-between.

John Abraham Blog - Looks like John has his blog for quite some time
now. He is been posting articles on his website for almost two years
now, but he is not regular. He posts only few articles. So far he has
made only 5 to 6 articles.

Bipasha Basu's Blog - Bipasha Basu also writes articles every now
and then on her website. Latest entries talk about her first Bengali
film and thanking her fans that visited her website. I am not sure how
authenticated this site is though.

Shilpa Shetty Blog - Shilpa Shetty has also launched her website which promotes her perfume line as well as
her fitness and yoga DVD. Everyone knows what a fitness freak she
is. The site has videos and pictures of her ‘Biggest Win Ever’ - Big
Brother, and all that stuff. It also shows her biography, filmography
and all, but I don't see her writing any blog entries to her fans.

Salman Khan Blog - Last but not least, Salman Khan has now started
blogging in the event of promoting Dus Ka Dum. Personally, I like Dus
Ka Dum better than SRK’s Panchvi Pass.

Pooja Bedi - latest devotee of blogs, has fallen victim to the lure and reach of
the blog!

The frank, independent and suave Pooja Bedi is the latest one among the
known personalities to enter the corridors of the new age ultimate weapon of
self-expression. Titled as ‘I am, Who I am’ which is a statement that reflects her
this. personality perfectly, Pooja Bedi puts forth her first post on her blog like

“This blog is my way of saying there's a lot

more to me than just a sum of all the parts
people tend to gossip about. I am what I am
and through this blog, you will in time, get
to know the real me.” She also reminds the
people about the story of the Elephant and
Five Blind Men expressing how different
people have different perceptions about a
person, based on what they hear or read
about them and often the person has
more depth and creativity than people can
see through. She has got more than 20
responses to the blog within a day, and
for Pooja who is known as an epitome
of women power, what more than being
a blogger can bring her closer to the
thousands of like minded ladies from all
over the world.”

Website : The Premiere Indian News, Lifestyle & Bollywood Magazine Page 
Singh is King
bhinav Bindra had “real- been a proud moment for the trance examination he topped),
ised the dream” of a billion man who won the world champi- Bindra did a degree in manage-
Indians by winning the 10 onship in Zagreb two years ago ment studies by correspondence.
metre air rifle event at the Beijing and became the fifth Indian to win As a 14-year-old, he turned up
Olympics, President Pratibha an individual medal and the first to practice for the first time in
Patil said as she congratulated to win a gold at the Olympics. a Mercedez Benz at the Karni
the Chandigarh sportsman who Singh ranges in Tughlakabad
got India its first individual gold Of course, this is not, like all tri- — not something guaranteed to
medal. Abhinav Bindra’s shooting umphs, a tale born of this one win friends. And he doesn’t have
gold will make him an icon for the moment. Bindra’s is a story not that many of them. Quiet and
young generation and would be a merely of grit, talent and determi- reserved, he sticks to his own
shot in the arm for Olympic sports nation, it is a story of performing group of friends, not all of them as
in the country, according to Indian in the face of an indifferent sys- wealthy as he is. “He is a man of
Olympic Association (IOA) Presi- tem, of singlemindedly fixing tar- few words and that goes against
dent Suresh Kalmadi. “My son gets and hitting them. him,” said childhood friend and
has proved that ‘Singh is King’ in fellow shooter Shimon Sharif. “He
a real sense. He has brought lau- A student of Riverdale School is very composed and has nerves
rels for the whole Sikh community in Dehradun, (“He was the best of steel. He communicates with
and for the whole nation,” said fa- head boy we ever had,” his Eng- very few and I am proud to be
ther AS Bindra. lish teacher and school director one of them.” No wonder, some
For me, life will go on as usual…,” Surjit Singh Ahluwalia said) and of his teammates tease him as
Bindra said. But it must have then Doon School (whose en- Constant Comatose.

Some facts
Abhinav Bindra made a junior world record score of 597/600
in 2001 Munich World Cup and won bronze; gold in 2002
Manchester Commonwealth Games; became the first Indian
shooter to win a World Championship gold; Rajiv Gandhi Khel
Ratna in 2001.
* Abhinav Bindra is the brightest star among a new breed of
talented Indian shooters. Born on September 28, 1983, Bindra
is quite often criticised for not delivering on the promise he
showed as a child prodigy.
* Coming from an affluent family and with the luxury of an in-
door range in his backyard, Bindra proved to an early bird and,
at 15, was the youngest participant at the 1998 Commonwealth
Games. Bindra shot into limelight by winning a bronze in the
2001 Munich World Cup with a new junior world record score
of 597/600.

Page 10 The Premiere Indian News, Lifestyle & Bollywood Magazine Website :
C over Feature

Bips the
he’s recovering from a bad cold and cough, and to top it all, work. Now, I know comedy is working, so I am doing it.” She adds
she has to shoot in a short dress with the air conditioner on quickly, “But that does not mean I will do only comedy. I will do those
full. However, Bipasha Basu still finds the energy and the will films that my gut feeling says will work. Even if they don't, I will give
to smile. “I’ve been like this for a month now, but the cold just refuses my best and then say to myself that at least I tried.”
to go away. I’ve finally resorted to homeopathy,” she smiles.
Today, Bipasha Basu has managed to buy herself a fancy apartment
Bipasha is quite happy with the kind of work she is doing, but says and a car for herself. Life was, however, far from comfortable for her
she is still looking for that elusive quality, which makes everything when she first came to Mumbai to further her career. She says, “I
you touch turn to gold. “I think only Shah Rukh Khan knows what hail from a very protected environment in Kolkata. I was a pampered
sells. He is the true superstar. If I knew what worked with audiences, person who never traveled by public transport. In Mumbai, at first, I
I would only do those films. I think I am yet to reach my peak. I am lived alone in Kalina East in a room with one charpoy and a Sintex
still looking for the kind of roles that would excite me,” she says. tank for water. The neighbourhood was full of truck drivers and the
like, and commuting was a huge problem. It was a bit of a terrifying
Bipasha seems to prefer brief appearances in movies to full-length phase then. Now when I look back, I wonder how I managed. I don’t
roles lately. When we ask her about this, she replies, “In today's times, know how I survived. I tried traveling by train one day and realized
the concept of a leading lady doesn't exist. And it does not matter. that I could never do it. I would take a bus everywhere I went. My
I did a small role in Apaharan because I wanted to see whether I friend, photographer Farrokh Chothia helped me a lot at this point of
could do it. I wanted to break away from my stereotype image. I am time. He held my hand and guided me on how to go about looking
remembered and loved in every multi-star film I have done.” for work.”

She continues, “Those roles are more exciting than heroine-centric However, the self-made actor realized that the city is not as bad
roles. Today, no heroine is competing for the number one position. as she thought it was. “I soon found that Mumbai is a warm city. It
That race is gone. I know I am growing in my profession but I don't forces you to go and fight for your own space. You cannot achieve
know where I am heading.” She adds, “I am content and comfortable anything by being lazy here. I have interacted with people from every
at this moment of my life.” community and every religion and never felt like an outsider, even
when I had just started living here.”
When asked if she thinks she can bring audiences to the theatres,
she shrugs. “I don't know. I don't know what people like and don't The actress’ sporting the look for her first Bengali film Sab Choritra
like. Sometimes, terrible films click and sometimes good films don't Kalponik being directed by Rituparno Ghosh. A far cry from the
sexy siren Bollywood is accustomed to; Bips’ de-glamourous look is
bound to come as a shock to fans. “My parents simply loved the look
once they got over the initial shock,” said Bips. “In fact, my dad loved
the picture so much that he’s made it his screen-saver, on his cell
phone as well as his computer. I think all parents hope to see their
daughters as brides someday. And my parents are no different.”

So, will their wish be granted soon? “Now that’s a million dollar
question that I really don’t have the answer for. But yes, I hope too
that their wish comes true soon enough,” she added. And how was
boyfriend John Abraham’s reaction? “Oh, he found it very beautiful,”
she smiled. “He thinks I can carry off any look convincingly, so it’s a
thumbs up from him too.”

However, when it comes to her real wedding attire, Bips doubts that
she’ll go for a similar look. “I would love to go for a smaller affair
and a simpler look,” she admitted. And what about John? “Oh, he’d
even marry me in a skirt,” she laughed. “As actors, we are always so
dressed up, I would love to dress down a bit for my wedding. I prefer
the sans make-up look any day.”

Page 12 The Premiere Indian News, Lifestyle & Bollywood Magazine Website :
Website : The Premiere Indian News, Lifestyle & Bollywood Magazine Page 13
And what about balancing mainstream commercial cinema with art interest in doing a Hollywood flick. The prime reason for this is that
house films and regional cinema? “With the kind of money involved she does not want to start all over in Hollywood when she has already
in Bollywood, filmmakers are often reluctant to take a risk with either created a career in Mumbai.
story-lines or trying to cast actresses in different kind of roles. However,
with regional cinema, directors are far more open to experiments. Often She says, “No filmmakers of Hollywood are willing to sign any
it’s the actress who’s the ‘hero’ of the film there. And that’s something
Bollywood actor without a screen test, apart from Aishwarya. I got a
that’s challenging, interesting and irresistible to me,” she said. chance to go there, but I found out that I would have start again from
scratch like screen tests and other tantrums. They treat you like a
Recently, there has been several rumours spreading about stunner newcomer. So I decided to stay in Mumbai and be the 'queen' here.”
Bipasha Basu venturing into Hollywood. She admits that she has Well, not sure about 'queen', but she certainly has an admirable fan
looked into a few projects there as well as received offers, but has no following!

A childhood memory that is spe- What sets your pulse racing? What perfume do you wear?

cial to you? Extreme workouts in the gym. Truly Pink by Vera Wang.
The fact that I used to excel in my studies
and always looked forward to my report Do you pray? If yes, to whom? What if your partner cheated on
card. Yes. I follow all religions and pray to all you?
Gods. I would say goodbye immediately.
If you woke up and found you had
turned into a man, you would... The one film you can see again The last holiday you went on...
I hope I turn into a good looking actor as I and again? I went to Cape Town (South Africa) for
love the power of the hero. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron. Valentine’s Day. It was my first healthy
holiday in the true sense.
Your first crush? Two ways in which you have
It was Keanu Reeves till my friends told changed in the last ten years? The restaurant you love going
me that he is gay. I think I have changed a lot in the last to?
three years as I have finally started living Spices at the Mariott in Bombay and also the
If you could change one thing for myself. coffee shop at Lands End.
about yourself, what would it be?
The fact that I’m extremely emotional. The best thing that has ever hap- Any new movies that are on their
Need to harden up a bit. pened to you? way?
My younger sister Vijayeta, my nephew Yes, Shob Choritro Kalponik, Pankh and
Your favourite outfit? Short skirts. Anitej and my niece Nirajita. Mr Fraud.

Page 14 The Premiere Indian News, Lifestyle & Bollywood Magazine Website :
is living up to her name. Soon after being
declared as the numero uno actress in
Bollywood in a survey by eminent and well-informed
jury in the celluloid world, comes the news of her
being offered a Hollywood film.

Kareena is presently shooting for Kambakth Ishq in

Hollywood, Los Angeles.

It has been reported that Kareena will be paired

opposite Billy Zane in the film tentatively titled
Chamera, directed by Daniel Silverman, in the role
of an Asian girl, in a 30 days schedule in the north
of India

Billy Zane had earlier portrayed the convincing role

of Caledon Hockley, the conniving fiancé of Kate
Winslet, in James Cameron biggest blockbuster

Billy Zane is also appreciated for his acting prowess

in Cleopatra, Back To The Future 1 & 2, Dead Calm,
The Mummy, etc..

The film directed by debutante director Daniel

Silverman, has been associated in projects like The
Devil Wears Prada, Perfect Strangers etc. He is also
associated with the Broadway hit Bloodhounds of

Sources had earlier confirmed that Kareena did

have hush hush meetings with Hollywood producers
during the schedule of Kambakkth Ishq.

Raindrop Media Pvt. Ltd, the official spokesperson

for Kareena Kapoor confirms the development. “Yes
there have been offers and this is one amongst
the many offers she has received. Brand Kareena
is getting bigger by the day. Kareena is the busiest
actress on the block. It's too early to comment, as
she is busy with her Bollywood commitments.”

When contacted Kareena Kapoor says, “Yes, there

have been offers but it is too early to comment on

Meanwhile Kareena seems quite ecstatic over recent

developments in her career, since she has won a lot
of critical acclaim and awards for her performance in
Jab We Met this year.

Truly, the CZARINA of Bollywood is going places!

Page 16 The Premiere Indian News, Lifestyle & Bollywood Magazine Website :
I nterviews

SRK and I can never be friends
Refusing to call it a ‘war’, Salman Khan has nevertheless admitted that he and Shah Rukh
Khan do have differences, and they can probably never be friends.
We chat to him about his life and love!

You surprised everyone as an anchor on Dus Ka Dum. Comment. What enticed you to write a blog?
I try to be myself on the show. I think the audience enjoys that. I wanted my fans to know the kind of person I am – the real Salman Khan.

Will SRK and you patch up? Will you continue writing after the completion of Dus Ka Dum?
No. Shah Rukh and I will never patch up. Yes, I intend to continue writing my blog.

How is the industry supporting your organization ‘Being Human’? You are also a good painter, which was your first painting?
In terms of financial support, well, I have not received a single cheque That was a painting of my dog.
to date from anybody from the film industry.
Who has been your biggest inspiration? My mother!
Is Shah Rukh your friend?
Not anymore! I’m not going to deny that there are issues between What kind of a relationship do you share with God?
us. I’m a primitive man born in today’s time. I can’t fake anything. If (He blows a kiss to the sky) That’s my rapport with God. I talk to him
there is a problem then I’m not going to deny it. We’ve had problems all the time. I always get my answers from him. Sure, there have been
before also but this time I don’t think we can sort them out. We are instances when he doesn’t listen to me and doesn’t give me what I ask
two different people. Our values and ways of thinking are different. I for but he does that only when I don’t deserve it. I’ve observed that
don’t think we can be friends. I think it’s better to declare that than put whenever God hasn’t given me what I asked for, it’s for the best.
on a fake façade of being friends and back stabbing each other.
You do a lot of comedy films, what is it that clicks with the audience
Every second day there are stories of you and Katrina Kaif either about your comic style?
breaking up or making up. What’s the status? I think it’s the sincerity and the person’s personality that the audience
First of all, I want to know who are all these friends, sources close relates to.
to me and my family who speak on our behalf? My friends will never
speak like that about me nor anyone close to me, because they will Which is your all time favourite comic film?
give their life for me. Obviously it’s someone who is insecure, jealous Andaaz Apna Apna. I’ve only seen the whole thing once but when-
and friendly to the press. Maybe they are someone else’s friends. ever I happen to catch it on television I end up being glued to it.

We hear you were uncomfortable acting with Katrina in Yuvraj. Is it true? Like your friends Aamir and Ajay, have you planned to take up direct-
I have always been comfortable working with Katrina. But I don’t ing as well?
want people making an issue out of it. Just because we are a couple,
I haven’t decided as yet.
it doesn’t mean we will always be together on screen too.

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Aamir is planning a sequel to Andaaz Apna Apna. Will you be acting in it?
I am looking forward to doing this film.

Since you have written Veer, you could have directed it as well…
It was Katrina who suggested I should rope in Anil Sharma for the
project. She has worked with Anil earlier and considers him to be a
good director.

You come across as a very warm and affable host on 10 Ka Dum, how
do you make sure to be always in a good mood?
It’s very simple. If you come to my house and you are being nice to
me, so why wouldn’t I be nice to you? I don’t fake anything. If I’m not
in a good mood then that too shows on screen. But bad mood doesn’t
mean that I’ve to behave badly. I try to be a good host.

You’re not comfortable with women hugging you?

(Shrugs) They come in, they are very sweet to me and I don’t mind it if
they hug me. That’s their way of showing affection and I respect that.

There are rumours that you and Akshay Kumar share cold vibes too.
Is that true?
No, no, not at all. Akshay is a colleague. He’s a nice guy. He is very
hardworking and keeps to himself. Akshay will work hard to bring him-
self up and not to bring someone else down.

On the show, Akshay Kumar asked you about getting married to Ka-
trina Kaif.
That everyone does. Akki is still okay. There was a question relating
to marriage after which he pulled my leg.
Deepika Padukone
tops hot 100
Maxim poll
Deepika Padukone has topped the poll that features celebrities
like Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor, she is now
the hottest Celeb in India, according to Maxim’s Hot 100 survey.

The winners of this poll are decided after reviewing reader reac-
tion, industry feedback and gauging the potential to be the “next
big star” on an international level.

Deepika was the first choice for Nakshatra

At the Nakshatra event, Katrina was surprisingly all praises for
Aishwarya. In a subtle manner, she was thanking Ash for getting
the brand Nakshatra up. Being diplomatic, she said she had no
competition or enmity with Ash.

Atul Kasbekar’s celebrity management firm Bling, who manages

Deepika Padukone, were approached first by the brand Nak-
shatra to get her on board. However, the deal did not material-
ize, as the money offered was much less than compared to the
market rate of Deepika.

Katrina, however, did not have any problem or issues with the
rates or the exclusivity contract abroad.

Katrina scores a double

hat trick with
Singh is Kinng!
Katrina Kaif is currently in the US shooting for an untitled Yashraj Film. Back
home, the actress has delivered yet another hit, Singh is Kinng. And going
by the number, Singh is Kinng happens to be Katrina's sixth hit in a row, the
earlier ones being Namastey London, Apne, Partner, Welcome, Race and
now Singh is Kinng. It is a first for Bollywood!

The news of Singh is Kinng's success has left Katrina absolutely elated.
She shared the joy of her success with the cast and crew of Yashraj films.
Katrina wishes that she were here in Mumbai to savoiur the success of her
latest venture. “But the party more than made up for it,” she laughs.

Not to forget that Katrina just been selected as the brand ambassador for
Nakshatra Diamonds. “Katrina has signed the deal with Nakshatra for a
whopping amount,” revealed a source.

Katrina's success story has turned actresses green with envy and got their
tongues wagging. Indulging in malicious gossip and the crab mentality is
the way of the industry that Katrina is well familiar with.

However, she is not going to let all the loose talk bog her down and mar
her enthusiasm and spirit. “I have worked hard so why shouldn't I enjoy my
share of the pie,” she smiles.

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G ossip

Shamita Shetty: Hit Item!

Remember the Sharara Sharara number from Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai? appealing to the kids. For Shamita it's a privilege to be a part of the children's
Think about the song and whose picture comes to your mind instantly? film. The actress has been an avid Harry Potter fan and is glad to be a part of
Shamita Shetty of course! the desi version. Says Shamita, “I said yes to this very special track because
it was a children's film. It was something special!”
The song had become an instant hit! In fact Shamita and the Sharara song
are synonymous. Such was its popularity! Shamita made her debut as an actress in Mohabattein, produced by Yashraj
Films. A Chopra favourite, they roped her for an item number in Mere Yaar Ki
The gorgeous actress is now ready to cast her spell on the audience once Shaadi Hai.
Interestingly the songs that Shamita has done till date have all been chart
This time for the desi version of Harry Potter called Harry Puttar. busters. The Woh lamhe from Zeher that had Shamita with Emraan Hashmi
had turned an instant rage. The director of Harry Puttar hopes that the song
This children's film will have Shamita dancing to a song that promises to be that Shamita is doing will top the list too.

After the failure of Saawariya at the
box office, Sanjay Leela Bhansali was
dabbling with musicals abroad. He hit
the right market in Germany, which
is quite fascinated with the colourful

However, back home, Bhansali is

loosing ground and is finding it difficult
to get a good star-cast for his next film.

Hrithik Roshan was on his mind, and

was almost finalized when suddenly
he walked out without giving any

Ranbir Kapoor too has moved on and

now has no interest in doing any more
Bhansali flicks.

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Bipasha’s root canal
problem in Italy
Bipasha had a whale of time shooting for Bachna Ae Haseeno in Italy. She
had loads of fun visiting the Vatican, Cherry Fountain, the Lion Fountain at
Piazza Del Popolo, and the Colloseum in Rome as well as many other places.
However, what was painful was her root canal treatment that she had to
undergo in Rome itself.

“I had to go in for a root-canal and was extremely apprehensive about doing

it in Rome. I didn't know the doctor there and he didn't understand a word of
English, but the operation went off well. He was one of the best dentists in
Rome,” says Bipasha.

Bipasha had to actually contact her dentist in Mumbai and connect him with the
dentist from Rome so that the procedure could go well. “The pain was terrible,
Ranbir tried to ease the pain by joking around, but I scolded him (jokingly of
course), that I would kill him if he did not stop,” Bipasha told SAINDIA.

Amrita Rao has gone bold these
days with her pictures, maybe
she wants to change the girl-next-
door image she stereotyped after
However, a recent incident was
something to give her nightmares.
While she was shooting for Anil
Kapoor's Short Kut, her choli
slipped off completely! Amrita took
the situation under control as she
rushed back to her van. Anil Kapoor
warned everyone on the set not to
leak this bit of news.
Amrita denied this incident and so
did Choreographer Bosco who was
canning the mukhda song Mariz e
Mohabbat. In the film the actress
will be appearing opposite Sanjay
Dutt and Anil Kapoor.

Milind Soman
in a financial
mess Riteish met
Last month TV actor Sachin Sharma,
inspired by Munnabhai, protested against
Kevin Costner
Milind Soman outside his house for not been Riteish Deshmukh’s lucky stars were shining on
paid his dues of Rs 7.5 lakh (Rs 750 000). him at his Los Angeles hotel Sunset Tower, He
met his favourite Hollywood actor Kevin Costner
over breakfast.
However, there are more complains
now and more actors who have grudges Riteish got him in a quick conversation and Kevin
even mentioned that he was interested in coming
against Milind for not being paid. to shoot for one of his films for which he was
Shraddha Nigam and Sampada Vaze reading the script. He added that Kevin didn't
have filed a complaint against Milind seem to have seen any Bollywood films or know
any stars.
Soman at Cine and TV Artists Association
(CINTAA). Milind owes Rs 9 lakh and “ What I liked best about Kevin was the fact that
Rs 8 lakh to Shraddha and Sampada he's so normal and easy to chat with, in spite of
being such a big Hollywood star.”

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Shiney Ahuja
Hijacks His
Shiney Ahuja has an action thriller Hijack coming up for release but
he is actually all set to Hijack his parents in real life. An ideal son in
real life, here is an actor whom parents would love to have as their
son. Shiney Ahuja is all set to acquire himself a home in Mumbai's
plush Juhu area and has done so solely keeping his parents in
mind. The new home that he has zeroed in on boasts of not only
spacious rooms but also a huge balcony just the way his parents
would like it.

Reveals Shiney, “My parents had been living in Delhi and have a
different lifestyle. I have decided to move them to Bombay. I don't
want them to miss Delhi, and keeping that in mind I have bought a
house that would give them the same feeling. My wife agrees with
my decision too.”

Shiney adds, “I had decided right from the start of my career that if I
lived in Mumbai permanently, I would bring my parents here.”

Also Shiney does not want his baby to miss out on the love that
only her grandparents can shower on her. “I was close to my
grandmother as a child. The love that I experienced from her cannot
be put into words. I want my baby to be close to her grandparents
so that she can experience the same love. I want my child to relate
to my parents emotional feelings.”

That's so sweet!

success story
Nothing succeeds like Success for Shilpa. Shilpa Shetty’s new found
success has wiped the smile off her detractors face!

In fact the last four years have been extremely lucky for Shilpa. The
actress won the Big Brother reality show. She beat top celebrities
that too under circumstances where the chances of winning were
slim! There was no looking back after that! Shilpa’s victory at the Big
Brother reality show opened new doors and avenues for her. She was
instantly roped in for the lead in London’s Broadway play that broke
all box-office records.

Besides material success, there was spiritual progress too. Shilpa

became the first Indian actress to start her own Yoga DVD to share
the benefits of age old Indian therapy and its healing powers with all
the people of the world.

Back to Mumbai from London, Shilpa launched her production banner

“S 2” (stands for but of course, Shilpa Shetty) much to the envy of her
rivals. The actress is all set to launch her production’s first venture
and is expected to hit the floors soon.

Nothing succeeds like success they say and the adage seems abso-
lutely apt for Shilpa!

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Mallika Sherawat’s
‘Hot Song’ in
Maan Gaye
The hot and sexy Mallika Sherawat is all set to get the
male adrenaline rushing in a song that she shot recently for
her new release Maan Gaye Mughall-e-Azam. The song
titled Ishqaiyaan has been shot with Mallika and Kay Kay
Menon and has been sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and Sonu

Anu Malik has scored the songs music that was shot at a
Mumbai studio recently.

Producer Ratan Jain said, “The wordings of the song are

spicy enough! And on top of that is the visual that makes it
spicier. Choreographer Saroj Khan has come up with some
excellent choreography. I am happy with the way the song
has shaped up.”

Jain added, “The music Maan Gaye Mughall-e-Azam has

got a tremendous response and with the film's release
coming closer, the sales are picking up gradually. The
music has definitely turned out to be a chart buster.”

Mallika's Ishqaiyaan is all set to rock the charts!

Rani all set to Kangana to wash

sport a moustache away controversies
Rani is trying to hard to win a lost battle. Right from her looks to her wardrobe,
Kangana's parents had enough of those controversies surrounding
she is not leaving any stone unturned to return back.
their daughter.
Recently we heard the amusing news that Rani Mukherjee is playing the role of
a man in her next film, Hidaba. So, predictably, the actress was seen sporting They have decided to wade away her troubles by taking here to a
a moustache on the sets of the film, which is said to be based on cricket. Yash temple in Nashik. As per the advice of her family astrologer (name
Raj Films are producing it. withheld by request), Kangana will visit the Triambakeshwar temple
in Nashik and offer prayers there, along with her parents.
We last saw Sridevi do a wonderful act with a moustache in the film Mr India,
which was directed by Shekhar Kapoor.
Thereafter, Kangana will join the filming unit of Kites in the US.

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Salman’s gift
to Ranbir
Salman Khan invited, current heart throb, Ranbir Kapoor and his girl friend
Deepika Padukone on the set of 10 Ka Dum. Sallu got close to Ranbir on the
set of Sawariya and has been like an elder brother to him.

Ranbir and Deepika came on the show to promote their film Bachna Ae
Hasseno. Interestingly, they shot the episode at RK Studios, which is like
home to Ranbir!

After the show wrapped up, Salman went up to Ranbir, hugged him and
presented him with a portrait of Raj Kapoor. It was an exact impression of Raj
Kapoor in profile. Salman must have seen photographs and did the painting.
Ranbir was so touched by Sallu, that he had tears in his eyes and gave him
a big hug.

Salman has also made a portrait of Aamir Khan and is planing to auction it, of
which the proceeds would go to his charity ‘Being Human’. Though Salman
hasn't presented the painting to Aamir yet, he has shown it to him.

Sridevi refuses
Yash Chopra
The casting coup for Yash Raj to get Amitabh and Sridevi is not
happening now. It seems Sri has declined the offer on the behest
of her hubby Boney Kapoor.

Yash Chopra's dream to cast Amitabh and Sridevi together was

foiled after Sri turned down his film. Amar Singh's attempt to
convince Boney on Amitabh's behalf also went in vain. The reason
being Boney Kapoor wants to launch his wife in his own production
and has requested Chopra to sign some other actress.

Amitabh and Sridevi had earlier starred together in Inquilab, Aakhri

Raasta, and Khuda Gawah and all three films did reasonably well.
Sridevi's last film Judaai (1997) too was good, later she produced
films like No Entry.

astrological demands
Govinda is not promoting his very own film Money Hai Toh Honey
Hai as Kumar Mangat has not paid him the Rs 30 lakhs (Rs 3 Million)
for the promotion. This has been a good inning for Govinda so why
is he spoiling it yet again. He even reports very late on the sets like
he did earlier and now his superstitious ways are just adding a bad
reputation of him.

At the Mauritius shoot, his astrologer said that he should shoot a

sequence with a hen and thereafter the Rahu Kaal (bad luck) will
vanish for good from his life. The production house had to arrange for
a hen, due to which the shooting was stalled for a couple of hours.

Since the astrologer had asked Govinda to shoot an entire day with
the hen, and the poor hen was so exhausted that it died on the sets
before the day ended. However, Govinda continued to shoot until
7pm with the dead hen.

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Harman wants
to be cloned
like Hrithik?
A new controversy has hit Bollywood, this time a doctor has hinted
that Harman Baweja had his facial contours reconstructed to look like
Hrithik Roshan.

According to Mid-Day tabloid, before the shooting of Love Story

2050 began, the actor went to plastic surgeon Dr Vijay Sharma at
Changing Looks Cosmetic Surgery Center in Khar. The buzz is that
since Priyanka already knew Dr Sharma from her Miss World days,
she went to the doctor with Harman with a picture of Hrithik.

Dr Sharma was asked to change Harman's jaw line according to

Hrithik's facial contours. Both Dr Sharma and Harman have denied
this news in the same report.

Dr Sharma's further comment has now complicated this report. “Many

people come to me asking to look like Salman Khan or one of their
heroes. These days, facial contouring is done through the latest
method of Volumatrix face-lifts, introduced in India three years back.
It's not a very painful or expensive process and involves sucking out
fat from the middle of the face or beneath the eyes through a thin
needle and without using the knife to make the round face oval or
elliptical. The overall facial dimensions can be changed accordingly,”
says the doctor.

Malaika upset with

Katrina stories
Malaika Arora Khan is just back from LA where sister Amrita Arora and husband
Arbaaz Khan were shooting for Kambakth Ishq.

Malaika returns to work as she has loads of TV work to attend to. In her absence,
there were many stories doing the rounds that Malaika cannot stand Katrina and
was not fond of her from the very beginning. She rubbished all those stories and
said that it was just a made-up story because of her absence.

She is off to Dubai in a couple of days for yet another shoot.

Jaane Kahan Hai Aamir?

Aamir Khan has taken
off for a holiday abroad
with wife Kiran to an
undisclosed destination.
According to close
friends, Aamir has been
quite busy with work
and endorsements for
the past year. This is a
long awaited vacation,
however, he has kept the
destination a secret which
no one has been able to
figure out.

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Eesha Koppikar
Timmy Narang?
Eesha Koppikar, (note her name change - formerly Isha) has a change of man too.

Eesha, who just ended a rather painful relationship with Inder Kumar who, was
married to publicist Rajoo Karia's daughter. She is now dating restaurateur Timmy
Narang, who is socialite Ramona Narang's brother. Timmy was earlier dating
Australian model Tania Xaetta while she was in Mumbai.

Eesha was facing lot of problems with her relationship with Inder. Eesha and
Timmy are quite serious about each other and if all goes well, they are looking
forward to sharing a future together. Both have been moving around with their
friends and also go out as a couple to spend time together whenever possible.

Eesha is also happy that her film career is shaping well, this year Ek Vivah Aisa
Bhi and Sabri are releasing and she is currently also doing a film titled Hello
Darling with Sunny Deol, as well as another 3 movies coming up in future.

Debutante Adah
Sharma spooky first film
Shooting in castles can be quite spooky and debutante Adah Sharma too had a
chilling experience shooting for Vikram Bhatt's supernatural thriller 1920 produced
by ASA Film Production and Enterprises Pvt Ltd!

She recalls, “Everyone at Yorkshire said the castle we shot in was haunted, that a
single old man stayed there and his wife died and her spirit still lives on there. There
was a painting of a woman with dark black hair and blue eyes and we all thought
I resembled her. So the photographer asked me to get a still photo taken standing
in front of the painting. The caretaker said that any pictures taken in front of the
paining don't get developed. But we went ahead and took a few pictures. But when
we transferred the pictures to a laptop, they all came blurred or blank! That was quite

Well its reel life to real life for Adah it seems!

When Katrina met

Salman on 10 Ka Dum
It was the most awaited moment on 10 Ka Dum. Katrina Kaif and Salman
Khan face to face on the same stage.

That Salman was a picture of happiness goes without saying. However,

Katrina seemed to be holding her cards close to her heart. The comfort level
they shared was there for all to see.
Katrina said she would give the money she wins to Salman's charity, but he
magnanimously said, “No you give it to your mum's charity - Hope Reach.”
Together they insisted on giving it to each other's charity.

However, she was really peeved when she didn't get even one answer right.
“I am going to cry!” she said. “Please don't,” pleaded her guest. “I am not
concerned about you, but if your make-up is ruined the shoot will be further

Promptly Salman rose to her defense and said, “She doesn't use much make-
up. She looks just as beautiful without make-up. She is a beautiful girl!”

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dream project
for Esha
Esha Deol has failed to create an impact as an
actress. Unfortunately most of her films bombed
leaving her with few projects.

Relying now on Hijack, her mom is trying hard

to get her back into the big league. One of her
big plans is to direct her own daughter. She has
even roped in Pritish Nandy Communications
who initially said yes to producing the film.

However, a year has passed and the film has

not moved forward. Hema even roped in actress
Rekha to play Esha's mom and decided she
would not act herself, as people would compare
the two of them. Looks like the project is still a

Reason? Hema cannot get suitable male co-

stars for the film!

Pankaj Udhas
in a legal
cold war
No, he is not in a legal battle for copyright or payment
issue. Udhas is the last person to get into that type
of mess.

Pankaj Udhas, who owns a bungalow, has a legal case

against him for harassment by his tenant, Radhika
Arora. In her complaint Arora has accused the Udhas
couple of deliberately keeping their Alsatian dog in
the middle of the entrance.

“The dog barks menacingly and gets itself loose and

pounces on anyone (sic)...” she said.

Arora, who stays alone, has also complained that the

Koena gets
couple's manager forcefully entered her house a few
months back along with some 'civic employees' and
intimidated her.

Brit accent Vidya turns

for Karna up in a
It's just not Govinda who is cultivating a
British accent for a forthcoming movie. Now
Koena Mitra too gears up to talk in fast British
Recently Vidya Balan wore a burkha to watch her
accent for film Karna, as the film will be shot own film at a theatre in Delhi. She was in Delhi for
in synchronized sound where a little mistake the premiere of the film and thought it would be a
good idea to get a first hand impression from the
in words can damage the entire scene. audience themselves.

However, this is not the first time the burkha trick

The film will be shot mainly in Hong Kong and was used by Bollywood stars to go unnoticed.
China. The actress was last seen in Cash Our celebs have worn the burkha in their bid to
appear unrecognizable. We all remember Himesh
(2007), thereafter her work profile has gone Reshammiya and his trip to the Ajmer Dargah
down, except for few live shows. (famous Mosque in India) in a burkha. And of course,
there was even Mallika Sherawat, and now the latest
to join the gang is none other than Vidya Balan.

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SRK gets a
new home Rakhi upset with Mallika
After the posh Mannat house, Shah Rukh Khan is now believed to have bought
himself a plush home in his home-town, and that too, close to his in-laws’ Wow, this was the casting coup of the decade! But sadly it will
residence. never happen - two of the biggest attitude ladies would never
come together after all.
Shah Rukh has wanted to buy himself a big permanent home in Delhi for a while
now. However, he couldn't find anything that both he and Gauri could agree on. Mallika Sherawat known to be elusive, refused to appear on Rakhi
Finally he has found himself an area in Panchsheel Park. It's very close to Gauri's Sawant's show. Rakhi on the other hand, has made a big noise
parents' home. Although the details are still sketchy, the source says that it is a about the disapproval to the media.
recent purchase.
“I won't become smaller if she doesn't come on my show, she
“Gauri always wanted her kids to have a connection with her home-town as well,” becomes small for refusing. Anyway, I have no problems that
adds the source. Panchsheel Park is one of the posh areas of South Delhi and most Mallika refused me. When she needs me I will stand by her,” Rakhi
of Delhi's elite live there in palatial bungalows and kothis. On the other hand Shah told Mid-Day.
Rukh still owns his original home in old Delhi that he shared with his mother and
sister. It is now turned into a working women's hostel. Interestingly, Shah Rukh Khan has agreed to be on her show.

Big B’s
flop show
Amitabh Bachchan's show in Durban (South Africa), has been the biggest
show to date, so much so, that even Michael Jackson cannot compete with
him on that front. It is said that when Big B feels down he watches his old

However, not all his shows have been such great success. Big B came
forward and shared one such concert.

“In 1981, I had gone on a world tour for the first time. Lata Mangeshkar
invited me to say hello to the audiences. We reached the venue on time but
to our surprise the audiences had not arrived. We were asked to go on a
drive. For almost twenty minutes, we drove near the venue and kept waving
out to people around just to catch their attention. After doing all this we
managed only five spectators, three from Jaya's family,” Big B recalls.

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Aishwarya Rai
L ifestyle

Zayed’s a family man

By his own confession...he is an impassioned lover boy, who not so many moons past, metamorphosed into a brooding ‘Roadside Romeo’ after an upset
with his girlfriend of long-standing, Mallika Parekh. Way past the witching hour, oblivious to the stares of the few bystanders still on the road, he lay down flat
on the cool asphalt and, pulling out his mobile, began whispering sweet nothings to his beloved. So what if a couple of curious passers-by stopped, stared
and sniggered?

From the buzz in the tabloids...he is a regular party animal, reportedly a night rider who thinks nothing of picking up fights with total strangers. At one of Mum-
bai’s suburban watering holes, he grabbed a youth by his collar in a heated bar brawl that became the cynosure of attention.

Is he a pampered prince gone astray? A guy who just struck ‘Lucky’ due to his support system of friends and family? Or a much misunderstood youth full of
beans whose talent remains largely untapped? Is he a cool dude who can make teenybopper hearts go flip-flop? Or a style-wise mannequin whose moves
and movies are not aimed at drawing critical acclaim? Will the real life Zayed Khan please stand up?

You were the heart throb of teenaged girls. Now that you have been So that’s the reason you had to change three schools?
married, do you still receive letters written in blood? Not three schools but two. In Bombay I was studying in Jamnabai Narsee
No I don’t receive letters as such, but once a strange incident occurred when School. Later I was slated to study at Dunes school at Dehradun. But my dad
two girls stood in front of my gate and refused to leave until I see them. had met with an accident and because of my family problems, I had to waste
two years. As situation was bad at home, my folks decided to send me to a
What did your wife feel about such incidents? boarding school so that I open up.
After marriage, I used to get phone calls saying we won’t watch your films now.
I found it strange and funny, but also good. And my wife, who’s a sweet person, What do you like the most about your home?
just looks at me and smiles. Veing myself; home is the place where you have all the liberties and you can
be the way you want to. Apart from that, I also look forward to resting and
I don’t understand why people were shocked if you were getting mar- relaxing.
ried. From your debut film itself you had mentioned your engagement.
There is a wide difference between a girlfriend and wife. If it’s a girlfriend, there What do you do on a regular day at home?
is a chance of break up and they could hook on to me. I am a gadget freak. I love to learn about new gadgets and their functions.
I also spend a lot of time on the Internet surfing, downloading music or games.
How long have you been together? Since school…
What kind of food do you enjoy cooking?
Talking about school, you have changed three schools. Were you expelled? I am very good cook at home I experiment with Mughali cusine. I can make
No, I was not expelled from school. It was a strategic decision by my family as great omelettes, briyani and chicken curry.
I was supposed to study in the U.S.A.

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Importers & Exporters of I.P.L. Hair
Is there a favourite corner at your home? Removal Units & Beauty Products
My favourite corner at home is by the pool side. Whenever I am stressed I
Opportunity available to existing
spend time there by myself to feel better. salons or opening a new salon full
So how and in which school did you meet Malaika?
training given, touch screen technology
easy to apply!!!
It happened at the Kodaikanal International. I was at a socializing place called
Flag Green and listening to U2. There I saw her and was taken aback, I turned Interest Free Finance Available.
Terms & Conditions Apply
down the music. I nudged my friend Anthony and asked who she was. My
friend said just a fresher. I really didn’t understand why my friend could ignore
such a beauty, as I had never seen anybody so beautiful before. The rest is Introducing to you the latest technology in
history. body sculpting and skin tightening using
focus wave lengths. Reduces fine lines
At that very moment, did you propose to her. Tell us how did this all
and wrinkles, skin lightening, improving
cellulite enhancing body lines, tightens
One day while I was heading to class she wished me. But I wasn’t sure if she’d
wished me or some one else. Later I realized that she had wished me. skin around arms, thighs, stomach, but-
tocks and face. Lose centimetres. Also for
You like high speed sports. So on a vacation do you go to places in chronic back pain and any neuralgic pain.
search of fun or just to relax?
Recently I had been to France, with my brother.
The newest I.P.L. combined with radio
So you even had to work hard on your vacation?
given frequency - Faster results on hair
Yes and it was fun. After that vacation, back home, I really felt good in terms removal, also removes fine, fluffy hair and
of health. blonde hair.

Mobile I.P.L. Clinic Available to Salons

Likes: Music, Movies and Masti Imraan FREE GIFT WITH ANY
079 490 2642
Favorite Color: Red Blue and Black In House Treatments Available
I.P.L Treatments
Eyelash Perming
RF Treatments avail.
Muhammed FULL FACE UNDER ARM for wrinkels and
Favourite Car: Aston Martin db7 076 255 9996 R 350.00 R 200.00
body shaping.
Also available

Favourite Dessert: blueberry cheescake Shakeelah FULL ARM

Waxing, Facials,
Skinlightening, Bridal
R500.00 Make-up, Tattoo

Hobbies: Adventure Sports, Scuba Diving, 078 118 6224 R 300.00

Removal, ect.

Cars, Computer Games Servicing the Beauty Industry

The month of August was declared woman’s month and was
indeed celebrated in style, humility and fun… so appropriate
when those three words can describe almost every woman
I know. So this month I have decided to share with you what
true beauty of what a woman is to me....
...who knows where she’s going and will keep on until she
gets there; who knows not only what she wants from life, but
what she has to offer in return... HERE’S TO THE WOMAN
-who is loyal to family and friends, who expects no more from
others than she is willing to give; HERE’S TO THE WOMAN
From left to right: Rosie Verasamy, Deborah Santos & Ruth Santos)
-who guides and inspires not by quoting others’ philoso-
phies, but by living her own good example; who accepts both Katch Productions Charity Drive celebrated Woman’s month by getting
victories and disappointments with the same grace, and who involved with a charity organization called Missions Ablaze, they are cur-
can rise above life’s challenges and move on... HERE’S TO rently trying to build an orphanage in Ntuzuma for children that have only
THE WOMAN who gives the gifts of her thoughtfulness, who a caregiver house mother to turn to. Tinus and Meisie Lindeque, leaders of
shows her caring with a word of support, Missions Ablaze explained how they got started, “a registered Non Profit
organzation. We got started in 1995, when Dr. Conrad Mershon and Mr.
her understanding with a smile; a woman who brings joy to Robin Read brought 50 volunteers from Georgia in the USA, to do some
others just by being herself...(Unknown) missionary work and help us feed and clothe the squatters in and around
Durban. Our hearts were knit together as they found us busy doing just
Kwa-Zulu Natal was abuzz with activity to celebrate this past month, and that. At that time we were working with one of the local churches, yet we
it started off at the Tops Expo held at Suncoast Casino and caught having outgrew the whole situation and had to expand into something larger. Mis-
fun, indulging in some great food and live music was Zoe Sheik, Novisha sions Ablaze have between 15 and 30 full-time missionaries all working
Patel and Himal Patel. voluntarily with no re-numeration.”

Katch Productions charity drive visited the orphans at the orphanage

that is still being built and had a day filled with health and dental talks to
games and giveaways with each child getting a gift hamper full of good-
ies. Each child had a brighter smile by the touch of kind hearted spirted
souls. A heartfelt thank you to Oral B, Anne Galinos, Angie, Davita Re-
uben, Elaine Chetty, Pam and Kerusha Kisten, Marlene and Kimeshnee
Govender,Tamika Sewnarain, Shirdika and Derosha, Jenisha (Miss India
North Coast), Dr’s Swasti Singh and Sudir Maharajh. The Orphanage is in
need of essentials to be up and running by Christmas, items like cutlery to
linen and beds are required, if you are keen to assist please contact Tinus
on 032 945 0185 or visit

From left to right: Zoe Sheik, Novisha Patel & Himal Patel

Clinic Reju had a woman’s day breakfast at 131 Umhlanga Ridge, where
amidst numerous chats and fun activities what inspired me was the iS
Cancer Care talk that was given. There are so many woman fighting the
flight of cancer and to many patients going through chemotherapy treat-
ments, suffering with scars and dry skin through surgery and radiation,
the iS Cancer Care has a range of products to help restore healthy skin
bringing about a vibrance to your texture and targets important issues
like burns and scar tissue. This product is available at Clinic Reju and is
always administered with a Medical Practitioner present. At least it brings
hope that woman who have gone through the emotional scar of dealing
with Cancer can at least find solace in restoring their physical appear-
Till next month… bear in mind ‘life can give you a hun-
ance, which in return helps restore their emotional state as well. For more
information visit at the breakfast was Rosie Veras- dred reasons to cry but you can give life a thousand
amy, Deborah Santos and Ruth Santos. reasons to smile.’

Page 38 The Premiere Indian News, Lifestyle & Bollywood Magazine Website :
Gems & Jewels
The Unstated…
A piece of jewellery that is significance for the identity
equally elegant to any of its of the wearer, indicating eth- Miss Yuvati Shah
counterparts, but for a long nicity and class. Elaborately
time has been underestimated designed brooches were an
and understated, is the eternal important part of Late Antique
brooch, which has stood the dress, and simpler ones were
test of time. part of Roman military equip-
A brooch also known in ancient ment. Eagle brooches, often
times as a fibula is a decorative worn in pairs, commemorate
jewellery item designed to be the worship of the Sun.
attached to garments. It can be Favoured by the Scandinavi-
manufactured silver, gold and ans, brooches in an oval shape
platinum or some other mate- have been found wherever Vi-
rials, for example in bronze in kings settled. Mass-produced made of platinum and incorpo-
the early ages. Brooches can during the 9th and 10th cen- rated diamonds during this time
turies, these adornments were period. During the same time,
cast in bronze in a clay mold the first patented safety catch
and often featured elaborate style became available. Wom- es of jewellery are relatively
designs. Amber and glass en began wearing pins at their common. One of the most
beads were also used in the waist and as the century went chic pieces of ‘old’ jewellery
pieces. While these brooches on, brooches were worn on to own is a vintage brooch.
were decorative, they also the shoulder as well. Brooches Perhaps they are popular
served as a means of fasten- take on many different shapes, because iconic designers,
ing women’s dresses. sizes and styles, some suiting such as Coco Chanel, hand
The early Irish people also fashion and some taking on a crafted some truly amaz-
wore brooches as a clothing more functional duty. Themes ing brooches; or maybe it’s
fastener. Prior to the Anglo- like animals, flowers, serpents, because a brooch is more
Norman invasion, men wore and Celtic knots; some made one-size-fits-all than a ring
an outer cloak or mantle that from crystals, coloured glass, or a bracelet. Though most
was fastened at the breast and other, natural elements in- brooches are designed with
with a brooch. Greeks and Ro- corporated into brooches made ladies in mind, there are also
mans also utilized brooches as today. a reasonable number of de-
a means to secure their gar- signers who make discreet
be decorated with diamonds, ments. As jewellery is generally some- brooches and pins for men.
coloured gemstones like ru- The beginning of the 20th cen- thing one keeps for a long time, So, if you would like to add a
bies, emeralds, sapphires and tury saw brooches become and often is something that touch of understated glamour
various semi precious gem- more delicate. The jewellery people hand down from gener- to your wardrobe, remember
stones like topaz, tourmaline, pieces also were frequently ation to generation, older piec- the elegant brooch.
citrine and amethyst. Enamel
was another material that was
popular in brooches.
The earliest known brooches
are from the Bronze Age. The
brooch was an ornamental
clasp used by Romans, Greeks
and also by Celts and migratory
tribes in Europe from the Early
Bronze Age. Brooches were
shaped like a large safety pin
together. They came in many INFORMATION YOU MAY E-MAIL:
varieties and held prominent

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Healthy, Beautiful skin! with Nishani
the LIGHTENING sources…
Pigmented skin and brown spots

The treatment of pigmentation Vitamin C reinforces the light- pigmentation marks. It visibly
marks consists of regulating mel- ening, de-pigmenting action lightens the complexion in a two-
anin synthesis to limit the appear- through its anti-oxidant and anti- month treatment. It also moistur-
ance of brown spots and reduce free radical action. It protects ises and protects the skin against
their colour and size. Clariskin, a the skin and cutaneous tissues. the harmful effects of UVA/ UVB
complex of peach, bilberry and Vitamin C stimulates collagen rays.
hibiscus extracts has a consid- synthesis, regenerating the tis-
erable de-pigmenting action. It sues and making he skin more Also available, is an instant light- Nishani Shah
works by minimizing the produc- glowing and healthy by eliminat- ening, anti-brown spot mask. This Nishani Shah
tion of brown and black melanin, ing dead cells. mask immediately recreates a (I.T.E.C., C.I.B.T.A.C., S.A.A.H.S.P.)
in favour of colourless pigments. lighter, even, transparent, pure- Salon Nishani
With maturity and sun exposure, looking complexion. It reduces P.O. BOX Dormerton 19016
Durban 4091
the skin tends to become sensi- the appearance of brown and Tel: 031 2693300 Cell: 083 796 3300
tive and brown spots can appear. pigmentation spots. The mask Email:
A new range treats temporary and relaxes the features and erases
permanent pigmentation marks. signs of fatigue.
The products are rich in Clariskin An intensive concentrate serum
and Vitamin C and have a visible A lightening starter lotion gently for hyper-pigmentation acts in
lightening action on the skin, and exfoliates and balances skin. It depths to slow down the appear-
help lessen the appearance of enriches the skin; triggers lighten- ance of pigmentation marks. It
brown spots. ing effect of other products in the unifies the complexion and light-
A lightening, anti-brown range. The lotion refreshes the ens the stubborn brown spots. It
spot cream slows down skin during the day by clarifying regenerates the skin to restore a
the appearance of the complexion. clear, transparent complexion.

Natural Beauty
As the Party Season approaches, • Looking tired? Pat a little nude Very Black, give your finger a
most of us will need quick-fixes cream blush on temples for an in- blast with a warm hairdryer, then
and pretty new makeup tricks stant radiant boost. hold against lashes to lift and
and tips! curl.
• Use left over lipgloss to smooth
• Plan to dance all night? Try down stray eyebrows. • Mix loose bronzing powder with
crème paints instead of crème regular body lotion to attain a
eyeshadow for maximum staying • After applying Maybelline XXL sun-kissed glow or fake tan.
power. Volume and Length Mascara in
• When attempting smokey-eyes,
leave under-eye concealing for
the end as messy darker tones
are more difficult to clean up.

92 Overport Drive,
Durban Next to Gem Schoolwear
Phone: 031-207-9205

For more quick-fixes and Personalised Makeup Lessons, call Radiant

Image now! Also visit us and check out our new Victoria Jackson
makeup range for subtle glamour and our stunning new range of
exclusive imported jewellery!

Website : The Premiere Indian News, Lifestyle & Bollywood Magazine Page 41
Chatterbox with Sheetal
Dreams come true with burning desire

ecently I asked some of want to be when they’re older. them with others, perhaps of fear
my elementary students Some want to be comedians; oth- of being ridiculed because we
to use their imagination ers want to be doctors or politi- think our dreams are trivial. Some
to the maximum. If they had the cians. of the dreams I have are private
ability to fly anywhere on a magic that I don’t really share with peo-
carpet, where would they go to? I always encourage my students ple because I know that it may be
Many said they wanted to go to to dream big. When I was their met with some negativity.
New York to see the Statue of age, I had high aspirations that
Liberty. Others want to fly to the reached the stars. Many years When I set my heart on wanting
moon. Then I asked what they later, I’m still not afraid to dream or achieving something, I won’t
big. Some of the dreams I had stop till I get it. My entire being email:
when I was young have come will be consumed with thoughts
true. Others have not. Why? Be- of having it and if anyone tries to SMS: 083 767 3554
cause I probably didn’t have the obstruct my enthusiasm, I simply
burning desire for it. I always don’t allow them to. cause when things are meant to
wanted to travel and longed for happen, they will – gradually and
adventure to places I only heard And that is what I believe makes naturally.
and read about. As I’ve said be- dreams come true – to have a
fore, I’ve wanted to live the kind burning passion and desire for
of life where one day I will have something you truly want. Over Here’s wishing you an awesome
many stories to tell people about the past few months, I can say month of September. Spring is
exciting adventures and experi- that certain things I have wished setting in and as it does, I hope
ences. I’m blissfully happy that for have come true. My heart and you will set goals and have
I’m living that dream right now. mind were set on them, and I dreams that reach the skies.
When we sleep at night and waited patiently for the right mo- Have fun!
dream we don’t always share ment to grab the opportunity. Be-
F ashion

Website : The Premiere Indian News, Lifestyle & Bollywood Magazine Page 43
Bridal Asia
oney Waqar’s evolution to cater
to a global fashion glitterati in
the quest for contributing glam-
ourosuly in the makings of the
world’s most diverse and biggest
new fashion frontier ……….

Known as the Contour Queen of fashion world,

Honey Waqar’s collection is the most-awaited by
the disciples of fashion. Bold, beautiful and dar-
ing, her collection is flirtatious, feminine and
elegant. Honey has been designing for more
than a decade now and recently got hon-
ored with the Design Excellence Award by
the Women’s excellence award committee.
Believing in the celebration of womanhood,
her collection is feminine to the core.

All set to dazzle at Bridal Asia 2008, her signa-

ture style is amongst the most-sought. The se-
quined bustiers, frill skirts not leaving aside the
shararas and sarees , the traditional attire, Honey
designs all offering a wide array of designs to
choose from. Her collection, aptly called Pieces
of Passion, is embellished with crystals and deli-
cate embroidery.

Page 44 The Premiere Indian News, Lifestyle & Bollywood Magazine Website :
Website : The Premiere Indian News, Lifestyle & Bollywood Magazine Page 45
280 Tangerine Street, Laudium
012 374 6787 | 082 410 4977

For Exquisite
Designer Wear
Page 46 The Premiere Indian News, Lifestyle & Bollywood Magazine Website :
Website : The Premiere Indian News, Lifestyle & Bollywood Magazine Page 47
Page 50 The Premiere Indian News, Lifestyle & Bollywood Magazine Website :
Website : The Premiere Indian News, Lifestyle & Bollywood Magazine Page 51
7th - 9th October2008 - New Delhi

Bridal Asia
Fashionistas’ Bling
Bridal Asia the sub-continental
wedding fashion extravaganza is
where you can discover all-embracing
assortments needed for a luxuriant in
vogue Indian wedding. Getting pre-
Handbag collection by Malaga
wedding cold feet is passé; with Bridal to be displayed at
Asia stepping in, it only gets hotter! So Bridal Asia 2008
forget all your jitters and get the best
from a collection of brightest stars of
the fashion industry that will vouch for a
prettier you on your wedding.

Bridal Asia, scheduled to be held during

7th- 9th October 2008 is all set to add bling
to the matrimonial vows as well as the
fashion connoisseurs of the 21st century.

Jewellery collection by Falguni Metha

to be displayed at
Bridal Asia 2008

Page 52 The Premiere Indian News, Lifestyle & Bollywood Magazine Website :
The event will witness renowned names in the fashion circle
showcasing their designs. In the jewellery section there will be
Maharani Jewels , Notandas & Sons, Sangeeta Javeri (Mumbai)
showcasing her Diamonds in style, Nemichand Bamalwa & Sons
(Kolkata) with their trademark traditional collection, Kothari’s
Fine Jewels, Queenie Dhody and Vasundhra Mantri (Kolkata)
with her stylized fashion jewellery to name a few. In designer
wear, there will be on display – exquisite collections by designers
She envisioned this unique platform
like Elisha W. Azaara, Nalandda Bhandari, Ritika Bhasin, Anjalee when it had no parallels. She pio-
& Arjun Kapoor , Puja Arya and more . neered the concept of showcasing
Bags, one of the favorite accessories flaunted by a woman also real talent in the bridal business under
get a new urban touch. Some such exquisite collection will be one roof at a statuesque show. Divya
Gurwara, today enjoys the distinction
showcased by Rinaldi, Bea Accessories and Malini Aggarwal of being the CEO of her own concept
(Malaga). show: Bridal Asia which is the most
exclusive wedding extravaganza of
Expressing her views, Divya Gurwara CEO - BRIDAL ASIA avers, the sub-continent, beautifully garner-
ing the concept of saying ‘I do!’
“Weddings in India are just not a ritual but a belief; a dream &
a celebration that marks the beginning of a new life.” Believing Now enjoying the laurels of being the
strongly in marital vows, in 1999, she conceptualized Bridal Asia pioneer Divya’s oversees operations
as an event that would transform the dreams of many into vivid of Bridal Asia ensuring strict quality
control, authenticated branding and
realities. All excited about the forthcoming event Divya says, exclusivity of designs. Hence making
“Though it has been a long journey but it never enervates me sure that year after year the country’s
rather excites me as every time there is something avant garde favorite bridal show continues to be
that exudes novelty & enthuses me to work even harder. She a class act.
adds further, “With a right mix of beauty, style, attitude, essence Life started for Divya in Dhanbad, of-
& value for money, we at Bridal Asia believe in providing a fering no premonition whatsoever of
complete solution for trousseau shopping under one roof in our things to come, because she opted
Bridal extravaganza to study Science in order to pursue a
career in Architecture. However des-
tiny had other plans in store for her.
Little did Divya know that her passion would blur boundaries Little did she know that the sacred was a thoughtfully selected group
between India and Pakistan. The physical boundaries might ceremony of marriage will not just of 40 participants that set the ball
separate places but the creativity brings the hearts together. take her to New Delhi but also pre- rolling for India’s largest Bridal ex-
pare her to be part of a much larger travaganza. Delhi had never seen
Adding to the sparkling event, Pakistani designer Honey Waqar perspective in the eventful course of anything like it and the response
would share the stage with Indian designers to give us a feeler of her life. was phenomenal. Never before was
the international domain. Over the years, the glitz from Pakistan anything on similar lines conceived
has been added by Rizwan Beig, Sahar Atif, brands Karma & Marriage may have made Divya’s and Delhi’s clientele was left hungry
priorities take a complete somersault for more! The debut attempt was
Bareeze, Maheen Khan from Bangladesh. but what remained unchanged was more than just a success – it gener-
her immense passion and a keen eye ated an almost cult following. While
Come October, Delhi will glisten with some famous names like for aesthetics. Her quest for beauty top brands and prominent retailers
“Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Ritu Beri, Bhairavi Jaikishan, Falguni & remained constant and while family vied for participation, people paused
was the immediate focus, she got while making purchases to wait for
Shane Peacock, Niki Mahajan , Gaurav Gupta , Pallavi Jaikishan, involved with weavers from the Kolk- the next one.
Vinita Pittie from Hyderabad, Golechas (jewellery), Choko-la ata School, taking her to that fabled
(chocolates)” amongst others. ,heritage city to turn the warp and The next one arrived in the following
Over the years, Bridal Asia’s event and exhibition has been making weft around to bring new motifs and year and she stoically refined the de-
design to the traditional vocabulary tails and worked towards making it a
waves with the glitterati & the buzz thrown in. Synonymous with of weaving. To further her aesthetic platform oozing with style and gran-
panache & luxury, Bridal Asia is known to bring all the bigwigs journey Divya went on to do a course deur year after year. The number of
from multi fashion galleries onto a single platform. The glorious in Gemology. Here as well she re- participants since the first exhibition
past has witnessed household names like Tarun Tahiliani, JJ worked convention ,setting stones had grown tremendously.
and metals in a whole new refreshing
Vallaya, Rina Dhaka, Anamika Khanna, Rocky S., Surily Goel and design palette in jewelry. Committed to the cause of “fash-
Ritu Kumar who highlight the niche market targeted.
ion sans boundaries” Divya also
Divya’s significant journey in design took Bridal Asia to Pakistan. This
A one-stop shopping destination for exclusive bridal trousseau, eventually culminated in the mega was the first cultural step towards
event `Bridal Asia’ when, recogniz- Indo–Pak peace process, even
the event promises to be an exquisite mélange of bridal apparel, ing the growing importance of wed- much before the bus service started
jewellery and accessories; working towards revolutionizing the dings getting the “designer” tag, she and the hyped cricket diplomacy set
Indian wedding industry - the contemporary way. decided to offer a complete 360-de- the wheels moving. It has also been
With Bridal Asia completing the ever-so-happy family portrait, gree solution for young brides who the first of its kind to travel to Ka-
were style conscious and would not rachi in 2002 and introduce Indian
nuptial knots never seemed so blissful. mind spending extra for that “perfect” designers to a select Pakistani au-
wedding. She scanned the country dience. The overseas participants
and even crossed the boundary to were overjoyed as this provided a
create an invigorating mix of bridal perfect foray into a country where
For further information: extravaganza where she picked out weddings are led by opulence and
the finest in bridal attire, jewellery, grandeur and for them to reach out
Bridal Asia Office home concepts and exciting acces- singularly would have been next to
sories. Since it was the very first of
Services international its kind, the effort came straight from

Bhavna Dulani the heart.

For Divya Gurwara , Founder
09313405901 Chosen from around the country Patron , Bridal Asia is not merely
and Pakistan by Divya herself, the first Bridal Asia way back in 1999
an event, it is her Zahir

Website : The Premiere Indian News, Lifestyle & Bollywood Magazine Page 53
When music runs
in the family
M usic

Having a music celebrity as one’s parent might smoothen one’s journey to-
wards the Bollywood music industry, but it would be unfair to presume that this
second generation of musicians gets projects on a platter sans any talent.

In the past few months, the children of many senior musicians and actors en-
tered Bollywood’s vibrant music business. Most of them have already made a
splash, signed big projects and are steadily creating a name for themselves
in the industry. Here, we take a look at some Gen-X musicians.

Bappi and Bappa Lahiri

Udit and Aditya Narayan words, “I was always somewhere.” Kamal and Shruti Haasan Sumeet and Kishore Kumar
The singer says that her father would
When it comes to singers, Udit Naray- just ask her to join him at his studio af- Kamal Haasan’s father wanted him
Papa kehte theh beta acting karega,
an is undoubtedly a Bollywood vet- ter school to record. And things hap- to become a singer, but that was
but this 21-year-old lad from the Gan-
eran. Since his debut in 1980 when pened in a similar fashion this time not to be. Although trained in music,
guly stable may have something else
noted music director Rajesh Roshan as well. “One day, dad called me and Hasan has only sung a few songs in
on his mind.
asked him to sing for Unees Bees, he said, ‘I have a surprise for you,’ and his eventful career. But his daughter,
has sung more than 15,000 songs. when I got home, he told me that I’d Shruti, is solely concentrating on mu-
Sumeet Kumar, Kishore Kumar’s young-
However, he entered the big league be singing for Mallika Sherawat,” she sic.
est son, has made his entry into the world
– and won his first Filmfare award exclaims. of playback singing.
– only with Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak A student of Psychology in college,
(1988). His son Aditya, on the other Shruti shifted her focus to cinema and
“I have got my first break in Saurabh
hand, had things a bit easy for him. music, and eventually traveled to the
Shukla’s Mudda, but I still haven’t
Aditya sang his first song at the age of USA to continue to learn music at the
made up my mind, on any particular
four for a Nepali film. A few years later, Musicians Institute in California. But
career.” Without any formal training
he sang for Akele Hum Akele Tum and that wasn’t her first tryst with music;
in any kind of music, singing was not
Rangeela. His rendition of the song Shruti Haasan sang her first song at
much of a problem for Sumeet, who
‘Chotta Bachcha’ in Masoom (1996) the age of six in her father’s movie
still feels that he may go into acting.
also won him numerous awards. Thevar Magan.
“I know there will be a lot of pressure
After a five-year break, Aditya re- Later, while still in school, Shruti
on me once I take up singing as a
turned in 2007 to host Sa Re Ga Ma made her Bollywood singing debut
career. People will initially say that
Pa Challenge 2007 and Sa Re Ga Ma with the film Chachi 420, when he did
Kishoreda’s youngest son has arrived
Pa Little Champs. The singer, though the playback for a child artiste in the
and it’s a big thing. I am prepared to
well-known in the industry, has de- movie. This was followed by a song in
take that kind of pressure.”
cided to take things a bit slow and the film Hey Ram.
study music rather than continue with
“After getting his first break, Sumeet
his Bollywood career. He recently fin- Shruti’s band continues to play all
is now very serious. He is a wonderful
ished his studies in Music in London across India, and even though she
pianist and is a keyboard freak. Com-
and has returned to host Sa Re Ga has received training in classical mu-
paring anybody to Kishoreji will be
Ma Pa Challenge 2008. sic, her band is a rock outfit. Shruti
very foolish. Sumeet is too young and
seems to be fulfilling her grandfa-
has a very tender voice. He has got
ther’s dream of becoming a singer,
the initial break, but I would like him
anu malik and is planning to release her music
to be fully prepared before he takes
album that she’s written as well.
the plunge. His voice is different and
it does not match with either Kishoreji
Bappi and Bappa Lahiri or Amit,” said Sumeet’s mother Leena
Related to Kishore Kumar, Bappi Chandravarkar.
Lahiri had the ambition to acquire in-
ternational fame at a very early age. “Things fell into shape after Sumeet
But he had to work hard for national performed at the Kishore Kumar
fame. While he began composing in Awards function in Mumbai last year.
the early seventies, he did not find the He enthralled everybody with Kishore-
commercial success he was looking da’s Chala jata hoon .
for until the eighties, when he com-
posed for films like Disco Dancer, Na-
mak Halaal and Sharaabi.

Bappa Lahiri, who has just made a

aditya narayan foray into Bollywood, had the oppor-
tunity to learn a lot from his father.
Choosing not to release an album im-
Anu and Anmol Malik mediately – something he could have
done easily – he decided to learn eve-
The youngest of the lot is Anmol Ma- rything about the business by working
lik, Anu Malik’s daughter, who is just with his father first. He also composed
18 years old. This Malik with her a background score for films like Bhoot
sharp, resonant voice, already has a and Kaun Ho Sakta Hai. After working
hit to her credit with the club hit ‘Talli’ for his father for a good seven years,
of Ugly Aur Pagli. But this isn’t the he has now entered the music indus-
first time the hardworking young war- try with a bang. Even though Jimmy
bler has sung a song in a film. The girl – his debut film – bombed, the music
was often called upon, by her father, of his film C Kompany is already do-
to sing in the background. She has ing well. Bappa is a skilled tabla play- shruti haasan with
sung in a number of films. In her own er and studied music in the US. kamal haasan Sumeet and Kishore Kumar

Website : The Premiere Indian News, Lifestyle & Bollywood Magazine Page 55
T ravel

Cape of India
t the southernmost tip of India, where the Arabian Sea, the Indian (The district name is spelled as ‘Kanniyakumari’ in official records, which is in
Ocean and the Bay of Bengal meet, lies Kanyakumari, an important tune with the spoken name of the district in Tamil language). With an area of
pilgrimage site. 1672 it occupies 1,29% of the total extent of Tamil Nadu.

The Kumari Amman temple is dedicated to Parvati as Devi Kanya - the virgin Kanyakumari - Places to See
goddess who did penance to obtain the hand of Lord Shiva.
Mahatma Gandhi Memorial: Thiruvalluvar Statue. The place has been asso-
Two rocks reach out of the ocean, southeast of the Kumari Amman temple. ciated with great men like Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi in whose
One of these is Sri Padaparai, where the footprints of the virgin goddess are to names memorials have been built there. They are very beautiful and add to
be seen. On this rock, Swami Vivekananda is said to have sat in deep medita- the attraction of this place. The beautiful Gandhi Memorial completed in 1956
tion; and here stands the Vivekananda Rock Memorial, built in 1970. is situated as a memorial to the Father of the Nation.

The other part is that the nature is so spectacular at Kanyakumari, that several Thiruvalluvar Statue: Thiruvalluvar is the immortal poet of Tamil Nadu and
other Indian beaches pale by comparison. Cape Comorin is at its best during has given to the world Thirukkural. The memorial statue of Thiruvalluvar is in
Chitra Pournami (full moon in April) when the sun and moon are face to face Kanyakumari. The pedestal of the statue is 38 feet in height and the statue it-
at the same horizon! However, other full moon days are also special when self is over 95 feet tall with a grand total of 133 feet for the entire sculpture. The
you can see the sunset and the moonrise almost simultaneously, as if by prior 3-tier pedestal known as Atharapeedam is surrounded by an artistic Mandapa
arrangement. known as Alankara Mandapam with 38 feet height.

Surrounded by majestic hills and the plains bordered by colourful sea-shores, Vivekananda Rock Memorial: This is another place in Kanyakumari, which
fringed with coconut trees and paddy fields, here and there are few elevated attracts large number of tourists. As its name implies, it is essentially a sa-
patches of red cliffs with undulating valleys and plains between the mountain- cred monument, built by the Vivekananda Rock Memorial Committee
ous terrain and the seacoast, so closely interwoven with Temples to commemorate the visit of Swami Vivekananda to - Shripada Parai
and Churches and other edifices lies the district, - during 24th, 25th and 26th December 1892 for deep meditation and
Kanyakumari. enlightenment.

Suchindrum: Suchindrum is a small village about 12km from Kanya-

kumari and about seven kilometers from Nagercoil. This holy place is
located on the bank of the river Pazhayar, adjoining fertile fields and
coconut groves and the temple is dedicated to Sri Sthanumalayan.
Udayagiri Fort: The fort was rebuilt in the reign of Marthandavarma,
the Venad King, during 1741-1744. Under the supervision of De
Lannoy, the Belgian General, who served as the Chief of the Tra-
vancore army; East India Company’s troops were stationed there till
the middle of the 19th century.

Mathur Hanging Bridge: The Mathur Hanging Trough is the tall-

est as well as the longest trough bridge in Asia, having a height of
115 feet and a length of one kilometer. Constructed in 1966, this
bridge has become a place of tourist importance and hundreds
of tourists visit this place.

St. Xavier Church: St Xavier an outstanding and dedicated

priest visited the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu from Goa, he never
missed the opportunity of visiting Kottar in Kanyakumari district which was a
celebrated commercial centre at that time. During his stay at Kottar, he used
to worship St. Mary in the small temple.

Page 56 The Premiere Indian News, Lifestyle & Bollywood Magazine Website :
Padmanabhapuram Palace: The ancient historical town Padmanabhapuram is one of the
four municipalities in the district is 55km south of Trivandrum, about 2km east of Thuckalay
and 35 km from Kanyakumari on the Trivandrum - Cape Comorin road.

Muttom Beach: The famous beach at Muttom is located about 16kms from Nagercoil and
32kms from Kanyakumari. Muttom is famous for its beautiful landscaping and high rocks
dipping into the sea at the beachside. The sun set viewpoint at Muttom is one of the most
Panoramic viewpoints in the district. Another attraction of Muttom is the century old light-
house built by the British.

Vattakottai (Circular Fort): Vattakottai, a granite fort 6kms north-east of Kanyakumari

cape, forms the terminal of a line of ramparts known as the South Tranvancore lines built by
Marthanda Varma to serve as defence for Nanjil Nadu. It is rectangular in shape and covers
an area of about three and a half acres.
M otoring

Mercedes-Benz B-Class:

in better shape than ever

fter three successful years, Mercedes-Benz has overhauled the finish. The same, integrated trim is found again in the vicinity of the gearshift
design and engineering of the B-Class. The facelift programme and in the door panelling, giving the interior an added sense of refinement.
focused on environmental compatibility, economic efficiency and
comfort, with further advances being made in each of these areas.
Diesel engines
Thanks to a series of detailed improvements, the four-cylinder engines now fuel consumption reduced by seven percent
burn up to seven percent less fuel than previously, and distinguish them- The B-Class continues to be available with a choice of three engines – one
selves with remarkably low exhaust emissions that undercut the current EU direct-injection diesel unit (103 kW) delivering 300 Nm of torque, as well as two
limits by as much as 90 percent. petrol engines with a peak power output of 142 kW and a maximum torque of
280 Nm. The four-cylinder power units have undergone a series of detailed
“Since its international premiere in 2005, the B-Class has evolved into the improvements in order to further reduce fuel consumption.
blueprint for a new species of car which harmonises the benefits of various
vehicle concepts: the four-door model boasts the dynamic design of a For the diesel model, this means that the combined NEDC fuel consumption
sporty saloon, the exterior dimensions of a compact car, the spaciousness of the
of an estate, the versatility of a mini MPV and the trademark safety of a B 200 CDI has dropped by as much as seven percent, 5.4 - 5.6 litres per 100
Mercedes-Benz,” says Eckart Mayer, Divisional Manager, Mercedes-Benz km. The turbo-diesel model, which is particularly smooth-running thanks to a
Cars. balancer shaft, is extremely fuel efficient.

The restyled front end injects the B-Class with more poise and assurance
than before. This is primarily down to the radiator grille with its three chromed
Occupant protection
cross fins painted in metallic grey and the Mercedes star integrated into its Extensive safety features enhanced yet further
centre. However, the more imposing appearance of the B-Class also stems When it comes to safety, the B-Class sets an example for all other models of
from the new-look bumper - whose design emphasises the large air intake these dimensions to follow: in the European NCAP test programme, the Sports
at the bottom - as well as the modified bonnet. Tourer was awarded the highest rating of five stars.

This new design idiom makes the front look broad and, as a consequence, The comprehensive safety specification, comprising two-stage front airbags,
especially powerful, symbolising the sporty attributes of the B-Class even belt tensioners for the front and outer rear seats, belt force limiters plus active
more clearly than before. The design at the sides seems more harmoni- head restraints in the front, ISOFIX child seat attachment points and head/tho-
ous and elegant than before, because the exterior mirror housings, door rax sidebags, has now been complemented by the addition of crash-respon-
handles and skirt panels are now painted to match the body colour on all sive emergency lighting in the passenger compartment. Following an accident
model variants. of a predetermined severity, the lighting comes on automatically to allow the
occupants to get their bearings more easily in the dark and expedite the work
The rear styling picks up on the dynamic flow of lines at the front and along of the rescue services.
the sides. A direct visual link is created by the tail light assemblies, whose
upper edges merge seamlessly with the character line along the vehicle’s Active safety
sides. The tail lights sport a new high-brilliance look and draw the gaze
Flashing brake lights as a warning to other motorists
to the large tailgate, which now comes with en ergonomically enhanced
chrome handle strip. To help them bring critical situations under control safely and with ease, drivers
of the B-Class can count on highly effective, standard-fit technology in the form
Interior of systems such as ABS, Brake Assist and ESP®. Mercedes engineers have
High-grade appointments with new upholsteries and trIMS however gone that little bit further by seeking to devise a way of offering other
High-class appeal, attention to detail and a sense of ample spaciousness motorists added safety too.
- these qualities have always been intrinsic to the B-Class. The winning
blend of forms, colours and materials teams up with the interior’s roomi- The result is a simple and highly effective method of avoiding rear-end colli-
ness, the pleasant feel of all its surface materials and the expansive win- sions: flashing brake lights. This safety technology is included as standard for
dow areas to produce a most inviting ambience. This is helped by the high the B-Class.
seating position - which, incidentally, improves the driver’s all-round view,
too - while the relatively high waistline fosters a sense of security without During testing, Mercedes-Benz engineers were able to ascertain that the brak-
making the occupants feel confined. ing reaction time of motorists is quickened by an average of 0.2 seconds if they
see a flashing red warning signal instead of conventional brake lights in an
The centre console continues to be bordered by trim strips on both sides, emergency braking situation.
but they are now made from diagonally brushed aluminium in a smoke grey

Page 58 The Premiere Indian News, Lifestyle & Bollywood Magazine Website :
Assistance systems
Automatic parking with ultrasound and electric steering
The Electronic Stability Program has been expanded to include a new, standard function:
the automatic hill-start assist. This prevents the B-Class from rolling backwards as the
driver switches from the brake to the accelerator pedal when starting off uphill. In such
situations, the ESP® briefly maintains the brake pressure to make pulling away easy.

Reverse parking will pose less of a challenge for motorists in future. The new active parking
assist (optional) searches for an appropriate spot at the side of the road as the B-Class
drives by, than takes care of all the steering manoeuvres as the driver reverses into it. How
it works: at speeds below 35 km/h, ultrasonic sensors at the sides of the car scan the zones
to the immediate left and right of the B-Class, and measure the length and depth of any
potential parking spaces. Once a suitable spot has been found, the system flashes up a
message in the display, to inform the driver.

When the driver engages reverse, confirms the display and presses the accelerator, the ac-
tive parking assist takes over the steering and automatically manoeuvres the B-Class into
the space. All the driver has to do is operate the accelerator and brake; the PARKTRONIC
system’s ultrasonic sensors provide further assistance by indicating how much room there
is in front of and behind the B-Class.
To be able to use the automatic parking feature, the parking spot only has to be 1.30 metres
longer than the B-Class - an indication of the technology’s tremendous precision.

Panoramic glass sunroof

The optional panoramic roof makes the B-Class interior seem even more spacious.
It consists of a large, grey-tinted laminated glass pane (0.6 m²) offering complete protection
against UVA/UVB and UVC rays. The light flooding into the B-Class interior from above
creates an even more pleasant feeling of spaciousness. A twin-roller-blind system, which
acts as a sun blind is included. The panoramic roof does not open or pop up.

Bi-Xenon active headlights

Compared to the projection-beam headlamps, the bi-xenon headlamps allow even clearer
and wider illumination of the verges and increase the range of vision when the main beam
is switched on. They enhance both comfort and safety when driving the B-Class. The
optional bi-xenon headlamps include the following features: cornering light function inte-
grated in the main headlamp, active light function, automatic headlamp range adjustment
and headlamp cleaning system.

Pricing The B-Class is retailed at:

B 170 - R253 000
MobiloDrive 120 (maintenance contract) is standard
B 200 Turbo - R303 000
on all Mercedes-Benz passenger car models.
B200 CDI - R308 000

South Africa only

Ramadan Kareem Recipes
Enjoy these lovely treats during Ramadan. with Shanaaz
Perfect to share with family and friends.

Potato balls enclosed in batter
Makes 20 - 24


Filling A crispy cocktail biscuit with golden sesame seeds
3 large potatoes, cooked and well mashed Makes 25 - 30
10ml garlic paste
2 green chillies, finely chopped salt to taste
5ml Moir’s Tumeric
5ml Moir’s cayenne pepper 310ml Sasko Cake Flour
5ml whole mustard seeds [optional] 2ml Moir’s cayenne pepper
50ml fresh dhania, finely chopped 125g butter, cubed
Maizena for rolling 40g cream cheese
375ml grated cheddar cheese
Batter 15ml chopped fresh dhania or parsley
250ml pea flour 80ml sesame seeds
40ml melted butter / margarine salt to taste
5ml garlic paste Method
enough water to make a soft dough oil for deep frying
• Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Prepare a 32cm x 28cm
biscuit tray.
Method Shanaaz Parker, a born Capetonian, has 13
• Place flour and cayenne pepper in food processor. Add butter,
Filling cheese and dhania. years of culinary experience which culminated
- Add all ingredients to the potatoes except Maizena and mix well. • Using the pulse action, work butter for 15 - 20 seconds or until in two cook books: Fusion & Indulge.
- Make ping-pong size balls with filling and roll each ball in Maizena. mixture almost forms a soft dough. Do not over- beat.

• Turn mixture into a large mixing bowl. Press together with fingers to This month the first SA India reader from
Batter form a soft dough. DURBAN to sms Fatima Allie on
- Mix all ingredients together to make a soft batter. • Roll two level teaspoons of mixture into a ball. Roll ball in sesame 082 066 3353 will win a delicious
- Leave aside to settle. seeds. ‘Indulge’ cook book, compliments of
- Meanwhile, heat oil till moderately hot. • Repeat until all dough is used up. Shanaaz Parker.
- Dip balls into batter, taking care that batter covers the ball • Arrange balls on prepared tray about 3cm apart.
completely and fry till golden brown and then drain. • Bake for 20 -25 mins, or until golden. Remove from oven. Allow to Fusion: East Meets West & Indulge.
- Serve as a vegetarian dish accompanied by a chilli sauce. cool for 5 minutes. Now available at
• Then remove to wire rack to cool completely. Channel Islam Book Store, Lenasia.