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Book Report Requirements/ Template

Your rough draft will be handwritten, but your final copy will be typed and printed out! Remember that the library is open every day after school, and most mornings, to type your report!!!
Title of the book:Chicken Soup for the REENAGE Soul IV Author: Illustration Genre The book you use can be any genre of your choice. Here are ways you might describe your book: (fiction, nonfiction) (historical fiction, fantasy, realistic fiction, science fiction, poetry) (chapter book, picture book) (biography, autobiography, informative) Authors Information/ Background- 2-3 sentences* A/R Test Grade if it is not an A/R book; simply note that on the report Setting: time/ place- you may have to include more than one setting depending on your book- choose the settings that impact the story most and include those* Conflict: main problem of the story; at least 2-3 sentences* Authors Purpose: persuade, entertain, inform, express opinions, and/or inspire others. How do you know this?* Mood- What were your feelings because of the events that unfolded in the book? Here are some examples of events-----and moods. (tragedy-----devastating, grief-stricken) (violence----anger, loneliness, frightening (celebration----cheerful, favorable, glad, jolly)* Figurative Language- You must find and write 3 examples of figurative language found in your book or create 3 examples describing a character or part of the book. Make sure to include the type of figurative language for each of your examples. (for example: simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, onomatopoeia)Examples include What did you like best about this book? Why?* Answer these questions in complete sentences with details from the book: What did you think? What did you feel? What did it remind you of? *All of these parts should be written in complete sentences and proofread carefully before submitting to Mrs. Villarreal! This assignment must be typed! It must fit on one page- FRONT ONLY. The font must not be smaller than 11pt and not bigger than 12pt, with the exception of the title and heading words. The font must be easily readable: Times New Roman, or Arial, for example. You are not limited to using the examples

Name Gabriella Rodriguez Language Arts6th Date 11-3-11

Title of the book Seven Pounds Of HOPE. Author Anna Gavalda Genre: Fiction A/R Test Grade) NONE Author Information (2-3 sentences)*She was born in the French countryside in 1970. Also, a journalist and a mother of two kids. She worked for awhile as an au pair in the United States before studying at the Sorbonne in Paris. Setting (time/ place- you may have more than one setting to include)*At his house, Elementary School, Middle School. Grandparents house. Conflict (main problem of the story)* Gregory HATED school! He hates the whole thing about school. Reading, Math, P.E the most. But once he starts acting dumb ,he makes more friends but then he gets kicked out of school.

Authors Purpose- persuade, entertain, inform, express opinions, and (inspire others) How do you know this?Inform because it explains how this boy hated school so much , he likes it after awhile. Mood (feelings because of the events of the text: tragedy-----devastating, grief-stricken, violence---anger, loneliness, frightening celebration----cheerful, favorable, glad, jolly)* Angry, Sad, Happy, Lonley. Figurative Language- (You must include 3 types of figurative language with an example for each.) I was munching a tuft of grass, mooing like a cow. (Simile) I was like my mother, who was running around with her aunts silver candlesticks. (Simile) As you can see Im not a mathematician, but as a philosopher , Im not that bad! (Simile) What did you like best about this book?*Its kind of like me because I also HATE school too. (: Complete the following sentences about your book: o I wondered(what in the book made you wonder something) If Gregory will ever like school. o I felt (what in the book made you feel this way) Happy because its funny about what he talks about.

The part in the book where he said school was for smart people reminded me of me because Im not that smart and he isnt either.

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