DISCLAIMER: This Acronym listing was complied from several Army and Air Force and other sources. It is believed to represent currently used terminology. It was compiled over time by adding new acronyms as they were stumbled upon. 6 September 1999



21st Century Land Warrior 21st Century Land Warrior Top Level Demonstration 2-Wire 3X Magnifier lens 4-Wire 81 IR Illumination Round Ampere PM, ADDCS (Integrator)


Admission and Disposition (report) Arrival/Departure Airfield Control Group Administrative and Direct Support Logistics Alert and Que Analog to Digital Aircraft Analog/Digital Arrival/Departure Airfield Control Group Administrative/Logistics Alphanumeric FAADC2I Workstation class computer unit (TCU or HCU) Anti-Armor Algorithmic Architecture


Anti-Armor Advanced Technology Demonstration Army Airspace Command and Control Army Airborne Command and Control


Army Airborne Command and Control System Army Airborne Intelligence 2000 AFATDS Application Software Segment Specification Armor/Anti-armor Armor/Anti-armor Master Plan



Assembly Area Abbreviated Analysis Air-to-Air Affordability Analysis Air ambulance Armored Ambulance Allied Affairs Anti-aircraft Appointing Authority Aptitude Area Attack Assessment Automatic Answer Avenue of Approach Accreditation Authority Anti-armor Algorithmic Architecture Administrative Assistant


Alternate Assemble Area Anti-aircraft Artillery Airborne Assault Area Army Audit Agency Air Avenue of Approach


Army Airborne/Airlift Coordinating Office Accuracy Analysis of Artillery Cannon Systems Advanced Air-to-Air Missile Anti-Aircraft Artillery Order of Battle Advanced Airborne Command Post Advanced Airborne Command Post Army Acquisition Corps Alaskan Air Command


Army Airlift Clearance Authority Aircraft Alerting Communication EMP Arrival Airfield Control Group Army Automation Command Operating Budget


Army Area Communications System Airborne Alternate Control Station Army Automation and Communications Steering Committee Air-to-Air Combat Test Army Air Defense Area Air Defense Commander All Application Digital Computer


Army Air Defense Command & Control Army Air Defense Command and Control System Army Air Defense Command Army Air Defense Command Post Advanced Air Defense Electro-Optic System Algorithmic Architecture Data Processing Subsystem Army Aviation Decontamination Station Army Aviation Dehuminification System


Army Air Defense Surveillance and Control System Army Acquisition Executive Artillery Accuracy Effectiveness


Advanced Airborne Expendable Decoy Active Army, Enlisted Army Acquisition Executive Program Control Central System Army Acquisition Executive Support Agency Army Airfield Auxiliary Airfield


Army Aviation Flight Activity Allied Air Forces, Central Europe (NATO)(obselete) Army and Air Force Exchange Service Automated Air Facilities Information File Army/Air Force Reconnaissance Surveillance Study army artillery group (Soviet) Army Advisory Group on Energy Army Air Ground System Advanced Attack Helicopter Awaiting Action Higher Authority


Automatic Autodin Interface All Acter Integration Additional Authorized Items Army Analysis Intelligence Authorized Active Inventory


Army Aircraft Inventory, Status and Flying Time (Report) Additional Authorized List Authorized Allowance List Asynchronous Transfer Mode Adaptation Layer


Advanced Airdrop for Land Combat Amphibious Assault Landing Craft


Active Army Location Automated Air Load Planning Systems Acoustic Artillery Location System Air-to-Air Missile Army Achievement Medal Amphibious Assault Model


Area Airspace Management Authority Aircraft and Missile


Army Automation Master Plan Annual Maintenance Manhours Active Army Military Manpower Program Anti-armor Munitions Master Plan


Army Automated Multimedia System Army Aviation Modernization Plan Annual Available MOS Productive Man-hours Anti Army Master Plan Studies Army Air Movement Requirements Office Air-to-Air Missile System Antiaircraft Missile Army Air Movement Support Unit Air-to-Air MEP/Weapon Integration Demonstration Army Acquisition Objective Authorized Acquisition Objective


Antiaircraft Operations Center Active Army, Officer Affirmative Action Plan Allied Administrative Publication Army Apprenticeship Program Army Automation Program Autonomous Airborne Platform Army Ammunication Plant


Army Automation Program Budget Guidance Attack Assessment Predicted Impact Annual Available Productive Man Hours Affirmative Action Program Plans Army Automation Planning, Programming, and Evaluation System Army Aviation Program Review Army Aviation Personnel Requirements for Sustained Operations After-Action Review After Action Report Association of American Railroads


Army Air Reconnaissance for Damage Assessment in CONUS Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory Advanced Airborne Radar System Advanced Aerial Radiac System


Assessment and Recovery Team Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript Service Advanced Automation System Alert Area Supervisor


Active Army Seasonalized Accession Model Anti-armor Systems Detect Ability Army Area Signal Center Army Aviation Support Facility


Air Assault Advanced Air-to-Surface Missile Army Automation Security Program Army Aviation System Program Review

Heavy Advanced Anti-Armor Weapons System .Medium Airborne Adverse Weather Weapon System Air Base Answer Back Airborne AB2 ABA ABAIT ABAT ABC Army Brigade and Below American Bar Association Automatic Board Assembly. and Canadian Advanced Blade Concept ABCA ABCC American. and Test AirLand Battle Advanced Technologies Army Battle Command Airborne Corps American. Inspection. Warrant Officer Advanced Anti-Armor Weapons System . Canadian. British.AASR AAST AAT Advanced Airborne Surveillance Radar Army Aerial Scout Test Advanced Armament Technology Automatic Analog Tester Aviation Applied Technology AATD AAV Aviation Applied Technology Directorate Advanced Assault Amphibious Vehicle Armored Amphibious Vehicle AAV/IM AAV7 AAVP AAVS AAW Autonomous Aerial Vehicle/Intelligent Munitions Amphibious Assault Vehicle Army Audiovisual Program Aerospace Audio-Visual System Anti-Air Warfare Air-to-Air Weapons Advanced Attack Weapon AAWC AAWCS AAWO AAWS-H AAWS-M AAWWS AB AAW Commander (or Coordinator) Anti-Air Warfare Combat System Active Army. Australian Airborne Communications Center 7 . British.

ABCCC Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center Airborne Command and Control Center ABCDE/S ABCMP ABCS ABE AirLand Battle Conventional Defense Enhancement/Synergy Army Battle Command Master Plan Army Battlefield Command Systems Army Budget Estimate Ammo Bay Equipment ABF Asset Balance File Advanced Bomb Family ABG ABGD ABIC ABIP ABIT ABL Air Base Group Air Base Ground Defense Army Battlefield Interface Concept AFATDS/BATES Interoperability Program Airborne Information Transmission Ammunition Basic Load Atmospheric Burst Locator Airborne Laser ABLE ABM Army Buffer Link-1 Europe Asynchronous Balanced Mode Anti-Ballistic Missile ABMA ABMC ABMDA ABMOC ABMS ABN ABNCC ABNCP ABNSOTBD ABO Army Ballistic Missile Agency Aviation Battle Management Concept Advanced Ballistic Missile Defense Center Air Battle Management Operation Center Assault Breach Marking System Airborne Airborne Command and Control Airborne Command Post Airborne and Special Operations Test Board Army Budget Office Agents of Biological Origin Air Base Operability ABOIP ABPS Amended Basis of Issue Plan Automated Barrier Plan System 8 .

ABRDL ABRES ABS Army Biomedical R&D Lab Advanced Ballistic Reentry System Automated Briefing System Advanced Battle Simulation ABT Air-Breathing Target Air Breathing Threat AC Active Component Alternating Current Army Component Analyst Console Automation and Communications Aircraft AC/RC AC2F AC2MP AC2P ACA Active Components/Reserve Components Automated Command and Control Facility Army Command and Control Master Plan Advanced Command and Control Program Advanced Cargo Aircraft Airborne Collection Assembly Automatic Conference Arranger Airlift Clearance Authorities Airspace Control Authority Airspace Coordination Area Air Combat Command After Contract Award Automatic Channel Assignment ACAB ACACS ACAD ACALA ACALS ACAP Air Cavalry Attack Brigade Army Command and Area Communications System Automatic Chemical Agent Detector Armament and Chemical Acquisition and Logistics Activity Army Computer-Aided Logistics System Army Career and Alumni Program Army Cost Analysis Position Assessment Correlation and Analysis Process Advanced Composite Air Frame Program 9 .

ACAS Army Commissary Automated System Army Crisis Action System ACAT ACATT ACAU ACB Acquisition Category ADEA/CECOM Advanced Technology Test Bed Automatic Calling/Answering Unit Army Classification Battery Air Combat Brigade ACC Architecture Control Committee Air Combat Command Army Commanders’ Conference Army Competitive Category Army Command Center Air Control Center Airspace Coordination Center Alternate Control Center Army Communications Command (now ISC) Army Component Commander Automatic Carrier Control ACCAT ACCB ACCES ACCF ACCHAN ACCIS Advanced Command and Control Architectural Testbed Air Cavalry Combat Brigade. Army Configuration Control Board Army C&C Evaluation System Area Communications Control Facility Allied Command Channel Army C&C Info System Automated C&C Info System ACCLAIMS ACCMP ACCN ACCOM ACCP ACCS ACCSDP ACCV Army COMSEC Commodity Logistics Accounting Info Mgmt System Army Command and Control Master Plan Army Command and Control Network US Army Communications Command Army Correspondence Course Program Army Command and Control System Army C&C System Development Plan Armored Cavalry Cannon Vehicle 10 .

Communications and Electronics Board Anti-Compromise Emergency Destruct ACE Report ARROW Continuation Experiment Automated C&C Evaluation Sys Airdrop Controlled Exit System Army Continuing Education Sys ACF Access Control Facility Airlift Clearance File ACFT ACH ACI Aircraft ACCS Common Hardware Allocated Configuration Item 11 .Army Combat Developer Automatic Call Distribution Assistant Command Director ACDB ABCS Common Database ACDS Advanced Combat Direction System ACE ASAS Collateral Enclave Armored Combat Earth-mover Armored Combat Excavator Allied Command Europe Analysis and Control Element Aviation Combat Element Assistant Chief of Engineers Airborne Command Element Airborne Communications Electronics Army Combat Earth-mover Aviation Council Emeritus Aviation Combat Element ACEB ACEBRD ACED ACEREP ACES Army Clothing and Equipment Board Airborne.

ACIC Aeronautical Chart and Information Center Automated Combat Intelligence Center ACID ACIF ACIIP(S) ACIND ACINT ACIS Adaptive COMSEC Interface Device Automated Central Issue Facility System Automated Clothing Initial Issue Point (System) Air Combat Intelligence Needs Acoustic Intelligence Army Command Information System Automated Combat Information \ System Army Combat Identification System ACISD ACL Advanced Computational and Information Sciences Directorate Allowable Cabin Load Allowable Cargo Load aircraft cabin load ACLANT ACLDS ACLS ACLSVF ACM Allied Command Atlantic Army Central Logistics Data Bank Automatic Carrier Landing System Armored Combat Logistics Support Vehicle Family Additional Crew Member Asbestos Containing Materials Airspace Control Measures Association of Computing Machinery ACMA CAN ACO Army Class Managing Activity Account (or Action) Control Number Air Combat Order Administrative Contracting Officer ACOA ACOC ACOE Alternative Course of Action Area Communications Operations Center Army Common Operating Environment Army Community of Excellence AcofS ACOM ACOMS ACOR Assistant Chief of Staff Atlantic Command Automated Collection Management System Assistant Contracting Officer Representative 12 .

ACORDS ACOS Alternate Corps Design Study ACCS Common Operating System Assistant Chief of Staff ACOSS ACP Air Command Operations Support System Allied Communications Protocol Allied Communications Publication Area Coordination Paper Army Capabilities Plan Asset Capitalization Program Automated Command Post Airspace Control Plan ACPERS ACPS Army Civilian Personnel System Asset Component Prototype System Army Civilian Personnel Sys ACR Armored Cavalry Regiment Advanced Concepts Requirements ACCS Capability Requirements Aerial Combat Recon Air Crew Rescue Army Capability Requirement ACRA ACRC Airlift Concepts and Requirements Agency Alternate Control Reporting Center Area Calibration and Repair Center ACS Aerial Common Sensor Air Cavalry Squadron Armored Cavalry Squadron Asset Control System Automatic Container System Army Community Service Army Communicative Systems Advanced Civil Schooling Advanced Countermine System ACS-C ACSA Aerial Common Sensor .Corps Allied Communications Security Agency 13 .

ACSAC ACSCOM ACSI ACSIM ACSN ACSWP ACT Assistant Chief of Staff for Automation and Communications Army Component Support Command Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence Assistant Chief of Staff for Information Management Advanced Change Study Notice Aircraft Cross-Servicing Working Party (International Standardization) Advanced Concepts and Technology Active Control Technology Air Control Team Analysis Control Team (Communications) Automatic Continuous Tuning ACTD Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration(Demonstrator) Automated Command Training Division ACTFAST ACTID ACTII ACTO Advanced Concepts and Technology Frequency Agile Solid State Tuner Advanced Concepts Test Integration Directorate Advanced Concept and Technology II Program Action Officer Army Communicative Technology Office ACTS Air Combat Training System Acquisition Control and Tracking System Advance Communications Technology Satellite Army Criteria Tracking System Automated Control of Trainees Sys ACU Area Common User Air Control Unit ACUS Area Common User System Army Common User System ACV Air Cushion Vehicle Armored Command Vehicle ACVT ACW Armored Combat Vehicle Tech Aircraft Control and Warning Air Commando Wing ACWP ACWT Actual Cost of Work Performed Average Customer Waiting Time 14 .

AD Active Duty Air Defense Air Division Advanced Development Associate Director Armored Division Admission and Disposition (report) FAADC2I Dual Workstation class computer unit (TCU or HCU) AD COORD AD LNO ADA Air Defense Coordinator Air Defense Liaison Officer Air Defense Artillery Air Defense Area After Date of Award (of contract) ADAC2S ADACS ADAM Air Defense Artillery Command and Control System Air Defense Artillery Control System Architecture Development Analysis Model Area Denial Artillery Munition Artillery Delivered Anti-Personnel Mine ADANS ADAP ADAPCP ADAR ADARS Airlift Deployment Analysis System Army Designated Acquisition Program Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program Air Defense Radar Adaptive Antenna Receive System Army Defense Acquisition Regulation Supplement ADAS Assistant Director of the Army Staff Airborne Data Automation System Army Designated Acquisition System ADATD ADATS Air Defense Artillery Test Directorate Army Development and Acquisition of Threat Simulators Air Defense Anti-tank System ADAVAIL Advise Availability 15 .

Control. Communications and Computer) ADCST ADCSTE ADDC ADDCOMPE Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Training Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Test and Evaluation Air Defense Direction Center Army/DARPA Distributed Communications and Processing Experiment 16 .ADC Assistant Division Commander Area Damage Control Air Defense Command Analog Detection Circuit Analog-to-Digital Converter Architecture Design Contractor Aide de Camp Analog Digital Combiner ADC(M) ADC(S) ADC-M ADC-S ADCATT ADCC ADCCP ADCCS ADCEO ADCIS ADCOM ADCON ADCS Assistant Division Commander for Maneuver Assistant Division Commander for Support Assistant Division Commander for Maneuver Assistant Division Commander for Support Air Defense Combined Arms Tactical Trainer Air Defense Control Center Advance Communications Control Procedure Air Defense Command and Control System Assistant Division Communications-Electronics Officer Air Defense Command Information System Aerospace Defense Command Advise All Concerned Advanced Defense Communications Satellite Air Defense Control System Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff ADCSCD ADCSLOG ADCSLOG-SA ADCSOPS Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Combat Development Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics for Security Assistance Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans ADCSOPS(C-4) Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans (Command.

ADDCS ADDISS ADDM ADDS ADDSI ADE Air Defense Command and Control System Advanced Deployable Digital Imagery Support System (or Segment) Asynchronous Digital Data Modem Army Data Distribution System Army Data Distribution System Interface Army Data Encyclopedia Assistant Division Engineer Armored Division Equivalent Aerial Delivery Equipment Air Defense Emergency ADEA Army Development and Employment Agency Army Data Encyclopedia Administrator ADEEM ADEIE ADEO ADEWS ADEXJAM ADF Air Defense Effectiveness Evaluation Mode Associated Digital Error Improvement Equipment Air Defense Engagement Operations Air Defense Electronic Warfare System Artillery Delivered Expendable Jammer Allocation and Distribution of Fires Application Dependent Format Automatic Document Feeder Automation Direction Finder ADFA ADFO ADFT ADGE ADHPM ADI Air Defense Functional Area Air Defense Force Operations Artillery Direct Fire Trainer Air Defense Ground Environment Arty-Delivered. High Precision Munitions Advanced Discriminating Interceptor Air Defense Interface ADIC ADIS ADIZ ADKEM ADL Air Defense Command Intelligence Center (Aerospace Intelligence Ctr) Automated Distributed Intelligence System Air Defense Identification Zone Advanced Kinetic Energy Missile Automatic Data Link Air Defense Lab 17 .

ADLER(FRG) Artillerie Daten Lage und Einsatz-Rechnerverbund (German Field Artillery Control System) ADLMS ADLP Air Delivered Land Mines System Advanced Data Link Program Automated Data Link Protocol ADM Acquisition Decision Memorandum Atomic Demolition Munitions Advanced Development Model Arrow Diagram Method ADMAC ADMIN Air Defense Mission Area Concept Administrative Administration ADMIN CEN ADMIN MOD ADMP ADMSG AND ADNET ADO Administrative Center Administration Module (for Battle Simulations and Wargames) Army Digitization Master Plan Advise by Message Automatic Digital Network Anti-Drug Network Army Digitization Office Advanced Development Objective ADOC Air Defense Operations Center Architecture Description and Operational Concept ADOCC ADOCS Advanced Deep Operations Coordination Center Automated Deep Operations Coordination System Automated Deep Operations Control System ADOLT ADP Air Defense Operations Liaison Team Automated Data Processing Automatic Data Processor Advanced Development Program ADPE ADPR ADPS ADPSCP ADPSO Automated Data Processing Equipment Automated Data Processing Resources Automated Data Processing System Automated Data Processing Status and Control Panel Automated Data Processing Selection Office 18 .

ADPSSO ADR ADRG ADRI ADRL ADS Automated Data Processing Special Security Officer Automatic Data Relay Advanced Digitized Raster Graphics ARC Digitized Raster Imagery Air Date Required to Load Advanced Distributed Simulation Adaptive Diagnostics System Automated Data System Advanced Distribution System Air Defense Systems Application Development Software ADSAF ADSI ADSIA ADSID ADSM ADSO ADSS Automatic Data System for the Army in the Field Air Defense System Integrator Allied Data Systems Interoperability Agency Air Deliverable Seismic Intrusion Detector Air Defense Suppression Missile Assistant Division Signal Officer Automated Decision Support System Air Defense Simulation (or Suppression) System ADST ADSTADIS ADSW ADT Advanced Distributed Simulation Technology Advise Status or Disposition (or Both) Active Duty for Special Work Active Duty for Training Automatic Digital Tester ADTAKE ADTL ADTLP ADTOC ADTOE ADTTP ADU ADV Advise Action Taken Army-wide Doctrinal and Training Literature ADTL Program Air Defense Tactical Operations Center Additional Types of Equipment Army Domestic Technology Transfer Program Air Defense Unit Advance Advise ADVANCE Army Data Validation and Netting Capability Establishment 19 .

Contractor Advanced Development Verification Test .Government Advanced Design Workshop Air Defense Warning ADWC AE Air Defense Warning Conditions Aeromedical Evacuation Architect-Engineer Auxiliary Equipment Aerial Exploitation AEA AEAC AEB AEC Automation Economic Analysis Alternate Emergency Action Center Aerial Exploitation Battalion Area Equipment Compound Atomic Energy Commission Aviation Electronic Combat AECG AED AEELS AEGIS AEI AEN AEO AEP AEPC AEPG AEPT AER AERB AERS AES Army Exercise Control Group Architectural Engineering Directorate Automatic (or Airborne) ELINT Emitter Location System Airborne Early Warning/Ground Environment Integration Segment Armament Enhancement Initiative ATCCS Engineering Network Army Energy Office Annual Execution Plan ASAS/ENSCE Process Cluster Analysis & Experimentation Planning Group Advanced Engine/Propulsion Technology Army Emergency Relief Army Education Requirement Board Access/Egress Roadway System Army Experimentation Site ATCCS Experimentation Site Army Enterprise Strategy Army Education System 20 .ADVON ADVT-C ADVT-G ADW Advance Echelon Advanced Development Verification Test .

Augmentation Force Abbreviated Form (an Amin term) Appropriated Funds AFA Architecture of the Future Army Aerial Field Artillery AFAITC AFAMM AFAMPE AFAP AFARE AFARS AFARV AFAS AFAS-C AFATDS AFATDS FED AFATDS LCU AFB AFC Armed Forces Air Intelligence Training Center Aerial Field Artillery Multi-Mode (Weapons) Air Force Automated Message Processing Exchange Artillery Fired Atomic Projectile Arctic Forward Area Refueling Equipment Army Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement Armored Forward Area Rearm Vehicle Advanced Field Artillery System Advanced Field Artillery System-Cannon Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System AFATDS Forward Entry Device (HTU) AFATDS Lightweight Computer Unit Air Force Base Area Frequency Coordinator Armed Forces Council Automatic Frequency Control Army Flying Club AFCAC AFCC AFCENT Air Force Computer Acquisition Center Air Force Communications Command Allied Forces Central Europe 21 .AESC AESR AESRS AET Aerospace Environment Support Center Army Equipment Status Report Army Equipment Status Reporting System Advanced Entry Training Army Extension Training AETIS AEW AEW&C AEWIC AF Army Extension Training Information System Airborne Early Warning Airborne Early Warning & Control Army EW and Intelligence Committee Air Force.

AFCH AFCS Air Force Component Headquarters Air Force Communications System Army Facilities Component System Artillery (or Automated) Fire Control System AFDD AFDE AFDP AFEES AFEP AFEWES AFF AFFOR AFFS AFG Aero Flight Dynamics Directorate Artic Fuel Dispensing Equipment Army Force Development Plan Armed Forces Examining and Entrance Station Army Facilities Energy Program Air Force Electronic Warfare Environment Simulator Aviation Flight Facilities Air Force Forces Army Field Feeding System Auto Force Generator Army Force Guidance AFGWC AFH AFHC AFIN AFIP AFIS AFIT AFLC AFLS AFM AFMCO AFMIC AFMIS Air Force Global Weather Central (or Control) Army Family Housing Army Family Housing Construction Air Force Intelligence ADLER/AFATDS Interoperability Program Air Force Intelligence Service Air Force Institute of Technology Air Force Logistics Command Armed Forces Language School Air Force Manual Army Force Modernization Coordinating Office Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center Air Force Management Info System Army Food Mgmt Information System AFMPG AFMSS AFN AFNORTH AFO Army Force Mobilization Planning Guidance Air Fire Mission Support System Armed Forces Network Allied Forces Northern Europe Army Finance Officer 22 .

AFOC AFOTEC AFP Air Force Operations Center Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center Air Force Pamphlet Analyst Private File Armed Forces Police Air (or Army) Force Program AFPC AFPCA AFPDA AFQT AFR AFRED AFRES AFRTS AFS Army Forces Policy Council Air Force Pentagon Communications Agency Army Force Planning Data and Assumptions Armed Forces Qualification Test Air Force Regulation Air Force Readiness Command Air Force Reserve Armed Forces Radio & Television Service Air Fire Support Air Force Station Active Federal Service AFSAF AFSARC AFSAT AFSATCOM AFSC ? AF Systems Acquisition Review Council Air Force Satellite Air Force Satellite Communications System Air Force Systems Command Armed Forces Staff College Air Force Skill Code AFSE AFSCF AFSM AFSOF AFSOUTH AFSPACECOM AFSS AFSSP AFTAC AFTACIES Automated Fire Support Element Air Force Satellite Control Facility Artillery Force Simulation Model Air Force Special Operations Force Allied Forces Southern Europe Air Force Space Command Automatic Fire Suppression System Arctic Fuel System Supply Point Air Force Technical Application Center AF Tactical Imagery Exploitation System 23 .

AFTEC AFTM AFTO AFTS AFU AFV AF Test and Evaluation Center Additional Full Time Manning AF Technical Order Audio Frequency Tone Shift Ammunition and Fire Unit Armored Family of Vehicles Armored Fighting Vehicle AFVTF AFWIS AG Armored Family of Vehicles Task Force Air Force WMCCIS Adjutant General Application Gateway Army Group Army Guidance Air-Ground AGARD AGB AGC AGCCS AGE Advisory Group on Aerospace Research and Development Assault Gun Battalion Automatic Gain Control Army Global Command & Control System Associated Ground Equipment Army Advisory Group on Energy AGES AGI AGL AGMS AGOBC AGOS AGP AGR AGS Air Ground Engagement System Annual General Inspection Above Ground Level Air to Ground Missile Adjutant General Officer Basic Course Air Ground Operation School A Gateway Protocol Active Guard/Reserve Armored Gun System Advanced Gunnery System AGSE AGT Aviation Ground Support Equipment Above Ground Test AEELS Ground Terminal AGTELIS Automatic Group Transportable Emitter Location and ID System 24 .

Ultra Low Volume Electric Autonomous Guided Warhead Attach Helicopter Automated Historical Archive (sets) Advanced Heavy Anti-Tank Missile (System) Automated Historical Archives System Advanced Hardened Avionics Technology Advanced Heavy Anti-Armor Weapons System Attack Helicopter Battalion Attack (or Assault) Helicopter Company Automated Head Count AHCP AHD AHFEWS AHIP Army Hazard Classification Program Advanced Hardware Development Army HF Electronic Warfare System Army Helicopter Improvement Program Advance Helicopter Improvement Program AHIT AHM AHM-CM AHMDS AHP AHPCRC AHR AHRS AHS AHWG AI Attack Helicopter Instrumented Test Anti-Helicopter Mine Anti-Helicopter Mine – Countermeasures Army Hazardous Materials Data System Advanced Helicopter Pilotage Army High Performance Computer Research Center Attack Helicopter Regiment Attitude and Heading Reference System Academy of Health Sciences AD HOC Working Group Artificial Intelligence Air Interdiction Action Item Area of Interest Airborne Intercept AI2 Advanced Image Intensification 25 .AGTS AGTTS AGULVE AGW AH AHA AHAM(S) AHAS AHAT AHAWS AHB AHC Advanced Gunnery Training System Artillery Gunnery Team Training System Aerosol Generator.

Infantry. and Mechanized Infantry AIMC AIMI-X AIMP Army Information Management Committee Aviation Intensive Managed Items – Expanded Army Intelligence Master Plan ARTADS Interface Management Plan 26 .AIA Army Information Architecture Automation Interoperability Appraisal Army Intelligence Agency AIASA AIC Annual Integrated Assessment of Security Assistance Air Intercept Control Army Interoperability Center Atlantic Command Intelligence Center AICS Advanced Interior Communications System Artillery and Infantry Combat Systems AID Autodin Interface Device ASARS Interface Device AIDATS AIDES AIDS Army Inflight Data Transmission System Analysis Intelligence Display and Exploitation System Army Inventory of Data Systems Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome ADCOM Information Display System Automated Infantry Data System AIF Automated Installation File Army Industrial File (or Fund) AIFS AIG Advanced Indirect Fire Systems Army Initiatives (or Indicator) Group Address Indicating Group AIIF AIIP AIL AIM Automated Installation Intelligence File Advanced Industry Information Package Action Item List ASAS Interface Module Air Intercept Missile Armor.

AIMS Army Standard Info Mgmt System Advanced Integrated Man Portable System Automated Instructional Management System AIMTB AIN AINC AIO AIPP AIPS Artificial Intelligence Modules Test Bed Army Interoperability Network Army Interoperability Network Center ATCCS Integration Office Army Industrial Preparedness Program Advanced Integrated Propulsion System Army Information Processing Standards AIRCOM AIRES AIRMICS AF Communications Advanced Imagery Requirements Exploitation System Army Institute for Research and Management Information Communications & Computer Sciences (Atlanta. GA) AIRNET AIROPNET AIRS AIRTEMS AIS Aviation Combat Tactical Trainer (SIMNET) AF Operational Network AMDF Interrogation and Retrieval System Annual Individual Reserve Training Enrollment Management System Automated Information System Accountable Instruction System Army Information System Adversary Information System Autonomous Intelligence Submunition (Damocles) Audio Intercommunications System Advanced Indication System Airborne Intelligence System ADN Interface Simulator AISR AISSAP AIT Army Institute of Surgical Research Automated Information System Security Assessment Program Automatic Identification Technology Advanced Individual (or Institutional) Training Atmospheric Interceptor Technology AITC AITF Army Interoperability Test Center Ammunition Initiatives Task Force 27 .

US Atlantic Command All Army Activities (Distribution) Air-Launched Anti-Satellite Aviation Logistics Assistance Team Air Land Battle Air Land Battle Future (Doctrine) Air Land Battlefield Environment Air Land Battle Management (Program) Air Launched Battalion Missile ALBS Air Land Battle Study 28 .62mm Assault Rifle Also Known As Army Key Management System Army Knowledge Network Army Knowledge Office Applications Layer Administrative Logistics FAADC2I Lightweight Computer Unit ALA ALANT ALARACT ALASAT ALAT ALB ALB-F ALBE ALBM Army Logistics Assessment Army component.AITN AITP AITST AIU AJ AJBPO AJCC AJCM AJEM AJFP AJOPS AK-47 AKA AKMS AKN AKO AL Army Interoperability Test Network Audit Information Transfer Protocol Armor Interrated Termal Signature Targets Advanced Interface Unit Antijam Area Joint Blood Program Office Alternate Joint Communications Center Antijam Control Modem Army Joint Exercise Manual Adaptive Joint Force Package Army Joint Operations Planning System Soviet-Made 7.

ALC Advanced Land Combat Adelphi Lab Center Administration and Logistics Center Air Logistics Center Area Logistics Command Army Logistics Center ALCC Airlift Coordination Center Airlift Control Center Airlift Control Cell ALCE ALCEP ALCG ALCM ALCON ALCOR Airlift Control Element Autosevocom Life Cycle Extension Program Analog Line Conditioner Group Air-Launched Cruise Missile All Concerned Advance Research Projects Agency Lincoln Laboratory C-Band Observable Radar ALCV ALD ALDT ALE Advanced Land Combat Vehicle Available to Load Date Administrative and Logistics Delay Time Air Liaison Element Automatic Link Establishment ALERT ALF Attack Launch Early Reporting to Theater Air Land Force Alert Log File Auxiliary Landing Field ALFA AGENCY ALFI ALFT ALIAS ALIU ALL ALLD ALMC ALMILACT Air Land Forces Application Agency Air Land Forces Interface (Study) Airlift Advanced Lightweight Intelligent Armament System Autovon Line Interface Unit Additional Authorization List Airborne Laser Locator Designator Army Logistics Management College (or Center) All US Military Activities 29 .

ALMS ALMSA ALO Automated Logistics Management System ALMS Activity Authorized Level of Organization Air (or Allied) Liaison Officer/Office Advanced Logistics Center Army Liaison Officer/Office ALOC Administrative/Logistics Operations Center Air Line(s) of Communications ALOG AWIS Logistics Army Logistics ALOR ALP ALPC ALPO ALPS Aviation Logistics Operations Model Auxiliary Line Printer Adaptive Link Power Control Air Land Project Officer Automated Labor and Production System Accidental Launch Protection System Army Logistics Pipeline Study ALR ALRA ALRMPSA ALRPG ALRPS ALS Artillery Locating Radar. AN/TPQ-37 Army Logistics Readiness Assessment (now ALA) Army Long-Range Master Plan for Security Assistance Army Long-Range Planning Guidance Army Long-Range Planning System Airborne Link Segment Air Land Sea ALSE Aviation Life Support Equipment Available Logistics Support Elements Airlift Support Element ALSP ALST HEL ALSVACT ALT Aggregate-Level Simulation Protocol Assault Helicopter All Service Activities Active Leap Technology Administrative Lead Time Alternate Altitude 30 .

ALTAIR Advance Research Projects Agency Long Range Tracking and Instrumentation Radar ALTERS ALTM ALTROUTE ALTS ALV AM Allied Telecommunications Record System ATCCS Layered Telecommunications Model Alternate Routing Automatic Laser Tracking System Autonomous Land Vehicle Amplitude Modulation (or Modulated) Alert Message Acknowledgment Message Air Mobile Asset Mgmt AM/SSB AMA AMAMS AMARC AMAWS AMB AMBL Amplitude Modulated/Single-Side Band Air Material Area Advanced Medium Anti-Tank Missile System Army Materiel Acquisition Review Committee Advanced Medium Anti-Armor Weapons System Ambulance Airmobile Air Maneuver Battle Lab AMC Army Materiel Command [USAF] Air Mobility Command Acquisition Method Code AMC-E AMC-R AMCAPE AMCCOM AMC Europe Army Materiel Command-Regulation Army Material Command AMDF Product Enhancement Armament. & Chemical Cmd AMCISS AMCMB AMCNS AMCO AMCSS AMCT AMC Installation Supply System Army Materiel Command Maintenance Board AMC National System Aviation Maintenance Company Army Military Clothing Sales Store Air Terminal Movement Control Team 31 . Munitions and Chemical Command Armament. Munitions.

AMD AMDBL AMDC AMDCCS AMDF AMDPCS AMDT AME Air Movement Designator Air and Missile Defense Battle Lab Automated Model of Dismounted Combat Air & Missile Command and Control System Army Master Data File Air & Missile Defense Planning and Control System AEELS Mobile Downlink Terminal Aeromedical Evacuation Air Mobility Element(USAF) Airspace Management Element AMEDD AMEDPAS AMERS AMET AMETA AMF AMG AMH AMHA AMHS AMIDS AMIM AMIP AMIS AML AMM Army Medical Department Army Medical Property Accounting System Army Mobilization and Equipment Redistribution System Advanced Man-portable EHF Terminal Army Management Engineering Training Activity ACE Mobile Force Antenna Mast Group Automated Message Handling Army Management Headquarters Activities Automated Message Handling System Airborne Minefield Detector System Army Modernization Information Memorandum Army Model Improvement Program Army Management Information System Army Medical Laboratory Army Modernization Memorandum Anti-Mine Munition AMMDA AMMDB AMME AMMH AMMIT AMMLOG Army Medical Materiel Development Activity Army MARC Maintenance Database Automated Multimedia Exchange Annual (or Aviation) Maintenance Man-Hour Aerial Multi-Mission Integrated Testbed Ammunition Logistics 32 .

Modernization Automated Message Processing Exchange Advanced Multi-Purpose Missile System Aviation Movement Planning System Aviation Mission Planning System Automated Mission Planning System AMR AMRAA AMRICD AMRIID AMRIS Army Management Review Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense Army Med Research Institute for Infectious Diseases Army Modernization Resource Information System 33 .AMMO Ammunition Army Model Improvement Program Management Office AMMPEI AMMS AMO Annual Maintenance Manhours per Equipment Item Acquisition Milestone Management System Automation Management Office(r) Aviation Medical Officer Amphibious Military Operations AMOPES AMOPS AMOR AMOS Army Mobilization and Operations Planning and Execution System Army Mobilization and Operations Planning System Army Missile Optical Range Additional MOS Ammunition Outload System Advance Research Projects Agency Maui Optical Site Airspace Management Omnibus Study AMP Army Mobilization Plan Army Modernization Plan Analysis of Mobility Platform (model) Army Materiel Plan Automated Message Processing AMP-HR AMP-MOD AMPE AMPMS AMPS Ampere-Hour Army Materiel Plan .

and Chemical Information System Army Nurse Corps Automatic Net Control System Advanced-Level NCO Course Advanced NCO Education System Advance Narrow-band Digital Voice Terminal 34 . Biological. Army Modernization Training Army Mission. & Evaluation Plan Army (or ARTEP) Mission Training Plan Auxiliary Memory Unit.AMS Autodin Mail Server Automated Meteorological System Army Management Structure AMS-H AMSA AMSAA AMSC Anti-Armor Missile System-Heavy Army Maintenance Support Activity Army Materiel System Analysis Activity Acquisition Method Suffix Code Army Medical Specialist Corps AMSCO AMSEC AMSF AMSP Army Management Structure Code Army Modeling & Simulation Executive Council Area Maintenance Support Facility Army Models and Simulation Plan Advanced Military Studies Program AMSS AMST AMSWAG AMT AMTEP AMTP AMU AMUS AMUT AMVT AMW AMWRF AMWS AN Automatic Meteorological Sensor System Advanced Medium Short Take-off and Landing (STOL) Transport AMSAA War Game Autodin Multimedia Terminal. and Recreation Fund Advanced Manportable Weapon System Army Nurse Alphanumeric ANBACIS ANC ANCD ANCOC ANCOES ANDVT Automated Nuclear. Welfare. Training. Army Marksmanship Unit Automated Manpower Utilization System Advanced Manpack UHF Terminal Advanced Medium Vehicle Technology Amphibious Warfare Army Morale.

New Zealand. United States Area of Operations Action Officer Aerial Observer AOA Amphibious Objective Area Abbreviated Operational Assessment Abort-Once-Around Abbreviated Operational Assessment AOAP AOB Army Oil Analysis Program Approved Operating Budget Air Order of Battle AOBC AOC Armor Office Basic Course Army (or Air) Operations Center Approved Operational Concept Area of Concentration AOD AOE AOEC AOI AOIC AOIRT AOM AOMS Area-Oriented Depot (or Distribution) Army of Excellence Area Optical Evaluation Center Area of Interest Additional Operational Issues and Criteria Automated Operational Information Requirements Tool Attack Operations Model Area Organizational Maintenance Shop Army Operations Maintenance Shop 35 .ANG ANGLICO ANMC ANMCC ANR ANSI ANT ANTS ANVIS ANZUS AO Air National Guard Air and Naval Gunfire Liaison Company American National Metric Council Alternate National Military Command Center Alaskan NORAD Region American National Standards Institute Antenna Army NBCS Tracking System Aviation Night Vision Imaging System Australia.

AOP Approved Operating Program Army Order of Precedence Additive Operational Product/Project AOR AORS AOS Area of Responsibility Army Operations Research Symposium Area of Specialization Acquisition of Signal Add-on Stabilization AOTF AOTN AP Acoustic-Optic Tunable Filter Ace Operational Teletype Network Advance Party Acquisition Plan Armor Piercing APA Advanced Processor Assembly All Points Addressable Army Procurement Agency APADS APAM APB APBI APBS APC Advanced Precision Airborne Delivery System Anti-Personnel/Anti-Materiel Acquisition Program Baseline Advance Planning Briefings for Industry Automated Property Book System Armored Personnel Carrier Account Processing Code Army Policy Council APCC APCEL APDM APE ATCCS Program Control Center Airdrop of Parachutes with Combat Equipment Loads Amended Program Decision Memorandum Advanced Production Engineering Ammunition Peculiar Equip APEC APELS APES APF Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation Airborne Precision Emitter Location System Automated Patient Evacuation System Afloat Pre-positioning Force (NTPF+MPS) Analyst Private File 36 .

Budgeting and Execution System Army Preliminary Programming Guidance APPG Memorandum Army POM Preparation Instructions Supplement Army Power Projection Operations Center 37 .APFS APFT APG Ammunition Planning Factors System Army Physical Fitness Test Army Program Guidance Aberdeen Proving Grounds APGM APHT API Armored Piercing (or Autonomous Precision) Guided Munition Advanced Physical Test Armor Piercing Incendiary Application Programming Interface APICM APIU APL APLE APM Anti-Personnel Improved Conventional Munition Adaptive Programmable Interface Unit Allowance Parts List Average Power Laser Experiment Army Program Memorandum Advanced Power Management APMS APO ATCCS Program Master Schedule Army Post Office ASAS Project Office APOBS APOD APOE Anti-Personnel Obstacle Breaching System Aerial Port of Debarkation Aerial Port of Embarkation Airports of Entry APORS APORTS APP Army Performance Oriented Review System (or. Programming. and Standards) (aerial ports capabilities file) Application Portability Profile Advanced Procurement Plan Allied Procedural Publications Army Procurement Procedures APPATS APPBES APPG APPGM APPIS APPOC Automated Program to Project AIT Training Space Army Planning.

APPS Application Portability Profile Standards Automated Publications Production System Analytical Photogrammetric Positioning System APR APRA APRB APRF APRT APS Annual Program Review Advance Research Project Agency (now DARPA) Acquisition Plan Review Board Aerophysics/Propulsion Research Facility Army Physical Readiness Test Afloat Pre-positioning Ships Army Planning System Advanced Planning System Advanced Power System ASARS Processing Segment APSC APSS APT APU APWSF AQCESS AQF AQL AQQPRI AR Army Personnel Systems Committee ABIC Program Support System Advanced Platform Technology Auxiliary Power (or Propulsion) Unit Advanced Processor for Weapon Sensor Fusion Automated Quality of Care Evaluation System Advanced Quick Fix Acceptance Quality Level Amended QQPRI Army Regulation Armor Atlantic Resolve (exercise name) Army [war] Reserve Air Reconnaissance AR-1 AR-2 AR-3 AR-4 AR-5 ARA ARAAV Army Reserve CONUS Army Reserve Europe Army Reserve Pre-positioned Afloat Army Reserve Pacific Army Reserve Southwest Asia Assigned Responsible Agency Armored Reconnaissance/Airborne Assault Vehicle 38 .

ARABS ARAP Aerial Re-supply and Accompanying Bundle System Army Remedial Action Plan Army Reinforce Action Plan ARC Advanced Research Center Advanced Rotor Concepts Accounting Requirements Code Arc Second Raster Chart ARCC ARCCC ARCENT ARCOM ARCPS ARCSA ARDEC ARDF ARDIS ARDS ARFOR ARFPC ARGUS ARI Army Requirements Coordinating Committee Army Component Command Center Army Central Command Army Reserve Command Army Requirements Capabilities Study Aviation Requirements for Combat Structure of the Army Armament Research & Development Engineering Center Airborne (or Aerial) Radio Direction Finding Army Research and Development Information System Automated Resources Directory Service Army Forces Army Reserve Forces Policy Committee Advanced Real-time Gaming Universal Simulation Army Research Institute (for behavioral and social sciences) Addressee Routing Indicator Automatic Return Item ARIANE ARIEM ARIL ARL Family of French Launch Vehicles Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine Automated Return Item List Army Research Library Army Research Lab Air Reconnaissance Low ARLANT ARLO ARLS Army (Component of) Atlantic Command Air Reconnaissance Liaison Officer Automated Retail Logistics Systems 39 .

ARM Ammunition Requirement and Movement Anti-Radiation Missile ADP Resources Manager ARMB ARMCOM ARMMIS ARMR ARMS Army Requirements and Management Board US Army Armament Materiel Readiness Command Aviation Roundout Maintenance Management Information System Army Readiness and Mobilization Region Automated Resources Management System Aviation Resources Management Survey Armored Re-supply Multi-purpose System ARMTE Army Army ARNG ARNGUS ARO AROP ARP Army Materiel Test and Evaluation (Directorate) TDA/Installation Army The Operating Army (divisions and corps) Army National Guard Army National Guard of the United States Army Research Office Army Reserve Operational Projects Acquisition Requirements Packages Address Resolution Protocol Anti-radiation Projectile ARPA ARPAC ARPANET ARPERCEN ARPMIS ARPRINT ARPS ARQ ARRA ARRADCOM ARRED Advanced Research Projects Agency US Army Pacific Command ARPA Network Army Reserve Personnel Center Automated Resource and Plan Management Information System Army Program for Individual Training Army Reserve Pre-positioned Sets Automated Response to Query Airborne Reconnaissance Requirements Assessment US Army Armament Research and Development Command Army Readiness Army Component of US REDCOM ARRP Army Regulation Reduction Program 40 .

ARRS Aerospace Rescue & Recovery Service Aircraft Refueling and Rearming Study ARRTC ARS Army Reserve Readiness Training Center Army Reserve Sustainment Advanced Recovery System Air Radio System Aerial Recon and Surveillance Automated Response System ARSM ARSOF ARSPACE ARSR ARSST ARSTAF ARSWG ART Army Resource Scheduling Module Army Special Operations Force Army Space Command (formerly ASA Army Space Agency) Ammunition Required Supply Rate Army Space Support Team Army Staff ACCS Requirements Sub Working Group Advanced Rotorcraft Technology Army Regional Threats Assessment Recovery Team Army Reserve Technicians ARTADS ARTBASS ARTCC ARTEP ARTINS ARTS ARTY ARU ARV Army Tactical Data System Army Training Battle Simulation System Air Route Traffic Control Center Army Training and Evaluation Program Army Terrain Information System Army Training Study Artillery Access/Relay Unit Armored Recovery Vehicle 41 .

& Acquisition Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System Army Small Arms Requirement Study ASAS ASAS(C) ASAS(D) ASAS(RWS) ASAS(EAC) ASAS-CCS ASAS-EACIC All-Source Analysis System All Source Analysis System (Corps) All Source Analysis System (Division) All System analysis System Remote Work Station ASAS (Echelons Above Corps) ASAS-Communications Control Set ASAS-EAC Intell Center 42 . Development.AS Access System (JOPES) Acquisition Strategy All Source Authorization Subsystem Aerial Surveillance Assault Support Autonomous System as stated FAADC2I Simplified Handheld Terminal Unit ASA Assistant Secretary of the Army Army Security Agency Army Strategic Appraisal Ammunition Supply Activity ASA(CW) ASA(FM) ASA(I&L) ASAC Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installation and Logistics All Source Analysis Center Automated System for Army Commissaries ASACAC ASAD ASAP Army Security Agency Control and Analysis Center Advanced System for Air Defense As Soon As Possible Army Streamlined Acquisition Program Army Scientific Advisory Panel ASARC ASARDA ASARS Army System Acquisition Review Council ASA for Research.

ASAS-LCC ASAS-SUB ASAS-TCAE ASAS-TOCSE ASAT ASAS-Limited Capability Configuration ASAS-Subordinate C2 ASAS-Technical Control & Analysis Element ASAS-TOC Support Element Anti-Satellite Automated Systems Approach to Training ASB Army Science Board Area Support Battalion Army Supply Base Aviation Support Battalion ASBPO ASBR ASBREM ASC Armed Services Blood Program Office Autonomous System Boundary Routers Armed Services Biomedical Research. Evaluation. and Management Air Standards Coordinating Committee American Standards Committee Area Signal Center Autodin Switching Center Automatic Switching Center ATCCS Steering Committee ASCC Army Service Component Commander Air Standards Coordinating Committee ASCDB ASCDEDB ASCIET ASCII ASCM ASCMN ASCO ASCON ASCXN All Source Correlated Database All Source Correlated Display Entity Database All-Service Combat Identification Evaluation Team American Standard Code for Information Exchange Anti-Ship Cruise Missile Area Signal Center Main Node Advanced Systems and Concepts Office Associated Contractors Area Signal Center Extension Node 43 .

Reserve Affairs.ASD Assistant Secretary of Defense Air-worthiness Substantiation Document Aeronautical Systems Division Assigned Software Developer Assigned Systems Developer AWIS Software Development ASD(HA) ASD(MRA&L) ASD(PA&E) ASDI ASDR ASE Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower. and Logistics Assistant Secretary of Defense for Program Analysis and Evaluation Analog Simple Data Interface ATCCS System Design Review Administrative Support Equipment Army Support Element Aircraft Survivability Equipment ASEDP ASEP ASEPS ASET ASF Army Space Exploitation Demo Program Advanced Skills Education Program Automated Signal Excess Prediction System Aircraft Survivability Equipment Trainer Aeromedical Staging Facility Army Stock Fund Army Support Facility Air Superiority Fighter Additional Selection Factor ASG ASH Area Support Group Alternate Support Headquarters Advanced Scout Helicopter ASHPC ASI Advanced Simulation and High Performance Computing Directorate Additional Skill Identifier Army Space Institute Alarm Status Indicator ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuitry All Source Intelligence Center ASIMS Army Standard Information Management System Army Sustaining Base Information Management System 44 .

ASIOE ASIOEP ASIP ASIS Associated Support Items of Equipment Associated Support Items of Equipment and Personnel All Source Imagery Processor All Source Intelligence Section (new term for TSE) Army Space Initiative Study ASIST ASIT ASL Army Safety Information Services and Technology Adaptable Surface Interface Terminal Authorized Stockage Level (or List) Assigned Stockage Level (or List) Atmospheric Sciences Laboratory ASLP ASM Army Strategic Logistics Plan Armored Systems Modernization Airspace Management Army Security Monitor Automated Scheduling Message Auxiliary Storage Module Air-to-Surface Missile ASMB ASMP Area Support Medical Battalion Army Strategic Mobility Program Army Survival Measures Plan (NG) Army Space Master Plan ASMPC ASMRO ASMTRC ASN ASO ASOC ASOJ ASOP ASOS ASP Automated Staff Message Processing Center Armed Services Medical Regulating Office ATCCS Simulation and Models Technical Review Committee Assigned Serial Number Air Surveillance Officer Air Support Operations Center Anti-Stand-Off Jammer Army Occupational Survey Program Army Secure Operating System Ammunition Supply Point Annual Service Practice All Source Production 45 .

Development. Dahlgren.ASPO ASPP ASPR ASPRDE ASPS ASPUR ASR Army Space Program Office Acquisition Systems Protection Program Armed Services (or Army Service) Procurement Regulation Advanced Systems Planning. Research. and Engineering All Source Production Section Automated System for Processing Unit Requirements Automatic Send and Receive Automatic Speech Recognition Airport Surveillance Radar ASRAP ASRRS ASSAULT ASSC ASSETS ASSI ASSIST Acoustic Sensor Range Prediction Army Survival. Recovery & Reconstitution System Automated Support System for Army Unit Logistics Training Alternate Space Surveillance Center (located at NAVSPASUR. VA) Transportation Assets File Additional Special Skill Indicator Army System for Standard Intelligence Support Terminals Automated Systems Security Incident Support Team ASSSC ASST ASSY AST Automated Self Service Supply Center Advance Submunition Sensor Technology Assembly Administrative Supply Technician Airborne Surveillance Testbed Advanced Sensor Technology Advanced Submunition Technology ASTA ASTAG ASTAMIDS ASTC ASTEC ASTIA ASTMP ASTP ASTRO Aviation System Test Activity Army Science and Technology Advisory Group Airborne Stand-off Minefield Detection System AWIS/CCS Software Transition Committee Advanced Satellite Technology and EHF Communications Armed Services Technical Information Agency Army Science and Technology Master Plan Advance Satellite Technology Program Army Space Technology and Research Office 46 .

ASTWG ASU ASV ASVC ASW ASWBPL ASWC AT Army Science and Technology Working Group Approval for Service Use Armored Security Vehicle Automatic Secure Voice Communications Anti-submarine Warfare Armed Services Whole Blood Processing Laboratory Anti Submarine Warfare Commander Annual Training Acceptance Test Access Type Acquisition Team Alert Time Anti-tank ATA ATAC ATACC ATACMS ATACOMAP ATACS Army Technical Architecture Air-to-Air Combat Alternate Tactical Air Control Center Army Tactical Missile System Army Tactical C&C Master Plan Army Tactical Area Communications System Army Tactical Communications System Advanced Target Acquisition Counterfire System ATADS ATAF ATAFCS ATAM ATARS ATAS Anti-tank Air Defense System Allied Tactical Air Force (NATO) Airborne Target Acquisition Fire Control System Air to Air Missile Advanced Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance System Advanced Tank Armament System Air-to-Air Stinger ATB Advanced Training Base Aviation Test Board ATBM Anti-Tactical Ballistic Missile 47 .


Army Training Center Air Traffic Control Air Training Command Automatic Target Cueing Army Tactical Center


Army Technical Control and Analysis Element Attrition Algorithm Methodology Advanced Towed Cannon System ATCCS Configuration Control Board Army Tactical C&C Information System Army Tactical Command and Control System Air Traffic Command and Control System


Automated Tool Control and Inventory System Allied Tactical Communications and Information Systems Agency (NATO) Advance Transportation Control and Movement Document Aviation and Troop Command Air Traffic Control Signaling System Air Transportable Communications Unit Advanced Technology Demonstration Aviation Test Directorate


Army Training Device Center Alaskan Theater Defense Division Army Tactical Data Link Army-wide Training and Doctrine Literature Program Asynchronous Time-Division Multiplexing Army Technology Development Plan Airborne Tactical Data System (USN) Army Tactical Data System


Automated (or Automatic) Test Equipment Annual Training Evaluator Augmentee System Automated Test Control Army-wide Test & Evaluation Database Advanced Tactical Fighter


Army Tactical Frequency Engineering System Anti-tank Guided Missile Above the Horizon Attack Helicopter Organization Airborne Target Handover (or Handoff) System Automatic Target Handoff System


Artillery Target Intelligence Army Tactical Intelligence Concept Automated Tactical Information Display Army Training Info Management System Airborne Tactical Information Management System Army Threat & Intelligence Production System Advanced Threat Infra-Red Countermeasures System Automated Test Incident Recording System ATCCS Interoperability Working Group Attack Attack helicopter Advanced Trauma Life Support Asynchronous Transfer Mode Automated Teller Machine Anti-Tactical Missile


Air Traffic Management Automated Center Air Terminal Movement Control Team Army Theater Missile Defense Element Automated Text Message Handling System Air Tasking Order Air Target Officer Abort-to-Orbit


Air Defense/TMD Operation Center Allied Tactical Operations Center (NATO)


Anti-Terrorism Operations and Intelligence Cell Automated Operation Manual Air Tasking Order Express


Ammunition Transfer Point Acquisition Tracking and Pointing Acceptance Test Plan Allied Tactical Publication


Analysis of Training Performance System Automatic Target Recognition Advanced Tactical Radar Annual Training Requirement


Army Training Requirements and Resource System Annual Training Site Air Traffic Services Airborne Tactical SIGINT


Army Training Support Center Automatic Test Support System Advanced Tactical Transport Advanced Transport Technology


Advanced Turbine Technology Application Program Aviation Technical Test Center Advanced Technology Transition Demonstration Anti-Terrorist Task Force Attention Automated Translation Unit Analog Applique Unit Army Uniform Data Inquiry Technique Automated Unit Equipment List Augmentation TDA Aircrew Uniform Integrated Battlefield BMEWS Attack Assessment Update Module All-Up-Round Army Unit Resiliency Analysis Automated Unit Reference Sheet Automated Unit Reference Sheets Association of the United States Army


Australian Tactical Automated Command and Control System Automatic Automatic Secure Voice Communications (System)

Automated Communicator Automatic Digital Network Automatic Digital Network Automated Retail Outlet System Annual Unit Training On-line System Automated System for Transportation Data Automatic Voice Network Army Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Auxiliary Avionics Aviation AUTOVON Asset Visibility Air Vehicle Audiovisual


Audiovisual/Visual Information Automatic Voice Control Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer Aviation Training Devices Air Defense Weapons System Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Aviation Electronics Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge Automated Vehicle Management Information System Aviation Analog Voice Orderwire Aviation R & D Activity Aviation Research, Development, and Engineering Center Aviation Satellite Communication


United States Army Aviation System Command Advanced Vehicle Technology Aviation Test Bed (Ft Rucker) Aviation Tactical Operations Center Aviation Unit Maintenance All Weather Automatic Weapons Amphibious Warfare


Airborne Warning and Control System Adverse Weather Aerial Delivery System Army War College Aviation Warfighting Cell Aviation Warfare Center Amphibian and Watercraft Air Warfare Commander


Area Wartime Construction Manager Army Watercraft Requirements Master Plan Advanced Warfighting Demonstration Automated Weather Distribution System Advanced Warfighting Experiment Army Weather Broadcast System Airdrop Working Group American Wire Gage


Army World Wide Military Command and Control System Information System AWIS/Movement Requirements Generator Automated Weather Network (USAF) Attack Warning Order (or Officer) Absent Without Leave Ammunition War Reserve Army War Reserves


Army War Reserve Pre-positioned Set



Advanced Warning System Air Weather Service Analyst Workstation Air Warfare Section


Air Warfare Simulation ? Air Weather Service Regulation Amphibious Warfare Technology Analyst Executive Ambulance Exchange Point Azimuth Bid and Proposal Baseline BCXXI Workstation Class Computer Brigade/Battalion Command and Control Brigade and Below Command and Control


Budget Authority Budget Analysis Battle Area British Aerospace (Corporation)


Broad Agency Announcement Battlefield Automation Appraisal


Battalion Automated Battle Simulation Basic Airborne Course Brigade Airspace Coordination Element Battlefield Awareness Data Disemination British Aerospace Dynamic Group Battle Analysis Facility Best and Final Offer Battlefield Air Interdiction Battlefield Automation Integration Review Battlefield Automation Management Directorate Battlefield Automation Management Program

2 Man Battlefield Artillery Target Engagement System (UK) Ballistic Aerial Target System Battalion Analyzer and Tactical Trainer for Local Engagements War Games (transmission rate of a communications channel or device) Beds Available Break Bulk Battalion Budget Advisory Committee Barrels Blocking. Budgeting. Programming. Packing. Bracing Material Booster Burnout Biennial Planning. Crating. and Execution System Blocking. and Tie -down Battalion/Brigade Battle Simulation Bulletin Board System BBU BC BC2 BC2SR Blueprint of the Battlefield Update Battle Command Battlespace Command and Control Battlefield Command and Control Systems Review 54 .BAQ BAS Basic Allowance for Quarters Baseline Assessment Strategy Battlefield Automated System(s) Basic Allowance for Subsistence Battalion Aid Station BASE BASE-A BASOPS BASS Brigade Automated Simulation Exercise Brigade Automated Simulation Exercise--Apache Base Operations Battlefield Automated Support System Battlefield Area Surveillance System BAST BAT Board on Army Science and Technology Brilliant Anti-Tank (munitions) Basic Airborne Training BAT-D BAT-II BATES BATS BATTLE BAUD BAV BB BBAC BBLS BBM BBO BBPBES BBPCT BBS Battlefield Deception Bushmaster Armored Turret. Bracing.

Corps.BCBL BCC Battle Command Battle Laboratory Base Cluster Commander Battlefield Circulation Control Battery Control Central Battlefield Command Computer BCD Brigade. and Division Battlefield Coordination Detachment BCDSS BCE Battle Command Decision Support System Baseline Cost Estimate Battlefield Coordination Element BCES BCF BCGRC BCI BCID BCII BCIP Battlefield Electronic CEOI System Backup Computation Facility (Dahlgren) (NAVSPACESUR) Battalion Command Group Refresher Course Battlefield Combat Identification Battlefield Combat Identification Battle Command and Intel Integration Battlefield Command Improvement Program Battle Command Integration Program BCIS BCIS-NT BCM Battlefield Combat Identification System Battlefield Combat Identification System -Near Term Baseline Correlation Matrix Basic Capability Modules BCOC BCR Base Cluster Operations Center Baseline Change Request Battlefield Communications Review BCS Battery Computer System Battery Command System Baseline Comparison System Basic Combined Set BCSC BCT BCTD BCTP Battle Command Support Center Basic Combat Training Battle Command Training Directorate Battle Command Training Program (plan) 55 .

BCU BCV BCW BCWP BCWS BCXXI BD BDA Battery Computer Unit Battle Command Vehicle Binary Chemical Weapon Budgeted Cost of Work Performed Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled Force XXI Battle Command Battlefield Distribution Battle (or Bomb) Damage Assessment Brigade Design Analysis BDAR BDCST BDD BDE BDFA BDL BDMM BDMS BDO BDOC BDOS BDP BDR BDS Battle Damage Assessment and Repair Broadcast System Base Development Doctrine Brigade Basic Daily Food Allowance Battery Data Link Ballistic Defense Missile Mission Baseline Database Management System Battle dress Overgarment Base Defense Operations Center Basic Load Days of Supply Battlefield Development (or Deficiency) Plan Battle Damage Report Battlefield Data System Bundle Delivery System BDS-D BDU Battlefield Distributed Simulation-Developmental Battle Dress Uniform Battery Display Unit BDZ BE BE2 BEG BELCAP BEM Base Defense Zone Brilliant Eyes Battlefield Environmental Effects Budget Estimate Guidance Battlefield Electromagnetic Cover and Deception Blade Element Model 56 .

BEMT BENELUX BER Basic Electronics Maintenance Trainer Belgium. Netherlands. and Luxembourg Bit Error Rate Budget Execution Review BES Budget Estimate Submission Budgeted End Strength BESRL BESS BETA Behavior and Systems Research Laboratory Bit Error Sensing System Battlefield Exploitation Target Acquisition Battlefield Evaluation and Target Acquisition Ballistic Coefficient BFA BFACS BFAMAP BFAMOP BFAR BFIST BFIT BFM BFMA BFO BFT BFTC BFTT BFV BFVS BFY BG BGMTS BGP BGPHES BGU BH Battlefield Functional Area Battlefield Functional Area Control System Battlefield Functional Area Master Plan Battlefield Functional Area Modernization Plan Battlefield Functional Area Review Bradley Fire Support (Vehicle) Battle -Force In-Port Training Battle scale Forcast Model Battlefield Functional Mission Area Beat Frequency Oscillator Battle Focused Trainer Battle Focused Training Center Battle Force Tactical Trainer Bradley Fighting Vehicle Bradley Fighting Vehic le System Budget Fiscal Year Brigadier General Bradley Gunner and Missile Target System Broader Gateway Protocol Battle Group Passive Horizon Extension System Program Basic Generation Unit BCXXI Hand held Terminal Unit 57 .

Friend or Foe Basic Issue Items Basic Issue Items List Baseband Improvement Modifications Battlefield Information Management System NSA Architecture to establish integrated sat broadcast Biological basic input/output system Budget Increment Package Basic Interoperability Protocol BIPS BIRS BIS Battlefield Imaging Projectile System Battlefield Information Reporting System Battlefield Information System Battlespace Information System BISDN BIT Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network Built In Test (or Training) Binary digit BITE BITS BIU BL Built In Test (or Training) Equipment Battlefield Information Transmission System Bus Interface Unit Basic Load BCXXI Lightweight Computer Unit BLACKHAWK BLD BLE (utility tactical transport aircraft system) Baseline Design Baseline Environment 58 .BI BIC BICC BICES BICM Battlefield Interdiction Battlefield Information Center Battlefield Information Coordination Center Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation Systems Battlefield Intelligence Collection Model BCTP Intelligence Collection Model BICS BIDS BIFF BII BIIL BIM BIMS BINOCULAR BIO BIOS BIP Battlefield Information Control System Biological Integrated Detection System Battlefield Identification.

Control. Control & Communications Backlog. Technology. Control. and Concepts Battle Lab Integration. and it’s allies Blue Forces Battle Lab Warfighting Experiment Battle Management Bushmaster BM/C3 BMAR BMC BMC3I BMC4I BMCS BMD BMDO BMEWS BMG BMGT BMM BMMC Ballistic Missile/Command. Technology. Maintenance.BLG BLIN BLIS BLITC BLITCD BLK BLOS BLPCC BLRIP BLRM BLRSI BLSE BLTM BLUE BLUFOR BLWE BM British Light Gun Budget Line Identification (or Item) Number Basic Load Inspection System Battle Lab Integration. Communications. and Repair Battle Management Cell Battlefield Management Command. and Concepts Directorate Block Beyond Line of Sight Brigade Level Pre-command Course Beyond Low Rate Initial Production Battalion Logistics Requirements Model Battle Lab Reconfigurable Simulator Initiative Battle Lab Support Element Battalion Level Training Model United States. Computers. and Intelligence Branch Movement Control System Ballistic Missile Defense Ballistic Missile Defense Organization Ballistic Missile Early Warning System Budget and Manpower Guidance Battle Management Borrowed Military Manpower Brigade (Separate) Materiel Management Center 59 . Communications. and Intelligence Battle Management Command.

BMO Battalion Maintenance Officer Battalion Motor Officer Ballistic Missile Organization BMS Battlefield Management System Basic Mapping Services BMWA BN BNCOC BNCP BNW BOA Ballistic Missile Warning of Attack Battalion Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course Battalion Command Post Battalion Nuclear Warfare Basic Ordering (or Operating) Agreement Broad Ocean Area BOB BOC Blueprint of the Battlefield Battalion (or Battery) Operations Center Best Operational Capability BoD BODAS BOGSABS BOI BOING BOIP BOIPFD BOIS BOM Board of Directors Brigade Operations Display and AAR System Breadboard Operational Guide – Standard Army Battlefield Scenario Basis of Issue Basis-of-Issue Narrative Guidance Basis-of-Issue Plan Basis-of-Issue Plan Feeder Data Battlefield Operating Instruction System Bit-Oriented Message Bill Of Materials BOOTP BOP BOQ BOS BOSP BOTEFRC Bootstrap Protocol Battlefield Operational Plan Bachelor Officer Quarters Battlefield Operating System Base Operating Support Personnel Balance Of TOE Equipment For RC 60 .

BP Brilliant Pebbles Battlefield Position Binding Post BPA BPAC BPC BPI Branch Planning Analysis Budget Program Activity Code Battle Projection Centers Boost Phase Intercept BMEWS Predicted Impact BPM BPS Background Processing Management Battlefield Planning System Bits Per Second BRAAT BRAC BRAVE BRC BRDEC BRDL BRE BRI BRIL BRL BRM Base Recovery After Attack Base Realignment and Closure (Commission) Boeing Robotic Air Vehicle Budget Review Committee Belvoir Research. Development. and Engineering Center Biomedical Research and Development Laboratory BLLOD Rheology Experiment Basic Rate Interface Baseline Resource Item List Ballistics Research Laboratory Basic Rifle Marksmanship BROADSWORD Computer Assisted Division Level Battle Simulation BRWL BSA Bistatic Radar for Weapons Location Brigade Support Area Boy Scouts of America BSB BSC BSD BSDD BSDS BSEP BSFS Base Support Battalion Battle Simulation Center Battery Status Display Battle Simulations Development Directorate Biological Standoff Detection System Basic Skills Education Program Baseline System Functional Specification 61 .

BSFV BSFV-E Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle -enhanced BSI BSM Battlefield Systems Institute (or Integration) Battlefield Spectrum Management Basic Sustainment Materiel BSMS BSMS-K BSO BSOB BSSC BST BSTAR BSTING BSTS BT Battlefield Spectrum Management System BSMS-Korea BN Signal Officer Blue Space Order of Battle Battle Staff Support Center Battle Support Team Battlefield Surveillance Target Acquisition Radar Ballistic Sight Technology for Improving Night/Day Gunnery Boost Surveillance and Tracking System Basic Training Battalion Training (or Terminal) Begin Text BTA BTC BTE BTI BTL Best Technical Approach Best Technical Course Battery Terminal Equipment Balanced Technology Initiative Battle Battle Loss BTM BTMS BTOC BTOE BTRY BTRY CP BTT BTU BUCS Battalion Training Model Battalion Training Management System Battalion Tactical Operations Center Base Table of Organization and Equipment Battery Battery Command Post Branch Training Team British Thermal Unit Backup Computer System 62 .

C Celsius Combat CONFIDENTIAL PM. or symbol.BUF BUR BUR Force BUS BUSS BUSTC BV BVERS BVGS BVMP BVR BVS BVTC BW BWC BWK BX BY BYTE Backup Facility Bottoms-Up Reconciliation Bottom-Up-Review Force Everything on the satellite except the mission payload Battlefield Utility of Smoke Study Backup Satellite Test Center (located at Camarillo. CSSCS (Integrator) C&C Collection and Classification Control and Coordination C&D C&I C&I C&I Test C&J C&P C&S Cover and Deception Checkout and Integration Compatibility and Interoperability Compatibility and Interoperability Testing Collection and Jamming Collection and Processing Casualty and Survivability 63 . CA) Battlefield Visualization Battlefield Vehicle Recovery Study Battlefield Visualization Graphics System Battlefield Visualization Master Plan Beyond Visual Range Battlefield Visualization System Battlefield Video Display Terminal Biological Warfare Biological Weapons Convention Belt Weather Kit Base Exchange Budget Year A computer term meaning a group of bits used to encode a single letter. number.

Control. and Communications Systems Command and Control Concept and Management Plan Command and Control Core Data Model Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Command and Control for Mobile Operations Command. Control. and Intelligence Command & Control Integration Council Command and Control Information System Command and Control Mission Area Analysis Command and Control Mission Area Development Plan Command and Control Mission Area Materiel Plan Command and Control Microcomputer Users Group Command and Control Planning Command and Control Systems Command and Control Support C2S2 C2SA-E C2SPR Command. Control.C&T C-C C-DAY C-E C-E C-SEI C/S C/SCSC C/V C0 C2 Collection and Transfer Cross Country Day Deployment Operations Commence Communications-Electronics Communications and Electronics Combined (US/German) Second Echelon Interdiction Chief of Staff Cost/Schedule Control Systems Criteria Chaparral/Vulcan CSSCS Workstation class computer Command and Control Class C2 (from DOD 5200-28-STD) C2-200 C2BFMA C2C3S C2CAMP C2CDM C2E C2FMO C2I C2IC C2IS C2MAA C2MADP C2MAMP C2MUG C2P C2S Command and Control in the year 2000 Command and Control Battlefield Function Mission Area CECOM Center for Cmd. and Subordinate Systems Command and Control Support Activity-Europe Command and Control System Program Review 64 .

Control. surveillance. Control. Control. & Intelligence C4I for the Warrior C4I Power Projection Command. Computers. & Intelligence Command. Control. and Communications Systems Command. and Communications Countermeasures Command. Control. Communications.C2T2 Commercial Communications Technology Testbed Close Combat Tactical Trainer C2V C2W C3 C3CM C3I C3IEW C3MP C3S C4 C4I C4IFTW C4IP2 C4ISR CA Command and Control Vehicle Command and Control Warfare Command. Intel. Communications. and reconnaissance Common Applications Combat Arms Combined Arms Civil Affairs Crewman’s Associate Contract Award Commercial Activities Configuration Audit Cost Analysis Combat Assessment CAA Concepts Analysis Agency Combined Arms Agency CAAD CAAM(S) Corps Area Air Defense Computer Assisted Artillery Meteorology System Conventional Airfield Attack Missile CAAN CAAT CAATD Combined Arms Assessment Network Combined Arms Assessment Team Crewman’s Associate Advanced Technology Demonstration 65 . Communications. & Computers Command. Control. & Electronic Warfare Command. Communications. Control. Communications. and Communications Master Plan Command. Control. and Communications Command. computers and information. Control.

Inc Computer-Aided (or Assisted) Instruction Combined Arms Initiatives 66 . Common Application Environment Computer Aided Education and Training Initiative Combined Arms Force Effectiveness Evaluation Computer-Assisted Force Management System Clothing Advisory Group Cost Advisory Group CAGE CAHSS CAI Commercial and Government Entity Computer Assisted Health Services Simulation Cubic Applications.CAB Combat Aviation Brigade Combined Arms Battalion CAB-(L) CABL CABS Combined Arms Battalion-(Light) Consolidation of Administration at Battalion Level Command Automated Budget System Crashworthy Air Bag System CAC Combined Arms Center (formerly Combined Arms Command) Crisis Action Cell Casualty Area Command Control Analysis Center CAC2 CACDA CACMIS CACO CAD Combined Arms Command and Control Combined Arms Combat Developments Activity (obsolete term) CAC Management Information System Community Activities Coordination Office Course Administrative Data Computer-Aided Design Condemned At Depot CAD/E CADD CADNET CADRG CADS CAE CAETI CAFEE CAFMS CAG Computer-aided Design and Engineering Computer-Aided Design and Drafting Chemical Agent Network Compressed ARC Digital Raster Graphics Chemical Agent Detecting Solution Computer-Aided Engineering.

Pacific Computer-Assisted Message Preparation Crisis Action Management System Collection Automated Management System CAN CANE Campus Area Network Combined Arms Nuclear/Chemical Environment (study determined degration of unit performance in sustained operations) CANTCO CANTPR Cannot Comply Cannot Process 67 . Ammunition Management Office .CAIG CAIS CAL CALFEX CALL CALLCOMS CALM CALMIS CALS Cost Analysis Improvement Group Common APSE Interface Set Center for Army Leadership Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise Center for Army Lessons Learned CALL Collection Plan & Observer Mgmt System Computer-Aided Load Manifest System Calibration Mgmt Information System Computer-Aided Acquisition & Logistics (Support) Committee for Ammunition Logistic Support CALSA CALT CAM Computer-Aided Logistics Analysis Contract Administrative Lead Time Chemical Agent Monitor Computer-Aided Manufacturing Commercial Assets Mobilization CAMAA CAMB CAME CAMEX CAMIS CAMMS Combined Arms Mission Area Analysis Combined Arms Maneuver Battalion Corps Air (or Airspace) Management Element Computer Assisted Map Exercise Continental Army Management Info System Combined Arms Multi-Purpose Missile System Condensed Army Mobility Model System Computer Assisted Map Maneuver System CAMO CAMO-PAC CAMP CAMS Corps Automation Management Officer Central.

Calculated Air Release Point Combat Arms Regimental Systems Contingency Airborne Reconnaissance System Common Automated Recovery System (UAV recovery) CAS Crises Action System Close Air Support Contract Administration Services Clean Air System 68 . Army Reserve Configuration Analysis Report Corps Automation Requirements Corrective Action Report Current Action Report CARC CARDS CARL CARMO-AM CARMS CARP CARS Chemical Agent Resistant Coating Catalog of Approved Requirements Documents Combined Arms Research Library Combined Arms Model .Antiarmor Munitions Community Automated Resource Management System Corrective Action Rev Process.CAO Casualty Assistance Office Coordination of Automic Ops CAORA CAP Combined Arms Operations Research Activity (obsolete term).(Now TRAC) Crisis Action Procedures Configuration Audit Plan Capability Combat Air Patrol Current Approved Program Configuration and Alarm Panel CAP PKG CAPCAT CAPP CAPR CAPRIS CAPS CAR Capability Package Capability Category Computer-Aided Project Planning Capability Request Combat Active/Passive Radar Identification System Consolidated Aerial Port System Chief.

) CAT DECAY CATA CATAPS CATB CATCH-24 CATES CATF CATIES CATIS CATOC CATRADA Catastrophic Decay Combined Arms Training Activity (obsolete term). later changed to CTAC (Center for Tactics). Amphibious Task Force Combined Arms Training Integrated Evaluation System Computer-Aided Tactical Information System Corps Artillery Tactical Operations Center Combined Arms Training Developments Activity (obsolete term). now Combined Arms Training Activity CATS Combined Arms Training Strategy 69 .CAS ECM CAS/BI CAS3 CASCOM CASE Close Air Support Electronic Countermeasures System Close Air Support/Battlefield Interdiction Combined Arms Services and Staff School Combined Arms Support Command Corps Area Support Element Computer-Aided System/Software Engineering Common Application Service Elements Combined Arms Synthetic Experiment Corps and Subordinate Echelons (tactical operations system TOS) CASOP CASP CASS Crisis Action Standing Operating Procedures Chemical Ammunition Supply Point Common ATCCS Support Software Common Army Battle Command System Support Software CASSTRAT CASSWG CASTFOREM CAT Casualty Stratification Study Common ATCCS Support Software Working Group Combat Arms Task Force Engagement Model Crisis Action Team Computer-Assisted Training Center for Army Tactics (obsolete term) (CGSC. now Training Contingency Theater Air Control System Automation Plan and System Combat Arms Training Board (now called Army Training Board) Countering Attack Helicopters (study) Counter Air Test and Evaluation Test Site Commander. Formerly Department of Tactics.

Commerce Business Daily Chemical/Biological Defense CBDCOM CBDE CBE CBEMA CBHS CBI Chemical and Biological Defense Command Chemical.CATT CATTB CATTC CATV CAU Combined Arms Tactical Trainers Component Advanced Technology Testbed Combined Arms & Tactical Training Center Community Antenna Television Cell Adapter Unit Crypto Auxiliary Unit CAV Composite Armored Vehicle Cavalry Coordinate. Verify CAVN CAW CAWG CAWS CAWSS CAX CB Corps Aviation Cannon Artillery Weapon Communications Architecture Working Group Cannon Artillery Weapon System Crisis Action Weather Support System Computer Assisted Exercise Chemical-Biological Common Battery CB/CM CBA Counter Battery/Counter Mortar Cost Benefit Analysis Communication Burden Assessment CBAA CBADS CBD Cavalry (or Combat) Brigade Air Attack Chemical/Biological Agent Delivery System Condemned Below Depot. Biological Defense Establishment Command Budget Estimate Computer and Business Equipment Association Chemical Biological Hardened Shelter Computer-Based Instruction Chemical/Biological Information CBIAC CBIS Chemical and Biological Defense Information Analysis Center Chemical/Biological Information System 70 . Anticipate.

Radiological Concept-Based Requirements System Corps Battle Simula tion Corps Battle Simulator Core Battle Simulation Continuing Balance System Cost Breakdown Structure CBS-X CBT Continuing Balance System .CBMM CBO CBPS CBR CBRS CBS Corps Ballistic Meteorology Manager Congressional Budget Office Chemical Biological Protective Shelter Chemical.Expanded Computer-Based Training Combat CBT POS/INT CBT SPT CBTDEV CBTI CBW CC Combat Posture and Intensity Combat Support Combat Development (or Developer) Combat Intelligence Chemical/Biological Warfare Carbon Composites Central Control Close Combat Communication Center Compilation Control Criteria Check Command Center CC(H) CC(L) CCA Close Combat (Heavy) Close Combat (Light) Circuit Card Assembly CENTCOM Combat Analysis CCAWS CCB CCBD CCBLs Close Combat Anti-armor Weapon System Configuration Control Board Configuration Control Board Directive Hundreds of Barrels 71 . Biological.

Compatible. Concealment. Concealment. and Deception Configuration Control Document CCD&O CCE CCEG CCEMG CCER CCF Camouflage. & Interoperable CCIDES CCIP CCIR CCIS CCITT Command and Control Interactive Display Experimentation System Command Center Improvement Program Commander’s Critical Information Requirement Command and Control Information System Consultative Committee. International Telegraph & Telephone(now ITU-T) Command.CCC Crisis Coordination Center Corps Computer Centers (TOS) CCCA CCD Close Combat Capabilities Analysis Camouflage. and Intelligence Technical Test CCL Combat Configured Load Close Combat Light CCLMAA CCLSPR Close Combat Light Mission Area Analysis Close Combat Light Systems Program Review 72 . and Obscurants Commercial Construction Equipment Cannon Caliber Ele ctromagnetic Gun Cannon Caliber Electro-Magnet Gun Command and Control of the Enemy Rear Correctional Custody Facility Central Clearance Facility Collection Coordination Facility Critical Combat Function CONUS Contingency Force CCG Crisis Coordination Group Commanders Carrier Group Combat Communications Group CCH CCH-MAA CCI Close Combat Heavy Close Combat Heavy – Mission Area Analysis Commanders Critical Information Controlled Cryptographic Item Compliant. Deception. Control.

Change Control Plan. and Subordinate Systems Command and Control Support System CCSA CCSK CCSS C2 Support Agency (or Activity) Cycle Code Shift Keying Comanche Crew Support System Commodity Command Standard System Combat. Consolidated Cryptologic Program Contract Change Proposal CCR CCS Command Conference Room Command and Control System Change Control System Communications Control Set Command and Coordination Set Combat Communications Squadron CCS2 Command.CCM Cross Country Movement Center for Composite Materials Counter Counter-Measures CCMA CCO CCP Crew Correctable Maintenance Action Close Combat Optic Container Consolidation Point. Control. Command Support System (Directorate) CCT CCTB CCTC CCTDE CCTS CCTT CCTV CCU Consolidated Change Tables Close Combat Test Bed C2 Technical Center Compound Cycle Turbine-Diesel Engine Close Combat Training System Close Combat Tactical Trainer Closed Circuit Television Common Control Unit 73 .

Discrimination and Identification Conventional Defense Improvement Initia tive CDIP Combat Developments Integration Plan Combined Defense Improvement Projects CDL Common Data Link 74 . Combat Developments Course Core Data Center Data Corp CDCP CDDB CDDP CDE Central Data Collection Point Central Demand Database Cataloging Distribution Data Processing Chemical Defense Equipment Common Desktop Environment CDEC CDF CDI Combat Development and Experimentation Center (or Command) Core DIS Facility Classification.CD Compact Disk Conference on Disarmament Combat Development Counter-Drug Collision Detection Control Data Civil Defense Communications Deception Coordinating Draft Cavalry Division Cable Driver CD-ROM CDA Compact Disk-Read Only Memory Catalog Data Activity Cognitive Decision Aiding CDATS CDB Chemical Detection and Alarm Training System Communications Database Corporate Database CDC CONUS Demobilization Center Center for Disease Control Control.

Decontamination Training Facility Commercial Training Device Requirement Critical Design Walkthrough Commander’s Evaluation Command Element Chemical Energy Collateral Enclave Continuous Evaluation Communications and Electronics Comprehensive Evaluation Concept Evaluation Control Element Cost (or Current) Estimate Corps of Engineers Civil Engineer(s) Campaign Evaluation CE/D CEA Concept Exploration/Definition Cost Effectiveness Analysis 75 .CDM CDMD CDOG CDP CDR Cable Driver Modem Chemical Defense Materials Data Combat Development Objective Guide Combat Development Process Commander Critical Design Review CDRL CDRREP CDS Contract Data Requirements List Commanders Report Compact Digital Switch Cubic Defense Systems Container Delivery System CDSF CDSI CDT Combat Development Support Facility Computer Data Systems. Inc. Capabilities Description Tables Computer-Directed Training CDTF CDTR CDW CE Chemical.

Central Europe(OBSOLETE ORGANIZATION) Central Command Communications/Electronics Officer Chief Executive Officer CEOI CEP Communications-Electronics Operation Instructions Circular Error Probable Concept Evaluation Program CEPS CEPSARC CER Central European Pipeline System Concepts Evaluation Program Schedule and Review Committee Comprehensive Evaluation Reports Cost Estimating Relationship CERDEC Communications-Electronics Research. and Engineering Center 76 .CEAC CEB CEC Cost & Economic Analysis Center Clothing Exchange and Bath Central Electronic Complex Computer Engineering Center Cooperative Engagement Capability CECDC CECOM CED CEDEC CEE CEF Cost Estimate Control Data Center Communications-Electronics Command Concurrent Engineering Directorate Cost Estimate Control Data Center Central East European Civil Engineering File Centralized Environmental Facility CEG CEI Common Equipment Group Communications/Electronics Intelligence COMINT/ELINT Integration Communication Electronics Installation CEM Concepts Evaluation Model Center for Electro-mechanics CENSI CENTAF CENTAG CENTCOM CEO Center for Engineering Systems and Integration CENTCOM Air Forces (9th AF) Central Army Group. Development.

Compartment Facility Communications Functional Area Covering Force Area Concepts and Force Alternatives Directorate CFC Combined Forces Command Combined Federal Campaign (charity) CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics Combat Functions Division Current Force Design CFE Conventional Forces Europe (negotiations) Contractor Furnished Equipment CFEA CFF Collective Front-end Analysis Call for Fire Central Funding and Fielding CFG CFM Corps Finance Group Cubic Feet Per Minute CONUS Freight Management CFMS CONUS Freight Management System 77 .CERL Civil Engineering Research Laboratory Construction Engineering Research Laboratory CERT CES CESE CESP CESPG CESS CETS CEU Combined Environment Reliability Test Cost Element Structure Communications Equipment Support Element Civil Engineering Support Plan Civil Engineering Support Plan Generator Civilian End Strength Study Contractor Engineering Technical Services Civilian Electronics Unit Cooling Equipment Unit CEV CEWES CEWI CF CFA Combat Engineer Vehicle Corps of Engineers Waterways Experiment Station Combat Electronic Warfare Intelligence Control Functions.

CFP Contingency Force Pool Concept Formulation Package CFR CFSC CFSR CFT CFV CFX CFY CG Code of Federal Regulations Community Family Support Center Contract Funds Status Report Captive Fight Trainers Cavalry Fighting Vehicle Command Field Exercise Current Fiscal Year Commanding General Chairman’s Guidance Coast Guard Center of Gravity Consolidated Guidance CGAWC CGF CGI CGM CGNSE CGP CGS CGS/GSM CGSC CGSD CGS/GSM CGSOC CGSS CGTSS CGV CH Carrier Group Air Warfare Commander Computer Generated Forces Computer Generated Imagery Computer Graphics Metafile Changes in Global National Security Environment Character Graphics Printer Common Ground Station Common Ground Station/Ground Station module Command and General Staff College Computer Graphics Systems Development Common Ground station/Ground Station Module Command and General Staff Officer Course Command and General Staff School Command Group Training Support System Command Group Vehicle Common Hardware Channel Cargo Helicopter 78 .

and Integration Central Intelligence Agency Controlled Imagery Base Combat Infantryman Badge 79 . Interoperability. Harbor and Inland Waterway Boat Change Operational Control Common Hardware and Software Command Hardware and Software CHSS CHSTR CI Combat Health Support System Characteristics of Transportation Resources (File) Coordinating Installation Command Information Counter Intelligence Combat Identification Configuration Item Civilian Internee CI&I CIA CIB Compatibility.CHAALS CHALLS CHALS-X CHAMPUS Chan CHAP CHAR CHBDL CHCS CHD CHE CHEM CHEMCAS CHEMSIM CHENS CHET CHI CHOP CHS Communications (or Common) High-accuracy Airborne Location System Communications High Accuracy Airborne Location System Communications High Accuracy Location System Exploitable Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services Channel CHAPARRAL Air Defense Weapon Character Common High Bandwidth Data Link Composite Health Care System Conservative Heavy Division Container Handling Equipment Chemical Chemical Casualties Chemical Simulation Chemical Explosives Neutralizer System Commercial Heavy Equipment Transporter Coastal.

CIC Combat Information Center (AF) Command Information Center Content Indicator Codes Combat Integration Cell Combat in Cities CICF CICM CICOMIS CICS Customer Information and Control File Communications Interface Controller Module Criminal Investigation Command Operational and Management Info System Contractor Software Design System Customer Information Control System CID Criminal Investigation Division (or Department) Commander’s Intelligent Display Combat Identification CIDC CIDS Criminal Investigation Command Combat Identification for the Dismounted Soldier Combat Information Demonstration System Collateral Information Display Station CIE CIF Clothing and Individual Equipment Central Issue Facility Candidate Item File Corps Information Flow CIG CII Computer Image Generator Configuration Identification Index Configuration Item Identification CIIP CIM Clothing Initial Issue Point Commercial Information Management Center for Information Management CIMIC CIMMD CIMPMD CIN CINC CINCCENT Civil Military Cooperation (or Coordination) Close-In Man-Portable Mine Detector Close-in portable Minefield Detection System Cargo Increment Number Commander-in-Chief CINC Central Command 80 .

Europe CIO CIOC CIP Central Imagery Office Counterinsurgency Operations Command Communications Implementation Plan Communications Improvement Program Critical Intelligence Parameter Capital Investment Program Communications Interface Processor CIPR CIR Concept in Process Review Continuing Intelligence Requirement Central Intelligence Report Critical Information Requirements CIRC II CIRN CIS Central Information Reference and Control II Commanders Information Report Network Commonwealth of Independent States Combat Identification (or Intelligence) System Critical Information Shortfall Communications Interface Shelter CISCO CISO CISPO CISS CITV CIU Corps Information Systems Control Officer Counter-Intelligence Security Officer Combat Identification Systems Project Office Center for Information Systems Security Commander’s Independent Thermal Viewer Communications Interface Unit Cell Interface Unit CIUS CIV Corps Interim Upgrade System Civilian 81 .CINCFOR CINCNORAD CINCPAC CINCSO CINCUNC CINC Forces Command Commander-in-Chief North American Defense Command CINC Pacific CINC Southern Command CINC United Nations Command CINCUSAREUR CINC US Army.

Landing Force Cannon Launched Guided Projectile (COPPERHEAD) Center for Low Intensity Conflict Contract Line Item Number Council of Logistics Management CINC Logistic Procurement Support Board Clearing Station (medical) Command Logistics Review Program Central Launch and Recovery Section Contractor Logistics Support Cooperative Logistics Supply Support Arrangements Cellular Logistics Team Container Load Trailer CLTD CLTG CLZ Civilian Leadership Training Division Center Level Transaction Group Craft Landing Zone 82 . Joint Task Force Combined Joint Task Force CKT CL Circuit Combat Load CSSCS Lightweight Computer Unit CLAMS CLAR CLASS CLCC CLCD CLCGF CLCM CLCSE CLF CLGP CLIC CLIN CLM CLPSB CLR STA CLRP CLRS CLS CLSSA CLT Cleared Lane Marking System Communications Loading Analysis Report Closed Loop Artillery Simulation System Combined Land Component Command Contemporary Life Cycle Development Corps Level Computer Generated Force Cannon Launched Counter Measures Center for Life Cycle Software Engineering Commander.CIVR CIWG CJCS CJCSI CJTF Configuration Item Verification Review Combat Identification Working Group Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction Commander.

& Artillery Center of Military History Common Management Interface Protocol Configuration Management Interoperability Test Cargo Movement Module Corps Materiel Management Center 83 . Rockets.CM Countermeasures Configuration Management Chemical Collection Management Counter-mobility Cruise Missile Commander’s Manual Cm CMD Centimeter Command CM&D CMA CMAC CMAI CMAIN CMAOC CMASS CMC Collection Management and Dissemination Collection Management Authority Central Management of Army Commissaries Chemical Material Acquisition Initiative Corps Main (Command Post) Casualty and Memorial Affairs Operations Center Counter-drug Modeling and Simulation System Ceramic Matrix Composites Commandant of the Marine Corps CMCC CMCT CMD Corps Movement Control Center Combat Maneuver Training Complex (Hohenfels training area .part of NTC FAA) Color Monitor Device Color Monitor Display Command CMDR CMF CMFG CMFRA CMH CMIP CMIT CMM CMMC Commander Career Management Field Communications Management Functional Group Chief Missile Forces.

CMMS CMN CMO Conceptual Models of the Mission Space Configuration Management Network Civil-Military Operations Collection Management Office Configuration Management Office Convoy Movement Order CMOS CMP Cargo Movement Operating System Configuration Management Plan Common Message Parser Communications Message Processor CMPS CMR Concept Master Plan System Cargo Movement Requirement Command Routing (table) Contractor Management Reserve CMS Communications Management System Combat Mission Simulator Container Management System Conversational Monitor System CMSS CMSYS CMT CMTC CMTC-IC CMU CMV CMW CMWG CMX CN CN/CMS CAN Crisis Management Support System Combat Mobility System Common Maintenance Truck Combat Maneuver Training Center CMTC Instrumentation System Clear Memory Utility Combat (or Counter) Mobility Vehicle Continuous Microwave Configuration Management Working Group Crisis Management Exercise Command Network Counter-narcotics Command Mgmt System Commander’s Narrative Analysis Center for Naval Analysis 84 .

CNA Commander’s Narrative Analysis Center for Naval Analysis CNAD CNCE CNDI CNGB CNN CNO CNR CNT CNTG CO Conference of National Armaments Directors Communications Nodal Control Element Commercial Non-Developmental Items Chief. National Guard Bureau Commercial News Network Chief of Naval Operations Combat Net Radio (SINCGARS) & Improved High Frequency Radio (IHFR) Coordinated Network Testing Computer Network Transaction Groups Commanding Officer Contracting Officer Company COA Course of Action Comptroller of the Army COAST Course of Action Support Tool Controller’s Assistant COAX COB Coaxial (Cable) Command Operating Budget Close Of Business COBE COBOL COBRA Command Operating Budget Estimate Common Business-Oriented Language Combat Outcome Based on Rules for Attrition Costal Battlefield Reconnaissance and Analysis COBS COC Collocated Operating Bases Corps (or Combat) Operations Center Chart Overlay Copier Council of Colonels COC-GE COCOM Combat Operations Center-Ground Element Combatant Command (command authority) Coordinating Committee Controlling Command Authority 85 .

processing. Army Forces Shipboard organic collection. DF. and reporting system Combined Obscuration Model for Battlefield-Induced Contamination Operations involving more than one country’s military Character-Oriented Message Catalog 86 . analysis.CODES CODSIA COE Computerized Deployment System Council of Defense and Space Industries Association Common Operating Environment Corps (or Chief) of Engineers Center of Excellence COEA COEI Cost & Operational Effectiveness Analysis Components of End Item Class of Interface COF COFC CofS COFT COGS COHORT COI Classroom of the Future Container On Flat Car Chief of Staff Conduct Of Fire Trainer Combat Oriented General Support Cohesion Operational Readiness Training Communications Operating Instructions Critical Operational Issue COIC Combat Operations and Intelligence Center Critical Operational Issues and Criteria COINS COIR COL COL PT COLT COLTSIM COM Community On-line Intelligence System Command Operation and Information Request Colonel Collection Point Combat Observation Lasing Team Company/Team Level Training Simulation Center of Mass Character-Oriented Messages Computer Output to Microfilm COMANEW COMARFOR COMBAT DF COMBIC COMBINED COMCAT New Combat Analysis (methodology) Commander.

COMDT COMET COMEX COMFAC COMINT COMM Commandant Compuscan Optical Message Entry Terminal Communications Exercise Communications Facility Communications Intelligence Communications Commercial COMMZ COMO COMPASS COMPES COMPLIP COMPO COMPO-1 COMPO-2 COMPO-3 COMPO-4 COMPO-7 COMPO-8 COMPO-9 COMPUSEC COMSAT COMSEC COMSIT COMSR COMSY CON CONAF Communications Zone Computer Model Computerized Movement Planning and Status System Contingency Operation Mobility Planning and Execution System Computation of Manpower Programs by Linear Programming Component (Code) (Active Component) (ARNG Component) (USAR Component) (Unresourced Force Structure) (Indirect HNS) (LOGCAP) (Offsets Guaranteed by HNS Agreements) Computer Security Communications Satellite Communications Security Common Situation Communication Support Requirements Commissary Contingency Conceptual Design for the Army in the field Continental Army Forces CONEX CONFAD conn Container Express Concept for a Family of Army Divisions Connector 87 .

CONOPS Concept of Operations Continuity of Operations Continuing (or Contingency or Continious) Operations CONPLAN cont CONTAF CONUS CONUSA COP Operation Plan in Concept Format Continued Contingency Task Forces Continental United States Continental United States Army Contingency Operation Plan Command Observation Post Common Operational Plan Common Operational Picture COPOC COPPER COPPERHEAD COPS COR CORADCOM CORBA CORBAN CORBATF CORDIVEM CORE CORPS SAM COS Corps Personnel Operations Center Consolidation of Pay and personnel Laser-guided artillery projectile Computer Output Processing Service Contracting Officer’s Representative Communications Research and Development Command Common Object Request Broker Architecture Corps Battle Analyzer (Model) Corps Battle Analysis Task Force (obsolete term) Corps/Division Evaluation Model Contingency Response Corps Surface-to-Air Missile Critical Operational Specialties Corps Support Communications Segment (w/in CARS) Corporation for Open Systems COSAGE COSCOM COSE COSIN COSIS Combat Sample Generator Corps Support Command Common Open Software Environment Control Staff Instructions Care Of Supplies In Storage 88 .

COSMOS COSS COT Counter Surge Mission Mortar System Commander’s OPSEC Support System Computer Operator Terminal Consecutive Overseas Tours COTP COTR COTS COU COV CP Captain Of The Port Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative Commercial Off-the-Shelf Cable Order-wire Unit Counter Obstacle Vehicle Command Post Central Processor Correction Processor Co-Pilot CPA Chairman’s Program Assessment Certified Public Accountant Chief of Public Affairs CPAF CPAR CPARMS CPAS CPC Cost Plus Award Fee Construction Productivity Advanced Research Control Parameters Commercial Activities Proposed Action Summary Computer Program Component Control Processing Center CPCI CPD Computer Program Configuration Item Common Picture Display Civilian Personnel Directorate CPDP CPDS CPE Computer Program Development Plan Computer Program Development Specification Collective Protective Equipment Computer Performance Evaluation Conventional Planning and Execution CPEDB CPFL CPG Command Post Engineering Database Contingency Planning Facilities List Contingency Planning Guidance 89 .

CPI Characters Per Inch Communications Processing and Interface (module) Cost Performance Index CPIF CPIL CPIN CPIR CPM CPMP CPO CPP CPR Cost Plus Incentive Fee Critical Played Items List Computer Program Identification Number Corporate Preparedness Industrial Rep Critical Path Method Civilian Personnel Modernization Projects Civilian Personnel Office Communications Protocol Processor Cost Performance Report Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Combat Power Radio Command Performance Review(or Report) CPS Competitive Prototyping Strategy Collective Protective Equipment Characters Per Second Communications Processing System Combat Protection System CPT Captain Crisis Planning Team Cockpit Procedures Trainer CPT&E CPU Computer Program Test and Evaluation Central Processing Unit Central Processor Unit CPX CR Command Post Exercise Carriage Return Change Request Continuing Resolution Close Range CRA CRAF Continuing Resolution Authority Civil Reserve Air Fleet (civilian planes used in time of conflict) 90 .

CRAVES CRC Crew Reduction and Vehicle Ergonomics CONUS Replacement Center Control and Reporting Center Crisis Response Cell Cyclic Redundancy Check Central Reporting Center Coleman Research Corporation Common Reference Code CRC/CIC CRC/CRP CRCS CRD CRDA CRDB CRDL CRE Control and Reporting Center/Combat Integration Center (SOF) Control and Reporting Center/Post Coordinator of RC Support Commander’s Required Date Cooperative Research and Development Agreement Communications Requirements Database Critical Requirements Deficiency List Control and Reporting Element Classification. Recovery and Evacuation CRF CRG CRIS CRISD CRISP CRITIC CRITICOMM CRIWG Crisis Response Force (1st 5 1/2 divs out) Communications Relay Group Computer Resources Integrated Support CRIS Document CRIS Plan Critic Intelligence Report Critical Intelligence Communications System Central Region Interoperability Working Group Computer Resources Interoperability Working Group CRLCMP CRM Computer Resource Life Cycle Mgmt Plan Collateral Release Mechanism Camera Ready Materiel CRMP Computer Resources Management Plan Collection Requirements Management Program CRMS CRMT Collection Requirements Management System Computer Resources Management Team 91 .

3) Combat Service Support System Chief of Staff.CRP Control and Reporting Point Command Readiness Program Control and Reporting Post (USAF) Cost Reduction Program CRRC CRREL CRS Construction Requirements Review Committee Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory Correctional Reporting System Congressional Research Service Combined Reconnaissance System Communications Relay Set CRT CRTC CRTD CRWG CRYPTO CS Cathode Ray Tube Cold Region Test Center Commanders Real Time Tactical Display Computer Resources Working Group Cryptographic Combat Support Chief of Staff Common Software Crew Station Communications and Security Communication Services Communications Software Communications Support Constant Source CS (1. Studies & Analysis & Management Support Services Combat Support Air Traffic Mgmt System 92 . USAF Consultants.3) CS3 CSA Classified Sensitive (1.2.2. Army Corps Storage Area CSAB CSAC CSAF CSAMS CSATMS Combat Support Aviation Battalion Command Studies Advisory Council/Committee Chief of Staff.

CSB CSB(F) CSC Corps Support Battalion Corps Support Battalion. Forward Computer Software Component Computer Security Center Computer Sciences Corporation Computery Systems Command CSCE Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europe Communication System Control Element CSCI CSCM CSD CSE Computer Software Configuration Item Class of Supply Consumption Model Concepts and Studies Division Center for Software Engineering (CECOM) Common (or Combat or Corps) Support Equipment CC Support Element CSG CSH CSI CSIF CSIOE CSL CSLA CSM Corps Support Group Combat Support Hospital Combat Studies Institute Contractor Support for Initial Fielding Common Support Items of Equipment Center for Strategic Leadership Communications Security Logistics Activity Command Sergeant Major Compartmented Security Mode CSMA CSMA/CD CSMET CSMS CSO Carrier Sense Multiple Access Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Detection Crew Station Mission Equipment Trainer Consolidated Support Maintenance Shop Closely-Spaced Object Communications Service Order CSOT Constant Source Operator Terminal 93 .

CSP Crisis Staffing Procedures Communications Support Processor Commercial Space Package Call Service Position CSPA CSPAR CSR CSRDF CSRO CSRS CSS CINC’s Strategic Priorities Assessment CINC’s Preparedness Assessment Report Controlled Supply Rate Crew Station Research and Development Facility Contingency Standing Route Order Combat Service Ration Study Combat Service Support Combat Server Support Comprehensive Smoke Study Capability Support System CSSC CSSCS CSSCS-EAC CSSD CSSE CSSSC CSSTSS CST Combat Service Support Center Combat Service Support Control System Combat Service Support Control System .Echelons Above Corps Computer Supported Simulations Division combat Service support element (MAGTF) Combat Service Support Simulations Center CSS Training Simulation System Communications Subtest Classroom Systems Trainer CSTA CSTAL CSTAR CSTS CSTVRP CSU CSURG CSW Combat Systems Test Activity Combat Surveillance and Target Acquisition Laboratory (part of ERADCOM) Combat Surveillance and Target Acquisition Combat Support Training System Computer Security Technical Vulnerability Reporting Program Computer Software Unit Chief Surgeon Common Software Center for Strategic Wargaming 94 .

CT Confederation Test Contractor Testing Computer Terminal Calendar Time Certification Testing Combined Testing Comparison Test Cypher Text Communications Terminal CTA Common Table of Allowance Central TMDE Activity CTAC CTAP CTAPS CTASC CTC Center for Army Tactics (formerly CAT and Department of TACTICS at CGSC) Communication Technology Assessment Process Contingency Tactical Air Control System Automated Planning System Corps/Theater ADP Support Center Combat Training Center Contract Target Cost CTC-IS CTCP CTDR CTE CTEA CTF CTG CTIL CTIS CTK CTL CTOC CTOCSE CTOS CTP Combat Training Center Instrumentation System Combat Trains Command Post Commercial Training Device Requirement Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Cost and Training Effectiveness Analysis Combined Task Force. Control Test Flights Command Training Guidance Commander’s Tracked Items List Combat Terrain Information Systems Composite Tool Kit Program Critical Task List Corps Tactical Operations Center CTOC Support Element Corps Tactical Operations System Communications Terminal Processor Coordinated Test Plan (or Program) 95 .


Contact Test Set Change Tracking System Common Targeting System


Combat Training Support Directorate Central Technical Support Facility Commander’s Tactical Terminal Common Test Training Common Task Test Contractor Technical Test


Commander’s Tactical Terminal (Hybrid) Commander’s Tactical Terminal (Hybrid) Receive Only Central Test and Training Facility Consolidated Training Facility


Center for Technology Transfer and Integration Consolidated TOE Update Controlled Test Vehicle Communications Transition Working Group Combined Training Exercise Common User Concerned Unit (from FAA documentation charts)


Common User Baseline for the Intelligence Community Common User Contract Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle Common User Facsimile System Common User Language Common User Products (or Processor) Common User System Contribution Value Cost Variance


Combat Vehicle Heading Reference Systems Combat Vehicle Heading Reference Unit (compass) Clandestine Vulnerability Analysis Combat Vehicle Command and Control


Combat Vehicle Command and Control Conditional Voluntary Indefinite Centerline Vertical Restraint (system for C-130 and C-141) Commercial Vendor Services Cargo Visibility System


Chemical Warfare Continuous Wave Chemical Weapons


Chemical Warfare Agents Continuous Wave Acquisition Radar Contract Work Breakdown Structure Chemical Weapons Convention Continuous Wave Deuterium Demonstration Cockpit, Weapons, and Emergency Procedures Trainer Combat Weather Facility Collision Warning System Cold Weather Sleep System Current Year in SYDP Calendar Year


Combat Zone PM, Applique (Integrator) Determination and Findings Doctrinal and Organizational Depth and Simultaneous Attack Battle Lab Demonstration and Validation (beginning of contingency operation or of hostilities) Data Distribution Decide, Detect, Deliver Department of the Army Data Adapter Directors Assistant


Division Artillery Tactic al Operations Center



Designated Accreditation Authority Designated Approving Authority


Distributed Array Acoustic Locating System Directorate of Army Ammunition, Range and Targets DOD Automated Addressing System Defense Acquisition Board Department of the Army Civilian Deputy Assistant Commandant Discretionary Access Control Days After Contract Date of Award of Contract Discriminating Attack Capability


Data Adapter Control Block Diving Air Control Console Decision Support System Applied Center of Excellence Departure Airfield Control Group Data Adapter Control Mode DA Consolidated Topographic Program Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services Data and Analysis Center for Software Division Air Defense Command and Control DA Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel Data Archived and Distribution Device DA Data Element Management System Digital Automated Data System Defense Acquisition Executive Department of the Air Force Destination Address Field Direct Aerial Fire


Data Authentication Group DA Inspector General Dual ASAS Interface Module DA In Process Review


Data Adapter Interface Software Data Logging and Transmission System Director of Plans and Operations, ODCSLOG DA Long Range RDA Plan DA Logistics Staff (or Support) Officer Demand-Assigned Multiple Access Division Airspace Management Element DA Movement Management System(redesign) DAMMS-Cargo Movements Module DAMMS-Movement Planning Module DAMMS-Revised (or Redesigned) Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans Requirement Directorate DA Master Priority List Drill Attendance Monitoring Procedures and Report Division Ammunition Management System Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Services Division Ammo Office(r) Defense Attaché Office Defense Accounting Office


Data Analysis Plan Designated Acquisition Program


Deep Attack Program Office (now obsolete) DA Program Review Defense Acquisition Radar (or Regulation) Daughters of the Revolution


U.S. Army Materiel Development and Readiness Command Developmental Army Readiness and Mobilization System Director of the Army National Guard Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Dynamic Analysis and Replanning Tool Director of the Army Staff Data Acquisition Subsystem


Decentralized (or Division) Automated Service Support System DAS3 (division/corps) Division Aviation Support Battalion Direct Air Support Center DA System Coordinator


Direct Access Storage Devices DA Standard Port System DA Standard Port System-Enhanced Deployment Action Team Depot Activation Task Force Development and Test Support System Division Aviation Doctrinal Audio-Visual Program Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act Department of the Army WWMCCS Network Division XXI Advanced Warfighter Experiment Disciplinary Barracks Database Decibel


Database Administrator (or Administration) Digital Battlefield Communications Database Design Document Deep Battle Integration Training decibels above (or below) one milliwatt. A term used to denote power level. Database Management System Defense Business Operations Fund Defense Business Practices Concept Digitize Battle Skills Direct Broadcast Satellite Direct Broadcast System Division Battle Simulation



Direct Current Dismounted Countermines District of Columbia


Data Collection and Processing Director of Community Activities Defense Communications Agency


Defense Contracts Audit Agency Data Collection and Analysis Group Defense Contract Administration Services Database Commitment Accounting System


Defense Commo and Army Switched System Defense Commo & Army Switched System Data Collection & Analysis Working Group Digital Communications Controller Division Computer Center


Distributed Command and Control System Director (or ate) of Combat Developments Distributed Computing Design System Data Communications Equipment Distributed Computing Environment Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment


Defense Communications Engineering Center Document Composition Facility Draft Concept Formulation Package/Paper Deputy Commanding General Director, Central Intelligence Data Collection Integrator


Director of Central Intelligence Directive Deputy Commander In Chief Defense Control Management Area Operations Defense Contract Management Command Dial Central Office Deputy Commandant


Decision Coordinating Paper Development Concept Paper


Defense Civil Preparedness Agency Direct Combat Probability Code Data Communications Protocol Standard Deputy Chief of Staff Defense Communications System Digital Camera System Division Cavalry Squadron Department of Combat Support (CGSC) Digital Cell Site


Deputy Chief of Staff for Analysis Deputy Chief of Staff for Automation and Information Mgmt Deputy Chief of Staff for Base Support Operations Defense Construction Supply Center Deputy Chief of Staff for Combat Developments Deputy Chief of Staff for Concepts, Doctrine, & Development Deputy Chief of Staff for Doctrine Deputy Chief of Staff for Engineering Defense Communications System Installation Data Channel Status Indicators


Deputy Chief of Staff for Information Management Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations – Training Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, Administration and Logistics Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel Deputy Chief of Staff for Research, Development, and Acquisition Deputy Chief of Staff for Resource Management Digital Communications Satellite Subsystem Deputy Chief of Staff for Training Deputy Chief of Staff for Test and Evaluation


Digital Communications Terminal; Developmental Certification Test Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network Developmental Certification Test Plan Deployment Control Unit Display Control Unit


Digital Chart of the World Data Devices Decision-to-Decision Path Data Dictionary/Directory Division Design Analysis Division DSU Automated Supply System Dismounted Battlespace Battle Lab Dedicated Database Processor Division Data Center Deputy Data Collection Integrator Digital Data Communication Message Protocol Digital Data Communications Set Direct Distance Dial Demand Drive Direct Digital Dissemination Defense Data Dictionary System Defense Development Exchange Program Devasting Direct Fire Dual Display Generator Draw Down Guidance


Data Display Indicator Data Definition Language Data Design Language Document Distribution List Direct Down link Digital Data Link Dual Data Link



Dedicated Digital Network Defense Data Network Dedicated message System


Detailed Demonstration Plan Director of Defense Research and Engineering Deputy Director of Defense Research and Engineering (Test and Evaluation) Defense Data Repository System (now DDDS) Data Distribution System Digital Data Service Distributed Database System Directorate of Information Services


Distributed Decision-aid Tool Deputy Director for Test and Evaluation Direct Deploying Unit; Disk Drive Unit Directed Energy Data Element Development Estimate Display Entity


Drug Enforcement Agency Data Exchange Agreement Doctrine Evaluation Activity


Orbital Debris Deep Battle Action Plan Digital Equipment Corporation Defense Commercial Communications Office Data Element Dictionary Dynamic Entity Database


Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System Directed Energy EOD Tool Detailed Europe Evaluation Development and Evaluation Facility Defense Readiness Condition Data Entry File Inquiry


Defense Special Missile and Astronautics Center Director of Engineering and Housing Deployment Equipment List Digital Elevation Model Demonstration/Validation Distribution Explosive Mine Neutralization System Deployment, Employment Mob Status Demultiplexer Dental Activity Defense Equal Opportunity Mgmt Institute Delayed Entry Program Deployment Exercise Deployable Medical Shelter (or System) Deputy Operations Deputy Defense European/Pacific Reutilization Activity (a QM org) Deployment Reporting (System) Deputy Secretary of Defense Data Entry and Read Out Device Dental Equipment Set Data Encryption Standard


Defense Evaluation Support Agency Depot System Command Destination Data Entry Terminal Displaced Equipment Training Distributed Explosive Technology Detachment


Directed Energy Training Assessment Study Digital Emulation Technology Laboratory Displaced Equipment Transition Plan Development-Validation Directed Energy Weapon (or Warfare) Distance Early Warning

DEW LINE DEWIZ DEWPOINT DF Distance Early Warning Line Distance Early Warning Identification Directed Energy Weapon Power Integration Direction Finding(Finder) Disposition Form DFA DFAC DFAD DFAE DFAMS DFARS DFAS DFBS DFCC DFD Dynamic Force Analysis Dining Facilities Administration Center Digital Feature Analysis Data Director of Facilities Engineering Defense Full Automated Management System Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement Defense Finance and Accounting Service Defense Finance Battlefield System Digitize Force Coordination Cell Data Flow Diagrams Directorate of Force Development DFE DFI DFL DFLP DFMO DFO DFR DFRIF DFS DFSA DFSC DFSO DFSP DFSR DG DGCS DGDT Division Force Equivalent Data Field Identifier Data Field Line Defense Foreign Language Program Division Financial Management Office Dining Facility Operation Defense Fuel Region Defense Freight Railway Interchange Fleet Direction Finding Subsystem Designated Finance Support Activity Defense Fuel Supply Center Division Finance Support Officer Defense Fuel Supply (or Storage) Point Detailed Functional System Requirement Defense Guidance Downsized Ground Control Station Downsized Ground Data Terminal 106 .

and Test Defense Intelligence Agency DIA On Line System Dismounted Infantry Battle Space Battle Lab Digital In-Band Trunk Signaling Document Identifier Code Deputy Installation Commander DID DIDS DII DII-COE DIIP DIL Data Item Description Defense Integrated Data System Defense Information Infrastructure Defense Information Infrastructure.Common Operations Environment Defense Inactive Item Program Digitization Integration Laboratory Digital Integration Laboratory DIS Interface Library DIM DIME DIMM DIN DINET DIO DIOBS Data Input Message Division Map Exercise Dual Inline Memory Module Defense Intelligence Notice Defense Information Network Director of Industrial Operations DIA Order of Battle System 107 .DGIF DGIPS DGM DGS-1 DGSA DGSC DHCP DHS DI Deployable Ground Intercept Facility (w/in CARS) Defense Guidance Illustrative Planning Scenario Digital Group Multiplexer Deployable Ground Station-1 DoD Goal Security Architecture Defense General Supply Center Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Defense Highway System Data Interchange Data Item Drill Instructor DI&T DIA DIAOLS DIBBL DIBTS DIC Design. Integration.

DIOT&E DIP DIPR DIPS DIRLAUTH DIRSP DIS Dedicated Initial Operational Test & Evaluation Defense Intelligence Plan Detailed In-Process Review Digital Imagery Processing System Direct Liaison Authorized Dynamic Infrared Scene Projector Defense Information System Distributed Interactive Simulation Defense Investigative Service Director of Installation Support DISA DISC4 DISCO Defense Information Systems Agency Director of Information Systems for Command. Control. Communications and Computers Defense Investigative Service Contract Office Division Information Systems Control Officer DISCOM DISE DISM DISMAN DISMS DISN Division Support Command Deployable Intelligence Support Element Defense Intelligence Summary DIS Manager Defense Integrated Subsistence Mgmt System Defense Information Systems Network Defense Integrated Secure Network DISNET DISPAC DISPERS DISSP DISUM DIU DIV DIV XXI DIV LOG DIVAD GUN DIVARTY DIWS Defense Integrated Secure Network DIS Plans and Analysis Clearinghouse Distributed Personnel System Defense Information Systems Security Program Daily Intelligence Summary Dedicated Interface Unit Division Division XXI Division Level Logistic Module for Battle Simulations and Wargames Division Air Defense Gun Division Artillery Digital Imagery Work Station 108 .

DJFLCC DJRU DK DL Deputy Joint Force Land Component Commander Dedicated JTIDS Relay Unit Display Keyboard Design Language Distance Learning DLA DLC/P DLDED DLEA DLED DLIELC DLL DLMS DLOGS DLOGS DLP Defense Logistics Agency Data Link Controller/Processor Division-Level Data Entry Device Drug Law Enforcement Agency Digital Line Encryption Device Defense Language Institute English Language Center Dynamic Linked Library Digital Land Mass System Division Logistics System Division Logistic System Data Link Processor Doctrinal Literature Program DLSA DLSC DLSIE DLSSO DLTM DLTS DLWG DMA DSU-Level Supply Automation Defense Logistics Service Center Defense Logistics Studies Information Enhance Defense Logistics Standard Systems Office Digital Line Terminating Module Data Link Test Set Department-Level Working Group Defense Mapping Agency Direct Memory Access DMAAC DMAFF DMAHTC DMAIN DMAR DMATC DMC Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center Defense Mapping Agency Feature File Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic Topographic Center Division Main (command post) Deferred Maintenance and Repair Defense Mapping Agency Topo Center Defense Movement Coordinator 109 .

Major Staff Officer DMSP Defense Meteorological Satellite Program Depot Maintenance Support Plan DMSS DMT DMTB DMTDSG DMVS DMWR Depot Maintenance Standard Systems Developmental Maintenance Testing Deployment Mobilization Troop Basis Digital Message Transfer Device Sub-Group Desert Mobility Vehicle System Depot Maintenance Work Requirement(s) 110 .DMD DMDB DMDC DME DMES DMFCS DMIS DMJP DML DMMC DMMO DMO DMOC DMOS DMPS DMR DMRD Digital Message Device Depot Maintenance Database Defense Manpower Data Center Distance Measuring Equipment Deployable Mobility Execution Systems Digitized Motor Fire Control System Director of Management Information Systems DRAGON Missile Jump Pack Data Manipulation Language Division Materiel Management Center Division Materiel Management Office Directed Military Over-strength Division Medical Operations Center Duty MOS Deep Mission Planning and Control Station Defense Management Review Defense Management Review Directorate Defense Management Review Decision DMS Defense Message Service (or System or Switch) Digital Message Switch Demobilization Station Documentation Management System DMSO Defense Modeling and Simulation Office Division Medical Supply Office(r) Director.

DN DNA Discrepancy Notice Defense Nuclear Agency (long word that describes genetic fingerprints) DNBI DNC DNN DNS DNSIX DNVT DO Disease and Non-Battle Injury Digital Nautical Chart Domain Name System DOD Network Security for Information Exchange Digital Non-secure Voice Terminal (or Telephone) Delivery Order Director of Ops (USAF) Deep Operations DOA Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance Dead On Arrival Deputy Obital Analyst DOAL DOC Deputy Obital Analyst Leader Department of Commerce Director(ate) of Contracting Desired Operational Capability DOCC DOCMOD DOCS Deep Operations Coordination Cell (or Center) Documentation Modernization DSCS Operational Control System Documents DoD DODAAC DODD DODDS DODI DODIC DODIIS DODSASP DODX DoE Department of Defense DoD Activity Address Code DoD Directive DoD Dependent Schools DoD Instruction DoD Identification Code DoD Intelligence Information System DoD Small Arms Serialization Program (DoD owned rail cars) Department of Energy 111 .

Materiel. Ledgers. Training.DOES DOF DOI DOIM DOL DOLFINS DOM DOMS DOP DOPMA DOS Directorate of Evaluation and Standardization Degrees Of Freedom DSSCS Operating Instruction Director(ate) of Information Management Director(ate) of Logistics Daily Orders. Organizations. and Finance Systems Data Output Message Director(ate) of Military Support Data Object Processed Defense Officer Personnel Management Act Department of State Day of Supply Disk Operating System Deployed Operational State DOT DOTD DOTE DOTLMS DOTS DOTSP DOU DOW DP Department of Transportation Directorate of Training and Doctrine Director. and Soldiers Director of Training and Simulations Doctrinal and Organizational Test Support Package Data Object Unprocessed Data Orderwire Decision Point Data Processing Development Plan DPA DPAE DPAMMH DPAREA DPC DPCA DPDLD DPG Data Processing Activities Director for Program Analysis and Evaluation Direct Production Annual Maintenance Man Hours (a part of RAM testing) Deployment Area Code Defense Planning Committee (NATO) Director of Personnel and Community Activities Detailed Program Design Language Document Defense Planning Guidance 112 . Operational Test and Evaluation Doctrine. Leader Development.

Training and Mobilization Director(ate) of Plans. Training. and Security Draft Plan Table of Organization and Equipment Data Processing Unit Directorate of Public Works Data Requirements Detection Radar Doctor DRA DRAC DRAG DRAGON DRAM Decision Risk Analysis Data Reduction and Analysis Cell Doctrine Review and Approval Group (Medium antitank systems) Dynamic Random Access Memory 113 . Mobilization.DPI DPICM DPKO DPL DPLIC DPM Data Processing Installation Dual Purpose Improved Conventional Munitions (for 105MM Howitzer) Department for Peacekeeping Opns (UN) Dequaser Products List Deployment Indicator Code Deputy Project Manager Defense Program Memorandum DPMO DPPC DPPG DPRB DPRE DPRO DPROC DPS Defects Per Million Opportunities Defense Planning and Programming Category Defense Policy and Planning Guidance Defense Planning and Resources Board Displaced Persons. Refugees and Evacuees Defense Plant Representative Officer Draft Proposed Required Operational Capability Digital Production System Data Processing Set DPSC DPSN DPSR DPTM DPTMSEC DPTOE DPU DPW DR Defense Personnel Support Center Deployable Packet Switched Nodes Data Processing System Requirements Director(ate) of Plans.

DRB Defense Resource Board Discrepancy Review Board Division Ready Brigade DRC Director of Reserve Components Documentation Retention Center Data Reduction Center DRD DRE DREAR DRED DREPO DRG DRIS DRL DRM DRMO DRO Design Requirement Document Defense Research & Engineering Division Rear (command post) Detection Radar Environment Display Designated Reserve Entry Pay Office Defense Research Group Defense Retail Inter-service Support Date Required to Load Director(ate) of Resource Management Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office Design Requirements Overview Disposal Release Order DRPM. AAA DRS Direct Reporting Program Manager. Advanced Assault Amphibians Deficiency Reporting System Division Restructuring Study DRUN DRVT DS Deferred Processing Downsized Remote Video Terminal Direct Support Dropside Defense Support Distributed Software Data System DS2 DS4 DS/GS DSA Decontaminating Solution No 2 Direct Support Unit Standard Supply System DIRECT Support/ General Support Designated Support Activities Division Support Area 114 .

DSA Division Support Area Disk Storage Assembly DSACS DSARC DSARC DSAT DSB DSCS DSCS-MOD DSCU DSDI DSDN DSE DSEG DSF DSI Defense Standard Ammunition Computer System Defense System Acquisition Review Council Defense Systems Acquisition Review Council Defense Satellite Defense Science Board Defense Satellite Communications System DSCS Modernization Dismounted Soldier Computer Unit Digital Simple Data Interface Distributed Software Development Network DTOC Support Element Defense Systems and Electronics Group Defense Supply Fund Defense Simulation Internet Data Systems Inquiry DSL DSM Document Summary List Direct Support Maintenance Dedicated Security Mode Distinguished Service Medal DSMC DSN Defense Systems Management College Defense Switched Network Defense Subscriber Network DSNET DSP Defense Secure Network Digital Signal Processor Digital Signal Processing Defense Support Program Defense Satellite Program DSPM DSPO DSPW DSREDS Detailed Subsystem Performance Model Defense Support Program Office Digital Stereo Photogrammetric Workstation Digital Storage and Retrieval Engineering Data System 115 .

DSS Dismounted Soldier System Decision Support System Defense Supply Service Direct Supply Support Distribution Standard System Digital Signature Standard DSSU DSS-W DSSA DSSCS DSSE DSSO DSSP DSSS DSSU DST Dismounted Soldier System unit Defense Supply Service-Washington Defense Security Assistance Agency Defense Special Security Communications System Development Software Support Environment Defense System Support Organization Defense Standardization and Specification Program Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Dismounted Soldier System Unit Decision Support Template Defense Suppression Threat Direct Support Team Drivers Skill Trainers DSTE DSTV Digital Subscriber Terminal Equipment Digital Secure Voice Terminal Direct Support Team Vehicle DSTWG DSU DSVF DSVT Defense Science & Technology Working Group Direct Support Unit Data System Verification Facility Digital Subscriber Voice Terminal Digital Secure Voice Terminal DT DT&E Developmental Test (or Testing) Developmental Test and Evaluation Demonstration. and Evaluation DT/OT DTA DTAC DTB Development Test/Operational Testing Directing Training Assistance Division Tactical (command post) Defense Technology Board 116 . Test.

Training. Training. Organizations. Materiel Doctrine. Training Development. Leadership. Training. Organizations. Soldiers Doctrinal and Training Literature Program Descriptive Top-Level Specification Data Transfer Module Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency Data Communications Protocol System Technical Management Panel Division Transportation Office(r) Division Tactical Operations Center Draft TOE Doctrine. Materiel Division Tactical Operations System Detailed Test Plan Desktop Publishing Distribute Training Packages DTS Defense Transportation System Diplomatic Telecommunications Service Data Transfer System 117 . Training. and Leader Development Doctrine. and Instruction Activity Data (or Digital) Terminal Equipment Developmental Training Effectiveness Analysis Digital Terrain Evaluation Data Defense Test and Evaluation Steering Group Date Time Group Digital Trunk Group Digital Trunk Group DTH DTIC DTLO DTLOM DTLOMS DTLP DTLS DTM DTMF DTMP DTO DTOC DTOE DTOM DTOS DTP down-the-hill Defense Technology (or Technical) Information Center Doctrine. Organization. Leadership.DTC DTCU DTD Design-To-Cost Dual Workstation class computer unit (TCU or HCU) Digitized Terrain Database Digital Topographic Data Director(ate) of Training Developments DTDIA DTE DTEA DTED DTESG DTG Doctrine. Materiel.

DTSS Digital Topographic Support System Digital Terrain Support System DTT DTTN DTUPC DTV DU DUECE DUI Doctrine. and Training Distributed Tactical Test Network Design To Unit Production Cost Driver’s Thermal Viewer Depleted Uranium Deployable Universal Combat Earthmover Data Use Identifier Driving Under the Influence DUNN-KEMPF DUSA DUSA(OR) DUSDRE T&E (Manual. Tactics. company/platoon level simulation) Deputy Under Secretary of the Army DUSA for Operations Research Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering for Test and Evaluation DVA DVE DVIP DVO DVOW DVQ DVVD DWASP DWBL DWRS DWS DX DYE DYNATIC DYNTACS-X DZ DZAAS E E&E Department of Veterans Affairs Driver Viewer Enhanced Designated (or Distinguished) Very Important Person Direct View Optics Digital Voice Orderwire Distinguished Visitors Quarters Dual Vision and Viewing Device Defense Warehousing & Shipping Procedure Dismounted Warrior Battle Laboratory Dental Workload Reporting System Distributed Wargaming System Direct Exchange Caper Dyer (DEW Line) Dynamic Analysis of the Theater Intelligence Center Dynamic Tactical Simulator (computer model) Drop Zone Drop Zone Assembly Aids System Enhanced Evasion and Escape 118 .

E&M E&MD E-O E-UAV E&V E-Date E-FOGM E-MAIL E-MAP E2I E3 Ear & Mouth Engineering and Manufacturing Development Electro-Optic ( optical) Endurance-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Evaluation and Validation Effective Date Enhanced Fiber Optic Guided Missile Electronic Mail Electronic Map Exoatmoshperic/ Endoatmoshperic Interceptor Electronic Environment Effects Electromagnetic Environmental Effects E3A EA Electronic Environment Effects Analysis Electronic Attack Emergency Actions Economic Analyses Engineering Analysis Environmental Assessment Evolutionary Acquisition Each EAB EAC Executive Advisory Board Echelons Above Corps Evaluation and Analysis Center Emergency Action Console Estimate of Completion EACIC EACL EAD Echelons Above Corps Intelligence Center Emergency Action Checklist Echelons Above Division Earliest Arrival Date Entered Active Duty EADC2 EADS EADSIM EADTB Extended Air Defense Command and Control Expeditionary Air Defense Systems Extended Air Defense Simulation Extended Air Defense Test Bed 119 .

EAFB EAM EAP EARA EARC EAS Edwards Air Force Base3 Emergency Action Message Emergency Action Procedures (or Plan) Equipment Authorizations Review Activity Electric Armaments Research Center Equipment Accountability System Enlisted Aviator Study EAT EATHS EAX EBB EBBS EBC External Air Transport Enhanced Airborne Target Handover System Electronic Automatic Exchange Electronic Bulletin Board Electronic Bulletin Board System Embedded Battle Command Echelons Below Corps EBF EBI EC Electronic Battlefield Extensive Background Investigation Electronic Combat Enemy Capability Entry Course ECA ECAC ECAT ECB ECBRS ECC Early Comparability Analysis Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis Center ELINT Correlation and Tracking Echelon Corps and Below Enhanced Concept Based Requirements System Experiment Control Center EXFOR Coordination Cell ECCIS ECCM ECCS ECD ECDS ECE ECF Engineer Command and Control Information System Electronic Counter-Countermeasures Engineer Command and Control System Exercise Control Directorate Enhanced Container Delivery System Elements of Communications Equipment Engineering Computer Facility 120 .

ECG Emergency Coordination Group Exercise Control Group ECI ECIT ECM ECO ECOA ECP Engineering Change Instruction Enhanced Communication Interface Terminal Electronic Countermeasures Engineering Change Order Enemy Courses of Action Exercise Control Plan Engineering Change Proposals extended capabilities port ECR ECRU ECS Engineering Change Request Enhanced Command Response Unit Equipment Concentration Site Engineering Change Proposals Engineer Combat System Exercise Control System Engagement Control Station ECS-G ECS2 ECSU ECU ECWSS ED ECS-Ground Executive Control and Subordinate System Essential CONUS Support Unit Environmental Control Unit Extreme Cold Weather Sleep System Effective Date Engineering Development Evolutionary Development EDA EDAS EDC Excess Defense Articles Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System Estimated Date of Completion Error Detection and Correction External Data Coordination EDCCS EDCS USEUCOM Deployable C2 System Exportable Data Collection System Experimentation Site Exportable Data Collection System 121 .

EDD Estimated Departure Date Earliest Delivery Date Estimated Deployment Date EDDA EDDIC EDDS EDGES Estimated Deployment Date Air Experimental Design Development Integration Center Estimated Deployment Date Sea Electronic Data/Guidelines for Element Survivability Environmental Design Guidance for Evaluation EDI EDM Electronic Data Interchange Engineering Development Model Enterprise Data Model EDO EDP extended data out Emergency Defense Plan Electronic Data Processing ELINT Data Processor EDRE EDSS EEA EEC EEFI EEFT EEI Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise Equipment Deployment & Storage System Essential Elements of Analysis Elements of Expense Code Essential Elements of Friendly Information End-to-End Force Tracking External Environment Interface Essential Elements of Information EELS EEOO EEP EEPROM EEROC EEU EFDD EFOG-M EFP EFT EFTO Early Entry.Missile Explosively Formed Penetrator (or Projectile) Electronic Funds Transfer Encrypt for Transmission Only 122 . Lethality. and Survivability Equal Employment Opportunity Office enhanced parallel port Electronic Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory Expedited Essential Required Operational Capability Electronic Equipment Unit External Floppy Disk Drive Enhanced Fiber Optic Guided .

EGR EGRU EGSM EGW EHF EHTR EI/WS EIA EIC EIDE EIDS EIEIO EIFS EIP Embedded GPS Receiver EPLRS Ground Reference Unit Enhanced Ground Station Module Equipment Ground Wire Extremely High Frequency Emergency Highway Traffic Regulation End Item/Weapons System Electronic Industries Association Equipment Identification Code. End Item Code Enhanced integrated drive electronics Electronic Information Delivery System Environmentally Integrated Effects Initiatives for Operations Economic Impact Forecast System ELINT Improvement Program Evolutionary Implementation Plan Enterprise Implementation Plan EIPD EIR EIS Everything in Place Date Equipment Improvement Report Environmental Impact Statement Executive Information System EISS Executive Information Systems Seminar Electronic Integrated Sensor Suite EUCOM Intelligence Support System EIWG EJSE EKE EKV El ELIM ELINT ELIR ELIST ELNOT ELRF Experimentation Integration Working Group Enhanced JTIDS System Exerciser Enhanced Kinetic Energy Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle Elevation Enlisted Loss Inventory Model Electronic Intelligence Emission Location Information Report Enhanced LIST Electronic Intelligence Notation Eye safe Laser Range Finder 123 .

ELSEC ELW EM EMAS EMATT EMB EMC EMCON EMD Electronic Security Enhanced Land Warrior Electromagnetic Exercise Message Analysis System Enhanced Multi-Mission Advanced Tactical Terminal Embedded Electromagnetic Compatibility Emission Control Engineering Manufacturing Development Electronic Map Data Electric Mobility Demonstrator EME EMETF EMF EMI EMP Electromagnetic Environment Electromagnetic Environmental Test Facility Enlisted Master File Electromagnetic Interference Electromagnetic Pulse Experimentation Master Plan EMPL EMPRS EMR EMRO EMSEC EMT EMTI EMUT EMW EN/ENGR ENCATT ENCOM ENDEX ENG ENGR ENSCE ENSIT Employment Equipment Maintenance and Performance Reporting System Electromagnetic Radiation Electromagnetic Radiation Operation Emanations Security Emergency Medical Technician ASARS II Enhanced Moving Target Indicator Enhanced Manpack UHF Terminal Engineer and Mine Warfare Engineer Engineer Combined Arms Tactical Trainer Engineer Command End of Exercise Engineer(ing) Engineer Enemy Situation Correlation Element Enemy Situation 124 .

ENTNAC ENWGS EO Entrance National Agency Check Enhanced Naval Warfare Gaming System Electro-Optical Electro-Optics Equal Opportunity Engagement Operations EOB EOC Enemy Order of Battle Emergency Operations Center Early Operational Capability Enhanced Operational Capability EOCM EOCM/T EOD EODCT EOH EOL EOM EOP Electro-Optical Countermeasure Electro-Optical Countermeasure/Targeting Explosive Ordnance Disposal EOD Control Team Equipment On Hand End Of Line End Of Message Emergency Operating Procedures Executive Office of the President EOS Earth Observing System End Of Screen Employed Operational State EOT EOT&E EOTADS EOVAF EOW EP End Of Transmission Early Operational Test and Evaluation Electro-Optical target Acquisition Designation System Electro-Optical Vulnerability Assessment Facility Engineering Order-wire Electronic Protection Electronic Printer EPA Environmental Protection Agency Extended Planning Annex EPDS EPEST Electronic Processing and Dissemination System Enhanced Project Evaluation and Scheduling Technique 125 .

and Engineering Center Enlisted Records & Evaluation Center Early Reinforcing Force (follow-on 3 1/3 divs to CRF) Electronic Repair Facility ERINT Extended Range Interceptor Extended Range Intercept Technology ERIS ERM EROS Exoatmoshperic Reentry Vehicle Interceptor Subsystem Events Resourcing Model Earth Resources Observation System 126 . Development.EPG Electronic Proving Ground Exercise Planning Guidance EPG FLFO EPL EPLRS EPMC EPOS EPOSE EPP Electronic Proving Ground Fort Lewis Field Office Evaluated Products List Enhanced Position Location Reporting System Executive Program Management Course Electronic Point of Sale Electronic Point of Sale Enhanced Enhanced parallel port Extended Planning Period Electronic Power Plant EPROM EPS EPSD EPUU EPW EQ ER ER-MLRS ERA Electronically Programmable Read Only Memory Encapsulated PostScript Electronics & Power Sources Directorate Enhanced PLRS User Unit Enemy Prisoner of War Equipment Electro Rheological Extended Range MLRS Extended Range Artillery Explosive Reactive Armor ERAC ERB ERC ERD ERDEC EREC ERF Electric Armaments Research Center Engineering Review Board Equipment Readiness Code External Requirements Document Edgewood Research.

ERP Equipment Reception Party Enroute Reporting Point ERPS ERS ERT ES Equipment Release Priority System Emergency Relocation Site Execution Reference Time End Strength Enemy Status External Subscriber ESAR ESC ESD Electromagnetic Spectrum Allocation Request Electronic Security Command Exercise & Simulations Directorate Electronic Systems Division (AF Systems Command) ESDI ESDU ESI European Security and Defense Identity Enhanced Stand-Alone Display Unit European Simulation Internet Essential Sustainment Items Especially Sensitive Information ESIHS ESM Expert System Information Handling System Emission Sensing Monitor Electronic Support Measures ESMR ESOP ESP Expert Systems Message Router Enhanced Switch Operating Position Engineer Supply Point Extra Sensory Perception Extended Service Plan(program) Encapsulating Security Payload ESPD ESRD ESS Enhanced SINCGARS Packet Data Equipment Shipment Ready Date Electronic Support Shelter Environmental Stress Screening Exploitation Support System ESSM ESSS EST Equip/Supply/Service/Maintain External Stores Support System Environmental System Testing 127 .

ET Embedded Training Extra-Terrestrial Engineering Test Equivalent Training ETA ETAS ETC Estimated Time of Arrival Elevated Target Acquisition System Enhanced Terminal Capability Electrothermal Chemical ETD Estimated Time of Departure Electronic Transfer Device ETDL ETE ETEC ETF Electronic Technology and Devices Laboratory End-To-End Enterotoxigenic Escherichia Coli Electronic Test Facility Engineering Test Facility ETIBS ETKU ETL ETM ETN ETP Enhanced TIBS Electronic Transfer Keying Device Endorsed Tools List Extension Training Materials Electronic Tandem Network Extended Tether Program (U-2R) Exportable Training Packages ETR Eastern Test Range Estimated Time of Return Embedded Training Requirements ETRAC ETS Enhanced Tactical Radar Correlator Expiration of Term of Service European Telephone System ETUT ETX EU EUCOM EUE EUIT Enhanced Tactical Users Terminal End of Text European Union US European Command Early User Experimentation (or Evaluation) Early User Innovative Test 128 .

EUP EUR EURAAD EUSA EUSAARS EUSC EUTE EUTP EVAC EVAL EVAN EVFS EW® Equipment Usage Profile European European Activity Address Code Eighth US Army (Korea) European Simulation AAR System Effective US Controlled Ship Early User Test and Experimentation Early User Test Plan Evacuation Evaluation Expandable Van Electronic Vehicle Fighting System Electronic Warfare Electromagnetic Warfare Early Warning (radar) EWBMA EWCC EWG EWO EWVA EXCAP EXCON Electronic Warfare Battle Management Aids Enhanced Weapon Control Computer EXFOR Working Group Electronic Warfare Officer EW Vulnerability Analysis Exercise Capability Executive Committee Executive Control Exercise Control EXDIS EXECCTL EXEVAL Exclusive Distribution Execution Control Exercise Evaluation External Evaluation EXFOR Experimental Force Exercise Force EXJAM EXMOVREP EXMP EXO Expendable Jammer Expedited Movement Report Experimentation Master Plan Exoatmospheric 129 .

Control.EXORD EXPLAN EXREP EXSUM Ext EY F Execute Order Exercise Plan Exercise Report Executive Summary Exterior Execution Year Fahrenheit PM. and Intelligence FAADS FAAD GBS FAAO FAAPS FAAR FAASV FAAV FAB FAC Forward Area Air Defense System Forward Area Air Defense Ground Based Sensor Field Artillery Air Observer Field Artillery Ammunition Processing System Forward Area Alerting Radar Field Artillery Ammunition Supply Vehicle Future Attack Air Vehicle Field Artillery Board Force Accounting Code Family Assistance Center Forward Air Controller 130 . Control. Communications. and Intelligence Forward Area Air Defense Command. FATDS (Integrator) F&OC F-CAP F-HOUR F/I F0 FA Full and Open Competition Force-Closure Analysis Program (effective time of announced RC mobilization) Flame/Incendiary AFATDS Workstation class computer unit (TCU or HCU) Field Artillery Force Analyzer Functional Area FAA Functional Area Assessment Federal Aviation Administration FAAD FAADC2 FAADC2I FAADC3I Forward Area Air Defense Forward Area Air Defense Command & Control Forward Area Air Defense Command.

Control.FACC FACE FACTS FAD Feature Attribute Coding Catalog Forward Aviation Combat Engineering Facilities Assets Catalog and Tracking System Force Activity Designator Funding Allowance Document Funding Authorization Document Feasible Arrival Date FADAC FADC2I FAFDOPS FAI FAIO FALP FAMS FAMSIM FAO Field Artillery Digital Automated Computer Forward Air Defense Command. and Intelligence Field Artillery Fire Direction Operations Force XXI ABCS Integration Field Artillery Intelligence Officer Frequency Agile Laser Protection Field Artillery Mission Support Family of Simulations (or Simulators) Finance and Accounting Officer Foreign Area Officer Forward Air Observer FAP Final Approved Program Force Alignment Plan FAPES FAR Force Augmentation Planning and Execution System Federal Acquisition Regulation False Alarm Rate Functional Analysis Review FARE FARP FARV FAS Forward Area Refueling Equipment Forward Arming and Refueling Point Future Armored Re-supply Vehicle Force Accounting System Field Artillery System FASC FASCAM FASCO FASCOM Forward Area Signal Center Family of Scatterable Mines Forward Area Support Coordination Officer Field Army Support Command 131 .

FAST Field Assistance in Science and Technology Forward Area Support Team (terminal) FAST-I FASTA FASTALS FAT Forward Area SID & TRAP-Improved Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act Force Analysis Simulation of Theater Administrative and Logistics Support Fatalities. First Article Test First Article Test Final Acceptance Test FATACOPS FATDS FAWPSS FAX FB FBCB2 Field Artillery Tactical Operations Field Artillery Tactical Data System Forward Area Water Point Supply System Facsimile Firing Battery Force XXI Battle Command – Brigade & Below Force XXI Brigade and Below Command and Control FBI FBL FBOIPFD FBS FC Federal Bureau of Investigation Future Battle Laboratory Final Basis of Issue Plan Feeder Data Finance Battlefield System Fire Control Field Circular Finance Code Friendly Capability FCA FCAO FCC Functional Configuration Audit Field Contract Administration Office Federal Communications Commission Flight Control Center Flight Coordination Center FCD FCDNA FCE&I FCG FCI Functional Capabilities Document Field Command Defense Nuclear Agency Field Concept Evolution and Trials Functional Coordinating Group Flight Control Integration Functional Configuration Identification 132 .

FCP FCR FCRC FCS Facilities Construction Plan Fire Control Radar Federal Contract Research Center Fire Control System Forward Control Section FCT Fractional Component Thereof Foreign Comparative Testing FCX FCZ FD Fire Coordination Exercise Forward Combat Zone Fire Direction Focused Dispatch (exercise) Fuertes Defensas (exercise) Functional Description FD/SC FDA FDB FDC Failure Definition/Scoring Criteria Food and Drug Administration Functional Description of the Battlefield Fire Direction Center First digitize Corps FDD Force Design Directorate Force Design and Development First Digitized Division Functional Decomposition Design Functional Design Document floppy disk drive FDDI FDDM Fiber-Optic Distributed Data Interface Fire Direction Data Management (or Manager) Fire Direction Dissemination Module Fire Support Digital Data Manager FDE Force Development Experimentation Functional Data Element Force Deployment Estimator FDESC FDF FDL Force Description First Digitize Force FAAD Data Link 133 .

FDM Functional Data Manager Frequency Division Multiplex FDMA FDMIS FDMIS-AS FDMP FDO Frequency Division Multiple Access Force Development Mgmt Info System FDMIS-Authorization Subsystem Full Duplex Message Protocol Fire Direction Officer Flexible Deterrent Options FDR Future Digital Radio Future Data Radio FDRP FDS First Destination Reporting Point Fire Direction System Functional Design Specification Fixed Distribution System FDTB FDTE FDTSP FDU FDX FEA FEBA FEC FED FED-STD FEDB FEEMS FEI FEL FEMA FEP FER Force Development Test Bed Force Development Test and Experimentation Foreign Disclosure and Technology Security Plan Force Design Update Full Duplex Front End Analysis Forward Edge of the Battle Area Forward Error Correction Forward Entry Device Federal Standard Failure Experience Data Bank Facilities Engineering Equipment Maintenance System Functionally Emulative Increment Free Electron Laser Federal Emergency Management Agency Front End Processor Force Exchange Ratio Fractional Exchange Ratio FET Field Effect Transistors Follow-on Equipment Training 134 .

FEZ FF FFAR FFIRN FFP FFRDC FG FGEP FGM FH Fighter Engagement Zone Fire Finder Folding Fin Aerial Rocket Field Format Index Reference Number Firm Fixed Price Federally Funded R & D Center Finance Group Fixed Ground Entry Point Force Generation Model Frequency Hopping Frequency Hop AFATDS Hand held Terminal Unit FHMUX FHP FHT Frequency Hopping Multiplexer Flying Hour Program Formal Hardware Testing Field Handling Trainer FHWA FIA Federal Highway Administration Force Integration Analysis Financial Inventory Accounting FIC FID FIDL FIDP FIFO FIFV FINL FINS FIO FIPS FIREFLEX FIREX FIRS FIRST FIS Force Indicator Code Foreign Internal Defense FAAD Instrument Data Link Foreign Internal Defense Plan First In First Out Future Infantry Fighting Vehicle Flame/Incendiary and Non-Lethal Freight Information System Force Integration Office Federal Information Processing Standards Flexible Fire Support System Fire Exercise FORSCOM Issue Resolution System Forum of Incident Response and Security Team Friendly Information System 135 .

FISO FIST Force Integration Staff Officer Fire Support Team Fleet Imagery Support Terminal FIST-DMD FISTV FIT FITSS FL FIST Digital Message Device Fire Support Team Vehicle Future Infantry Technologies FAAD Integrated Test Support System Force Level AFATDS Lightweight Computer Unit FLC Force Level Control Federal Laboratory Consortium Force Level Commander FLCC FLCF FLCS FLD SVC FLI FLIDB FLIR FLIRP FLIS FLITE FLO/FLO FLOC FLOE FLOGEN FLOT FLSC FLTSAT FM Force Level Command and Control Force Level Control Function Force Level Control System (obsolete term) Field Service Force Level Information Force Level Information Database Forward-Looking Infrared Radar Force Level Information Requirements Plan Federal Logistics Information System Flying Laboratory for Integrated Testing and Evaluation Float On and Float Off Force Level Control Capability Force Level Control Element Flow Generation Forward Line of Own Troops Final Logistics Support Concept Fleet Satellite Field Manual Frequency Modulated Force Module Fire Mission FMBT Future Main Battle Tank 136 .

FMC Fully Mission Capable Food Machinery Corporation Federal Manufacturers Code FMCS FMEA FMECA FMEIS FMF FMFM FMI FML FMLSM FMMP FMMRS FMMUX FMP Freight Movement Control System Failure Mode Effects Analysis Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis Force Management Execution Info System Fleet Marine Force Fleet Marine Force Manual Force Module Identifier Force Module Library Force Module Logistics Sustainability Model Force Modernization Master Plan Force Mod Milestone Reporting System FM Multiplexer FORSCOM Mobilization Plan Frequency Management Plan Force Modernization Package FMS Force Module Subsystem Foreign Military Sales FMSP FMTV FMVSS FN FNS FO Foreign Military Sales Program Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards Force Network Foreign Nation Support Forward Observer Force Opns Fiber Optics Follow-on FO/FAC FOA FOB Forward Observer/Forward Air Controller Field Operating Agency Freight On Board Forward Operating Base 137 .

FOC Full Operational Capability Fiber-Optic Cable Flight Operations Center FORSCOM Operations Center FOCC FOE FOF FOFA FOG Forward Observer Command and Control Follow-on Operational Evaluation Force on Force Follow-On Forces Attack Fiber Optic Guided Fiber Optic Gyro FOG-M FOIA FOM FONECON FOR Fiber Optic Guided Missile Freedom of Information Act Federation Objective Model Phone Conversation Field-Of-Regard Field of Reduction Family of Operational Rations FORCEM FORCPAC2 FORGEN FORMDEPS FORSCOM FORSTAT FORTAS FOS FOSIC FOT FOT&E FOUO FOV Force Evaluation Model Force Projection Army Command and Control Force Generation (Report) FORSCOM Mobilization and Deployment Planning System Forces Command Force Status and Identity Report Forward Observation Remote Target Acquisition System Forward Observer System Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Center Follow-on Operational Test Follow-on Operational Test and Evaluation For Official Use Only Family Of Vehicles Field Of View FOVEA FP Field of View Emissivity Area Functional Proponent Force Package 138 .

and Corrective Action System Fragmentary Order Fragmentary Order Functional Requirements Document Force Record Extract File Friendly Situation Force Requirements Generator Federal Republic of Germany [obsolete term] FRN FROG FROM Force Requirement Number Free Rocket Over Ground Force Reception and Onward Movement 139 .FP TOC FPA FPAC2 FPC FPD FPDD FPE Force Projection TOC Focal Plane Array Force Projection Army Command and Control Federal Port Controller Functional Purchase Description Family of Physical Deception Devices Force Protection Experiment Fighting Position Excavator FPI FPIF FPLX FPM Functional Process Improvement Fixed Price. Analysis. Incentive Fee Force Projection Logistics Exercise Feet Per Minute fast page mode FPR FPSR FPT FPU FQAT FQR FQT FR Force Program Review Field Personnel Status Report Follow-on Production Test floating point unit Formal Qualification Acceptance Test Formal Qualification Review Formal Qualification Test Functional Requirements Flat Rack FRA FRACAS FRAG FRAGO FRD FREF FRENSIT FRG Federal Railroad Administration Failure Reporting.

& Communications Fire Support Combined Arms Tactical Trainer Fire Support Coordination Center Fire Support Coordination Line Fire Support Coordination Measure Federal Supply Code of Manufacturer FSCOORD FSCS Fire Support Coordinator Fire Support Control System Future Scout Cavalry system FSCT FSD FSDR FSE Fire Support Control Terminal Full Scale Development Final Site Design Review Fire Support Element Facility Support Element Functional Support Element 140 .FRP FRS FRS-H FRY FS Full Rate Production Fully Responsive System Forward Repair System-Heavy Former Republic of Yugoslavia Fire Support Friendly Status Feasibility Study Force Support FSA Fire Support Area Force Structure Allowance Foreign Systems Acquisition FSATS FSB FSC Fire Support Automated Test System Forward Support Battalion Field Simulation Center Field Service Company Force Structure Conference Federal Supply Classification Federal Supply Category Fire Support Coordination FSC3 FSCATT FSCC FSCL FSCM Fire Support Command. Control.

and Adventure 141 . Travel.FSED FSEN FSFA FSG Full Scale Engineering Development Future Small Extension Node Switches Fire Support Functional Area Family Support Group Federal Supply Group FSHTU FSIC FSK FSMAA FSMP FSN FSO Fire Support Hand-held Terminal Unit(LCU) Forward Sensor Interface and Control Frequency Shift Keying Fire Support Mission Area Analysis Forward Support Maintenance Point Federal Stock Number Fire Support Officer Facility Security Officer FSOP FSP Field Standard Operating Procedures Full Scale Production Fire Support Planning Fuel Storage Point FSRS FSS Functional Security Requirements Specs Fire Support Section (or System) Fast Sealift Ship Frequency Surveillance System FSSG Fleet Service Support Group (USMC) Force Service Support Group (MAGTF) FSSP FST Fuel System Supply Point Fire Support Terminal(TCU) Forward Surgical Team FSTC FSTD FSU FSV FSX FT Ft FTA Foreign Science and Technology Center Fire Support Test Directorate Former Soviet Union Future Scout Vehicle Fire Support Execution Fort Feet Fun.

FTAM File Transfer. Access. Federal Telephone System Full Time Support FTSTDA FTT Full Time Support TDA Functional Threat Test Field Tactical Trainer FTTD FTUS FTX FU FUD Full Time Training Duty Full Time Unit Support System Field Training Exercise Fire Unit Fire Unit Display First Unit Deployed Field Use Designator FUE FUED FUIWSD FUPP-D FUR FV First Unit Equipped First Unit Equipped Date Fire Unit Integrated Weapon System Display Full-Up Power Pack -Diagnostics Future Utility Rotorcraft Functional Validation Field Validation FVPDS Fielded Vehicle Performance Data System 142 . and Management File Transfer and Management FTD Field Training Detachment Far Target Designator FTE FTI FTIR FTLS FTM FTO FTP Full Time Employment Fixed Target Indicator Fourier Transform Infrared Formal Top-Level Specification Full Time Manning Final Technical Order Fuel Transfer Point File Transfer Protocol Focused Technology Program FTS File Transfer Services.

FVS FVT FW FW/RW FWD FWF FWIS FWS FXXI FXXITP FY FYBP FYDP Fighting Vehicle System Final Version Test Fixed Wing Fixed-Wing/Rotary Wing Forward Fixed Word Format Fixed Wing Investment Strategy Flight Weapon Simulator Force Twenty One FXXI Training Program Fiscal Year Fiscal Year Base Plan Future Years Defense Program Five Year Defense Plan FYIAP FYTP G g G&A G/VLLD G0 G1 G2 G2 SEC G3 G3 OPNS G3 PLANS G3A G4 G5 GaAs GAAT GACC Gal Five Year Interoperability Assurance Plan Five Year Test Plan Giga (1 billion) Gram General and Administration Expenses Ground Vehicular Laser Locator Designator AGCCS Workstation Class Computer Personnel and Administration Staff at Corps and Division Intelligence Staff at Corps and Division Intelligence Section Operations. Plans and Training Staff at Corps and Division Current Operations Element of the G3 Section Plans Element of the G3 Section Air Operations Element of the G3 Section Logistics Staff at Corps and Division Civil Affairs at Corps and Division Gallium Arsenide General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade Ground Attack Control Center Gallon 143 .

and Targeting Government Acceptance Test GB GBCS GBCS-H GBCS-L GBDL GBI GBR GBR-T GBRS GBS Gigabytes Ground-Based Common Sensors Ground-Based Common Sensors (Heavy) Ground-Based Common Sensors (Light) Ground Base Data Link Ground-Based Interceptor Ground-Based Radar Ground-Based Radar Terminal Ground-Based Radar System Global Broadcasting System Ground-Based Sensor GBS/CGS GC Ground-Based Sensor Warfighter Associate Gas Chromatography Gaining Command GCA Ground Control Approach Ground Control Airborne GCC Gaining Command Code Gulf Cooperation Council Ground Component Commander GCCS(A) GCE GCOS GCP Global Command and Control System-Army Ground Combat Element General Comprehensive Operating System Ground Control Position Ground Control Planning Ground Control Processor (w/in CARS) GCR GCS GCSS GD Group Coded Recording Ground Control Station Global Combat Support System General Dynamics 144 .GALE GAO GAPEWS GAT Generic Area Limitations Environment General Accounting Office Graphic Air Picture Early Warning System Guidance. Apportionment.

GDAS GDDM GDE GDI GDP Global Deployment Analysis System Graphical Data Display Manager Geospatial Data Exploitation Graphics device interface Gross Domestic Product General Defense Point (or Position) GDR GDT GDU GEADGE GEF GELOC GEM GEMSS GEN SUP GEN-II GENSER GEOFILE GEOLOC GEOREF GEP GES GFE GFF GFI GFM GFP GGIS GGP GHQx GHz GIAC GICOD GIDEP German Democratic Republic Ground Data Terminal Gun Display Unit (German Air Defense Ground Environment System) Global Environmental Facility Geographic Location Code Guidance Enhancement Missile Ground Emplaced Mine Scattering System General Supply Generation II Soldier General Service (message category) Geo-location File Geographic Location (Code) Geographic Reference Ground Entry Point Gateway Earth Stations Government Furnished Equipment Government Furnished Facilities Government Furnished Information Government Furnished Material Government Furnished Program (or Property) Global Geographic Information and Services Generic Gateway Protocol General Headquarters Exercise Gigahertz (1 billion hertz) Graphic Interface Aggregate Controller Good Idea Cut Off Date Government/Industry Data Exchange Program 145 .

Garbage Out Global Information Infrastructure Graphic Information Presentation System Geographic Information System Government Information System GIST GIT GITIS GKS GL GLLD GLO GLPS GM Graphic Intelligence Support Terminal Gender Integrated Training Ground Integrated Target Identification System Graphical Kernel System Grade Level. Generic List Ground Laser Location Designator Ground Liaison Officer Gun Laying and Positioning System Guided Missile Guidance Manager Group Modem GMAP GMD GMF GMFSC GMLR GMR GMS GMTI GNC Gnd GNDCP GO GOB GOBI GOC GOCOM General Macro Assembler Program Global Missile Defense Ground Mobile Force Ground Mobile Forces Satellite Communications Guided Missiles and Large Rockets Graduated Mobilization Response Geo-stationary Meteorological Satellite Ground Moving Target Indicator Global Navigation Chart Ground Ground Command Post General Officer Ground Order of Battle General Officer Bright Idea Group Operations Center General Officer Command 146 .GIE GIF GIGO GII GIPSY GIS Global Information Environment Graphics Interchange Format Garbage In .

GOES GOLDS GOP GOPAXS GOPS GOSC GOSIP Geo-stationary Operational Environmental Satellite General On-line Display System General Operating Procedures Group Operational Passenger System Giga Operations Per Second General Officer Steering Committee Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile Government Open Systems Information Protocol GOSP GOTS GOVT GOWG GP General Officer Steering Panel Government off-the-shelf Government General Officers Working Group General Purpose Group GPADS GPALS GPCSC GPD GPF Guided Parafoil Air Delivery System Global Protection Against Limited Strikes General Purpose Computer Support Center Gallons Per Day General Purpose Forces Ground Processing Facility GPH GPIA GPM GPRA GPS GPS-ADD GPSS GRASP GRC GRCE-IPF GRCS GRCS ARF GRCS GPF GRCS-IPF Gallons Per Hour General Purpose Interface Assembly Gallons Per Minute Government Performance and Results Act Global Positioning System GPS-Altitude Determination Device General Purpose Simulation System Graphical System for Presentation Ground Radio Communications GRCS-Integrated Processing Facility Guardrail Common Sensor GRCS Airborne Relay Facility GRCS Ground Processing Facility GRCS Integrated Processing Facility 147 .

GRREG GRS GRWSIM GS Graves Registration General Religious Support Ground Warfare Simulation General Support General Schedule General Staff Ground Station Glide Slope GSA GSAB GSD GSE GSERD GSF General Services Administration General Support Aviation Battalion Graphical Situation Display Ground Support Equipment General System Engineering R & D General Support Forces Ground System of the Future GSM General Support Maintenance Ground Station Module Ground Support Module Generic Simulation Manager GSM/CGS GSR Ground Station Module/Common Ground Station Ground Surveillance Radar General Support Reinforcing GSS General Supply Support General Security Service GSSB GST GSTS GSU GT GTA General Supply Support Base Ground Support Terminal Ground-based Surveillance and Tracking System General Support Unit. Ground Staff Office Generic Task. Government Test Ground Test Accelerator Graphic Training Aid Grafenwoehr Training Area GTAM GTN Ground To Air Missile Global Transportation Network 148 .

GTNC GTO GTSC GTT GTW GUI GV GVW GW GWIP GWM GWP H-AMI H-HMMWV H-HOUR H/S/O HA HAB HAC HACR HACT HAEMP HAFEZ HAHO HALO German Territorial Northern Command Global Threat Overview German Territorial Southern Command Government Technical testing Go-To-War (configuration) Graphical User Interface Graphics and Visualization Gross Vehicle Weight Gateway Global Weather Intercept Program Graphics Win Mark General War Plan Host Automated Message Interface Heavy HMMWV (specific hour operation commences) Hardware/Software/Operations Hit Avoidance Heavy Assault Bridge House Appropriations Committee Helicopter Active Control Rotor Helicopter Active Control Technology High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse Hostile Aircraft Free Engagement Zone High Altitude High Opening High Altitude Low Opening High Altitude Observatory HAPL HARM HASA HASC HATMD HAWK HAWK PCP High Average Power Lasers High-Speed Anti-radiation Missile High Altitude SIGINT Architecture House Armed Services Committee High Altitude Tactical Missile Defense Homing All the Way Killer Hawk Platoon Command Post 149 .

HAZ Hazardous Cargo Hawk Assignment Zone HAZCON HAZMAT HB HBCU/MI HBT HCA HCA HCI HCJ HCLOS HCTA HCTR HCU HDBK HDC HDD Hazardous Condition Hazardous Materiel Hard Ball Historically Black Colleges and Universities/Minority Institutions Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors Humanitarian and Civic Assistance High capacity Air Ambulance Human-Computer Interface Heliborne Common Jammer High Capacity Line of Sight Helicopter Composite Technology Application High Capacity Truck Radio High-Capacity Computer Unit Handbook Helicopter Direction Center Hardware Design Document hard disk drive HDDI HDL Host Document Data Interchange Harry Diamond Laboratories Hardware Design Language HDLC HDRSAT HDSB HDT HDU HDX HE Higher Level Data Link Control High Data Rate Satellite Terminal Heavy Dry Support Bridge High Density Tape Hard Disk Unit Half Duplex Host Environment Human Engineering High Explosive 150 .

Maintainability. Force Tracking Human Factors Test HFT&E HFTTY HGSS HGST Human Factors Test and Evaluation High Frequency Teletype Hellfire Ground Support System Helicopter Gunnery Skill Test 151 . Reliability.HEAT High Explosive Anti-Tank Headquarters Effectiveness Assessment Tool HEAT-MP-T HEED HEL High Explosive Muti-purpose Tracer Helicopter Emergency Egress Device Human Engineering Laboratory Helicopter HELO HELP HELSTF HEM HEMCO HEMP HEMT HEMTT HERMS HEROS HET HETS HF Helicopter Howitzer Extended Life Program High Energy Laser Systems Test Facility Heavy Equipment Maintenance Heavy Equipment Maintenance Company High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse High Electron Mobility Transistors Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck Human Engineering. Safety German Command & Control System Heavy Equipment Transporter Heavy Equipment Transporter System High Frequency Human Factors HFDF HFDF-R HFE High Frequency Direction Finding HFDF-Rear Human Factors Engineering Heavy Fuel Engine HFEA HFM HFMS HFPM HFT Human Factors Engineering Analysis Heavy Force Modernization Highway Fleet Management System Human Figure Performance Model HQ.

Processing and Output Hybrid In-bore Rocket Assisted Motor Human Intelligence Management System Hover IR Suppressor System High Sea State Container Transfer System Human Immunodeficiency Virus High Level Architecture High Level Architecture Run Time Infrastructure 152 .HH HHA HHB HHC Hand Held Health Hazard Assessment HQ and HQ Battery HQ and HQ Company Hand Held Computer HHD HHG HHOP HHS HHT HIBC HICAP HICC HICON HIDACZ HIL HILEX HILV HIMAD HIMARS HIMEZ HIMS HIP HQ and HQ Detachment Household Goods HQ and HQ and Operations Company Health and Human Services HQ and HQ troop Horizontal Integration Battle Command High Capacity Artillery Projectile Hostile Intelligence Collection Capabilities Higher Control High-Density Airspace Control Zone Human Interface Link (NATO exercise program/seminars) High Level High-to-Medium Altitude Air Defense High Mobility Artillery Rocket System High Altitude Missile Engagement Zone Housing Information Management System Howitzer Improved Program Hot Isostatic Pressing HIP OBFCS HIPAS HIPO HIRAM HIRMS HIRSS HISEACOTS HIV HLA HLARTI Howitzer Improvement Program On Board Fire Control System High Performance Armament System Hierarchy of Input.

Manpower.HLR HLU HMC HMCT HMD HMMWV HMPT HMRS HMS HMT HMX HN HNA HNS HNSC HOL HP High Lift Rotor High-Level Unit High Mobility Camouflage Highway Movement Control Team Helmet-Mounted Display High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle Human Factors. Communication. and Training High Mobility Rocket System Heavy Materiel Supply High Mobility Trailer High Melting Explosive Host Nation Host Nation Agreement Host Nation Support House National Security Committee High Order Language Hide Position Horsepower HPA Head of Processing Activity Head of Procurement Activity HPC HPCC&S HPI HPM HPRF HPT HPTL HQ HQ CMD HQ&OPS HQDA HQMC HRD HRE High Performance Computing High Performance Computing. Personnel. and Simulation High Power Illuminator High Power Microwave High Power Radio Frequency High-Payoff Target High-Payoff Target List Headquarters Headquarters Command Headquarters and Operations Headquarters. Department of the Army Headquarters Marine Corps High Resolution Display Human Research and Engineering 153 .

HRED HRP HRS HRT HRWSR HS HSB HSC HSCDM HSD HIS Human Research and Engineering Directorate Highway Regulating Point High-Resolution Scenarios Highway Regulating Team High Resolution Weather Satellite Receiver Home Station HQ and Service Battery Health Services Command High Speed Cable Driver Modem Horizontal Situation Display Human Systems Integration Hyperspectral Imagery Human Systems Interface HSIP HSP HSPR HSS Human System Integration Plan High Speed Processor High Speed Pulse Restorer Hunter Sensor Suite Health Service Support HSTDD HT HTA HTD HTI Home Station Departure Date Horizontal technology Hohenfels Training Area Highway Traffic Division Horizontal Integration Office Horizontal Technology Integration HTIO HTK HTML Horizontal Technical Integration Office Hit-To-Kill Hypertext Meta-Language Hyper Text Markup Language HTSC HTTB HTTP HTU HUD HUMINT High Temperature Super Conducting High Technology Test Bed Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Hand Held Terminal Unit Heads-up Display Human Intelligence 154 .

Assembly. and Air Conditioning Hypervelocity Launchers High-Value Target Hardware Hardware/Software Hypervelocity Weapon Hypervelocity Weapon System Heavy Heavy Materiel Supply Hardware Hardware Configuration Item Hardware-In-the-Loop High Water Speed Technology Demonstrator Hertz (cycles per second) PM< Intelligence Fusion (Integrator) Identification & Authentication Issues and Criteria Integration and Evaluation Integration & Runtime Specification Integration and Test Indications and Warnings (day intelligence indicators are recognized) Individual Soldier’s Portal (Into the Synthetic Battlefield) Intercept Intercept Interface Input/ Output Image Intensification Intelligence Assessment Imagery Analyst IA&T IAB IAC Integration. and Test Internet Architecture Board Image Analysis Center 155 .HV HVAC HVL HVT HW HW/SW HVW HVWS HVY HVY MATL SUP HW HWCI HWIL HWSTD Hz I I&A I&C I&E I&RTS I&T I&W I-DAY I-PORT I/C I/C I/F I/O I2 IA Hunter Vehicle. High Value Heating. Ventilating.

Checkout. and Test Independent Cost Analysis Individuals’ Chemical Agent Detector Integrated Computer Aided Manufacturing Improved Chemical Agent Monitor ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization 156 .IACOP IADS IAEA IAMS IAMUS IAP International Armaments Cooperative Opportunities Plan Integrated Air Defense System International Atomic Energy Agency Integrated Army Mobilization Study Installation Automated Manpower Utilization System International Airport. Info Architecture Plan Imagery Architecture Plan (Air Force) IAR IAS Interoperability Assessment Report International Armaments Strategy Intelligence Analysis System IAT Institute for Advanced Technology Initial Acceptance Test IATACS IAVMS IAW IB IBA IBAT IBCS IBIS IBMA IBP IBS IBTA IC Improved Army Tactical Area Communications System Installation Automated Vehicle Management System In Accordance With Issue Book Integrated Battlefield Architecture Improved BAT Integrated Battlefield Control System Interactive Battlespace Intell System Intelligent Battle Manager Assistant Integrated Business Package Integrated Booking System Integrated Battlefield Targeting Architecture Integrated Circuit Integration Contractor Interface Certification IC&T ICA ICAD ICAM Installation.

Outputs.ICAR ICASE ICBM ICBT ICC Integrated Command Accounting and Reporting System Integrated Computer-Aided Software Engineering Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Improved Common Bridge Transporter Individual Camouflage Cover Information Coordination Central Interstate Commerce Commission ICCCM ICD Inter Client Communications Convention Manual Interface Control Document Interface Control Document Initiative Communications Deception ICDL ICE Integrated Circuit Design Language Independent Cost Estimate Inventory Control Effectiveness ICEDEFFOR ICM Icelandic Defense Force Intelligence Collection Management Improved Conventional Munitions Intelligence Correlation Module ICMP ICN ICNIA ICOD ICOFT ICOM ICP Internet Control Message Protocol Interface Control Document Integrated Communications. Controls. and Mechanisms Incremental (or Interim) Change Package Inventory Control Point Interface Change Proposal Internal Communications Processor ICR ICS ICS3 ICST ICT ICTP Intelligence Collection Requirement Interim Contractor Support Integrated Combat service Support System Institute for Computer Sciences & Technology Individual and Collective Training ICT Plan 157 . Navigation. and Identification Avionics Intelligence Cutoff Date Institutional Conduct of Fire Trainer Inputs.

Business Process Interim Deployable Ground Station Interface Design Handbook Intelligence Data Handling Systems Interim (or Interoperable) Data Link Interface Definition Language IDM Improved Data Modem Interim Data Modem IDMP IDMT IDNG IDP Intelligence Data Management Processor Intelligence Digital Message Terminal Infantry Division National Guard Intelligence Data Processor Interface Demonstration Plan IDR Interface Design Requirement Institute of Dental Research IDS Intermediate Direct Support Interface Design Specification Intrusion Detection System IDSS Integrated Diagnostic Support System 158 .ICTT ICU ICW ICWG ID Interim (or Improved) Commander’s Tactical Terminal Interface Control Unit In Coordination With Interface Control Working Group Increased Deployability (Posture) Identification Infantry Division IDA IDB IDD Institute for Defense Analysis Interoperability Database Interface Design (or Definition) Document Interim Digital Division IDE IDEF IDEF0 IDEF1X IDEFO IDGS IDH IDHS IDL Integrated drive electronics Integrated Definition Language Integrated Computer Aided Manufacturing Definition Function Method Integrated Computer Aided Manufacturing Definition Extended Data Method Integrated Definition Language .

IDT IDTS Inactive Duty Training Integrated Digital Telecommunications System Integrated Development Test Schedule IDUP IE IEA IEB IEC Independent Data Unit Protection Independent Evaluation (or Evaluator) Information Exchange Agreements Independent Evaluation Briefing Imagery Exploitation Cell (w/in CARS) International Electro-technical commission IEEE IEFT IEM IEM-BARCIS IEMS IEP IER Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers Internet Engineering Task Force Installation Equipment Management IEM Bar Code Inventory System Installation Equipment Management System Independent Evaluation Plan Independent Evaluation Report Information Exchange Requirements IERW IES IET Initial Entry Rotary Wing Imagery Exploration System Initial Entry Training Independent Evaluation Teams IEW Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Integrated Electronic Warfare IEWCOMCAT IEWCOMDED Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Character-Oriented Message Catalog Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Character-Oriented Message Data Element Dictionary IEWCS IEWFA IEWS Integrated Electronic Warfare Common Sensor IEW Functional Area Integrated Electronic Warfare Suite IEW System IEWSE IEWTD IEWTPT IF IEW Support Element IEW Test Directorate Intell and Electronic Warfare Tactical Proficiency Trainer Intelligence Fusion 159 .

and Neutral Forces Integriertes Fuhrangs and Info System (German counterpart to CVC2) Interferometric Fiber Optic Gyro Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis Initial Formal Qualification Test Informal Qualification Test IFR IFS IFSAS IFTE IFV IG IGCE IGES IGMP IGOSS IGRV IGRV ARF IGRV-IPF IGS IGSM IHAWK IHFR IHPTET II IIOS IIP Instrument Flight Rules Integrated Facilities System Initial Fire Support Automation System Intermediate Forward Test Equipment Infantry Fighting Vehicle Inspector General Independent Government Cost Estimate Initial Graphics Exchange Specification Internet Group Management Protocol Industry/Government Open Systems Specification Improved GUARDRAIL V IGRV Airborne Relay Facility IGRV-Integrated Processing Facility Intermediate General Support Interim GSM Improved HAWK Improved High Frequency Radio Integrated High Performance Turbine Engine Technology Imagery Interpretation Integrated Information Operation Strategy Intelligence Interface Processor 160 .IFC IFCS IFE IFF IFF/NCTR IFF/SIF IFFC IFFN IFIS IFOG IFPA IFQT Item For Collection Improved Fire Control System Instrument Flight Examiner Identification Friend Or Foe IFF/Non-Cooperative Target IFF/Selective Identification Feature Integrated Fire and Flight Control Identify Friend. Foe.

Insensitive Munitions Information Management IMA Individual Mobilization Augmentee Information Management Area Intelligent Maintenance Aid IMAPS IMAWS IMBC IMC IMCSRS Integrated Military Airlift Planning System Integrated Multiple Aim point Weapon Selector Improved Mortar Ballistic Computer Instrument Meteorological Conditions Installation Materiel Condition Status Report System 161 .IIR IIS IITV IJMS IK IKP IKPT IL ILAP ILD ILIR ILMS ILOC ILOGS ILP ILS Intermediate Information Requirement Inter-vehicular Information System Image Intensifying Television Interim JTIDS Message System (or Specification) Installation Kit Instructor and Key Personnel Instructor and Key Personnel Training ASAS Lightweight Computer Unit Integrated Logistic Analysis Program Initial Launch Data Independent Laboratory In house Research Improved Launcher Mechanical System Intermediate Location Integrated Logistics System International Logistics Program Integrated Logistics Support Instrument Landing System ILSC ILSDP ILSMRS ILSMT ILSO ILSP ILW IM Integrated Logistics Support Concept International Logistics Supply Delivery Plan Integrated Logistics Support Milestone Reporting System Integrated Logistics Support Management Team Integrated Logistics Support Organization Integrated Logistics Support Plan Institute of Land Warfare Item Manager.

Welfare. and Recreation Fund Infantry 162 .IME IMEF IMEP IMET IMETP IMETS IMETS-E IMF IMFG IMFL IMH IMINT IMMERS IMMIS IMMP International Materiel Evaluation 1st Marine Expeditionary Force Independent Master Evaluation Plan International Military Exchange Training Individual Military Education & Trng Program Integrated Meteorological System IMETS-Enhanced Intelligent Minefield Information Management Functional Group Intensive Management Force List Interactive Message Handler Imagery Intelligence Integrated Movement Management Equipment Re-deployment System Integrated Modernization Management Information System Information Management Master Plan Information Mission Management Plan IMO IMP International Mathematics Olympiad Implementation and Monitoring Plan Information Management Plan Input Message Processing Intelligence Message Processor Interface Management Plan Interface Message Processor Imp IMP-ATACMS IMPACT IMS IMSA IMSC IMSO IMTS IMU IMWRF IN Impedance Improved ATACMS Insensitive Munitions Packaging Technology International Military Staff Installation Medical Support Activity Installation Management Steering Committee Intensive Management Staff Officer Improve Moving Target Simulator International Measurements Unit Installation Morale.

In INC Inch Interface Network Controller Internet Controller INCA INCNR INCONREP INCS INDD INDRSA INFO INFOSEC Intelligence Communications Architecture Increment Number Intra-Continental US Movement Report Internet Controllers Intra-Nodal Data Distribution Independent Reserve Storage Activity Information Information Security Information System Security ING INMARSAT INS INSBC INSCC INSCOM INSICOM INT INTACS INTEL INTEROP Inactive National Guard International Maritime Satellite Immigration and Naturalization Service Intelligence Security Board Intelligence and Security Command Intelligence and Security Command Integrated Special Intelligence Communications Interior Integrated Tactical Communications System Intelligence Inter-operational Interoperability INTREP INTSUM INU IO Intelligence Report Intelligence Summary Inertial Navigation Unit Intermediate Objective International Officer Information Operation IOA IOC Independent Operational Assessment International Olympic Committee Initial Operational Capability IOD Input/ Output Device 163 .

IOE IOEP IOER IOFPS IOP IOPS IOT&E Independent Operational Evaluator Independent Operational Evaluation Plan Independent Operational Evaluation Report Integrated Operation Facility/Platforms/Systems Interface Operating Procedures Interface Operating Procedures Initial Operational Test and Evaluation Internal Operational Test and Evaluation IP Internet Protocol Instructor Pilot Initial Production Information Processor Informal Processing Image Processing Implementation Procedure Initial Point Intelligence Processing Internal Protocol IPA IPB Integrated Program Assessment Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield Illustrated Parts Breakdown IPBS IPC IPCE IPCP IPD IPDS IPDS/ETUT IPE IPF Installation Property Book System Inter-process Communications Independent Parametric Cost Estimate Improved Platoon Command Post Issue Priority Designator Imagery Processing and Dissemination System IPDS/Enhanced Tactical User Terminal Individual Protective Equipment Initial Production Facilities Imagery Processing Facility Integrated Processing Facility IPL Integrated Priority List Initial Program Load 164 .

In-Process Review Integrated Program System (or Summary) Illustrative Planning Scenario IPSP IPSS IPT Intelligence Priorities for Strategic Planning Initial Pre-Planned Supply Support Image Perspective Transformation Initial Production Test Integrated Product Team IPUT IPW IQT IR In-Plant User Test Interrogation.IPLI IPN IPP Internet Private Line Interface Intelligence Processing Network Information Processing Protocol Industrial Preparedness Planning IPPD Integrated Product and Process Development Integrated Product Process Design IPPM Industrial Preparedness Planning Measures Integrated Product (or Process) Management IPPS IPR IPS Initial pre-planned Supply Support System In-Progress Review. Prisoner of War Informal Qualification Test Infrared Incident Record Information Requirements IR&D Independent Research and Development International Research and Development IR/MMW IR/VIS IRB Infrared/Millimeter Wave Infrared/Visible Improved Ribbon Bridge Initial Ready Brigade IRC IRCM IRD&S IRDSS IREMBASS Initial Response Cell Infrared Countermeasures International Research. Development. and Standardization Infrared Defeating Smoke system Improved Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System 165 .

IRFPA IRIAM IRIG IRJH IRM IRMO IRMS IRN IRO IRR IRS Infrared Focal Plane Array Integrated Radar and Infra-red Analysis and Modeling Inter-Range Instrumentation Group Infrared Jammer Head Information Resource Manager IRM Office Information Resource Management Services Interface Revision Notice Internal Review Office Individual Ready Reserve/Reservist Interface Requirements Specification Internal Revenue Service Information Reporting System IRST IRV IS IS3 ISA Infrared Search and Track (Capability) Improved Recovery Vehicle Interface Specification In-transit Security and Survivability System Instruction Set Architecture Industry standard architecture ISAP ISAR ISC Individual System Automation Plan Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Information Systems Command Integrated System Control Inter-Software Commo ISD Individual Soldier Detector Interoperability Standardization Directorate Instructional Systems Development Information Systems Division ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network Integrated Switching Data Network ISE Intelligence Support Element Intermediate Support Equipment ISEC ISEF Information Systems Engineering Command International Science and Engineering Fair 166 .

Surveillance.ISEIC ISEMP ISF ISIS Information Systems Engineering Integration Center Integrated Systems Evaluation Management Plan Integrated Support-Fielding Integrated Signals Intelligence System Integrated Systems for Installation Support Interchangeable/Substitutability Information System ISM Installation Support Module Integrated Sustainment Maintenance ISMA ISO Information Systems Management Activity International Standards Organization Installation Supply Officer Integration Staff Officer ISO/OSI ISP ISO’s Open Systems Interconnect Integrated Support Plan ISDN Security Program ISPF ISQP ISR Interactive System Productivity Facility Information Systems Quality Program Installation Status Report Individual Soldier Radio ISRC ISS Intentionally Short Range Communications Integrated Systems Support Information Systems Security Interactive Survivability Simulation ISSA ISSC ISSL ISSO ISSR ISSSB IST ISTA ISTC ISTEC ISU Inter (or Intra) Service Support Agreement Information Systems Software Center Initial Spares Support List Information System Security Officer Incremental Software Specification Review Information Systems Software Support Bulletin Institute for Simulation and Training Intelligence. and Target Acquisition Integrated System Test Capability Information Systems Test and Evaluation Center Independent Site Unit 167 .

Inception To Date Integrated Tactical Defense Network Interactive Training Event Menu Intelligence & Tactical Exploitation Processor Individual Training Evaluation Program Independent Technical Evaluation Plan ITER IT IS ITMP ITO Independent Technical Evaluation Report Interim Test Item Simulator Integrated Training Management Plan Installation Transportation Office(r) Independent Test Organization Integrated Task Order Integrated Info System ITOE ITOFCN ITP ITR ITS ITSB Intermediate TOE Interim Technical Order Field Change Notice Individual Training Plan Improved Terrain Representative Integrated Test Schedule Information Technology Systems Bridge 168 . The Army Authorization Document System Intelligence Threat and Analysis Center Improved Tactical Air Command Center Improved Tactical Air Operations Center Improved Target Acquisition System Interim Theater ADP Service Center Integrated Tactical Amphibious Warfare Data System Interim Transportable C2 Computer Center Interim Terrain Data. and Evaluation Installation.ISYSCON Integrated System Control Information System Control IT Innovative Tests Interoperability Testing Information Technology Information transport IT&E ITAADS ITAC ITACC ITAOC ITAS ITASC ITAWDS ITC4 ITD ITDN ITEM ITEP Integration. Test.

Targets. and Threat Simulator Interrogator Translator Unit International Telecommunications Union ITV In-Transit Visibility Intra Transit Visibility ITWAA IU IUC IV&V IVIS Integrated Tactical Warning and Attack Assessment Interface Unit Independent User Center Independent Verification and Validation Inter-vehicular Information System Integrated Vehicular Information System IVMMD IW IWC2W IWARS IWCS IWD IWEDA IWG Interim Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector Information Warfare Information Warfare/Command and Control Warfare Installation Worldwide Ammunition Reporting System Integrated Tactical Communications System Integrated Weapons Display Integrated Weather Effects Decision Aid Interface Working Group Interoperability Working Group IWSD IXMP IXP J J&A J-DIPC J-MASS JA JAARS JAAT JACK JACG JACO Integrated Weapon System Display Information Standards Management Panel Information Exchange Plan Other Intelligence Systems Pms (Integrator) Justification and Approval Joint Deployable Intelligence Processing Capability Joint Mobility Analysis Support System Joint Affairs.ITTD ITTS ITU Interim Tactical Terrain Data Instrumentation. Judge Advocate Joint After Action Reporting System Joint Air Attack Team Computer generated icons Joint Aeronautical Commanders Group Joint Actions Control Office 169 .

JACS JAD JADO JAFPUB JAG JAGS JAMC JAMES JAMP JAMPS JANAP JANOP JAO JAOC JASORS JASPO JAWS JUMPS Army Automated Coding System Joint Analysis Division Joint Air Defense Operation Joint Armed Forces Publication Judge Advocate General Joint Tactical Ground Station Joint Amphibious Mine Countermeasures Joint Automated Message Editing System JINTACCS Army Master Plan JINTACCS Automated Message Preparation System Joint Army-Navy-Air Force Protocol (or Publication) Joint Automatic Network Operating Procedure Joint Area of Operations Joint Air Operations Center Joint Advance Special Operations Radio System Joint Advance Signal Intelligence Program Office Joint Analytic Worldwide System Janus Analytical Workstation JB JBPO JC2WC JCALS JCC JCCC JCEWS JCGRO JCIP JCLL JCM JCMC JCME JCMEB JCOE JCOT Junction Box Joint Blood Program Office Joint C2 Warfare Center Joint Computer-Aided Acquisition & Logistics System Joint Coordination Center Joint Communications Control Center Joint Combat Electronic Warfare System Joint Central Graves Registration Office Joint/Combined Interface Procedure Joint Center for Lessons Learned Joint Conflict Model Joint Crisis Management Capability Joint Collection Management Element Joint Civil-Military Engineering Board Joint Common Operating Environment Joint Collection Observation Team 170 .

and Analysis Joint Electronic Warfare Center Joint Engagement Zone 171 . Training.JCRP JCS JCS PUB JCSE JCSM JDA Joint Command Readiness Program Joint Chiefs of Staff JCS Publication Joint Communications Support Element JCS Memorandum Joint Duty Assignment Joint Deployment Agency JDA DAT JDAL JDC JDA Deployment Action Team Joint Duty Assignment List Joint Doctrine Center Joint Deployment Community JDCP JDISS JDL JDS JDSCR JDSIP JDSIR JDSSC JDT JDUP JDWP JECEWSI JEDI JEEP JEL JEOCG JEPES JES JESS JETS JETTA JEWC JEZ Joint Distributed Collaborative Planning Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System Joint Directors of Laboratories Joint Deployment System JDS Change Request JDS Interface Processor JDS Incident Report Joint Data Systems Support Center Joint Development Test Joint Deployment Update Processor Joint Doctrine Working Party Joint Electronic Combat Electronic Warfare Simulation Joint Exercise Driver for Intelligence Joint Emergency Evacuation Plan Joint Electronic Library Joint Exercise Operations Control Group Joint Engineering Planning and Execution System Job Entry Subsystem Joint Exercise Support System Joint Exploitation of Tactical Systems Joint Environment Testing.

JFAAD JFACC JFAST Joint Forward Area Air Defense Joint Force Air Component Commander Joint Feasibility Analysis System for Transportation Joint Flow Analysis System for Transportation JFC JFLCC JFMCC JFMDC JFQ JFROM JFSOCC Joint Force Command(er) Joint Force Land Component Commander Joint Force Maritime Component Commander Joint Force Missile Defense Coordinator Joint Forces Quarterly (Magazine) Joint Force Reception and Onward Movement Joint Force Special Operations Component Commander Joint Force Special Operations Control Center JFTX JGSDF JIAWG JIC JIEO Joint Field Training Exercise Japan Ground Self Defense Force Joint Integrated Avionics Work Group Joint Intelligence Center Joint Interoperability and Engineering Office Joint Interoperability and Engineering Organization JIEP JIES JILE JILSMT JIM JIMPP JINTACCS JITC JL JLC JLOG JLOTS JLPPG JLRC JLRSS JLSC Joint Intelligence Estimate for Planning Joint Interoperability Evaluation System Joint Intelligence Liaison Element Joint ILS Management Team JESS Intelligence Model Joint Industrial Mobilization Planning Process Joint Interoperability of Tactical Command and Control Systems Joint Interoperability Test Center Other Intelligence Systems Lightweight Computer Unit Joint Logistics Command(er) Joint Logistics Joint Logistics Over The Shore Joint Log and Personnel Policy and Guidance Joint Logistics Readiness Center Joint Long Range Strategic Study Joint Logistics Systems Center 172 .

JM JMA JMAO JMARRS JMASS JMC JMCC JMCI JMCIS JMENS JMH JMMC JMNA JMNLC JMOA JMPAB JMPE JMRO JMSNS JMTK JNOCC JOA JOG Joint Mission Joint Mission Application Joint Mortuary Affairs Office Joint Model After-Action Review System Joint Modeling and Simulation System Joint Movement Center Joint Movement Control Center Joint Maritime Command Information Joint Maritime Command Information System Joint Mission Element Needs Statement JSSIS Message Handler Joint Movement Control Center Joint Military Net Assessment Joint Multi-National Logistics Command Joint Memorandum Of Agreement Joint Materiel Priorities and Allocation Board Joint Mission Processing Environment Joint Medical Regulating Office Justification for Major System New Start Joint Mapping Tool Kit JOPES Network Operations Control Center Joint Operations Area Joint Oversight Group Joint Operations Graphic JOINT-STARS JOP JOPES JOPESREP JOPS JOPSREP JOR JOT JOT&E JP Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System Joint Operating Procedure Joint Operations Planning and Execution System JOPES Reporting System Joint Operation Planning System JOPS Reporting System Joint Operational Requirement Joint Operational Test Joint Operational Test and Evaluation Joint Publication 173 .

JPAM JPAO JPAT JPD JPEC JPEG JPEP JPG JPITL JPL JPM JPME JPMO JPO JPOC JPOI JPON JPP JPS JPSD JR JRA JRAC JRC JRCC JRDC JRIM JRMB JROC Joint Program Assessment Memorandum Joint Public Affairs Office Joint Process Action Team Joint Planning Document Joint Planning and Execution Community Joint Picture Expert Group Joint Planning and Execution Process Joint Planning Guidance Joint Prioritized Integrated Target List Jet Propulsion Laboratory Joint Program Manager Joint Professional Military Education Joint Program Management Office Joint Petroleum (or Program or Project) Office Joint Project Optic Cobra Joint Project Ornate Impact Joint Project Optic Needle Joint Planning Process Joint Precision Strike Joint Precision Strike Demonstration Joint Review Joint Rear Area Joint Rear Area Coordinator Joint Reconnaissance Center Joint Reception Coordination Center Joint Regional Defense Center Joint Requirements Integration Manager Joint Requirements and Management Board Joint Required Operational Capability Joint Requirements Oversight Committee (or Council) JRS JRSC JRTC JRX Joint Reporting Structure (or System) Jam Resistant Secure Communications Joint Readiness Training Center Joint Readiness Exercise 174 .

JS JS-LIST JSARO JSCC JSCP JSDF JSDTC JSEAD JSHS JSI JSIMS JSIPS JSIT JSLIST JSO Joint Staff Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology Joint Service and Agency Representative Office Joint Service Coordination Committee Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan Japanese Self Defense Forces Joint Strategic Deployment Training Center Joint Suppression of Enemy Air Defense Junior Science and Humanities Symposium Joint Service Interface Joint Simulations Joint Services Imagery Processing System Joint Deployment System Information Trace Joint Service Lightweight integrated Suit Technology Joint Specialty Officer Joint Staff Office JSO NOM JSOA JSOC JSOR JSOTF JSOW JSP JSPD JSPP JSPS JSR JSS JSSAP JSSIS JSSMF JSTARS JSO Nominee Joint Special Operations Area Joint Service Operational Concept Joint Services Operational Requirement Joint Special Operations Task Force Joint Stand-Off Weapon Joint Service Program Joint Strategic Planning Document Joint Service Program Plan Joint Strategic Planning System Joint Strategy Review Joint Service Software Joint Service Small Arms Program Joint Staff Support Information System Joint Summer Science and Mathematics Facility Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System Joint Surveillance target Acquisition Radar System JSTE Joint Service Training Exercise 175 .

JSTPS JSZMC JT JT&E JTA(A) Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff Joint Surf Zone Mine Countermeasures Joint Test Joint Test and Evaluation Joint Table of Allowances Joint Transfer Agreement Joint Technical Architecture(Army) JTACMS JTACS Joint Tactical Missile System Joint Tactical Area Communications System Joint Tactical Army Communications System JTADS JTAGG JTAGS JTAMS JTAO JTASC JTB JTC Joint TADL-A Distribution System Joint Turbine Advanced Gas Generator Joint Tactical Air to Ground Station Joint Tactical Missile Signatures Joint Tactical Air Operations Joint Training. and Communications Agency Joint Tactical C3 Test Center Joint Targeting Coordination Board Joint Test Director/Deputy Test Director Joint Tactical Direct Energy Warfare Technology Joint Test Element JUMPS Teleprocessing System Joint Tactical Engagement Simulation System Joint Task Force Joint Tactical Fusion Joint Test Facility JTFSUPCOM JTHP JTIDS JTF Support Command Janus Take Home Package Joint Tactical Information Distribution System 176 . and Sim Center Joint Transportation Board Joint Training Confederation Joint Technology Center Joint Training Configuration JTC3A JTC3TC JTCB JTD/DTD JTDEWT JTE JTELS JTESS JTF Joint Tactical Command. Control. Analysis.

Techniques. and Procedures Joint Tactical UAV Program Office Joint Training Exercise JOPES User Group Joint User Handbook Joint Universal Lessons Learned System Joint Uniform Military Pay System Joint Unconventional Warfare Task Force Joint Venture Joint Venture Directorate Joint Variable Message Format Joint Venture Analysis Plan Joint Vertual Environment Laboratory Joint Visual Info Activity – Washington Joint Visual Information Services Joint Warning and Reporting Network Joint Warfare Center Joint Warfighting Center Joint Working Group Joint Worldwide Information (or Intelligence) Communications System Joint Warfighting Interoperability Demonstration Joint Warfighting Integration Directorate JWIS JZ KAIS KAIST Joint Worldwide Military Command and Control Information System Program Joint Zone Korean Air Intelligence System Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 177 .JTL JTLS JTMD JTMDPO JTMP JTO JTS JTT JTTP JTUPO JTX JUG JUH JULLS JUMPS JUWTF JV JVD JVMF JVAP JVEL JVIA-W JVIS JWARN JWC JWFC JWG JWICS JWID Joint Target List Joint Theater Level Simulation Joint Theater (or Tactical) Missile Defense Joint Theater Missile Defense Program Office Joint Training Master Plan JOPES Training Organization Joint Training System Joint Tactical Terminal Joint Tactics.

Skills. and Attitudes Kilowatt Key Word In Context Key Word Out of Context Keyboard 178 .KB Kb/s KBLPS KBPS KBS KBSA KBSC kc KCOIC KD KDEC KE KEA KEG KEM KG kg KHILS Khz kHz KIA KISS KITE KLOC Km KMP KMR KPH KPP KSA Kw KWIC KWOC KYBD Kilobyte Kilobits Per Second Knowledge-Based Logistics Planning Shell Kilobytes per Second Knowledge Based System Knowledge-Based Software Assistant Korean Battle Simulation Center Kilocycles (superseded by Kilohertz) Korean Combat Operations and Intelligence Center Keyboard/Display Kinetic Energy Weapon Digital Emulation Center Kinetic Energy Key Exchange Algorithm Knowledge Engineering Group Kinetic Energy Missile Keying Generator. Kilogram Kilogram Kinetic Kill Vehicle Hardware In the Loop Simulation Kilohertz (thousand cycles per second) Kilohertz Killed In Action Korean Intelligence Support System Kinetic Kill Vehicle Integrated Technology Experiment Thousands of Lines Of Code Kilometer Key Management Protocol Kwajalein Missile Range Kilometers Per Hour Key Performance Parameter Knowledge.

l L&RS L-Hour L/D L/L LAAD LAAWS LACF LAD Liter Launch and Recovery System (when deployment commences) Lift/Drag (Ratio) Land Line Low-Altitude Air Defense Legal Automation Army-Wide System Lead Analyst Control Function Logistics Anchor Desk Latest Arrival Date Logistics Automation Directorate LADAR LAI LAIR LAM LAM-TF LAMP LAMS LAN LAN (IU) LANDCENT LANE LANTCOM LANTCOMACT LAO LAP LAPB Laser Radar Light Armored Infantry Letterman Army Institute of Research Louisiana Maneuvers Louisiana Maneuvers-Task Force Logistics Automation Master Plan Lightweight Artillery Meteorological System Local Area Network LAN Interface Unit Land Forces Central Europe(CENTAG & NORTHAG) Local Area Network Emulation US Atlantic Command Atlantic Command Activities Logistics Assistance Office Logistics Assistance Program Link Access Procedures-Balanced Link Access Protocol Balanced LAPES LAR LASH LASSO LAST LAT Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System Logistics Assistance Representative Lighter Aboard Ship Logistics Automation Systems Support Office Land line Secure Transmission Latitude 179 .

LATA LATARS LATS LAUE LAV LAV-AD LAW lb LB/TS LBA LBE LBIR LC LCA LCAC LCC Los Alamos Technical Associates Laser Radar Targeting System LWIR Advanced Technology Seeker Lightweight Army User Equipment Light Armored Vehicle Light Armored Vehicle . Medium LCMM LCMS Life Cycle Management Model Laser Counter Measure System 180 . Mechanized Landing Craft.Air Defense Lightweight Automated Howitzer Pound Large Blast/Thermal Simulator Long-Bow Apache Load-Bearing Equipment Low Background Infrared Line of Contact Logistics Control Activity Landing Craft Air Cushion Logistics Control Code Logistics Coordination Center Life Cycle Cost Limited Capability Configuration Land Component Commander LCC-E LCCB LCCE LCCS LCD LCDA LCE LCED LCLO LCM Limited Capability Configuration-Europe Local Configuration Control Board Life-Cycle Cost Estimate Life Cycle Contractor Support Liquid Crystal Display Level Converting Data Adapter Logistics Capability Estimator Life Cycle Environmental Document Low Cost Low Observable Life Cycle Model Landing Craft.

LCN LCSE LCSEC LCSMM LCSP LCSS Load Classification Number Life Cycle Software Engineering Life Cycle Software Engineering Center Life Cycle System Management Model Local Call Service Position Life Cycle Software Support Lightweight Camouflage Screening System LCSSC LCU Life Cycle Software Support Center Lightweight Computer Unit Landing Craft. Easily Deployable by Air Light Equipment Maintenance Light Equipment Maintenance Company Large Extension Node (MSE) 181 . Utility LCV LD Light Contingency Vehicle Line of Departure Loaded Deployability Leavenworth Directorate (LAM TF) LD/R LDC LDDN LDF LDMX LDR LDS Laser Designator/Rangefinder Land Defense of CONUS Leader Development Decision Network Lightweight Digital Facsimile Local Digital Message Exchange Low Data Rate Lightweight Decontamination System Lexington Discrimination System Laser Detecting Set LDSA LDTOC LEA LEAP LEC LEC2BOS LED LEDA LEM LEMCO LEN Loral Defense Systems – Akron Lightweight Digital Tactical Operations center Logistics Evaluation Agency Lightweight Exo-atmospheric Projectile Link Edit Control Lower Echelon C2 Battlefield Operating System Light Emitting Diode Light.

LENS LEO LEO SAT LER LERTCON LET LEWDD LF Large Extension Node Switch Low Earth Orbit Low Earth Orbiting Satellite Loss Exchange Ratio Alert Condition Light Equipment Transporter Light Early Warning Detection Device Line Feed Low Frequency LFCCIS LFCX LFF LFOC LFRIL LFT LFT&E LFX LGH LGM LGSM LHN LI LIC LID LIDAR LIF LIFO LIMDIS LIN LINC LIST LIU LLADI LLAPI Land Forces Command and Control Information System (Canada) Live Fire Coordination Exercise Logistic Factors File Landing Force Operations Center Land Forces Reportable Item List (NATO) Live Fire Test Live Fire Test and Evaluation Live Fire Exercise Launched Grapnel Hook Loop Group Multi-plexer Light Ground Station Module Long Haul Network LAN Interface Low Intensity Conflict Light Infantry Division Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging Logistics Intelligence File Last-In/First-Out Limited Distribution Line Item Number Lightweight Internet Controller Logistics Intra-theater Support Tool LAN Interface Unit Low Level Air Defense Interface Low Level Air Picture Interface 182 .

Europe Line Of Duty Level Of Effort Logistics Logistics Demonstration Logistics Center 183 .LLC LLCSC LLDR LLI LLLTV LLNL LLP LLT LLTI LLTV LMD LMI LMR LMS LMSR LMTV LNA LNB LNO LO Logical Link Control Lower Level Computer Software Component Lightweight Laser Designator and Range finder Long Lead Item(S) Low Light Level Television Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Lower Level Protocol Long Lead Time Long Lead Time Items Low-Light-Level-Television Logistics Maintenance Demonstration Logistics Management Institute Land Mobile Radio Lightweight Mortar System Large Medium-Speed RO/RO Ship Light Medium Tactical Vehicle Local Network Attachment Load Noise Buffer Liaison Officer Liaison Officer Low Observable LO/LO LOA LOBL LOC Lift On-Lift Off Letter Of Agreement Lock-On-Before-Launch Lines Of Communication Logistics Operation Center Localizer LOCASS LOCE LOD LOE LOG LOG DEMO LOGC Low-Cost Anti-Armor Submunition Limited Operational Capability.

LOGCA Logistics Civil Augmentation Program Logistics and Command Assessment of Projects LOGCEN LOGEX LOGGEN LOGMARS LOGNET LOGPAC LOGRUN LOGSA LOGSAC LOGSAFE LOI LOMEZ LON LONG LONGFOG LORAN LOS LOS-F-H LOS-R LOSAT LOSIM LOT LOTS LOU LP Logistics Center Logistical Exercise Logistics Generator Logistics Applications of Marking Automated and Reading Symbols Logistics Data Network Logistics Package Logistics Remote Users Network Logistics Support Activity Logistics Structure and Composition Logistics Sustainability Analysis and Feasibility Estimator Letter Of Instruction Low-Altitude Missile Engagement Zone Letter Of Notification Longitude Long Range Fiber Optic Guided (Missile) Long Range Electronic Aids to Navigation Line Of Sight Line Of Sight-Forward-Heavy Line Of Sight-Rear Line-Of-Sight Anti-Tank Low Observable Simulation Limited Operational Test Logistics-Over-The-Shore Limited Official Use Limited Procurement (or Production) Line Printer Launch Position LPD LPEO LPI Low Probability of Detection Local Public Employment Office Low Probability of Intercept Lines Per Inch LPM Loss Projection Model 184 .

LPP LPU Line Printer/Plotter Line Processing Unit Logical Program Unit Limited Procurement. and Acquisition Plan Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol Low-Resolution Scenarios Long Range Science and Technology Plan Long Range Standoff Biological Detection System Long Range Surveillance Company Long Range Surveillance Detachment Long Range Surveillance Unit Long Range Sensor Unit LRU Line (or Lowest) Replaceable Unit 185 . Development. Urgent LR LRAAP LRAD LRAMRP LRAP LRAS3 LRC Long Range Long Range Army Acquisition Plan Logistics Readiness Analysis Division Long Range Army Materiel Requirement Plan Long Range Action Plan Long Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System Lesser Regional Contingency Lesser Regional Conflict Logistics Readiness Center Learning Resource Center LRCP LRCS LRF LRIP LRP Laboratory Research Cooperative Program Low Radar Cross Section Laser Range finder Low-Rate Initial Production Long Range Plan Low Rate Production Logistics Re-supply Point LRRDAP LRRP LRS LRS&TP LRSBDS LRSC LRSD LRSU Long Range Research.

Small Arms Logistics Support Analysis Logistics Support Agency LSAP LSAR LSB Logistics Support Analysis Plan Logistics Support Analysis Report Least Significant Bit Lower Sideband LSC Loral Systems Company Logistics Support Concept LSCAD LSCD LSCDM LSCR LSD Lightweight Standoff Chemical Agent Detector Laser Standoff Chemical Detector Low Speed Cable Driver Modem Laundry.LSA Logistics Support Area Lubricant. and Clothing & Light Textile Repair Large Screen Display Large Scale Display LSDIS LSE LSEC LSI LSP LSPP LSPPS LSPR LSS LSTAT LSTC LT LTA LTAC LTACFIRE LTH LTL LTOE Light and Special Divisions Interim Sensor Logistics Support Element Life Cycle Support Engineering Center Large Scale Integration Logistics Support Plan Large Scale Printer Plotter Logistic Support Plan for Pre-operational Support Low Speed Pulse Restorer Large SICPS Shelter Life Support for Trauma and Transportation Large Sensor Test Chamber Light Local Training Area Light Tactical Light Tactical Fire Direction System Light Towed Howitzer Less Than Lethal Living Table(s) of Organization and Equipment 186 . Shower.

LTOIV LTON LTP LTWT LU LUH LUPS LUT LVD LVOSS LVRS LW LWB LWIR LWM LWTB LWU LZ M Latest Time Of Intelligence Value Long Ton Leader Training Program Lightweight Logical Unit Light Utility Helicopter Logistics Unit Productivity System Limited User Test Laser Video Disk Light Vehicle Obscuration Screening System Lightweight Video Reconnaissance System Land Warrior Long Wheel Base Long Wavelength Infrared Low Water Mark Land Warrior Test Bed (Ft Benning) Land Warfare University Landing Zone Mega (1 Million) Mechanized Maneuver m M&A M&D M&IE M&O M&S M-Day M-E-M M-Force M-T-M M-TIS M/CM M/S Meter Management and Analysis Maintenance and Diagnostics Meals and Incidental Expenses Maps and Overlays (Client) Modeling and Simulations (day full mobilization is declared) Model-Exercise-Model Master Force Model-Test-Model Micro Test Item Stimulator Mine/Countermine Modeling and Simulation 187 .

Mosaic Array Data Compression & Processing (Module) MADEF MADP Mission Area Deficiency Mission Area Development Plan Materiel Acquisition Decision Process 188 .M0 M2S M3T2 M3V M577 mA MA Maneuver Control System Workstation class computer unit (TCU or HCU) Multi-Mission Seeker Muti-Mission Medium Tactical Transport Mobile Medical Mentoring Vehicle Carrier. Light Armored Milliampere Mortuary Affairs Marshalling Area Multi-chambered Auto-injector Mission Area MAA MAAG MAB Mission Area Analysis Military Assistance and Advisory Group Mobile Assault Bridge Marine Amphibious Brigade MAC Military Airlift Command [Now AMC] Maintenance Allocation Chart Mandatory Access Control Media Access Control Maneuver Area Command Military Assistance Command MACATAK MACCS MACG Maintenance Capabilities Attack Model Marine Air Command and Control System Marshaling Area Control Group Marine Air Control Group MACI MACOM MACS MAD MADAM MADCAP Military Adaptation of Commercial Items Major Army Command Mobile Armored Crew Station Mission Area Deficiency Material Development Automated Milestones Mobilization and Deployment Capability Assurance Project. Command Post.

MADS MAE MAE UAV MAER MAF MAFSS MAGIC MAGIIC MAGIS MAGR MAGTF MAIN MAIRS MAIS MAISRC Mission Area Deficiency Statement Medium Altitude Endurance Medium Altitude Endurance UAV Multiple Assets Effectiveness Report Marine Amphibious Force Mobile Automated Fire Support System Multidimensional Applications and Gigabit Internet-work Consortium Mobile Ground Imagery Interpretation Center Marine Air-Ground Intelligence System Miniaturized Airborne GPS Receiver Marine Air-Ground Task Force Main Command Post(for Referenced Echelon) Military Airlift Integrated Reporting System Mobile Automated Information System Major Automated Info System Review Council Materiel Acquisition Integrated System Review Council MAIT MAJCOM MAM MAMP MAMS Maintenance Assistance and Instruction Team Major Command (AF Usage) Mission Area Manager Mission Area Materiel Plan Military Airspace Management System Maintenance Activity Management System MAN MANPADS MANPRINT MAP Metropolitan Area Network Man Portable Air Defense System Manpower and Personnel Integration Military Assistance Program Management Action Plan Manufacturing Automation Protocol Materiel Acquisition Plan (or Process Modern Aids to Planning MAPEX MAPP MAPS Map Exercise Modern Aids to Planning Program Mobility Analysis and Planning System Mobilization Asset Planning System 189 .

MAR MARAD MARB MARC Management Assessment Review Maritime Administration Materiel Acquisition Review Board Main Battle Area Manpower Requirements Criteria Muti-Technology Automated Reader Card MARCENT Marine Component. USCENTCOM MARCORSYSCO Marine Corps System Command M MARDIS MARFOR MARFORPAC MARKS MARLO MARRES MARS MASF MASH Modernization Army Research and Development System Marine Forces Marine Forces Pacific Modern Army Record Keeping System Marine Liaison Officer Manuel Radar Reconnaissance Exploitation System Military Affiliate Radio System Mobile Aero-medical Staging Facility Mobile Army Surgical Hospital Monte Carlo Adjoint Shielding MASINT MASS Measurements and Signature (or Signal) Intelligence MOBCON Automated Support System Mobility Analysis Support System MASTER MASTR MASW MAT Manufacturing and Structures Technology for Efficient Rotorcraft Multiple Assets Status Report Mission Application Software Mobilization Assistance Team Module Acceptance Test MATCF MATDEV MATES MATM MATMO MATT MATT Marine Air Traffic Control Facility Materiel Developer Mobilization and Training Equipment Site Multiple Assets Tasking Message Medical Advanced Technology Mgmt Office Mapping Analysis Tools for Transportation Multi-Mission Advanced Tactical Terminal 190 .

MAU MAV MAVMS MAW MAWS MAWTS-1 MAX MAXI Mb MB Media Access Unit Minimum Acceptable Value MACOM Automated Vehicle Mgmt System Marine Air Wing Missile Attack Warning System Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One Maximum Modular Architecture for the Exchange of Information Megabit Megabyte (1 Million Bytes) Marker Beacon Mb/s MB/TA MBA MBB MBC MBBL MBDL MBE MBMMR MBMR MBODD MBPO Mbps MBRR MBS MBSAD MBSBL MC4 Megabits per second Battlefield Mobility/Target Acquisition Main Battle Area Modular Building Blocks Mortar Ballistic Computer (or Calculator) Mounted Battlespace Battle lab Mortar Ballistic Computer Molecular Beam Epitaxy Multi-Band Multi-Mode Radio Multi-Band Multimode Radio Mobilization Origin Departure Date Military Blood Program Office Megabits per second Magnetic Bubble Recorder-Reproducer Mobile Broadcast System Mobilization Station Arrival Date Mounted Battle Space Battle Laboratory Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care 191 .

Army Maneuver Control Agency MCAR MCAS MCC Military Construction. and Geodesy Movement Control Agency MCS Applications Military Construction.MC Medical Corps Military Committee (NATO) Maneuver Control Marine Corps Mission Critical Movement Control Maintenance Console Mission Capable Multi-channel mc MC&G MCA Megacycles (superseded by megahertz) Mapping. Charting. Army Reserve Marine Corps Air Station Movement Control Center Micro Climatic Cooling Maneuver Control Center Master Control Console Mission Control Cell (w/in CARS) MCCD MCCDC MCCP Multi-spectral Close Combat Decoys Marine Corps Combat Development Cmd Marine Corps Capabilities Plan Marine Corps Campaign Plan MCCR MCD MCDS MCE Mission Critical Computer Resources Manipulative Communications Deception Mission-Critical Defense System Maneuver Control Evaluation Mission Control Element Modular Control Equipment MCEB MCF Military Communications Electronics Board Marine Contingency Force 192 .

Geospatial & Imaging Military Customs Inspection Mobilization Cross-Leveling System Marine Corps Logistic Base Materiel Change Management Multi Chip Module Military Computing Module Mine Countermeasures MCMP MCN MCO MCOFT MCP Marine Corps Master Plan MSE Circuit Network Movement Control Officer(R) Mobile Conduct Of Fire Trainer Maintenance Collection Point Monitor and Control Protocol MCPE MCR MCRC MCRDAC MCRR MCS Modular Collective Protection Equipment Message Completion Rate Master Control and Reporting Center Marine Corps RDA Command Movement Control and Readiness Reporting Maneuver Control System Mobile Camouflage System MCS-P MCS-P-AMPS MCS/P MCSD MCT Maneuver Control System – Phoenix Maneuver Control System .MCG&I MCI MCL MCLB MCM Mapping Cartographic.Automated Planning System Maneuver Control System/Phoenix Maneuver Control System Directorate Movement Control Team Mean Correct Time Module Confidence Test MCTCA MCTL MCTNS MCW Marine Corps Tactical Commo Architecture Military Critical Technology List Man-Portable Common Thermal Night Sights Modulated Continuous Wave 193 .Phoenix .

Redeployment. and Demobilization Meteorological Data System Modular Dissemination System Modular Decon System MDSS MDT2 MDW MDZ Mobilization Decision Support System Multiservice Distributed Training Testbed Military District of Washington Maritime Defense Zone 194 .MD Marshalled Deployability Missile Defense Maintenance Diagnostic Material Development Mobilization/Deployment MDA Missile Defense Act Multinational Deployment Agency Medical Digital Assistant Milestone Decision Authority MDAP MDATE MDB MDBIC MDC Major Defense Acquisition Program Mobilization Date Multilateral Development Bank Missile Defense Battle Integration Center Maintenance Data Collection Mobile Data Center MDDC MDEP MDI MDIS MDM MDMS MDP Missile Defense Data Center Management Decision Package Modernized Demolition Initiator Medical Diagnostic Imaging System Mobility Diagnostic Module Maintenance Data Management System Major Defense Program Multi Destination Protocol MDPI MDQS MDR MDRD MDS MACOM POM Development Instructions Management Data Query System Milestone Decision Review Mobilization. Deployment.

Optical. and Maintenance Medical Status Minimum Essential Equipment Maintenance Engineering Evaluation MEECN MEET MEF Minimum Essential Emergency Communication Network Minimum Essential Equipment for Training Marine Expeditionary Force Major Equipment Files Minimum Essential Force MEL MELIOS MEM MEMO Master Events List Mini-Eyesight Laser Infrared Observation Set Micro Electro Mechanics Mission Essential Maintenance Only Memorandum MEMV MENS "Model-Exercise-Model-Validate” Approach Mission Element Need Statement 195 .MEB MECH MECI MED Marine Expeditionary Brigade Mechanized Mission Essential Contingency Items Medical Medium Message Element Dictionary MED C2 MEDALOC MEDALS MEDCEN MEDCOM MEDDAC MEDEVAC MEDEX MEDLOG MEDPAR MEDREG MEDSOM MEDSTAT MEE Medical Command and Control Medical Air LOC Military Engineering Data Locator System Medical Center Medical Command Medical Department Activity Medical Evacuation Medical Air Express Medical Logistics Medical Patient Accounting and Reporting Medical Regulation (or Regulating) Medical Supply.

Terrain. Troops.MEP Mobile Electric Power Master Evaluation Plan MEPCOM MEPES MEPS MER Military Enlistment Processing Command Medical Planning and Execution System Military Entrance Processing Station Manpower Estimate Report Maintenance Evaluation Report MERCURY MES MESAR MET Automated Sanitizer and Translator for Formatted Text/Data Mine Efects Simulator Multifunctional Electronic Scanned Adaptive Radar Meteorological Medium Earth Terminal (w/in CARS) METEOSAT METL METOC METS Meteorological Satellite Mission Essential Task List Meteorological and Oceanographic Mechanized Export Traffic System Meteorological System METSAT METT METT-T MEU MEWG MF Meteorological Satellite Mission. and Troops Mission. Enemy. Terrain --Time Available Marine Expeditionary Unit Master Evaluation Working Group Management Facility Medium Frequency MFA Maneuver Functional Area Materiel Fielding Agreement Multifunction Attachment MFC MFCS MFCT MFFMIS MFIST DMD MFKT Multifunction Computers Mortar Fire Control System Major Fractional Component Thereof Mass Field Fatality Management Information System Modified FIST Digital Message Device Mobile Field Kitchen Trailer 196 . Enemy.

MFL Major (or Master) Force List Multiple Folded LADAR MFLS3 MFN MFO MFOM MFP Multiple Folded LADAR Surveillance Survivability Sensor Most Favored Nation (Status) Multinational Force and Observers MLRS Family of Munitions Major Force Program Materiel Fielding Plan MFR MFT MG Memorandum For Record Materiel Fielding Team Machine Gun Major General Message Generator MG/TA MGB MGM MGMT MGR MGRS MGS MGV MH Map Graphic and Terrain Analysis Medium Girder Bridge Master Group Multiplexer Management Military Grid Reference Military Grid Reference System Mission Ground Station Mobile Gateway Van Message Handler Maneuver Control System Hand held Terminal Unit MHC MHDL MHE MHR MHS MHT MHz MI Materiel Handling Crane MIMIC Hardware Description Language Materials Handling Equipment Man Hours Required Message Handling System Message Handling Table Megahertz Military Intelligence Market Investigation mi MIA Mile Missing In Action 197 .

Jamming.MIB MIC MICAD MICO MICOM MICOR MICRO-TIS MICROFIX MICS MIDAS Management Information Base Management Indicator Code Multipurpose Integrated Chemical Agent Detector Management Information Control Officer Missile Command Multiple Intelligence Correlator Micro Test Item Stimulator (Nickname for Army Ruggedized Microcomputer Workstation) Management Info and Control System Model for Inter-theater Deployment by Air and Sea Man-Machine Integration Design and Analysis System MIDI MIDL MIDS MIDTAS MIE MIES MIFASS MIIC MIJI MIL MIL-HDBK MIL-STD MILCON MILES MILGP MILID MILNET MILPO MILS MILSATCOM MILSCAP MILSPEC MILSTAMP Musical Instrument Digital Interface Miniaturized Interoperable Data Link Multifunctional Information Distribution System MUSARC Inactive Duty Training Accounting System Military Information Environment Modernized Integrated (imagery) Exploitation System Marine Integrated Fire and Air Support System Major Item Information Center Meaconing. and Intrusion Master Incident List Military Handbook Military Standard Military Construction Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System Military Group Military Identification Military Network Military Personnel Office Military Standard Military Satellite Communications Military Standard Contract Administration Procedures Military Specification Military Standard Transportation and Movement Procedures 198 . Interference.


Military Strategic/Tactical Relay Military Standard Supply and Transportation Evaluation Procedures Military Standard Transaction Report and Accounting Procedures Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures Military Intelligence language Trainer Military-Owned Demountable Container Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions Microwave (or Millimeterwave) Monolithic Integrated Circuits Minimum Minute


Movements Information Network Mutual Interference Mobilization Improvement Program Meteorological Improvement program


Mobile Intelligence Processing Element Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request Million Instructions Per Second Mid-Infrared Advanced Chemical Laser Major Item Requisition Validation Multiple Independently Targeted Re-entry Vehicle


Management Information System Mission Intelligence Segment (w/in CARS)


Miscellaneous MIS Input to Command and Control MIS Office Multilevel Information System Security Initiative Missile Integrated Stage Technology Modular Interoperable Surface Terminal (w/in CARS)


Module Integration Test Micro-Circuit Technology in Logistics Applications Military Intelligence TOC Management/Integration/Transition Plans Mobile Integrated (or Imagery) Tactical Terminal MANPRINT Joint Working Group


Mobile Kitchen Trailer Management Level Maneuver Control System Lightweight Computer Unit


Military Legislative As sistant Mobile Liaison Cell Military Load Classification


Medical Logistics Control Group Major Logistics Control Headquarters Message Log Record Marine Corps Long Range Plan Multiple-Launch Rocket System Multi-Level Security Maintenance Manual Mission Management


Manufacturing Methods and Technology Multi Mode Anti-Armor Weapon System Molecular Modeling and Display System Maximum Corrective Maintenance Down-Time Mean Miles Between Unscheduled Maintenance Actions Materiel Management Center Metal Matrix Composite Mobile Mission Coordinator


MACOM Material Condition Status Reporting System Maintenance Master Data File Minimum Mission-Essential Wartime Requirements Man-Machine Interface Millimeter/Microwave Integrated Circuitry Military-Man-In-Space Man/Machine Interaction-Transaction Group MMITG Number MMITG Type Mode Management Module Modeling Measures Of Performance



Maintenance Management Plan Master Plan MAGTAF Master Plan


Muti-Mode Radar Materiel Release Review Board Meteorological Measuring Set Manufacturing Methods and Technology Mass Memory Unit Medium Machine gun Upgrade


Millimeter Wave Main; Materiel Need Major NATO Command Multinational Force Mission Need Statement Multi-National Task Force Monocular Night Vision Device Maneuver Managed Objects Memorandum Of Agreement Military Operations Area


Maneuver-Oriented Ammo Distribution System Mobilization Mobilization Army Program for Individual Training Mobilization Command and Control Mobilization Capabilities Evaluation Model Mobilization Movement Control Mobilization Designee MOBDES Detachment Mobilization Equipment Redistribution System Mobilization Exercise Mobilization, Operations, Deployment/Employment, and Execution System Mobilization Personnel Processing System Mobilization Personnel Structure and Composition System Mobilization Requirements Model


Mobilization Shipments Configured for Operational Planning and Execution Mobilization Support System Mobilization Station Mobile Stretch (SIGINT/IMINT Ground Relay Statin for U-2) Mobilization Installation, The Army Authorization Document System Mobilization TDA Management Of Change Meteorological Operational Capability


Modernization Modified Ministry Of Defense


Transportation Mode Modulator-Demodulator Modernization Path Mobilization Deployment Readiness Exercise Modular Semi-Automated Force Measures Of Effectiveness Maximum On Ground Motor Gasoline Memorandum Of Instruction Machine-Oriented Language Metal Oxide Molecular Beam Epitaxy Military Operations Other Than War Measures Of Performance Memorandum Of Policy


Mission-Oriented Protection Posture Mega Operations Per Second Memorandum Of Record Mobilization Of Retired Employees Military Occupational Specialty Metal Oxide Semiconductor


MOS Code MOS Level System Mosaic Optical Sensor Technology Testbed


Maturity Operational Test Multiservice Operational Test and Evaluation Multiple Object Tracking Radar Mobile Tower System Memorandum Of Understanding Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain Movement Report Movement Exercise Military Operations With Unfamiliar Forces Mission Profile Military Police Manpack Movement Planner Master Plan Message Parser


Man Portable Stand-Off Military Personnel Army Military Pay and Allowances Military Personnel Appropriations Military Personnel Account


Molecular Particle Beam Maintenance Production/Backlog Reporting System Military Payment Certificate Message Processing Center


Military Police Command and Control Mission Planning and Control Station Mission and Performance Envelopes Motion Pictures Expert Group Mobilization Planning and Execution System Maritime Pre-positioned Force Military Pay Grade Miles Per Hour Multi-Purpose Individual Munition Multi-platform Launcher


Medical Planning Module Mobilization Policy Model Movement Planning Module Milestone Planning Meeting


Medical Planning Module Execution System MP Management Information System MSE Packet Network Massively Parallel Processors Mobilization Program reassignment


Military Personnel Records Jacket Mean Prioritized Replacement Position Mission Planning & Rehearsal System Maritime Pre-Positioning Ships Mission Payload Subsystem Mission Planning Station Mobile Profiler System Message Processing Shelter


Downsized MPS Tactical MPS Manpower, Personnel, and Training Maintenance Panel Trainer


Message Processing Unit Military Qualification Skills Maintenance Ratio Medium Range


Maneuver Rights Area Message Release Authority


Materiel Review Board Major Regional Conflict Materiel Release Confirmation


Motorized Rifle Division Materiel Returns Database Medical Research and Development Cmd Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Command

MRDFS MRE MRG Man Portable Radio Direction Finding System Meal. Ready-To-Eat Movement Requirements Generator Message Routing Guides MRIS MRL Modernization Resource Information Submission Master Requirements List Materiel Requirements List Multiplerocket Launcher MRO Materiel Release Order Medical Regulating Officer MROC MRP MRR Multicommand Required Operational Capabilities Manpower Requirements Program Minimum Risk Route Motorized Rifle Regiment MRRS MRS MRSA MRSR MRT Mobile Remote Receiving System Mobility Requirements Study Materiel Readiness Support Activity Multi-Role Survivable Radar Movement Regulating Team Missile Round Trainer MRTT MS Modular Record Traffic Terminal Mobilization Station Multispectral Milestone Market Survey Microsoft Corporation MS-DOS MS/DE MSA MSAC MSAT MSB Microsoft disk operating system Mode Selection/Deployment Estimation Mobil Subscriber Access Medical Situational Awareness and Control Multi-sensor Aided Targeting Main Support Battalion Most Significant Bit 205 .

Inc Multi-Service Communications System Multi-Spectral Comouflage System MSD MSE MSE TPN Msec MSEG&C MSE-TPN MSEL MSEU MSF Medium Screen Display Mobile Subscriber Equipment Mobile Subscriber Equipment Tactical Packet Network Millisecond Multi-Spectral Environmental Generator and Chamber Mobile Subscriber Equipment-Tactical Packet Network Master Scenario Events List Mass Storage Expansion Unit Mobile Strike Force Mission Support Forces Message Security Filter MSG Message Multi-Source Group MSI Multi-Spectral Imagery Medium-Scale Integration MSIEP MSIP Modeling and Simulation Implementation and Execution Plan Multi-Spectral Imagery Processor Multi-Stage Improvement Program Multiple Source Interface Processor MSIS MSL Modeling and Simulation Info System Master Support List Missile MSL SPT Missile Support 206 .MSC Medical Service Corps Military Sealift Command Major Subordinate Command Major Systems Command Mission Support Center MSC(ACUS) MSCA MSCD MSCI MSCS MCS (Area Common User System) Military Support to Civil Authorities Military Support to Civil Defense Minnesota Supercomputer Center.

MSN MSNF MSO MSOT MSP Mission Multiple System Networking Facility Military Service Obligation Multi Service Operational Test Mission Support Plan Medical Supply Point Message Security Protocol MSPS MSR MSRC MSRS MSRT Mobilization Station Planning System Main Supply Route Medical Mission Area Materiel Plan Materiel System Requirements Specification Mobile Subscriber Receiver/Transmitter Mobile Subscriber Radio Terminal MSS MSSW MST MSTAR MSTI Mission Support System Mission Support Software Maintenance Support Team MLRS Smart Tactical Rocket Moving Stationary Target Indicator Multi-Spectral Thermal Imaging MSTS MSTS-A MSU MSX MT Multi-Source Tactical System Multi-Source Tactical System-Army Major Subordinate Unit Midcourse Space Experiment Movement Tracker Metric Ton MTA Major Training Area Message Traffic Analysis Message Transfer Agent MTACCS MTADS MTBCF MTBDE MTBF MTBMA Marine Corps Tactical C2 System Mass Tactical Aerial Delivery System Mean Time Between Critical Failure Mean Time Between Downing Events Mean Time Between Failure Mean Time Between Maintenance Actions 207 .

Metric Ton Mission Training Plan Maintenance Test Plan MTR Military Technical Revolution 208 .MTBMF MTBOMF MTBOR MTBOUMA MTBSP MTC MTCC MTCR MTD Mean Time Between Mission Failure Mean Time Between Operational Mission Failure Mobilization Training Base Output Requirements Mean Time Between Operational Unscheduled Maintenance Actions Mobilization Troop Basis Stationing Plan Maneuver Training Command Modular Tactical Communications Center Missile Technology Control Regime Materiel Test Directorate Mobility Technology Demonstration MTDA MTEP MTF Modified TDA Mission Training Evaluation Plan Medical Treatment Facility Message Text Format MTG MTI MTK MTL Mounting Moving Target Indicator (or Identification) Masked Target Kill Materials Technology Laboratory Moving Target Locator MTM Million-Ton-Miles Maneuvering Tactical Missiles MTMC MTMC-TEA MTMC-TES MTMCEA MTMCWA MTMP MTOC MTOE Military Traffic Management Command MTMC.Transportation Engineering Agency MTMC-Transportation Engineering Service MTMC Eastern Area MTMC Western Area MACOM Telephone Modernization Program Marine Tactical Operations Center Modified TOE Modification Table of Organization and Equipment MTON MTP Measurement Ton.

MTRR MTS Magnetic Tape Recorder-Reproducer Masked Target Sensor Movement Tracking System Marine Tactical System MTSP MTT Maintenance Test Support Package Mobile Training Team Magnetic Tape Transport MTTR MTTRF MTTRS MTU MTV MTWS MULO MULTEWS MULTEWS-A MUP MUSARC MUST MUT MUTA MUVES MUX MV MVR MVMT MVR MVS MW Mw MWARS MWBL MWC MWDDEP Mean Time To Repair Mean Time To Restore Functions Mean Time To Restore System Magnetic Tape Unit Medium Tactical Vehicle MAGTF Tactical Warfare Simulation Multipurpose Overboot Multiple Target Electronic Warfare System MULTEWS. Airborne Metrics Utilization Plan Major USAR Command Multi-Mission UHF SATCOM Terminal Manpack UHF Terminal Multiple Unit Training Assembly Modular Unix-Based Vulnerability Estimator Suite Multiplexer Millivolt Maneuver Movement Maneuver Multiple Virtual Storage Master Warrant Milliwatt MACOM Worldwide Ammunition Reporting System Mounted Warfare Battle Lab Missile Warning Center Mutual Weapons Development Data Exchange Program 209 .

and Recreation Modular Weapon System Manportable Weather Support System Mounted Warrior Test Bed (Ft Know) Mechanized (day unit notified for deployment/employment) Not Applicable Not Applicable National Agency Check North Atlantic Council (NATO) National Automotive Center NACC NACI NACSI NADB NAEW NAF North Atlantic Cooperation Council National Agency Check and Written Inquiries National COMSEC Information Network Accessible Database NATO Airborne Early Warning (System) Nonappropriated Fund Numbered Air Forces NAFISS NAFTA NAI NAK NALE NAM NAP Non-Appropriated Funds Information Standard System North American Free Trade Agreement Named Area of Interest Not Acknowledged Naval and Amphibious Liaison Element Network Assessment Model Not Authorized for POMCUS Not Authorized Prepositioning NAP-D NAPDD NAPLPC NAPR NARDAC Not Authorized Prepositioning-Deferred Non-ACAT Program Definition Document North American Presentation Layer Protocol Standard NATO Armaments Planning Review Naval Regional Development Applications Center 210 .MWF MWO MWR MWS MWSS MWTB MX N-Day N/A NA NAC Medical Working File Modification Work Order Morale. Welfare.

and Chemical NBC Contamination Survivability NBC Reconnaissance System NBC Warning and Reporting System Network Bridge Processor National Bureau of Standards Nodal Controller Node Center (MSE) NCA National Command Authority Nuclear and Chemical Agency NCAA NATO Civil Air Augmentation National Collegiate Athletes Association 211 . Europe Naval Forces Naval Materiel Command Navigational System Tracking and Range Naval Weapons Center Naval Surface Warfare Center.NAS Numerical Aerodynamic Simulator National Airspace System NASA NASM NASRS NAT NATC NATO NATS NAU nauti mi NAVCENT NAVELEX NAVEUR NAVFOR NAVMATCOM NAVSTAR NAVWPNCEN NAWCDD NAWCTSD NAWSIM NBC NBCCS NBCRS NBCWRS NBP NBS NC National Aeronautics & Space Administration National Air and Space Model Non-Available Status Reporting System Non-Air-Transportable (Cargo) Nevada Automotive Test Center North Atlantic Treaty Organization New Aircraft Tool System Network Access Unit Nautical Mile Navy Component. Central Command Naval Electronics Command US Navy. Dahlgen Division Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division Naval Warfare Simulation Nuclear. Biological.

NCC Network Control Center Navy Command Center NCCF NCD NCMP NCO NCOES NCOIC NCOPD NCP NCPS NCR NCS Network Communications Control Facility Net Control Device Navy Capabilities and Mobilization Plan Noncommissioned Officer Noncommissioned Officer Education System Noncommissioned Officer In Charge Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development Network Control Protocol Nuclear Contingency Planning System National Capitol Region Net Control Station Net Control System Node Center Switch (MSE) National Communications System NCS (D) NCS-E(d) NCSC NCTAMS NCTC NCTR NCTS ND NDE NDI NDMS NDR NDRF NDTE NDU NEACP NEC NEISO Downsize Net Control Station Network Control Station-EPLRS (downsize) National Computer Security Center Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command Non-Cooperative Target Recognition Naval Computer and Telecommunications Stations Normal Deployment (Posture) Non-Destructive Evaluation Non-developmental Item(S) National Disaster Medical System National defense radar National Defense Reserve Fleet Non-Destructive Test Equipment National Defense University National Emergency Airborne Command Post National Electrical Code Non-Material Individual Enhancement of SOF Operators 212 .

NEO NEP NEPA NES NET Noncombatant Evacuation Operation National ELINT Plan National Environmental Policy Act Network Encryption System New Equipment Training Not Earlier Than NETCAP NETP NETT NFE NFS NG NGB NGF NGIC NGLO NGO NGR NGS NH NI-CAD NIAG NIC NICP NICS NIES NIEWS NIF NIFFTE NII NiMH NIMSR NIP National Exploitation of Tactical Capabilities New Equipment Training Plan New Equipment Training Team Network Front End Naval Fire Support National Guard National Guard Bureau Naval Gunfire National Ground Intelligence Center Naval Gunfire Liaison Officer Non-Governmental Organization National Guard Regulation Non-Government Standards Nuclear Hardened Nickel Cadium NATO Industrial Advisory Group National Intelligence Community National Inventory Control Point NATO Integrated Communications System Non –material Individual Enhancement of SOF operations NTCS-A Imagery Exploitation Work Station Nonindustrial Facilities Non-Cooperative Identification Friend or Foe Technology National Information Infrastructure Nickel-metal hydride Non-consumable Item Material Support Request Notional Intelligence Point 213 .

NIPS NMCS Information Processing System Northern Italian Pipeline System Naval Intelligence Processing System NIR NIS Near Infrared National Military Command System Information System Non-Imaging Sensors NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology National Intelligence Support Team NIT NITF Network Integration Test National Intelligence Transmission Format National Imagery Transmission Format NITFS NLABS NLOS NLOS-CA NLSP NLT NMC NMCC NMCCS NMCS NMD NMIBT NMIC NMIPC NMP NMS NMSD NMSO NMT NMTB2 NN NNTP No National Imagery Transmission Format Standard Natick R and D Laboratories Non Line Of Sight Non Line Of Sight .Combined Arms Network Layer Security Protocol Not Later Than Network Monitoring and Control National Military Command Center National Military Command & Control System National Military Command System National Missile Defense New Materiel Information Briefing Team National Military Intelligence Center National Military Intelligence Production Center National Maintenance Point National Military Strategy National Military Strategy Document Nuclear Medicine Science Officer Network Management Tool Network Management Terminal Brigade and Below Neutral Network Network News Transfer Protocol Number 214 .

NOAA NOB NOC NOCMIS NOCRLF NODIS NOE NOF NOFC NOFORN NOK NOMEN NOMS NOP NOPF NOPLAN NOR NORAD NORM NORTHAG NOSC NOTAL NPB NPDA NPE National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Northern Operating Base Network Operations Center NOC Management Information System No Carriage Return/Line Feed No Distribution Nap-Of-the-Earth Notional Force Notification Of Future Change Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals Next Of Kin Nomenclature Nuclear Operations Monitoring System Nuclear Operations Naval Oceanographic Processing Facility No Plan Available or Prepared Notice Of Revision North American Aerospace Defense Normal Northern Army Group (NATO)(obselete) Naval Ocean Systems Center Not To All Addresses Neutral Particle Beam Network Program Determination Application Nuclear Planning and Execution Networking Planning and Engineering NPES NPG NPGS NPOES NPR NPS NPT Nuclear Planning and Execution System Non-unit Personnel Generator Naval Post Graduate School National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite (Program) National Performance Review NATO Precautionary System Nonproliferation Treaty Network Planning Terminal 215 .

Nuclear Regulatory Commission NRDC NRDEC NRE NRI NRL NRMM NROSS NRP Naval Research & Development Cmd Natick RD & E Center Non-Recurring Effort Net Radio Interface Naval Research Laboratory NATO Reference Mobility Model Navy Remote Oceanographic Sensing System Non-Unit-Related Personnel Network Radio Protocol NRT National Rotorcraft Transport Near Real Time NRTC NRTD NRZ NS National Rotorcraft Technology Center Near Real Time Display Non-Return to Zero Network Services Node Switches NSA NSAP NSC National Security Agency Network Service Access Points National Security Council National Simulations Center NSCID NSD NSC Intelligence Directive National Security Directive Network Service Definition NSDAB NSDD NSF NSI NSK NSL NSN NSNMDR Non-Self-Deployable Aircraft and Boats National Security Decision Directive National Science Foundation Numeric System Identifier Narrow-Frequency Shift Keying Non-Stockage List National Stock Number NSN Master Data Record 216 .NRAD NRC Naval Research and Development Non-Unit-Related Cargo.

NSOC NSP NSR National SIGINT Operations Center Navy Support Plan National Security Review National Strategy Review NSRL NSS NSTD NSTDR NSTISS NSTL NSTUD NSUR NSW NSWCCSS NSWTG NTAT NTC National Signals Intelligence Requirements List National Security Strategy Non-System Training Devices Non-System Training Device Requirement National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security National Software Testing Laboratories National System Tactical User Device Non-Hardened Small Unit Radio Naval Special Warfare Naval Surface Warfare Center Coastal Systems Station Naval Special Warfare Task Group Not To Accompany Troops Naval Telecommunications Command National Training Center NTCS NTCS-A NTDR NTDS NTE NTF NTG NTH NTIA NTISSC NTPF NTR NTRN NTS NTVS NUC Naval Tactical Command System Naval Tactical Command System-Afloat Near-Term Digital Radio Navy Tactical Data System Not To Exceed National Test Facility Non-Technical Generator New Training Helicopter National Telecommunications and Information Administration National Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee Near Term Pre-Positioned Force National Transport Rotorcraft Non-Tactical Radio Networks Naval Telecommunications System Non-Tactical Vehicle System Nuclear 217 .

NURADS NURC NURP NUSSE NUWEP NVD NVEO NVEOD NVESD NVG NVIS NVLAP NVP NVPS NWARS Netted Universal Radar System Non-Unit Related Cargo Non-Unit Related Personnel Non-uniform Simple Surface Evaporation Nuclear Weapons Employment Policy Night Vision Devices Night Vision Electro Optics Night Vision Electro-Optics Directorate Night Vision & Electronic Sensors Directorate Night Vision Goggles Near Vertical Incident Skywave National Voluntary Lab Accreditation Program Network Voice Protocol Night Vision Pilotage System National Wargaming Simulation National Warfare Simulator NWE NWIS NWISS NWLE NWP NWS O O&M O&O Nuclear Weapons Effects Navy WWMCC Information System Naval Warfare Interactive Simulation System Nuclear Weapons Logistics Element Naval Warfare Publication National Weather Service PM. OPTADS (Integrator) Operations and Maintenance Organizations and Operations Operational and Organizational O&OP O&S O-CONUS O/C Operational and Organizational Plan Operations and Support Outside Continental United States Observer/Controller Observer/Collector O2 O2I OA Object-Oriented Object-Oriented Interfaces Operational Assessment (or Architecture) 218 .

Army Objective Crew-Served Weapon 219 .OAD Operational Availability Data October (94) AUSA Demonstration OADR OAS Originating Agency Determination Required Operations Automation System Offensive Air Support Organization of American States OASD OASYS OB OBC Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense Obstacle Avoidance System Order of Battle Optical Bar Camera (U-2 sensor) Officer Basic Course OBE OBFCS OBJ OBP OBRA OC OCA OCAR OCCH OCD Overcome by Events On-Board Fire Control System Objective On-Board Processor Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act Observer Controller Offensive Counter Air Office of the Chief of Army Reserve Office of the Chief of Chaplains Operational Concept Document Operational Concept Demonstration OCE OCIE OCLL OCNB OCONUS OCPA OCR Office of the Chief of Engineers Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment Office of the Chief of Legislative Liaison Office of the Chief. National Guard Bureau Outside Continental United States Office of the Chief of Public Affairs Operational Capability Requirement Optical Character Reader Office of Collateral Responsibility OCS OCSA OCSW Officer Candidate School Office of the Chief of Staff.

and Computers ODMG ODP Object Data Management Group Officer Distribution Plan Outline Development Plan ODR ODS ODT ODU OE Office of Defense Resources Operation Desert Shield/Storm Overseas Deployment Training Organizational Documentation Update Operational Element Organizational Effectiveness OEC OED OEM OEW OFC OFCO OFF Operational Evaluation Command Operational Effectiveness Demonstration Original Equipment Manufacturer Offensive Electronic Warfare Organization For Combat Offensive Counterintelligence Operations Office Officer OFLI OFS OFSA Other Force-Level Information Officer Foundation System Objective Family of Small Arms 220 .OCU Operator Control Unit Order wire Control Unit OD ODATE ODBC ODCSINT ODCSLOG ODCSOPS ODCSPER ODD ODES ODIN ODISC4 Olive Drab Organization Date Open Data Base Connectivity Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel Objective Digital Division Operational and Deployment Experiments Simulator (Norway’s Field Artillery Control System) Office of the Director of Information Systems for Command. Control. Communications.

Army Operation and Maintenance. Army Reserve Operation and Maintenance.OFT OGL OIC OICW OIR OIRA OJC OJCS OJT OKOCA OLE OLTC OM OMA OMAR OMARNG OMB Operational Feasibility Test Overall Grade Level Officer In Charge Objective Individual Combat Weapon Operational and Information Requirements Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Operation Just Cause Office of Joint Chiefs of Staff On-the-Job-Training Observation. Key terrain features. Cover and Concealment. and Avenue of approach Object Linking and Embedding Open-Loop Tracking Complex Operations Manual Operation and Maintenance. Army NG Office of Management and Budget Originating Message Buffers OMC OMF OMFTS OMG OMLB OMPF OMS OMS/MP ONC ONDCP ONS OOA OODBMS OOP OORTSF OOT Office of Military Cooperation Operational Mission Failure Operational Maneuver From The Sea Operational Maneuver Group Originating Message Line Blocks Official Military Personnel File Operational Mode Summary Operational Mode Summary/Mission Profile Operational Navigation Chart Office of Nation Drug Control Policy Operational Needs Statement Object-Oriented Analysis Object-Oriented Database Mgmt Systems Object-Oriented Programming Object-Oriented Real Time Software Foundation Object Oriented Technology 221 . Obstacles.

Army Other Procurement Authority OPALS OPCOM OPCON Officer Projection Aggregate Level System Operational Command Operational Control Operating Command Authority OPDW OPERREQ OPERRESP OPFAC OPFOR OPG OPLAN OPM OPMS OPNS OPNS/OPS OPO OPORD OPPA OPR Objective Personal Defense Weapon Operator Requests Operator Response Operations (or Operational) Facility Opposing Forces Operations Planners Group Operation Plan Office of the PM Officer Personnel Management System Operations Operations Operational Performance Objective Operations Order Operation Plan Package Appraisal Operator Organization of Primary Responsibility OPREP OPREP-1 OPREP-2 OPS OPSCOMM OPSDEP OPSDEP OPSEC Operational Report (message format used for OPORD) (message format used for event/incident report) Operations Operator Communications Operations Deputy (Army) Operations Deputy (JCS) Operations Security 222 .OOTW OP Operations Other Than War Observation Post Operations OPA Operations Army Other Procurement.

OPSG OPSUM OPT Operations Planning Steering Group Operations Summary Optional Optometry OPTADS OPTEC OPTEMPO OR Operations Tactical Data System Operational Test & Evaluation Command Operations Tempo Operational Readiness Operations Research ORA ORD Operational Requirements Analysis Operational Requirements Document Ordnance ORE ORF ORG Operational Readiness Evaluation Operational Readiness Float Origin Organization ORGD ORH ORLA ORM ORS ORSA ORSM ORSMC ORTA OS Organizations Directorate Operation Restore Hope Optimum Repair Level Analysis Off-Route Mine Offense Reporting System Operations Research/Systems Analyst Off-Route Smart Mine Off-Route Smart Mine Clearance Office of Research and Technology Applications Operating Strength Operating System OS-JTF OSA Open Systems _ Joint Task Force Office of the Secretary of the Army Operational Support Airlift Open System Architecture 223 .

OSC Objective Supply Capability On-Scene Commander (General Officer) Operations Support Cell OSCAR OSCR OSD Outside Cable Rehabilitation Operations and Support Cost Reduction Office of the Secretary of Defense Operating Strength Deviation Operational Sequence Diagram OSDP OSE OSF On-Board Signal and Data Processor Open Systems Environment Operational Support Facility (Orlando) Open Software Foundation Open Systems Foundation OSHA OSI OSID OSIFA OSO OSPF OSRAP OSRI OSS OST OSURG OSUT Occupational Safety and Health Administration Open System Interconnection Objective System Interface Drawing Operational Sequence and Info Flow Analysis Operational Support Office Open Shortest Path First Optimum Stockage Requirements Analysis Program Originating Station Routing Indicator Optical Surveillance System Operation Stress Test Office of the Surgeon On-Site User Test(ing) One Station Unit Training OSVA OT Off-Site Vital Area Operational Test(ing) Overtime OT&E OTA OTAI OTAR OTC Operational Test and Evaluation Office of Technology Assessment Over-The-Air Initialization Over-The-Air Re-keying Operational Test Command 224 .

analysis. and Reporting System Oversize Cargo Order Wire Option Year Out Year OYC oz P&A P&D P&MT P&SM P&T Op P3I P3IP Out Year Costs Ounce Personnel and Administration Production and Deployment Production and Manufacturing Technology Production and Systems Management Pipeline and Terminal Operating Pre-Planned Product Improvement Pre-Planned Product Improvement Plan 225 .OTCIXS OTF Officer in Tactical Command Information Exchange System On-The-Fly Orders To Fly OTH OTH-T OTJAG OTM OTMOP OTN OTOE OTP Over the Horizon Over the Horizon-Targeting Office of the Judge Advocate General On-line Training Module Operational Test Measures Of Performance Own the Night Objective TOE Operational Test Plan Outline Test Plan OTRR OTS OTSG OUSD OUT Operational Test Readiness Review Operational Test Site Office of the Surgeon General Office of the Under Secretary of Defense Operational Unit Transportable Outsize Cargo OUTBOARD OVR OW OY Shipboard organic collection. DF. processing.

PA Public Affairs Physician Assistant Processing Activities Procurement Army Product Assurance PA&E PA&T PAC Program Analysis and Evaluation Product Assurance and Test Personnel and Administration Center Patriot Advanced Capability Pacific PAC-2 PAC-3 PACAF PACE PACFLT PACOM PACOMACT PACWRAC PAD PADDS PADIL PADS PAED PAF PAFS PAM Patriot Anti-Tactical Missile Capability-2 Patriot Advanced Capability-3 Pacific US Air Force Program Acquisition Cost Estimate Pacific Fleet Pacific Command Pacific Command Activities Pacific WWMCCS Regional Automation Center Production Assurance Directorate Procurement Automated Data Documentation System Patriot Data Information Link Position Azimuth Determining System Program Analysis and Evaluation Directorate Personnel Authorization File Predictive Analysis Flagging System Procurement Aircraft and Missiles Pamphlet Pulse Amplitude Modulation Penetration Augmented Munition PAMS PANDA PAO PAP PAPS Predictive Aircraft Maintenance System Personnel and Administration Public Affairs Office(r) Product Assurance Plan Periodic Armaments Planning System 226 .

PAR Patient Accounting and Reporting Pulse Acquisition Radar PARR PARS PAS PASE PASEP PASGT PASR PASTRAM PAT Program Analysis and Resource Review Performance Analysis Reporting System Personal Amplification System Port Area Support Element Passed Separately Personnel Armored System Ground troops Personnel Accounting and Strength Reporting Passenger Traffic Management System Process Action Team Product Acceptance Test Preliminary Acceptance Test Product Assurance Test PAT&E PATRIOT PAWS PAX PB Product Acceptance Test and Evaluation Phased Array Tracking to Intercept Of Target Portable ASAS (or Analyst) Workstation Passengers President’s Budget Property Book PBAC PBD Program Budget Advisory Committee Program Budget Decision Program Baseline Document PBFF PBG PBNCO PBO PBS PBX PC Policy Board on Federal Aviation Program Budget Guidance Property Book NCO Property Book Officer Production Base Support Private Branch Exchange Personal Computer Politically Correct Power Converter Patrol Craft PCA Physical Configuration Audit 227 .

PCAC PCAS PCAT PCB Primary Control and Analysis Center Persistent Chemical Agent Simulant PC-Access Tool Poly Chlorinated Biphenol Printed Circuit Board PCC Personnel Contingency Cell Partnership Coordination Cell Primary Control Center PCD PCDB PCE Program Change Decision Project Control Database Programs Power Conditioning Equipment Power Conversion Equipment Preliminary Combat Entity PCG PCI PCIU PCM Power Converter Group Product Configuration Identification Programmable Communications Interface Unit Pulse Code Modulation Program Coordination Meeting PCMCIA PCN PCO Personal Computer Memory Card International Association Product Control Number Principal Contracting Officer Procurement Contracting Office Program Contracting Officer PCOFT PCP Patriot Conduct of Fire Trainer Platoon Command Post Program Control Plan PCPAS PCR PCS PATRIOT Command Post Automated System Packet Completion Rate Permanent Change of Station Procured Component Software Personnel Communication System Personal Communications Services PCTC Pentagon Consolidated Telecommunications Center 228 .

PCU Portable Computer Unit Power Conversion Unit PCWC2 PD Post-Cold War C2 Positive Deployment (Exercise Name) Program Director (or Directive) Process Data PDA PDB Personal Data Assistants Program Budget Decision Post-Deployment Build PDD Package Designation and Description Presidential Decision Directive Program Description Document PDDF PDE PDES PDF Presidential Decision Directive File Preliminary Data Element Product Data Exchange Specification Panamanian Defense Force Program Data Form PDFI PDI PDIP PDIS PDL PDM Probability of Detected Fault Isolation POM Development Instructions Program Development Increment Package Preparation for Dissemination Process (or Program) Design Language Program Decision Memorandum Power Distribution Module Precedence Diagramming Method PDO PDR PDS Property Disposal Office Preliminary Design Review Protected Distribution System Personnel Daily Summary PDSS PDSSC PDT PDU Post-Deployment Software Support PDSS Center Product Development Team Protocol Data Unit Power Distribution Unit 229 .

Command and Control System Predictability Engineering Planning Power Entry Panel Peak-Envelope Power PEPA PER People. POL.PDY PE Present for Duty Program Element Practical Exercise Procurement Executive Planning Estimate PE&M PEACE PECOD PED PEG PEM Patient Evacuation and Mortality (Report) Production Expansion/Acceleration Capability Enhancement Program Element Code Program Entry Device Program Evaluation Group Proton Exchange Membrane Program Element Monitor PENAIDS PEO PEO-CCS PEP Penetration Aids Program Executive Office(r) Program Executive Officer . Equipment. and Ammunition Personnel Perform Packet Error Rate PERDDIMS PERL PERMARS PERMS Personnel Deployment and Distribution Management Systems Pre-positioned Equipment Requirement List Personnel Management Reports System Planning Execution Resources Monitoring System Personnel Electronic Records Management System PERRMS PERS PERS DET PERSACS PERSCOM PERSITREP PERSLOG Personnel Resource Management System Personnel Personnel Detachment Personnel Structure and Composition System Personnel Command Personnel Situation Report Personnel and Logistics 230 .

and Storage Product Improvement Parent Indicator Code Preliminary Interfaces Certification PICA PIF PIL Preliminary Inventory Control Activity Provisions for Industrial Facilities Played Items List (Exercise Related) Preferred Items List PIM Position and Intended Movement Pre-trained Individual Manpower PIN Plan Identification Number Personnel Item Number Personal Identification Number PING Packet Internet Grouper 231 . Handling.PERSREP PERSSO PERT PET Personnel Report Personnel System Staff Officer Performance Evaluation Review Technique Pilotline Experiment Technology Positron Emission Tomography PETRO PEWS PEZ PFASC PFD PFF PFP PGM PGMM PGS PGW Ph/Pk PHID PHIGS PHOTINT PHS PI PIC Petroleum Platoon Early Warning System PATRIOT Engagement Zone Patriot Field Army Support Center Probability of Fault Detection Planning Factors File Partnership For Peace Precision Guided Missile (or Munitions) Precision Guided Mortar Munition Primary Ground Station Precision Guided Weapons Probability of Hit/Probability of Kill Positive Hostile Identification Programmers Hierachical Interactive Graphis System Photo Intelligence Packaging.

PIOTA PIP (slang for Pull It Out of The Air [Make it up]) PTC Interface Processor Product Improvement Program (or Plan or Proposal) Participant Instrumentation Package PIR Problem Identification Report Priority Information Requirement Priority Intelligence Requirements Primary Image Record PIRC PIU PIXEL PJE PK PKG PKI PKO PKT PL Program to Improve Reserve Components Programmable Interface Unit picture element Program for Joint Education Probability of Kill Package Public Key Infrastructure Peacekeeping Operation Packet Phase Line Plans PLA PLASSN PLCP PLDMD PLF PLGR PLI PLL PLP Patent Licensing Agreement Planning and Training Associations Pre-mobilization Legal Counseling Program Platoon Leader’s Digital Message Device Popular Liberation Front Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver Position Location Information Prescribed Load List Packet Level Protocol Pre-mobilization Legal Preparation PLRCP PLRS PLS(e) Post Laboratory Research Cooperative Program Position Location Reporting System Palletized Loading System(enhanced) Pre-mobilization Legal Services Personnel Locator System 232 .

PLSO PLSS Phonetic Language Spell-Out Position Location Sensor System Precision Location Strike System PLT PLT/SEC CP PLU Platoon Platoon/Section Command Post Program Load Unit Programmable Load Unit PLV PM Payload Launch Vehicle Program (or Project or Product) Manager Provost Marshal Preventive Maintenance Planning Module Pulse Modulated PM TRADE PMAD PMB PMC2 PMCB PMCS Project Manager Training Device Personnel Management Authorization Document Performance Measurement Baseline Program Manager Command and Control Preventive Maintenance Checks and Balances Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services Project Managers Control System PMD Program Management Division. Multi-Service Communications System Provost Marshal Office Project Management Office PMP PMR Program (or Project) Management Plan Project Management Review Provisioning Master Record PMRT Program Management Responsibility Transfer 233 . Program Management Documentation PMDL PMFVS PMITSP PMMSCS PMO Post-Mobilization Day Deployment List Protective Mask Fit Validation System Post-Mobilization Individual Training Support Plan (TRADOC) Program Manager.

Oils.PMS Professor of Military Science Pedestal Mounted STINGER Program Master Schedule Performance Measurement System PMSA PMU PND PNL Project Management System Assessment Power Management Unit Position Navigation Device Prescribed Nuclear Load Panel PNVS PNMC PNNI PNOK PNV PNVS PO Pilotage Night Vision System Packet Network Management Center Private Network-Network Interface Primary Next Of Kin Potential Network Value Pilot Night Vision System Planning Order Program Objective POC Point Of Contact Preliminary Operational Concept POD Port Of Debarkation Point Of Delivery POE POI POL POLAD POLS POM Port Of Embarkation Program Of Instruction Petroleum. and Lubricants Political Adviser Provisioning On Line System Preparation for Overseas Movement Program Objective Memo Program Objective Memorandum POMCUS POPS POR Pre-positioning of Overseas Materiel Configured to Unit Sets Port Operational Performance Simulator Preparation of Overseas Replacements Packet Overlay Retrofit PORTS Port Characteristics File 234 .

and Computers Infrastructure Personnel Priority Group Project Planning Group PPI PPIF PPL Plan Position Indicator Photographic Processing & Interpretation Facility Provisioning Parts List Preferred Products List PPLI Precise Position Location Information Precise Participant Location Information Protocol Processing Unit PPM PPOC PPP PPQT PPQT/LUT Pulse Position Modulation Procurement Point Of Contact Point-to-Point Protocol Pre-Production Qualification Test Pre-Production Qualification Test/Limited User Testing 235 . Programming. Communications. Budgeting.POS Port(s) Of Support Peacetime Operating Stocks Peacetime Operational State POS/NAV POSF POSIX Position/Navigation POS File Portable Operating System-IX Portable Operating System Interface POSNAV POST Position and Navigation Passive Optical Seeker Technique Portable Optical Sensor Tester Programmable Optical Sensor Tracter power-on self test POTS POW PP PPA PPBERS PPBES PPBS PPC4I PPG Plain Old Telephone Service Prisoner Of War Procurement Plan PERSINS Processing Activity Program Performance and Budget Execution Review System Planning. and Budgeting System Power Projection Command. and Execution System Planning. Programming. Control.

PPS Post-Production Support Pulses Per Second Precise Position Service PPSS PPT Post Production Software Support Production Prove-Out Test Program Performance Test PPU PQA PQT Prime Power Unit Preliminary Quantitative Analysis Production Qualification Test Prototype Qualification Test Preliminary Qualification Test PR Problem Report Preliminary Review Pair PRB PRC PREP PREPO PRG PRI Personnel Replacement Battalion Peoples Republic of China (Red China) Preparation Pre-positioned Program Review Group Priority Primary Rate Interface PRIME PRIMIR PRIS PRISS PRM PRMFL PROFIS PROFS PROM PROTO PROVORG PRP Precision Range Integrated Maneuver Exercise Product Improvement Management Information Report Phoenix Resource Interface System Post-Deployment Real Time Interactive Simulation System Personnel Readiness Manager Permanent File Professional Officer Filler System Professional Office System Programmable read only memory Prototype Providing Organization Production Readiness Plan Personnel Reliability Program 236 .

PRR Personnel Requirements Report Production Readiness Review PRS PS Provisioning Requirements Statement Power Supply Packet Switch Post Script Personnel Services PSA Port Support Activity Pressure Swing Absorption Problem Statement Analyzer PSB PSC Personnel Services Battalion Personnel Service Company (or Center) Principal Subordinate Command PSD Post Security Detachment Product System Demonstration Personnel Services Division PSE PSER PSFIS PSFREP PSG PSI PSL PSM Programming Support Environment Personnel Status and Effectiveness Report Phoenix Supply Financial Interface System Post-Summer Faculty Research and Engineering Program Personnel Support Group Pounds per Square Inch Problem Statement Language Personnel Status Monitor Professional Staff Member Persistant Stored Modules PSN Packet Switching Network Position Switched Network Public Switched Network PSNCO PSO Personnel Staff NCO Peace Support Operation 237 .

PSR Patient Summary Report Program Status Report Program Status Review Personnel Status Report PSRC PSRD PSRO PSRS Presidential Selected Reserve Call-Up Personnel Shipment Readiness Date Passenger Standing Route Order Preliminary Software Requirements Specification Prepared Shelter System PSS Pre-positioned Strategic Stocks Personnel Service Support Personnel Support System Personnel Support Summary Projected Smoke System Passive Sensor System PSSP PST PSTN PSV PSY Personnel Security and Surety Program Preliminary Service Testing Public Switched Telephone Network Preliminary Site Visit Professional Staff Years Psychiatry PSYOP PSYOPS PT Psychological Operations Psychological Operations Point Private Type Plain Text PLRS Terminal PTA PTADB PTC PTD PTL PTO Physical Terminal Address Planning Terrain Analysis Database Pentagon Telecommunications Center Provisioning Technical Documentation Primary Target Line Preliminary Technical Order Personal Time Off 238 .

and Telegraph Public Telephone and Telegraph PTTI PTU Precise Time and Time Interval Portable Test Unit Participating Test Unit PU PUB PURE PV PVD Physical Unit Publication POMCUS Unit Residual Equipment Production Validation Plan View Display Physical Vapor Disposition PVG PVI PVO PVP PVR PVT Perspective View Generator Pilot-Vehicle Interface Private Voluntary Organization Planned Value Profile Production Verification Review Prototype Version Test Production Validation Test Product Verification Test PW Prairie Warrior (Exercise Name) Prisoner of War PWDS PWE Protected Wire Distribution System Principle Weapon Systems and Equipment Primary Weapons and Equipment PWF PWIS PWL pwr PWRMR Personnel Working File Prisoner of War Information System Petroleum and Water Logistics Power Pre-Positioned War Reserve Materiel Requirement 239 .PTOC PTR PTS Part Time On Call Problem Trouble Record (or Report) Projectile Tracking System Post Telephone Switch PTSR PTT Post-mobilization Training Support Requirement Postal. Telephone.

PWRMS PWRS PWS PWS/Ds PX PY PZ Q&A QA QAHN QAP QAT QC QCI QCP QCR QDR QE QEAM QF QF Acft QFF QFPN QLP QM QMF QMR QOL QOS QPI QPL QPP QPR QPT Pre-Positioned War Reserve Materiel Stocks Pre-Positioned War Reserve Stocks Performance Work Statement Potable Water Storage/Distribution System Post Exchange Prior Year in SYDP Pickup Zone Questions and Answers Quality Assurance QA Hold Notice Quality Assurance Plan (or Provisions) Quality Action Team Quality Control Quality Conformance Inspections Quality Control Program Qualitative Construction Requirements Quality Deficiency Report Quality Engineering Quick Erect Antenna Mast Quick Fix Quick Fix Aircraft Quick Fix Force Quick Fix Position Navigation Quadrilateral Protocol Quartermaster Query Management Facility Qualitative Materiel Requirement Quality Of Life Quality Of Service Quality Program Instruction Qualified Parts List Quality Program Plan Quantitative Performance Requirements Quad Port Transceiver 240 .

QQPRI QRA QRC Qualitative and Quantitative Personnel Requirements Information Quick Reaction Antenna Quick Reaction Capability Qualitative Construction Capability QRMP QRP Quick Response/Reaction Multi-Color(-purpose) Printer Quick Reaction/Response Program Quick Response Proposal QRR QSAG QSOP QT QTB QTG QTID QTR QTY QWG R&A R&D R2 R2T2 RAA RACF RACO RACOMS RADAR RADC RADCAD RADIANT RADINT RADIUS RADS RAH-66 RAIDES Qualitative Research Requirement Quadripartite Standardization Agreement Quadripartite Standing Operating Procedures Qualification Test Quarterly Training Brief Quarterly Training Guidance Quadrilateral Technical Interface Design Plan Quarter Quantity Quadripartite Working Group Reliability and Availability Research and Development Reporting Responsibility Rapid Response Topographic Teams Re-deployment Assembly Area Resource Access Control Facility Rear Area Combat Operations Rapid Army Combat Mapping System Radio Detection and Ranging Region Air Defense Commander Radar Computer-Aided Design Radar Intelligence Remote Authentication dial In User Service Radar Acquisition Data System Reconnaissance Attack Helicopter Rapid Air Defense Evaluation System 241 .

RAJPO RAM Range Applications Joint Program Office Random Access Memory Reliability. Maintainability. and Maintainability RAM-D RAMADCS RAMEP RAOC RAP Reliability. Maintainability Automated Data Collection System RAM and Enhanced Performance Rear Area Operations Center Rear Area Protection Revised Approved Program Rocket Assisted Projectile Radio Access Point RAPIDE RAPIDSIM RAPOE RAPS RARS RAS Re-locatable Army Processors for Intelligence Data-Europe Rapid Intertheater Deployment Simulation Model Regional APOE Retired Army Personnel System Reusable ADA Repository System Rear Area Security Record Association System RASCAL RASPUTIN RASU RATELO RATT RAU RAW RBECS RC RCAS Rotocraft/Aircrew Systems Concepts Airborne Laboratory Rapid Scenario Preparation Unit for Intelligence Random Access Storage Unit Radiotelephone Operator Radio Teletype Radio Access Unit (MSE) Reduction of Administrative Workload Revised Battlefield Electronic CEOI System Reserve Component Regimental Combat Aviation Squadron Reserve Component Automation System RCF RCM RCP Repair Cycle Float Reliability Centered Maintenance Raster Color Printer Relevant Common Picture RCPAC Reserve Components Personnel and Administrative Center 242 . Availability. Availability. Availability. and Dependability Reliability.

and Acquisition on Information Systems Activity Research.RCRPL rcrv RCS Reserve Component Resource Priority List Receiver Radar Cross Section Rudder Control System RCU Reserve Component Unit Remote Control Unit RCV RCVTP RCZ RD Remotely Controlled Vehicle RC Virtual Training Program (or Plan) Rear Combat Zone Replacement Detachment Requirements Document Research and Development RD&A RD&E RD&J RDA RDAISA RDAP RDAS RDBMS RDD Research. and Acquisition Research. Development and Acquisition Research Development and Engineering Radar Deception and Jamming Research. Development. Development. Development. and Acquisition Plan Requirements Analysis and Definition Summary Relational Database Management System Required Delivery Date Requirements Documentation Director(ate) Requirement Driven Design Requirements Description Document RDDS RDEC RDES RDF Range Data Distribution System Research Development and Engineering Center Requirements Determination and Execution System Rapid Deployment Force Radio Direction Finding RDJTF RDMS RDP RDR Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force Range Data Management/Measurement Subsystem Rapid Deployment Planning Reduced Data Requirement Radar 243 .

RDS RDSS RDT RDT&E Regional Data Centers Regional Development Simulation System Rights Description Table Research. and Evaluation Research. Development. Training. Development. Test and Evaluation Rapid Detonating Explosive Ready to Load Reference Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program Radio Electronic Combat Receive Review and Command Assessment of Projects Reception Battalion Automated Support System Reception Battalion Reconnaissance Exploitation Report Reception Station Real time Electromagnetic Digitally Controlled Analyzer and Processor Readiness Condition Reference Resuscitation Fluids Production System Return of Forces to Germany Regulation Registration Regiment REGO REGT RELMS REMBASS REMODNE Reinventing Government Regiment Rapidly Erectable Light Mobilization Structures Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System Reception and Onward Movement of DoD-Sponsored Non-Combatant Evacuees REO REP Readiness Engineering Office Reply Representative 244 . Test and Evaluation RDTE RDX RDYLD RE REAP REC rec RECAP RECBASS RECBN RECCEXREP RECSTA REDCAP REDCON REF REFLUPS REFORGER REG Research. Development.

REP PTS SUP REPGEN REPL DET REPTOF REQS Repair Parts Supply Reports Generator Replacement Detachment Reporting Officer Requirements Requisitions REQUEST REQVAL RESA RETAIN RETINA RETROEUR RETS REVTP REXREP RF/SAL RF RFC Recruit Quota System Requisition Validation Research. Reclassification and Assignment System Real Time Intelligence Applications Retrograde Europe Remote Target System Reserve Components Virtual Training Program Radar Exploitation Report Radio Frequency Semi-Active Laser Radio Frequency Request For Change Request for Comment Reconnaissance Fire Complex RFD RFDL RFI Request For Deviation Radio Frequency Data Link Radio Frequency Interference/ Interferometer Request For Information RFID RFOG RFP RFPI RFQ RFW Radio Frequency Identification Resonator Fiber Optic Gyro Request For Proposal Rapid Force Projection Initiative Request For Quotation Radio Frequency Weapon Request For Waiver RG RGB RGL Readiness Group Red. Evaluation. Green. and Systems Analysis (Navy game model) Reenlistment. Blue Reading Grade Level 245 .

Intelligence. Surveillance. and Target Acquisition Radio Interface Unit Reliability Improvement Warranty Rivet Joint Rocket Remote Keyboard Visual Display Unit Readiness Level Ready to Load Date Ring Laser Gyro Remote Loop Ground Multiplexer Radio Line Of Site Remote Line Printer Regenerative Liquid Propellant Gun Released Message Resource Management Reference Model Requirements Management RMA Revolution in Military Affairs 246 .RGMT RGT RGVTDB RHM RI Regiment Remote Ground Terminal Rapidly Generated Virtual Terrain Data Base Remains Handling Model Routing Indicator Request for Information RIA RIC RICC RICS RIF RII RIMS RIPL RISE RISTA RIU RIW RJ RKT RKVDU RL RLD RLG RLGM RLOS RLP RLPG RLSM RM Rock Island Arsenal Routing Indicator Code Reportable Item Control Code Range Instrumentation Control System Reduction In Force Request for Intelligence Information R&D Information Management System Recon and Interdiction Planning Line Reliability Improvement Selected Equipment Reconnaissance.

RMC Remote Multiplexer Combiner Regular Military Compensation RMCS RMEC RMF RMMC RMO RMP RMR RMS RMU RNP RO/RO ROA ROAMS ROBCO ROBS ROBUST ROC Range Monitoring Control System Regional Military Emergency Coordinator Resource Measurement Facility Regimental Materiel Management Center Risk Management Office Re-programmable Microprocessor Resource Management Review Resource Monitoring Subsystem Resource Management Update Remote Network Processor Roll On/Roll Off Retired Officers’ Association Replacement Opns Automated Mgmt System Requirements Objective Code Rapid Optical Beam Steering (System) Redistribution Of BASOPS/Unit Structure with TDA Required Operational Capability (or Center) Regional Operation Center ROCS ROD ROE ROFA ROI Real Time Operations Control System Report Of Discrepancy Rules Of Engagement Remote Operating Facility Airborne Region Of Interest Return on Investment ROK ROM Republic Of Korea Reception and Onward Movement Refuel On the Move Read Only Memory Rough Order of Magnitude RON ROS Remain Overnight Reduced Operational Status Reconstitution Operational State 247 .

ROTC ROW ROWPU ROZ RP Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Rest of the World Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit Restricted Operation Zone Red Phosphorus Recon Party Release Point Rally Point Repair Parts Review Pane Rapid Patch RPA Rotorcraft Pilot’s Associate Reserve Pay Account RPC RPF RPM Remote Procedure Calls Raster Product Format Revolutions Per Minute Rounds Per Minute RPMA RPP RPPAS RPQ RPR RPSTL RPT RPTGEN RPV RQMTS RQT RR Real Property Maintenance Activities RAM Program Plan Retrograde Processing Point Automated System Request for Price Quotation Readiness Planning Report Repair Parts and Special Tools List Report Reports Generator Remotely Piloted Vehicle Requirements Re-qualification Testing. Reliability Qualification Test Readiness Review Reporting Responsibility Requirements Review Reference Receiver RRC RRD Requirements Review Committee Replacement Regulating Detachment 248 .

Selection. and Interoperability Rotorcraft Systems Integrated Simulator Reception. Onward Movement. Surveillance. Standardization. & Target Acquisition Reports Scenario Verification Program Reverse Screen Projection System Receiver Transmitter Reconditioning Test Real Time RTCA RTCE Real Time Casualty Assessment Rapid Targeting Capabilities Europe 249 . and Integration Reconnaissance. Staging.RRF RRG RRI RRR RS Ready Reserve Force. and Occupation of Position Required Supply Rate Remote Site Subsystem Remote Slave Station RSSA RSSC RSSIA RSTA RSVP RSVPS RT Regional Supply Support Activity Regional SIGINT Support Center Regional Security Strategy Implementation Analysis Reconnaissance. Ready Reserve Fleet Requirements Review Group Response to Request for Information Risk Reduction Report Remote Sentry Recommended Standard Request for Support Radio Set Radio System Reconnaissance/Surveillance RSA RSAS RSC Regimental Support Area Rand Strategy Assessment System Reconnaissance Strike Complex Regional Support Center RSF RSI RSIS RSOI RSOP RSR RSS Retail Stock Fund Rationalization.

RTD Returned To Duty Real Time Driver Remote Display Terminal Radar Technology Demonstrator RTDE RTE Research and Development of Equipment Tun-Time Environment Remote Terminal Equipment RTFL RTI RTIC RTL RTM Rough Terrain Forklift Research Triangle Institute Real Time Information in the Cockpit Run Time Library Requirements Traceability Matrix Resin Transfer Molded RTMDIR RTNS RTO RTOC RTOS RTS Ready To Move (Date) Directed Retransmission Radio Telephone Operator Rear Tactical Operations Center Re-configurable Tactics Operations Simulator Requirements Tracking System Radiac Training System Regional Training Sites RTSA RTSS RTTY RTX RUM RV RVT Real Time Situational Awareness Real Time Simulation System Radio Teletype Real Time Executive Resource and Unit Monitoring Reentry Vehicle Revalidation Testing Remote Video Terminal RW RWA RWCM RWI RWPD Rotary-Wing Rotary-Wing Aircraft Regional Wartime Construction Manager Radio Wire Interface (or Integration) Radar Wave form Processor Demonstration 250 .

JTACS (Integrator) S SCAN S&I S&P S&S S&T Sector Scan Standardization and Interoperability Stake and Platform Supply and Service Supply and Transportation Science and Technology Supply and Transportation S&TI S-HTTP S/SU/AC S0 S2E S3I SA Scientific and Technical Intelligence Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Systems/Systems Upgrades and Advanced Concepts ISYSCON Workstation class computer unit (TCU or HCU) Seamless Synthetic Environment Signatures. Sensors.RWS Remote Workstation Re-configurable Workstation Rigid Wall Shelter (SICPS) Rx RX RXA S Receive Repairable Exchange Repairable Exchange Activity SECRET PM. and Signal Procession Integration Staging Area Secretary of the Army Situation Analysis Services and Agencies Senior Advisor Space Applications Situation Awareness Supporting Arms Systems Architecture SA3 SAA SAACONS SAAM Security Assistance Automation. Army Senior Administrative Assistant Standard Army Automated Contracting System Special Assignment Airlift Mission 251 .

Logistics. Europe Small Arms Common Module Fire Control System Staff Actions Control Officer (ODCSOPS) (French Command and Control System) Structure and Composition System System Allocation Document Situation Awareness Display SADA SADARM SADBU SADL SADM Standard Advanced Dewar Assembly Sense and Destroy Armor Munition Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Situation Awareness Data Link System Acquisition Decision Memorandum Secretary of the Army Decision Memo SAF SAFE SAFM SAFOR SAG Semi-Automated Forces Support to Analysis File Environment Secretary of the Army. Financial Management Semi-Automated Forces Surface Action Group Study Advisory Group Senior Advisory Group SAIC SAIL SAILS SAIS Science Applications International Corporation Secretary of the Army. and Environment Standard Army Intermediate Level Supply System Secretary of the Army.SAAR SAAS Strength Accounting and Reporting Standard Army Ammunition System Stand Alone Analysis Shelter SAAS-DAO SABER SABRE SAC SAAS-Division Ammunition Officer Situational Awareness Beacon Reply Single Army Battlefield Requirements Evaluator Senior Advisory Council Senate Appropriations Committee SACC SACCS SACEUR SACMFCS SACO SACRA SACS SAD Supporting Arms Coordination Center Strategic Army Command and Control Software Supreme Allied Commander. Installations. Information Systems 252 .

Time. Unit. Public Affairs Small Projected Line Charge Sub-Area Petroleum Office Search and Rescue Synthetic Aperture Radar Selected Acquisition Report Safety Assessment Report Significant Activities Report SARC SARDS SAROS SARSS Surveillance and Reconnaissance Center Situation and Reality Display System Synthetic Aperture Radar for Open Skies Standard Army Retail Supply System 253 . and Equipment (Report) Surface-To-Air-Missile Sleep/Activity Monitor SAMAS SAME SAMMS SAMOC SAMP Structure and Manpower Allocation System Society of American Military Engineers Standard Automated Materiel Mgmt System SAM Operations Center Small Arms Master Plan Security Accreditation Management Plan Security Association Management Protocol SAMRA SAMS Secretary of the Army. Activity. Location. Manpower and Reserve Affairs Standard Army Maintenance System School for Advanced Military Studies SAMSTAT REP SAM Status Report Staff Ac tion Officer Survivor Assistance Officer Security Assistance Organization SAO SAP SAPA SAPIC SAPO SAR Service Access Point (or Protocol or Program) Secretary of the Army.SAISS SAL Subcommittee on Automated Information Systems Security of NTISSC Semi-Active Laser Special Ammunition Load SALT SALUTE SAM Supporting Arms Liaison Team Size.

SAS Survivable Adaptive Systems System Analysis and Simulation Special Ammunition Stockage Special Airlift Summary SASC SASF SASN SASO SASP SASS SAT Senate Armed Services Committee SIDPERS Authorized Strength File System Assigned Serial Number Stability and Support Operations Special Ammunition Supply Point Standard Army Survivable Shelter Satellite Systems Approach to Training Security Audit Trail Software Acceptance Test Spatial Analysis Tool kit Security Assistance Test SATCOM Satellite Communications Satellite Command Satellite Communications System SATP Security Assistance Training Program Space Applications Technology Program SATS Standard Army Training System Standard Army Towing System SAVA SAW Standard Army Vetronics Architecture Squad Automatic Weapon Surface Acoustic Wave SB SBA SBC SBE SBFEL SBIR Supply Bulletin Sustaining Base Automation Single-Board Computer Synthetic Battlefield Environment Space-Based Free Electron Laser Small Business Innovation Research Space Based Infra-Red SBIS Sustaining Base Information Services (or System) 254 .

Manportable (Terminal) Standardized Camouflage Pattern Plan Site Characterization and Analysis Penetrometer System Stability Control Augmentation System Software Control Board System Control Center (MSE) Software Configuration Control Board Single Channel Collection System System Confidence Demonstration Surveillance Control Data Link Secure Command Data Link SCE Service Cryptologic Element Student Crisis Exercise Strategic Crisis Exercise SCI SCIF SCIPMIS SCITIS SCL SCMP Sensitive Compartmented Information Sensitive Compartmented Info Facility Standard Civilian Personnel Management Information System Single Channel Transponder Injection System Site Concurrence Letter Software Configuration Management Plan 255 .SBNPB SBNPBS SBP SBV SC Space-Based Neutral Particle Beam Space-Based Neutral Particle Beam System Sustaining Base Pool (non-deploying RC units that launch the force) Space-Based Visible Shaped Charge Signal Center Signal Corps Single Channel Specialty Codes System Controller Deputy Chief of Staff for C4 SC2 SC2S SCAMM SCAMP SCAPP SCAPS SCAS SCB SCC SCCB SCCS SCD SCDL Sensor Command and Control Strategic Command and Control Software Shaped Charge Anti-Mine Munition Single Channel. Anti-Jam.

SCN SCOOP SCOP SCORES SCOTT SCP Specification Change Notice System Concept of Operation Outline Plan System Concept of Operation Plan Scenario-Oriented Recurring Evaluation System Single Channel Objective Tactical Terminal Small Computer Program Strategic Computing Program Software Change Package Schedule Change Proposal Standard Change Package System Concept Paper System Change Package Simulation Control Plan SCPE SCR SCR3S SCRB SCS SCSI SCSRSS SCSW SCT SCU SCUBA SD Simplified Collective Protection Equipment Source Code Review Single Channel Radio Relay and Retransmission System Software Change Review Board Special Communications System Small Computer Systems Interface Standard Command Supply Review System-SAILS System Communication Software Single Channel Transponder Satellite Communications Unit Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus Synchronization Directorate Solicitation Document SDA Source Data Automation System Device Adaptor SDB Systems Design Board Small and Disadvantaged Businesses SDBN SDC Selective Directed Broadcast Mode Sample Data Collection System Decision Papers SDD Software Data Dictionary 256 .

SDDD SDDM SDE Software Detailed Design Document Secretary of Defense Decision Memorandum Signal Distribution Equipment Secure Data Exchange SDF Standard Distance File Software Development Facility (or Files) SDFD SDI Software Data Flow Diagram Strategic Defense Initiative Selective Dissemination of Information SDIO SDIR SDK SDL SDM Strategic Defense Initiative Organization Statement of Detailed Interoperability Requirement Skin Decontaminating Kit System Design Language Selective Display Model Service Decision Memorandum SDME SDMO SDMP SDN SDNRIU SDNS SDP Software Development and Maintenance Environment Specification and Data Management Office System Development Master Plan System Development Notification Secure Digital Net Radio Interface Unit Secure Data Network System Standard Distance Package Software Development Plan System Decision Papers System Development Plan SDR Small Development Requirement System Design Requirement System Design Review Surrogate Data Radio SDRB SDRL SDS Specification and Data Review Board Sea Date Required to Load Strategic Defense Systems Standard Depot System Solution Development System 257 .

SDSG SDT SDTC SDTF SDU SE Space Division Switching Group Software Development Test Standard Duty Title Code Standard Duty Title File Stand Alone Display Unit Support Equipment System Engineer Synthetic Environment SE&I SEA SEACOP SEAD SEAF SEAL SEALOC SEASTRAT SEC Systems Engineering and Integration Strategic Enterprise Architecture Strategic Sealift Contingency Planning System Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses STOW-E Evaluation and Analysis Facility Sea .Air – Land (same as SLOC) Strategic Sealift Planning System Security and Exchange Commission Section Seconds SECDEF SECIF SECM SECOMP SED Secretary of Defense Security Interface Software Shop Equipment.Contact Maintenance Secure Communications Package Software Engineering Directorate Software Engineering Design SEDRE SEE SEES SEI Sea Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise Supplementary Electronic Equipment Standard Entry/Exit Service Software Engineering Institute Space Exploration Initiative System Engineer and Integrator SEICAP SEIP SELCOM Space Enhanced Intel Capabilities Systems Engineering and Implementation Plan Select Committee 258 .

and Escape System Engineering Research Facility Software Engineering Release System Senior Executive Service Selected Essential Stockage Availability Method System Engineering Testbed System Engineering Technical Assistance Southern European Task Force Systems Extension Training Team Space and Electronic Warfare Tactical Advanced Work Station Standard Form Special Forces SFC Specific Fuel Consumption Soldier Fighter Cover SFG Synthetic Ground Facility 259 . Resistance.SELRES SEMA Selected Reserve Special Equipment Mission Aircraft Special Electronic Mission Aircraft SEMP SEMT SEN System Engineering Management Plan Signal Intelligence/Electronic Warfare Equipment Maintenance Trainer Small Extension Node Satellite Education Network Senator SENS SEO Small Extension Node Switch Survivability Enhancement Options System Engineering Office SEOP SEP System Employment and Organizational Plan Synthetic Environment Program System Enhancement Program(package) Signal Entry Panel Soldier Enhancement Program SERA SERB Sequential Electrochemical Reduction Analysis Selective Early Retirement Board Software Engineering Review Board SERE SERF SERS SES SESAME SET SETA SETAF SETT SEWTAWS SF Survival. Evasion.

SFHD SFOB SFRA SFRGP SGA SGC SGI SGLI SGML SGO SGS System Functional Hierarchical Diagram Special Forces Operations Base System Fielding Readiness Assessment Summer Faculty Research and Engineering Program Standards of Grade Authorization Silicon Graphics Crimson Small-Group Instruction Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance Standard Generalized Markup Language Silicon Graphics Onyx Secretary. General Staff Software Generation System Secondary Ground Station SHA SHAMS SHAPE SHARPS SHDS SHF SHGR SHIR SHORAD SHRD SHSM SHTU SHWM SI Secure Hash Algorithm Smart Howitzer Automated Mgmt System Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe Ships/Helicopter Acoustic Range Prediction System Safety and Health Data Sheet Super High Frequency Self-Heating Group Ration Self-Heating Individual Ration Short Range Air Defense Super High-Resolution Display System High Security Mode Simplified Hand held Terminal Unit System High Water Mark Special Intelligence Support Installation System Integration SIC System Integration Contractor Survey Information Center SICC Safeguard Inventory Control Center Service Item Control Center SICOR Single Intelligence Correlator 260 .

System Improvement Program SIO SIOP Standard Installation Organization Single Integrated Operational Plan 261 .SICPS SIDAC SIDPERS SIDS SIF SIG Standardized Integrated Command Post Shelter Single Integrated Damage Assessment Capability Standard Installation/Division Personnel System Secondary Imagery Dissemination System Selective Identification Feature Special Interest Group Signal Senior Interdepartmental Group SIGC2 SIGADA SIGCEN SIGINT SIGSEC SIIP SIL SILS SIMA SIMAIN SIMAN SIMAOUT SIMBAD SIMITAR SIMM SIMNET SIMNET-T SIMS-X SIMUTA SIMWIN SIMWOUT SINCGARS SINCGARS-SIP Signal Command and Control Special Interest Group for ADA Signal Center Signal Intelligence Signal Security Site Integration Installation Plan System Integration Laboratory Standard for Inter-operable LAN Security Systems Integration Management Activity Simulated Automatic Digital Network Input Simulations Manager Simulated Automatic Digital Network Output Standoff Instride Mine Breaching Device Simulation In Training for Advanced Readiness Single in-line memory module Simulation Network Simulation Network Trainer Selected Item Management System-Expanded Simulation for Multiple Unit Training Assemblies Simulated Workstation Input Simulated Workstation Output Single Channel Ground and Air(borne) Radio System Single Channel Ground and Air(borne) Radio System .

SIP System Implementation Plan System Improvement Program System Enhancement Program SIPE SIRCUS SIRR SIRRA SIS Soldier Integrated Protective Ensemble Standard Information Retrieval Capability for Users Software Integration Readiness Review Sleep-Induction/Rapid Reawakening Special Information (or Intelligence) System Strategic Information System STOW Infrastructure System System Integration and Support SISMS SIT SITAP SITC SITMAP SITP SITREP SITSUM SIU SIV SJA SJPO SL Standard Integrated Support Management System System Integration Test Simulation for Transportation Analysis and Planning Single Integrated Test Cycle Situation Map System Integration Test Plan Situation Report Situation Summary Simulation Interface Unit Systems Integration Vehicle(VAN) Staff Judge Advocate Systems Joint Project Officer Security Level Sensitivity Level System Layer ISYSCON Lightweight Computer Unit SLA SLAC SLAD SLAM Strategic Logistics Agency Support List Allocation Card SPOD Latest Arrival Date STACCS LAN Management System Stand-Off Land Attack Missile SLAR SLBD Side-Looking Airborne Radar Sea Lite Beam Director 262 .

SLBM SLCR SLEKE SLF SLM SLOC Sub-Launched Ballistic Missile Shower Laundry Clothing Repair Sabot Launched Electromagnetic Kinetic Energy Standard Linear Format System Library Manager Sea Line Of Communication Source Lines Of Code SLPT SLRP SLTT SM SMART System-Level Practical Exercise Strategic Long Range Plan System-Level Technical Test System Monitor. Staff Month (20 Days) Sensors Mounted As Roving Threads Supply and Maintenance Assessment and Review Team SMART-T SMB SMC SMCA SMCC SMDG SMDR SME SMF Secure Mobile Anti-Jam Reliable Tactical-Terminal Standoff Minefield Breacher Site Movement Coordinator Single Manager for Conventional Ammunition State Movement Control Center Standoff Mine Detection Ground Structure & Manning Decision Review Subject Matter Expert System Management Facilities System Message File SMFG SMFT SMHE SMI System Management Functional Group Semi-trailer-Mounted Fabric Tank Selected Materiel Handling Equipment Soldier-Machine Interface Structure of Management Information SMIB SMIS SMMP SMMS SMO SMP Security Management Information Base Security Management Information System System MANPRINT Management Plan Support Maintenance Management System Special Management Office Simultaneous Membership Program 263 .

SMR SMRV SMS SMSC SMT SMTP Source Maintenance and Recoverability Small Multiple Reentry Vehicle Sleep Management System System Maintenance and Support Center Station Management Standard Mail Transfer Protocol Send Mail Transfer Protocol Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SMU SN Switch Multiplexer Unit (code for National Military Strategic Blueprint Functions) Synchronization Node SNA Snd SNF SNL SNM SNMP SNOK SO System Network Architecture Send Secret No Foreign Standard Nomenclature List Single Nation Model Simple Network Management Protocol Secondary Next of Kin Special Operations small outline SO/LIC SOA SOACMS SOAS SOB SOC SOCCE SOCCENT SOCOM SOCORD SOCS SOD SOF SOF/FID Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict Special Operations Aircraft Special Operations Aviation Combat Mission Simulator Special Operations ADP System State Operation Budget Special Operations Command Special Operations C2 Element Special Operations Component. USCENTCOM Special Operations Command Special Operations Coordination Cell (or Team) School Of Corresponding Studies Strategy and Options Decision (PPBS) Special Operations Forces Special Operations Force/Foreign Internal Defense 264 .

Medical SORD in Personnel Performance & Training Special Operations Command Research. US Southern Command Southern Command 265 . State Operated Standoff Target Acquisition System Software Operational Test and Evaluation Plan Security Operations Training and Intelligence Site Originated Utility Library System USAF. Development.SOFA SOFPARS SOI Status Of Forces Agreement Special Operations Forces Planning and Rehearsal System Sphere Of Influence Signal Operating Instructions Standard Operator Interface Signals Of Interest SOJ SOLE SOLOG SOM SOMAS SOMS SON SONET SOP SOR Stand-Off Jammer Special Operations Liaison Element Standardization Of Operations and Logistics Software Operators Manual Standard Operation and Maintenance Army System State Operated Mobilization Station Statement Of Need Synchronous Optical Network Standing Operating Procedures Statement Of Requirements State Of Readiness SORD SORD-M SORD-PT SORDAC SORTS SOS Soldier-Oriented Research and Development SORD . and Acquisition Status Of Resources and Training System Save Our Ship (Help) Speed of Service System of Systems SOSA SOSC SOSO SOTAS SOTEP SOTI SOULS SOUTHAF SOUTHCOM Status Of Staff Actions Special Operations Support Command State Owned.

SOW SP Statement Of Work Self Propelled Specialist Security Policy Source Program sp SP AMMO SPA Spare Special Ammunition Skill Performance Aids Software Product Assurance SPACECOM SPAS SPBS SPBS-R SPC SPD SPEC Space Command Standard Procurement Appropriation System Standard Property Book System Standard Property Book System .Redesign Strategy and Planning Committee System Program Description Space Environmental Compatibility (Model) Specification SPECAT SPECC SPEEDEX SPEF SPETC SPF SPI SPIN SPINTCOM SPIREP Special Category Space Enhanced Command & Control System wide Project for Electronic Equipment at Depots-Extended Single Program Element Funding Solid Propellant Electro-thermal-Chemical Single Project Funding Software Process Improvement Special Instructions Special Intelligence Communications Spot Intell Report Special Intell Report SPIRIT Special-Purpose Integrated Remote Intelligence Terminal Spectral Infrared Interferometric Telescope SPLL SPM Self Propelled Loader Launcher System Requirements Review Sleep/Performance Model SPNV Special Project Night Vector 266 .

Plans.SPO Security. and Intelligence Scenario Preparation Program Special Project Planning Group Software Portability Review Software Problem Report System Performance Report System Performance Requirements System Program Review Salvage Point Recording SPS Software Product Specification System Performance Simulation SPT SPTCEN SPW SQA SQAM SQAP SQD SQDN SQEP SQI SQL Support Support Center Systematic Programming Workshop Software Quality Assurance SQA and Measurement SQA Plan Squad Squadron Software Quality Evaluation Plan Special Qualifications Identifier System Query Language Standard Query Language Structured Query Language SQT Skill Qualification Test Software Qualification Test 267 . and Operations Security and Plans Officer Special Project Office System Project (or Program) Office SPOD SPOE SPOEALD SPOER SPOI SPP SPPG SPR Sea Port Of Debarkation Sea Port Of Embarkation SPOE Available to Load Date Special Operations Electronic Intelligence Requirements Security. Plans. Operations.

Reconnaissance.SR Safety Release Send Receive Surveillance Radar SRA Special Repair Activity Systems Research and Applications Stock Record Account Selected Reserve Augmentee (new program available at PSRC) SRAAG SRAM SRB Senior Army Advisor National Guard Static Random Access Memory System Readiness Board System Release Bulletin SRBM SRC SRCU SRF Short Range Ballistic Missile Standard (source) Requirement Code SINCGARS Remote Control Unit Standard Reference Files Summary Reference File Secure Reserve Force SRI SRIG SRIS SRIS-GS SRM SRO SRP Standing Request for Information Surveillance. and Intelligence Group Surface Reach Imaging System SRIS Ground Station SINCGARS Radio Model System Readiness Objective Soldier Readiness Processing Sealift Readiness Program SRR SRRP SRS Systems Requirements Review SRR Panel Software Requirements Specification System Requirements Specification SRT SRU Standard Remote Terminal Shop Replaceable Unit Shop Repairable Unit SRUAV Short Range Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 268 .

SRVT System Readiness Verification Test System Requirements Verification Test SRWBR SS Shortwave Wideband Radio Single Source Subordinate System System Specification Systems Summary System Supervisor System Support SSA Supply Support Activity Software Support Activity Source Selection Authority System Specification for ATCCS System Supportability Assessment Staff Support Activity SSAC SSAT Source Selection Advisory Council System Segment Acceptance Test System Software Acceptance Test SSB SSC Single Side Band Soldier Support Center Special Security Command SSCP SSDC SSDD SSDR SSEB SSES SSET SSF SSG SSI System Service Control Point Space and Strategic Defense Command System/Segment Design Document Subsystem Design Review Source Selection Evaluation Board Ships Signal Exploitation Space Source Selection Evaluation Test Single Stock Fund Special Study Group Special Skill Identifier Soldier (or Sensor) System Interface Secret Special Intelligence SSIC System Safety Integration Contractor 269 .

SSIMU SSIPF SSJ SSL SSLSM SSM Solid State Inertial Measurement Unit Standard System Information Production Factory Single Sideband Jammer Secure Sockets Layer (of HTTP) Single Service Logistic Support Manager Soldier System Modeling Simulation Support Module Surface-To-Surface Missile SSMP SSN System Safety Management Plan Social Security Number Standard Study Number System Study Number SSO Signal Security Office Special Security Office System Staff Officer System Security Officer SSP SIGINT Support Plan Scientific Services Program System Support Package Source Selection Plan Single Source Processor SSPM SSPO Software Standards and Practices Manual Simulation Strategic Planning Office Strategic Simulation Planning Office SSPP SSR System Safety Program Plan Site Survey Report Software Specification Review Supply Support Request System (or Subsystem) Summary Report SSRA SSS System Safety Risk Assessment Strategic Sealift Ships Storage Serviceability Standard Software Segment Specification SENIOR SPAN Segment (w/in CARS) 270 .

Target Acquisition.SSSC SST Self Service Supply Center System Support Team System Software Test Single Subscriber Terminal SSTATS SSTM SSWG ST System Statistics Data Single Service Training Manager System Safety Working Group Short Ton Scientific/Technical Standby Time Surveillance Test Special Text ST&E STA STAARS STACCS System Test and Evaluation Science and Technology Area Standard Army AAR system Standard Theater Army Command & Control System Standard Tactical Automated Command & Control System STADES STADSS STAMIS STAMMIS STANAG Standard Data Element System Strategic Transportation Analysis Decision Support System Standard Army Management Information System Standard Army Multi-command Management Information System (now STAMIS) Standardization Agreement (NATO) Standard NATO Agreement STANFINS STANFINS-R STANO STAR Standard (Army) Finance System STANFINS-Redesign Surveillance. and Night Observation Simulation in Training for Advanced Readiness System Threat Assessment Report Standard Threat Assessment Report STAR-21 STAR-T STARBET STARC STARCIPS Strategic Technologies for the Army of the 21st Century Super High Frequency Tri-Band Advanced Range Extension Terminal Structures/Airframes for Rotorcraft in Battlefield Environment Technology State Area Command Standard Army Civilian Payroll System 271 .

STARCOM STARDOCS STARFIARS STARS Strategic Army Communications Standard Automated Retrieval Documentation System Standard Army Financial Inventory Accounting and Reporting System Strategic Target System Software Technology Adaptable Reliable Systems STARTEX STAS STATCO STATDATA STATREC STATREC STB STCCS STCP STD std STE STEP Start of Exercise Short Term Analysis Service Statistical Passenger Data Collection System Status Data Status Record Status Request Surveillance Testbed Strategic Theater Command and Control System Soft Top Command Post (M998) Software Test Description. Software Trouble Report 272 . Standard Standard Special Test Equipment Software Test and Evaluation Plan Standardized Tactical Entry Point STF STGPA STI STIG STMP STO STON STOW STOW-E STOW-TMD STP Special Task Force Special Task Group on Protocol Architecture Standard Terminal Interface Space Technology Interdependency Group Science and Technology Master Plan Science and Technology Objective Short Ton Synthetic Theater of War Synthetic Theater of War-Europe Synthetic Theater of War-Theater Missile Defense Short Term Project Software Test Plan STPO STPR STR Strategic Targets Product Office Software Test Procedure Strength.

STRADS STRAF STRAHNET STRAP Strategic Deployment System Strategic Army Forces Strategic Highway Corridor Network System Training Plan Structure Requirement Analysis Planning STRATA STRICOM STRUCE STRUCOW STS Simulator Training Research Advanced Testbed for Aviation Simulation. and Instrumentation Command Structure Strength. Enlisted Structure Strength. Vulnerability. Officers & Warrants Sensor-to-Shooter Synochronous Transport signals STT Situational Training Template Small Tactical Terminal System Technical Test Subcommittee on Telecommunications Security of NTISSC STTR STU STX Small Business Technology Transfer Secure Telephone Unit Situational Training Exercise Staff Training Exercise SUCCESS SUIIP SUM Synthesized UHF Computer Controlled Equipment Sub-System Site-Unique Integration and Installation Plan Single User Monitor Software User Manual SUMS SUPCOM SUPE SUR SURE SURG SURV SUS SV SVE SVGA Standard USAREUR Munitions System Support Command Soldier and Unit Performance Enhancement Small Unit Radio Supply Usage Requirements Estimator Surgeon Survey Single UNIX Specification Schedule Variance Survivability. Endurability super video graphics array 273 . Training.

Special Weapons Software/Operating System Southwest Asia Switchboard Space Warfare Center Scenario and Wargaming Center SWG Synchronization Working Group Security Working Group SWIT SWMCM SWO Software Integration and Test Shallow Water MCM Staff Weather Officer Special Weapons Officer SWOE SWS SWSA SYNC SYS SYSCON Smart Weapon Operability Enhancement Smart Weapon System Spatial Weapons System Analysis Synchronization System System Control System Control Center SYSEX SYSGEN SYSTO SZ t T&A T&A TM T&E T&EO T&T System Exerciser System Generation Systems Staff Officer Surf Zone Ton Transcription and Analysis Traffic and Analysis Team Test and Evaluation Training and Evaluation Outline Transportation and Transportability 274 .SVIP SVLM SVR SVS SVT SW SW/OS SWA SWBD SWC Secure Voice Improvement Program Standard Vehicle Launcher Mounted System Validation Review Service Subscriber Voice Terminals Software.

Analyze. Table of Organization Transmit/Receive Theater/Tactical Command.T/O T/R T2C3 TA Theater of Operations. Control. and Fix TACSIM AAR User System Top Attack Anti-Tank Mines Total Army Asset Visibility Target Acquisition Battery Tactical Technical Advisory Committee Tactical Air Command TAC CP TAC2IS TACAIR Tactical Command Post Theater Army Command and Control Info System Tactical Air 275 . and Communications Theater Army Technical Architecture Test Article Target Acquisition Target Analysis Target Area Task Authorization Technical Analysis Transportability Approval TAA Total Army Analysis Total Army Authorization Tactical Automation Appraisals Tactical Assemble Area TAACOM TAAD TAADC TAADCOM TAADS TAADS-R TAAF TAARUS TAATM TAAV TAB TAC Theater Army Area Command Theater Area Air Defense Theater Army Air Defense Commander Theater Army Air Defense Command The Army Authorization Documentation System TAADS Redesign Test.

TACAN Tactical Control and Navigation System Tactical Air Navigation TACAWS TACC The Army’s Combined Arms Weapon System Tactical Air Control Center Tactical Air Command Central (USAF/USMC) TACCDAS TACCIMS Tactical Army Command & Control Data System Theater Automated Command & Control Info Mgmt System Theater Army Command & Control Info Mgmt System (Korea) TACCS Tactical Army CSS Computer System Tactical Air C2 System TACCSF TACDAR TACELINT TACFIRE TACIES TACINTEL TACJAM TACLOG TACMIS TACO2 TACOM TACON TACOPS TACP TACREP TACS TACSAT TACSATCOM TACSCAN TACSIM Theater Air C2 Simulation Facility Tactical Detection and Reporting Tactical Electronics Intelligence Tactical Fire Direction System Tactical Imagery Exploitation System Existing Special Intelligence SATCOM network for msg and data Tactical Jammer Tactical-Logistical Group Tactical Management Information System Tactical Communications Protocol 2 Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command Tactical Control Tactical Operations Tactical Air Control Party Tactical Report Tactical Air Control Squadron (or System) Tactical Satellite Tactical Satellite Communications Tactical Scanner Tactical Simulation Tactical Simulator TACSOP TACTERM TACWAR Tactical SOP Tactical Terminal Tactical Warfare 276 .

TACWARS TAD Tactical Air Warfare Simulation Target Audience Description Theater Air Defense TADC TADCS TADDS TADIL TADIL-A TADIL-B TADIL-J TADIXS TADIXS-A TADIXS-B TADMS TADS Tactical Air Direction Center Tactical Airborne Digital Camera System Target Alert Data Display Set (FAAR) Tactical Digital (or Data) Information Link Tactical Data Information Link-A Tactical Data Information Link-B Tactical Data Information Link-J Tactical Data Information Exchange System Data and Test Communications System TADIX-Broadcast. National Data Broadcast (UHF) Tactical Automated Data Manipulation System Tactical Air Defense Systems Target Acquisition Designation Sight TADSS TAEDP TAF TAFIIS TAFIM TAFIS TAFS Training Aids. and Simulations Total Army Equipment Distribution Program Tactical Air Force Tactical Air Forces Integrated Info System Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management Theater Army Finance Information System Terminal Forecasts TEXCOM Automated Field Instrumentation System TAFSM TAG Target Acquisition Fire Support Model The [State] Adjutant General Troop Action Guidance Technical Advisory Group TAGRAS TAHQ TAI TAIS TAIM TALCE Theater Army Graves Registration Automation System Theater Army Headquarters Targeted Area of Interest Tactical Airspace Integration System Total Army Inventory Management Tanker Airlift Control Element 277 . Simulators. Devices.

TALDT TALON TAM Total Administrative and Logistic Down Time TACSIM Analysis and Operations Node Theater Analysis Model Task Authorization Memo Transportation Aircraft Maintenance TAMA TAMCA TAMCC TAMIS TAMMC TAMMIS(D) TAMMS TAMPS TAMS Threat Assessment for Army Mission Areas Theater Army Movement Control Activity (or Agency) Theater Army Movement Control Center Training Ammunition Mgmt Info System Theater Army Materiel Management Center Theater Army Medical Management and Information System(Division) The Army Maintenance Management System Tactical Aircraft Mission Planning System Target Area Meteorological Sensor Technical Assistance and Management Services TAMSS TAMUG TAOC TAOM TAOR TAP TAPDB TAPDB-A TAPDB-AE TAPDB-AO TAPDB-R TAPER TAPOC TAPS Target Area Meteorological Sensors System Total Army Microcomputer Users Group Tactical Air Operations Center Tactical Air Operations Module Tactical Area of Responsibility The Army Plan Total Army Personnel Database TAPDB-Active TAPDB-Active Enlisted TAPDB-Active Officer TAPDB-Reserve Theater Army Personnel Roll-Up System Theater Army Personnel Operations Center Target Analysis and Planning System Terminal Applications Processor System TAPSTEM Training and Personnel Systems Science and Technology Evaluation and Management (Committee) TAQ TAR Total Army Quality Testability Analysis Report 278 .

TARDEC TACOM Research. Development. Development and Engineering Center TARE TARO TARPMMS TARP TARPS TARSS TAS Telegraph Automatic Relay Equipment Theater Army Reception Office Theater Army Repair Program Maintenance Management System Target Acquisition and reconnaissance platoon Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance Pod System (F-14) Tactical Airborne Remot SIGINT System Target Acquisition System Tactical Automatic Switch Tactical Air Support TASC Training Aids Service Center Training and Audiovisual Support Center Theater ADP Service Center TASCS TASE TASM TASOSC TASOSE TASS TAT Training and Audio-Visual Support Centers TAACOM area support element Tactical Air-to-Surface Missile Theater Army Special Operations Support Command Theater Army Special Operations Support Element Tactical Switching System To Accompany Troops TACSIM Interface Protocal TAV TAWDS TB TBA TBD Total Asset Visibility Tactical Automated Weather Distribution System Technical Bulletin To Be Announced To Be Determined To Be Decided TBEP TBM Training Base Expansion Plan Theater Ballistic Missile Tactical Ballistic Missile Theater Battle Management TBMS Theater Battle Management System 279 . and Engineering Center Tank Automotive Research.

TBP To Be Published To Be Provided TBS TC To Be Supplied Transportation Coordinator Transportation Corps Test Comprehensiveness Transition Component Type Classification TC ACCIS TC AIMS TC AIMIS II Transportation Coordinator’s Automated Command & Control Info System Transportation Coordinator’s Automated Information Management System Transportation Coordinator’s Automated Information Movement System TC2S TCA TCAC TCAC-D TCACCIS TCAE TCAS TCB TCC Tactical Command and Control System TRADOC Contracting Agency Technical Control and Analysis Center TCAC-Division Transportation Coordinator Automated Command and Control Info System Technical Control and Analysis Element (obsolete term) Technical Control and Analysis System Trusted Computer Base Theater Communication Command Transportation Component Command Telecommunications Center Technical Control Cell TCCC TCCF TCCS TCD TCDC TCDIS TCDP TCE Theater Communications Control Center Tactical Communications Control Facility Tactical Command and Control System Time/Code Distribution Tactical Commanders Development Course Transportation Coordination Deployment Information System Tactical Commander Development Program Test Cost Estimate Trichlorethylene 280 .

TCF Tactical Combat Force Tactical Control Function TCG Technology Coordination Group Tactical Control Group Threat Coordinating Group TCGST TCIM TCIP TCIR TCIS TCM Tank Crew Gunnery Skills Test Tactical Communications Interface Module Theater C2 Initiative Program Two Color Infrared Tactical Commo Interface Software Trauma Control Model Total Corrective Maintenance TCMD TCMP TCMS TCN TCO Transportation Control and Movement Document TMD Countermeasure Mitigation Program Theater Construction Management System Terrestrial Communications Network Telecommunications Certification Office(r) Tactical Combat Operations Test Control Officer TCOS TCP Tactical Combat Operations System Tactical Computer Processor Terminal Control Protocol Transmission Control Protocol Tactical Control Processor Traffic Control Point TCP/IP TCPL TCPS TCRP TCS Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol Theater Critical Personnel List Technical Control and Processing Section (new term for TCAE) Tactical Commanders Readiness Program Tactical Communications System Tactical Computer Terminal Technical Control Station Temporary Change of Station TCSEC DoD Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria 281 .

TCT Tactical Computer Terminal Tactical Commander’s Terminal Time Critical Target TCTO TCU Time Compliance Technical Orders Transportable Computer Unit Tactical Computer Unit Terminal Control Unit TCU V1 TCU V2 TD TCU-Commercial Version TCU-Ruggedized Version Training Device Technology Demonstration Technical Demonstration Terrain Data Total Distribution Transmitter Distributor Target Defeat Training Development TD/CMS TDA Technical Data/Configuration Mgmt System Table of Distribution and Allowances Target Damage Assessment Tactical Decision Aid Technical Direction Agency TDAA TDAC TDAP TDAR TDARDS TDATD TDB TDBMS TDC TDC TDD TDDM Training Development & Analysis Activity Tactical Data Acquisition and Correlation Total Distribution Action Plan Tactical Defense Alert Radar Truth Data Acquisition. Terrain Database Tactical Database Management System Time Dispersed Coding Turbo-Roto-Compound Tactical Display Device Time Division Digital Multiplexing 282 . Recording. and Display System Total Distribution Advanced Technology Demonstration Transportation Database.

and/or Mobile TDMP TDNS TDO TDP Tactical Decision Making Process Training Device Need Statement Transaction Data Object Test Design Plan Technical Data Package Technology Development Plan Tactical Data Processor Total distribution Program TDR Training Device Requirement Transportation Discrepancy Report TDRB TDS Test Data Review Board Tactical Data System Training Development Study Training Device System TRADOC Documentation System Total Distribution System TDSG TDSS TDT TDY TE Time Division Switching Group Theater Decision Support System Transonic Dynamics Tunnel Temporary Duty Test Edition Test Equipment TE/IR TEA Tactical Engagement/Instrumentation Range Transportation Engineering Agency Transportation Engineering Agreement Transportability Engineering Analysis Training Effectiveness Analysis 283 .TDDS TDF Tactical Data Distribution System (formerly TRAP) Test Data Folder Tactical Digital Facsimile TDI TDIM TDM Technology Demonstration Item Time Division Interface Group Time Division Multiplexing Transportable. Deployable.

Evaluation. Exercises. Analysis. & Military Operations Test Equipment Modernization Test and Evaluation Master Plan (the study and control of spurious electronic signals emitted by electrical equipment) TEMPO TENCAP TENet Telecommunications Modernization Project Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities Program Theater Extension Net 284 . and Modeling Technology Exchange Assessment Methodology TEB Tactical Exploitation Battalion Test and Evaluation Board TEC Topographic Engineering Center Training Extension Course Tactical ELINT Correlator TECCS TECOM TED Tactical Engineer C2 System Test & Evaluation Command Test and Evaluation Directorate Turbine Engine Diagnostics Trunk Encryption Device TEED TEI&R TEISS TEL tel TELEMED TELER TELNET Tactical End-to-End Encryption Device Tactical Engagement.TEAM Test. Instrumentation and Ranges The Enhanced Integrated Soldier System Transporter-Erector-Launcher Telephone Telemedicine Telecommunications Requirements Telecommunications Network Teleconferencing Network TEM Terrain Evaluation Module Technical Exchange Meeting TEMA Terrain Evaluation Module Test Evaluation Matrix Test and Evaluation Management Agency TEMO TEMOD TEMP TEMPEST Training.

Info System Task Force Terrain Following/Terrain Avoidance Task Force XXI Theater Finance Command Tactical Fusion Center TFDAWE TFE TFG Task Force Division Advance Warfighter Experiment Transportation Feasibility Estimator Transportation Facility Guide 285 . Virgin Islands) Terrain Contour Matching Tactical ELINT Reconnaissance Terrain Intelligence Terminal Terminal Management System Tactical Electronic Recon Processing & Exploitation System (USMC) Tactical Engagement System Tactical Event System TENCAP Exploitation System TES-MP TESAR TESS Tactical Engagement System-Master Plan Tactical Endurance Synthetic Aperture Radar Tactical Environment Support System Tactical Engagement Simulation System TESS III TETS TEWT TEXCOM TEXMIS TF TF/TA TF XXI TFC Tactical Environmental Surveillance System Third Echelon Test System Tactical Exercise Without Troops Test and Experimentation Command TRADOC Execution Mgmt.TEP Tactical ELINT Processor Tactical Exploitation Processor Test and Evaluation Plan Tactical Entry Point Tactical Electronic Processor TEPS TER TERARC TERCOM TEREC TERINT TERM TERMS TERPES TES Test and Evaluation Plan Summary Technical Expert Representative Territorial Area Command (Peurto Rico. Guam.

TFR TFS TFT Time From Receipt Tactical Forecast System (USAF) Technical Feasibility Test(ing) Time From Transmission thin-film transistor TFXXI TG TGIF Task Force XXI Technical Group. Transaction Group Transportable Ground Interface Facility Thank God It’s Friday TGM TGS TGTINT TGTM TGTSIG TGW THAAD THAADS THM THMP THMT THO TI TIARA TIBS TIBTAAP TIC Trunk Group Multiplexer Thermal Gunners Sight Target Intelligence Transportation Guidance Tech Manual Target Signature Terminal Guided Warhead Theater High Altitude Area Defense Theater High Altitude Area Defense System Terminal Homing Munitions Terminal Homing Munitions Projectile Tactical High Mobility Terminal Target Hands-Off Tactical Internet Tactical Intelligence and Related Activities Tactical Information Broadcast System TRADOC Integrated Battlefield Targeting Architecture Action Plan Theater Intelligence Center Technical Interface Concept Technical Interface Certification Technology Integration Center TIDP TIDS TIE TIEF TIER Technical Interface Design Plan Tactical Information Display System Technical Independent Evaluator Tactical Imagery Exploitation Facility Technical Independent Evaluation Report 286 .

TIF TIGER Test Incident Form Tactical Intelligence Gathering and Exploitation Relay Tactical Interactive Ground Equipment TIIP TILO TIM TIMEREQ TIMERESP TIMS TIN TIOH TIP Topographic Imagery Integration Prototype Technical and Industrial Liaison Office Technical Interface Meetings Time Request Time Response TFCC Information Management System Triangular Irregular Network The Institute of Heraldry Technology Insertion Project TACSIM Interface Processor Technical Insertion Program Technology Insertion Plan TIPI Tactical Imagery Processing and Interpretation Tactical Information Processing and Interpretation TIR Test Incident Report Technical Interface Requirement Technical Interface Re-certification TIREM TIROS TIS Terrain Integration Rough Earth Model TV Infrared Orbital Satellite Tactical Intelligence Squadron Test Item Stimulator TISA TISAMIS TISC Troop Issue Subsistence Activity TISA Management Information System Theater Information Systems Command Technical Integration Steering Committee TISO TIWG TJAG TLA TLAM TLCF Threat Integration Staff Officer Technical Integration Work Group The Judge Advocate General Temporary Lodging Allowance Tomahawk Land Attack Missile Teleconference 287 .

Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment/Production Surveillance Test Threat Mine Emulator TRADOC Materiel Evaluation Committee Tactical Multinet Gateway Test Message Generator TMIP TMMMC TMO TMOPS TMP Tactical Multimedia Interface Prototype Theater Medical Materiel Mgmt Center Transportation Movement Office(r) TRADOC Mobilization and Operations Planning System Terminal Message Processor Transportation Motor Pool Technical Manual Plan TMR Transportation Movement Release 288 . Measurement.TLD TLE TLM TLSP TM Top Level Demonstration Target Location Error Topographic Line Map Transport Layer Security Protocol Technical Manual Team Theater Missile TM-V/V TM3 TMA TMACS-B TMACS-D TMAMS TMAS TMB TMBS TMCA TMD Technical manual Validation/Verification Trade-off Mobilization Macro Model Training Mission Area Training Mgmt Control System-Battalion Training Mgmt Control System-Division Theater Major Assembly Management System Tank Main Armament System Terminating Message Buffers Turret Motion Base Simulator Theater Movement Control Agency Theater Missile Defense Tactical Missile Defense TMDCC TMDE TMDE/PST TME TMEC TMG Theater Missile Defense Coordination Cell Test. and Diagnostic Equipment Test.

TMRS TMT Test Management Reporting System Transportation Motor Transport Transportation Movement Team TMTK TNAZ TNET TNG TNS Tactical Mapping Tool Kit Trinitroazetidine Training Network Training Tactical Name Server Tactical Name Service TNT TO Trinitrotoluene (dynamite) Table of Organization Technical Order TOA Time Of Arrival Transfer Of Authority Total Obligation Authority Trade-Off Analysis Transportation Operating Agency Time Off Award TOAD TOC Tobyhanna Army Depot Tactical Operations Center Table Of Contents Technical Order Compliance Transportation Operating Command Tactical Operation Combat System (USMC) TOCC TOCN TOCO TOCS TOD TOE TOEL TOF Tactical Operations Control Center Technical Order Change Notice Technical Order Control Unit Tactical Operation Combat System Trade-Off Determination Table of Organization and Equipment Time Ordered Event List Time Of Flight Time Of File TOFC Trailer On Flat Car 289 .

Operations. and Deployment Technical Order Management Agency Technical and Office Protocols Total Officer Personnel Mgmt Info System Transportation Operational Personal Property Standard System Time-Sensitive Operational Planning System Tera Operations Per Second Technical Order Page Supplements TOPSS TOR The Officer Projection Specialty System Terms Of Reference Time Of Receipt TORB TOS Technical Order Review Board Tactical Operations System Transition Operational State Type of Service TOS(C) TOS(D) TOS-CASE TOT TOW TP Tactical Operations System-Corps Tactical Operations System-Division TOS for Corps and Subordinate Echelons Time On Target Tube-launched. Optically-tracked. Mobilization. Wire-guided Total Package Transition Plan Transport Protocol Telephone (MSE) Toilet Paper TP PK TPA TPC TPF Type Pack Transaction Processing Activity Tactical Pilotage Chart Total Package Fielding 290 .TOFCN TOI TOLS Technical Order Field Change Notice Time of Intercept The On Line System TERMS On Line System TOM TOM-D TOMA TOP TOPMIS TOPPSS TOPS Target Object Map Training.

Europe Test Program Set Test Program Sets Technical Publishing Software TPSN TPT TPTRL TPU Troop Program Sequence Number Troop Proficiency Trainer Time Phased Transportation Requirements List Troop Program Unit Tank and Pump Unit TPWG TQG TQM TR Test Planning Working Group Tactical Quiet Generator Total Quality Management Test Report Trouble Report Transmit Receive Reletype Transportation Request TR-7 TRA TRAAV TRAC Theater Reserve (in Korea) Temporary Restricted Area Test Range Facility for Advanced Aerospace Vulnerability TRADOC Analysis Command Tactical Radar Correlator TRAC-WSMR TRACE TRAC-White Sands Missile Range Total Risk Assessing Cost Estimate 291 .TPFDD TPFDL TPG TPI TPIO(ABCS) Time-Phased Force and Deployment Data Time-Phased Force Deployment List Troop Program Guidance Test Planning Integration TRADOC Program Integration Office(ABCS) Technical Program Integration Office TPM TPMC TPN TPO Technical Performance Measurement Theater Personnel Management Center Tactical Packet Network TACSIM Program Office Technical Publications Office TPOE TPS Theater Project Office.

TRACE-P TRACON TRADE TRADOC TRAMOD TRANS TRANSCOM TRANSCOMM TRANSEC TRANSMO TRANSSEC TRAP TRACE for Production Terminal Radar Approach Control Training Devices and Equipment Training and Doctrine Command Training Module Transportation Transportation Command Transmission Communications Transmission Security Transportation Model Transmission Security Training Resources Adjudication Panel Transmit Receive Equipment and Related Applications Tactical Related Applications (obsolete term) TRAS TRASSO TRCS TRD TRE TREDS TRI-TAC TRIGS TRIPP TRIXS TRK TRM TRN TRNG TRO TROA TROPO TROSCOM TRP TRR Training Requirements Analysis System TRADOC System Support Officer Tactical Radio Communications System Technical Requirements Document Tactical Receiver Equipment Tactical Recon and Exploitation Demo System Tri-services Tactical Communications (system) TR1 (USAF) Ground Station Theater Rapid Response Intel Package Tactical Reconnaissance Intelligence Exchange Service Truck Technical Reference Model Task Requirement Notice Training Tactical Reconnaissance Office The Reserve Officers Association Troposcatter Troop Support Command Technical Review Panel Test Readiness Review 292 .

and Review Committee Training Support Center Trojan Switching Center TSD Threats Support Division Tactical Surveillance Demonstration Tactical Support Demonstration TSE TAACOM Support Element TOC Support Element (or Enclave) (see ASIS) TSEEC TSEU TSG TSI TSID TSIP Transmission Systems Engineering Evaluation Facility Technology Seeker Evaluation Unit The Surgeon General TRADOC Simulation Internet Target System Interface Drawing Task Force XXI System Integration Plan 293 .TRRIP TRS Theater Integrated Tactical Terminal Theater-Resolution Scenarios Training Simulation Division TRT TRTS TRU TRVEH TS Terrain Reconnaissance Tool Tactical Record Traffic System TIBS Receive Unit Tracked Vehicle Top Secret Test Set Total Strength Training Support TS/SCI TS3 TSA Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Info Time Sensitive Support System Theater Storage Area (ammo) Target Signature Array TSAD TSAR TSARC TSC Theater Strategic Area Defense TRANSCOM Siting and Readiness Test. Schedule.

TSM Threat Spectrum Model TRADOC System Manager Terminal Support Module Terminal Security Matrix Training Support Materials TSM-ABCS TSMO TSO TRADOC Systems Manager – Army Battle Command Systems Threat Simulation Management Office Technical Staff Officer Tactical Support Operations Time Sharing Option TSOT TSP Total System Operational Test Training Support Package Troop Structure Program Test Support Package Threat Support Package TSR Theater Storage Activities Time Sensitive Reporting Terminate-and-Stay Resident TSSAM TSSI TSSP TSSW TSTV TSWG TT Tri-Service Standoff Attack Missile Top Secret Special Intelligence Tactical Satellite Signal Processor Technical Support Software Total System Tactical Validation Training Support Working Group Technical Test Task Type Teletype Terminal Transfer Tank Table TT&C TT&E TT&P TTAD TTADB Telemetry. Tracking. and Commanding Technical Test and Evaluation Tactics. Techniques. and Procedures Temporary Tours of Active Duty Tactical Terrain Analysis Database 294 .

Trainees. and Procedures Trailer Transfer Point TTPO TTSM TTSP Theater Targets Product Office Theater Transition and Sustainment Model Threat Test Support Package Training Test Support Package TTU TTY TUAV TUCHA TUEDT TUFMIS TUG TUGV TUOC TUSA TUT TV Transportation Terminal Unit Teletypewriter Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Type Unit Characteristic Type Unit Equipment Detail File Tactical Unit Financial Management Information System Technical Users Group Tactical Unmanned Ground Vehicle Tactical Unit Operation Center (USAF) Third US Army Tactical User Terminal Television Terrain Visualization TVA Target Value Analysis Tennessee Valley Authority TVI TVM Technical Validation Inspection Track Via Missile 295 .TTC TTC-E TTCP TTCS TTD TTES TTF TTFC TTHS TTIL TTMOP TTP Tropical Test Center Transportation Terminal Command-Europe The Technical Cooperation Program Target Tracking and Control System Tactical Terrain Data Team Tactical Engagement Simulator Temporary Test Facility Tactical and Technical Fire Control Transients. Holdees. Techniques. and Students Theater Tracked Item List Technical Test Measures of Performance Tactics.

TVMP TVSP TVTI TWAA TWDS TWG TWIS TWOS TWS TWSTIAC TWV TWVM TWVRMO Tx UA UAD UAF UARS UART UARV UAV UAV-C UAV-C GSC UAV-CR UAV-E UAV-GCS UAV-MPCS UAV-SR UBL UBM UCCATS UCCIS UCFF UCI Terrain Visualization Master Plan Tactical Vehicle Special Programs Tactical Video Teleconferencing Interface Tactical Warning and Attack Assessment Tactical Water Distribution System Technology Working Group Tactical WWMCC Information System Tactical Weather Observing System Thermal Weapon Sight Tactical Warfare Simulation and Technology Info Analysis Center Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Modernization Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Resource Management Office Transmit Unit Administration Updated Authorization Document User Account File Unmanned Aerial Reconnaissance System Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter Unmanned Airborne Reconnaissance Vehicle Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV-Close UAV-Close Ground Control Station UAV-Close Range Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Ground Control Station UAV-Mission Planning & Control Station UAV-Short Range Unit Basic Load Unified Battlescale Model Urban Combat Computer-Assisted Training Simulation USAREUR C2 Information System UTC Consumption Factors File Updated Coordinating Instructions 296 .

UCOFT UCP UCS UCSR UCT UDF Unit Conduct of Fire Trainer Unified Command Plan Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set Unit Control Supply Rate User Check Test Unit Data File Unit Development Folder UDL UDLP UDP UE UEDP UFD UFL UFR UGS UGT UGV UH UHF UHF-FM UHP UI UIC UIFG UIN UIR UIS UISL Unit Designation List United Defense Limited Partnership User Datagram Protocol United Endeavor (exercise) UTACCS Evolutionary Development Plan User Functional Description Ulchi Focus Lens (exercise) Unfinanced Requirement Unattended Ground Sensor Underground Test Unmanned Ground Vehicle Utility Helicopter Ultra-High Frequency Ultra-High Frequency-Frequency Modulated Ultra-High-Purity Unit of Issue Unit Identification Code User Interface Functional Group Unit Identification Number User Interface Requirement Unit Identification System User Interface Specification Language User Interface Standard Library UJTL UK UL Universal Joint Task List United Kingdom Unit Level 297 .

ULC Unit-Level Computer Unit-Level Code ULCANS ULLC ULLS ULMS ULN ULP ULSI ULTDS UM Ultra-Lightweight Camouflage Net System Unit-Level Logistics Computer Unit-Level Logistics System Unit Level Message Switch Unit Line Number Upper Layer Protocol Ultra Large Scale Integration Unit-Level Tactical Data Switch User Manual Unit Manager UMC Unit Movement Coordinator USAREUR Major Command UMCP UMCT UMD UMF UMMIPS UMMIS UMO UMOC UMR UMS UMT UN UNAAF UNAS UNC UNDPKO UNICOM UNITE UNITREP UNODIR Unit Maintenance Collection Point Unit Maintenance Collection Team Unit Movement Data User Message Format Uniform Materiel Movement and Issue Prioritizing System USAREUR Medical Management Info System Unit Movement Officer Unit Movement Officer Course Unit Manning Report UTACCS Message System Unit Ministry Team United Nations Unified Action Armed Forces (JP 0-2) Universal Network Architecture Services United Nations Command UN Department for Peacekeeping Operations Universal Integrated Communications Uninitiated Introduction to Engineering Unit Report Unless Otherwise Directed 298 .

UNPROFOR UNSC UNT UOES UPAS UPE UPS United Nations Protection Force United Nations Security Council Unified Networking Technology User Operational Evaluation System Unit Performance Assessment System User Portability Extensions Uninterruptable Power Supply United Parcel Service UPT URD URI URL URL Unit Proficiency Training User Requirements Document University Research Initiative Uniform Resource Locator Unfinanced Requirements List Uniform Resource Locator URO URR URS URU US USA User Readout Un-resourced Requirement unit reference sheet Universal Research Unit United States United States of America Under Secretary of the Army United States Army USAABNSOTB USAADASCH USAADBD USAARENDB USAARMC USAARMS USAAS USAAVNBD USAAVNC USACAC USACASCOM USACC US Army Airborne and Special Operations Test Board US Army Air Defense Artillery School US Army Air Defense Board US Army Armor and Engineer Board US Army Armor Center US Army Armor School US Army Air Space US Army Aviation Board US Army Aviation Center US Army Combined Arms Command US Army Combined Arms Support Command US Army Communications Command 299 .

USACCA USACE USACEBD USACECOM USACEEIA USACGSC USACOE USACOM USACSC USACTA USADC USAEPG USAES USAF USAFABD USAFAC USAFAC&FS USAFAGOS USAFAS USAFE USAFISA US Army Concepts Analysis Agency US Army Corps of Engineers US Army Commo-Electronics Board US Army Commo-Electronics Command US Army Commo-Electronics Engineering Installation Agency US Army Command and General Staff College US Army Corps of Engineering US Atlantic Command US Army Computer Systems Command US Army Central Test Activity US Army Software Development Center US Army Electronic Proving Ground US Army Engineer School United States Air Force US Army Field Artillery Board US Army Finance and Accounting Center US Army FA Center & Fort Sill US Air Force Ground Operations System US Army Field Artillery School US Air Force Europe US Army Force Integration Support Agency USAFORSCOM US Army Forces Command USAHSC USAIB USAIC USAIC&FH USAICS USAID USAIS USAISC USAISCBD USAISEC USAISMA USAISSAA US Army Health Services Command US Army Infantry Board US Army Intelligence Center US Army Intell Center and Fort Huachuca US Army Intelligence Center and School US Agency for International Development US Army Infantry School US Army Information Systems Command US Army Intelligence and Security Board US Army Info Systems Engineering Cmd US Army Info Systems Mgmt Activity US Army Info Systems Selection and Acquisition Agency 300 .

USAISSDC USAISSSC USALEA USALOGCEN USAMICOM USAMMA USAMRDC USAMRMC USANCA USAOEC USAOTEA USAQMCS USAR USARC USARCCO USARCENT US Army Info Systems Software Development Center US Army Info Systems Software Support Command US Army Logistics Evaluation Agency US Army Logistics Center US Army Missile Command US Army Medical Materiel Agency US Army Medical R & D Command US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command US Army Nuclear and Chemical Agency US Army Operational Evaluation Cmd US Army Operational Test and Evaluation Agency US Army QM Center and School US Army Reserve US Army Reserve Command US Army Commercial Communications Office US Army Central Command USARCENTCOM US Army Central Command USAREC USAREUR USARF USARJ USARPAC USARSO USASA USASAC USASC USASDC USASOC USASSDC USASSG USATA USATC USATSC USAWC US Army Recruiting Command US Army. Europe US Army Reserve Forces US Army. Japan US Army. South US Army Security Agency US Army Security Assistance Command US Army Signal Center US Army Strategic Defense Command US Army Special Operations Command US Army Space and Strategic Defense Command US Army Special Security Group US Army TMDE Activity US Army Training Center US Army Training Support Center US Army War College 301 . Pacific US Army.

USB USBRO USC Upper Sideband US Base Requirements Overseas United States Code USAREUR Subordinate Command USCENTCOM USCG USCGNET US Central Command US Coast Guard US Communications Grid Network USCINC-SOUTH CINC US Southern Command USCINC-SPACE CINC US Space Command USCINC-STRAT CINC US Strategic Command USCINC-TRANS CINC US Transportation Command USCINCCENT USCINCEUR USCINCLANT USCINCPAC USCINCSOC USD USD/A USD/P USDA USERID USEUCOM USFJ USFK USFORSCOM USG USGS USI USIA USJTF USLANTCOM USLO USMA USMC CINC US Central Command CINC US European Command CINC US Atlantic Command CINC US Pacific Command CINC US Special Operations Command Under Secretary of Defense Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition Under Secretary of Defense for Policy US Department of Agriculture User Identification US European Command US Forces. Korea United States Forces Command United States Government US Geological Survey User System Interface US Information Agency United States Joint Task Force US Atlantic Command US Liaison Officer US Military Academy United States Marine Corps 302 . Japan US Forces.

Europe US Pacific Command US Property and Fiscal Officer Unit Status Report US Signals Intelligence Directorate (or Directive) US Special Intelligence Directive USSOCOM US Special Operations Command USSOUTH-COM US Southern Command USSPACE-COM US Space Command USSS US SIGINT system USSTRAT-COM US Strategic Command USTA United States Total Army USTRANS-COM US Transportation Command UT User Test Unit Testing UT&E UTA UTACCS User Test and Evaluation Unit Training Assembly USAREUR Tactical Army C2 System Unit Tactical Command and Control System UTC UTE UTES UTIC UTM UTO UTSS UU UUT UV UVIS UW UWB Unit Type Code Utilization Rate Unit Training Equipment Site USAREUR Theater Intelligence Center Universal Transverse Mercator Unit Task Organization Universal Threat Simulator System User Unit Unit Under Test Ultraviolet Ultra-Violet and Visible Imagers and Spectrographic Imagers Unconventional Warfare Ultra wide band 303 .USMTF USN USNAVEUR USPACOM USPFO USR USSID United States Message Text Format United States Navy US Navy.

US Army Vehicular Data Communications and Positional Awareness Demo Version Description Document Virtual Device Interface Video Display Terminal Visual Display Unit Value Engineering Value Engineering Change Proposal Vehicle Value Engineering Plan Version Vehicle Electronics Voice Frequency Virtual Factory VFAS VFDMIS Vertical Force Accounting System Vertical Force Development Management Information System 304 .UWC UWISL UWTF UXO V Underwater Communication System USAREUR WWMCCS Info System Location Unconventional Warfare Task Force Unexploded Ordnance Volt Version V&V VA Verification and Validation Volt-ampere Veterans Administration (now DVA) VADS VAL VAX VBTM VBTP VCJCS VCOS VCR VCRM VCSA VDCPAD VDD VDI VDT VDU VE VECP VEH VEP VER VETRONICS VF Vulcan Air Defense System Vulnerability Assessment Laboratory Virtual Address Extension Virtual Brigade Training Methodology Virtual Battle Training Plan Vice Chairman of the JCS Vehicle Control and Operating System Video Cassette Recorder Verification Cross Reference Matrix Vice Chief of Staff.

VFMED VFR VGA VGWS VHDL VHF VHF-FM VHSIC VI VI/AV VIABLE VIC Variable Format Message Entry Device Visual Flight Rule Video graphics array Video Graphic Work Station VHSIC hardware description language Very High Frequency Very High Frequency-Frequency Modulated Very High Speed Integrated Circuits Visual Information Visual Information/Audiovisual Vertical Installation Automation Baseline Vector-In-Command Visibility of Information Cargo VICTORS VIDS VIICS VINES VINSON VIP Variable Intensity Conflict Training System Vehicle Integrated Defense System Vehicular Inter/Intra Communications System Virtual Network System Secure device for voice and FM communications Visual Information Projection Very Important Person VIR VISTA VITD VKF VLF VLSI VMF VMM VMS VNAS VOQ VOR VPF VPG Virtual Individual Combatants Very Intelligent Surveillance and Target Acquisition Vector Interim Terrain Data Variable Key Function Vertical-Laminar-Flow Very Large Scale Intergration Variable Message Format Virtual Machine Monitor Virtual Memory System Vehicle Navigation Aids System Visiting Officers Quarters VHF omni-directional range Vector Product Format Virtual Proving Ground 305 .

and Accreditation (or Authentication) Test Instrumentation Package Watt Withdrawal Without WAAM WAC WADDS WAM WWMCCS Allocation and Assessment Model Work Accomplishment Code WWMCCS Automatic Data Processing Directory of Database and Systems WWMCCS ADP Modernization Wide Area Mine (component of IMF) WAMC WAN WAND Wide Area Mine Clearance Wide Area Network Wide Area Neutralization Device 306 . Inc Vehicle Registration System voltage reduction technology Very Small Aperture Terminal Variable Speed Technology Virtual Terminal The Vertical Army Authorization Document System Virtual Telecommunications Access Method Video Teleconference Virtual Terrain Database Vertical Take-Off and Landing Virtual Terminal Protocol Virtual Training Program VTS VTT VV&A VXI W W/D W/O Virtual Terminal Service Virtual Tele Training Verification. Validation.VPL VR VRC Virtual Processing Laboratory Virtual Reality Vehicular Radio Communications Virtual Reality Consortium VRD VRI VRS VRT VSAT VST VT VTAADS VTAM VTC VTDB VTOL VTP Virtual Retinal Display Vector Research.

WAR WARM WARNO WARS WARSIM WAS WASP Wartime Asset Redistribution Wartime Reserve Mode Warning Order Worldwide Ammunition Reporting System Warfighter Simulation Wartime Automated System War Air Service Program Washington Area Switch Procurement WASSO WATASO WATWG WAVELL WBT WCC WCG WCO WCOMMCDE WCS WDBII WDU WE WEAR WES WWMCCS ADP System Security Officer WWMCCS ADP Terminal Area Security Officer WWMCCS ADP Traffic Working Group (United Kingdom) Command and Control System Wait Before Transmitting Weapon Control Computer Workstation. Computer Graphics Weapons Control Order Water Commodity and Special Handling Code Weapons Control Status World Data Base II Weapons Director Unit With Equipment Wartime Executive Agent Responsibilities WWMCCS Entry System Waterways Experiment Station WESTCOM WESTIS WETEP WETM WETS WEU WEZ WFLA WfW WFX Western Command WESTCOM Military C2 System Weekend Training Equipment Pool Weather Team Weekend Equipment Training Site Western European Union Weapon Engagement Zone Warfighting Lens Analysis Windows for Workgroups Warfighter Exercise 307 .

WFZ WG WGS WHA WHCA WHNS WHNSIMS WHQ WHSR WIA WIN Weapons Free Zone Working Group World Geodetic System Tungston Heavy Alloy White House Communications Agency Wartime Host Nation Support WHNS Info Management System War Headquarters White House Situation Room Wounded In Action WWMCCS Inter-computer Network Warfighter Information Network WINCS WIS WIS AIMS WISE WITS WWMCCS Inter-computer Network Subsystem WWMCCS Information System WIS Analysis Information Management System Walk In Synthetic Environment WWMCCS Intelligent Terminal System WWMCCS Integrated Training Standards Washington Interagency Telecommunication System WLAN WMCCS WMD WMO WMP WO Wireless Local Area Network Worldwide Military Command and Control System Weapons of Mass Destruction World Meteorological Organization War and Mobilization Plan (USAF) Warrant Officer Without Warning Order WO/RM WOC WOS WPC WPE WPM WPN Write Once/Read Many Wing Operations Center Wartime Operational State Warrior Preparation Center Word Processing Equipment Words Per Minute Weapon 308 .

WPS WR Worldwide Port System War Reserves wire receive WRAIR WRAMC WRAP WRM WRSA WRSA-K WRSK Ws WS Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Walter Reed Army Medical Center Warfighting Rapid Acquisition Process War Reserve Materiel War Reserve Stock for Allies War Reserve Stock for Allies – Korea War Readiness Spare Kits word send Workstation Weapon System WSA WSAC WSCOM WSFA WSGT WSID WSM WSMAT WSMGR WSMR WSMT WSP WSRM WSRO WSSIB WSSM WSSO WSSS WSSUP WSTAWG WSWG Wire Subscriber Access Weapon System Analysis Capability Workstation Communications Workstation Functional Analysis WWMCCS Standard Graphics Terminal Workstation Identification Weapons System Manager Weapon System Management Team Workstation Manager White Sands Missile Range Weapon System Management Team Workstation Processor White Sands Missile Range Weapon System Replacement Operation WWMCCS Standard System Info Base Weapon System Staff Manager Weapon System Support Officer WWMCCS Standard System Software Workstation Support Software Weapon System Technical Architecture Working Group WWMCCS Info System Security Working Group 309 .

wt WT WTI WTM WTO WTR WVEH WVS WW WWIMS WWMCCS WWS WWSS WWW WX WX TM WYSIWYG XDDCMP XLWB XMTL xmtr XNF XO XPLRS Y2K yd YPG YTB YTG Z Z LIN ZD ZDBOp ZI wire transmit Weight Weapons and Tactics Instruction WWMCCS Technical Manual Warsaw Treaty Organization Western Test Range Wheeled Vehicle World Vector Shoreline World War World Wide Indicator Monitoring System World Wide Military Command and Control System WWMCCS Workstation Warfare and Warfare Support System World Wide Webb Weather (Information) Weather Information Team What You See Is What You Get External DDCMP Extra Long Wheel Base Transmittal Transmitter X\Open Federated Naming Executive Officer X-Windows Position Location and Reporting System (USMC) Year 2000 Yard Yuma Proving Grounds Yearly Training Brief Yearly Training Guidance ZULU Time (Developmental) Line Item Number Ziff-Davis Ziff-Davis Benchmark Operation Zone of Interior 310 .

ZULU (Greenwich Mean Time) 311 .

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