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KEPServ erEX's support of Wonderw ar e Corpor at ion's Fast DDE and Suit eLink sim plifies t he t ask of connect ing t he server wit h Fact or ySuit e applicat ions such as I nTouch. By using t he Wonderw are connect ivit y t oolkit , KEPServerEX can sim ult aneously pr ovide OPC and Fast DDE/ Suit eLink connect ivit y t o address y our com m unicat ions needs. Wit h built - in support of t hese Client / Ser ver t echnologies, KEPServerEX allows you t o quickly access device dat a wit hout t he need t o use an int er m ediary soft ware br idge as is done when using a st rict ly OPC only com m unicat ions server . For Wonderw are users t he fam iliar look an d f eel of Fast DDE/ Suit eLink t ag dat abase set up is m aint ained. KEPServ erEX m akes t he best use of t hese t echnologies by using only t he com ponent s necessar y for Wonderw are users. I f you are not a Wonderw are user t here's no need t o be concer ned, KEPSer verEX st ill uses it s ow n OPC t echnology t o pr ovide t he best perform ance available for OPC client applicat ions. I m por t ant Not e: This page will only be displayed in t he server 's Opt ions m enu if a Wonderw are Fact orySuit e product is inst alled on y our PC. Specifically, t he Wonder ware FS2000 Com m on Com ponent s or I nTouch Runt im e Com ponent 8. 0 or higher m ust be inst alled on your PC for proper Fast DDE/ Suit eLink operat ion.

The "Enable Fast DDE/ Suit eLink" opt ion allow s you t o t urn suppor t of t hese Client / Server prot ocols On or Of f. By default t his set t ing will be enabled when a Wonder ware product is inst alled on your PC. I f Fast DDE/ Suit eLink operat ion is t urned off, t h e server will not respond t o any request for Fast DDE or Suit eLink dat a. I f you int end t o use KEPServer EX only as an OPC server y ou m ay w ant t o disable Fast DDE/ Suit eLink oper at ion. This can increase t he securit y of your dat a and im prove t he overall perform ance of t he serv er. The "Updat e act ive client s" opt ion configures how oft en new dat a w ill be sent t o at t ached Fast DDE/ Suit eLink client applicat ions. The range is 20 t o 32000 m illiseconds, wit h a default of 100 m illiseconds. The "Updat e act ive client s" t im er is used t o allow Fast DDE/ Suit eLink dat a t o be bat ched up for t ransf er t o client applicat ions. When using a Client / Server prot ocol like Fast DDE or Suit eLink, per form ance gains only com e w hen large blocks o f ser ver dat a can be sent in a single r esponse. To im prove t he abilit y of t he server t o gat her a large block of dat a, t he updat e t im er can be set t o allow a pool of new dat a t o accum ulat e befor e being sent t o a client applicat ion. An im port ant t hing t o rem em ber is t hat t his updat e rat e applies t o how oft en dat a is sent t o t he client applicat ion not how oft en t he dat a is read fr om your device. You can st ill use t he t ag set t ing " DDE scan r at e" t o adj ust how fast or slow t he server acquires dat a f rom an at t ached device. U sin g KEPSer ve rEX dat a in W on derw are Th is sect ion descr ibes t he changes t hat hav e been m ade t o KEPServ erEX t o support Fast DDE/ Suit eLink operat ion and how t hose changes can be used t o get dat a int o your Fact orySuit e applicat ion. This sect ion doesn't get int o t he specif ics of connect ing wit h Fact or ySuit e. That can be found in t he our connect ivit y guide supplied w it h your purchased pr oduct or av ailable fr om our web sit e. KEPServ erEX is fir st and forem ost an OPC server , as such com m on Fast DDE/ Suit eLink nom enclat ure such as DDE Service nam e, Topic nam e, and I t em nam e are applied different ly f rom t heir OPC equivalent s. Lik e any DDE server KEPServer EX m ust regist er it self as a DDE service provider. To do so a DDE Service nam e m ust b e r egist ered w it h t he syst em . Norm ally t his nam e can be any t hing your applicat ion m ay r equire. For proper Fast DDE/ Suit eLink oper at ion t his nam e m ust m at ch t he nam e of t he KEPServerEX execut able f ile which is "Ser verm ain". Wit h t his in m ind you m ust use t his nam e w hen y ou configure an Access Nam e in your Fact or ySuit e applicat ion. I f you int end t o use Suit eLink as your Client / Ser ver pr ot ocol you m ust also configure a PC node nam e. This applies even if KEPServer EX and your Fact orySuit e applicat ion ex ist on t he sam e PC.



Machine1.kepware. I f you look at a t ypical KEPServer EX applicat ion you m ay see a configurat ion t hat appears sim ilar t o t he follow ing: I f you rev iew t he sect ion on how t o use KEPServer EX dat a in a DDE applicat ion you would find t hat t he t ag "ToolDept h" could be accessed as follow s: Applicat ion Nam e = Ser verm ain Topic Nam e = _ddedat a I t em Nam e = Channel1. Using t he KEPServ erEX pr oj ect shown abov e t he Alias Map gener at ed w ould appear as follows: http://www.ToolDept h" w hich encom passes t he w hole pat h t o t he it em .Machine1. For an OPC client t his norm ally doesn't present a problem due t o t he support of t ag brow sing.com/Support_Center/doc_FastDDESuiteLink. The "Topic Nam e" is one area where KEPServ erEX has been enhanced t o m ake using t he ser ver w it hin t he Fact orySuit e environm ent easier. Norm ally as an OPC ser ver KEPServerEX provides a com plex hier archical st r uct ure t o m anage how individual it em s are r efer enced in t he serv er. how ever wit h t he addit ion of Fast DDE/ Suit eLink support t he Alias Map w ill now aut om at ically be generat ed as you creat e your KEPServer EX applicat ion. The " Applicat ion Nam e" m ust m at ch t he predef ined DDE Service nam e of " Server m ain" for bot h Fast DDE and Suit eLink operat ion. To m ake t his easier KEPSer verEX support s an Alias Map funct ion t o provide DDE t opic nam es.Wonderware Fast DDE/DDE Suite L ink Support Pag e 2 of 4 As show n here t he Access Nam e dialog "Node Nam e" m ust m at ch t he nam e of your PC if you int end t o use Suit eLink. D D E client applicat ions hist or ically have relied on a m uch m ore sim plified Applicat ion| Topic! I t em m et hod of referencing dat a wit hin a server . Cell2. As can easily be seen t his w ould m ake using KEPServerEX dat a very t im e consum ing w hen est ablishing y our Fact orySuit e t ag dat abase. Cell2. The Alias Map feat ure has been a part of KEPServ erEX since it s incept ion. Device1.Device1. The it em nam e is "Channel1. ToolDept h A s show n here t he act ual t opic nam e is t he default t opic of " _ddedat a".asp 28/12/2011 .

When defining a new t ag in y our Fact orySuit e t ag dat abase t he ent r y of KEPSer verEX t ag w ould appear j ust as it should for any Fast DDE/ Suit eLink driver.kepware. http://www.asp 28/12/2011 . As show n in t he Access Nam e dialog above. t he Alias Map gener at ed Topic Nam e can now be used.Wonderware Fast DDE/DDE Suite L ink Support Pag e 3 of 4 Now t hat t he serv er has generat ed an Alias Map for t he proj ect . DDE dat a can be accessed using t he following inform at ion: Applicat ion Nam e = Server m ain Topic Nam e = Channel1_Device1_Machine1_Cell2 I t em Nam e = ToolDept h Th e m ost apparent gain here is in t he Topic Nam e and t he I t em Nam e.com/Support_Center/doc_FastDDESuiteLink. Using t he aut om at ically gener at ed Alias Map you can now define a Fact orySuit e Access Nam e t hat cont ains all of t he inform at ion needed t o access a dat a it em in KEPServerEX.

All r ight s reserv ed. Hom e | My Kepware | Product s | Support | About OPC | Cont act | Sit em ap Copy right © 2011 Kepw ar e Technologies. Suit eLink.com/Support_Center/doc_FastDDESuiteLink. I nc.Wonderware Fast DDE/DDE Suite L ink Support Pag e 4 of 4 Not e: Fast DDE.asp 28/12/2011 .kepware. Fact orySuit e. I nTouch and Wonderw are are all regist er ed Tradem arks of Wonderw are Cor por at ion. http://www.

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