CP Text: The United States federal government should fund the establishment an open-ended framework for language between humans and dolphins whilst beyond the Earth’s mesosphere. Establishing full communication with dolphins overcomes the anthropocentric ideologies of the status quo, ensuring animal rights. Creating a mutual, open framework for inter-species language is the key to decoding their syntax, allowing us to realize the extent of our knowledge. This type of linguistic compatibility is the key to genuine communication with an alien other Maclver bioengineer at Northwestern University studying the neural and biomechanical basis of animal intelligence. and Munkittrick program director at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies and a grad student at NYU. ’11 (Malcolm and Kyle, “Learning the Language of Dolphins, 2/18/11,

Humans and dolphins are inventing a common language together. This is big news! In all the hoopla over the world ending due to being asteroid-smashed, man becoming immortal thanks to the singularity in 2045, and Watson the trivia-machine winning Jeopardy! the story of budding interspecies communication got under-reported. Denise Herzing and her team with the Wild Dolphin project has begun developing a language to allow humans and dolphins to communicate. If successful, the ability to communicate with dolphins would fundamentally change animal intelligence research, animal rights arguments, and our ability to talk to aliens. Herzing and her team faced two huge problems when it came to talking to dolphins. The first problem is that the current state of animal language research creates an asymmetrical relationship between humans and the animals with whom they wish to communicate. The second problem is that (save for parrots) animal vocal cords cannot replicate human speech, and visa versa. Most, if not nearly all, animal language research involves either studying how animals communicate with one another, or teaching them a human language to see if they can communicate with us. There is a problem with both methods–humans don’t learn much (if any) animal language in the process. Think of it this way: how many commands does the smartest dog you’ve met know? Some border collies, like Chaser, can learn upwards of 1000 words. Now how many words do you know in dog? Or parrot? How about gorilla or whale? Know any corvid? I bet you can at least read cuttlefish patterns, right? No? Of course, I’m being facetious, but with a purpose: up to this point, humans have always attempted to understand animal language by teaching animals how to talk to humans. The glaring flaw in this process of teaching animals to use human language is that it is nary impossible to prove the animal is using language, not merely playing a very complex game of repeater. There is a second,
equally interesting problem. Think about your favorite science fiction series populated by aliens (for me, that’s a toss up between Star Trek and Mass Effect). At some point in that series, an alien has introduced itself as having a very un-alien name, like “Grunt.” The reason? “My real name is unpronounceable by humans.” That is rarely an actual problem, because as it always works out the other alien species (why do we refer to aliens as “races” btw?) can pronounce our human words. One of the only films I can think of that doesn’t have this common sci-fi fallacy is District 9. Humans and prawn seem to be able to understand the other’s language in a rudimentary way, despite neither species being even remotely able to reproduce the other’s sounds. Cetaceans pose the same problem: humans cannot whistle, squeak, chortle, or pop the way a beluga or bottlenose can. Further, the higher squeals of some dolphins and the low rumbles of some whales are beyond the human auditory spectrum. Dolphins can’t say a word in human languages and we certainly can’t do more than parody the spectrum of cetacean sounds. Which presents quite a question: How in the heck did Herzing figure out a way to both not teach the dolphins an anthropocentric language and ensure the language was speakable by both species? Herzing’s team developed a communication system with a sprig of technology and a heaping helping of ingenuity: Herzing created an open-ended

framework for communication, using sounds, symbols and props to interact with the dolphins. The goal was to create a shared, primitive language that would allow dolphins and humans to ask for props, such as balls or

In addition to being labeled with a symbol. The keyboard allows for dolphins to teach humans as much as the humans teach the dolphins. Thankfully. No one has tried to establish two-way communication in the wild. Furthermore. the flow of information among SETI scientists and marine biologists is two-way. Information theorists like Laurence Doyle (mentioned in the side bar of the Wired article) has used techniques for signal-searching developed with SETI to determine that whales and dolphins use grammar and syntax in their communication. Other humans would throw them the corresponding prop. What is frustrating is that the article seems to see Herzing’s research only as important when in the light of alien communication. The consequences for genuine communication between a new species is enormous.scarves. . Herzing’s study is the first of its kind. as well as make a real case that non-human persons should have limited rights. Yet Wired found it necessary to frame Herzing‘s breakthrough within the search for extra terrestrial intelligence. As an analogy. Divers demonstrated the system by pressing keys on a large submerged keyboard. we might get ourselves a universal translator. Success with the dolphins might enable researchers to devise forms of communication with a whole host of other intelligent animals. No disrespect to NASA (pace the Bad Astronomer). That‘s why I used the examples I did above. And. but I‘d rather we dumped the funds from our space exploration and focused instead on the oceans of Earth. Given the early stages of the project. each key was paired with a whistle that dolphins could mimic. It would dramatically improve animal intelligence research. We‘ve got enough aliens and unexplored frontier right here on two-thirds of our pale blue dot. A dolphin could ask for a toy either by pushing the key with her nose. or whistling. Amazing! Herzing’s method is effectively the same as that used in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. the matched whistle will allow for a more natural integration of communication into the dolphin‘s speech. it seems to have tremendous potential already. I totally understand the reference to aliens. in the far flung future.


Florida. Lilly's claims for dolphin intelligence are supported by the remarkable learning skills and playful. they get syntax. as if to include her in the activity. They may serve as an indication that high intelligence is not always. A particularly strong "ring culture" has developed at Sea Life Park Hawaii.html) The controversial neurophysiologist John C. If he is right then the fact that intelligence has evolved at least twice on Earth increases the chances that it might be common elsewhere. such as balls or scarves. some possibly hosting life. we blew soap bubbles inside the lab in front of the dolphins' window. our efforts to understand the complex language of dolphins may help prepare us for the problems we may face when attempting to communicate with an extraterrestrial race. with Hunter College psychologist Diana Reiss. are common in the universe. At the Dolphin Institute in Hawaii. seemingly out of curiosity.Some tantalizing studies even suggest dolphins share their own language (see sidebar. let‘s see if we can take it further. and no daydream of contact is complete without some attempt at communication. In addition to being labeled with a symbol.daviddarling. concepts like ―none‖ or ―absent.‖ said Lori Marino. “Dolphins as a form of alien intelligence”. she‘s not imposing herself on them. White describe2 how dolphins also draw humans into their play: [O]ne day during a period of intense ring making. indicating a sense of self. Dolphins. In recent years.. Karim Shariff. Suchi Psarakos.wired. especially in Herzing created an open-ended framework for communication.DOLPHIN CP 1NC Dolphin research prepares us for communicating with extra-terrestrials. researchers have observed bottlenose dolphins and beluga whales in captivity creating underwater rings and helices of air for their own amusement. or alternative manipulative appendages. reconfirming that solar systems. self-aware mind at work. ―This is an authentic way to approach this. Tinkerbell repeatedly blew a ring and then came to the lab window where one of us (Psarakos) was videotaping. using fish as a reward. symbols and props to interact with the dolphins. Behavioral biologist Denise Herzing started studying freeranging spotted dolphins in the Bahamas more than two decades ago. will we be ready to mingle? At the Wild Dolphin Project in Jupiter. Lacking hands with apposable fingers and thumb. A dolphin could ask for a toy either by pushing the key with her nose. elaborately developed in the areas linked to higher-order thinking. Yet with dolphins. share duties and display personalities.‘‖ Herzing said. When trained. Darling PhD in astronomy from Manchester University and science writer ’96 (David. our attempts have involved teaching them to speak our language. Once. rising doughnut rings near the lab window. and Don J. primitive language that would allow dolphins and humans to ask for props. No one has tried to establish two-way communication in the wild. http://www.‖ and that changing word order changes the meaning of a sentence.. Other humans would throw them the corresponding prop. ―She‘s . Put a mirror in their tank and they can recognize themselves. But it‘s rare to ask dolphins to communicate with us. Researchers Ken Marten. or even often. Yet to what extent the absence of delphian technology represents a fundamental limit to how closely we can hope to comprehend the thoughts of this fellow cerebral species is unclear. We should seek to understand the dolphin narrative – communicating with intelligent life on Earth is a prerequisite to understanding alien life 2/15/11 http://www. All are qualities we‘d hope to see in an alien. Essentially. dolphins are physically incapable of developing Venton science writer studying at UC Santa Cruz ’11 (Danielle. researchers train for contact by trying to talk with dolphins. the Emory University biologist who. each key was paired with a whistle that dolphins could mimic. they have a remarkable capacity to pick up language. They have a complex social structure. pioneered dolphin self-recognition studies. Over the years. they found. ‗This is fascinating. Lilly argued1 that dolphins represent a non-human form of intelligence on this planet with which we might learn to communicate. or whistling. The real surprise came when the dolphin swam away . rather than meeting in the middle. and made several fluke vortex rings – so different from what we each blew at the window. Nevertheless. where the tradition is passed down from experienced adults to novices. The Kepler Space Telescope announced a new bonanza of distant planets this month. could understand the difference between statements and questions. she noticed some dolphins seeking human company. Herzing‘s study is the first of its kind. nature of). sophisticated brains. Divers demonstrated the system by pressing keys on a large submerged keyboard. inventive behavior of these animals. ―To Talk With Aliens. So if humanity someday arrives at an extraterrestrial cocktail party. and within a few minutes one of the dolphins joined in by blowing simple. using sounds. ―We thought. The goal was to create a shared. ―Easier Language Through Math‖). their behavior speaks of a creative. accompanied by a significant level of technology (see intelligence. Learn to Speak With Dolphins‖. Louis Herman and his team taught dolphins hundreds of words using gestures and symbols.‖ Dolphins have large. form alliances. Additionally. ―Many studies communicate with dolphins.

but I thought. Herzing found the study sessions were most successful when. ‗We‘re not ready!‘ We can‘t even speak to the intelligent animals on Earth. ―This is when the females have a lot of play time. Astronomer Laurance Doyle of the SETI Institute was struck by this thought at a recent conference. ―before they are busy being mothers. Herzing said. before playing. to the game. and would come to play when the game was on. ―From the way the presenter was speaking. In the wild. This shows their natural curiosity. These are signs of good etiquette among dolphins. ―We‘ve been waiting for this for years. Herzing‘s team found that six dolphins. another species. Before we hope to understand extraterrestrials. Humans also signal their interest in someone with eye contact and similar body language. all young females. They reported their findings of this pilot study in the December issue of Acta Astronautica. then. dolphins communicate across cetacean species lines. perhaps we should practice with smart animals right here on Earth. the humans and dolphins swam together slowly and in synchrony. I thought he was going to announce that he had found a signal of extraterrestrial intelligence.‖ For each session. Young males were typically less social and less interested in humans. for a total of roughly 40 hours over the course of three years.‖ To Herzing‘s surprise. Perhaps these are universal — and extraterrestrial — signs of good manners.‖ Herzing said. the researchers played with the dolphins for about half-an-hour. mimicked each other and made eye contact.‖ Doyle said. I think this is the future of working with dolphins. were interested in the game.‖ . coordinating hunting with other dolphins and even sharing babysitting duties. some of her spotted dolphins recruited bottlenose dolphins.cultivated a relationship with these dolphins over a very long time and it‘s entirely on their terms.


‖ said Hsu. ―These magnificent creatures are highly-evolved life forms that came to Earth from a distant planet. a leading researcher reports.000 years ago.‖ Hsu acknowledged that the Chinese government is considering how it might be able to assist dolphins. He did say that the breakthrough came when a male dolphin at a marine research facility ―grew close to one of my assistants and established a telepathic link that enabled it to put thoughts into her head. ―But their starships – as well as the technological know-how that allowed them to save themselves – have long since vanished. But he would neither confirm nor deny that officials have quietly requested the help of the United States in solving the dolphins‘ dilemma. ―Full understanding of their thoughts and feelings came in fits and starts but we now seem to be on a common verbal ground. Ironically. “Dolphins are aliens”. the civilization they left behind was even more advanced than our own.000 years ago to escape pollution on their home planet. USFG action is critical. We need to save them from extinction to understand their lessons and avoid the same environmental mistakes here on Earth.‖ said the fame marine biologist Hsu Sen-sung. we know why. The expert was vague when asked to explain how he managed to crack the communications barrier with dolphins. Hsu himself claims to have been communicating with a pair of the creatures telepathically since last December. ―But they no longer have the means to help themselves. dolphins kills are being reported around the world. . UFO expert for Weekly World News ‘09 (Erik Van Datiken. Dramatic new studies suggest that some dolphins score higher on IQ tests than human beings. They need us to find a solution for them. ―And from what I understand. ―The dolphins have made it clear that their ancestors came here 100. 9/14/09. ―As our own oceans become more and more polluted. I know it sounds crazy but it‘s true. Datiken. ―These creatures have much to teach us. http://weeklyworldnews.‖ he said. ―We must do something to save them from extinction while we still have a Dolphins are the descendants of aliens that came to Earth in UFOs 100.‖ The Beijing-based expert‘s report to a gathering of scientists and reporters met with some skepticism but he provided strong evidence to support his claims. ―We‘ve always known that dolphins were extremely intelligent but now. for the first time.DOLPHIN CP 1NC Dolphins ARE aliens – UFOs brought them to Earth 100. the pollution that drove them here so many years ago is now threatening their existence once again.000 years ago from a more advanced civilization.