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SURESH SHAH H NO. 110 SHIVAJI NAGAR GALI NO.2 LINE PAR MORADABAD,MORADABAD MORADABAD - 244001 UTTAR PRADESH CIOU Code : UPRI10134 Your Reliance Netconnect+ No. 7520861372 Relationship No. Bill Period Bill Date Bill No. Tariff Plan Name Credit Limit

: 500003043248 : 03-12-2011 to 13-12-2011 : 14-Dec-11 : 353891380450 : HSD_DATA : 3000
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Summary of Current Charges 1. Monthly Rental 2. Discounts Subtotal 3. Taxes Total Current Charges

Amount (Rs) 400.00 - 53.33 346.67 35.71 382.38

This Statement has been issued by Reliance Communications Services-a Division of Reliance Communications Infrastructure Ltd ; For its dues and services provided to you by Reliance Communications Ltd; Thane Belapur Road, KoparKhairane, Navi Mumbai -400710.(ServiceTax Registration No. AACCR7832CST001) and Reliance Communications Infrastructure Ltd; Thane Belapur Road, KoparKhairane, Navi Mumbai - 400710. (Service- Tax Registration No. AACCS2157HST002.) Service Tax Category - Telecommunication Service.

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Relationship No.:500003043248 SURESH SHAH Cash [_] Drawn On Crossed Cheque/DD should be drawn locally in favour of RCIL A/c RIS500003043248 *Outstation cheque are not accepted. Cheque [_] Demand Draft [_] Bill No.:353891380450 Total Amount Due:382.00 Cheque/D.D No: Due Date:31-Dec-11 Amount Payable After Due Date:482.00 Date: Amount:

Regd. Off. : Reliance Communications Limited, H Block, 1st Floor, Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City, Navi Mumbai 400710, Maharashtra, India.

Fax : 0522-3031059. Orissa and West Bengal (including Kolkata). e)Incase of permanent disconnection your security deposit will be refunded within 60 days of disconnection. Lucknow . whichever is higher. : : : : 2 of 3 500003043248 14-Dec-11 353891380450 Your Reliance Netconnect+ case you feel that the response from the Nodal officer is not satisfactory you can approach our Appellate Authority Mr. 5. change your billing address. in NDNC Registry. failing which you shall be paid an interest @ 10% per annum. University Road Meerut .call 1909 or SMS “START DND” on Page Relationship No. Madhya Pradesh.Fax : 0121-3031463.Reliance Mobile/Hello customers for redressal of your complaints please dial 198(toll free) or *222 for any queries about our products or services from Reliance phone. Please visit your nearest Reliance Communication store to submit request and proof of your new billing address. Mangal Pandey Nagar. 1st Floor Magnum Plaza . Nagaland. 3.Email : RCOMNodalOfficer. Himachal Pradesh.broadband@relianceada. Bill Date Bill No. Reliance Communications Ltd.5% per month or Rs.Email : RCOMAppellateAuthority.from Monday to Saturday between 9:30 am to 6:00 pm (excluding public / datacard. Arunachal Pradesh.Important Information:a)No migration fee is chargeable for migration to any Bill Plan. 407/1. For Reliance Netconnect Call on *355/1800-3000-5555. 2. from Monday to Saturday between 9:30 am to 6:00 pm (excluding public holidays.If you are not satisfied with resolution provided by our customer care you can register your complaint with the Nodal Officer: Ms. Late Payment Charges will be levied @ f)RCOM has full rights to change the terms and conditions applicable to tariff plan from time to time. g)Reliance GSM does not include calls made to Reliance GSM services in the following states :. 2nd Floor. 1st & 3rd Saturday and national holidays).Please make the payment by due-date to avoid charging of late fee. c)No Charges will be levied for any services without your explicit consent.Phone : 18602002011. 6. Jharkhand.UPW@relianceada. Email at : Netconnect. 100. Chattisgarh.Assam.UPW@relianceada. Tripura). : 7520861372 Terms and Conditions.250001. North East (Manipur. 1st & 3rd Saturday and national holidays).Reliance Communications Ltd. 1. 4.Reena Singh. Phone : 0522-3031758. b)No increase in any item of the tariff for a period of 6 months from the date of enrolment under any tariff plan.Eldeco Greens .SURESH SHAH Your Reliance Netconnect+ No. Neeraj kumar Gupta. You can also reach us on 30333333 from any other phone and J&K customers can dial 9018090180 or write us by email at customercare@relianceada. . Mizoram.Late Fee :-Payment of bills on time would ensure a good credit rating and continuous services . d)To avoid unwanted telemarketing calls Please register your phone no. Gomti Nagar .

68 3484 0.33 .53.SURESH SHAH Your Reliance Netconnect+ No.483.67 0.71 Current Charges Total Amount Amount 382.00 MB Consumed Units 3. : : : : 3 of 3 500003043248 14-Dec-11 353891380450 Discounted Usage Summary Usage Description Netconnect Usage MB Opening Balance 0 Discounted Units 4. Bill Date Bill No.7520861372 Page Relationship No.483.00 Amount .096.33 Taxes Amount Service Tax @10% Edu Cess @2%(On Service Tax) SHE Cess @1%(On Service Tax) Total 34.00 The Charges marked with '*' are the Services provided by RCIL Discounts Amount *Less : Reliance Netconnect Rental Total .53.68 MB Carry Forward 0 Monthly Rental *Reliance Netconnect Rental Total Charges for period 06-12-2011 to 13-12-2011 400.00 0.35 35.69 0.00 400.38 *Netconnect Usage MB Units Discounted Usage *Netconnect Usage MB Total 3.

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