With optional Mediterranean.

extension Our deluxe customized tour will bring you to the most interesting and beautiful places in Spain and Portugal, with a leisurely pace that enables you to get the most out of the experience. We will stay in fine hotels, conveniently located in the heart of town. A specialized local guide in each destination will bring us on a city tour, and your Hawaii escort will provide additional walking tours to further acquaint you with these fascinating places. We provide the best of both worlds, offering guided tours to get you oriented, plus enough free time to pursue your own interests. We have carefully chosen the most interesting places on the Iberian Peninsula so that you will experience a variety of cultural highlights, ranging from ancient Roman ruins, and the Moorish centers of Andalusia, to the sophisticated modern shops and cafes

approx $5,499

September 16-October 2, 2009

Lisbon, Evora, Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Madrid, Toledo, Segovia and Barcelona

We begin our grand tour in this charming old capital of Portugal. The center of Lisbon is an ideal place for strolling, people-watching, shopping, and eating. This is one


of the earliest and best examples of town planning, for Lisbon was completely re-built after the city was destroyed in a massive earthquake 200 years ago. The resulting comprehensive design created one of the most pleasing and pretty

and beautifully laid formal gardens. an elaborately ornamented architecture embellished with many nautical motifs. the summer residence of Portuguese royalty. The tour will then pass the Bull Ring. including the fortress of Saint George overlooking the town. SINTRA & CASCAIS: Our full day’s tour will take us to the outskirts of Lisbon where we visit the Rococo Palace of Queluz. old-fashioned manner. the medieval neighborhood on the hill overlooking the main city. on the hill opposite the Alfama. We will take it easy this first afternoon and enjoy a brief walking tour of the historic city center. built with money gotten in the profitable India trade. This church and cloister.cities in the world. built in 1747. and Rossio Square. still occupied by friendly people living in a simple. and the Bairro Alto. are the most outstanding example of Manuelin style. with their wonderful mix of gothic and rococo architecture. in the heart of town. Sights on our city tour of Lisbon will include two of the most important examples of the Manuelin baroque. You might enjoy strolling through the Alfama. at the mouth of the Tagus River. the Belem Tower. and the medieval hillside Alfama district. In the evening you might have dinner or drinks at a “fado” bar and listen to the sad poignant songs of love’s pain and passion. QUELUZ. Next we visit the Medieval Palace of Sintra. with buildings dating back many hundreds of years. the grand Avenida da Liberdade. and return to Lisbon via the coastal villages of Cascais and Estoril . and the nearby Jeronimos Monastery. with rich interior gilded decorations. There are many historic landmarks that survived the quake. Another enjoyable diversion would be shopping your way through the fashionable districts of the Baixa. with its winding pedestrian alleys and friendly residents. The afternoon will be free for further exploration.

stalagmites and many interesting water and rock formations. aqueducts. Even today it houses the world’s largest gothic cathedral. declared by UNESCO “Patrimony of Humanity”. Our first stop is Evora. From here you can ride up Gustave Eiffel’s elevator tower to the upper town. azulejos. and churches proliferated. queens and other aristocratic types who found in the Portuguese shores a friendly home. for this central part of downtown is lined with graceful facades of historic buildings. the Royal Chapel. Here we find well-preserved Roman remains of the Temple of Diana. and academics. Our city tour begins in the world’s largest gothic cathedral. Seville is a theatrical and festive place that was Spain’s most important city during the glorious “Golden Age” of exploration and conquest. and standing as a monument to the city’s sense of history and cultural patrimony. Here we visit the famous Orange-tree Court. After three nights in Lisbon. including deposed kings. From Evora we continue across the Spanish border to the town of Aracena where we stop for a visit which are famous for their pleasant weather and for the nobility of past residents. and the final restingplace of Christopher Columbus. arcades. containing the most modern shops and a large number of pleasant cafes.of Portugal made it the center of court life. a symbol of supreme power 500 years ago. the kings SPAIN to the “Cueva de las Maravillas” a popular cave with illumination highlighting small lakes. during the 15th and 16th centuries. the Sacristy. Evora is a town of arches. Manuelin palaces. During our three days in the Lisbon area you will be guided to the most interesting sights. Be sure to stroll around the district of Rossio Square. shopping. the beguiling capital of this southern region of Andalusia. we travel to Spain via the scenic route through the south of Portugal. the Chiado. and dining. and take part in the easy-going Portuguese style of strolling. the Gate of Absolution. and you will also have ample time for shopping and exploring on your own. mansions. It had a flourishing university when. SEVILLE: . stalactites. By the end of the day we reach Seville.

” the tall minaret of the former Muslim mosque that previously stood on this hallowed ground. It also includes several churches. with the reward of a breathtaking view of the city below.“The Giralda. leaving a preserved gem of ancient buildings untouched by modern urbanization for you to explore now. stimulating good conversation. craftsmen from Granada and Toledo created a jewel box of Mudejar patios and halls.a place not to be missed. and the GRANADA: Afternoon is at leisure to enjoy Seville. We continue with a visit to the Reales Alcazar where we will admire the beautiful Mudejar architecture (Muslims artisans working for the Christian kings). the fine baroque university building which is the second largest structure in Spain. the fountains and flowers of Maria Luisa Park. awaits those energetic people willing to climb it. Private tour to Jerez. with its amazing tapestries. Here we visit the Royal Chapel. Our tours of Seville will also show us the Renaissance Town Hall. which was the last refuge of the Moors in Spain. in the nearby countryside. Within two years. the archetypal southern Spanish town -. the Gold gigantic palace complex of the Alhambra. gardens. for sherry tasting and tour of the vineyards. Tower. and refreshment stops where we can find an ample supply of the famous typical “tapas. There will be plenty of things to see and do in Seville to keep you entertained for three days and nights. The Alhambra embraces hundreds of years of architectural history that includes private dwellings still occupied today. and the gardens with the original fountains still flowing with water using simple gravity. statues and . Pedro I in 1364 ordered the construction of a royal residence within the palace that had been built by the city’s Almohad rulers.” small dishes washed down with tasty beverages of choice. a restaurant. but you will feel even more the dominance of the highly decorative Spanish baroque of the 16th-18th centuries. This first afternoon we will visit two of the most impressive edifices ever built — the hilltop fortress of The Alcazaba. and the Alcazar Palace which housed Spanish kings for six centuries. Coach to Arcos for lunch at the Parador. The economy of Seville stood still for centuries. which offers an almost infinite number of walks. We journey by private motorcoach 80 miles to Granada. We will notice many examples of the Moorish influence on the face of Seville.

For the outdoor markets. and a Spain of today. philosophy. Much highlights. and the centerpiece 16th. tenaciously to many of its ancient customs in the midst of this modern We will enjoy a walking tour to contemporary social scene. there is much to absorb. the largest. which is pulsating with the historic buildings and sites of this the modern vibrations of youth on once-powerful city -. history. the historic parade. cultured city on the continent. A two-hour transfer from Granada brings us quickly to Andalusia’s other extremely beautiful town that must be included on any proper tour of Spain.peaceful city of Cordoba was built up from the eighth century. a distinctly modern attitude in the a home to the avant-garde. It was and several dozen elegant courtyards a center for science. There are stark contrasts of this proud past is still evident in in this city. and scattered throughout the Casa Real.the Dark Ages which bogged down century Renaissance palace. charming neighborhoods. While the population constant sidewalk fashion show on of 300. The Arabic heritage of the small CORDOBA: . Our tour In the evening we can attend one of will show us more Moorish sights. and most covered passageways. Cordoba was a honeycomb of palatial interiors. and we shall have a look as we stroll along together with our knowledgeable guide who will point out many of the discovery and enlightenment. the best flamenco performances in Spain. overwhelming opulence makes an unforgettable impression. This last great stronghold center is compact and can be easily of the Moors in Europe still clings covered on foot. many churches. obscure alleys.that now has the cutting edge of Western culture. and ruled over a nation that skipped fountains. and complexity. among By the tenth century. All this the rest of Europe. when it became the capital of Moorish Spain. and helped to bring the rest of backward Europe into the age of This is one of Europe’s top sights! The historic center of Granada is also worthy of close examination. wealthiest.000 is spread out. visitor who can only get a taste of this small plazas with fountains.

and a walk through the narrow cobbled alleys for some shopping and people-watching. Madrid via high-speed train connection from Cordoba. the delicious “pupus” of Spain. and a free afternoon.. the Church of Santo Tome. On our third day we have a half day tour that will take us to Toledo. and a walk through the narrow cobbled alleys for some shopping and peoplewatching. as you visit some local cafes MADRID Formerly the capital of Spain. accompanied by your Hawaii escort. the Church of Santo Tome. with most of its original buildings intact. built in 1720 by Felipe V. In the afternoon we will have a walking tour of the impressive Plaza Mayor. Our visit will include the massive Cathedral. during which you might visit the new Thiessen Museum and do some final shopping. At night there is time for tapas. Today our private tour will include El Escorial and Segovia. Along the way we visit the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso. and the exciting entertainment center of the Gran Via. on the super-deluxe AVE express rail service. built in the 18th century with 3. with the most famous El Greco painting. TOLEDO The city tour this morning will take you inside the Royal Palace. SEGOVIA & ESCORIAL . Our visit will include the massive Cathedral.000 rooms— one of the largest in Europe. built in the 1st century and in use until the late 19th century. The following morning will provide free time for shopping and further exploring.including the most impressive mosque in all of Europe. 50 miles south of Madrid. Back to Madrid in time for lunch. with most of its original buildings intact. across the Guadarrama Sierra. You will also visit the Prado Museum. the Puerta del Sol. Toledo is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe. We continue to Segovia. We move along to the next major destination of our tour. for we will take a lateafternoon train to Madrid. Toledo is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe. with the most famous El Greco painting. Formerly the capital of Spain. famous for its Roman Aqueduct.

. or come along on the entire journey. Barcelona is a city on the edge. and site of many historical events. Sagrada Familia. due to its combination of medieval and modern attractions.000 books. Geographically close to the heart of Western Europe. The Alcazar. BARCELONA You can combine this tour with the Mediterranean tour. El Escorial houses many important works of art. shops.The Cathedral. built in 1525-1678 is the last great Gothic church constructed in Spain. as a final resting place for Spanish monarchs. Total price will be adjusted accordingly. Another highlight is the stroll from Catalunya Square along the Rambla. plazas and many historic attractions. Of course we shall visit Barcelona’s most famous building. that continues from Barcelona through the south of France to Italy. who also left his imprint on several other major buildings we shall see. built between 1410 and 1455. Together with its impressive renaissance architecture and very attractive urban spaces. a famous. Emperor Carlos V. checking out the side streets with hidden restaurants. This grand city in the southeast corner of Spain has become one of Europe’s most popular visitor destinations. We will walk through the extensive old town together. the fantasy church designed by eccentric architectural genius Gaudi. has been a Royal Castle. After lunch we will drive to El Escorial. with a great cultural variety that will entrance you. broad pedestrian promenade lined with shops and cafes. and the famous Library with over 40. You could choose any part of the itineraries to suit your own personal travel interests. built by Phillip II in 1567 in an austere renaissance style. You will also have free time to wander back through the Gothic Quarter and absorb more of this wonderful city. We return to Madrid for the evening. Segovia is popular for its “cocina castellana” Castillian cuisine. among which are the Basilica with the cenotaphs of Phillip II and his father.

15.Sept. with 2. shops and small restaurants -. We shll explore the narrow streets of the pedestrian zone. NICE: Home-base for three days while we explore the Riviera.999 per person BARCELONA: Along the Mediterranean shore of eastern Spain lies Barcelona. surrounded by an old fortified wall that still protects it from modernization.we can visit the casino and glitzy shopping zone.a perfect spot for strolling. fixed up like new. $4. one of the great cities of Europe. ST PAUL: a medieval village of stone structures dating back mostly to the 16th century. We will stroll through its pedestrian zone and along the beach and marina. with its medieval castle up on the hill completely preserved. Sagrada Familia. 2009 MEDITERRANEAN IN-DEPTH BY TRAIN approx.000 years old. low-rise buildings three and four centuries old. we’ll enjoy the seaside promenade and a charming Old Town with art galleries. ITALIAN RIVIERA: Portofino village is preserved in the old-fashioned Italian style as a designated national historic treasure. criss-crossed by a maze of tranquil pedestrian lanes lined with shops and cafes. . MONACO: the world’s richest and smallest country -. AIX-EN-PROVENCE: This is an idyllic landscape of pretty. We will see the main attractions of this country’s second-largest city in just a few days by walking through its square-mile historic center and visiting the most famous building. CARCASSONNE: We continue to the amazing fortified town of Carcassonne. 28-Oct. with its little bay and colorful square surrounded by lush green hills. AVIGNON: Home to nine popes during the 14th century and one of the most beautiful cities in France today. the fantasy church designed by eccentric architectural genius Gaudi. Cinque Terre is a beautiful stretch of five villages along the rocky cliff-lined shores and will make a wonderful day-trip.000 years of art and architecture still visible in the great monuments that stretch throughout town. museums and meandering lanes. CANNES: one of the most famous destinations along the Riviera. ARLES: founded by the ancient Romans who built the amphitheater that is about 2. ROME: We spend the final two days of our tour in the world’s most historic city. Avignon is a treasure house of palaces.

Our tour has a leisurely pace which offers the best of both worlds: informative guided tours that tell you about these fascinating places.699 p/p LUCERNE INTERLAKZERMATT LOCARNO . 13.299 EGYPT. tavernas. with its big cities and small villages. with enough free time to satisfy your own interests. GREECE & ISTANBUL SWISS ALPS by TRAIN May 25-June 7. and unforgettable sights. Nile Cruise. Egypt: Cairo.ROME-FLORENCE-VENICE-LUCERNE-PARIS-LONDON 2 departures in 2009 April 17 & Sept.) ROME to LONDON OUR OTHER 2009 TOURS We have carefully designed this train tour so that you will enjoy Europe’s finest sights and have the best possible experience. Aswan. gourmet dining. cobblestone pedestrian streets. 2009 ZURICH approximately $4. Olympia. 2009 $6. Delphi Oct. Luxor. Athens. shopping bazaars. Greece and Turkey. friendly people. the Pyramids Greece: Island Cruise. The railroads of Europe are the finest in the world. 14 (18 Days: $5. while travelling quickly to each destination.499 p/p approx. providing comfortable luxury and a panoramic view. Five thousand years of history come to life in the many fascinating sites that gave birth to western civilization in Egypt. Mycenae. 21-Nov. You will experience contemporary society.

you can make the best choices for your independent activities. In-depth city tours: We include several tours in each city. With a proper orientation to a city. have a meal in the dining car or enjoy a picnic lunch. and other features that you have come on vacation to see. This gives us enough time to show you around with our tours. Nothing enhances that better than a good hotel in a central location. Because we are staying for two or three days. cultural experiences. and showing a lot of courtesy. This is probably our biggest difference in approach. looking out for each other. The spacious seats are like sofas. and gain a feeling for the character of each of the cultures on the itinerary. The trips are educational. On the train you are free to walk around. The rail routing is through scenic countryside. so we become a friendly ohana on the road. which we have found is quite important. Our walking tours will take you through historic neighborhoods filled with architectural treasures. historic sights. so they are cool and quiet. use your precious time for other activities. and we always provide in-depth walking tours with your Hawaii escort. and you can move around to enjoy the views on both sides through picture windows. and we are always there to help. In such an advantageous location there are many nearby restaurants. instead of being led by the nose into tourist traps. shops. and can recline to make you very comfortable -. relaxing. for when you get above that size the group becomes very impersonal. gets you there in half the time. with time left over for your independent activities. quiet.you might even take a nap. If you are looking for any particular items. convenient bathrooms anytime you want. and we will point you to those neighborhoods and set you loose. Leisurely pace -. and then you actually have free time so you can do some exploring on your own. This is extremely important. This is how you really get a sense of place. to give you a well-rounded look at the place. which is the best way to get to know a place. landmarks. and really get a feeling for each destination. We want you to get the most out of your precious time. New friendships are made that last well beyond the length of the tour. In the large cities we offer panoramic tours are on a motorcoach. you have enough time for this.quality time: We stay for two or three nights in each place. Our guided walks really make you familiar with a place. monuments. Small groups. Nearly every one of us is from Hawaii. and talk with some of the other travelers on board. and they are also a lot of fun.We travel by train: The train is comfortable. Our central hotel locations enable you to walk freely and safely through interesting neighborhoods. important buildings. We put a special emphasis on history and fine arts. and prepare you for some exploring on your own. or. The historic centers of town are filled with fascinating and unique little shops that are fun to browse through. This approach gives you the “best of both worlds” for the guidance we provide on our included tours helps you get the most out of your free time as well. your Hawaii escort can take some time to help you find them. Shopping like a local: With us you always have time for shopping in local stores. smooth. for it enables you to experience much more by just stepping out your front door. You can use the clean. and so fast it Let’s compare our travel style Centrally located hotels: We have made a great effort to select fine hotels in the historic centers of the places we visit. if you are not a shopper. . First class trains are air-conditioned. from Hawaii: We limit our group size to 28 people. and you have time for museums and other cultural attractions.

. during the brief time you have in a place. since you are already heading for the next city. you are often herded into tourist-trap “factories” and “showrooms” for “bargain” shopping. but when you analyze them. and miss out. The “scenic view” is dominated by the highway filled with trucks and cars. Restroom stops also slow down the journey and waste your precious time. and they might not stop when you need it the most. If there is any extra time. and the little bit of history that you hear is probably delivered in dry lectures on the long bus rides that just might.you. or beyond. You are stuck on the bus. and repacking every morning. With a bus tour you have precious little free time for you are on the go all the time. If it’s Tuesday. and then you leave in the morning for your next destination. Your tour operator is saving money by putting you in a nondescript hotel on the fringe of the city. you are sitting on the bus most of that time! Unpacking every night. Quick city tour: At best they might give you a three-hour bus tour.. so that’s the place they want you to shop. with many other vehicles competing for your road space. If the tour bus stops at a souvenir mill... The standard bus tour operators have devised exhausting itineraries that appear to show you all of Europe in 17 days. and then leave the next morning. If you get lucky you might have a quick look in one museum. You are practically held hostage in these remote locations. You arrive in a city late in the day. so you are at their mercy. so you are part of a very big group. and then off to the next city for more of the same treatment. you don’t have much time left for sightseeing. You finally arrive at your hotel after an all-day bus ride. and that is usually a quick view of highlights through the window. One-night stands: Most bus tours keep you moving all the time. so you have to spend money and time on a taxi ride into town.. and they are usually full. Buses often get stuck in heavy traffic jams on crowded streets.. or how full the bus is going to be. and there is usually no other shop nearby except the one they have chosen for you. and if you don’t buy the option. But there is no time. and that’s all. after driving for many hours. and find that you are still far away from the main attractions of town. and often when you pull into a roadside cafeteria.to. with everyone jockeying for position. Big groups.sleep. with most of the people from every place but Hawaii. These hidden expenses quickly increase the price you pay for the trip. from everywhere: You really don’t know whom you are going to be traveling with. There is no dining car. You are confined to a small space. you stop too. they set you loose with very little preparation. which can produce a lot of stress.. where are we now? All too often the quick stream of cities becomes a fuzzy forgettable blur. and cannot move around at all.They travel by bus: Sitting on a crowded bus for up to eight hours on a long journey can with the typical bus tour: Hotels on the edge. or you just don’t bother. so your tour guide can sell you optional tours. you will find the tour guide wants to sell you options that take you away from town. A big anonymous group like that creates a less friendly environment in which people do not care much about each other. so you are on your own.. All you are going to see is what the tour operator shows you on a brief bus tour. so there is little time for anything else..lull. long lines are waiting ahead of you. The bus has up to 55 seats. There will be very little to see in your immediate vicinity. Your guide and driver are getting a commission for taking you there. be very tiring. Shopping in tourist traps: With the bus tour.. Without proper guidance you might end up wasting time and being unable to find the important sights on your own. . You are usually in town for only one night.

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