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Name: Mrs. Faryal Haseeb Subject: English Book: Bright Secondary English Planning for the Next Week Unit: ROBINSON CRUSOE Objectives: By the end of the lesson, the students should be in a better position to Understand how, people went on sea voyages back in the day. It will develop the students interest in adventurous literature Enhance their English Vocabulary. Date of Submission: Nov. 21, 11 Class: VI From: Nov. 21, 11to Nov. 25, 11 No. of Periods:08

Methodology: Teacher will give the brief introduction of the present topic with that she will write the name of the topic on the board. As the topic was assigned for prior reading a discussion will be held to solve the individual problems. After this she will ask her students for the silent reading for ten minutes. After ten minutes she will ask her students to stop the individual reading and start the random reading in the class. She will select random students to read the different parts of the lesson in this way they will complete the chapter. Teacher will correct students and help them understand the difficult terms and terminologies. Period #1: After checking the previous knowledge and 'Silent Reading' of the assigned pages, Model reading will be done by the teacher. The lesson will be introduced . Individual Reading will be done by maximum possible students. Period #2: Previous day's knowledge will be checked through discussion method. Prior reading of next pages will be checked by asking some questions. The teacher will once again explain the chapter and ask the students about their queries to be clarified. Period #3:After revising the lesson the teacher will make the students solve the comprehension exercises given on Page# 96 of the book. Period #4: A discussion will be carried in this class the teacher will give the meanings of the asked words to the students such as: wanderer defied Provisions Authority

Ship wrecked Fierce Impulsive Sanity Identity

Following questions will be asked in the class To develop research skills among the students teacher will encourage them to find out the answers of the questions given in the exercise and present them in classroom in the next period. Why did Crusoe decide to settle down in Brazil? What happened to Crusoe, when he undertook a voyage to Africa? Who was Friday? How was Crusoe able to return to his country? Period #5: In this class teacher will ask students to prepare page 95 for the dictation, a brief test will be taken at the end of class. Period #6: In the sixth period teacher will teach the students about suitable articles, and prepositions. Period #7: Teacher will explain the active and passive voice in past definite tense, and the rules to apply while inter-converting them. Students will solve the exercises given on pages 98, and 99. Period #8:In this class oral revision of all the activities will be done. Assessment: Students will be advised to learn the chapter thoroughly. A spot test of the chapter will be conducted at the end.