How to Make Resin Jewelry

3 Free Projects plus Bonus Guide to Resin Jewelry Supplies

If you’d like to dip into resin. CO 80537-5655. Each uses a premade bezel for the embedded object. embedding focal elements in resin opens up the possibilities for found object and personal memento jewelry as never before. DRIGGS ANYTHING YOU PUT IN JEWELRY needs to hold up under the stress jewelry undergoes when you wear it. a partly stained blouse. potential centerpieces for pendants. a handmade necklace featuring a personal paper memento. Bits of old ribbons. Flower-Burst Ring shows you how to prepare a pretty floral design collage. Fourth St. © Interweave • not to be reprInted • all rIghts reserved www. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced either in whole or in part without consent of the copyright owner.How to make resin jewelry: 3 Free Projects plus Bonus Guide to Resin Jewelry Supplies 3 Flower-bUrst rIng BY DANIELLE FOX 5 Urban relIC BY LISA BLACKWELL 9 the rIght resIn BY ELEANORE MACNISH 7 resIn & bronZe wIre CUFF BY HELEN I. ticket stubs. they are durable enough. vintage labels. protect it with resin. 201 E. but that doesn’t mean everything you put in jewelry has to be bullet-proof. Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist This premium has been published by Interweave. all rights reserved.JewelryMakingDaily. Loveland. How to Make Resin Jewelry: 3 Free Projects plus Bonus Guide to Resin Jewelry Supplies includes a resin jewelry tutorial for three different kinds of resin jewelry. flower petals. Copyright © 2011 by Interweave Press LLC. a division of Aspire Media. bracelets. You’ll also find great tips for working with resin. earrings. this eBook is for 2 . For a funkier look.. Merle White Editor-in-Chief. It’s all waiting for you in How to Make Resin Jewelry: 3 Free Projects plus Bonus Guide to Resin Jewelry Supplies . and even rings. but if you’re comfortable doing it. autumn leaves. and set it in a premade silver ring. hardware odds and ends. made with heavy gauge wire and rivets. If you have favorite fabric scraps. Resins are a great way to protect and preserve such ephemerals as fabric and paper that need to be kept dry as well as safe from scratching or chipping. pick out a pattern that stands out in pieces of just an inch or so across for your own Resin & Bronze Wire Cuff. Borrowed from resin casting developed primarily for light industry. Learn how to make resin jewelry and expand your world of jewelry making materials today. you can make your own bezels and other adaptations as you please. even candy or a piece of a wedding invitation are all candidates for your handmade resin jewelry experiments. (970) 669-7672. As long as your design adequately protects delicate items. And be sure to check out The Right Resin before you decide which resin you want to use for all your resin jewelry ideas. try Urban Relic. and an easy-to-use comparison of resin jewelry supplies and products that includes pros and cons for each of five types of resin for jewelry.

Resin B orIgInally pUblIshed In handCraFted jewelry 2010 www.JewelryMakingDaily.How to make resin jewelry: 3 Free Projects plus Bonus Guide to Resin Jewelry Supplies Flower-burst ring BY Danielle Fox hen embedded in two-part epoxy resin. a). Place the sealed paper cutout in the ring bezel. 3 . use the paintbrush to coat both sides and the edges of the cutout paper with multipurpose glue (fig. w step 1 Oxidize the ring: Oxidize the bezel ring with liver of sulfur if desired. Oxidizing. repeat several times to ensure that the paper is completely sealed. rivet-like flowers adds dimension and punch to this floralthemed ring. Working on the piece of parchment paper. a pair of black enameled. b) and let dry. a To o l s & M aT e r i a l s 3 crystal volcano 2mm crystal flatbacks 2 black 5×2mm vintage enamel flowers 1 silver-plated 20×30×3mm bezel ring 1 piece of decorative paper 2-part epoxy resin Multipurpose glue Jewelry cement Small clear disposable plastic measuring cup Small paintbrush Craft stick Toothpick Parchment paper Liver of sulfur (optional) Finished size: Adjustable techniques: Collage. step 2 Cut and seal the paper: Carefully cut out a piece of decorative paper to fit inside the bezel (fig.

Use the craft stick to gently fold the two parts of resin into each other. while the ring top rests on top. step 4 Pour the first layer of resin: Pour ¼ oz Part A resin into the plastic measuring cup. about 2 Colorado. ◆ DANIELLE FOX is the editor of Handcrafted Jewelry and Stringing magazines. then use it to stamp your paper. c). Trim as necessary to fit the paper snugly inside the bezel. Let dry and cure completely. letterpress “i stink” greeting card: hello! 4 . ring: amate studios (wholesale only).JewelryMakingDaily. d). D c resources contact your local bead shop. Use the craft stick to drizzle resin mixture into the bezel until it reaches the top of the bezel. 2009). Let dry. Wash off the ring immediately to remove the mod podge multipurpose glue and g-s hypo cement: michaels. draft-free area to dry for at least 6 hours. ice resin: www. She lives with her husband and Berner puppy near Boulder. ink up the bezel part of the ring on an ink pad. drizzling resin into the bezel until it domes (fig. then adhere it to the cutout paper (fig. 2008). Repeat twice with the remaining flatbacks. then pour ¼ oz Part B resin into the same cup.How to make resin jewelry: 3 Free Projects plus Bonus Guide to Resin Jewelry Supplies step 3 Embellish the paper: Use the toothpick to dab the back of 1 flatback crystal with jewelry cement. Place the bezel in a warm. Flower-bUrst rIng by danIelle Fox www. then twice more with the enamel flowers. mixing until smooth. Tips A 12 oz plastic soda bottle filled partway with sand works as a perfect ring stand: The ring’s shank fits inside the bottle’s opening. To help cut out a piece of paper that fits inside the bezel. enamel Flowers: isabella’s collections. and the coauthor of Mixed Metals (Interweave. this will take 3 full days. iceresin. then cut out the paper just inside the stamped line. Do not touch the resin until it is completely dry or you’ll risk leaving fingerprints. the author of Simply Modern Jewelry (Interweave. step 5 Pour the doming layer of resin: Repeat Step 4. Flatback crystals: Fusionbeads. This batch of resin will be useful for 30 minutes.

M aT e r i a l s 1 bronze 14mm ring 3 fine silver 6×24mm bone links 1 recycled-metal 12×24mm free-form charm 1 shibuichi 23×35mm 2-hole bezel pendant 1 natural brass 5×12mm lobster clasp 1 natural brass 7.5mm soldered rollo chain 5¼" (21 links) of natural brass 5. chain. pieces of paper torn from an old book or letter. The funky bezel used in this necklace is complemented by straps of leather and chain. Tip Items that look great in bezels: old photographs.5×8mm unsoldered oval chain 16" of brass 20-gauge wire 6" of dark brown 2mm leather lace decorative paper 2-part epoxy resin multipurpose glue Tool s scissors disposable mixing cup Popsicle stick handheld torch (optional) 2 pairs of chain. Natural brass jump rings. 2009 www.or flat-nose pliers wire cutters soUrCes Contact your local bead shop. Leather: MB Imports. decorative papers. and small beads. or 5 .How to make resin jewelry: 3 Free Projects plus Bonus Guide to Resin Jewelry Supplies Urban relic BY LISA BLACKWELL I TeCHNiQUes Jump rings Resin Wire wrapping mmortalize a personal memento by inserting it in a premade bezel setting and covering it with a two-part resin mixture that dries hard and clear.3mm jump ring 5 natural brass 10. orIgInally pUblIshed In handCraFted jewelry. (wholesale only). Bronze ring.JewelryMakingDaily. and clasp: Vintaj Natural Brass Co. bone links. buttons.3mm jump rings 2-½" (27 links) of natural brass 3. recycled-metal charm. and bezel pendant: Zoa Art. EnviroTex Lite Pour-On High Gloss Finish resin: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft. small collages. Brass wire: Rio Grande.

3mm jump ring to attach the free 10.3mm jump ring attached to one end of the rollo chain (fig. 2). 6). Repeat entire step using the other short-leather segment. Fold the last ¾" of the leather over the bronze ring and secure the resulting loop with multipurpose glue.5×8mm chain.3mm jump ring to the other end of the 3-link piece of 5. Use the other end of the same piece of leather to string the bronze ring. Wrap the wire four or five times around the base of the leather loop. opposite to where the short piece of leather was attached in Step 6.5×8mm chain to attach the other end of the previous link to one end of another link (fig. then insert it in the bezel (fig.3mm jump ring. or it could burn. Repeat entire step using the other loop formed in Step 7. ◆ step 7 Add the long segment of leather: Use one end of one 3" piece of leather to string the bronze ring. If you see bubbles in the resin.5×8mm chain to the other end of the previous link.zoaart. step 3 Attach the recycled-metal charm to the pendant: Use the 7. Fold the end of the leather over the bronze ring and to the center of the leather so that it overlaps the leather end that is already glued down by about ¼". Use the Popsicle stick to gently stir the mixture for a smooth resin. South Carolina. one 3-link (¾") piece.JewelryMakingDaily. Repeat entire step starting with the 10.5×8mm chain and attaching it to another 10. 5).5×8mm chain into the following pieces by opening and closing the unsoldered chain links as you would jump rings: 2 single-link (¼") pieces. and one 9-link (2-¼") piece. Use 1 single link of 5. step 10 Attach the bone links: Use one 10.5x8mm chain to the clasp. secure the resulting loop with multipurpose glue (fig.5×8mm chain to the free end of the rollo Urban relIC by lIsa blaCkwell wire wraps: Use one end of one 4" piece of brass wire to string one of the leather loops formed in Step 7. Fold the end of the leather over the jump ring and to the center of the leather. 4). allowing it to dome slightly on top (fig. step 5 Make the center of the necklace: Attach one 10. She lives in Inman. you can remove them at this point with a handheld torch: simply sweep the torch quickly over the surface of the resin. making sure not to get the flame too close to the resin. Pour the resin into the bezel pendant. step 9 Secure the long-leather loops with step 1 Insert the decorative paper into the bezel: Use the scissors to cut a piece of decorative paper that will fit inside the bezel. 1). let dry. Once mixed. Use the other end of the rollo chain to string the pendant’s loop. Wrap the wire four or five times around the center of the short- lisa blackwell is one half of Zoa Art and a PMC artist. step 11 Attach the clasp: Attach one end of the 7-link piece of 5.How to make resin jewelry: 3 Free Projects plus Bonus Guide to Resin Jewelry Supplies 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 leather segment (fig. step 8 Secure the short-leather loops with wire wraps: Use one 4" piece of brass wire to string one of the leather loops formed in Step 6. let dry. Prepare the resin by mixing equal parts of Part A and Part B in a mixing cup.3mm jump ring. one 7-link (1-¾") piece.3mm jump ring attached to the end of the 3-link piece of 5. step 6 Add the short segments of leather: Use one end of one 1-½" piece of leather to string the 10. www. leaving a ½" tail ( 3). let the resin stand for 5 minutes.3mm jump ring on the long-leather segment. leaving just enough wire to tuck into the leather. Use 1 single link of 5.3mm jump ring to one end of the rollo chain (fig. Attach one end of the 3-link piece of 5. and can be reached at www. step 2 Fill the bezel pendant with resin: chain (fig.5×8mm chain to attach the other end of the previous link to one end of another link. 7). Finish this half of the necklace by attaching one end of the 9-link piece of 5.3mm jump ring on one short-leather segment to one end of 1 bone link. step 4 Prepare the chain: Disassemble the 5. 9). Repeat entire step using the other end of the same piece of leather and one 10. 8). a whipping motion will create bubbles. trim excess wire from both 6 .3mm jump ring to attach the recycled-metal charm to the bottom hole of the bezel pendant (fig. Attach one 10. secure the resulting loop with multipurpose glue. Attach the other end of the chain to the free 10. 10). Let dry for 24 hours.

brass brush. resin measuring and pouring supplies. there are many directions you could take with this construction method. step 1 Soak bezels in strong. flex shaft and #45 drill bit. 2 orIgInally pUblIshed In lapIdary joUrnal jewelry artIst. most of which are suitable for resin containment. It is cheaper to buy them than to fabricate them. While you’re at it. because it’s easier to measure and mix about an ounce of 2-part resin at a time. warm pickle.How to make resin jewelry: 3 Free Projects plus Bonus Guide to Resin Jewelry Supplies resin & bronze wire Cuff A trendy cuff and an ancient metal BY Helen 7 . fresh. 1/2" diameter dowel. This step makes cutting them out easier. hammered wires against the complexity of the antique kimono fabric I embedded in the resin. files. you can fabricate actual bezels you’ve soldered yourself. 1 I stock a wide variety of prefabbed brass components. too. but if you are a purist. oval bracelet mandrel. dish detergent. and you might as well use it up instead of wasting it. Give components a good rinse and let dry for several hours in warm place on wad of paper towels. If you are really clever. Bronze stiffens nicely when you hammer it. I hammered thick bronze wire around a steel mandrel to make the cuff wires. but I like the clean lines created by the thick. mandrel or rod Other tools: torch and pickle pot for annealing. and the chocolate brown patina looks pretty spiffy. so the bracelet will hold its shape. I recommend that you make your resin focal center on a Friday night. ball bur. and will encase any errant fabric dye in polymer. jUne 2009 www. too! skills Sawing Riveting Hammer forming M aT e r i a l s Resin or other drillable focal element in a bezel 8-gauge round bronze wire 20-gauge bronze or brass sheet 12-gauge copper wire Jax patina for brass and bronze Masking tape Tool s Hand tools: forging hammer. but seal that with polymer based decoupage medium and let it dry completely. Again. fabric stiffener. Sharpie soUrCes Most of the tools and materials for this project will be available from well stocked jewelry supply vendors. fabric or paper. you can choose fabric that matches your Monday morning work outfit. step 2 Seal fabric strips with fabric stiffener. Scrub components with brass brush and dish detergent. jeweler’s saw and blades. riveting hammer. make about a dozen focals. You can use printed paper. B+S gauge.JewelryMakingDaily. It is important to clean them well so as not to interfere with the resin chemistry. Driggs t his is a relatively easy project that can be conquered over a weekend. scissors. so it will have plenty of time to cure before you rivet it to the cuff later in the weekend.

5. or causing the fabric dye to leach out into the plastic. step 9 Wrap wires around mandrel.JewelryMakingDaily. Take care not to touch the resin surface with the straw. Use wax paper to protect your worktop from spills. I position my resin focals under the lid of a Riker mount so I can check on them for bubbles as they cure. Cut out with saw. to about 20ga thickness. step 12 Countersink hole in resin slightly with a ball bur. step 4 Follow manufacturer’s directions for mixing resin and hardener. Use a wax-lined paper cup to create a pouring spout and carefully fill bezels. pickle. and rinse. step 10 Hammer cut wire ends completely place. Seal paper and fabric with the appropriate sealant to prevent the resin from saturating the paper. There are lots of molds on the market now for resin if you can’t find the bezel style components. Make a pattern on paper. or dowel at center mark to form long U shape. keeping metal flat. flat. Clean finish edges. which also prevents airborne cat hairs from settling on the surface. step 8 Make Sharpie mark at 3" on both 4 Tips for resiN sUCCess Use a drinking straw to blow on the surface of poured resin to pop the inevitable bubbles that rise to the surface as it cures. I’ve got potential dust and cat hair issues in my studio. and pickle. Anneal. Dry wires completely. and 11-o’clock positions of focal with #45 drill bit. 7. drIggs 11 12 13 www. Set focal 8 . 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 resIn & bronZe wIre CUFF by helen I.How to make resin jewelry: 3 Free Projects plus Bonus Guide to Resin Jewelry Supplies step 3 Working on a wax-paper background (resin won’t adhere to it). step 13 Drill holes into edges and center of backing plate with #45 bit. Clean finish cut ends. Quench. step 6 Trace edges of bezel and draw outline for mounting plate. resin won’t adhere to the wax paper. cut out fabric patches and insert into “cells” of brass bezels. step 11 Drill hole at 1. Hammer texture if desired. quench. Rinse and dry. rod. If you create circular focals. step 5 Cure for 24+ hours in a protected wires. a circle template makes it easy to get a perfect fit. adhere to brass sheet. Anneal. step 7 Cut two 6" lengths of 8ga bronze wire.

drIggs 200 www. Embed other stuff in the resin — just remember to keep the areas you have to drill clear of 9 . A BFA graduate of Moore College of Art. Repeat riveting process for remaining 3 holes.How to make resin jewelry: 3 Free Projects plus Bonus Guide to Resin Jewelry Supplies step 14 Measure wrist. Hammer the center rivets flush with the surface of the backplate to ensure the focal sits flat on the surface and does not rock. Rivet 1 big and 2 smaller side focals to the cuff. Transfer position of first drilled hole of focal to backplate. Indicate outline of backplate with masking tape and Sharpie on mandrel. writer.JewelryMakingDaily. step 20 Patina bronze to deep chocolate brown. hammering until flush on both sides. art director. 14 step 18 Position drilled focal on backplate. Instead of open curves on the cuff. step 15 Form annealed wires into cuff shape step 16 Cut 3" length of 12ga copper wire. or other undrillable materials. step 19 Insert rivet wire into drilled holes. 17 resIn & bronZe wIre CUFF by helen I. She is a member of the Pennsylvania Society of Goldsmiths and the Society of North American Goldsmiths. mark length and cut. ◆ 15 18 16 19 helen i. hammer the U shapes together tightly. she has worked as an information graphics artist. the size of the backplate. Hand polish to high sheen and seal patina with dab of wax. but make sure the holes you create will fire down to a size compatible with the 12ga rivet wire. Position backplate at appropriate area of bracelet mandrel based on wrist measurement. 6 design options Drill parallel holes down the cuff wires and attach beads down the length of the bracelet with 20ga wire. and the length of the flat hammered sections of the bronze wires. Mark hole locations. Compare the wrist measurement marked on the mandrel. and editor. Verify positions of focal and backplate. Make a metal clay focal instead of a resin one. Hammer a mushroom head on one end of wire with rivet hammer. Fill the bezels with fired polymer clay instead of resin. but do not extend too far past rivet. Make sure wire ends overlap at center holes. Ensure hammered sections overlap drilled hole positions at edge and center. Verify fit of bracelet before riveting on the focal. stone. and file away any excess flattened wire. This measurement will depend on the size of the wrist. at marks on mandrel. Complete rivet. driggs is Senior Editor of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist and an experienced metalsmith. step 17 Rivet cuff wire to backplate one hole at a time.

I discovered a few alternatives for the good old two-part. and searching high and low for an alternative. This account of my quest for the perfect resin originally appeared in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist in August. After trial and error. “There must be something better — but what?” After investigating other craft media. 2008. including ICE Resin and Colores Resin. some failures.How to make resin jewelry: 3 Free Projects plus Bonus Guide to Resin Jewelry Supplies the right resin Find the brand that works for your delicate objects BY ELEANORE MACNISH esins have become very popular for jewelry use. which I think are spectacular. It’s worth noting that since then other products have come on the market.JewelryMakingDaily. the only kind of resin I knew about was two-part epoxy. r 10 . I thought. some successes. Once. as mixed media is becoming more widely used and accepted in jewelry applications.

I was having a great time stringing beads. Slightly flexible. judykins Diamond Glaze Pros: Easy to work with. no mixing. and they are easy to get rid of by reheating. cons: not flexible and will crack if put under pressure or bent in any way. I think this product is great for certain applications — just not for my applications. Very few bubbles. it will crack at the slightest bending movement of the space in which it resides. uV RESIn One day I was in my studio finishing up a commissioned jewelry piece and listening to a craft podcast on which a friend of mine was being interviewed. but so labor intensive and fraught with ways to mess up an entire project during the final stage that it always terrifies me to use it. my materials are already yellow. anyone? Pros: Dries crystal clear. It does not dry crystal clear but a bit cloudy. the heat can potentially melt them or change their finish. Sandable. I put aside the necklace and rewound the interview — she was talking about uV Resin and I’d never heard of it! I called her the rIght resIn by eleanore MaCnIsh www. Measuring and mixing must be exact and is messy and time consuming. that terror lasts a really long time! Then. widely available. but to use it on something larger. It will dome but only after a few firings of adding a bit more each time. and mask. listening. When used in a thick walled bezel/charm it is great. Depending on what kind of inclusions or embellishments you are using (if they are plastic). 11 . and laughing at certain things my friend was saying because I had the inside track on them when something she said stopped me dead. it turns a faint yellow — since I use vintage materials. Basically a granular embossing powder. Self leveling and tends to dome. JuDyKInS AMAzInG AnD JuDyKInS DIAMOnD GlAzE My heart jumped for joy when I found out about JudyKins Amazing Glaze. Bubbles and dust become looming threats — and since it takes 24 hours to cure. Great consistency. there’s the toxicity of the product and the fumes. Powder form. Very easy to use. Sets by heating at 275º F in oven. gloves.How to make resin jewelry: 3 Free Projects plus Bonus Guide to Resin Jewelry Supplies TWO-PART EPOxy RESIn This old standby is very useful. Particularly troubling is the inflexibility of this material. It is not waterproof (because it is water soluble). Scratches fairly easily. It could crack if someone gave you a very snug hug! Pros: non-toxic. cons: Toxic. Sandable. cons: Can yellow.JewelryMakingDaily. Great as an adhesive or to protect stones in settings. Kids can use it. Cure time of 24-48 hours with frequent “checking” on the project to pop developing air bubbles. When you bake it. yellows slightly when baked (a very good thing in certain applications because it adds an aged look). it seemed very promising and not scary at all — other than the thought of putting an entire pendant in the oven for a few minutes. A 1mm thick layer takes 2-3 hours to dry.

Grumble. I felt a little better. hair-thin sticky strands when you want to stop application. www. The product did just what is said it would do — it cured in five minutes! It also had a sticky film on the surface that could only be removed with a special cleaner that costs $10 a bottle. no mixing. And it is non-toxic! Pros: non-toxic. The fact that it cures in the sunlight in five minutes is fantastic. It can be sanded. The woman seated next to me turned out to be a very famous craft person and I thought.JewelryMakingDaily. Kids can use it. if anyone is going to know about this stuff. After I got through filling the bezel and placing my piece in the sun. this introduced the problem of having to stop doing what I’m doing to go grab a heating pad or mug warmer. New Mexico. “I know about the uV Resin. After it’s cured. I used it. she responded. Can be heated after it has cured. Self leveling and tends to dome. It’s just that the resin consistency is so frustrating. the surface is sticky. Cures in 5-10 minutes under uV light — I use sunlight. you can try to get enough on a popsicle stick to drip into the bezel without making a mess. set it in the sun for five minutes —. too. Once it’s heated up. I would marry this product! Magic Glos is packaged in a little white squeeze bottle and has the consistency of shampoo. It truly is that to see more of her work. I was disappointed. cons: Difficult to use. Pros: no mixing.emacnish. but I also know about the rIght resIn by eleanore MaCnIsh a brand-new one that’s not even on the market yet — it’s the most exciting thing to hit the craft market in years!” I contacted the developer. Easy to use — it comes in a two-ounce bottle and you just squirt it wherever you need it.How to make resin jewelry: 3 Free Projects plus Bonus Guide to Resin Jewelry Supplies right away to find out where I could order some and then I ordered it. which means you must buy a mug heater for the jar and then wait until it heats up. “Okay. Cures hard and ready to go. To combat this problem. It comes in a wide mouth jar and the consistency is like hot gooey taffy. it can be baked. I use sunlight. and a group of us went to dinner after the show. you can wrap the jar in a heating pad or pop it on a mug warmer to make the resin more viscous. Crystal clear. In my case. you just squeeze it where you want it. you cannot get it to stop making those awful. but you can use manicure lights. impossible to control. I found it incredibly inconvenient and annoying. Crystal clear. Self leveling and tends to dome. After it’s 12 . To get the resin to the point where it will pour. too. you must buy a cleaner to remove it. though. Cures in 5-10 minutes under uV light. experimented with the product. annoying. MAGIC GlOS I attended a rubber stamp show to visit some friends who were exhibiting. It can be molded in silicone molds. you must heat it. cons: none that I can find — this stuff is awesome! eleanore macnish is a glass beadmaker and silversmith living in Albuquerque. but you can use manicure lights.and that is pretty much it. you must figure out how you’re going to pour it out of a wide mouth jar. Visit www. it’s this woman!” When I asked her about it. and absolutely fell in love. It’s rather like honey that’s about to crystallize — thick and goopy.

com 13 .SUSAN LENART KAZMER How to make resin jewelry: 3 Free Projects plus Bonus Guide to Resin Jewelry Supplies Jeweler's Grade Ultra Clear Non Toxic www.

com or call (800) 676-4336 SUBSCRIBE TODAY 14 . what doesn't. rings. texturing. riveting.How to make resin jewelry: 3 Free Projects plus Bonus Guide to Resin Jewelry Supplies Let us inspire the artist in you! LEARN TO MAKE EXCEPTIONAL earrings. and pendants. In Every Issue: • Discover projects loaded with valuable tips and design ideas • Get hands-on expertise from the pros • Find answers to all your technical questions • Learn all about tools and techniques for stone setting. bracelets. and why. jewelryartistmagazine. plus we explain what works.JewelryMakingDaily. and much more. Learn how to create personal. unique jewelry faster and easier using foolproof instructions.

add a splash of color to any metal and much 15 .6566 riogrande.545.How to make resin jewelry: 3 Free Projects plus Bonus Guide to Resin Jewelry Supplies Need resin supplies? Our popular resin kits let you set photo mementos. Know-how. dome a favorite paper design. today! Sharing your passion for making jewelry. Pick any project and start the fun! Visit RioGrande. 800.JewelryMakingDaily. Service.

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