AAA Diamond Rentals Policies

001. Equal Housing Opportunity Policies
The following policies were developed to communicate our business practices so that you the tenant have a clear understand of our expectations for both our business and our tenants. AAA Diamond Rentals first and foremost will never practice in our leases, advertising, or any part of our business any preference, limitation, or discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or knowingly do business with anyone who does. All of our units are available on an equal opportunity basis subject to credit, criminal, and reference checks. We follow the Fair Housing Act in our practices and will not knowingly violate those practices.

002. Illegal Activity
AAA Diamond Rentals has zero tolerance for any type of criminal activity whether it’s in and around our properties or elsewhere. We will not knowingly accept a lease from anyone whose intent is to conduct illegal activity on our property. Once it has been made known to us that a tenant is conducting illegal activity on our property we will begin eviction proceedings within the full extent of the law. AAA Diamond Rentals will always cooperate fully with all law enforcement officials and their investigations.

003. One Year Leases
It is the intent of AAA Diamond Rentals to be a viable business offering quality housing with affordable rent. With this intent we recognize the need to be able to project our rental income for a twelve-month period and to budget accordingly for necessary expenses that our business accrues. Although AAA Diamond Rentals recognizes that twelve-month leases may not fit everyone’s needs there are certainly enough options in the community to fit those needs if a prospective tenant does not want to sign a one-year lease with us.

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It is AAA Diamond Rentals policy to have tenants sign twelve-month leases and at the end of each twelve months to renew those leases for another twelve months with a new lease in writing. If one year leases are not conducive to the tenant’s future plans then it is certainly understandable and leases shorter in length may be accommodated with certain additional requirements which may include but not be limited to a rent increase. Please understand that at the renewing of a twelve month lease, AAA Diamond Rentals has the option to increase the rent.

004. Month-to-Month Leases
AAA Diamond Rentals does not routinely practice month-to-month leases or fixed leases of less than twelve (12) months. We will make an exception at times to do leases for less than twelve (12) months but with the understanding that there may be an increase in the monthly rent to offset the insecurity of a shorter leasing period. Longer lease periods offer greater security for all parties involved and thus may command a better monthly rent for the duration of the lease.

005. Tenant Lease Signing
It is the policy of AAA Diamond Rentals to require all persons of legal age that will be living in the home to sign the lease. Only those persons that are considered to be minors by Oklahoma law will not be required to sign the lease but will be listed with their date of birth.

006. Late Fees
AAA Diamond Rentals recognizes that we do not live in a perfect world. Many times we may feel that we have very little control over some of the events in our lives. AAA Diamond Rentals recognizes that unplanned events happen in all of our lives. We should all plan as much as possible and budget accordingly. With this understanding, your rent will be considered late if not paid by the end of the first day it is due. We give a three day grace period before we impose a late fee, even though the rent will still be considered late after the first day and you may be reported to the credit agencies per our Credit Agency Reporting Policy if it continues to happen. If you are mailing your rent, it should
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AAA Diamond Rentals will also sue for all costs involved in recouping any money that is owed us. This may include but not be limited to a law suit brought against the tenant. If the current due date is not convenient for you please call us and we will be happy to rearrange the due date to conveniently coincide with your paycheck(s) or life circumstances. All persons of legal age listed on the lease will be reported equally to the appropriate postmarked on the day it’s due. If you would like for us to pick up the rent please make prior arrangements and we will be happy to. Credit Agency Reporting Policies AAA Diamond Rentals takes delinquent payments and malicious destruction of property seriously. Our inability to pick up the rent is not an excuse for your rent being late. We can also work out different payment plans that may work into your budget better. and liens on the tenant(s) personal property. 7 . Your late fee is listed in your lease. It would not be responsible for AAA Diamond Rentals to rely on other landlords to report dishonest tenant(s) through the proper agencies and then to not do so ourselves. commercial and private credit agencies and good/bad tenant reporting agencies. county. We are willing to work with you. This will require an appointment with either me or the property manager to explain how this works. garnishment of wages. 007. Legal Action(s) Policies It is AAA Diamond Rentals policy to pursue with all legal means possible through the courts money that may be owed for payment of rent or damage or destruction of property and any fees the tenant may still owe. 008. A postmark after the day it is due is still late and will incur a late fee. 2011 Copyrighted © AAA Diamond Rentals pg. and federal authorities. This protects other Landlords in Oklahoma and around the United States from unscrupulous persons who desire to sign a lease but have no intent of paying and/or who maliciously damage the property with no intent of reimbursing the landlord. It is AAA Diamond Rentals practice to report delinquent payments and wanton destruction of private property to all applicable city. state. Version Aug 09. When mailing your rent you are not given the three day grace period.

Cleaning inside. In leasing a car you must still do routine oil changes. The filters for the heating and cooling system should be changed every three months. Keeping the unit free of garbage and food items so that bugs are not attracted inside the unit and around the outside. Please see our Pest Policy. There are trash receptacles provided by the city/waste disposal companies which should be used and cleaned periodically. and responsible practices of paying their obligations on time. Tenant Responsibilities Policy AAA Diamond Rentals goes to great length and expense to insure that the tenants we welcome into our homes are the best qualified tenants while adhering to the Fair Housing Act. Some of those areas may include but are not limited to maintaining a reasonable state of cleanliness both inside and outside and around the property. We thus strive to find tenants with good credit histories.009. Tenants Responsibilities will include but are not limited to: 1. We expect a responsible tenant to be willing to do a certain amount of maintenance in and around the home. 2. Leasing a home is no different than leasing a car. wash and wax the car to maintain its current condition. We have an informational policy section on Garbage Disposal Care and Maintenance that is very helpful. Notifying an exterminator when there is a pest problem. A home you are leasing is no different. 8 . 2011 Copyrighted © AAA Diamond Rentals pg. clean. The lawn should be mowed and bushes and shrubs trimmed to maintain a proper and clean appearance. filter changes. then prior arrangements should be made with AAA Diamond Rentals to insure that these things are done. please be careful. buy new tires and batteries. and around the unit periodically. If there are areas for which the tenant may not feel adequate to do the maintenance their self. We understand that this is not your property but it has been entrusted to you for the agreed upon period of time. Version Aug 09. Paying your rent on the agreed upon date. 3. We will not discriminate against anyone nor will we do business with anyone who openly and knowingly practices discrimination. This may entail some expense on the tenant’s part if we do it for you. keep insurance on the car. There is a limit to what can be put down the garbage disposal. outside. We strive to find tenants who will take good and prudent care of the property that has been entrusted to them. If you have any questions not answered by the Tenant Handbook please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to answer them.

Not parking or driving through the yard and ensuring that friends. or visitors don’t park in the yard or drive through the yard. Please see our Garbage Disposal Care and Maintenance Policy. 10.4.Keeping the home and vehicles locked at all times to discourage theft and vandalism. Bounced Check Policy AAA Diamond Rentals takes bounced checks very seriously. Keeping the drains and toilets clear and functioning. With this said. 12. toilet. and oven clean. you will be required to immediately: Version Aug 09. If you have a toilet that continues to run or does not function properly please call the landlord. Putting only those items down the garbage disposal for which it was made. 14. stove. Properly disposing of trash from the house on a weekly basis in the outside trash cans. 6 . Please see the Garbage Disposal Care and Maintenance Policy regarding problems with your garbage disposal. 5. Tenant will also be responsible for paying for any service calls to unstop any drain. 2011 Copyrighted © AAA Diamond Rentals pg. AAA Diamond Rentals recognizes that everyone makes mistakes. Keeping the refrigerator. 9. Changing the heating and cooling filters every three months. 7. This may require pressure washing by the tenant at different times and when vacating the premises. please give us a call. family. 8. and trimming the bushes and shrubs. We can usually solve the problem very quickly and economically. Keeping the driveway clean of oil and vehicle fluids. There will be a small fee for the service but we are very fair and reasonable. 11. 13. With this understanding if you bounce a check with us within the first 12 months. Changing light bulbs when burned out. 010. 6. or disposal or to fix the disposal. Mowing the yard to include edging the yard. If you have a toilet that is stopped up and you can wait for us to fix it. Watering the yard to maintain a reasonable amount of growth and greenness of the grass. With your first bounced check we will immediately report this per our Credit Reporting Agency Policy.

5. 2. You will pay for the following four month’s rent as they become due with a Cashier’s Check or Money Order. The bounced check will be reported at once to the appropriate agencies per our policy but once you have completed a twelve (12)-month period of no further problems we will gladly give you a letter stating the same that you can turn into the appropriate agencies. you will be allowed to begin paying with a personal check again. 4. Reimburse us for the appropriate bank fees. 011. 3. Reimburse us the appropriate bank fees 2. 2011 Copyrighted © AAA Diamond Rentals pg. 6 . As long as there are no further problems during the probationary period. Reimburse us the late fee which is listed per your lease if we do not receive payment within the grace period as listed in our Late Fees Policy. 3. Home Ownership Policy Version Aug 09. 4. Reimburse us within three (3) calendar days of our notifying you of the situation.1. Reimburse us a forty dollar ($40) handling fee for our time. If you happen to bounce a check with us any time after your first twelve months you will again be allowed to give us a personal check for the rent once you have completed the following: 1. Reimburse us a forty dollar ($40) handling fee for our time. 5. Reimburse us within three (3) calendar days of our notifying you of the situation. If you bounce a check a second time you will no longer be allowed to use personal checks and will be required to pay by Cashier’s checks or Money Orders. You will then be required to pay us by Cashier’s Check or Money Order for the rest of the time in which you rent from us. This will be a four month probationary period. Reimburse us the late fee which is listed in your lease if we do not receive payment within the grace period as listed in our Late Fees Policy.

he will not be required to adhere to clause 4 of their lease if he does ALL of the following: 1. 2. In keeping with our policy of having our tenants sign one year leases we have decided to allow certain accommodations for those tenants who want to purchase their own home. Notify AAA Diamond Rentals in writing of their intent to begin looking for a home to purchase. It is our policy to have all of our tenants sign a one-year lease. In keeping with this policy it is not our intent to hinder the home buying process for our tenants by having our tenants locked into a one year lease at a point in time when they may want to purchase a home but need someplace to live until that opportune time arrives. Example: if a sales contract is signed on a Tuesday. Version Aug 09. A copy of the sales contract is given to AAA Diamond Rentals within five days of signing. they will still be required to sign a one-year lease. We will also need to inspect the rental unit before you move out so that we can let you know of any needed repairs and cleaning that will need to be done. This allows us to begin preparing to market the apartment and find a new tenant as soon as possible. With that in mind AAA Diamond Rentals is also a business that needs to be able to plan and rely on the rental income that is projected over the course of a year and not month-to-month. This may be done by email or letter. Some accommodations may be made for shorter leases when the need arises on a case by case basis but those are the exceptions and not the rule. If a tenant desires to purchase a home. What little information that is contained in the sales contract will be closely protected just as we must protect all of your personal information. 7 . Receiving a copy of the sales contract insures us of your sincerity and that you are not just looking for a way out of your lease.AAA Diamond Rentals wants to encourage home ownership by its tenants. then the copy of the completed sales contract must be given to AAA Diamond Rentals by Sunday evening. 2011 Copyrighted © AAA Diamond Rentals pg. We may need to change some of our future plans due to a change in your plans. This is so we can begin to prepare for whatever we might need to do to get the unit ready for a new tenant which may include upgrades and long term repairs to the unit once you move out. This is a matter of looking at our budget and making decisions about what we currently want to do in maintaining the marketability of our units. Even though a tenant believes they may be looking for a home in the near future.

If you plan on moving out with less than 30 days’ notice. 7. closing date. This will include all late fees and other fees that may include bank charges etc. you will still be responsible for the remainder of the rent to allow for a full 30 days’ notice. address and description of the home to purchase. sales price. the lease will still be in force including clause 4 and you will still be liable for the completion of the lease. Within a reasonable amount of time and if requested in writing AAA Diamond Rentals will provide to you an invoice of all expenses per our Security Deposit Policy. some even require more. Most all lenders require a minimum of 30 days’ to complete the required paper work. 2011 Copyrighted © AAA Diamond Rentals pg. You will not be required to pay the rent due for the completion of the lease as long as you adhere to this policy. and realtor and be signed by all parties. At the time of inspection. 6 . There is no money owed for damages or cleaning of the apartment.3. We will follow up with the realtor and seller to insure the sincerity of the purchase. The completed Sales Contract must give AAA Diamond Rentals a minimum of 30 days’ notice. The completed and accepted sales contract should include the 4. If the sale does not go through for whatever reason. It must be signed and include all contact information. If you give the required 30 days’ notice and then move out early. The tenant’s rent is completely paid up in full for the previous and current months with no outstanding balances prior to moving out. All money owed AAA Diamond Rentals must be paid in full before being released from Clause 4 of the lease. The tenant’s security deposit is completely paid up in full with no outstanding balances due for damages prior to moving out. you will be made aware of any damages that will need to be repaired or paid for. This is to insure that you are truly needing out of your lease with a legitimate purchase of home. 5. 6. seller. Version Aug 09. there will be no refund given for the rent already paid.

An additional pet will require an additional 25% of the monthly rent. how nice the breed might be. With this in mind AAA Diamond Rentals has made the following rules regarding pets on our property: 1. There will be a limit of two aquariums/terrariums in the unit regardless of what is kept in the aquariums/terrariums. Although pets provide their owners with much pleasure. Pet Policy AAA Diamond Rentals recognizes that for many people. AAA Diamond Rentals does not allow any pets above thirty-five 2. 4. their pets are a part of their family. goats. and the increased insurance premiums we must pay for liability. or ducks. If your pet is that important to you then you will need to find somewhere else to live if it is over thirty-five (35) pounds. 3. 6 . 2011 pg. by both the destruction they cause by claws and chewing. men. or how long you may have owned the breed. We do not allow any type of live-stock even though they are raised as pets. There will be a limit of two (2) reptiles in each terrarium and two (2) mammals per aquarium/terrarium. (35) pounds in our units regardless of the breed. All dogs and cats will require an additional monthly fee of $30 each with a limit of two cats or two dogs or one of each. how much the breed likes children. With this in mind please understand that the following decisions were made with a great deal of thought about the consequences of having pets on our property. AAA Diamond Rentals further recognizes that pets are capable of large amounts of damage to our property and the surrounding properties and more seriously. The first dog or cat will require a security deposit of 100% of the monthly rent. No more than two birds may be kept in a unit. this is instead of the 75% security deposit. rabbits. We do not allow any exotic mammals or reptiles that cannot be kept in a 20 gallon aquarium/terrarium. 6.012. Copyrighted © AAA Diamond Rentals Version Aug 09. 5. Each aquarium/terrarium will require an additional security deposit of 25% the monthly rent. pets can be a major source of expense for the property owner. or women. regardless of the size which includes pigs. chickens. This is not in addition to the regular security deposit of 75%. 7. may cause both injury and death to humans of all ages. All birds require 25% of the monthly rent security deposit for each bird.

450 .10 6.0 0 $1.225 . 25 $900.375 .50 Rent $1.00 $1.00 $1.00 Depo sit $693. 50 $881.00 $1. your guests. 00 Depo sit $525.00 $1.25 $1.00 $1.25 $1.12 5. 75 $562. For those tenants with pets.00 $1. If at some time during your stay damage is done to the unit that we have determined has been done by you.03 1.25 $1.0 0 $950. 00 $918.00 $1.050 . A copy of this will be given to AAA Diamond Rentals. 00 $900.500 . 00 $750.06 8.75 75% 75% 75% 75% 75% 75% 75% 75% 75% Version Aug 09. 50 $581.400 . 00 $543.00 Depos it $862.125 . 75 Rent $1. 75 $787.400 .00 $1.00 $1. 00 $775.00 $1.00 $1.0 0 $975.00 $1. 25 $600.00 $1. 00 $825.14 3. then the tenant must add to their security deposit to keep it at the 75% level.200 .175 . 00 $875. All owners of dogs will be required to carry a Renters Insurance Policy with liability coverage.05 0.350 . 25 $825.00 Deposi t $1.000 . 00 $850.375 .300 .00 $1. 00 $725.425 . 00 Rent $925. 2011 Copyrighted © AAA Diamond Rentals pg. their security deposit must be maintained at the 100% level. 013. 00 $993.525 . 75 $712.475 . Calculations for 75% will be as follows: Rent $700.00 $1. whichever is appropriate.00 $1. Your security deposit will then need to be replenished to either 75% or 100% of the monthly rent.250 . 75 $1. 50 $956. If the rent is increased.00 $1.100 .05 0. 9.00 $1. Tenants desiring to keep aquariums for fish may have up to two aquariums with an additional security deposit of 25% the monthly rent for each aquarium up to 25 gallons and 50% of the monthly rent for each aquarium up to 50 gallons.00 $1.00 $1.03 1. 75 $637. visitors.00 $1. 75 $937.00 $1.50 $1. 25 $975.75 $1. 00 $618. or pets. 00 $768. 50 $656.00 $1. 6 . 25 $750. 00 $843. 00 $800.00 $1.025 . Security Deposits Security Deposits will be maintained at approximately 75% of the monthly rent. we may at our discretion have the repair made at that time and paid for out of your deposit. No aquariums larger than 50 gallons may be kept in the unit.150 . 25 $675. 50 $731.325 .275 .01 2.08 7. 50 $806.075 .8.

please notify us of the appointment date and time so that we do the checkout inspection after it has been cleaned. 015. 2011 Copyrighted © AAA Diamond Rentals pg. it will most likely cost more because the cleaning companies charge us a Tenant Move-Out rate and we don’t know what you may have already cleaned so we have it all cleaned. Please understand that we will tell only factual information regarding your time with us. and the value of any damages you might have caused while staying here. not the cleaning company. you may of course do so. damages. fees. The information we gather from you and other sources will be maintained in a safe place for three years once you have left us. This requires a great deal of information from you the tenant and a great deal of time on our part. 014. It is your responsibility to notify us. Protection of Tenant’s Personal Information AAA Diamond Rentals goes to a great length to insure that all of our tenants meet certain standards. FYI If AAA Diamond Rentals decides the unit will need to be cleaned. This may include how promptly you pay your rent. criminal checks. Once we have done our credit checks. If tenant desires to pay a professional cleaning service to clean the unit at moveout. Pest Control and Exterminators Version Aug 09. how well you cleaned the unit when you left. or unpaid rent you might still owe after you move out. Only AAA Diamond Rentals may use the security deposit at our discretion. and any other checks that we may deem appropriate we will then make a determination on who will be chosen to lease from us. you desire to end your tenancy your security deposit will be used to off-set any cleaning.If at some point in the future. background checks. You may not apply any part of the security deposit toward any part of your rent. All vital information from secondary sources will then be shredded. Only that information that we generate ourselves will be kept indefinitely. If you chose to do this. 7 . This will allow you to use us as a reference once you have moved out.

Renters Insurance AAA Diamond Rentals encourages our renters to carry renters insurance. If you fail to use the exterminator we recommend you will pay for the entire service. We understand that regardless of how clean your living practices might be you may still have pest problems. We will pay for 50% of the cost of having an exterminator treat your unit while you occupy the unit. We have also come to realize that some living practices are more inclined to having pests than others. 2011 Copyrighted © AAA Diamond Rentals pg. We use Chrissy Troyer at Neely Insurance Agency but you are free to call whomever you feel comfortable with. Farris-Ault Exterminators 107 South Chambers.AAA Diamond Rentals goes to a great deal of trouble in between tenancies to insure that our units are clean and pest free. you will be required to maintain renters insurance with a liability clause per our Pet Policy. We have found that Chrissy has very competitive rates and is professional and pleasant to deal with. If you have made prior arrangements to keep a dog in the unit. You must use a specific exterminator of our choosing and make the initial payment to them. 7 . You will then submit the invoice to us and we will cut you a check for 50% of the cost. You also may be held responsible if it is determined that destruction or loss of personal property was caused to other tenant’s property or to the structure itself through your negligence. You will also be responsible for being present when they show for the spraying. Our insurance will not cover for replacement costs of the contents of the unit if something were to happen. As long as you use the exterminator we designate you will receive some small discount for using them. Claremore 918-341-2774 016. These policies are relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain. You may do so if you desire but if you don’t use the exterminator we have chosen to do business with then again. We have adopted a middle of the road solution. We know that there are some Landlords who require the tenants to pay for the exterminators themselves while other Landlords pay for the entire service. AAA Diamond Rentals does not enter into contracts with any exterminators. Version Aug 09. you will be responsible for the entire costs.

the less the tenant will be required to pay at the end of the lease. please have it mounted on a pole in the back yard for ease in mowing and for esthetics. It is very difficult to remove the smell of tobacco and the above fees are to cover the cost of cleaning.00 $200. The refund will come at the end of each subsequent lease.00 $200. This will be collected over the course of the first year at $100/month on top of their regular monthly rent and then refunded over the following years as the tenant renews their lease beginning with the second year. 2011 pg. 018. AAA Diamond Rentals does not want the dish mounted on the roof or outside wall of the unit. We also require a $1200 fee to be paid at the end of the first 12 months for cleaning purposes if the tenant decides to move out.00 $200. Satellite Dishes If you decide to have satellite dish installed.00 $600.017.00 $1. Cinder blocks may also allow small animals. With this understanding we require an extra $36/month for the first smoker and $15/month for each additional smoker added to the monthly rent. rodents or snakes to hide and cause a nuisance. The pole does not have to be very high off the ground. Smokers require higher insurance premiums and have a much higher incidence of fires in homes than nonsmokers. Smokers AAA Diamond Rentals understands that there are individuals who smoke and will want to rent our units.00 Copyrighted © AAA Diamond Rentals Version Aug 09.00 $200.000.00 $800. The amount to be paid will be prorated over the life of the lease(s) as follows: End of Year 1 2 3 4 5 6 Amount to be paid by tenant $1.00 Amount to be refunded to tenant $0.00 $400. 6 .00 $200.200. The more times the tenant renews their lease.00 $200. The practice of using cinder blocks is unsightly and does not allow for trimming of weeds or for ease of mowing.

Renovation of a single unit could easily cost $4000 to $5000 in labor and materials. The microwave is another abused appliance. It’s so easy to cover items while they are cooking to simplify cleanup. 2011 Copyrighted © AAA Diamond Rentals pg. Foil is cheap and they even make foil protectors specifically designed for stove top burners. Keep foil under all the burners and in the bottom of the oven.00 $200. 6 . Version Aug 09. At move-out the stove-top and oven will still need to be cleaned but foil will greatly simplify things. Don’t forget the closets. Please be diligent in keeping this appliance clean throughout your stay with us. or tile. Check and replace the foil as needed. This keeps the floor looking nice and gives you less to clean. Please do not use abrasive cleaners on the floors.00 Please understand that the extra amount to be paid monthly doesn’t even begin to offset the expenses we incur to remove the smell of tobacco once a smoker moves out. Floors will still need to be swept and mopped after the rugs are taken up but will require much less effort having had the rugs in place while you lived here. Put down throw rugs and area rugs in high traffic areas. This will keep food from getting burned on to the surfaces. counter tops. 019. Do not have carpet tacked or permanently placed in the units. 3. A good nonabrasive floor cleaner like Pine-Sol works quite well on floors.7 $0. Carpets and pads must be completely removed. Make sure you get all the way into the corners and along the base boards. Cleaning the Unit Here are some things you can do to make cleaning at move-out easier: 1. walls and ceilings washed and painted and blinds cleaned or replaced if they are fabric or fabric covered. The stove and oven are one of the most abused appliances in the home and one of the most common appliances for tenants to lose part of their security deposit for not cleaning it well. The glass turn table will probably need to be removed and all surfaces will need to be cleaned with a nonabrasive cleaner and then the door left open on move-out. Abrasive cleaners will scratch these surfaces. 2.

Any screens that are bent or broken will need to be replaced by you or out of your security deposit. nails. around the foundation or bushes.Please don’t forget to remove all cobwebs in corners. All light bulbs that are burned out should be replaced. Spills and sticky things may be very difficult to remove if left there for a short amount of time. Please be careful of the screens. 7. There are many really good cleaners available for the bathroom and kitchen and they are usually pretty inexpensive. Cleaning may require removing the shelving. etc. 12. It’s easy and quick. Just sprinkle about two table spoons in the bowl and scrub with the brush and you’re finished. Abrasive cleaners like Ajax are fine to use on the outside and inside of the porcelain toilet bowls. 11. If you clean up spills as they happen it will make cleaning the refrigerator quick and easy at move-out.All batteries for garage door openers should be replaced if not working.. 6. etc. that are in the yard. 10. 5. 6 . ceilings. or doors of the unit. The commercial garbage container should be cleaned both inside and out with a strong disinfectant and left with the top open to allow it to dry. 14. Garbage left here will deduct money from your security deposit because we must then remove and dispose of it. and in the closets. There should be no garbage left in the container once you have moved out and stopped the garbage pick-up service. The bathroom and kitchen are probably the second most common areas for tenants to lose part of their security deposit for not cleaning well enough. It will probably be a good idea to clean the walls of any marks with a cleaner that is made for painted surfaces. should be cleaned up. wrappers. screws and anything else you may have stuck into or on the walls. All garbage. Please make sure the closets have been swept and mopped along with the rest of the floors. If you stay on top of keeping these areas clean it will make move-out that much easier and save you money. Don’t forget the lights above the stove and in the oven. Please don’t forget the refrigerator. It may be a good idea to keep a container near the bowl with a toilet brush to keep things clean. 13. 2011 Copyrighted © AAA Diamond Rentals pg. at the ceilings. trash. Please use attention to detail when going through these areas.4. Please remove all staples. 9.The closets are one of the easily forgotten places to clean that happen to gather a lot of dust and may get marked up. Version Aug 09. 8. All windows should be washed inside and out prior to checking out. All batteries for smoke detectors should be replaced if not working.

base boards. 3. and dirt. Two really well organized persons should be able to clean the apartment really well in 2. Remove any light fixtures and clean them of any bugs. corners and walls. back porch and garage will all need to be swept clean. 1. Starting with the ceiling fan. Go on to the next bedroom. Wipe down the shelving in the closets of any dirt or cobwebs. 18. You will need to contact the utility companies to have all of the services turned off on a specific date including trash pickup.All the ceiling fans blades will need to be dusted with a very mildly dampened cloth. dust. dusting/vacuuming the ceiling fan motor housing and blades. You should plan on cleaning after you have moved all of your things out of the unit.5 to 4 hours depending on how dirty it is. You should plan on approximately four to six hours if there is only one of you and three to four hours if there are two. corners of the room. Light fixtures may be placed in warm soapy water in the kitchen sink. The garage walls and ceiling need to be wiped clean of all cobwebs etc. 2011 Copyrighted © AAA Diamond Rentals pg.15. Once you have completed the bedrooms do the same in the living room and the rest of the closets. Replace any burned out bulbs. Once you are convinced there is nothing left to do but vacuum then vacuum the bedroom floor and close the door.Don’t forget to file a forwarding address with the post office. Be very careful to use cleaners that are safe for the surfaces you will be using them on. Please don’t forget to dust the cobwebs around the ceiling fan motor and ceiling attachment. 2. Version Aug 09. Clean the windows inside and out. Here are specific steps to take to clean the apartment at Move-Out. Any broken blinds will need to be replaced. 6 . Wear rubber gloves and have enough pairs for your helpers. Try to work from the top down. 16. Clean/sweep/vacuum the closet floor and close the door.The front porch. 17. I’ve always started with the rooms that I won’t need to go into again like the bedrooms. The floor may need to be cleaned or powerwashed to remove stains. The driveway may also need to be power-washed to remove oil and other vehicle fluid stains. All blinds in all of the rooms will need to be gently cleaned with a mild detergent.

Wipe all of the surfaces using sponges and/or paper towels once the cleaner has had the appropriate amount of time to sit. spray the inside of the oven. Wipe down the exterior of the refrigerator starting with the top which is always dusty and dirty from neglect. microwave. 2011 Copyrighted © AAA Diamond Rentals pg. 5. Taking a can of oven cleaner. It may take a little more work to clean any spills but it will still need to be done. Now replace the shelving and since you will be having the electricity turned off prop the door open with a piece of cardboard. 6 . Also clean the floor space under the stove. Please be careful to not use any abrasive Version Aug 09. I like to clean the kitchen before the bathrooms but it really doesn’t matter. Some cleaners require you to turn the oven on and others don’t so follow the instructions. You will be tackling the kitchen next. and following the instructions on the can very carefully. 6. Don’t forget the broiler. You should be able to gently pull the fridge out from the wall and clean the coils in back and the flooring under the fridge. Gently push it back into place being careful to not crush the water tubing or coils. It may be easier to spray them off in the shower.4. washers and dryers if provided. Don’t use anything sharp to try and scrap the inside as you may puncture the coils and allowing the coolant to leak out. You will need to rinse everything really well with clean water. This may require 24 hours to work properly so be prepared. If there is a filter in the vent the filter will need to be replaced. You will start on the oven and stove top. Don’t forget the freezer compartment. Don’t forget to clean the vent above the stove that may be located on the underside of the microwave. You will need gloves and possibly goggles and good ventilation. You will also need to gently pull the stove out and clean on either side of the stove where food and other things may have fallen. Once you have dried them set them aside. I save the bathroom(s) for last because I usually have dirty water that will need to be flushed and I need an easy way to get clean hot water for cleaning. If you placed some type of aluminum foil to protect the cooking surfaces while you lived here this will be a simple process. Now it’s time to run some warm-to-hot water in the sink and add dish soap. You will begin to clean out the refrigerator by removing all of the shelving and wiping them down with the warm soapy water and then rinsing them off. Make sure the light works and replace if burned out. You will also need to clean and wipe down the exterior and interior of any other appliances in the unit including the dishwasher. You will also need to wipe down the inside of the refrigerator with the warm soapy water and then rinse it with more clean warm water.

12. Move on to the bathrooms. Pretreat any stains or spots.chemicals that might scratch the surfaces.You should now shampoo the carpets and then vacuum. Sweep and mop the floor and especially around the toilet. 2011 Copyrighted © AAA Diamond Rentals pg. Replace them being careful to not lose any parts. 7. 9. Start with some type of cleaner that will work on the buildup that may be on the surfaces. Do one final walk through the unit to make sure you haven’t missed anything or left anything. Rinse well once you are finished. Move on to any countertops.  Version Aug 09. You will probably want to clean the tub and shower next. Dust the walls and corners of any cobwebs. wipe down the interior and the exterior of the cabinets really well. You can continue to use the sink to clean the light fixtures around the apartment. Allow it to sit if necessary. You should now be pretty much finished with everything else in the unit so it’s time to tackle the toilet bowls. Carefully remove them and check for and remove any dead insects. shelving and cabinets wiping down all the surfaces. There may be areas inside the cabinets where things may have spilled and left rings etc.  Please remove all toilet bowl cleaners that hang over the lip of the bowl or are placed in the toilet tank. 10. Take some pictures once you are finished for your records. Using a multi-purpose cleaner that is safe to use on your cabinets. Rinse them well and dry them off. only in the toilet bowl as chlorine is really rough on the parts inside the tank and make them wear out quicker. Drain the water from the sink and clean the sink and wipe off the faucet. It’s possible you may not need to do this if it’s time to replace the carpet which may need to be done if it’s been five or six years since the last time. Now is also a good time to wipe the counter tops. following the instructions from the manufacturer. 13. Now it’s time to sit up your move-out inspection and turn in your keys. Make sure you turn in the electronic openers if you have an electric garage door opener. Ask the manager. dust and dirt. Please do not place any Chlorine based cleaners in the toilet tank. 8. The toilet bowls should be left with the lid and seat up and several strips of brown packing tape strung across the bowl so that they are not used. 11. 7 . Sweep the garage and power wash any stains on the garage floor and driveway from vehicle fluids or anything else. Once the toilet bowls are cleaned they should not be used for anything so they should be cleaned LAST.

Always use cold water when you want to grind anything in the disposal. You can also make special deodorizer ice cubes by using one cup of water and one cup of white vinegar and freezing this in ice cube trays. 2011 pg. Put your citrus peels down the garbage disposal. It will also help to get rid of smells. The disposal is made up of the hopper which is where you drop the food materials. a. the impellers which are located in the bottom of the hopper and the blade which the impellers ride on. Good weekly or monthly maintenance for the disposal includes: Place the stopper in the sink and fill the sink with water. This will help to remove food particles that are stuck in the blades and around the impellers. remove whatever it is from the disposal with tongs or pliers safely. If you can’t 2. Never place your hands down the garbage disposal. put about two cups of ice and a cup of rock salt down the disposal. 8 . It will really make the disposal smell good. Care of your garbage disposal is usually quite simple if you remember some simple guidelines: 1. It will also help with any smells. Always start the cold water running first. turn on the cold water and then the garbage disposal. You can then use this special ice with the rock salt or scouring powder. then turn on the garbage disposal before adding food items and allow the water to run for 20-25 seconds after the disposal has done its job to flush the food items down the drain. Copyrighted © AAA Diamond Rentals Version Aug 09. As the disposal works. c. When you first add food material the motor slows down making a lower pitch and then as it has time to grind up the food. you will hear a change in the tone of the motor working. We will be happy to assist you. clearing it’s self of food matter and the running water the motor will speed back up and the pitch will get higher. Turn the disposal on and then pull the plug. 4. 3. b. please call us. This will help to clean the hopper and drain pipe of food material that will eventually clog the drain if left there. Garbage Disposal Care and Maintenance Policy A garbage disposal should last at minimum of ten years with very little maintenance.020. Yea! About once a month. Hot water will soften food items like animal fats and some vegetable particles turning them into a sludge which may clog the pipes or disposal mechanism possibly requiring repair work.

shrimp shells. and grains as these just turn to a sludge/glue and can clog the mechanism or break the disposal. If the water or food items begin to overflow the disposal hopper you’ve added too many food items. is overly loud or just plain noisy. celery. There may be a small service charge for coming out but we are much less expensive than a plumber. sprinkle 5. Never pour bleach. Once you’ve seen it done you will then know how to fix it later if it happens again. clam or oyster shells. and then the disposal. You should only add items with the cold water running and no more than about ½ cup of material at a time. or some animal products like skin from chickens or turkeys. Never pour any type of oil. Copyrighted © AAA Diamond Rentals Version Aug 09. Once you hear the water clearing up and flushing down the drain again it’s probably safe to add more food items. 7. These will collect in the garbage disposal mechanism and will cause a really terrible smell from the fats and oils spoiling or rotting and may cause the pipes to get clogged or break the disposal.  If you don’t know how to remedy this please give AAA Diamond Rentals a call. Never grind overly fibrous vegetable materials like corn husks. coffee grounds. This will also help to remove sludge. metal or rubber or food oils. If the sink feels or sounds like it’s shaking you’ve added too much. like potatoes or potato skins. or fat you have cut from an animal down the disposal.d. glass. If you continue to try and run the disposal with it jammed you will only burn out the motor requiring it to be replaced at your expense. lye or other chemicals into the drain unit. You can also put about a dozen ice cubes down the disposal. 6. renedered animal fat. paper. and smells. immediately turn the switch off as it is probably jammed with a food item in between the impellers which is located in the hopper. drain cleaners. Do not overfill the disposal with food products. or any type of bones. Last but not least are the starchy foods. then turn on the cold water. 2011 pg. wood. banana peels. If the garbage disposal continues to run but it makes a humming sound. 8. food material. We will be glad to come out and fix the problem. These items will damage the gaskets and mechanisms causing the disposal to leak. rhubarb. fat. grease. Once it has had time to clear you can then begin to slowly add the items again. them with scouring powder. You will either need to wait until the disposal has had time to rid the disposal of the food items or turn the disposal off and remove some food items. artichoke leaves. rice. 6 . and possibly breaking it. or stops running before you turn it off.

If you call a plumber to fix the disposal you will be responsible for the charges which will probably be a minimum of $85 just to get out of the truck. If there is water standing in the sink or garbage disposal hopper or the water goes down real slowly there is probably a clog somewhere in the system. Garage doors and electric garage door openers are probably the single most dangerous mechanical item in your unit. The only steps you may take to fix a problem are as follows. 11. If you believe the garbage disposal is not working properly please give us a call so that we can check it out.9. Leaking water is not normal and should be taken care of as soon as possible. Depending on why it’s not working properly there may be a service charge or a charge for parts if we determine you are at fault. it can cause server injury and even death. If the disposal makes no sound either you have burned out the motor or the fuse has blown. If you have any questions about the mechanism please give AAA Diamond Rental a call and we will check it to insure it is operating properly. 021. If there are water leaks under your sink or in any of your bathrooms please call us so that we can minimize the damage to the cabinet surfaces. 6 . If the opener is not properly adjusted. Depending on the problem we may charge you a small service charge for our time. 10. There may be a small service charge for coming out but we are very good at knowing how to safely remove items and at fixing most small problems you may encounter. Please call us. If you can’t remove the items safely call AAA Diamond Rentals. 13. 2011 Copyrighted © AAA Diamond Rentals pg. 12. Version Aug 09. If the breaker is not blown or this doesn’t remedy the situation please call us. If this doesn’t work check your breaker box to see if a breaker has blown. Please make no adjustments to the garage door or opening motor mechanism. If you must remove items from the disposal never use your hands. If we can’t determine the cause of the problem we will have a trained repairman come out and fix it. Garage Doors and Garage Door Openers. Use pliers or tongs. We are quite good at clearing clogs and a whole lot cheaper than a plumber or handyman. There should be a small reset button on the bottom of the disposal which you can gently push back in.

If both are glowing red then you must realign the “eyes” which is quite simple. only a little finesse. 2011 Copyrighted © AAA Diamond Rentals pg. The most common problem is that over time the “eyes” get dusty or covered with cobwebs. Please call us first as we can most times save you money if you are responsible for the repair. If we can’t determine the problem then we will call a service repairman. If you are fearful of breaking the controller or feel uncomfortable doing this yourself please call us and we will be happy to do it for you. 022. You will see the battery with the markings on it so you know what kind to buy. If we do have to leave for tools or parts and then come back there will be no charge for the subsequent visits for the same repair or maintenance.If the garage door fails to go down. Many times we can do the maintenance or repair at that time without having to come back. One of them will turn green when properly aligned. Then gently tighten the screw back down. won’t start to go down or starts to go down and then reverses please check the electric “eyes” that are located on either side of the rails approximately 6-8 inches up from the garage floor. If the garage door still doesn’t want to go down then the “eyes” have probably come out of alignment from the garage door shaking as it goes up and down. but not both. Using a screw driver if necessary. Gently cleaning the lens of the eyes with a soft. This is a gentle procedure that does not require much strength. There may be instances where you need a repairman. You may check this by looking at the “eyes”. If the hand controls have quit working you will need to replace the battery(s). or grime. Come controllers have screws that need to be removed first before separating the two halves. If we determine that you are not responsible it will of course cost you nothing for us to come out. For most maintenance or repair issues there will be a ten dollar charge for coming out to your unit. Be careful so you don’t break the controller. gently pry the two halves apart using a penny or other coin in the slot. There may be a small service charge for coming out. After removing the screw if necessary. dirt. 7 . Be careful to not get water inside the eye mechanism. simply loosen the adjustment screw on the “eye” and adjust the “eye” until it appears to be pointed at the other one. If you have created a list of things that need to be done Version Aug 09. If you can’t get either one of them to glow green please call us and we will try and fix the situation. If the Led doesn’t turn green then adjust the other “eye” in the same manner. damp cloth will usually remedy the problem. Charges for coming out to fix or repair things. One of them should have a green glowing led and the other one should be red.

2011 Copyrighted © AAA Diamond Rentals pg.  Version Aug 09. Put everything you can think of on your list that needs to be done or that you have concerns about. It will still be just $10. There will never be more than one single charge for coming out for all the items on your list. 8 .the same rule applies.

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