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.2 SIGNIFICANCE OF COMMUNICATION……………………………………………………2 MARKETING IN ROLE OF MARKETING COMMUNICATION BIOBANK………………………………….9 IMPORTANCE OF DONOR …………………………………9-11 LOYALTY TOWARDS BIOBANK CONCLUSION………………………………………………………………………………… …………………………11 2 ..……4 MARKETING COMMUNICATION BIOBANK…………………………………….……7 ROLE OF SALES PROMOTION BIOBANK………………………………………………………….………3-4 MARKETING COMMUNICATION STRATEGY………………………………………………………....….CONTENTS INTRODUCTION……………………………………………………………………………… ……………………..7-8 IN UK LOYALTY……………………………………………………………………………………… ………………………….9 TYPES OF LOYALTY……………………………………………………………………………………… ………….5-6 STRATEGY FOR SALES PROMOTION…………………………………………………………………………………… ………….

the media. advertising. Marketing communication assist in interacting the business with its target audience. community-based groups and publics. These marketing communication tools are essential in attaining competitive gain in the market. Through advertising. Its main intention is to offer a source for research for enhancing the prevention. identification and treatment of diseases and encouraging people for public advantage. 2004). an article about loyalty by Michael Barnett is analyzed to focus on the significance of loyalty towards charity. public relations. Marketing communication includes the plans. 2008). and to select the paramount strategy suits the best need of Biobank.INTRODUCTION This paper rationally analyzes the role of marketing communication and marketing communication strategy. to persuade new consumers to participate and build loyalty amongst current customers. the people are informed about the particular product or service available in the market and are attracted more 3 . not considering the channels employed (Paul Russell Smith.00. events. The primary objective of marketing communication is to convey a message to prospective customers and it is intended to persuade them to execute a particular action generally to buy a specific service or product (Chris Fill. It has health and lifestyle information and biological samples from 5. and procedures required in obtaining the preferred marketing information to the expected target markets. which is tailored to the needs of the participants. The marketing communication process appears to be complicated while communicating with a developed market. the marketers include the marketing communication costs to the price of the service or product provided to the customers. Graham Hughes. Marketing communications have a significant role in communicating and endorsing products and services to the customers. 1 IMPORTANCE OF MARKETING COMMUNICATION: Businesses employ a variety of marketing communications to endorse the company. promotion. their products and services.000 voluntary participants between 40-69 age. Usually. Marketing communications comprise of personal selling. sponsorship. methods. The role of sales promotion in UK Biobank is conversed further. Jonathan Taylor. merchandising etc. advocacy. Marketing communication is an inevitable part in any business. At the end. UK Biobank is a main medical research project in UK financed by Wellcome Trust.

2005). The participants and the public can be informed regularly the general results from the research which was carried out based on the resource provided by them and promote continuous involvement in the researches conducted by Biobank by maintaining continuing marketing communication. It will help them to sustain effective interaction and good relationship with the participants and the public. Steven Bellman. Fredrik Lange. Frequent interaction with the people will help them to recognize the problems related 4 . Chris Fill. Biobank is a public health service organization. These all can be communicated to the people only through effective marketing communication process (Graham Hughes. This is needed to enhance the health of future generations. since at present. Biobank helps people to know the reason for these health hazards by studying people’s lifestyle. Same way Biobank have to keep good public relations with the people. 2005).towards the service (Micael Dahlén. 2009). Marketing communication tools will help to enhance the awareness of the people in medical research. It helps to retain the customers and improve the reputation of the organization. Rossiter. It will encourage the employees and increase their confidence and help to keep a good relationship with the customers. which has to frequently interact with the people and its voluntary customers to inform them about their results of the recent researches. Marketing communication through public meetings where the organization can familiarize themselves with the stakeholders will be beneficial for Biobank in which they can state and discuss the various fields on which they are going to do research in that particular year (Allan J. These are all part of marketing communication will support Biobank to attract more people towards the project and to invite more voluntary participants to provide samples for the research. Public relation is a tool of marketing communication which helps in generating sound relationships with the people associated with the organization by gaining positive publicity. It has to convince people that their services will be highly beneficial for improving the health of people. and avoiding bad gossips about the organization. the samples are provided only by people aged between 40-69 (John R. especially in the advancement in the wide area of genetics so that they are made aware of the diseases and various other health problems associated with human beings. Kimmel. 2007). Terry Smith. developing good reputation. Role of Marketing Communication in Biobank: Marketing communications have an important role in the functioning of UK Biobank.

This must be followed by suitable actions. So appropriate marketing communication strategy must be chosen by the marketers. the producer focuses their several marketing attempts on endorsing their manufactured goods to retailers to persuade them to store the product (Chris Fill. Thus the marketing communication tools especially advertising. consumers pull the product via intermediate channel. 2 MARKETING COMMUNICATION STRATEGY: Marketing communications are necessary for creating product or service awareness in the a variety of people. the producer endorses their product among the target market. Pull Strategy: Here. a mixture of promotional mix tactics involving direct mail and personal selling are employed. Graham Hughes. By compelling the retailers and wholesalers to store the product. Direct marketing which is the direct communication with precisely aimed particularized customers to get an instant reaction and develop long-term association with the consumers is also helpful to Biobank (Richard J. There are three types of marketing communication strategies. Biobank can create high degree of publicity which will be possible only by means of marketing communications. Varey. 2008). Push strategy: Here. which is very essential for their functioning. Deceptive and overstating message regarding the product or service will cheat the customers. public relations and direct marketing are inevitable for the efficient running of public service organizations like UK Biobank and will be constructive in many ways. However. followed by determining the method to be employed. the marketers have to understand the current situation of the company and the market (Butterworth Heinemann. At this phase. media to be used and message to be conveyed in the process. 2008). in order to generate demand. Unpleasant messages presented through advertisements may influence the children badly. Efficient marketing communication will help the Biobank to create trust among the public. 5 . marketing communication technique may perhaps give away incorrect image about a product to the audience by increasing the demand to boost the sales. For this. Then they have to set marketing objectives. 2002).

Biobank have to adopt a marketing communication strategy to communicate their services with the people. This made it difficult to communicate with the and knowledge profile strategy is very useful (Chris Fill. It will be difficult for Biobank to communicate directly with the people to inform them about their services. In order to rise attitude. This strategy concentrates to fulfill the promotional goal of the organization via marketing communication. 2008). reputation.htm. Graham Hughes.learnmarketing. So they must rely on a mixture of push and profile strategy which will be beneficial in case of 6 . Marketing Communication Strategy for Biobank: The method of designing a marketing communication strategy has become highly complicated since marketing actions shifted to the Internet nowadays.Pull and Push strategies (Source: http://www. accessed 30th May 2011) Profile strategy: Focus a variety of stakeholders by employing separate messages for each one.

community. they have to communicate the people the determination of diseases. radio etc for conveying information about their product. Pull strategy will not be that much beneficial to Biobank. employees. the manufacturers target the stakeholders and communicate with them through different messages for each stakeholder (Micael Dahlén. and outlook in people and improve the reputation of Biobank by means of sponsorship. In Biobank’s case. In push strategy. When choosing blend of push and profile strategy. public relations. This mixture will help to communicate with the various stakeholders along with the public through intermediate channels and different medias. creditors. confirm that precision and appropriate distribution are proper through the whole channel. Through profile strategy. Terry Smith. suppliers. Several programmes or awareness programmes can be conducted through these medias. curative measures and various other services offered by them. acuity. Here. 2004). They will experience complexity in meeting every 7 . the treatment and preventive measures for such diseases along with the reasons for the development of particular health problems. Biobank can communicate with their stakeholders and inform them about the recent researches conducted by them. the manufacturers make use of intermediate channels for the movement of the products. The advertisements about Biobank services through television will be highly effective. 2009). customers. Steve Bird. and owner of a company. Stakeholders include the employees of a company.Biobank instead of using a single strategy. the biobank can utilize channels like medias like television. In profile strategy. Biobank must make sure that the selected marketing communication strategy delivers the message unmistakably to the target customers. The messages communicated through the media including the various diseases affecting human beings. This communication strategy will promote the service of Biobank. trade unions. Such programmes will create a positive response in the viewers. advertising and internal marketing tools. their relation with the lifestyle of the individuals. Thus developing a combination of push and profile strategy depending upon a thoroughly planned marketing vision of the market will help the strategy to become more effective. Biobank can use profile strategy to create awareness. Fredrik Lange. which will motivate them to know more about Biobank and to take part in the various programmes conducted by them (Ludi Koekemoer. These two strategies must have a clear message to communicate to the people like the information about the services offered and the benefits of such services to the people.

offer incentives to faithful buyers. strengthen developed brands. the push and profile strategy together will yield high productivity and will improve the reputation of Biobank and will encourage them to make better of their services. dislocate the competition.people and explaining about their services. Sales promotion is a short-term marketing approach acquiring the structure of a short-term price discount or a canvass (David Horchover. development of databases. On the other hand. 2006). and include consumers in loyalty programmes. Advantages: ➢ Creates urgency to buy a product and reduce the time for comparing the product with the substitutes. encouraging tryouts and promoting the change of brands. It may adversely affect the image and reputation of Biobank as the people may doubt about the quality of the Biobank and their services. The main purposes of sales promotion are to boost the sales. 3 SALES PROMOTION: Sales promotions are straight encouragements presenting additional enticement for increasing or speeding up the transfer of products or services from the producer to the buyer (Tony Yeshin. ➢ Attain competitive advantage 8 . Sales promotions will benefit at the time of introduction of new products and assist in inventory control since the customers can buy huge amount at a cheap rate. It can be aimed at the business or the buyer. 2002).

➢ Immediate profits in short time. Disadvantages: ➢ Customers might wait only for the inducements. This is needed to enhance the health of future generations. Sales promotion is supposed to have a considerable influence on the performance of an organization. use or tryout of a service or a product. the people will be ignorant that there exist an organization like UK Biobank and various services are provided by that organization for the public. Without sales promotion. sales promotion is an effective tool for communicating with the public. For a public service organization like Biobank. Market size can be expanded by way of sales promotion techniques. ➢ Decreases profit boundaries as the consumers might stock products at the time of promotion. 2010). Julian Cummins. Susan F Marseken. The can also attract new customers by convincing them that their services are helpful to them and they do not have to pay for the services. Biobank can use sales promotion techniques in order to survive in the field for so long. But. Miriam T Timpledon. It is any initiative a company adopts to encourage an enhancement in sales. Sales promotion will assist Biobank in informing people and making them aware about the health services provided by them for the public and about several diseases and other health problems associated with human beings along with providing the reason for these health hazards by studying people’s lifestyle. Nowadays. Sales promotion will not benefit Biobank to the same extent as they do for other organizations. ➢ Might reduce the company’s reputation ➢ Signify poor product quality. Biobank can frequently interact with the people and its voluntary customers to inform them about their results of the recent researches (Lambert M Surhone. all people are looking for sales promotion programs before they purchase a product which will introduce the product or service to the customers and make them familiar with it (Roddy Mullin. ➢ Attract buyers and retain loyal customers. some aspects of sales promotion will be useful to Biobank. 9 . It will help to create publicity among the people and to enhance their trust so that they believe that the researches conducted by Biobank will help to identify the reason for various diseases and in turn helps the public. ROLE OF SALES PROMOTION IN UK BIOBANK: Sales promotion is necessary for the existence of any organization.

Richard J. the new customers will be introduced about the service of Biobank. as it is not a profit based organization. Sales promotion will give Biobank quick returns in short time. Brooks.2010). Brooks. Semenik. Loyalty of the customers will help the business to forecast its productivity and retain current customers along with providing motivation. When the sales promotion programs are conducted. sales promotion does not benefit more in the case of Biobank. 2010). 2008). By means of sales promotional campaigns. Sales promotion may enhance the performance of the organization (Thomas O'Guinn. Loyalty is significant in the progress of the business and profit as loyal customers produce a repeated income flow by means of frequent acquisition and gives better productivity to the business at reduced cost (Roger L. in spite of these benefits. develop their services. However. People may think that the services of the organization are poorer and that is the reason why they go for sales promotion programs. Sales promotion is chiefly a desirable substitute when the funds are inadequate. It will encourage the people to acquire the service of Biobank. invite new consumers. But the problem with sales promotion is that sometimes the program may affect the image and reputation of the organization. Its aim is not the profit. service organizations like Biobank will be able to maintain current customers. Chris Allen. 2010). lessen their supposed threat and ultimately. but improving the health of the public. So Biobank need not spend more for sales promotion purposes. achieve the trust of their consumers. Types of Loyalty: 10 . 4 LOYALTY: Loyalty is a compound process which let the customers to generate the required associations with the services or products and develops contentment and dedication to that product (Roger L. And there does not exist any competitors for Biobank.

they need public support. They have to be provided samples for carrying out the research. Apart from this. with affection which has banished ego and arrogance and provides unrestricted divine curing and inspiration. Emotional loyalty has the characteristics of kindness. the management has to convince them that the grounds they assist are useful and their support is being utilized efficiently. Keeping regular long-term customers and checking their loyalty will help the Biobank to predict their developments in the research field. 5. who are very loyal towards Biobank. These all require the public support and their loyalty. The people with emotional shows great sympathy to others. trustworthiness and reverence. It is a peaceful courage. For the effective functioning of Biobank. 2004). in order to retain the present customers and their loyalty towards the Biobank. The type of loyalty that we observe in the customers of Biobank is the emotional loyalty which is a mixture of unreserved love and dedication along with the capability to provide emotional relief. Elaine Jay. Hence. it will motivate them and helps in retention of 11 . Polygamous loyalty: loyalty towards different products or services. 000 voluntary participants are there to provide them the samples for the research. which are usually provided by the people. assistance and encouraging favor to others by features of kindness. so that they can discover new and advanced findings from their research. 00. Monopoly loyalty: customer having little or no alternative as there is a single seller in the market. Hence. It will banish ego and arrogance and present unreserved divine curing and encouragement (Kim Klein.Emotional loyalty: the capability to provide emotional relief. encouragement to other people. Importance of Donor Loyalty towards Biobank (Article Review) Loyalty of the donor is very important for the survival of charity or any business. Price loyalty: Determined by careful management of money Incentivized loyalty: Incentivizes the consumers to purchase products by offering loyalty points or programs. If the people are loyal towards Biobank. the Biobank must attempt to develop an emotional relationship with the people so that they are supported by the public. 2011). trustworthiness and reverence (Adrian Sargeant. Biobank will find it extremely beneficial to get more samples from people. Donor loyalty is very important for charity based organizations to attain financial security. Currently.

2009). For developing donor loyalty. it is good to inform people about Biobank through their personal relations whom they can trust. 2004). which in turn reduce the expenses needed to acquire new donors (Janet L. Loyalty could make the stakeholders more conscious of consumer or donor behavior. Elaine Jay. These communication means has a major role in creating loyalty and attracting long-term donors (Jill Griffin. It will enhance employee-consumer relations and the excellence of services. Push and profile strategies all have their unique function and serve a particular need in marketing communication process. This will encourage them to support Biobank and become long-term loyal donors. especially for people who do not have a previous knowledge about Biobank.customers. television. CONCLUSION: Formulation and implementation of strategic marketing communication is essential for the continued existence of UK Biobank. Hence. They think that it will be beneficial to them. 2002). Hedrick. which is not lack of loyalty. But many are unsure about the performance of Biobank and thinks that it will not benefit them. The analysis of “why charity begins at home?” depicts the emotional loyalty of the donors of charity and its importance to the charitable institutions. The method used for communicating the people will encourage the donors to become loyal towards Biobank. Biobank can employ various marketing communication means such as door drop. So the Biobank must treat the regular customers well by periodically informing about how their support is valued. However. the telephonic communication is quite unfavorable to the people and they prefer emails the most. 12 . Creating loyalty among the people is not easy. thus should be appropriate for Biobank as sales promotion is fail to attain its objective effectively. The main reason for the support of Biobank by the customer will be that they think that the reason for they support is valuable. but it is difficult to create among the new customers. telephone etc. Loyalty is very high in case of regular customers. radio. Sometimes loyal customers encourage other people to know more about Biobank and take part in its various programmes (Adrian Sargeant.

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