BABA'S GREATNESS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------STORIES OF THE LIFE OF SHRII SHRII ANANDAMURTI BABA's GREATNESS.


-------------------------------------------------------------------STORIES OF THE LIFE OF SHRII SHRII ANANDAMURTI Baba's Greatness No one knows the secret No one knows the secret No one knows the secret Baba's Greatness No one knows the secret In Satya Yuga, Baba came in the form of Shiva

To No No No

shower Tantra on the world one knows the secret one knows the secret one knows the secret

In Dwapar Yuga, Baba came in the form of Krsna To dance the Rasaliila (Divine dance) with His Devotees No one knows the secret No one knows the secret In Kali Yuga, Baba came as Anandamurti All the lokas (realms of existence) became saturated with bliss No one knows the secret No one knows the secret No one knows the secret

BABA's GREATNESS. TO OUR BELOVED BABA WHO IS GUIDING US WITH HIS INFINITE LOVE TOWARD PERFECTION EVERY MOMENT OF OUR LIVES PREFACE Now more and more people are learning Ananda Marga Yoga, so naturally more and m ore people are curious to know who the Master of Ananda Marga is, this mysteriou s figure in India who has given all these wonderful and scientific practices, an d who most amazing of all has been persecuted in jail in India for six years and has been fasting for five years: Many people ask, 'who is BABA, Tell me about BABA" So this little book is our humble attempt to let Baba's sons and daughters under stand Him a little more, and begin to feel the mystery of His power and His cons tant loving guidance of all His thousands of disciples all over the world, Perha ps you will not believe all the amazing stories in this book; perhaps you will t hink they are merely fantasies, like fairy tales - but it does not matter. As Je sus Christ said, "Those who have ears to hear, let them hear." The more your min d goes deep into meditation, the more you will realize that all these so called "miracles" of Baba are the powers that every person's mind possesses, but only a few human beings on this planet, have learned how to harness and use them. And you will understand Baba's message that one day we will all become like Him; we will become as great as He is - and it is to help us reach this divine goal that He has taken birth on earth. And one day - that wonderful, lucky day when you will meet Baba face to face you will know that all these stories are true, and that He is far, fir greater and more mysterious than any of these stories. Or perhaps you will realize soon in y our meditation and feel His infinite love and awesome power deep in your heart. BABA NAM KEVALAM --------------------------------------------------------------------------

BABA'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY One day, some' year's ago, an intense desire came in the minds of some devotees that a biography of Baba should be written, to a living inspiration for the Sad hakas of the present day and a precious memorial f or the future generations . so they sat down and tried to write a story of His life on earth but it was imp ossible. How could their tiny minds encompass the vast expanse of His existence. How could they relate and interpret all the count less miracles He performs in the lives of millions of His devotees every day:, every moment STOW could they express the glory of His 'love for His Children Frustrated they went to Baba. " Baba, it is impossible for us to write the complete story of your life. There is only. one. Entity, on this earth who is able to do that, and that is Yous, Your self. Please' "Babas write your autobiography for us." At first he refused, protesting that he hadn't the time for such things. .But ag ain and again they beseeched Him. The Lord (,Master), can never refuse a devot ee. anything so after long persistence, He agreed. Those Sadhakas were overjoye d, and anxiously awaited the promised work. The next day at Darshan (Baba's disc ourse) Baba, suddenly said, well, I have finished do you ant, to see it all wer e amazed. How could Me have written it so fast. Even, knowing the tremendous Speed at which He Works, they, were still astonishe d that the autobiography, was finished so soon, "Yes, yes "Baba," they said, pl ease give it to us" Then He handed, over to one of them a single piece of paper. They were still dumb founded How was it possible that this great work could be w ritten on a single sheet, of paper They breathlessly peered over that Margli is shoulder and say that on the piece of paper were written only three lanes "I WAS A; MYSTERY, I AM A MYSTERY, AND I SHALL ALWAYS REMAIN A MYSTERY"

------------------------------------------------------------------INTRODUCTION THE IMPORTANCE OF GURU (SPIRITUAL MASTER) In the study of any subject, a proper teacher is vitally t essentials otherwise the student may easily acquire bad habits and never master his study, In the dee p and subtle study of yoga, a proper teacher is even more essential. By the pra ctice of yoga we are changing every cell of our bodies, bur way of, breathing, t he flow of our Vital energy inside our bodies, our manner of thinking our person ality and Dear spirit. If we do not have the proper teacher, then success in thi s science is impossible and what is more, great harm may result. There are count less stories of disciples who practiced yoga on their own, or from reading books , and became sick and even mentally disturbed as a result. A true teacher gives the correct times, and imparts them in such a way that they can be safely, easil y, and joyously practiced. as. But a yoga teacher is far more than this, In Sanskrit he is called a guru which means, "one who removes the darkness from our minds". The yoga master's job is far more profound and mysterious than the job of a hist ory teacher, or a gym teacher, or a driving teacher. He does not merely train th e disciple in the performance of this deep science, but also invisibly and myste riously transfers his own spiritual elevation and spiritual energy to his discip le. In this way the disciple can progress much faster than if he were left on hi s own, and, nourished and elevated by the guru's own power, can easily attain th e highest state of peace and bliss.

For thousands of years, the Indian yogis have been deeply revering their gurus t heir spiritual master, for they know that the guru holds the key liberation. Ma ny books and scriptures have been written about the guru. They Says: The sight of the guru is difficult to obtain in all theft worlds, only the merit 's of previous births is it obtained, not otherwise." "When one is ready the receive the guru's message, when one has developed enoug h, through many life times to be able to understand the spirit of His teachings, to live in tune with his liberated and liberating consciousness when the seeke r is thus prepared by his past and present evolution for the decisive step, he e ither is taken by circumstance to where the guru is, or the guru Himself comes t o him." "There is no truth greater than the Guru." "When the perfect teacher gives himself to the disciple, then the disciple gets liberation's there is no further birth for him." "At the root of meditation is the form of the Gurus at the root of worship is th e feet of the Gurus at the root of the mantra is the word of the Guru; and at th e root of all liberation is the grace of the Guru." The Guru is one and He is Brahma (Supreme Consciousness), the Guru of the univer se, The physical is not the Guru, but the Supreme Consciousness behind this physical form is the Guru, Therefore the Supreme Consciousness alone is the Guru;." "Liberation cannot be attained by one's own strength. It is only by the power greater than one's own, from beyond the range of our ign orance that can cut the final knot of bondage. This power Comes through the grac e of the guru . "All the repetitions of mantras, fasts, austerities, and other spiritual discipl ines practised for ages, or for millions of births bear fruit the moment the gur u is pleased," " I pay my salutations to the Divine Guru who by the application of the ointment of knowledge, opens the eyes of one who is blinded by the darkness of ignorance . The Guru is not different from the self, from Consciousness This is beyond doubt the Truths the absolute Truth. Hence a wise man must seek his Guru." In Ananda Marga yoga we also have deep love and respect for our spiritual master s Baba. Baba is not an ordinary master but a sad-guru or perfect master - one who has el evated HiS mind to the very highest state of consciousness which few beings on t his earth have attained, and who can easily, by his touch, or His look, or merel y by His thoughts elevate others minds also to that sublime state His name in Sa nskrit is Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii. Shrii Shrii is a title of respect, and Ana ndamurtijii means ?9the embodiment of bliss" one whose form is so full of bliss that anyone who is in His presence feels tremendous waves of internal peace and ecstasy fill his mind and heart. Unlike other teachers who themselves learned from a master, Baba had no teachers He was born perfects completely realised, and started teaching others the deep practices of yoga meditation when he was Still a young child. We call Him Baba w hich means 'beloved Father" because He guides us with the tender care of a devot ed father. Now Baba has many thousands of disciples all over the worlds who have

felt their entire lives transformed by His teachings and especially by His Love r He has only one desire, that we should all progress rapidly to perfection's an d inspire others around us as well. In this way, with all of us joined hand in h and on the path to truths on the path of Bliss (Ananda Marga), we can soon creat e a better human Society a world family where all will live together and share t ogether in Love and joy.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------PART I : MISSION OF ANANDA MARGA. Ananda Marga is an international spiritual and social service organization with millions of members all over the world, Hundreds of highly trained teachers teac h the scientific practices of yoga free of charge to help people change their li ves and become perfect human beings. By these practices they develop perfect hea lths great strength and concentration of mind and deep peace and inexpressible h appiness in their hearts. The more they progress in yogas and the more energy th ey derive from their practices; the more they want to help and serve Other peopl e, to help attain the joy they themselves have found. So Ananda Marga also has s o many social service projects all over it he worlds relief, camps for the milli ons of homeless and starving refugees during the war wen India and Pakistan reli ef projects in Nicaragua and Guatemala after the devastating earthquakes: in Ind ia, Australian Europer America and Asia; free medical facilities to the poor and sick, food distribution for the hungry drug rehabiliation projects in America a nd Europes and many other programmes too numerous to name, The main inspiration behind all this service activity is the founder of Ananda M arga and spiritual master, Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii His name means "Embodiment of Bliss. Because, His spiritual power is so great that people feel tremendous happiness i n their hearts just by being in His presence. His disciples Call Him Baba which means "beloved father" in Sanstrit for He is guiding and helping everyone Alike most loving and caring father, Those who have seen Him have witnessed Him perfor m many amazing miracless but even those who have not seen Him have witnessed the greatest miracle of all - the transformation of their Odin lives. By following His teachings people feel as if they are reborn all their old and bad habits fad e away and negative emotions such as anger, hatred, irritation, depression etc. seem to, disappear from their minds. They feel filled with a great energy and w onderful new happiness they never experienced before Baba teaches that there is a process of evolution occurring in the universe, and this evolution is in the d irection of great and greater mental expansions Gradually human beings will deve lop their minds more and More land finally they attain a state of completely exp anded awareness and their minds, will merge , with the infinite Supreme Consciou sness which has created and underlies the entire universe This state, called Ana nda in Sanskrits is a state of tremendous. ecstasy and bliss, beyond any descrip tion so all human beings regardless of their races nationality, colour; sex age , etc., are on this, "Ananda Marga this "Parth of Bliss . And this is the name of the huge organization Babe has founded to help people An anda Marga evolves more quickly. Every human-being has the potential o infinite Consciousness inside him so we should view all people as our brothers and sister s as our fellow travellers on the paths and make every effort to help them alon e their journey. If they lack Clothes food medical care education ethos they wi ll not at all be able to expand this State called "Ananda" in Sanskrit is a sta te of tremendous ecstacy and bliss, beyond any qescriptionl it is the goal for h uman life. So we must help the poor to attain the necessities of life so they ca

n also practice yoga meditation. In this way the world will become like one larg e loving family, with everyone taking care of their less fortunate brothers and sisters? and all progressing together on the road to happiness. Today humanity is at critical juncture. More than ever before in history, massiv e exploitation and persecution is occuring all over the world as the rich and po werful, out of greed and hatred, keep the weak people locked in physical and men tal bondage. These exploiters are the greatest enemies of mankind, and must be v igorously opposed The good people of the! world, the moralists, must delay one l onger but immediately strengthen themselves and join together to resist the evil ; corruption of those who seek to divide and degrade mankind. For this reason B aba is teaching very advanced and powerful yoga practices to thousands of people all over the world, because these techniques, if practised sincerely and regula rly, can rapidly make very strong physically, mentally and spiritually. This is Baba's mission in lifer and the Mission of Ananda Marga, to establish a world familys to unite mankind with the strong bonds' of love and sharing. You will feel in your lifes by the regular practice of meditation the love in yo ur heart will start to grow and grow like flower blossoming in the spring, and y ou will feel that, truly, all people are your brothers and sisters. In this way, as more and more people all over the world start to meditate, the world will ch ange, and very soon, THE BIRTH Baba's fathers Shrii Laksmi Narayan Sarkar, was an official at one of the bigges t railway offices in India during the British Empire. He came from a family of h igh government officials great Scholars and yogis, He commanded respect from all those around him and gratitude for all the help he offered to many people, irre spective of whether they were Indian or Europeans, and without even the slightes t show of having done good deed. He married the daughter of an eminent doctor, a very devout and spiritually disciplined lady. Baba's father was a very happy mans he had a good jobs a good home, and a very happy home, and a very happy family. He had none of the habits of modern Society of playing cards, dice, or other such entertainment; very hig h Searned people, especially Sanskrit scholars, came to his house to discuss lit erature and philosophy. He was also a homeopathic doctor (a type of natural Indi an medicine) and every day dispensed free medicines to all the people of his tow n,' Everyone in that small city in North Indias Jamalpurs loved and respected hi m. His life was complete, except for one unfulfilled desire, he wanted a son, Fi nally his prayers were answered, and in 1921 on the full moon of May, his wife g ave birth to a son. The full moon in'May'( called "Vaisakhi Purnima" in Sanskrit ) is a very special day in India e It is considered to be the most spiritual day in the whole year and for Centuries religious Celebrations have been held on th at day. Lord Buddha was born on this day also and millions of Buddhist in India and all over Asia celebrate this full moon day with many devout Ceremonies At da wn on this most auspicious day of the year, the house of Baba was filled with fe stivity and joy, because Baba's father 'had envision that the child was to be a son Family members had come from all over, India to be Prescott at the birth. Th eir joy was unbounded when they saw the bright red colour of the new horn hoy's face - just like the brilliant colour of the sun rising above the horizon at th at very moment. So they called Him Prabhat Rainjain which means the sun that illumintes everythi ng that gives colour to everything. Bands in colourful, costumes played outside the houses eland streams of visitors and priests floured in to congratulate the family.

Baba's grandmother was very happy as this was her first grandsons and soon after the births she ordered her daughters to bring fresh COW'S milk in a silver cup to be given to the infant this was the family tradition. Baba lay quietly in Hi s Cradle looking all around hut when the cup was held up to His lips to drop a f ew drops of milk into His mouth, He reached up and held the cup and Himself star ted drinking from the cup All the ladies, were astonished at this miracle the ne whorn child had so easily performed and the grandmother immediately called Him " burha" which means an ancient soul which has Knowledge of pasts present and futu re. One day Baba told one dadaji in India the story of His birth, as He Himself experienced its and the Dadeji wrote down Baba's' words so others could also kno w this wonderful accounted "I am in my mother's womb. From there itself I am seeing my mother and I recognize her so well. I see my father, and my sister and my other relations. Ho w well do I Know them. And I know their names too. I am born Normally children weep at birth. I don't I am all smiles, I am happy t o be born. I want too address persons crowd my by their names because I know the m so very well. But all so. How incapacitated I am. My vocal chord does not perm it any voice to come out. "They want to feed me. They have put a piece of Cotton in a cup Containing milks Drop by drop then cotton will drop milk in my mouth. How silly of the these pe ople: Am I child to no fed in this manner. I shall drink with the cup, not the c otton. In protest I raise my hands and hold the cup. They are taken a bach at wh at I have do new I realize that I have done much to perplex them and I return to be like a child just born." I grow up. To move about I have to crawl. How painful it is: My elbows and knees are full of aches: How long, after all, how longs is this going to last. And I notice someone speaking into my ears, 'Some days more just a few days mores I kn ow you are feeling difficulty but just a few days morels 27;' I dont see him. Wh o is He. But his voice is around me whenever I am dejected. What a Consolation h e showers on mat by telling me that this painful affair won't last much longer'" "I grow up a little more. I am sleeping by my mother's side, In the dead night I am awakened. What I see is so homework He remembered everything He was taught and so discipli ned and well-behaved that the teachers and, principal could find no fault with H im there was no excuse to detain Him beyond the School hours. And so Baba conti nued to have the opportunity to visit His mysterious friends in the forest . Later on, when He grew older, Baba showed Isis disciples the rock on the top of the hill in the jungle where He used to sit as a child and meditate for hours There was another place in that forest called the heath Valley": even nose peop le are afraid of going there in the daytime There is a very steep cliff at the toad of the hills and anyone not knowing the place can easily stumble and fall into the valley, and meet instant death, It is said that lang ago an entire com pany of British soldiers practicing military exercises was Completely lost in t his death valleys In the middle of the valley there is a, huge tree which casts a gigantic Shadow and mates the valley very dark even in the daytimes Baba sai d that this was anrexcellent place for His meditation because He was sure that ns human Being would dare to come there and disturb Him even in the daytime. Ev en now, when most of the forest has been cleared and the path has been mades peo ple who venture into this Strange area hear mysterious sounds - sounds of cobra s his sings and sometimes beautiful Sanskrit chants being sung. Here in this my sterious valley Baba Spent many long hours in His childhood, deep in, meditatio

n. Baba also told that Dadajii about these other strange events later in His child hood. These are Baba's own words: "During many nights there is an all-pervading mighty Storm which lifts me and takes me along far and wide. It finally leaves me on the snad bed of the qanges. The storm Calms down and I find myself face to fac e with a yogi , who teaches me knowledge, In the end the mighty storm returns to put me back by mother's side, This continued for years together. "I have gone to Jamalpur hill for doing sadhana (meditation) I am sitting at a P articular place when someone says in my ears, 'Come with me, I will show you a better place for meditation. Follow me," I see no-one, but I follow the voice w hose presence I felt so clearly. The voice takes' me to another place: and asked me to do meditation . After a while it tells me, 'Are you mad? Don't be lost in illusion, in bondage (Maya). Are you P.R Sarkar - see who you areas And a real of my past lives, my earlier lives flashes clearly before my ey es and I realise: who I am. After He told the Dadajii theses stories, Baha asked hims " Can you explain all this" to and returned to His rom. The Dada pondered everything Baba had told him for quite a while, but he could not explain it, He asted another person present , for the solution . That person Suggesters It is a part of Baba is being itself which is projecting out and talking to Him, helping Him and guiding Him. It is a part of His own unc onscious mind.' Then the dadeji entered Baba's Room Baba repeated His question "Did you find out ?". Then the Dada answered "No", but also mentioned What the other person had suggested, He described the Infinite Consciousnesss NAHAM MANYE SUVEDETI NO NA VEDETI VEDA CA YO NASTADVEDA TADVEDA NO NA VEDETI VEDA CA -which means, Neither do I say that I know the Infinite Consciousness, more do I say that I don't know Him, because I know that He is beyond my Knowing and not Knowing And Baba left the mystery unresolved.

SUMMER VACATIONS: In the summer, to keep Baba' away from the dark forest and the Valley of Death, His father sent Him to His nearby ancestral village, There He lived in a large a nd cool house with the thatched roof. Than inside of the house was cool and dar k very Suitable for meditation. He would Spend long hours lying quietly on His bed and when the family asked Him what He was doing, He would tell them please d o not disturb Him since He was seeing the past history of the universe. Other ti mes He would say He was witnessing incidents which would happen 1,000 years from now. His family thought he was day-dreaming. Once, His elder sister repeatedly called Him to come? to dinner and became annoy ed when He did not respond. She started calling Him waster of time because inste ad of studying He was wasting His time lying in bed and talking nonsense. She sa id that other children of His age could write a letter by now: Baba became very seriouss He picked up a Copy book and while she watched astonishedly, He wrate down His name in fivs differcnt scripts. He told His sister She could read anly the first line which was written in Bengali script (an East Indian language). T he seconds He saids was Arabic, the thirds Roman, than fourt Nagri (the script S ankrit is written in ), and the fifth, Tamil, (a language of south India). The s ister was dumfounded, the did not Know what to say to this boy who looked so sim

ple and was always absorbed in Himself - but who had such amazing qualities. IN THE HIGH SCHOOL When Baba went to high school, there was one excellent teacher, a Sanskrit schol ars who attracted Him very much, This teacher beside teaching Baba Sanskrit, gav e Him many old books and classics to read. Baba devoured them at such e rapid sp eed that the teacher had difficulty Sleeping Him-supplied with new books to rea d and new ideas to stimulate Him. Lao He asked Baba to start making up new Sansk rit words to convey difficult idees. This new exercise pleasesd Baba very much b ecause He never ran out of new and very lofty ideas, and enjoyed giving them Con crete expression. The teacher was so impressed with the boy that he would often spend long hours discussing His Compositions with Him. He was also very interest ed in listening to Baba's detailed explanations of obscure words used in ancient Sanskrit scriptures. Baba soon became expert at breaking up a complex word to i ts roots and explaining in detail the meaning which the inventors of the word ha d given it thousands years ago. Baba became a walking dictionary not only for Sa nskrit but also for English, since He could also break up English words to their roots and explain there exact meaning His Songs proficiency in sanskrit pleased Baba's father very much. It was a grea t relief to Him to know that his strong willed boy was doing Something Concrete It was difficult to force the young Baba to do anything He did not want to do. F or instance, in spite of all Compulsion and affectionate persuasions, He would not touch, meat or fish. He would never depart from His regular routine of medit ation in the morning and evening despite the most pressing Circumstances He woul d get up early in these morning when everyone else was sleeping and finish His m editation before they awakened, to avoid their comments on. His Wasting His tim er". The father was even more pleased with His son when The helped his father o rganize relief work after the terrible earthquake in l935, Baba formed a relief team of His friends and led them to dig through the debris and rescue the mans w omen and children buried alive for days under its and arrange for them to be Car ried to a safe place to be taken care of. But Baba and His frinds did not merril y give medical aids they also dispensed such love and and affection that they wo n the hearts of everyone and greatly relieved the suffering of many in that ter rible disaster when Baba's father died soon after, he was very happy and proud o f His great son. AT COLLACE Since Baba was the eldest son, He had to support the family after His father's d eaths and He became more and more serious and contemplative. He passed His high school examinations and His mother insisted that He Should proceed to Calcutta f or higher ,education to He entered a university there as a Science Student But i n Calcuttas one of the biggest and most crowded and dirty cities in Indias He mi ssed the quiet and pure atmosphere of Jamalpurs His peaceful home town. He miss ed the jungle and the Valley of deathly But soon. He discovered very similar pla ces in Calcutta also. His uncle, with whom Baba stayeds was a bachelor and also Piked to go for long walks to lonely placees. Baba exploded these places further to find suitable place for His meditation. In Calcutta Baba's aunt looked after Him and saw the was provided nourishing vegetarian food at the proper times . B aba was very careless about His foods He did not seem to need it and never asked for food or Complained of being hungry. He was very strict about his eating sch edule and would Skip meals one after the other if He did not get them at the app ropiriate times .The atmosphere of this house was quite different from His home in Jamarpur since he Baba's uncle was also very interested in yogas he was not all annexed at Baba's spending as much time as He wanted doing meditation. So no -one objected to Baka's long absences for walks in lonely places. No-one ever saw Baba reading any textbooks and He never made any notes from

any books, But He would select books at random from the college library - tooks which has nothing to do with his Courses.Sometimes they were old Sanskrit book s, or unusual books on philsophys economics, or politics, he would read and exp lain thern to His fellow students as if He were a master of that Subjects. So St udents from all different courses would flock to Him to help them answer their q uestionss If any of them insisted on giving Him money He would use that money to help other poor students. Later he took up jobs as editor in thee big Calcutta daily newspaper staind used His salary to help the poor. But He had often had d ifference of opinion with the Chief editors of these newspapers because He refus ed to write or print articles or stories which were not true and so He decided t o quit His job. He was too riteous for these newspapers which often had to bend under pressure of politics but Baba would never Compromise His morality, even if it meant sacrificing His job. No-one knows how many people He had already taught meditation to before leaving His home in Jamalpury but even as a small child He was often seen with unknown g rown-up persons waiting for Him or following Him ion His evening walks, very ear lys, He had earned the reputation of a very good-fortune-tellers because He had casually told people about future incidents-in their lives that later happened e xactly as He had predicted. this news spread all over the town and soon many peo ple started consulting Him. They thought He had studied palmistry and was readin g the lines of their hands In those early days often the people to whom He taught very unusual people, and teaching (initiations) was given in strange circumstances. Every evening after He returned from college, it was Baba's habit to go for a wa lk along a certain portion of the Ganges river in Calcuttas near a Cremation gro und. This part of the river was very lonely since the area was infested with cri minals and thieves and people feared that they would be beaten and robbed. The only people who came there came in groups with dead bodies for Cremation, But ba ba had no fear and enjoyed the loneliness and privacy of the place, by the river band as if waiting for Someone, Soon He hear sound of footsteps behind Him. Without even looking backs He asked the unseen person approaching Him to sit down. The newcomer was a harde ned criminal and did not expect such a welcome in that dangerous area in the gat hering darkness, He stopped a moment ion surprise, and then pulled out his large dagger and roughly ordered Baba to give him every thing he had. Baba was not at all shaken and only calmly answered "yes, I promise I will give you everything I have. Are you very short of money?". The thief whose name was Kalikanandas answered "NO not now.:" Baba then asked 'H as it then become your habit to rob others?' Kalikananda saids 'Yes, but what else is there to do Baba saids Isis it fitting for a man to do like this, I Know you want to stop these bad actions, but you a re unable - is it not so?' Kalitananda was completely over-whelmed by the sweet and charming way Baba spoke . He said, 'Yes, yes, I want to become a good mans but no-one trusts mew no-one will treat me like a decent human being. What will teach me to become good? Ba ba answered, He do not think that you are an evil man. Do you want me to give yo u more power than you have?' Kalikananda was Completely softened by Baba's love and begged Him to teach Him. Baba told him to take bath firsts since he was so dirty, Kalikananda immediately jumped in the river and washed himself, and came out, st ill dripping wets and sat before Baba for initiation. What a strange sight it mu st nave beens the tall and powerful figure of that dangerous criminal, dripping wet, sitting meekly before the small and thin little boy (for even though Baba w as about'16 year's old He looked like a 14 years old boy), who was going to chan

ge his life completely. With the drops of water glistening all over his robust b ody, it seemed as if the sins within had already started oozing out, After the i nitiation, Kalikananda insisted on escorting Baba home because he said, this are a of the city was full of evil persons-robbers, murderers, and thieves - who wou ld not hesitate to murder a lad for a few cents in the pocket. He could not let Baba go back home alone through this dangerous darkness. Baba laughed and said, "No needs no need", but Kalikanandra insisted. What strange irony the once notor ious criminal who himself had been ready to kill and rob Baba before now insisti ng on protecting Him and carefully escorting Him home like His devoted body guar d. Such are the miracles that Baba performs, the greatest miracle of all of tran sforming the human personality. When they reached Babas house and Kalikananda was bidding farewell to Him, Baba pulled out about /5 from His pocket all the money He had with Him - and ins isted on giving it to Kalikanaindaj promised I would give you everything I haves so I want to give you this, I would also give you my buttons (Baba pointed to t he glittering buttons of His shirts) but you see, they are not really gold and I donet think they would be much use to you. Kalikananda broke down and started t o sob. He had never met a human being like this before. The more Baba insisted t hat he take the money, the more loudly the huge criminal started cryiny. "No, no , Baba please: No, Baba I can't take it: But Baba insisted that He had promised, and so He must give. When Kalikananda finally left Baba that night, his heart was lighter than ever before in his life. For the old Kalikananda was dead and a new Kalikananda has been born. Sow Kalikananda is a very great saint, Baba still often talks him and says, He i s doing very good meditations he has the power to know whatever is happening any where, even in far distant places, Kalikananda also has the power to leave his b ody and travel invisiblys many margiis have had experiences with him, When he ha s invisibly helped them out of difficulties. In this way, in the early days, Baba initiated many wonderful people under stran ge Circumstances but most of these initiations no-one Knows but Baba himself and those fortunate early disciples,

AT THE RAILWAY OFFICE With the death of His father, Baba's family began to experience financial diffic ulty, and soon they had to move to move to a smaller house, So Baba left a brigh t educational career in Calcutta and came back to His home town in Jamalpur, to work in the accounting department of the railway office where His father had wor ked, At this times World War 2 was in full fury and Indias still a British colonys wa s deeply affected by the British participation in the wars The movements to free India were beginnings and , faced great opposition from those who were the well paid and Royal slaves of the British colonial masters. Baba witnessed every day how people were becoming more and more degraced - how they started betraying th eir friend to prove their loyalty to the British, and how morality was disappear ing from everyone's life Money was replacing morality British currency currentl y make people do anything even kill their fellow men. All this disturbed Baba ve ry deeply of if. Baba's Colleagues at the Railway Office had great admiration for Him and even th e senior officials, when they wanted to talk to Him, instead of calling Hire to their office as they did the other workers, themselves came humbly to His desk a

nd addressed Him with great respect. Soon His reputation as a fortune-teller and palmist had spread throughout the office. One day when some fellow-workers were going to a nearby playing field to play footballs Baba called one of them and a sked him why he was limping. The player was greatly surprised since his legs wer e in perfect Condition he could not understand Baba's warning But that afternoon during play he twisted his legs and had to limp for many days after that. Baba would often tell His Co-workers about events which were going to happen in different parts of the world and all were amazed wheatsey saw the events describ ed in the newspapers a few days or weeks later, exactly as Baba had predicted th em. Many people came to Him for advice when they were ill or in trouble, Sometim es He would prescribe a minor herb and when the patients took His prescription t hey were immediately curede These tales spread all the way to the chief of the r ailway offices an Englishman. This Brit is hers who had lived quite long time in Indins had many experiences w ith yoga and yogis, and deeply believed in the wonderful powers which can be' ob tained by deep and recgular practice of yoga. He came to Baba's desk and in a st ate of hat anxietys asked Baba to please advise him about his wife who was serio usly ill in England. The latest letter he had received from her said she was goi ng to have a Serious Operation and perhaps one of her kidneys removed to relieve her of the repeated pain she suffered, But the doctors had not been able to dia gnose her illness exactly Baba closed His eyes for armament and then told the En glishman there was no need to worry about her since her disease was no serious a nd only a minor operation mould be necessary He told the Englishman to writs to his wife to insist that the doctors X-ray her carefully and they would realize t hat no serious Operation was, needed The English official was greatly relieved b ut he was afraid the doctors in London would not listen to his wife's suggestion It would take him at least a month to reach there himself, She could only send the letter. After he had done this he again came to Baba to ask him to pray for his Widen Baba told him not to worry, that his wife would soon join him in India , Not long afters when the British were victorious in the war and travel became safe and easy, the wife came to Jamalpur. One evening the Chief Official invited Baba for tea to his house, probably with the intention of having Baba read His and his wife's calmly The chief met Baba at the door and escorted Him into the dining room where his wife was pouring tea at the tea table. The moment she saw Him she was pouring whelmed that she jumped up and almost upset the tea table a servant had to rush to catch it. With tears running down her cheeks, she told her husband that this was the very Indian doctor who argued with the other docto rs for 40 minutes to convince them that she did not need a serious operation, If it had been for His persuasion, she said, today she would have been without a k idney and in a much weakened Condition which, according to the doctors, would ha ve meant she would not have many years to live. Both the husband and wife were c ompletely astonished, because the official knew that Baba had not been absent fr om the office and anyway, it would have been impossible for anyone to travel fro m India to London before the operation. Their eyes were opened to the wonderful powers of spirituality which a yogi Cain easily use when his mind becomes elevat ed beyond this physical realm. THE EARLY DISCIPLES Baba had started Choosing a few persons around Him and teaching them meditation. His first Concern was to re-establish the morality that had been completely ero ded during the World War, and regenerate the degraded mankind which had been so changed and corrupted by those chaotic and difficult times. The moral and psycho logical damage was so deep and widespread that it was not possible to cure it by merely preaching e People had started having more faith n Immorality and dishon esty than anything else as means for progress. These Corrupted ideas had to be r emoved, The after-effects of war and political independence had made people blin d to the degeneration of human society, Baba had to create true men and Women fi

rst before He could take us the challenge of rebuilding the society. So Baba Pagan teaching some of His associates the deep practices of yoga which H e had evolved to suit the Changed conditions of the worlds These very fortunate early disciple's used to consult Baba Constantly at even the slightest difficult y - a Small injurys an argument with a colleague - and Baba always used to recei ve them with infinite love and affection. It was no wonder all His disciples beg an calling Him Baba and looking up to Him as their spiritual father. Those early disciples were the extremely lucky ones, not only were they taught the so-far u nknown new methods of yoga and meditation but were pampered by Him like small ch ildren. ANANDA MARGA These early disciples enjoyed inexpressible bliss in their meditation and used t o do meditation for long hours e They needed a quiet and undishturbed place for these long meditation. and so Baba provided a small flaunt in the railway Colony for their spiritual sanctuary. In this house the first official Dharmacakra (a special group meditation with Baba presents literally, big group meditation) was heads and in this house so many miracles were witnessed by Baba's disciples. Th e house was small and, situated in a most Commonplace, 2-room flat. At that time there was no electricity and Only a small, kerosene lantern dispeled the darkne ss But after Baba's visit the place was so vibrated with spiritual energy that i t seemed illumined by a multi-million watts electricity. Many years later Baba asked one of the Dadajis if he had visited all those early places of Ananda Marga in Jamalpur. The Dada answered that he had not. Baba clo sed' His eyes as if seeing the masses of people who would throng there later to view these historic spats, he chuckled and said. You had better go soon because later there will be such crowds that you will not be able to see anything proper ly In November 1954 were the first meetings of those early margiis' (those whose ar e travelling on the path of bliss the Ananda Marga), Only Same of them had known each other previously During these meetings Baba declared that they were all tr eading the same paths toward the supreme Consciousness. November 14th was a special meeting of the disciples that no-one who was present can forget. All were anxious to see Baba that before He could knock at the doo r it was opened. He sat down on a Small wooden bed in the front of the room, cov ered with a black blandkets and His discipless who had now started Calling them selves His sons ( even there much older than Him) sat in meditation postures be fore him on blankets spread around the flower. As they listened, fascinated Baba explained to them that death is a simple process of Changing the old body for a new ones and that the precess Was very painless. There was therefore, no need o f anyone to be Afraid of death, He called one disciples Kishto, do to sit in fro nt of Him and close his eyes. Using His spiritual powers, Baba gradually remove d all Kishto's life energy, and then also His mind, from his body and Kishto's b ody slumped lifeless to the floors Baba then asked the other disciples to check his pulse, heartbeat and breathing, They reported in great fright that he was de ad, There was no sign of life in the Cocky at all. Then Baba replaced the energy in Kishto's body and finally his Mind was made to re-enter the body also. Gradually Kishto came back to life and sit up and did me ditation. The first thing Baba asked him to tell anyone if he had feel, Eny pain in the process of dcrying. Kishto said it was as painless as Changing his shirt . During this incredible experiences Kishto's mind and also his physical body we re completely purified and his life was transformed. Now he continued to have a normal family lifes but his mind is always in a state of great bliss and peace. By the third meeting of His disciples at the end of November Baba's intention of

entrusting them with the bounden duty of bringling hit to the path of bliss was clear. Now the seed of Ananda Marga had sprouted, which was to grow into a gian t tree giving shacks and nourishment to countless people all over the world. Later Baba told the Margis that He had conceived the whole plan for Ananda Marga when He was a Chill, but He knew the world would not be psychologically prepare d for it until after World War2 so he had to wait until then to launch the movem ent. From that time Ananda Marga grew so quickly that every time DMC (great meditatio n meeting) was held, the place was already too small for the increasing numbers of people attending, and tents always had to he spread to accommodate the extra Crowds. Edith incomprehensible sowed Baba wrote many books about the deep philos ophy and practices of Ananda Marga. No Sooner would some-one mention the need fo r some information about some particular subject when Baba would reply that such a book was already being printed with the detailed information about even the m ost difficult and obscure subjects explained in a simple and comprehensive way. No-one knows when Baba wrote and prepared all these Books, the speed with which such things happened was amazing. It seemed that He needed only to Snap His fing ers and stupendous tasks were accomplished . Baba began to train some of the disciples as Acaryas's teachers who Could initia te others into the practice of meditation. But even in the rapid growth of those days, no-one Could imagine the great future of Ananda Marga. Once Baba smiled a nd said to the disciples, You Knows my children one day as you listen to my lect ures you will be sitting bedside people from all over the world. Disciples from many nations will journey to India to see-my. All the margiis laugheds thinking Baba was joking who outside even that small to wn in India knew of the ponderous Baba, or His new born organization, Ananda Mar ga. How could they Know that by 1970 His words would become a reality, and Fren ch, Italia,ns English, American, Philipino, Dutch, Chinese would all sit side b y side with their Indian brothers and sisters at Baba's feets gazing at His face and together feeling the warmth of His divine Dove sho wering down on them l ike the sun.

THE FIELD WALK Baba's habit of evening walks, farmed as a small Child has never been discontinu ed, and so the disciples always eagerly gathered outside Baba's house every even ings waiting, for Him to come out for his walk. Strangely enough, that porch on the noisy and Crowked street became the place of their most blissful meditations as they walted for homs Often they lost Consciousness of the external world and we Himself had to bring them back to a normal states, They would then accompa ny Him to the field outside the city where Baba used to walk, and then sit an a tiger's grave, Many years, agog at that place a huge tiger attacked an Englishm an and in a ferocious fight both were killed Two graves mark on the Spot. Bab a those the tiger's grave for thager meeting place, and that spot holds some of the most Chsrished and powerful memories for dozens of His early disciples. The re He told many wonderous things, and performed many miracles and repeatedly ga ve His disciples many experiences of deep bliss. Many felt that on this Spot they received a new life, one dray during rainy s easons the fields were very muddy. That day Baba was accompanist by a -huger and extremely strong policeman, over 6 feet 3 inches and weighing 200 founds, As B aba was preparing to Carefully cross then muddy fields the police-man very proud of his great brawn and, strengths offered to carry Baba across the field, Baba' s Lundy was still small and thin, but He Smiled and Sail, "Will you be able to d o it." The policeman. boasted, of Curses why note - So Baba quietly got on th e Policeman's back and the huge, vain man lifted Him up, thinking that he would run to the grave with Baba on his back and he started panting and gasping for

breath. With each step he sank deeper and deeper into the mud, and his back bent under the heavy load. Finally he could not bear it any longer, and sat down in the mud and cried. " Baba , please getup my backs I Cannot carry you Baba get down and they walked together to the grave through the muddy fields From that d ay on that wants vain pride in his size and strength disappeared and a new and sweet humility replaced his old arrogance. RAPID EXPANSION The speed of Ananda Marga's growth a as astonishing. The early teachers were all family men and women who inspired their friends and colleagues to also take up s the beneficial practices of meditation and yoga. But by 1960 many young men a nd women were coming forward to dedicate their whole lives to spreading Baba's teaching and Practices, and Score after Baba created an order of monkis and nun s called "Avadhuta" and "Avadhutitas " who wore very distinctive orange uniforms and took VOW'S to dedicate their entire lives to serving and elevating all ma nkind , with the increase in the numbers of these full-time workers, Ananda Mar ga rapidly spread all over India and its activities multiplied. A social servic e organization called "ERAWS" (Education, Relief and welfare Department), was op ened which started hundreds of schools, orphanages, medical camps; and homes for handicapped and old aged all over India . A tribal welfare Section was organize d to elevate the low Standard of living of the primitive tribes. Literacy progra mmes were Started among the poorer people and uneducated people schools, trade school and colleges were opened, and dozens of Printing dresses in every major c ity started printing scores of books, magazine and newspapers. AMURT the Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team, was organs and started operating all over India wherever there was any disaster such as earthquakes, floods hurricanes drought o r even war. It was an extension of a vast scale of Baba's early activities as a young boy during the flood near his home town. The motto of Ananda Marga was " Sadhana , service and Sacrifices, and the divine inspiration and guidance of B aba enabled the full-time workers and part-time workers of Ananda Marga to delic ate themselves to serving the humanity with a tireless energy and Skill they had never before even imagined thernselves capable of . In 1966 a new phase of the movement started, the spread of Ananda Marga outside India with the first workers going to Africa and Asia. By 1970s other workers were sent to America and the western countries, hundreds and thousands of people were initiated in the yoga practices of Ananda Marga - they said Ananda Marga was what they had been waiting for all their lives and started organizing simila r social welfare projects in their own countries, Many inspired young people fr om dozens of countries went to India to take training to themselves become teac hers and then they also were sent abroad to spead the scientific practices of y oga to every corner of the earthe. As Ananda Marga spread all over the world mo re and more margiis of every race and colour started expanding their minds and f eeling the oneness of the universe in their meditations Cabals ideal was becomin g a reality that al people should feel that. "There is only one race in the Worlds and that is the human race. The same earth breasteeds us . The same sun and moon beams on our face." (great Indian poet ) In this way Ananda Margas whose goal was to Prince peace and harmoney to all man kind on this planet, spread with a speed and intensity that no-one who knew it i n those quiet early days in the Small town of Jamalpur, would ever have imagined - excepts of course Baba himself THE PEPSECUTION BEGINS The miracuious growth of Ananda Marga within such a short period of time disturb

ed many powerful people in Indias especially those who had acquired and were mai ntaining their power by Corrupt and immoral means. For the strong moral forces o f the increasing number of Baba's followers, led by the greatest moralist of all , baba himself, Seemed a threat to their evil and illegal activities. Essecially the Communist from the beginning declared Ananda Marga as one of their Chief en emies and passed a resolution stating that ally communist part member even Caugh t reading Ananda Marga books, would be immediately be expelled, from the party. In this way the forces of corruption and oppression starred aligning themselves against Ananda Marga and graclually, over then years, an Ananda Marga grew rapid ly in size and strength the their evil persoution of Ananda Marga is a very tong ones the false and ,scandalous stories in newspapers bomb attacks on large Anan da Marga group meditations the brutal murder of Ananda Marga worksers, the arres t and imprisonment of many members of Ananda Marga under false Charades. These a ttacks culminated most vicious persecution of baba himself, His arrest and poiso ning in the jail, His many tortures in jail, and His long fast. But all of these persecutions and tortures which every great moral and Spir itual movement throughout the history faced could not stir the tremendous tide o f Ananda Marga's expansions. With the ideal of one world family illuminating the ir mind's and Baba's infinite love in their hearts the Ananda Margiis felt all t hese of ostacles to be only pebbles along the way which they kicked aside as the y marched in unison on the math to progress "Marching ahead is life, Crushing the pebbles hindrances and obstacles with stro ke of they feet, disdaining the frowns of avinds, tornadoes meteors and rearing thunders and rendering all Superstitions to ashes without any second thought mar ch on and one Parama purusa is with you Victory is yours. " BABA --------------------------------------------------------PART II : HE IS ALWAYS WIHT US One very elevated Acarya once said, "Why do I love Baba so much. I do not love H im for His threat power, or His great knowledge. I cannot forget Him because I feel that He is with me every moment of my lifer He is always watching One, all ays guiding me, always taking care of me." There art Countless stories of Marqiis Who have this same feeling, They feel Bab a is truly their loving father who tenderly looks after them as his beloved sons and daughters If these were only a few, isolated Caress we might dismiss them a s mere imagination or fantasy, but so many people all over the world describe su ch experiences that we begin to realize the mysterious spiritual power and ceas eless love of our great master. A lawyer of North Indian a very dedicated Margii named Ramtanuk had a near fatal jeeb accident. He was immediately hospitalized and was in a deep coma for sever al days. When, he regained Consciousness the first person he saw was an Old man whom he, thought to be an employee of the hospital. This old man looked after R amtanuk with great care and affection. He Is would briny him special foot and fr uits and cool drinking water, and at the slightest sign from Ramtanuk, he came i mmediately to attend to Him. For three months that Ramtanuk left in the hospital s this old man looked after even his smallest needs and desiress her was with hi m almost all the time. When Ramtanuk left the hospitals he felt that heA was lea ving home and he Knew it was because of the devoted care of the old employee. So , wanting to give him a generous tip for his services, he gave him $10 which the employee accepted with. great reluctance Some time after thats Ramtanuk went to hear Baba's discourse along with manor other disciples. At the end of the disco urse, Baba turned to Ramtanukji with loving smiles handed him $10 bills and quie

tly said, Here is your $10 back - I did not want to take it from yours RamtanutJ i started weeping profusely Crying "Babas Baba. All the other disciples around him wondered what had happened. --------------------------------------------------------The following is the personal account of an old Acarya of Ananda Marga who had many personal experiences with Baba, Acarya Dasrathijio: As I sit down to pen s ome of my realization feeling and experiences, I find myself at a loss to select Some from the great Ocean of these feelings, There have been countless ones So me in Baha's physical presences Others Without it, hut all these things given t o an underserving me and out and out, by His grace. Of course I am happy that I know a quite well that I have not earned any of them and that these have been d ished edit to me by Him in one of those moments when He was unmindful and Could not select the right person I am so flack - I have not caught Him. He has Caug ht me He Could easily Slip out of my weak hold but how could I slip out of His o mnipotent once "The realisation which I now describe, was some time in 1,960. I have been doing sadhana for some 4 or 5 years. It is my practice to do sastaunga pranam (p rostrations lying face down) in the very beginning of sadhana. That day too I di d the same, But I remained slightly longer than usual in that posture - I do not exactly know how long - it could have been a couple of minutes, maybe even thre e or four minutes or even more than that, I had Possibly fallen asleep. Suddenly I heard clearly within me Baba's voice calling me, master Sahab (sir) Master Sa hab' Master Sahab. The voice was from within me and Baba addressed me by this na me jocularly and go sweetly. The second address was sweeter than the first, and the third Was the sweetest. I regained my consciousnesss got up from Sastaunya p osture and started my sadhana in the proper asana (position), Had He not taken t he trouble to wake me up, I might have wasted the fine morning in only sleeping. "Mow another incident. It was 1954 or 1965. I returned in the night from here I have to go on a very painful piece of work, The work could not be ed and my mind was emery now and then, returning back to the same thing. k was 60 important to me. And it had not been accomplished. I was unable myself." Patna w complet The wor to calm

"In the morning I sat for my sadhana. After a while my mind, leaving sadhana, we nt back to the same painful topic of the unaccomplished work, Suddenly I heard f rom without Baba's stern voice calling my name "Dasharatha, Dasharatha, Dasharat ha". The voice was from without: I heard it through my ears, it being auite ster n, The second Dasharatha was sterner, and the third was the sternest, I was hack , opened my eyes, and then again startled my sadhana seriously and completed it without my mind returning back to the painful topic. "But this made me worried - Baba must have been angry at what I had been do ing. This is why His voice was so stern, I then rushed to Baba's residence. He h ad just come out. After a while I mustered enough courage and asked. "Baba, are you angry with me' He looted at me and smiled, "He guides and goads us within and without. He does it sweetly and sternly. Multiple are his ways." "A third incident now. At times Baba selected me to see Spiritual vibrations. One such occasion I was shown the different kinds of waves being radiated by the persons present Baba's room at the Jamalpur Jagrti. (Baba teaches that everything in this universe is vibrational some vibrations we can perceive with our sense organs, but some are too subtle for, us to see, hea r, feel, smell or tast. In an elevated state of Consciousness, Baba gave differe

nt disciple the power of seeing the different coloured mental waves being emanat ed from the brains of different people, depending On their state of mind.) These waves are being radiated from the heads of the person there. The wave s had colours, and one of these persons, an intellectual, had greenish waves aro und his head - Baba told us that greenish waves represent intellect, On another occasion I saw a person with a curious kind of wave, I never had seen such a phenomenon. From the right side of his head and face black waves ar e Coming, and from the left, white ones, I was quite stupified and could not spe ak for quite some time, Baba understood my perplexity and said, "Yes, the man is very good within but his external is rough. The white show his inner sentient n ature and the black ones his superficial static nature. On yet another occasions I saw the waves of a young boy before his personal contact with Baba and also a fter it, (Sometime after initiations Baba meets personally with the disciples, In th e meeting Baba, often without knowledge or awareness of the disciples changes th e disciple's mental waves and purifies his mind, by Himself taking on the "sin" or negative vibrations of the disciple. This enables him to progress very rapidl y after that time. This special and much-desired meeting with Baba is called Imp ersonal contact".) Before meeting Baba, the waves were so black: and after the personal contact the blackness of the waves was greatly reduced and there were streaks of white wave s coming also. Did Baba take away the blackness Onto His own person the answer i s obvious. Now it so happened that I developed a habit of seeing others mental waves, It ga ve me pleasure and so even without His permission I continued my curious vision. One of those clays I noticed white around the heads of two persons standing on the veranda of the jamalpur jagrti, One of these persons I hanpened to meet late r when he had almost left Ananda Marga, the wave around him were so dark and dis tressing, I told Baba that I was seeing waves of persons even without his Orders , Baba asked me not to do so, as it was a path full of possibility of downfall f or me, I have given up this kind of thing." He guides us every time, everywhere, and every day. " The following account was narrated by another old and very elevated family Acary a of Ananda Marga Acarya hari Shankarji: "On September 19629 I had gone to Jamalpur with my family, cabals afternoon disc ourse was about life and death. Everybody present seemed to get the realisation that death was something Similar to the change of clating it was merely the chan ge of the body, The change was necessitated due to Samskarass that is s the pote ntial reactions in the human mind. (It is the law of nature that for every action there is an equal and opposite re action. This is true not only in every action we performs sometime in the future we must endure the reaction to that action. This potential reaction which will occur sometime in the future is called in Sanskrit "samskara". When this physica l body is exhausted, our minds leaves it (a process we call "deaths) and then en ters another new body suitable for us to reap the ebtential reactions or samskar as still stored in our minds.) Later that day, Baba told me I was to bear St calmly. (Elevan accident) Baba then told me that owever blessed me anti prescribed that somebody close to me was going to die and days afterwards my elder brother dies in a car samskaras also revealed a fatal accident. He h sincere service to humanity.

I cannot bear Baba to suffer for my sake, that is, His taking on my sins (s amskaras). I mentally prayed that I would prefer to the consequences of my past actions myself rather than permit Him to take the slightest trouble on Himself. The death of my brother had confirmed Baba's prophecy, It was therefore kno wn to me that I may reap some consequences of my past actions in due course of t ime. The Acarya then recounts several smaller motorcycle accidents which he had, but rapidly recovered from. 'The prelude had been over in 1967, but the main event was to come in Octob er 1969. I was directed by Baba that I should avoid driving my motorcycle after nightfall. I expressed my difficulty because I could do social service only afte r office hours in the evening Ranchi (the town where Baba was living at that tim e, and where the acaryas leas the unit secretary of Ananda Marga) had children h omes and tribal welfare unit there and their maintenance was a constant problem. On my insistances I was permitted to drive a little. How ever mistook it to be a general permission . "On the eventful day I was indirectly told not to drive my motorcycle. But the daughter of a friend was to get married in Ranchi to get blessing of Baba. ( Baba Often give special Spiritual blessing to newly married couples), In confusi on I drove, When the work was done, I was returning to my residence. Even as I was riding the motorcycles I thought of remembering Baba for a second because th e road was straight and quite barren (empty) even at 8.30 p.m. ' "That second was all important. The road was under repair and due to worker s negligence a small patch of the road had not been labelled properly. I felt th at suddenlys kula kundalinii had moved upward and I had dived deep into meditati on. (Kula kundalinii is the powerful Spiritual energy at the base of the spine w hich when it rises up the spine sends the mind into a very elevated and blissful state of consciousness. ) The next sensation I felt was a pricking on my left upper lip. My right had went automatically toward my lip, The doctor gently kept my hand away saying th at I had met an accident and was in the hospital. The information surprised me. But I had no time to waste over idle thoughts. I turned my head away and continu ed in meditation "As I learnt afterwards, a man of our locality had been unusually delayed in his office and was going to yet a rickshaw (pedicab) near the place where I f ell. Being humanitarian man, he promptly Coms forward to help, when he recognize d me. He immediately rang up the hospital and my office. so within a half an hou r the doctors had started operating on me. Something had pierced deep into my fo rehead and even touched my skull. There was a cut two-thirds of a Circle around my left eye. My front were gone, there was also others injuries an the body. I h ad bled quite profusely. "I felt ignorant of any accident or even pain, Through Baba's blessings my mind, it seems to me, had been merged into Consciousness. The nerves which carry the feelings of Pain from wounded spots, had become ineffective. lily only feel ing was that of spiritual ha happiness . "At the moment of the accident Baba was about two miles away from the Spot, An Acarya and few others were with Him. As if seeing the accident occuring befo re Him, He said that there was an accident. After a pause. He declared my name a nd remarked that His sons were giving Him trouble by not paying heed to His word s. I had been warned by Him not to drive after nightfall, but I did not listen. I was supposed to die by an accident at 10.30 p.m. that night, He said. However

He added, I was going to survive. "He then sent some margiis to the hospital to inform my wife and others not to worry as I was going to live. "His blessing and message were very very devatedly freceived by my wife. Th e doctors had not been certain of ray survival for two hours. But for His messag e, there fores she would have been severely shacked. "My existence since the accident has been Baba's blessing. He was very part icular about my welfare, For about a fortnight He had to be conveyed the Conditi on of my health both morning and evening'' ---------------------------------------------------------------------PART III: THE YEAR OF DEMONSTRATIONS The period 1969-1970 was a very special year of Ananda Marga. It was called "the year of demonstrations" and during this time Baba demonstrate and explained man y different spiritual powers and states of Consciousness. Again and again He tol d as that these powers are higher mental and spiritual states are not all supernatural or miraculous: they are perfectly natural, but they are so rare that peo ple are in awe of them. Tremendous potential lies hidden and unused in all of us , and as we progress more and more on the path of yoga we will develop this late nt potentiality and experience this state. Baba is a master of Scientist He does not want to mystify any one, He does not w ant to boggle our intellects. He wants us to use intellects also our effort at s elf-development, and understand clearly where we have come from, where we are go ing, and what we have to do to get there so in many wonderful demonstrations, on e by one He showed and clearly explained the so-called miraculous states and pow ers of yoga. Those were the days that none who was present can ever forget. I had recently co me to India v and by long and intense meditation, my eyes were beefing opened to the greatness of Baba, What I saw and experienced changed my life Completely. At that time the camp office of Ananda Marga, where Baba t stayed an and di rected its entire operation, was in a small town in North India Called Ranchi. T he Ananda Marga "world headquarters was a small, concrete-block building with ab out five rooms. Coming from the gleaming skyscrapers of America, to me it looked like a dilapidated little shack and at first I was shocked inside at its simpli city. It was only gradually, as I did more and more meditation, that I realized that the greatness of Ananda Marga did net lie in external trappings of showy pr osperity it lay in the hearts of the margiis; burning with divine love and the i ndefatigable desire to serve humanity. I reals cd that the great movements of hi story have all started like this - not with building but with an idea, not with external glamour but the invisible internal dynamism of its members. Great chang e always takes place first in the mental realm of ideas, and only graduallys aft er the mental struggle is almost won does it get fully expressed as success in t he physical and material world, About 3/4 of a mile down a narrow dirt road, that impossibly muddy in the r ainy season, was the jagrti and the Ananda Marga school, where Baba Came twice a day to his discourse and hold demonstrations. Even as I write about this now, a lmost seven years lever, there is a deep stirring in my heart because those were the deepest experiences of My life tine. In those Cays I was born again ha I wa s irrevocably changed. I fell Completely and totally in love for the first time in my life. Not human love - which compared to this Shallow and wavering, But th

e love that pours into and out of every cell Of your body, the kind of love that Sometimes feels like rock insides so solid that nothing not doubt or fear or pa in - can budge it the Kind of love that made Dada Shivananda say, "If Anandamurt i goes into hell I will be right behind Him." This 1ove baba gave me, most undes erving me, who every day as I rode, Silently to the jagrti on the rickshaw thoug ht aver and over to myself, Why me." What die I do to deserve this. .There? mus t be same mistake.' Twice a day, at about noon, and again about 6 p.m., in the evening, Baba Wo uld come to that jagrti for his discourses. The jagrti was a large brick buildin gs inside was a Spacious dirt-floored hall With a stage in the front where the l arge Sunday morning discourses were hell, which Margiis from all neighbouring to wns and villages would attend. There was a smaller room that still shines in my memory as one of the most special Solacers on this entire planet. It was a littl e room about four meters square, with cone or two windows, and a wooden cot in t he front Covered by a blanket. Down the path alongside the building, that littl e room, Baba used to walk, protected from the burning Indian sun by his bodyguar ds Visnudeva, dressed in a crisp khaki uniform walking chinch Him holding a blac k umbrella Power His head. Compared to the tall am virile strength of His bodygu ards Baba in the spotless, flowing white dress of East India, seemed a small and most insignificant little man. His clothes always seemed so whites whiter than any white, I had ever semen before. His white figure was so radiant that sometim es my eyes Could hardly see its brightness. How strange it was that just the sight of that small man wallking slowly with me asured steps under the umbrella down that Corridor , would burst my heart with j oy and flood tears into my eyes, and make me freeze motionless as tremendous spi ritual wave engulfed me and I Could not move or think - Only dissolve in bliss. When Baba had sat down on the bed, various persons were called into the room for Personal contact. There was a long list of aspirants each day, and the rest of us waited anxiously outside the room, talking softly about. Baba or doing medita tion. There were different people there every day, the Dadas and Lit is who had come from distant Parts of India to report to Central Headquarters, and were now coming to see ." Baba: just a calf froliking in the meadows all days must retu rn from time to time to its mother, to drink deep of her nourishment. There were margiis from different parts of the country and even Nepal who took special lea ve from their jobs and packed their while family into the crowded Indian trains to sit at Baba s feet for a few days and gain the inspiration and strength to re turn home and set an example for all the worldly people they came in contact wit h. There were the local margiis like my Acaryas Acarya Hari Shankar (whose accou nt you read earlier) Wile used to come every day, at lunch and after Works to se e their spiritual father and there were to wholetime workers who work in the Cen tral headquarters, whe sometimes were abler to take time out from their work and visit the one they were working ceaselessly and tirelessly for. I remember one , one very coveted Didi had Come from several days in a row to see babes and whe n he heard that she was again Outside, outside, pretended anger and said, "What she is here again. Dosn't she have any work to do and so she swallowed her devot ion what a lump in the the throat, and returned to work. In that small room, as we all - only about 20 of us then, because in those early days Ananda Marga had not spread outside India yet - sat Crowded and motionless before Baba there was a vibration unlike any I have felt before or after. When Baba paused it was 50 silent you Could hear your heart beats and even on dark an d cloudy days it seemed as if a brilliant radiance filled the room. When I sat b efore Baba I had a deep feeling that I am at a loos to exlain I felt like I wars sitting in infinity. As if all space had dropped away around me, as if all time disapeared the past Was forgotten and the future did not exist. I was sitting on the eternal present, bathed in the indescribable Peace and happiness. It was as if I had always been there, and always fluid remain there, and everything els e was a flickering dream that had disappeared like the Colours and sound of fire

crackers fading from the sky The feelings I had for baba are too cheep to flow out of the pen, but it was as if that was what I had been waiting for all my life. As we watched in awe, Baba would perform one amazing demonstration after another , describing coach one like a Science professor in a laboratory, describing the experiment he was clan cucting for the class. First, though, Baba would become v ery serious and scan the whole room, looking at all of us - probably Seeing our mental colours to see if we we rein a Sufficiently sensitive Spiritual state to appreciate His deep teachings, Then He would say Sternly "Sit in a proper asana. 't and everyone would quiclily fold their legs into padmasana (lotus pose) and c lasp their hands an their laps. Sometimes Baba would command, "Sit with your bac k straight," and everyone would snap their back up straight, Then Baba called a dada to come forward and sit in front of Him - usually a Senior Avadhuta or a ve ry elevated Margii and say, "Sit in padmasana and do meditation". After a few mo ments Baba would reach down and hold that dada on the back of the neck, just at the base of his brain, where the spinal Cord enters then brain. This Smarts Baba said, is the seat of the Unconscious - the all-knowing mind, which knows past, present and future, By His touch Lyle was awakening that Dada's deep Layer of t he mind and through Hims usually, Baba would perform the demonstration. In this way He Showed that it was only Baba himself who could have infinite know ledge and "miraculous" powers, but these potentialities lie in all the people an d need only be awakened by long and deep meditation - or by the touch of the gur u. The word Me Smote about Parampurusa, (Supreme Consciousness) about divine lov e about unity and divinity of all mankind - sank deep into my heart like a sound vibrating in a deep well and I felt as if He were speaking my own heart's echo There were hundreds of demonstrations in those days - every morning and evening for months but often no record was kept of them. Who felt like writing anything in Baba's presence, in that powerful vibration (and in these days no tape recor der was available) In fact many people present did not even see or hear these in credible demonstrations - the spiritual energy in the room was so high they just closed their eyes and were lost in dean meditation, until they felt same one pu lling therm to stand up as Baba was leaving the room, Often the next days Baba W ould ask a disciple to describe what he had learned the day befores and the dis cple to would Smile embarrassedly and answer, I don't Know Baba"? and Baba would laugh and say, "never minds never minds sit douwn sit down, He did not see . All rights Oh. can tell. ." Fortunately during one period Baba asked one Dadajii to take notes and Keep a re cord of the demostrations. I Some times felt sorry for Him for having to stay in his intellectual mind during those moments of interest spiritual electricity (j ust as I sometimes used to feel sorry for Baba's guards during DMC (grout medita tion with Baba's presence) When Baba gave His Vaerabhaya Mudra (spiritual gesture which allows great spirit ual enrgy glow out of His body to clevate the consciousness of the audience). An yway, after you have been with Baba as long as that Dadaji. had, it doesn't real ly matter what you are doing. The following accounts are from the notes taken by that Dadaji, they are exact a nd unembellished.

After the demonstrations were over, Baba would rise from the wooden cots and; na maskaring everyone, Slowly walk out of the room. Everyone would rush to help Him pat on His Shoes, and be near Him as He walked through the door. Sometimes He w

ould pause a little and look into the eyes of a disciple whose face was gleaming with spiritual purity ant love. Baba would lock at Him with His look of love an d say simply, "Tum kaesa ho" (How are you) or perhaps pinch him gently on the ch eek like a father lovingly winches a small child. But these simple words, that s imple affectionate touch, Conveyed tremendous spiritual blessing, and afterwards you could see light radiating from the head of that disciple. He had been transformed by Baba's touch, by Baba's love. After Baba had left to do His noon sadhana and take His lunch, usually we would all sit for meditation because the spiritual waves were so strong no-one-could m ove. Sometimes as I left that holy place, as I gradually returned to normal Cons ciousness and awareness of everything around me, I would lack around me at that little room in that dreary old brick building with lumpy dirt floor at the end o f a narrow dirt road in One of the smallest cities in one of the poorest countri es in the world, and feel like I was in the nucleus of the universe. I used to l augh aloud and think elf the wonderful irony of it all - in this insignificant l ittle corner of the world, the qreatest miracles on the planet were being perfir med. Here in this plain little roam tremendous farces were being unleashed and h arnessed, unknown and deep mysterious knowledge was being revealed, and minds an d lives were being changed irrevocably. And what a wander it was that no-one, except a handful of perplex Know it. I wan ted to ran sat ante the street and shout and scream, and send telegrams and broa dcast an television and Satellite and escplode before the whole world the news o f what a great master has come to this earth to Change our lives and change the world. To call to come and see than wonders He was showing to us in the little t own a and feel the infinite Bliss He was showering upon us all. But even as thes e powerful urges welled up inside me at the Same time I realized that few would believe. I told one didi my feelinqs and she said. "Yes, the miracles that Baba is ding here are marvelous but outside it will be very difficult for them to bel ieve And I knew that it would never happen that the people of the world would su ddenly reseize His glary and fall at His fact - it would take much time ant long years to clear the Clouds of ignorance and doubt, and sweep away the Cobwebs of materialism from their minds before they Could welcome the Lorde inside. And th is was to be my work, the work of all of us - to help prepare the houses of thei r minds, of all His children everywhere, to receive -the Lord in splendour and f eel His light illuminate their whole being. And to all of you, my beloved brothers and sisters, who have not yet seen Him bu t have been blessed with His love and know who He is. I have deep admiration for all of you, as Christ said, 'Blessed are they that have not seen and yet have b elieved Because thou has seen me thou has believed not.

BABA'S DISCOURSE - DECEMBER 1969 "The spiritual potentiality in all human beings is the same: it is wrong to say that one person is developed and the other is underdeveloped, or unclevedped. Th ere is equal potentiality in all only others have ardused it and some have not a roused it yet. "Everything in this universe is the expression of the Supreme Consciousness Hims elf, so you have no right to hate anybody. Even the nucleus of this entire unive rse, The Supreme Consciousness Himself, has no right to hate anybody. He Cannot do two things: He Cannot hate anybody, and He Cannot create another Supreme Cons ciousness:

"There is spiritual potentiality in all people. Some people have harnessed it, a nd these people are able to help other people ta arouse it. Some people will aro use it if they are in the Company of those who have already awakened it this is the importance of satsaunga (being in the company of good people). Your duty is to awaken yourself and help others to awaken. I find that divine effulgence in the face of everyone here. No-one is inferior, no-one is degrated. YOU are committing sin if you think you are a sinner or degraded YOU Cannot hate anyone. Do you have the right to hate anyone, to hate yourself....No. My work is not look towards the past of anyone. I only see how much One) is advancing towards his destiny anyone I help Him. YOU are to look ahead, you are to look forward. If you look back, if you look behind, you are wasting your val uable time. Fools, not wise people do like this. The nature of man is to think o f than so-called "sweet" memories of to - past. He thinks more of the past and l ess of the future. But the sadhana (yogi) thinks of the Lord who is His goal. wh en he starts thinking of the terminus of life, the very goal of life, the past w ith all its glory becomes gale, The Ordinary man is one who thinks of the past a nd also of the future. The medium man is One who thinks only of the future. But the siddha man, the perfect man, is the one who thinks neither of the past nor o f the future. He thinks only of the Lord (Supreme Consciousness). (Then Baba called one Dadaji to Came near Him and meditate. Baba touched the bac k of his head, near his neck - the place which, Baba explained, is the stat of t he superconscious, all-knowing mind. Baba then asked that Dadaji to look toward one Margii man sitting in the room.) What do you see around his head?" Baba asked. The Dadaji answered, "I see a bea utiful light, Baba. Baba continueds "The Supreme Consciousness does not anybody, do you understand. He does not see your hands, your feet, your face, etc. He se es that light only. (Then Baba looked around the room at everyone sitting there.) "All are good boys . A person can make others good by his own power, If I give S ome power to this boy (pointing to the Dada ji at His feet) he can also help oth ers Id (Baba told that Dadaji to meditate again, while he was meditating, everyo ne in the room heard a divine and very sweet spiritual sound). 'No-one is neglible, no-one is unimportant. The Lord can do anything and everyth ing through these machines. Be a perfect machine," (Then Baba performed another demonstration using that Dadaji, He told him to med itate again and look around the room and see the Past lives of the people in the room thousand of years ago. Then He asked that Dadaji what he saw, The dadaji r eplied that he saw that different people were tigers and other animals, some wer e insects, some were uncivilized man.) Baba continued You were the children of t he Supreme Consciousness and you are still, Human existence is a completely ment al psychic structure which is according to the psychic moments due to Samskara. In this world everything is made of consciousness. The way the Supreme Conscious ness controls one's mind, accordingly he gets his physical body. Whatever you ha ve got is good for you. "He is never to be guided by your reason, your logic, and your justification You are guided by His Whims," BABA'S DISCOURSE: EVERYTHING IS VIBRATIONAL

"All action, existence, quality, and thought (mental projection) are vibrational . All are in the mind of Parampurusa (Supreme Consciousness) He creates all.. Th e human mind can only create physical mixtures and chemical Compounds, it cannot create original. We are only to obey Him, the Supreme Conscisusness. "But the human being is the most evolved form in the universe His mind is compos ed of three layers, Conscious subconscious and unconsciousness . The conscious m ind controls external actions, like drinking, eating, etc9 and the basic desires . The subconscious controls the functions of thought and memory. The unconscious mind is omniscient, all-knowing. It only needs be developed by dint of your sad hana - but remember this is not individual enterprise (effort) alone - it is the grace of the Supreme Consciousness. Infinite powers can be developer because th e human is the most evolved form in the universe : all of you are blessed. "Nothing is secret for the Supreme Consciousness. You Boy, wham I punished a little before - stand up." (Baba is speaking to a young man wham He chastized earlier for some wrong he had clone, ) (sitting on Baba 's lap is a very high state of consciousness. Baba touches the back of his neck.) "I am touching his basel ganglia, the seat of his all knowing conscious mind, A ll of you sit in proper asana. Baba says to that Dadaji, What do you see (The Dadaji answers that he sees that young men dressed in shirt s, pants, etc.) Baba: YOU see different clothes because they are giving of different vibrations. (Baba waved his bamboo staff in front of the young mans in this way He Changes t he vibrations being emanated from that young man and perceived by the dadajii). Baba: Now what do you see? Dadaji. He is naked Baba. Baba- Now enter his bowel, what do you See? Dadaji: His intestines are weak Baba, Baba, Now move upwards see his heart and lungs. Are his lungs healthy Dr a little blac k. Dadaji : A little black Baba. Baba: Yes (to that young man) You smote too much, isn't it? (to the Dadaji) NOW enter his brain, enter every iota of his nerve cells. Is his mind slightly w eak or brave and Strong? Dadaji : Slightly weak. Baba: But the Colour of light do you see at his trikuti (the yogik energy Center that Controls the mind) between the eyebrows. Dadaji: I see white Colour, Baba, Baba: Accha (ah so) he wants to be a good bay. "Shiva" (the boy's name) it is good name "Shankara": one who Controls the world. It's a good name. Sit down my son. (Here Baba is giving that Dada the yogic power, Antarmitva, which means the Saga city to enter to things, mental or physical, to know everything about them and b e able to control them. Baba often explained that only paramapurusa, the Supreme Consciousness has this power and those who realize Him can also know the secret .) /////(Now Baba calls another young man to stand up, very thin.)

Baba : (to the Dadaji) Now look at this other bay, what do you see? Dadaji : I see black spots at the base of his lungs. Baba: (to the boy) Yes, you have TB, isn't it, my boy? The Boy: (obviously astonished at Baba's knowledge of his disease, which he had not told anyone about) Uh, yes, Baba. Baba Mmmmmm. Come here. (The bay came close to Baba and Baba slapped the front and back of his chest with his hunch and then rubbed his chest with His bamboo staff). Baba: (to the Dadaji) Look again, what do you see now? Babajis (surprised) All the black Scats are gone, Baba. Baba : Now my boy, breathe deeply, (The boy started to breathe shallowly, the way he was accustomed to breathing b ecause of his disease: he obviously didn't believe any change had taken place i nside his body, But to his amazement he could breathe deeply, He breathed more a nd more deeply and then started to cry in relief and amazement ) The boys oh, Baba (crying) before I could not breathe, I could not do sadhana.. Babas Yes, now I will hear no excuses. (laughing) Now do sadhana, my boy, work f or Marga. This power of entering inside the Objects is known as "antaryami". There are no secrets before the Supreme Consciousness - He can enter everywhere , inside every objects, inside every mind.

HE IS THE MIND OF YOUR MIND (Baba called one Margii over to sit in front of Him, and then tauched his vocal Choral. Baba told him to utter some name. The man easily spoke the name aloud.. ) Baba: grow I am withdrawing the capacity for speech from his vocal chord. Again, say t hat name. (The roan opened and Closed his mouth, struggling to speak, but could not utter a sound. All was silent.) Babas In the same way, the powers of seeing, hearing, walking etc. can be withdrawn easily and without one' s knowledge) by Paramapurusa - He can easily withdraw the powers he has given to human beings. T here is Vitality, vital energy, associated with the physical body. Where does th is vital energy come from? Man can see ant hear, where does this power come from ? He the Supreme Consciousness is the mind of your minds the life of your life, the vocal power of your vocal chord. The sadhaka (the spiritual aspirant) who un derstands this attains salvation, enjoy the divine nectar. You see and hear, not because of your eyes, but because of His grace. He can do anything and everythi ng. YOU may have so many desires, but your desires, will not work unless Support ed by His desire. SURRENDER AT THE ALTER OF THE SUPREME BABA: Paramapurusa is called Darpahari which means "pride snatcher One thing He will not tolerate is ego. He is uni-purposive and multilateral. He is doing ever

ything at once. He is running the whole universe and so He is multilateral. But He is uni-purposive because He has only one purpose: to bring all His creatures back to Hims to merge in Him again. Human beings, on the contrary, unilateral and multi-purposive they can only do o nly thing at a time - you cannot do two things at once so they are unilateral. A nd they are multi-purposive you have so many desires. The human thinks, (Baba is saying this while smiling and looking steadily at one particular Margii) 'Shall I go to see my brother in America? But then if I will, I will not be able to see Baba there. I will asks Baba what to do. But how can I ask Him. When will I see him? (later that Margii confirmed that these were all the exact thoughts going throug h his mind some days ago before he came to Ranchi to see Baba) "You have only one goal in life, one duty - to surrender at the altar of the Sup reme You have only to wish that His plan for you may be successful, not that you r plan for yourself may be successful, It may or may not be successful. I think you have understood? "We get all our power from Him. He can do anything, and lie reserves all His vas t powers and does not delegate them to anyone. fishy? Because they might misuse them." --------------------------------------------------------------------------POWER OF MANTRA Baba called one margii to sit in front of Him. Baba : Close your eyes. Keep your spinal chord erect. Do sadhana (meditation). Do you feel a soothing vibration in your spinal chord. Margii: Yes Baba. Then Baba told another Margii to touch him on the chest. Babas Did you feel pleasure when he touched you? Margii g No Baba. Babas (to the man who has touched him) Did you then not take - your guru mantra while touching him? The other margiis No Baba, Then Baba toll a family Acarya to touch the man, and he did so. Baba: Did you feel pleasure then? Margii : Yes Baba, some pleasure. Then Baba Called a very elevated and senior Avadhuta to touch the Margii. Baba: Did you feel pleasure then? Margii Yes Baba, more pleasure. Babas Before starting any action, whether physical, psychic or spiritual, you mu st repeat your Guru mantra. The mind will thus become pure and the work will be effective. sometimes superiors and seniors bestow blessings upon juniors, but be fore blessing anybody the guru mantra should be properly uttered. Only then will the blessing be fruitful. By dint of sadhana with the help of Ista mantra (the individual mantra of first lesson to be repeated during meditation) and guru mantra (2nd lesson to be utter ed before we do anything), an ordinary mortal can be transformed into an extraor dinary one. The secret is not with the word but with the idea. Mantra becomes powerful when it is associated with the idea. It is nothing, it i s useless, if uttered without the idea. Mind becomes vibrated with the help of i dea, For everything a medium is required, electricity is indivisible but its existenc

e is known by the light, the moving of fans, similarly, the existence of the Sup reme Consciousness improved by his expression. In the case of divine electricity , you require mantra. Then Baba asked that Margii to touch the Anahata cakra (heart centre) of another Margii. There was no effects because that Margii had not mentally said his guru mantra before touching. Baba told him to say his guru mantra and touch again. T his time the other margii fell into samadhi (the state of ecstatic bliss when th e mind rises above all bandages and merges in the infinite consciousness ), Baba : No-one has the right to hate anybody. Nobody in this universe is unimport ant or insignificant all are equally important. Everyone has immense powers and potentialities only, many are ignorant of the art of utilizing these powers. Onc e this art is known, all become great. ANINYANANDA YOGA SAMADHI (SAMADHI OF UNBLEMISHED BLISS) Baba called one Dadaji over to Him and told him to sit in meditation. Then Baba touched his cakras, especially the highest cakras sahashara cakra, at the top of the skull. The dadaji fell over an the floor, in a state of ecstasy. Baba expla ined "Every month, one drop of divine nectar is secreted from the pineal gland o f every meditator and falls onto the pituitary gland. I- one is engrossed in imp ure and worldly thoughts, the hormone thus secreted is burnt up as soon as it re aches the pituitary gland, and the meditator does not experience bliss.? As a rule, hormones are secreted from each and every gland, but particularly whe n the hormones secreted from the pineal gland fall onto the cakras through the p ituitary gland, then all the other cakras become inspired, because the higher ca kras control the next lower ones. If the meditator goes into samadhi (ecstatic bliss) during the hormone secretion from the pituitary gland, he visualizes and experiences a pleasant aura of divi ne effulgence and in and around his anahata cakra (heart centre) He feels himsel f immersed in an ocean of divine light and enjoys indescribable joy. To the exal ted mind of the sadhaka in that state, everything of the earth seems to be too p leasant or sweet to be compared to any earthly object. In Vaishnava philosophy (a yoga philosophy in India), this state of spiritual at tainment is described as Madhura Bhava (sweet ideation). This is aninyananda Yog a Samadhi (unblemishedly blissful yoga samadhi). The symptoms of this state are many. Different cakras become inspired due to the abundant hormone secretion and they grow more active than before. The meditator experiences great bliss, an excessively joyous feeling. The nerve cells and fib res become ineffective. A sweet relation of love is established between the devo tee and Paramapurusa. During the enjoyment of bliss, a taste of pleasant sweetne ss also experienced. This is one of the 32 main states of bliss as experienced by higher meditators. The special characteristic of this state is that the meditators cannot attain th is blissful state all his own efforts, but only through the grace of the guru.

ORDINARY MORTAL OR DIVINE CHILD? Babas Although there are some external differences in human a beings in language , colour etc., in all essential matters they are from the same source, all have originated from the singular entity. Parar.lapurusa. They differ only externally and : apparently. He should hear the language of heart and sentiment, not the language of the toun

ges No language can claim to be an original language. Neither English; nor Benga li, nor Tagalog (language of Philippines). 900 years ago there was no English language, 1500 years ago there was no Bengali, 800 years ago there was no Angina, Maithidi, Assamess. Modern English is a mixture of Scot, Old Norman, Anglo-Saxon, Colt, Latin and Gr eek. Until King Alfred the Great there was no approved standard of English vocab ulary. Bengali consists of Sanskrit roots and many English, Japanese, Portuqese and Ara bic words. Tagalog it' Composed of Mandarin, Cantonese Indonesian, Malaysian and Sanskrit. No race can claim the absolute purity of its blood. Hitler as s claim of the pur ity of Prussian blood misled people. Europeans are many races, Nordic, Mediterra nean, Alpine, Greek, etc. Indians are also many races, Austrics Austrico-negroid , Dravidian, Mongoloid , Negroid, etc. No race is perfectly pure without any blending. Everywhere there is universal bl ending. There is no single original race or language anywhere in the world. So h uman society is a singular entity. All the merits and demerits of society is our s, they are common patrimony. It is foolish to claim that the merits are oars an d the demerits theirs. (Baba called' one Bengali Margii to Him and toldhim to meditate on the Supreme C onsciousness and keep his mind fixed on his Anahata cakra (Heart Centre)). Baba, Is your heart mundane or divine? Margii I Divine; Baba. Baba: Is it universal or Bengali? Margiis' It is universal, Baba. (Then Baba called one Australian Acarya stand up) Baba : Now see his heart - is it Australian or universal? Margiis Universal, Baba. Baba : Is it mundane or Godly? Margiis Godly. Baba: Is he an ordinary mortal-or a divine child? Margii i He is a divine child. ' (Baba told the Australian Acarya to touch the Margii) Baba: Do you feel the Divine touch? Margiis Yes Baba. (Baba told the Australian Acarya to sit down, and called a Philippine Margii to stand up.) Baba: What do you feel, is he an ordinary man or a Divine being. Margiis He is a divine beings Baba . Baba- Is his heart Phllipins or universal? Margi, Universals Baba. (Then Baba asked an Indian of the Angika race to touch the Margi.) Baba: Do you feel human touch or a divine touch? Margii : Divine touch, Baba. Baba: Is his heart Angina or universal? Margii- Universal, Baba. Baba: Is he an ordinary mortal or a divine child? Margiis Divine Child, Baba. Babas In this universe all these entities are the di vine entities, and people must only realize it. Nobody is helpless and alone in this universe. We all have mundane. supramundanes and spiritual relationships wi th the universe. So it is a bounden duty of human beings to expand their mental arena, because basically all these finite entities have one goal, the goal of th e Supreme Entity. Human entities must expand themselves so much that they can go beyond the fetters of limitation .

There should not be any inferiority or any superiority complex in anybody Those who preach individual and racial superiority are commiting sins against the huma n dharma (the human naturespiritual) Like earths air, and water, this dharma (ma n's spiritual nature) is common to one and all - and all will have to become one with that Universal Entity. (Baba ended the discourse by quoting the words of the American; poet Carl Sandbo urg ): There is only one man in this universe and his name is all men: There is only one woman, and her name is all women. There is only one child, and its name is all children. ---------------------------------------------------------------OCCULT POWERS OR PARAMAPURUSA? Baba: What is the goal of human life? A man should love - what? Paramapurus, or occult powers? If one gains occult powers, One may do so many things, In the third stage of sad hanas a meditator gets some occult powers, and after getting that Desalt powers suppose he becomes engaged with it, suppose he wants to display it. What will ha ppen? He will fall down. He will be nowhere. He won't remain a sadhaka. so in th at stages in the third stage, he will have to be very very cautious. And even wi th those occult powers he should say, "I want Parampurusa, not the occult powers ." Do you follow? The mother is cooking and her little baby is there crying, "Ma Ma, Ma". I hat will the mother do at that time? She will give a toy to that little baby and again start her cooking duty. But th e baby is quite intelligent and says, "No. I don't want this toys I want you." Then what will the mother do? She will have to do like this (Baba imitates a mother cuddling a baby in her arm s), It is the mothers and not the toys that an intelligent baby want . Similarly, the occult power is just like a toy. If Paramapurusa gives you a toy, what should you say? Should you say, "Oh ah, very good, very good." No you shou ld say, 'I don't want it I want you." What should you say? "I don't want the toy, I want the maker of the toy." So you see the third stage of sadhana is a great stage, You'll have to select between occult powers and pa ramapurusa . (To an American disciple who is very interested in occult powers) What will you do in that case, in that third stage of Sadhana? You will choose occult powers a nd people will say, "Oh so and so, is a supernatural man. So and so, you're grea t yogi. You have so much power, Will you do like this? (He shakes his head, No.) No, no, you want Paramapurusa. (Asking various disciples) Don't you want occult powers? (all indicate No.) No you don't want occult powers. That is right. "I don't want occult powers, I want the Lord of occult powers."

When a sadhaka wants occult powers from Paramapurusa, he may or may not get occu lt powers, but it is sure that he will not get Paramapurusa because he did not w ant Paramapurusa, he wanted occult powers so he may or may not get occult powers , but he wan't get Paramapurusa. Be very strict in this respect. (Baba pauses for a minute and looks very slowly and intently at everyone in the room. There is absolute silence.) DO YOU follow? (To one very elevated Margii) Vijay Kumar, stand up, Do YOU want occult powers? You don't want occult powers? Then you are not "intelligent" fellow if you don t want occult powers. You don't want to be "intelligent" like that, eh. Meditate on occult powers and see if you are getting any..what shall I say - Ana ndam (bliss) or not. (Vijay indicates he is not). Ahhhhh. Now meditate on Parama purusa. (to the others) Don't disturb him please. (to Vijay) Meditate on Paramapurusa. (Vijay's head went up) Certainly you are getting Anandam. (Vijays head went higher, his back arched) Try to be with Paramapurusa. Go, inner and inner. (Vijay's hands rose up to the shoulder then higher and higher, outstretched and quivering as Baba talked) ....inner and inner ..........inner and inner(Vijay gr oaned).... inner and inner.... (Vijay moaning with ecstasy) .... inner and inner ....(Vijay's moans getting very intense)......BE WITH PARAMAPURUSA.... go inner and inner.... inner and inner. (Vijay gasped and fell backwards in samadhi into another disciple's lap) (to the others) Don't disturb him. He wanted Paramapurusa. So...if you want to get occult powers, go outer and outer, if you want paramapu rusa, go inner and inner and inner. You should always remember this. Don't be after occult powers, be after Paramapu rusa. Occult powers, like all other powers, are transitory, temporary in nature, not permanent in nature. As soon as you die, the occult power will be taken awa y from you. But Praamapurusa will remain with you even at that time, for that pr operty is of a permanent nature. Occult power is also an ordinary power. The general public does not possess that ordinary power, that Is s why they think it is a Superantural power. Gold is al so an ordinary metal, but because it is a bit rare, thetas why it is costly, Oth erwise machines, spades, tractors would have been manufactured with the help of what? Gold, not iron. It is like that. Occult powers are also an ordinary power, but because it is a bit rare, that's why people say it is supernatural. There is nothing supernatural in this world - everything is natural. (To all the Margiis) Do you children want occult powers? Or do you want to be a fool like that one (pointing to Vijay, still in an ecstat ic state on the floor) Baba called a Margii to him and one by one touched each of his cakras (spiritual energy centres of the body). He asked the t Margii wham he was seeing in each o f his cakras, The Margii replied that he was seeing Only BABA, As Baba touched his cakras, He said; "Let the eyes not see anything external, let the ears not hear anything, let the nose not smell, let the tongue teaste only Paramaparusa, let the skin feel only the divine touch. "

When Baba touched his ajina cakra, the spot between his eyebrows (the seat of th e mind), Baba explained that the man's kundalinii (powerful spiritual energy at the base of the spine that gives higher and higher states Df ecstatic consciousness when it rises) had reached this cakra and now he would lose outward Consciousness and be unable to sit erect. The man immediately fell down and lay on the floor with a radiant and blissful expression on his face. Baba said, "Now he has no capacity far external activity. Even his sensory organs have last their powers: the physical world has lost all meaning and even existence for hi m, He is now a man of a different world. The ordinary human mind is bound by the shackles of the pashas and the ripus 8 pashas (bandages) Hatred, Doubt, Fear, Shame, Backbiting (criticism), Pride o f ancestry, Pride of culture, False sense of prestige. 6 Ripus (Enemies): Lust, Anger, Attachment, Greed, Pride, Envy, and is drawn eas ily to the external world. The ten indriyas: 5 motor indrivas: Hands, Feet, Vocal, Chord, Sexual Organs, Excretory Organs. 5 sense indriyas: Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, Skin (organs) tempt him to enjoy the crude physicality. To reach the goal of Supreme Consciousness, one must be free from all influences of these indriyas, these sense organs, they are the obstructions between the mi nd and the Atman, the Supreme Soul."

PERSONAL CONTACT Personal contact with Baba is one of the greatest experiences of a lifetime. In this private meeting with Baba, He completely changes the disciples mind, He ele vates His Consciousness and takes on himself many Samskaras or potential bad rea ctions which the disciple has to suffer in the future, Whether Baba takes the Ma rgii on His lap and caresses him with the affectionate love of a loving father, or merely looks deep into his eyes and says, 'tserve humanity, my son, the disc iple is irrevocably changed. During the personal contact of one margii, Baba asked him army boy, you have don e many wrong things, are such actions befitting a human being. Are you not asham ed?" The man still doubted Baba and could not believe that Baba could know all t he dark things of his past, things that no one besides himself knew. So he prete nded innocence and said, "Baba, what are you talking about? I have made a few mi stakes certainly, like everyone else. But I have not done any great wrong." Baba answered, "Oh, is it so? You have not done any sins? "Turn around and look at that wall behind your " The man obeyed and as he stared at the white washed wall, to his shock he saw suddenly projected on the wall al l the evil deeds, one by one, he had committed in the past and had told no one a bout - as if he were watching himself in a movie. He was completely aghast and c ould not Speak for a long time. Then he broke down and started Sobbing like a sm all child and begged Babies forgiveness and beseeched Him to help him. Baba said , "Don't weep - from today you are a new man. Forget your past, it is all behind you. Your eyes are in front of your head, not the back so you should look forwa rd, not behind. Now devote yourself tirelessly to the service of suffering human ity. Become a great human being."

WHO IS BABA? By now, after reading all these fantastic stories, you may well be asking yourse lf, Who in the world is Baba? Who is this wonderful and mysterious human being? He is indeed a real living person, it is true, and One day, if you are sincere i n your spiritual practices and have the desire to meet him you will surely see H im and then you, too, will feel your life transformed by His great spiritual pow er and most of all by His infinite Love. But Baba is not merely that physical body. As He Himself says, "I am not this ph ysical body, this body is not me. I am in your hearts, and you are in my hearts. " What Baba really is, is the highest spiritual consciousness, manifesting in a perfectly pure and extremely strong body able to withstand and transmit its powe rful vibrations, The highest realization of the yogis disciple is that the maste r, the Guru - Baba - is not a physical body but his own highest Consciousness th e essence of his own heart and so the guru is truly always with the disciple, He never Leaves him. The ancient yoga scriptures say, "The Guru is not different from the Self, from consciousness. This beyond doubt the truth, the absolute Truth, Hence a Muse man must seek his guru. to The advanced meditators in Ananda Marga have realized this and never feel Baba's absence. They Knew that even though He may be thousands of miles away, and they have not seen Him for years, actually He is never apart from them, they always feel His spiritual presence, One great Margii in India who was never gone on fie ld walk with Baba was asked why he never even tried. The Margii answered, "You s ee, it is a matter of surprise to Dadas and Margiis also that I had not had the field contact with Baba. You see, I am of the opinion that the whole universe an d even beyond that is the field of Baba. Your existence is not without Isis cont act, I Cannot exist without His will. So my firm belief is that at every moment you are having the contact of Baba in the field of this universe which you can s ee and which you can't see". The guru is that very special and very mysterious entity who opens your eyes to reveal to us who we really are, who help as realize that we, too are infinite Co nsciousness. To see the Guru is like looking in a mirror and seeing our own true selves. May we, more and more every day, feel the Baba in the Care of car hearts, in the depths of our minds. Ajinanatimirandhasya Jinanajana shalakaya Cakurun militam yens tasmae shrii guruvenamah To the divine guru who has applied the ointment of Knowledge to my eyes which we re blinded by the darkness of ignorance -to Him I pay my salutations. "There is nothing higher than the Guru. There is nothing higher than the Guru. There is nothing higher than the Guru."

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