From: The Knights Party PO Box 2222, Harrison, AR 72601 870-427-3414 For additional comment contact Pastor Thomas Robb, National Director or Mrs. Rachel Pendergraft, Nat'l Memb. Coord. at the above phone number.


Mayor Gerald Wolfe, are you aware that an Alderman in your ranks wanted to shoot a man passing out political fliers? This is happening, not in the city, but the mere heart of middle America! Is it the practice of all Deepwater alderman to threaten to shoot at people who exercise their First Amendment Rights or is this just a case of one lunatic city official? Will the paperboy be the next victim of the Deepwater regime? Several family men peacefully tossing out WWW.KKK.COM fliers in Deepwater, Missouri were harassed and threatened by an Alderman of this small town. When police arrived, the alderman was reported to say that if he had a gun, he would shoot the man who distributed the literature. Five Police Cars were called out in a show of force to appease this Alderman who has evidently forgotten that the First Amendment is ALIVE and WELL in this Great Nation of ours. The Police Force was being used as puppets by the Amendment suppressing alderman. The Henry County Sheriff s office did act professionally, but there was never a need for their presence other than to arrest the alderman. We, at The Knight's Party, are just glad that on this night there were no stores robbed, people killed by drunk drivers, or any other terrible acts while FIVE police officers detained a man passing out literature! What will the actions of this alderman be? When the young mother concerned about illegal immigration decides to pass out leaflets, will he attempt to gun her down? And what about the college student who decides to pass out literature asking for permission to protect himself on his college campus by being allowed to keep his second amendment rights in the classroom as well as his dorm room. Will the adlerman want to hunt down and shoot those in his neighborhood who are in support of traditional marriage as opposed to gay marriage? This alderman can pass out literature explaining his views or talk to his friends and neighbors. He doesn t need to resort to threats of violence against innocent family men and women! Legal council for The Knights has asked Henry County Sheriff Oberkrom to investigate and possibly file charges against the unnamed city alderman of Deepwater. In addition, because the actions of this man has a chilling effect on free speech, we are being encouraged to file a complaint with the U.S. Justice Department.

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