Acacia confusa is a tree native to South-East Asia and containing large amounts of psychoactive tryptamines in its root bark. Reports of human bioassays are very scarce, but there is a group in Taiwan conducting ayahuasca sessions using this plant. I have followed their steps brewing Acacia confusabased ayahuasca (Formosahuasca), and also discovering to my surprise that the root bark is orally active by itself in larger doses, without any additional sources of MAOI. Bioassays (more details below): 5tbsp ground acacia root bark brewed ayahuasca-style without any additives: an overwhelmingly strong short (around 30 minutes) trip reminiscent of descriptions of smoked DMT. 3tbsp ground acacia root bark infusion without any additives: soft psychedelic trance with rich mental imagery. 1.5tbsp ground acacia root bark & 1/2tbsp Syrian rue seeds infusion: a fullblown and rather overwhelming ayahuasca trip. <1tbsp ground acacia root bark & <1/2tbsp Syrian rue seeds infusion: a softer ayahuasca trip, with a more intense episode later on triggered by eating a light meal. _________________________________________ 03.05.2010: Acacia confusa root bark orally active without MAOI: Just posting a very quick note on my bioassay of this Taiwanese acacia. There are reports of DMT content in the root bark comparable or higher than Mimosa, and I've stumbled on this online description of using it in ayahuasca. So, on my recent trip to Taiwan, I obtained a large sample of the root bark. I must mention before describing my trial that I've never succeeded attaining full psychedelia with mimosa-caapi ayahuasca (made from ingredients purchased in Europe), so what I am about to describe is my first full-scale DMT(-like) experience. Anyway, because the plant has not been researched much, I wanted to test my material without MAOI first to watch for any non-DMT-related adverse effects, without any expectations for psychoactivity. So I brewed a handful of my root bark chips (ground to around 5tbsp of fibrous powder) ayahuasca-style without any additives. I first consumed about 1/3 of the brew on an empty stomach this morning. There was some nausea, so I lied down. In about an hour, I noticed to my surprise that colors brightened, everything started to look cuter, mild euphoria

it hit me like a wall. I didn't have a difficulty buying the bark there. and it is certainly active orally without additives (at least for my body chemistry. and it was certainly far less kind to me than psilocybin. 4) There is a huge conglomeration of these herbal shops next to Longshan temple (龍 山寺) in Taipei. And I'll probably do some more experiments.2010: Direct oral activity of the root bark confirmed with a smaller dose. but it is carried by "herbal medicine stores" (草藥店 or 青草店). externally and perhaps internally for liver disease (the vendors did not seem confident about that). 2) The root bark (相思樹根皮) seems to have some very limited use in traditional medicine. . with due care. Any comments/advice from ayahuasca shamans and other competent individuals are appreciated! ======================== Notes on obtaining the plant material: 1) The tree appears to be very common in Taiwan (its local name is 相思樹. but I had to order 1 day in advance. 3) The bark does not seem to be carried by Chinese medicine stores (中藥店). In any case. because the duration and intensity do match the DMT profile). So. About 20 minutes later.. _________________________________________ 11. visions. and it was pretty horrifying (with synesthesia going beyond what words can describe. This was my first DMT experience (which I believe it has been. since the demand is low.05. which amusingly translates as `thinking-of-each-other tree'). for 600g).emerged and the nausea was gone: a typical low-dose tryptamine signature. thoughts that I have killed myself.). roughly $5. the whole thing lasted about 40 minutes and then stopped quite abruptly (and I am actually feeling perfectly well now). I decided to take the risk and drink the rest of the brew. However. though not every store would have it. The bark can be easily separated from the fresh root. related Mimosa hostilis is also reported to be orally active). limb tremor and impaired motor control). the plant can probably be used to people's benefit. because it felt pretty comfortable. though dosing more conservatively (and I am somewhat scared now of combining it with rue.. I intend to write a more detailed report for erowid later. perceptual distortions of all sorts. and they gave me raw root (at 150 Taiwan dollars.

2) around 3 tbsp ground Acacia confusa root bark. The rue was consumed first. followed 30 minutes later by around 1/3 of the acacia brew._________________________________________ 16.05. A deep experience I would say. I've never really had a difficult experience with psilocybin. After a lot of suffering. after Formosa acacia. among other things. one of the names for the tree). boiled it for a couple of hours with some Syrian Rue and a few kiwis. sane or human means. ONLY around 1/2 of the acacia brew was consumed (around 1. That's how it began. or when this experience started. No idea whether my batch of acacia is unusually potent. no evaporation). which felt like dying many times over.5 hour time mark from the first acacia brew ingestion. but certainly not one I would repeat often. but these acacia voyages bring a lot of horror. this cleared into an extremely blissful state of peace and harmony. What ensued was a prolonged horrifying entry phase. And all of this with only around 1. resulting in an extremely strong experience. The brew: 1) around 1/2 tbsp whole Syrian rue seeds. Please stay safe! _________________________________________ 19.2010: An acacia-based ayahuasca trial completed. scraped off some of the root bark. or when it is going to end.05. which gradually descended into the usual consciousness at around 3. I was told to move to Tainan on the west coast of Taiwan and start using it as therapy to help . (I call it FORMOSAHUASCA. a leader of this group conducting ayahuasca sessions in Taiwan using Acacia confusa: Quote: I've done well over 100 sessions with myself and others with this [Acacia confusa and Syrian rue] brew.5 tbsp of the plant material). but extremely horrifying during the prolonged entry stage. no evaporation). The second time I took it. Also. mescaline or LSA (all from natural sources). As I said. around 1/2 of the prepared acacia brew was used).2010: Some comments I've received from exactlydivyn. I introduced it to Taiwan after my friend telling me about it while I was living on Orchid Island.5 tbsp of the acacia root bark powder. also steeped in 3 washes of boiling water (no cooking. We found a tree. Has been a deep experience. and passing through an exquisitely sensuous erotic episode. or I am unusually sensitive. it's quite harsh on me. ground into powder and steeped in 3 washes of boiling water (no cooking. followed 30 more minutes later by a few more gulps of the acacia brew (overall. not being sure anymore what being alive.

but the benefit.people change their lives. I'm still afraid of it after 30~40 sessions. Some are very afraid of it. Note that I've never seen these paintings before (or anything too similar in style). I've had 1 person that I would consider adverse psychological effect at the time. _________________________________________ 23. but I've had much deeper experiences with the herb shop bark (done it lots more?? Don't know yet). I've asked the shop if it was rootbark and she said it was. I took 15 LSA seeds at night after doing aya in the morning. although sometimes it looks as if it is treebark. and I am stunned by the degree of similarity it bears to my recent experiences with Acacia confusa (most notably. Absolutely NO physical adverse effect. I've had no experience with death on the live bark (only three experiences though). Some seem to have the calling. Here is a relevant sampler from the portfolio of this wonderful visionary artist: _________________________________________ . and the bark from the herb shops. > R.05. somewhat reptilian body transformations and colorful networks extending out of the body and connecting to the surrounding objects). the change and growth that occurs with continuous use pushes me beyond my fear. destiny or something. in the rainbow-ey body image. Didn't know it was on the restricted MAOI list). Really catch onto it. as I did. though I am very fond of psychedelic art. seemed to imply that he was using stem bark and not root bark. which I used most of the time.2010: I've just stumbled upon the art of Dennis Konstantin Gerigk. > though he wasn't sure. Could you comment on that? I've taken rootbark from live trees. Most do it once or twice. short term or long term (although I did experience hypertensive crisis and had to be rushed to the hospital. I'll ask again next time I buy. although long term effect seems to be very beneficial. Here are the questions you asked me: > How many people have you administered it to? > Has anyone experienced adverse physical or psychological effects? I've administered it to about 70 to 80 people.

the residual plant material discarded. a relatively soft trance with all the senses heightened. In particular. There have been anecdotal reports that a light meal in the course of ayahuasca trips can provoke a surge in trip intensity.06.05. Then I felt pretty much back to baseline and somewhat hungry. combined with spontaneous investigative body movements (trying to feel my body better). This time. cooling off. _________________________________________ 28. Still. strong inner visualizations of muscular postures. PM me if interested. and for the subsequent half-hour. resulting in a distinctive two-part trip. My experience seems to conform with this observation. in particular. even in smaller doses: there was a feeling of being controlled. I was propelled into the psychedelic realm familiar from my previous higher-dose acacia trips.5 hours. a sense of myriads of tentacles probing my shoulders. There was a feeling of strong alertness after returning to the ordinary consciousness.2010: One more bioassay: this time less than 1tbsp of ground Acacia confusa root bark and less than 1/2tbsp of Syrian rue seeds. _________________________________________ . or connected to something larger than "myself". steeped in 3 washes of boiling water. The simplest preparation possible: the rue seeds ground and combined with the bark. since the dose was smaller and I was more familiar with the effects. before returning to the visionary realm. Very refreshing. I could maintain my identity throughout and could ground myself firmly for a few seconds every now and then. For the first 1. it was much more under control. This resulted in a sharp surge of intoxication. etc. The liquid slowly consumed over the course of an hour. Bright hyper-kinetic "high-tech" colorful geometric visions (equalizer bands and the likes). filtered.09. I then took a walk in a park.2010: Acacia confusa seeds available to share. So I ate a bowl of fava bean soup. some aspects of the acacia-induced trance are quite overwhelming.

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