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BMIT aims at providing students with world class education which catapult them into an ultimate professional to make a positive difference in society, the nation and the world. By igniting the flame of innovation across young minds.

By eradicating geographical boundaries for and generate a synergetic & diverse campus.

By laying foundation to achieve highest degree of technical, vocational & moral education. By supporting rural students and promoting womens education.

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To realize the vision, BMIT faculty and management strives to : Generate new knowledge and advance the progress of research. Prepare students with the attitudes, skills and habits of lifelong learning and with leadership skills enabling them to be useful members of a global community. Deliver world-class, research-based education to students in academia & industry. Facilitate technology transfer, applying people and ideas around campus & beyond. Evolve training opportunities in most renowned companies & institutional bodies. Promote entrepreneurship and support students achieve top jobs in companies/corporate..

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Welcome to BMIT
We welcome you to BMIT, where academics are blend of innovation, knowledge & ethics. BMIT pines to foster your dreams and motivate you to pinnacle every success of your life. We would be proud to inspire your ideas, share your greatest moments and celebrate your success in your journey through life.

Right Place for Bright Future

Dr. Rajendra Kumar Khanna M.Sc., Ph.D (IIT, Madras), Post Doctoral (U.K.) Ravindra Choudhary PMP M.E., M.B.A.




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Dr. R.K. Khanna is Ph.D. from IIT- Madras & Post Doctoral from University of North Wales, Bangor (UK). He is life member of IAPT, PSSI, ICA, ILA and having 35 years of experience in teaching, research & administration. He has published 55 research papers in National / International Scientific Journals.

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Ravindra Choudhary is NRI and Alumni of BITS Pilani & University of St. Thomas (USA). He has acquired 19 years of industry experience with companies like IBM Corp. (USA), SIEMENS Corp. (USA) and Fujitsu ICIM (India). He decided to come back from USA to contribute/pay back in his own motherland and join/promote BMIT.


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BMIT curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the specific needs of the industry & growing opportunities . BMIT with its pioneering efforts in Industry-Institute partnerships has active academic collaborations with major global IT giants like Infosys, Microsoft IT Academy, IBM Corp., Red Hat, Oracle & Sun Academic Initiative. BMIT is in regular practice of organizing Conferences for student interaction with international/national experts to enhance their technical skills. BMIT has an impressive placement record wherein 27% of total (72% of eligible), 32% of total (84% of eligible), 21% of total (85% of eligible), 19% of total (87% of eligible) students of 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010 pass-out batch respectively have been placed in industries of repute. BMIT uses advanced teaching methodologies like Power Point presentations & other visual aids for individual lectures, assignments & brain-storming sessions. BMIT provides individual counseling which helps students regarding personal challenges and bridge the gap between students and faculty members. BMIT deploys interactive learning & advanced teaching through online classroom notes, Tutorials and teaching resources through Google Apps. BMIT possess well equipped laboratories and latest machinery to have thorough practical knowledge.

Established in the year 2003, BMIT is dedicated to the advancement of learning and the search for truth; to the sharing of this knowledge through education for a diverse community; and to the application of this knowledge to benefit the people of the state, the nation, and the world.

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BMIT defines and continues to update methods of engineering in India. It provides its students with modern educational facilities and retaining traditional values, and also provide industry exposure to mold young, talented individuals who can compete in the global arena.

BMIT values its reputation as a college that produces graduates who are skilled in technical knowledge and balanced in life. BMIT not only focuses on academics but it has a Student Activity Centre (SAC) aimed at nurturing the hidden talent of its students, beyond their regular academic curriculum. BMIT takes pride in its hostel campus providing an unmatched homely ambience to its inmates. BMIT also has Hostel Activity Centre (HAC) which provides mentoring environment by organizing various events like Group Discussion, Aptitude Tests, Sport Events, Dancing, Singing & many more. BMIT has a full array of unmatched facilities. Whether it be the 24x7 High Speed Internet labs or round the clock ATM Facility, you unravel the experience the moment you step into the campus. BMIT has been victorious in athletics. Our athletics involve more than 15 different varsity and club sports for our students to involve themselves in the realms of team spirit and improved physical health. BMIT Students have achieved laurels in variety of National/International Competitions. Our ROBO team has won top position in the greatest Robotic event of the world - ROBOCON.

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Training & Placement Cell

Every students aspires to be a successful engineer one day. We understand it here at BMIT, where our Training & Placement Cell puts enormous efforts for the placement of our students. Our experts carefully examines the ongoing patterns of recruitment in industries and train students accordingly. In addition to the vocational training undergone by sophomores in III rd year as per RTU curriculum, T&P cell conducts numerous seminars & conferences to provide a fruitful interaction between students and technocrats. One such effort is Infosys Campus Connect Program, involving five technical modules & soft skill programs.

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Today, Alumni of BMIT are giving their services in Top industries such as : Patni IBM Wipro Syntel Accenture Mastek TechMahindra Persitent Infosys Satyam Hexaware L&T Infotech Birla Soft Indian Airforce Indian Army Indian Navy & many many more ...

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BMIT has been in spotlight placing more than 30 students in Infosys, 20 students in Syntel & many more in IT giants like Huwaeii, IBM & Oracle.


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Some of our greatest Achievements are enlisted as follows: * BMIT won top position in the greatest International event of robotics - ROBOCON. * BMIT Volleyball Team won Title at the National Sports Event Vanguish at GIT College. * BMIT Robotics Team won ROBOSOCCER Event at SKIT Group of Colleges. * BMIT Champs the ROBO OLYMPICS Event of Neuron at MNIT, Jaipur. * BMIT got nominated for Virtual Lab establishment a project of MHRD & IIT Delhi. * Students of BMIT got their paper published at the International Conference sponsored by DRDO at N.C. College of Engineering, Panipat.

Student Life

the Arts. Diversity is in the air at BMIT, and as a diverse yet unified campus, student involvement in activities becomes inevitable. For this, BMIT has one of its kind Student Activity Centre (SAC) aimed at nurturing the hidden talent of its students, beyond their regular academic curriculum to develop them into complete human beings with both - intellect & ethics. So, your talent can easily find its stage in technical, cultural, sports, personality development, robotics and other bonafide streams and student groups working together to make student life at BMIT full of colors, creativeness & festivity. SAC also sponsors its star students under its scheme of STAR Project to attend workshops and present papers in National and International Conferences.

BMIT has a rich tradition of fostering creativity and

For more than seven years, BMIT has drawn on its passion for emulating a perfect environment for its students to hone their skills in every sphere of professional and social paradigm. Being a BMITian is about developing personal relationships, and cater to the needs of a more balanced and responsible life on campus. Every student is important and so are his/her interests. Keeping this in mind, SAC governs more than 20 clubs & communities each with a different objective and group of students. Our learning continues outside the classrooms through student activities wherein you get opportunities of organizing and managing events , clubs, networking and host of other co-curricular and extracurricular activities. BMIT is carrying its tradition of cultural festivals like ABHIVANDANA, FIESTA and ULTIMA TRYST which helps you to explore your hidden talents. BMIT commits itself to the overall growth of the student and thus, have created many memories to cherish.

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Industry -Institute Partnership and Technical Conferences

Baldev Ram Mirdha Institute of Technology (BMIT), Jaipur has always been renowned for its industry-insititute partnerships evolving a model of academic collaboration and technology transfer that is emulated around the entire Nation. The interaction sustains and enhances the institute and continues to provide a hands-on experience on most vivid technologies to its students. Some of our most prominent academic collaborations include : "Campus Connect" Program with Infosys Microsoft IT Academy Authorized Education Center for IBM Software Red Hat Academy Telecom competency center with ITG, India. Oracle Academic Initiative (OAI) with Oracle Corp.USA. Sun Academic Initiative (SAI) with Sun Microsystems , USA. Such collaborations provide a platform for rapid technical growth of students and hone their skills on industry requisite technologies. In addition to that, BMIT conducts National Conferences frequently in lieu of arousing passionate techies from the top technical institutes and industries to join hands to carve out a rigorous and exhaustive concept building session. At BMIT, we try to cross the frontiers of advancement and technology by applying ideas and passion of our students & faculty. The future is only limited by imagination and hence, the possibilities are endelss.

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