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The hospitality industry is one area where a large number of managers and chefs have become entrepreneurs and

successful owners of their own businesses. Being a futuristic person I handle things with great patience, which is the main positive sign that strongly relates me to this esteemed industry. A constant learning process would lead me to improvise on the professional skills required to survive in this field. Over the years, I see potentials for learning in every situation I find myself. The greatest motivation for me in applying for the PG program in 'hospitality and tourism operations management' is the opportunity it presents me to get exposed to the travel and tourism sector which is highly associated with the hospitality industry. This sector has grown leaps and bounds over the years and has promising growth potential. I believe that a PG course will help me to achieve my ultimate goal, which is to develop myself to establish a career as a manager of a big concern or become an entrepreneur. To fulfill this goal however, I must develop my knowledge required to pilot major problems in this industry and learn to solve complex issues through an integrated approach.

Academic Background & Research Interests As a graduate of hotel management, my undergraduate studies have molded me as a perfect hotelier in all aspects. The hotelier must have a love for humanity, for humans show their worst side when they are tired and hungry. Being gracious to guests as well as to associates, shows a mastery of the art of hospitality. My institution has provided me with a number of industrial visits (IV), out door catering (ODC), training programs and internships. All these positive efforts had given me great exposure to the core areas of management in terms of all the four major departments food and beverage, front office, food production and house keeping. During my 1st year I under went a 1month training program at Taj Coramandal Chennai, in banquets department. Here I learned the concept of supervising and controlling the banqueting department to the required standards and within agreed budgetary limits. Throughout my undergraduate days, I have found the 'food and beverage' subject particularly fascinating. It is a discipline that I consider the heart of the hotel industry. As a matter of fact, I had been greatly influenced by the experience I obtained during my 5month internship at Taj Coramandal Chennai, during my 2nd year. Here I was let to work in all the four food and beverage outlets which completely varied from one another providing essential knowledge about continental, Italian, Chinese and south Indian cuisines. Both theoretically and practically I was exposed to the entire scenario of management. It was an interesting work place where each day offers new challenges with never a dull moment, thereby making it extremely enjoyable. The industry offers a well rounded personality development for the individual and although there is glamour and show business, there are also a lot of hard work and long hours as well. I had a passion for service which made me withstand the work load. Without that it would have been an impossible task for me to survive in this industry. Now as a professional, having worked in hotels I have learned to adapt diplomacy, patience, staying power, memory, grace, speed, smile and most of all is grooming which are the main factors an hotelier should possess at work. I have demonstrated capacity and a unique ability in me to thrive in the midst of challenges. I believe this attitude would be of help particularly when real-life work challenges are presented and discussed. Finally, my perception brought me to the next step to head with an advanced PG program in the field of hospitality. This program will allow me to deepen my knowledge and understand the strong concepts of tourism. This will also prepare me as a distinctive candidate to compete with thousands of hospitality professionals. Being exposed to the obstacles my mother faced due to the lack of a formal education has been my primary motivation for reaching my goal by not only obtaining a degree, but heading with a post graduate course in order to raise my standards. This will also enable me to gain employment at a higher level in my chosen field, in terms of my career. The quest for excellence is the motivation to study abroad. My search has leaded me to your reputed institution which has been the best college so far in Ontario. The detailed course list of your college reveals quite a few courses well suited to my academic desires and aspirations. I have no doubt that graduate study at your college will meet the criteria of intellectual rigor that I have set for myself, for my education, and for those I have promised to serve. Through out my undergraduate studies I've strived for academic excellence. My decision to continue my education by pursuing a post graduate course comes from the academic success that I've had as an undergraduate student and my interest in the field of food and beverage department. Additionally, positive experiences from my industrial training programs and internship which offered me an excellent platform to grow and develop people leadership qualities, high sociability, versatility and flexibility, eye for detail, quick decision making, high general awareness and interpersonal sensitivity. I feel that my course work as a student of hotel management has largely prepared me for my further studies. To conclude with a wide range of interests but definite goals, I am attracted to the graduate program at Humber College which would suit me well and offer me perfect academic environment. It would be a great privilege if I am granted the opportunity to pursue my graduate studies at your reputed institution and I am quite confident that I will match the high standards set by your college.