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28036 Federal Register / Vol. 68, No.

99 / Thursday, May 22, 2003 / Notices

Comments can also be submitted by properly perform its functions? Does the on the EA, the NRC has concluded that
telephone at (202) 395–3087. information have practical utility? a Finding of No Significant Impact
The NRC Clearance Officer is Brenda 2. Is the burden estimate accurate? (FONSI) is appropriate.
Jo. Shelton, 301–415–7233. 3. Is there a way to enhance the
quality, utility, and clarity of the II. EA Summary
Dated at Rockville, Maryland, this 15th day
of May, 2003. information to be collected?
The purpose of the proposed action is
For the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. 4. How can the burden of the
to allow for the release of the licensee’s
Beth St. Mary,
information collection be minimized,
Westwood and Plainfield, New Jersey,
including the use of automated
Acting NRC Clearance Officer, Office of the facilities for unrestricted use. Teledyne
Chief Information Officer. collection techniques or other forms of
information technology? Brown Engineering, Inc. has been
[FR Doc. 03–12848 Filed 5–21–03; 8:45 am] authorized by NRC since 1964 to use
A copy of the draft supporting
statement may be viewed free of charge radioactive materials for analytical
at the NRC Public Document Room, One services, research and development,
White Flint North, 11555 Rockville precious metals recovery, and other
NUCLEAR REGULATORY similar purposes at these sites. On
COMMISSION Pike, Room O–1 F23, Rockville, MD
20852. OMB clearance requests are February 7, 2003, Teledyne Brown
available at the NRC Worldwide Web Engineering, Inc. requested that NRC
Agency Information Collection
site: release the facilities for unrestricted use.
Activities: Proposed Collection;
doc-comment/omb/index.html. The Teledyne Brown Engineering, Inc. has
Comment Request
document will be available on the NRC conducted surveys of the facilities and
AGENCY: U.S. Nuclear Regulatory home page site for 60 days after the determined that the facilities meet the
Commission (NRC). signature date of this notice. license termination criteria in subpart E
ACTION: Notice of pending NRC action to Comments and questions about the of 10 CFR part 20.
submit an information collection information collection requirements III. Finding of No Significant Impact
request to OMB and solicitation of may be directed to the NRC Clearance
public comment. Officer, Brenda Jo. Shelton, U.S. Nuclear The NRC staff has evaluated Teledyne
Regulatory Commission, T–5 C3, Brown Engineering’s request and the
SUMMARY: The NRC is preparing a
Washington, DC 20555–0001, by results of the surveys and has concluded
submittal to OMB for review of
telephone at 301–415–7233, or by that the completed action complies with
continued approval of information
collections under the provisions of the Internet electronic mail at 10 CFR part 20. The staff has prepared
Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (44 the EA (summarized above) in support
U.S.C. Chapter 35). Dated at Rockville, Maryland, this 15th day of the proposed license amendment to
Information pertaining to the of May 2003. terminate the license and release the
requirement to be submitted: For the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. facility for unrestricted use. On the basis
1. The title of the information Beth St. Mary, of the EA, NRC has concluded that the
collection: NRC Form 398, ‘‘Personal Acting NRC Clearance Officer, Office of the environmental impacts from the
Qualification Statement—Licensee’’. Chief Information Officer. proposed action are expected to be
2. Current OMB approval number: [FR Doc. 03–12849 Filed 5–21–03; 8:45 am] insignificant and has determined not to
3150–0090. prepare an environmental impact
3. How often the collection is statement for the proposed action.
required: On occasion and every six
years (at renewal). IV. Further Information
4. Who is required or asked to report:
COMMISSION The EA and the documents related to
Individuals requiring a license to
operate the controls at a nuclear reactor. [Docket Nos. 030–05219, 030–14482, and this proposed action, including the
5. The number of annual respondents: 070–00124] application for the license amendment
1,155. and supporting documentation, are
6. The number of hours needed Notice of Finding of No Significant available for inspection at NRC’s Public
annually to complete the requirement or Impact and Availability of Electronic Reading Room at http://
request: 1,465 or approximately 1.3 Environmental Assessment for
hours per response (1,465 hours ÷ 1,155 License Amendment of Materials (ADAMS Accession No. ML031350057).
applications (new, re-applications, License Nos. 29–00055–06, 29–00055– Any questions with respect to this
renewals and waivers = 1,155) = 1.3 15, AND SNM–107 (Teledyne Brown action should be referred to Betsy
hours per response). Engineering, Inc., Westwood, NJ) Ullrich, Nuclear Materials Safety Branch
7. Abstract: NRC Form 398 requests 2, Division of Nuclear Materials Safety,
I. Introduction Region I, 475 Allendale Road, King of
detailed information that should be
submitted by a licensing applicant and The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Prussia, Pennsylvania, 19406, telephone
facility licensee when applying for a Commission (NRC) is considering (610) 337–5040, fax (610) 337–5269.
new or renewal license to operate the issuing license amendments to Teledyne Dated at King of Prussia, Pennsylvania this
controls at a nuclear reactor facility. Brown Engineering, Inc. for Materials 15th day of May, 2003.
This information, once collected, would License Nos. 29–00055–06, 29–00055–
For the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
be used for licensing actions and for 15, and SNM–107, to authorize release
of its facilities in Westwood and John D. Kinneman,
generating reports on the Operator
Licensing Program. Plainfield, New Jersey, for unrestricted Chief, Nuclear Materials Safety Branch 2,
Submit, by July 21, 2003 comments use and has prepared an Environmental Division of Nuclear Materials Safety, Region
that address the following questions: Assessment (EA) in support of this I.
1. Is the proposed collection of action in accordance with the [FR Doc. 03–12846 Filed 5–21–03; 8:45 am]
information necessary for the NRC to requirements of 10 CFR part 51. Based BILLING CODE 7590–01–P

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