Our Body is Made of Five elements or Energy Force:

Jal (Water) Prithvi (Earth)

Akash (Space) / Metal Varun (Air) / Wood Agni (Fire) And they have 5 Productive. . 5 Destructive and 5 Weaken relation with each other and we have to maintain the ratio with each other.

depending on our needs: ‡ Metal²the quality of shortening. too much leads to psychological state. too much fire energy can leave you stressed out and anxious ‡ Earth²the quality of settling down. when too strong. elaboration. control. focus. making relations. too much wood energy makes you aggressive or impatient. Element Shapes and Colors Each element is associated with specific shapes and colors: . or balance a space. too much water energy can make you ³wishy-washy´ and indecisive ‡ Wood²the quality of easy growth and progress.The five elements or the five essential qualities of life force energy. feeling stuck or weighed down Each element can help you to increase or decrease the energy you want. lacking compassion ‡ Fire²the quality of exhilaration. When these five elements are understood well they play a important role in our life. which can to enhance. adroitness. sharpness. metal energy can make you sharp-tongued and critical ‡ Water²the quality of flowing.

Gray 5. colour and shapes are the easiest way to use the five elements principle to bring more harmony into your space with feng shui. arches ‡ Water²black and dark blues. white. People have reported increase in wealth. low. round and oval shapes. WATER: Blue. purples. Fire creates earth. Elements and Objects The material that something is made of is important. The same can be applied in the reverse and this is called reducing cycle. Strong Yellow. gold. love and improvement in health. The Five elements in Feng Shui decides which element is necessary for your living place. bright oranges. and Earth produces metal and it is called the creative cycle. The feng shui elements are each represented by a specific colour and shape and hence. Light Brown 4. Grey. Black HOW DO YOU USE THE RIGHT µFENG SHUI¶ COLOURS TO BALANCE YOUR . Sandy/Earthy. Purple. and wavelike shapes ‡ Wood²greens and light blues. flat. square shapes ‡ So according to your needs use the color you want. Pink 3. FIRE: Red. tall narrow shapes ‡ Fire²reds. Wood feeds fire. curvy. Water nourishes wood. the correct usage of the five elements in your surroundings can bring a lot of benefits to your life. EARTH: Light Yellow. WHAT ARE THE ELEMENT COLOURS IN FENG SHUI? The colour correspondence of each of the five feng shui elements is given here: 1. Brown 2. Some obvious examples are: ‡ Electric lights²fire ‡ Pottery bowl²earth ‡ Brass clock²metal ‡ Fish tank²water ‡ Houseplants and flowers²wood 5 Element Cycle: All the five elements in Feng Shui are related with each other and lets see how they are inter related. Metal produces water. triangles. flame shapes and other pointed or angular shapes ‡ Earth²browns. METAL: White. Orange. WOOD: Green. According to Feng shui. yellows. The five elements in Feng Shui are most important than anything else cause they are the things which decide the Feng Shui places in your living place. cool or muted oranges.‡ Metal² silver. irregular. as well. sinuous.

ORANGE ± FOR FAME AND RECOGNITION : The energy of the South feng shui area is connected to your Fame and Recognition. Second comes the shape. Before bringing color into your environment as a feng shui cure. which means you should not bring Blue or Black colours to the South feng shui area of your space (as Water puts out the Fire. as explained here: SOUTH ± USE RED. art. Each feng shui area of your house is associated with a specific ³aspect of your life´. therefore. you might be confused as to the feng shui element representation of a specific piece of furniture or a decor item: whether to define it based on it¶s colour. and here is how the feng shui elements are expressed in shapes: 1. or the feng shui energy map of your space. consider a deep blue coloured. you should not put out the fire. as well as see how the colour works with your furniture pieces. METAL: Round 5. but the basics are explained here. All things should be in harmony.) NORTH ± USE BLUE. PINK. Obviously. and then the material from which the . WHAT ARE THE ELEMENT SHAPES IN FENG SHUI? You can also bring the energy of the feng shui elements with specific shapes. The feng shui element of South is Fire. which nourishes the ³Wood´ element can also be used in abundance here. shape or material? For example. which nourishes the wood element of this area. and the colours related to it are Red. decor objects. you should use the right colours and elements in each sector/direction of your house/workplace. etc. PURPLE. GREEN ± FOR SUCCESS IN CAREER : The North feng shui element is ³Water´. WATER: Wavy HOW DO YOU DEFINE THE FENG SHUI ELEMENT OF AN OBJECT. YELLOW. Pure White in the West could support you in your creative endeavors. ³Blue´ is also a good choice as it is the colour of water. the colour will be used as the first criteria.BY LOOKING AT THE COLOUR. EARTH: Square 4. when you have difficulty defining the element of a specific item. Yellow and Orange. WEST ± USE WHITE ± FOR IMPROVED CREATIVITY: The West feng shui element is ³Metal´ and the colour is ³White´. SHAPE OR MATERIAL? When you start applying the feng shui theory of five elements. Pink. as it is made from wood? Or does it represent the ³earth´ feng shui element since it is square in shape? Generally.FOR GOOD HEALTH AND FAMILY LIFE: The East feng shui element is ³Wood´ and so the ³Green´ colour is excellent for improving health and balancing family life when used in the East feng shui area of your home. Blue being the colour of the feng shui element ³Water´. be sure to study the light patterns throughout the day in your space. FIRE: Triangular 3. The right placement of feng shui colours is defined by the Ba-Gua. SOUTH-EAST ± USE GREEN. wooden table of square shape. is your table bringing the water element or does it bring the ³wood´ element. Purple. BLUE ± FOR PROSPERITY: The South-East feng shui element is ³Wood´. ´ Blue´ being the colour of Water. EAST ± USE GREEN. So a lot of ³Green´ colour in the South-East helps create abundance. ³element´ and ³colour´.ENVIRONMENT? Knowing how to use colour to strengthen and balance your environment may be a complex feng shui subject. ³Blue´ colour is the right feng shui choice in the North area to support and help you with your career plans. In order to enhance the different aspects of your life. WOOD: Rectangular 2.

For example you can have a water feature next to some plants. Thus. while still encouraging high self-esteem and achievement of personal goals without over-inflating your . or understand. a photo of red sunrise or an image of red birds. You can use a simple water feature such as an aquarium or a blue bowl or even an image of fish. to bring a strong presence of the Feng Shui elements. You will start believing that your career takes precedence over everything else. as you may end up working day in and day out. But don¶t try to do too much at once. you can use the elements as such or represented by their colours and shapes. ‡ Elements: ³Water´ is the key element in this area. then you need to make some changes by using specific elements in specific sectors of your house/space. Then using the Bagua. as described here. This is clearly explained in: ‡ FENG SHUI | BAGUA SECTORS ‡ ‡ The nine sectors of the Bagua map relate to the nine areas of your house and these in turn are linked with nine aspects of your life. you can use Feng Shui to improve that aspect of your life.item is made. there is no guesswork! In most cases. ‡ Balance and harmony: It is important not to over-emphasize water in the North. If you are unhappy about a certain aspect of your life and want to improve that aspect of your life. If you are unhappy about a certain aspect of your life. To balance the fiery energy. you can expect to have a harmonious and ideal environment in which to live. then you should reinforce the North sector. Metal and Wood elements are both compatible with Water. and in time you will find it easier to sense. You can use a µfire¶ feature such as red colour. ‡ The first step is to find the aspect of your life that you want to improve. the feng shui element expression of various items in your home. But in case you have a bedroom here. when the element is obvious. avoid bedrooms here since they are meant for sleep and rest and not for careers. use wood or earth elements and their colours like soft ochres. Also. find the sector in the house that relates to that particular aspect. too much fame can make you intolerant and self-centred. which could be detrimental to your relationships. and make changes in that sector. Or you can have some metal items such as stainless-steel objects. ‡ Elements: ³Fire´ is the key element of the South since this sector represents brightness and happiness. Of course. Once you know how to balance the five elements in your home by using simple decor items. then you should reinforce the South sector using the appropriate Feng Shui elements. though. etc. avoid dark blue colours at any cost. ‡ SOUTH: FAME AND FORTUNE ± If you want your talents to be noticed or you want to have a sense of achievement or you want success from one of your skills. ‡ Balance and Harmony: Though µred¶ is the colour of the South. so you can introduce a little of both in the North sector. This balance will give you a more realistic sense of what fame and fortune mean to you. since Feng Shui is about balancing energies. not overding one at the expense of others. plants and books. such as a metal staircase (metal element) or a plant (wood element). the colours associated with water in the North. So avoid the use of black and dark blue. so it is important not to overemphasise the fire element in the South sector. without any rest. Also. desert yellows. you will see that each decor item brings two or more elements. ‡ ‡ NORTH: CAREER ± If you want to get ahead in your career or change it completely. But the elements shoulod not be used haphazardly. make sure to use it in moderation since too much red may cause anger and unsettled emotions in your home. as well as various feng shui cures. gold or silver framed pictures or a bowl of coins.

You can use pairs of real flowers or a picture of lovebirds or figurines of couples. then you need to work on the West sector of your house. if you use too much metal in the West. ‡ WEST: CHILDREN AND CREATIVITY . To balance the wood element. ‡ EAST: FAMILY AND WELL-BEING ± If you want to improve the family relationships or the general well-being and health of your family. moving water. Though there can be an increase in finances. while allowing the Chi to flow freely. You can place some wind chimes. To motivate a child. then you should focus on the South-East sector of your home. So you can use images of greens and yellows and place a money plant near a window in this sector. in case you have a toilet here. The key element of the South-East sector is ³wood´. A good earth booster for the West sector is pink tourmaline or rose quartz crystal. ‡ Key Element: ³Wood´ is the key element of the East sector. financial manipulation and envy are likely to take over if you get too obsessed with improving the feng shui of this sector. If you have no place for potted plants you can incorporate a painting of a vase of flowers or peaches. ornamental money plant.sense of importance. the solution is to keep the toilet seat down and the toilet door shut when the room is not in use. natural wooden artefacts or even a piece of green malachite in this part of the house. you should hang a mirror facing the East to encourage positive energy. enhance the East sectors of all rooms to reinforce the missing East sector. ‡ Balance and Harmony: One should not overdo the Feng Shui changes in this sector by indiscriminate use of money plants and other ornaments as it can lead to problems. Also. there is the possibility that your children may become obstinate and uncontrollable. In case you have a missing East sector due to the shape of the house.If you want to meet your perfect partner or find romance or improve your love relationship or create harmony between you and your lover. incorporate µ fire¶ and µwater¶ elements by using bright lighting and red glass objects. a brass bell or a white or gold or silver image in this sector. problems like greed. The chinese believe that good health is about the balnce of yin and yang energies in the body. ‡ Balance and Harmony: By activating the West sector of your house. But. then you need to reinforce the SouthWest corner of your home. the most important area of the house because it represents the family¶s prosperity and wealth. waves and waterfalls. then you need to reinforce the East sector of your house. ‡ Key Elements: ³Metal´ is the key element of the West. . A piece of rose quartz crystal helps to improve tolerance and understanding between the couple. But.If you have creative urges and want to create something new in your life or have children. It is better to avoid a toilet/bathroom in the South-East corner as your finances will be constantly µflushed¶ away. You could also have a jar with pebbles or shells from the beach. ‡ SOUTH-EAST: WEALTH AND PROSPERITY ± If you feel you have financial problems or you want to increase your wealth. You can use wood along with water and fire to get the balance of energy. For example you can have plants along with a water feature like a painting of ships. You can place objects like plants. it is important to balance the energies in the East sector well. ‡ SOUTH-WEST: RELATIONSHIPS AND LOVE. ‡ Balance and Harmony: Since good health is the key to a happy life. place a piece of amethyst in the child¶s work area. So it is necessary to use some Earth and Water elements to balance out the energies. ‡ Key Element: The South-West area of your home is reinforced with ³earth´ elements. you can create a harmonious family life and boost the psyches and development of your children. ‡ ‡ Elements: The Chinese consider the South-East sector.

You can introduce metal by choosing a brass or wrought iron bedstead. like metal furniture or gilt picture frames. Use soft ochre colours and images of harvest. So to balance it out. you can use ³earth´ cures like natural crystals. To add metal: Place coins in a metal cup. Introduce a fireplace or shades of red in the decor and fabrics. then you need to enhance the core of your home. To maintain the balance in this part of the house. feel at one with yourself. MENTORS ± If you want to improve the communication channels with your friends/mentors/colleagues. ‡ NORTH-WEST: COMMUNICATION. you should focus on the North-East sector of your home. You can choose one enhancement from each of the elements to enhance self and personal growth. good luck and ultimate happiness. ‡ NORTH-EAST: EDUCATION AND KNOWLEDGE . etchings or engravings on the wall. silver-threased cushions or wind chimes in this area. Too much emphasis on metal cures will cause your networking system to be overloaded with too many mentors. If the core area falls in the middle of a room. Having a mentor was regarded as the pathway to power. then do not hang mirrors that reflect the bed as this distorts physical desire. You can use white colour. FRIENDS. If your bedroom is in the South-West corner. ‡ Key Elements: The key element of the North-East corner is ³Earth´. ‡ Balance and Harmony: In feng shui. So you need to use a combination of all the elements. autumn or a favourite landscape on the walls. You will thus end up listening to everyone you meet. You could use red in your decor or hang a gilt-framed mirror. then place the cures on the nearest table or ledge. you should incorporate fire and metal elements. ‡ If there are several walls in the core area then hang these enhancements on the walls. ‡ CENTRE (CORE): If you want to know yourself better. So. to balance out the energy in this sector. you need to reinforce the North-West corner. you must balance the North-West area well. ceramics and use earth colours like ochres and yellows in your furnishings and decor. You can place an amethyst crystal in the North-East corner to boost the mind-power. For example: ‡ To add wood: Choose an upright plant or a vibrant landscape image. To attract this kind of luck and cultivate mentors (people who can get you where you want to be). To add fire: Place a mirror on the wall facing good light. make new contacts or boost your interactive skills. you need to use ³fire´ and ³metal´ cures. this area is associated with good luck or µmentor luck¶. ‡ Harmony and Balance: Too much earth enhancement can make family members show off their knowledge and think they know the best or use their knowledge as manipulative tools. To add earth: Place a large conch shell on a table. ‡ Key Elements: There are no ruling elements for the core area. . ‡ Key Elements: ³Metal´ is the key element of the North-West corner. seek wisdom. You could fill a bowl with small stones or pebbles and place it on a table in this corner.‡ Balance and Harmony: It doesn¶t help to cram the South-West with endless photos of you and your partner. too much earth enhancement in the South-West will swamp you with love problems rather than create harmony. Similarly.If you want to improve your mind. or mementos and old letters from past love affairs. But you need to balance the high energy in this sector with a metal cure like line drawings. hang a tapestry or incorporate soft browns and ochres in your decor. achieve something in education. To add water: Place an image of flowing water. If your study happens to be in the North-East sector. then it is good feng shui.


the longer you stayed. body and spirit in ways that enhance or diminish one¶s personal ³chi. the more uncomfortable you felt. mood. When you walk through the door.Feng Shui. work and relationships.´ Again. think of another house you¶ve visited that felt warm. restless. means ³wind and water. this ancient Chinese wisdom is all three. so it¶s important to maintain balanced chi. Your body responded to a low level of chi. Take a heartfelt look at your own home. you can consciously arrange your exterior (your home) to help balance the chi in your interior (your body). energetic.´ But is it a philosophy. For example. fluctuate from high to low. have you ever visited a home and had a bad feeling that was difficult to describe? The rooms may have been flawlessly decorated. tense or uncomfortable. Extreme fluctuations in this inner energy can affect your health. . lighter. out of sorts and overwhelmed? Maybe it¶s time to do a little balancing act with Feng Shui. The effects of Feng Shui are felt in the mind. You just felt good being there.´ Chi (pronounced ³chee´) is the Chinese word for energy. yet felt cold. Using the art of Feng Shui. and inviting ± one where you instantly felt ³right at home. and motivated? Or do you feel tired. Personal levels of chi. there wasn¶t any specific element that made you feel comfortable. or inner energy. uplifting. Most likely. do you feel the stress of the day wash away? Do you feel self-satisfied.Decorating Colors And Environments Literally translated. The home had a more balanced level of chi. a science or an art? In essence. Now. Chi flows through everything and is always with us.

Is it dark and uninviting? Does the room contain a wilting plant you¶ve neglected or an heirloom clock that doesn¶t run properly? Little things you take for granted or that go unnoticed can affect your chi in big ways. Career or Helpful People. fame. Think of the bagua as a transparency. To position the bagua correctly. look for items within specific life areas that symbolize your feelings. state your intentions or goals and move into action. which can be placed over the floor plan of an entire house or a single room. Are there areas or rooms that contain more clutter than others? What is the clutter saying about your life situation? Clutter blocks chi. Each area of the bagua has one or more favorite colors that enhance the life situation it represents. One of the greatest benefits of do-it-yourself Feng Shui is self-awareness. you can apply appropriate Feng Shui techniques to each of those areas. look for the main door used to enter the house or room. FENG SHUI TIPS ± THE ANATOMY OF A HOUSE Every area of a house can be viewed uniquely according to Feng Shui theory. Intuition. ‡ Once you¶ve decided on what you want to keep. relationships and health. The Elements of Feng Shui . such as prosperity. plants. ‡ Be sure that you return each item to its place after you¶ve finished using it. you gain a wonderful opportunity to evaluate your life¶s situations. so it¶s time to be brave and clean out everything you no longer want or use: ‡ Simplicity. If you¶re stressed about your finances. the main door could be a garage or back door.Feng Shui offers added benefits worth testing. with some rooms being more important than others just based on the amount of time spent in those locations. assign each item to a specific location so you¶ll always know where to find it. You wouldn¶t build a house without a blueprint. when you apply Feng Shui principles to your home. The psychology of color plays an important role in Feng Shui. Personalized touches (things that are especially meaningful to you) provide an added punch to your balanced environment. And to be effective. flowers or candles can make a difference. family. (In some cases. order and accessibility are the keys to Feng Shui organization. Again. If you know where the areas of your home or rooms fall in place on the bagua. wall decorations. The bagua is divided into a total of nine areas representing specific life situations. take a close look at the room that falls in your prosperity area. it¶s balancing your surroundings to bring about more of what you want in life. Its techniques can be applied directly to specific life situations. ‡ Store the things you use most in places that are easy to reach and arrange similar items together. simplicity and good taste are always in tune with Feng Shui. Bagua map As you study the bagua. but sometimes just adding a touch of color in the form of rugs. Remember the old adage ± a place for everything and everything it its place.) The door¶s position should always be located in one of three bagua areas: Skills and Knowledge. lighting fixtures. Feng Shui requires its own blueprint called a bagua (pronounced ba-gwa). In addition to creating home improvements. You may choose to devote an entire color scheme to a bagua area. Clear the Clutter Look at your home¶s bagua.

While too much fire can be detrimental because it is such a powerful element. etc direct the flow. more water or symbols of water may be needed in your ³fame´ and ³reputation´ area. ‡ Water: Associated with skills. prosperity and abundance. Add small doses of these colors in the form of floral arrangements or curtain embellishments. To a degree. Indoor water fountains are used to bring the water element to the correct area of the house. creativity. prosperity. maroon and orange ± are excellent choices. so the levels of chi are diminished. any hue that is bright and energetic can be considered a fire representative. such as fountains. ‡ Wood: Associated with skills. fountains. knowledge. They are: ‡ Fire: Associated with fame. place a brick-red fireplace enhanced with decorative items made of wood within the Fame and Reputation area of the bagua. Mirrors are a powerful (and useful) enhancement in Feng Shui. a controlled level of the colors that represent it can be extremely beneficial. The natural elements are used individually or in conjunction with each other to build Feng Shui¶s ³Creative Cycles´ (increasing chi in certain areas) and ³Destructive Cycles´ (diminishing high levels of chi in particular areas). With Feng Shui we learn to create a positive FLOW of energy in our dwellings. The use of green plants. pictures of lakes or items painted black (the color of water). The elements correspond directly with life situations. use the wood alone to create the desired levels of chi. but any color in that family ± including pink. vibrant and rich in energy. helpfulness and travel. bells or musical instruments that can stimulate positive chi in almost any bagua area. Knicks and Knacks for Quick Fixes Luckily. but the best choices are warm. ‡ The Destructive Cycle . Red is the primary representative of fire. Feng Shui and Elements Each element is represented by a specific color. Water douses fire.If you feel your reputation needs improving. Just replace wood with actual items or symbols representing water.Before delving into their color counterparts. although other colors can also be associated with or correspond with certain elements Fire The right amount of the fire element can bring warmth. relationships. Earth . energy. love and relationships. ‡ The Creative Cycle ± Fire is associated with ³fame´ and ³reputation´ within the bagua and wood is fuel for fire. ‡ Live it Up! Plants. life path and career. If it¶s not practical to have fireplace. This is by far the best and most natural element of fire energy. wall sconces and candles effectively enhance chi and promote wellbeing. ‡ Reflect the good things in life. activity and general good fortune to any area it is placed. abundance. and don¶t neglect to allow the sunlight to flow into the room. trees. enthusiasm. ‡ Sound ideas include chimes. Colors. ‡ Earth: Associated with health. it¶s helpful to understand the five elements associated with feng shui and what each stands for. If you are looking to build your reputation or become famous. there are decorative items that can be used to balance chi in every area of the bagua and bring a whole new look to your rooms: ‡ Lighten Up! Lamps. ‡ Metal: Associated with love. flowers and other living things add energy and soothe the spirit. reputation. children. mirrors. You don¶t have to move the fireplace. knowledge.

dark gray and deep blue. Still water. purple. security. deadlines. Water Consider the water element a source of great strength. Everyone can probably agree that their life could use a little more balance. the colors feng shui is ruled by are slightly different. In small doses. Leafy green hues are ideal. Some may find it tricky to incorporate wood colors into their homes without falling into the earth element. granite. The colors representative of earth are. such as olive green.The earth element is responsible for good health. mustard. purple not only encourages mental growth but also spiritual awareness. tin. but it¶s helpful to note that the color selection does differ slightly. aluminum. but any shade of green is a proper representative for wood. in more modern homes use black and white color palettes. Too much of any of these colors is discouraged because they can essentially ³flood´ the room. Alone they are quite harsh. relatively down-to-earth and relaxed as opposed to vibrant and over-the-top. and earthy tones such as beige and light yellow A home or room that is well balanced. patience. Though they appear earth-toned. In particular. The water element is best represented by black. Though bright blue might be the typical shade associated with water. Muted hues. are ideal for bringing the earth element into the home. Try small water fountains on tables. and yellow colors. Metal Fans of cool metallic colors will appreciate introducing the metal element into the home. and sharp angled points Wood: is represented by using actual wood. in small doses. Metal: is represented by using metallics. too. purifying properties bring calm. stone and other nature-inspired shades. carpet designs and other basic items that are relatively abundant in the home. stability and a sense of excitement and positive expectation to the home and the work place. honesty and stability. and the colors brown and green Earth: is represented by square shapes. these colors are brighter and more sociable at first glance. but when balanced by other hues they can easily make any space immensely inviting. White. in great part due to a small seed¶s ability to transform into a vibrant. Its presence in the home encourages comfort and relaxation. Water is also associated with travel and adventure due to its relation to external elements like the ocean and the sky. By paying attention to theelements of Feng Shui. healthy tree over time. safety. they bring tranquility. in particularly. red. green and brown are outstanding representatives for wood. and school activities seem to make life a little hectic sometimes. these shades are easily implemented into furniture schemes. as one may expect. items made from bronze. on the contrary. and the colors blue and black Fire: is represented in bright orange. Here is an example of a kitchen with all five elements of Feng Shui. gold. is a most welcome element in any home. brown. burnt orange. Schedules. It¶s also important to note that these hues are not necessarily neutrals. and the color white Water: is represented by wavy and curvy lines. grayand silver are excellent choices but avoid using only one of these shades. circular shapes. while increasing confidence and energy. In lieu of actual colors. Wood Wood is the element of prosperity and growth. they exude quite a strong energy. Its renewing. paint colors. iron and similar materials are strong replacements. you can achieve a sense of balance in your home and in your life. though. plants. according to Feng Shui has at least one of each of the . artwork depicting calm water and. which is another reason they should be used sparingly. They¶re easy to work with.

since light contains all colors. The light quality depends on the aspect. fabrics and skins in browns. where the climate suggests an indoor life. have to be used with care when introduced in countries where light quality differs. evoke the quality of the energy of each.each home and each room within it. then we can achieve true balance and harmony. these intense colors can play a useful role in moving the energy and. Ying and Yang give rise to the Five Elements and their associated colors. and decorations have the ability to both reflect light and to absorb it. balance and harmony are essential. In Britain. The Five Elements and Feng Shui decorating colors The Five Colors.five elements within it. Yin is the blackness which absorbs all colors and Yang the whiteness which reflects them. used to excess. Some Important Tips . Color can be used to cure physical ailments. Color is vibration. and the Fire element in the red flower. the intense colors of Indian silks and the warm colors of the Mediterranean palette. Each color covers a particular frequency range. Color influences how comfortable we are in different environments. it can make spaces appear larger or smaller according to both actual color and that color¶s intensity. the size of the rooms in relation to the light sources. When we use color. In Africa. from which arise the whole spectrum of colors. furnishings. say. Our use of color also affects how others perceive us. Similarly. The Tao teaches you that out of the inter-play of Yin and Yang all things come. pigments. It would be treating the subject superficially to simply ensure that the room has.of size (dark colors absorb more light than lighter ones) of depth (natural pigments draw light in or reflect it according to the time of day and the season) and of the movement (spots of color around the room create movement and energy there). Also. artificial light sources and. It affects our moods. along with their Five Elements. we shoulddecorate our homes accordingly to our tastes or we will never be comfortable there. We use them to highlight areas of our lives we wish to change. However. and the light is much less vibrant. and the Element associated with the ³direction´ it is in. are used where the sun beats down out of a bright blue sky. the same colors signify ³closing in´ and. The Metal element is represented by the white room. But a single green-stemmed. with aforethought. can be very effective. Light and Feng Shui decorating colors Light quality varies around the world. the Water element by the light moving through the glass and as the medium which gave rise to the flower. We should also remember the purpose of the room. and we each respond to it on many levels. And with color it is worth remembering that our conscious awareness of it is minuscule compared with its unconscious counterpart. However. the size of the windows and how they are decorated. In Feng Shui decorating colors. can lead to withdrawal and depression. a cushion in each of the Five Element colors. Yes -color wields enormous power in our lives. beige¶s and terracotta. red artificial Tulip in a glass vase in the south of an all-white room would bring in the Wood element in the green stem. and the Bagua Diagram gives us the associated colors to be used in each geographic direction. we are working with light. The Materials and Feng Shui decorating colors The materials we use on floors. of course. So every situation is different. both consciously and unconsciously. It can be used symbolically to enhance shapes. We can use color to create illusions.

Positive associations are excitement.‡ Avoid heavy doses of pastels or rich shades like red and black. not completely recreating it. It is less important if the flooring is wood. shame and hatred. as Feng Shui is about making one¶s environment balance. The color is associated with warmth. Purple. stone. While the element it represents is important. faithfulness and stability. Feng Shui Living Room Blue can be used in meditation rooms. it is also an aesthetic detail that should make sense in the general outline of the room. but not in family rooms. A rug can activate healthy energy flow into and through your living space by highlighting specific parts of a room. and as a means of enlarging space. You may choose to use the more adventurous shades as accents. associated with celebrations. instead. A carpet should blend with all the elements of the room. or carpet. Keep in mind that color is doubly important in designing a room. such as blue and white. dining rooms and studies. Feng Shui. color is powerful and can be used to enhance Ch¶i. but not bathrooms or kitchens. Blue is peaceful and soothing and is linked with spirituality. dignified and spiritual. a green carpet is the wood element and a gray carpet is the metal element. Negatives are suspicion and melancholia. Use in bedrooms and meditation rooms. is generally grouped with red as an auspicious color. contemplation. Negatives are mournfulness and force. Feng Shui Decorating with Color Psychologically. prosperity and stimulation. As an example. ‡ Follow the percentage plan if you¶re new to feng shui color planning: Lend most rooms anywhere between 50 to 90 percent of safe color (or those hues that are quite natural) and between 10 to 50 percent of risky color.Carpets and Floors Floors should be level so as not to cause equilibrium problems for the occupants. While many colors have common associations between the Chinese and Western worlds there are some notable departures. through its perception as simply a deep form of red. candles and plants) to create the perfect balance of all elements. blue is generally perceived as a healing color and therefore a popular choice when a relaxing environment is desired. Purple encourages vitality. Their respective energies can easily overwhelm any space and promote chaos instead of calmness. otherwise one risks creating an environment unsuited to those who must live and work in it. Conversely. Red is an auspicious Yang color. but also anger. passion and motivation. therapy rooms. It reduces the size of rooms and increases . Red is stimulating and dominant. purple is impressive. and like red. Use color judiciously and wisely. This does not mean that a color with negative associations to the Chinese can not be used in a positive sense in the Western world. but the ruling element (ie: wood if the room is in the north) should help you choose the color and pattern. bedrooms. Best used in small amounts as it can increase aggressiveness and hyperactivity. mystery and patience. good luck and an ability to banish negative Ch¶i. Color associations Blue is cool and calming but due to its associations as the secondary mourning color to the Chinese it is seldom used as a primary color. Blue¶s positive associations are trust. Ideal for those who are perhaps a little under-aggressive to improve response rates. but don¶t be afraid to mix it up with objects (such as mirrors. in the Western world. a color to use sparingly. but the color of the carpet can change the energy of a room.

conservatories and bathrooms. Black¶s positive qualities are intrigue. playrooms or studies. not suitable for children¶s rooms and dining rooms. children¶s bedrooms. growth and fresh energy. Use for bathrooms and kitchens. freedom and balance. while its negatives are craftiness. but not for meditation rooms or bathrooms. It is restful and refreshing. . Suitable for bedrooms. exaggeration and rigidity. Yellow is associated with enlightenment and intellect. It carries with it associations of money but needs to be used sparingly to avoid a depressive effect. cleansing and pure. Green¶s positive associations are optimism. Pink is linked with purity of thought and has the positive associations of happiness and romance with no negatives. lifelessness and starkness. White is perceived by the Chinese to be the major mourning color. Orange is a powerful and cheerful color. while its negatives are death. ideal for areas such as libraries. kitchens or workshops. White symbolizes new beginnings. where one wishes to improve one¶s wisdom and understanding. It is not suitable for dining rooms. It stimulates the brain and aids digestion. it is an auspicious color to include on the stationery and livery of new businesses. purity and innocence. Suitable for hallways and kitchens. Often used in teenagers¶ rooms and bedrooms. Green symbolizes growth. it should NOT be used in young childrens rooms. Pink represents love. Use in living or dining rooms and hallways. but not kitchens or bathrooms.. strength and allure.the size of objects. . whereas the Western world perceives white to be a celebratory color. Red is useful as an accent color. studies or living rooms. Its negatives are envy and deceit. Yellow¶s positive qualities are optimism. Its positive qualities are happiness. Its positives are safety and elegance. fertility and harmony. Good in therapy rooms. concentration and intellect. White¶s positive qualities are cleanliness and freshness. Yellow denotes power. therapy rooms. Black is mysterious and independent. intelligence and longevity bringing with it wisdom. happiness and romance ± the ideal color to use in the master bedroom if more romance is desired. but not in small rooms or bedrooms. Brown suggests stability and weight. a positive color for the digestive system that can be cleverly represented by the use of plants in wood or fire element dominated kitchens and dining rooms. orange encourages communication. depression and aging. tolerance and patience. reason and decisiveness. while its negatives are dinginess. and its negative is rebelliousness. darkness and evil. Good for studies. Green symbolizes hope. A symbol of growth. but not in family rooms. its negatives: cold. but not for bedrooms.






is a unique energy system. Special .org/wiki/Chakra ENERGY SYSTEM IN THE HUMAN BODY Among the great and innovative things that God has bestowed upon us and on the rest of the living entities. is not only what we can see by the naked eye.Aura or Chakra http://en. The human being's body. which is our main concern.wikipedia. but also an invisible system supplying the whole body with energy.

Moreover. the importance of the aura lies in the fact that it protects the body and its cells from the negative universal energy surrounding us. The Almighty wisely created the energy system within the human beings' body. relaxation and anger. to protect the physical body from harmful (negative) universal energy surrounding it. It is more important to mention that the health status has its own obvious impact on a person¶s aura. the aura¶s colours. .cameras could study and take an image reflecting the status of the energy system in any living object. An Aura's shape differs from mood to mood. The energy system in the human body consists of: -AURA -CHAKRAS -MERIDIANS The AURA : Aura is the electromagnetic field of energy that surrounds the human beings' bodies or any living entity. like happiness. Also. Any ordinary person can see the aura with his/her naked eye by practicing certain and regular exercises. Generally speaking. density and shape vary within the same person depending on his /her psychological mood. the aura could be described as a fingerprint. no human being's aura looks alike. Each layer has its own specific function that distinguishes it from the other layers. the essence of life. It supplies the body with the positive energy and prevents the harmful (negative) energy to penetrate the body. sadness. The energy system supplies the whole body with energy. Many equipment and cameras have been invented to capture images of an aura. Aura is composed of many layers.

then a kind of interaction between the vibrations in both of them take place.two minor chakras distributed along the human body. CHAKRAS: Chakra means ³wheel´. Upon meeting somebody. This is because we have two types of auras. attractive and repulsive. resulting in either repulsion or attraction between you and the other person. We usually say that a person is amiable. The human body has seven major chakras and twenty.It is noteworthy to say that the aura can explain the phenomenon of attraction or repulsion at first sight. It also moves and distributes energy to the whole body through the Meridians. Chakra receives and radiates energy. It is referred to as such because of its spiral movement. attractive or unbearable without making their acquaintance. interference takes place between your aura and the other person's aura. The seven major chakras are stipulated as follows: * Root chakra * Sacral chakra * Solar plexus chakra * Heart chakra * Throat chakra * Brow chakra/(Third eye chakra) * Crown chakra .

e. It is important to say that even the chakras themselves are connected via a channel functioning as a supplying line to distribute energy all over the body. If we have a look at the chakras locations. The importance of those charkas lies in the fact that each chakra is connected with a major gland and a neutral network. we will notice that they are located along the major endocrine glands that play an important role in the human body i. pineal.Charkas act as a station to send and receive energy. thyroid. This channel extends from the first to the last chakra to ensure a good energy distribution to the area in need of energy. pancreas adrenal and prostate glands. pituitary. .

The chakra looks like a funnel. THE MERIDIANS (ENERGY FLOW PATHWAYS :) . determine the size of the human being's mental and emotional mood. psychological security. the chakras play a major role in stimulating those glands and supplying them with energy and keeping them intact and active. Moreover. Accordingly. those glands have their impact on our actions. When the healer stimulates the chakras he/she automatically stimulates the glands and restores the energy to ensure a good health to the rest of the body. the divine innovation is clearly reflected on the choice of the chakras location. activity. The function and the development of those glands are very important to lead a healthy life. as the hormones that are secreted by those glands. Each chakra has got a color that varies in accordance to the energy vibration and its speed. body shape and mentality. present conditions. Therefore. and our biological process. For the reasons mentioned above. we realize how important Reiki is. Also those glands have control over our energy. it is narrow at the bottom and wide at the top. as the endocrine glands play an important role in the human body.

myreiki. Each meridian has a certain name and they could be studied from "Energy Anatomy Science" perspective. and they reach up to fourteen meridians. dogs. Energy flow stops or gets weak depending on the degree of the blockage. This leads to an insufficient supply of energy to the organ.html Information given by Margo Spencer from the Tao Shen Ming Academy of Sacred Sciences . Meridians extend from the head to foot. what happens in the case of a meridian blockage is the same. They look like arteries and veins that transfers blood. horse and so on. A blocked meridian leads to the impedance of the energy flow within the organs connected with it. Reference from http://www. but also include mammals like cats. Health troubles start taking place upon the blockage of one of the meridians. it also includes energy. causing health problems pertaining to all organs connected to the blocked meridians.Meridians are channels acting as a medium to transfer energy throughout the organs of the human body. meridians are not only exclusive to the human being bodies. This is similar to an infarction or a clot befalling one of the arteries. Anatomy is not only exclusive to human body organs.

If we do not work . Chakra Energy can become in a state of disharmony through negative thoughts. so as to align a particular Chakra. This is also a positive sign that the Chakra Essence is cutting through and exposing some density. which are part of the Subtle Body. & they work together to help to maintain the Body. The Chakra Essences assist us to change negative thought patterns. Another way is that the person may experience some negative emotions that have been buried deep for some time. The thoughts arise from a heart level. Chakra Self-Reflection Chakra Self-Reflection will help you to work with your Vibrational Essences and assist you in recognizing any negative thoughts that have obstructed the inflow of Light through a particular Chakra or Chakras. Spirit. Chakra Essences work in many ways and all of these ways are positive.The Chakra Flower Essences are to help invigorate your vital life energy. Mind. by doing what is called Chakra Self-Reflection. The Chakra Essences have a very LIGHT Vibration. that has blocked the flow of a particular Chakra area. Negative life situations arrive through negative thoughts. It is best to work consciously with the Chakra Essences. somewhere in their unconscious or subconscious. There are Seven Main Chakras. One way in which these Vibrational Essences work is that the person may feel stronger and have a sense that they are not reacting in the usual ways and feel or sense a response rather than a reaction. The Seven main Chakras each have Seven Main Levels of Subtle Energy and each of these Seven Levels work as one. and Soul in a harmonious state.

consciously with the Chakra Essences we may notice that we experience some negative emotions and not understand why. ³I am grounded. May assist in problems relating to reproductive organs and genitals.´ ³I am comfortable with myself and comfortable with the men & women in my life´ ³I am willing to make the positive changes that help myself and others to move forward´ 3rd Chakra MANIPURA The Solar Plexus Chakra. Self-Reflection is a Self-Checking gauge to help you to know that you are moving and clearing what has to be cleared in order to re-establish the harmonious flow of Chakra Qi or Energy. All in all. Kidney and Ovaries ³I am in the right relationship at the right time. the Chakra Essences work in a positive way to assist in clearing negative influences that have created obstruction to the flow of Chakra Energy to a particular area. it can be a positive sign that the Chakra Essences are working. This is not negative in itself. Colon. The Chakra Essences can ripen the time for this eruption. or maybe not felt before at all. because Negative emotions do not go away. This is a good thing. A negative emotion or attitude may arise whilst taking a Chakra Essence. There is a positive work you can do to enhance this Vital Flow of Chakra Energy and this is called SelfReflection. May assist in problems relating to the digestion and overall physical strength . The Essences 1st Chakra MULADHARA The Base Chakra ³I am the Foundation´ To help grounding and to assist with learning difficulties. in the right place with the right person. they lie dormant and waiting to erupt at some time. safe & secure´ ³Sex is a pure and pleasurable experience for me´ ³I am successful´ 2nd Chakra SWADHISTHANA The Sacral Chakra ³I Create and Relate´ Helps to connect with ones sexuality. that maybe you have not felt for along time. May assist in problems relating to the Adrenal glands. ³I am´ Helps to connect to ones Power and Self Esteem.

assists in problems related to the Pituitary gland and head ³The Love and wisdom within me produces all that is right in my life´ ³I am at one with the universal energy and divine light´ ³I am attuned to divine wisdom´ . ³I am cosmic consciousness´ Helps to attune to higher wisdom. May assist in problems relating to the Pineal gland and eyes ³I am intuitive´ ³I am divinely conscious and aware´ ³My divine intelligence is used for the good of all´ 7th Chakra SAHASRARA The Crown Center.´ ³I am free to be me´ ³I integrate life situations with ease and harmony´ 4th Chakra ANAHATA The Heart Chakra. May assist in problems relating to the Thyroid and Throat ³I receive and deliver information clearly´ ³I express myself appropriately at all times´ ³I am attuned to Divine grace and guidance´ 6th Chakra AJNA The Third Eye Center ³I am Divine spiritual awareness´ Helps in connecting to higher communication channels and clairvoyance abilities. May assist in problems relating to the Thymus gland and Chest ³I give and receive love unconditionally´ ³I am compassionate and loving to all and all are compassionate and loving towards me´ ³The Love within me is Divine and used for the highest good of all´ 5th Chakra VISHUDDHI The Throat Chakra ³I Express´ Helps in problems relating to Expression & Communication. ³I Love´ Helps to connect to Love and Compassion in all types of relationship. To attune to ones intuition and access the Akashic records.³I am a Divine and powerful Being.

8th Chakra CHEMPAKA Beyond Crown Only to be used when all Chakras are in harmony. Use Morning and Night for 2 weeks or when needed. To connect with your personal guide and soul travel LIGHT TRANSMISSION This Essence heightens the frequency of any essence. . Can be used to clean essences/crystals energetically if necessary. Suggested usage for Chakra Flower Essences: Take up to 7 drops on your tongue or on reflexology points (never touch the dropper with any body part) .

fail. all employees live the values 2 Corporate culture inspires people and nurtures an attitude of relentless growth 3 Team culture reigns. personality. teams are infused with purpose.Balanced Organization: 5 Basic Elements Organizational Effectiveness Checklist: Balancing Five Different Types of Energy Leadership (Fire) Score 1 Corporate vision inspires and energizes all employees 2 Leaders are energized. and lead by example 3 Leaders inspire and energize people. communicate strategic direction. provide coaching 4 Leaders create positive change and see change as an opportunity Sub-total (max=20) Corporate Culture (Earth) Score 1 Shared values link the organization together. and begin again more intelligently Sub-total (max=20) Performance Management (Water) Score 1 Motivation systems encourage extraordinary performance from all employees 2 Suggestion systems involve all employees in continuous efficiency improvement 3 Coaching environment helps people unlock their true potential 4 Effective performance measurement system is established . and passion 4 Customer-focused quality culture and continuous improvement culture established Sub-total (max=20) Empowered Employees (Metal) Score 1 People are sharply aligned with corporate vision and strategies 2 Individuals and teams are empowered and have a decision-making authority 3 People hate and fight bureaucracy relentlessly at all organizational levels 4 Innovators have freedom to experiment.

diversity is leveraged 4 Leadership development programs help grow leaders at all organizational levels Sub-total (max=20) Total (max=100) . cross-functional innovation teams are empowered 3 Cross-functional synergies are exploited.Sub-total (max=20) Corporate Capabilities (Wood) Score 1 Effective creativity. idea and knowledge management systems are established 2 Teamwork is made a religion.

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