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Stickles stand
Last year, I got a cupcake stand from Kaisercraft for my niece. She is crazy about cupcakes and has made every single cupcake in Martha Stewart's book. I didn't get around to decorating the stand for her so I ended up getting her something else for Christmas last year. Fast forward to this year and I am planning my 2nd annual New Year's Eve crop. My original plan was to bake a cake and decorate it for New Year's, but then I thought I should decorate that darn cupcake stand and make cupcakes. Actually, my only reason for making cupcakes was the stand I'm not that much into cupcakes. Anyway, I was telling my husband about this idea I had about using my drill (I love my drill) to make holes in an old shelf thingie to make a holder for my Stickles. We talked about how I would measure out the spacing and I thought about using MakeTheCut to design a template. Then he came up with the BRILLIANT IDEA of making the Stickles stand from my cupcake holder. I just stared at him and as the idea revolved in my head, I yelled that he was freaking ingenious. That started everything in motion. Let me warn you that it is a bit timeconsuming to make, but it will be the perfect way to store my Stickles because I will be able to group them by colour and see the colours so easily.

Karin Adamczyk I started scrapbooking to preserve my family's memories and express my creative side (which I only discovered a few years ago). I have not been artistic all my life like so many of you I only started with scrapbooking in 2008 and am now seriously addicted to many forms of crafting. Recently friends have asked me to start teaching about the things I have learned so I have decided to do just that. On my blog, I hope to teach others how to use all kinds of fabulous equipment, tools and products. View my complete profile

Partially completed Stickles stand. The bottom shelf will hold 126 Stickles. I have not counted how many more the middle and top shelves will hold.

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Spacing of bottles is perfect with my template.

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Larger bottles also fit because the size of the cap is the same, but you may need to space them further apart.

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You can see the circles I drew using my template.

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The holes are all 3/4" in diameter, but I still need to sand and even some out.

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This project works for Stickles, alcohol inks, reinkers and other products.

The drill bit I used to make the holes is called a "spade bit".

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All I did was lay the template over the shelf. In some areas, I could make more holes, so I just moved the template around until I reached every area where I could make holes without cutting through the edges of the shelf. I made this template to help me draw the circle guides on the shelves for drilling my holes. I cut the template with my KNK Maxx and then just traced them onto the shelf with a pencil.

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I left out holes in the centre because the shelves are assembled with a stand that goes through the centre.


The MTC file I designed has two versions. One for the cupcake stand and one with holes included in the middle so you can use the template for any type of soft wood box or other container. You don't have to use a cupcake stand. You might have something around the house already. You can download the template from here.

at 3:51 PM

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cricutlover20 said... WOW!! That is awesome! You must have a ton of stickles. Love it, thanks for sharing, Cindy December 29, 2011 8:39 PM

Click to join ScrapperCreations Jann H Schott said...



What a great idea! Now if you placed it on a turntable, it could rotate and all the colors could be easily accessible! Grab a Dremel with a drum head sander and it'll be easy to sand all those holes! ;) December 29, 2011 11:30 PM

Karin Adamczyk said... It is on a Wilton turntable and I am using my Dremel to sand (love my Dremel too!!) December 29, 2011 11:46 PM

Pam said... Love the idea!! December 30, 2011 7:50 PM

Choka said... I had this exact idea the other day I even drew a pictire for my bil to make when he returns from holiday (He's a carpenter so has all the right gear) But then i was looking at a wire cake stand where the spaces seemed just right. I have to go back to the store today with some stickles in my bag to see if they fit.... December 31, 2011 6:58 AM

Craftyhomemade said... Wow, great idea. Beautiful, too. Indira December 31, 2011 1:47 PM

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