This game was created by Matthew Hyndman for the experimental gameplay project.

Since then it has been added to and refined to be the game that you see now. ( It is still a work in progress. If you have problems with the game, or just have something to say, I can be cont acted at

--HOW TO PLAY-Here is a brief summary of the controls. Most of this will be explained ingame i f you haven't played before. You select a unit to control, and then have 10 seconds to move it with WASD and shoot with the mouse, with the goal of destroying all of the targets. After the 10 seconds you can choose a different unit to control while your past self fight s alongside you. Rockets will home towards the mouse, and shields will block enemy shots while st ill allowing friendly shots through. Also, x will end control of a unit early, R will quickly restart control of the current unit, space will allow you to watch the battle without controlling anyth ing, WASD will allow you to move the camera if you are not controlling a unit, a nd esc will go to the menu while playing and quit while in the menu. Level compl etion is autosaved to your computer's local files. Green units are on your team, but you cannot control them. Instead they will hav e a predefined set of orders that they will follow. Ninjas can click to activate stealth mode. while in stealth mode, they cannot be harmed, they move faster, and time passes more slowly. Ninjas destroy towers by touching the tower. The shield gunner acts as a shield unit and a gunman at the same time. The Void will creates holes in nearby walls such that friendly shots can pass th rough them but units other than the void and towers cannot. Maps created by the map editor will be autosaved to somewhere in your local user documents. Hovering over a unit that has already acted will show where the unit went, what it killed, and what killed it (if applicable). == = CREDITS = == Everything in the game, other than the fonts, sound effects, and the engine, was created by myself. The plaintext font (JBRond) and the title font (JBEtude) were made by Jean Boyau lt ( ) The font used for the stop,replay, and ESC buttons, alpha flight, was created by ck ( )

nu " The gunshot played at the start of each round is by dobroide ( http://www. Love2D is a framework for making 2D und. ( ) .php?id=8043 ) The engine.Most of the sound effects are from " independent.

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