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Lagoon Hospitals to launch Nigeria’s first private Sports Medicine Service.
Signs Strategic Alliance with startup medical practice group led by Sports Medicine expert Dr. Dayo Osholowu
As part of its ongoing strategy to offer bespoke medical services to its various customer groups, the Lagoon Hospitals Group announced today they have signed a strategic alliance with the Medical Practice of Dr. Dayo Osholowu, a FIFA and IOC Medical Commission Certified Sports Physician affiliated with the University of Cape Town Sports and Exercise Medicine Department. Under the agreement the practice of Dr. Osholowu will be responsible for the care of Sports Injuries. In addition, Dr. Osholowu will undertake a “hands on” administration and clinical management of the Sports Medicine service in partnership with the Lagoon Hospital group. “We are absolutely thrilled to have entered into a Strategic Alliance with the Medical practice of Dr. Adedayo Osholowu. Once again, Lagoon Hospitals are proud to be involved in delivering a new service which is the first of its kind in Nigeria. Having Dr Osholowu on board, can only be

Dayo Osholowu Medical Practice Group ©
an added bonus to the Hospital Group” said Joe Hazel, Chief Operating Officer at Lagoon Hospitals. "Lagoon is the leading hospital group in Nigerian and their commitment to delivering healthcare of recognized excellence evidenced by the recent accreditation by the JCI makes them the ideal partner to launch the first sports medicine service in Nigeria," said Dr. Osholowu. The ultimate objective of the alliance is to deliver a world class Sports Medicine Service for the urban Nigerian market. The target population for the service includes Professional Athletes training and competing in the city of Lagos, Youth and Adolescent Athletes, Recreational Athletes and Weekend Warriors and people living with Non Communicable Chronic Diseases like Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Hypertension. We are also confident that with the location of 2 National Stadiums and the hosting of several international tournaments in the City of Lagos there would be a huge opportunity to service international athletes during their time at these events which will serve as a form of Medical Tourism. We estimate that an average of 3,000 to 5,000 patients will access the service every year based on the epidemiological data of the target population and empirical knowledge," says Dr Dayo Osholowu

Dr Adedayo Osholowu was most recently appointed to join the International Medical Team for Special Olympics World Games held in Athens Greece in June 2011. This follows an earlier appointment by Dr Danny Jordan FIFA South Africa 2010 Chief Executive as a Member of the Medical Team of Africa’s first FIFA World Cup. Lagoon Hospitals Apapa and Ikeja recently became the 1st Hospitals in Sub-Saharan Africa to earn accreditation from Joint Commission International (JCI), the globally acclaimed and recognized agency certifying hospitals and healthcare organizations with world standards and best practice in healthcare delivery. A formal signing ceremony and press briefing is scheduled to hold in the New Year.

About Lagoon The Lagoon Hospital Group is the pioneer of advanced medical care in Nigeria and is committed to delivering the highest standards of professionalism and service. The first lagoon Hospital was established in 1986 in Apapa and since then additional hospitals have been opened in Ikeja and Victoria Island.

About the Dayo Osholowu Medical Practice Corporation (DOMP Corp) In October 2011 we entered into a strategic alliance with Lagoon Hospitals Nigeria’s leading private Hospital Group to license and operate the Dayo Osholowu Brand of Sports Injury Clinics targeted at amateur, recreational, youth athlete’s and weekend warriors across Africa. Leveraging on the expertise and know-how of its founder and our track record from providing services to leading professional athletes across the Continent, we have developed an innovative business model to fill an unmet market need. We operate and manage clinics in partnership with the leading hospital groups to reach patients requiring world class Sports injury care and exercise Advice to fit their lifestyle needs: an existing and growing market across Africa. We also retain our primary business of providing independent medical services for professional teams and tournament organizers in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. We are also currently in talks with the leading hospital groups in Ghana and Kenya to launch the service in these markets and are actively seeking management contracts with teams and tournament organizers across the continent.

Dayo Osholowu Medical Practice Group ©
With an estimated turnover of over N200 million, we intent to seek a listing of the companies on the second-tier securities market (SSM) of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) in June 2012 and open our own Dayo Osholowu Wellness Center: a mixed use lifestyle medical mall concept in the city of Lagos Nigeria in June 2014.

About Dr Adedayo Osholowu Dr Adedayo Osholowu is the Current Clinical Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) funded Special Olympics International Healthy Athletes Program in Nigeria. He is also currently an Mphil Candidate in Sports and Exercise Medicine at the University of Cape Town South Africa Exercise Science and Sports Medicine Department and the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. He is certified as a Sports Medicine Physician by the Medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and completed the International Federation of Sports Medicine Team Physician Development Postgraduate course in 2006. He is a Member of the Federations de International Du Sport Medicine (FIMS). Dayo has been personal physician to many Nigerian Athletes including Nigerian International Basketball professional Michael Ani and Nigerian Tennis Pro Yinka Thompson. Dayo is currently an independent Sports Medicine Clinician and Scientist based in between Lagos and Johannesburg. He has a full license to practice in The Federal Republic of Nigerian and received a temporary licensure to practice in the Republic of South Africa in June 2010. Dr. Osholowu has a track record of working to pioneer Sports and Exercise Medicine in Africa. In February 2010 he was selected as one of the 10 African Sports Medicine experts invited to present his research in Football Medicine at the 3rd FIFA Football Medicine Conference in Sun City South Africa in preparation for the World Cup in South Africa. In October 2010 he was one of the 150 African Leaders invited to attend the 1st African Leaders Forum on Diabetes hosted by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) as part of efforts to lead the promotion of Exercise in the fight against Non Communicable Chronic Diseases in Africa.( Find him on Facebook and LinkedIn and @drdo on twitter.

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