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A Totally Democratically-Controlled Government

Carl Sterling Parnell, Ed.D.

If the upcoming 2008 Presidential and Congressional Elections have the outcome that has
been projected by the news media, the Democratic Party will control the Presidency, the
House of Representatives, and the Senate. Also, there is a possibility that the Democrats
would obtain at least 60 seats in the Senate. This would prevent any filibuster, a method
used to keep a bill from coming to a Senate vote on a bill, from happening. Therefore, it
would take a bipartisan effort to stop the passage of any bill that the Democrats wanted to
become a law of the land, especially since President Obama would most likely not veto
any law advocated by members of his own political party. However, will the Democratic
Party be able to achieve a utopia in the United States through their policy of change? In
fact, what possible consequences might have to be encountered by Americans the next
four years as a result of the new Democratic policy of change?
The first change that would take place during an Obama administration would be the
spreading of the wealth of America’s working people. President Obama would make the
"Robin Hood" ideology an integral part of his economic plan. He would take from the
wealthy and give to the poor. In fact, if Karl Marx was alive he would be proud of
President Obama. Of course, the United States has been spreading the wealth for years
in some of its welfare-type programs, such as payments to destitute, handicapped,
unemployed, sick, and aged Americans. However, apparently some Americans actually
believe that President Obama would take money from those who have and give it to those
who do not have large amounts of money. Needless to say, it is obvious that a
Democratically-controlled government will increase taxes on the filthy rich and, most
likely, on the not so filthy rich, too. But, based on the bill that Senator Obama introduced
in the Senate last spring, he would increase taxes to possibly fund his Global Poverty Tax.
His goal for the introduction of this bill was to help people in other countries who are
poverty-stricken. The bill requested over 800 billion dollars to be sent to third world
countries to eliminate poverty. He would use the United Nations to spread this wealth all
over the world. But, fortunately, Senator Obama’s bill never made it out of the
committee. However, if it had passed, who would trust the United Nations to distribute
money equitably? Would it be equitable to give so much money away to other nations
when the United States is suffering economically itself? Also, was Senator Obama
thinking of middle class Americans when he proposed his Global Poverty Tax?
The second change that would take place during an Obama administration would be the
advancement of the gay rights’ agenda. This past spring 52 members of the House of
Representatives formed a coalition of 50 Democrats and 2 Republicans who swore to
promote the gay rights’ agenda in Congress. Since President Obama supports the gay
rights’ agenda, could it be possible that more Congressmen might just jump aboard the
bandwagon? But, it is ridiculous to think that America’s elected representatives would
spend any of their time to promote an alternative sexual orientation when America is
fighting on two war fronts and whose economy and energy programs are in shambles.
Will President Obama and Congress finally pass a national "hate speech" and "hate
crime" law that gives more punishment for harming a homosexual than an ordinary
citizen? It would be a needless law since there are already several civil rights laws that
were enacted in the 1960s. However, as a result of a totally Democratically-controlled
Congress and a Democratic President of the United States, these new attempts to protect
a group’s sexual orientation might just pass. Then, the freedoms given to all Americans in
the First Amendment might just be stifled.
The third change that would take place during an Obama administration would be the
demoralization of American troops in Iraq. If American troops come home without
complete victory, those who gave their life in defense of their country would have done it
in vain. Also, America must keep its reputation as having the greatest military force in the
world. If U.S. forces come home without defeating America’s enemies, the future of the
security of the United States could very well be jeopardized. This is the reason that the
United States must win the war in Iraq and also in Afghanistan. But, if President Obama
gives up too early on these wars and undermines the integrity of the greatest fighting
machine in the world, he would be establishing a precedent for defeat in the current wars
and in any combat battles in the future. Of course, there will be future wars that the
United States will have to fight probably in the very near future. Therefore, a weak
commander-in-chief will demoralize America’s troops and Americans in general.
The fourth change that would take place during an Obama administration would be the
resurgence of the Democratic Party’s pro-abortion agenda in the United States. President
Obama and his congressional colleagues would shore up any efforts to rid America of the
blight caused by Roe v. Wade. But, the fact that taxpayers money would be used to pay
for abortions for women who could not afford them is atrocious. How can a nation
founded on the principles of the Bible continue to permit its leaders to promote such an
abomination to God? Why should President Obama say "God Bless America" at the end
of any speech that he would make? Of course, more importantly, what are the chances
that President Obama would ever say "God Bless America" at the end of one of his
speeches? But, it really does not matter if he does or not. God is not going to bless a
nation that continually aborts (murders) unborn babies. In fact, according to Psalms 9:15,
17, and 19, the heathen are sunk down in the pit that they made: in the net which they hid
is their own foot taken. The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that
forget God. Arise, O Lord: let not man prevail: let the heathen be judged in thy sight.
President Obama, please read the handwriting on the wall.
The fifth change that would take place during an Obama administration would be the
government’s involvement in providing healthcare for all Americans. Everyone in
America should have health insurance. Life is too risky to walk around without any
healthcare coverage. However, does the United States government have the proper
credentials to run a nationalistic healthcare program? According to the dictates of a
market economy, it is the responsibility of individuals to purchase health insurance from
a private health insurance company. But, in a command economy, the type government
associated with communism and socialism, the government provides healthcare for its
entire people. Is this the direction that Americans want their national government to
follow in order to ensure that all Americans have appropriate healthcare? Do Americans
really want their government to control every aspect of their life? Should the United
States government have the right to pressure private insurance companies to meet its
demands? Should the United States government have the power to force Americans to
pay a fine to the government if they cannot afford health insurance for their children? It
appears that freedom of choice has been eliminated as part of the way that Americans live
their lives.
The sixth change that would take place during an Obama administration would be the
placement of a person in the highest office of the land who has very little leadership
experience. He has been a state senator in Illinois and presently he is in his first term as a
United States Senator representing the state of Illinois. Since he has never been governor
of a state or mayor of a town, Senator Obama has no major budgeting experience. He also
has never served in the military. Therefore, Senator Obama does not have the credentials
to be the chief administrator and commander-in-chief of the greatest democracy in the
world. Would a person who has never taught school be hired as the school principal?
Would a recruit in the Army be promoted to general? Would a recent graduate of a police
academy be hired as the local police chief? Would a first-year medical student be given
an internship at a major hospital? Would a file clerk be promoted to CEO of a large
corporation? Of course, the answer to all these questions would be a resounding "NO."
Then, why are some people in the United States attempting to promote a freshman U.S.
senator to the Office of the Presidency? It makes absolutely no sense at all!
The seventh change that would take place during an Obama administration would be the
possible association of the President of the United States with people who have
questionable characters and or negative reputations. There are three main people that
Senator Obama has had associations with that, according to some people, are less than
desirable. First, Jeremiah Wright was Senator Obama’s former pastor for over twenty
years. During this time, Rev. Wright preached many anti-American messages. The fact
that Senator Obama stayed at Rev. Wright’s church is a good indication that he does not
have a good judgment of character, especially since Rev. Wright was attacking the
integrity of the United States. Second, William Ayers, who is currently a college
education professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago, admits to being involved with
terrorist activities and bombing government buildings in the 1960s. Supposedly, Mr.
Ayers stated that he wished that he had been even more active that he was. He was the
founder of the Weathermen underground group. In fact, according to Conservatopedia,
Mr. Ayers and his wife would have been sentenced to time in prison in the 1980s if it was
not for the illegal surveillance procedures used by the government. Senator Obama and
Mr. Ayers have worked on several committees together in the Chicago area. This also is
an indication that Senator Obama permits himself to be aligned with people who do not
promote the best interest of the United States. Third, Bill Clinton, who worked with
Senator Obama’s presidential campaign team, was another person who, at least in the
past, did not have a good character. In fact, it is amazing how quickly the American
public have forgotten that he was impeached by the House of Representatives for sexual
misconduct while he was in the Office of the Presidency (only the second President in the
history of the United States). Therefore, it appears that Senator Obama has an ongoing
problem of associating with people who do not have good characters and good
reputations or unsavory people who dislike the United States. Who will he associate with
while in the Office of the Presidency?
The eighth change that would take place during an Obama administration would possibly
be the placement of a possible political Pied Piper in the highest governmental office in
the nation. As most adults know, the Pied Piper made an agreement with the local mayor
in a small German town to get rid of all the rats. He charmed the rats with the beautiful
music from his bewitching pipe. The Pied Piper got the rats to follow him to the local
river where they all drowned. But, when the mayor refused to pay the Pied Piper, he used
his pipe to get the local school students to follow him away from the town. However,
hopefully modern-day Americans do not recreate the story of the Pied Piper with a new
political twist. During the past months, like the Pied Piper, Senator Barack Obama has
rapidly become a viable part of America’s political scene. He has charmed many
Americans by using the eloquence of his words, not a musical pipe, to get fifty percent of
the America’s population to support his bid for the Presidency of the United States. He
has promised, like all Presidential candidates, anything and everything to win the
majority of Americans over to his political side. Mainly, he has used the revamping of a
sluggish economy, lower taxes for most Americans, and a new government-inspired
healthcare program as his selling points. However, where will America’s political Pied
Piper lead the American people? Will he lead America to the river of big government and
big government spending? What would America’s political Pied Piper do when he gets
his first budget and realizes that he will not have a large enough budget to fund all his pet
projects. Would he make his followers saddened if he signed into law the largest tax
increase in the history of the United States?
In conclusion, on November 4, 2008, the Democratic Party could gain control of the
House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Presidency. If this does happen, President
Obama would be able to get the Democratic Party’s liberal agenda approved rather
rapidly. Of course, since liberalism is destroying the core of America’s value system,
even darker days could be on the horizon for the nation that was founded on Biblical
principles. Possibly, at some point in time, God might just say that "enough is enough."
Therefore, if America is to regain its dominance and prominence in the world, President
Obama would need to use the teachings of the Bible as his political guide. Of course,
since Senator Obama professes to be a Christian, he should not have any problem
recanting his liberal value system which is contrary to the teachings of the Bible. But,
since President Obama is presently one of the most liberal politicians in America, second
only to Ted Kennedy, it might not be advisable to hold your breath! Hopefully, the people
who vote for Senator Obama for President of the United States will not regret their
decision. Also, prayerfully, the people who did not vote for Senator Obama will not
regret that he was elected to be the President of the United States. God Bless America!

Dr. Parnell is a retired public school educator and presently teaches social science courses 
at a private, Christian high school in Georgia.  He is the author of From Schoolhouse to
Courthouse: Exposing America’s New Terror from Within (Wheatmark Publishing,
ISBN: 1-58736-613-4). He is also a guest columnist on several online websites.