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THIS IS NOT A DRILL FOLKS ! THE DEATHS AND DANGERS ARE REAL PLUS CERTIFIED ! How slick could it be to even think Professional People AKA THEY knew 1 out of every 200 humans would DIE and become sick plus treated by Medical Professionals while dying because of the IRON OR RUST levels in drinking water, well water, bottled water PLUS the children and adults all over this Nation have no clue what is causing their deaths in schools from drinking water and eating foods prepared with toxic water. ALL ALONG I THOUGHT IT WAS ONLY FROM THE FAILURE TO DECONTAMINATE FAUCET AERATOR'S, SHOWER HEADS PLUS CHLORINE SHOCK HOT AND COLD WATER LINES WHEN CLOSING SCHOOLS FOR MONTHS ! Add the latest REVELATION then wonder IF this is not PLANNED and hidden by someone until I stumbled on to the problem locally which is in every State, every Building and especially every school or home built between 1940 thru 1999 and perhaps beyond. Now, more than ever I suggest everyone switch to drinking DISTILLED WATER, COOKING WITH DISTILLED WATER ONLY to save your own family and life. Read the Hemochromatosis attachment and remember there are TESTS which can be done by Government or Parents on their Children to see if THOSE KIDS IN SCHOOL ARE ALREADY CONTAMINATED BY THE FAILURE OF CITY, STATE, COUNTY AND SCHOOLS TO REMOVE THE GALVANIZED PIPING ATTACHED TO BRASS CAUSING THE ILLNESSES. How many people have already been sick and died or will die in the near future from this toxic killer ? THIS IS NOT A DRILL FOLKS ! THE DEATHS AND DANGERS ARE REAL PLUS CERTIFIED ! Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr., age 71, Victim and Whistleblower 010212
-------Original Message------From: Ruth DeLaMater Bundy or Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr. Date: 1/2/2012 4:07:11 AM To: Chuck Plante; Clearing House; Kathryn Walker; Robert Wegmann; Gerald Durso; Kirk, Nancy M.;;; CFO Jeff Atwater; Senator Bill Nelson; Beckner, Kevin;; Weiss, T. Barton;;;;;; Rep. Paul; Senator John McCain


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Such message is already attached to a scribd account going WORLDWIDE at: The file is UP NOW on the above and below LINKED scribd location. Check incoming piping and outgoing piping with a MAGNET if the magnet sticks YOU ARE IN TROUBLE WITH RUST AND IRON. Did YOU look up HEMOCHROMATOSIS on Google ? 1 IN EVERY 200 ADULTS AND CHILDREN ARE AT RISK AND CAN DIE IF YOU DO NOT CONFIRM AND CORRECT YOUR POTABLE WATER LINES WITH RUST PROBLEM FOR ALL SCHOOLS. Imagine how many attend, how many work there and how many food service people do not know the dangers. The figures are from your own Government and can be confirmed by the Hillsborough County Health Department MEDICAL STAFF as dangerous, potentially LETHAL to 1 out of 200 people of all ages ALL ACROSS THIS STATE, ALL STATES, ALL MILITARY BASES, ALL OFFICIAL BUILDINGS AND ALL HOMES BUILT FROM 1940 THRU 1999. Seems like the entire Nation is at risk in Hotels, Motels, Codo, Apartments, Rental Units, camping items, retreats, buildings and jails or prisons. WORTHY OF REVIEW FOR SCHOOLS ? Get Galvanized piping changed to BRASS/PVC/CPVC PIPING ONLY PLEASE AND SAVE LIVES ! Your School Board UF/TREEO Tester for the County Of Hillsborough School Board one Mr. Kenneth Waite can show you with a Camera which schools provide RUST to children and adults if YOU ask him to give you a survey. As a Backflow Assembly UF/TREEO CERTIFIED TESTER AND PLUMBING CONTRACTOR NOT FIRE PROTECTION OR FIRE MARSHAL CERTIFIED MY FIRM MAY NOT TOUCH OR TEST ANY FIRE LINE DEDICATED BACKFLOW ASSEMBLY TO SEE IF IT IS LEAKING OR LEACHING FIRE LINE WATER INTO YOUR DOMESTIC SCHOOL WATER LINES. Have a real Court Case attached telling me NOT TO TEST FIRE LINES without Fire Marshal Certifications of a particular designation. To


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my knowledge City of Tampa and County of Hillsborough think THEY ALL ARE EXEMPT from the Laws but I beg to differ with them and find testing Fire Lines by simple Testers NOT FIRE MARSHAL CERTIFIED to be in violation of the known LAW and super dangerous. Reminds me of a visit to Waters and Sheldon at the Treatment Plant where the person in charge of all Treatment Plants indicated "WE ARE EXEMPT FROM TESTING OF BACKFLOW ASSEMBLIES !" which was wrong and caused reclaimed water to be fed into the County Main Water Lines for MONTHS. After my inspection and calling in the Chief Plumbing Inspector Carl Conte and Inspector Robert Dicecco they were able to convince the COUNTY SUPERVISOR OR DEPARTMENT HEAD the assembly MUST BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY before I had a PRESS CONFERENCE at the site due to contamination of ALL NORTHWEST COUNTY WATER LINES WITH RECLAIMED SEWER WATER ! Imagine the lawsuits connected with injury or death in that matter alone ! Maybe YOU do not want to know the TRUTH about what you are doing to the children, adults, visitors and School Resource Officers from TPD and HCSO assigned to your schools. Maybe I am wrong as it is YOUR DUTY to protect the staff plus children in all schools plus all residents within this County and this problem is so rampant that it is hard to miss. Some TV STATIONS are also contaminated and visual inspections by Physical Plant or Maintenance Engineers are in order IMMEDIATELY after viewing rust with galvanized piping on POTABLE WATER LINES from the City. Imagine LOSS OF PRESSURE AND PULLING THAT CONTAMINATION BACK INTO THE POTABLE WATER LINES THEN FEEDING SAME DOWNSTREAM WHEN WATER PRESSURE IS RESTORED. NUM NUM ! ASK MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS HOW DANGEROUS THIS TOXIC IRON/RUST CONDITION REMAINS. TAKE THE TIME TO DEMAND VERIFICATION AND VIDEO OR PICTURES OF EACH SCHOOL WATER LINES. THEN PROTECT YOUR STUDENTS AND FACULTY PLUS WORKERS AT EACH SCHOOL. Once you finish this task on the Schools remember WHEN your home/office or condo was constructed, look under sinks and outside at the hose bibb connections and if GALVANIZED PIPE IS VISIBLE think about switching to distilled water in gallon containers for all drinking or making food/coffee until you can afford to correct the problem ! Correction means removal of galvanized piping and replacement with PVC/CPVC OR BRASS items. "OPERATION SAVE LIVES 2012" can begin with YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS BUILDING THEN SCHOOLS !


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Here is the magnet I use and purchased with a 30 pound pull from HARBOR FREIGHT up on Fletcher past Florida WESTBOUND after the light on the South side. Also share MAGNETS WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT FOR FINDING GUNS DISCARDED IN WATER ! For RIFLES we give them a 120 pound pull item to lower down into the water with a rope.

Cost $1.99 EACH OLD LEO TRICK ! Now think of how many JAILS and PRISONS have super high Iron/Rust water problems because of Galvanized piping in the walls OR connecting backflow assemblies to domestic water lines !!! I drove bye WTVT-13 NW CORNER and noticed backflow assemblies with GALVANIZED PIPING. Num Num ! I also drove bye WTSP 28 South West Corner on North Himes Avenue and noticed backflow assemblies with Galvanized Piping ! Think this Galvanized Piping USE IS A FALSE REPORT.....check with the builders and see when THEY stopped using Galvanized piping for hose bibbs and water line connections in kitchens, bathrooms for new construction and old building renovations ALL ACROSS AMERICA..... NUM NUM ! Do YOU think 29 Code Of Federal Regulations Sections 1910 or other sections APPLIES when YOU KNOWINGLY ALLOW SCHOOL CHILDREN AND ADULTS TO BE EXPOSED TO SUCH HAZARDOUS MATERIAL LIKE ASBESTOS OR TOXIC LEVELS OR RUST OR IRON DEPOSITS WHICH COULD HAVE ALREADY KILLED FORMER STUDENTS AND FACULTY PLUS VISITORS TO YOUR SCHOOLS, JAILS, PRISONS, BUILDINGS AND HOMES ? Hmmmm ? LEGAL AND TIMELY QUESTION ! Sort of like the Veteran's exposed to Depleted Uranium Particles in WAR ZONES, first responders and public exposed to ASBESTOS PARTICLES IN EVENTS OF 09/11/2001.....who pays for those tests to confirm scar tissue on lungs or exposure to Radiation Particles, AGENT ORANGE or Contaminated Drinking Water WORLDWIDE ? 29 CFR 11910.1001 IS MANDATORY FOR LIFE TESTING OF EXPOSED PEOPLE ON AN ANNUAL SCAR TISSUE CT SCAN PLUS FEV TESTING according to my interpretation of the CFR.


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Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr. CFC032631 Florida Whistleblower Tampa 813-286-2333 Eastern Time Zone 010212 @ 4:06 AM Eastern

-------Original Message------From: Ruth DeLaMater Bundy or Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr. Date: 1/1/2012 6:53:55 PM To: Arlene Johnson;;;; APFN-1;; Senator Bill Nelson; Rep. Paul Cc: Alibaba Trade Alert;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Subject: [apfn-1] ONCE UPON A TIME A MAN SPOKE THE TRUTH AS A WARNING WORLDWIDE --- EMERGENCY REVIEW NECESSARY TO SAVE LIVES 2012 --HEMOCHROMATOSIS AND IRON IN ALL TAP, WELL DRINKING WATER PLUS BOTTLED WATER DANGERS.

Fellow Professionals: ONCE UPON A TIME A WISE OLD MAN TOLD ME "SONNY DO NOT EAT THE YELLOW SNOW !" WHICH WAS REVIEWED AND FURTHER EXPLAINED CATS, DOGS, HUMANS AND ALL ANIMALS URINATE IN WINTER SO THE WHITE SHOW CHANGES TO YELLOW SNOW AND CONSUMING YELLOW SNOW COULD KILL ME ! That wise old man didn't have to send samples to labs or get high ranking medical professionals to recommend staying away from eating yellow snow. ONCE UPON A TIME a wise family member told me NEVER to use a match at the neck of any gasoline storage tank to see if there was fuel inside...explaining the explosive properties of fuel. Again no LABS nor MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS were involved and I never ignited gasoline in any container using a match because that made super sense to even a young man growing up in West Virginia before entering the Military on the 23rd day of February of the year 1958. In 959 I learned how to find any and all GOLD OR SILVER in the Ground then passed on that information to recover over $1,000 TRILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF GOLD AND SILVER with perhaps every adult laughing loudly when I mentioned the parts needed cost $1.00


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per set with two minutes training. People rarely used M.A.D. [Magnetic Anomaly Detector] equipment so unless YOU WERE MILITARY OR IN THE SERVICE DURING VIETNAM those elected Officials do not understand how the military found SUBS underwater without SONAR plus found Viet Cong trucks under the canopy OR FIND SUPER MOTHER LOADS OF OIL AND GOLD OR SILVER TODAY IN THE GROUND DEEP ! As a Law Enforcement Officer I found GUNS, CARS and other metal objects INSTANTLY using that technique plus found ALL Galvanized piping, Electric Lines and PHONE LINES below ground for that $1.00 expenditure plus training from an old timer Master Plumber YEARS AGO ! Strange as it seams, when the BP EXPLODING well situation developed quickly in the Gulf of Mexico, I thought of the numerous wells all across the Gulf but more importantly realized the WELL CASINGS were made of steel which rust in salt water eventually PLUS shocks like earthquakes and sonic booms from Military or Space Aircraft CREATING BOOMS cause failures not only to water lines but well casings, FUEL LINES AND UNDERGROUND TANKS FOR FUEL WORLDWIDE. I provided what was given to me FREE to share, the Counter Pressure Plug INVENTION of Branko Babic from England which would have sealed the spewing well in 8 full hours flat. Such went directly to the U.S. Coast Guard ADMIRAL in charge of the WELL EMERGENCY in the Gulf PLUS other professionals and so called EXPERTS decided not to use the FREE GIFT from a man in England THEN ignored what another professional in Florida had used to stop super leaks in water lines in the past. No LABS and NO MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS were involved. NOW WE HAVE A KNOWN KILLER ABOUT TO BE HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC WHICH WILL KILL MORE PEOPLE WORLDWIDE THAN ANYONE COULD EVER IMAGINE ! Now, remember the facts backing up this PROFESSIONAL, I have been a professional in Florida since 1974 working solely with Welding, Plumbing and specializing in backflow assembly Testing and Repair plus installations from 1/2 inch through 10 inch since the 1990's, plus being on 5 drops of 35 % food grade hydrogen peroxide daily in 8 ounces of distilled water for three times a day plus a few ounces of HEMP OIL doses daily causes our mind and senses to start revealing that the TRUE KILLER here in the USA was the galvanized piping in wells, underground and supporting risers or downstream risers attached to brass and backflow prevention assemblies. For YEARS I have taken apart those backflow assemblies and replaced leaking home piping galvanized attached to brass and never once sat down to think of why the piping failed or what was causing the super rust shown below. LOOK FOR THE SAME TELL TALE SIGNS ON YOUR WATER OR HOSE BIBB CONNECTIONS ON YOUR HOME ! Once we added 5 and 4 coming up with 9 it was easy to look up medical problems directly related to the excessive amounts of IRON then when Memochromatosis sparked my interest, plus further research told of 2 out of every 200 people could die from exposure to toxic levels of iron or rust, I really had a REVELATION of sorts worthy of sharing. Now being over 81 has it's benefits for Ruth who remembers those 1930's and buildings with super amounts of galvanized piping which still stand today on specific military bases and homes sharing the galvanized steel with the ever increasing WAR EFFORT restricting Brass or Copper use. Remember copper lines often pinhole or fail due to particles of steel lodging on the pipe or fittings since WET TAP is cutting away of steel pipe to allow shards of steel to go downstream to


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pass through meters and into fittings of copper causing pinholes and RUST/IRON when the electrolysis arc welding process is caused by dissimilar metals and flowing water. THE PICTURE REALLY SHOWED THE DANGERS when taking apart sections of piping attached to large backflow assemblies made of brass. Coatings so thick you could slice off sections of IRON with a knife or screwdriver. Most OLDER HOMES AND BUILDINGS PLUS BASES have galvanized piping and Home Depot plus LOEW'S has ample fittings and replacement GALVANIZED PIPING to allow home owners to use for emergencies without ANY SINGLE AGENCY OR ENTITY LET ALONE PROFESSIONAL LICENSED PEOPLE STANDING UP AND SCREAMING ABOUT THE KILLING FIELDS USING GALVANIZED PIPING ATTACHED TO BRASS OR COPPER LINES FOR POTABLE WATER USE, NOT EVEN FOR WELLS FOR WATER OR OIL, GAS PIPING OR ANY USE ON MILITARY BASES FOR FUEL STORAGE AND TRANSFER OF LIQUID FUELS WHICH LEACH INTO GROUND WATER LIKE HAPPENED AT NOT ONLY MACDILL AFB BUT CAMP LEJEUNE AND OTHER BASES. Recently we had the UNDENIABLE DUTY TO WARN OR NOTIFY LSG SKY CHEFS at Tampa International Airport they were making the food for airline passengers and crew with super amounts of iron which could be toxic to passengers and crew PLUS contamination was not good for workers at the facilities. LSG SKY CHEFS provides food and drinks in 50 some Nations but that fact discovered and reported at Tampa International Airport visible on Airport Service Road entry area for SKY CHEFS has been seen at nearly EVERY SCHOOL from Elementary to COLLEGE and most military facilities like at MACDILL AFB all because the contractors NEVER THOUGHT THAT BRASS SHOULD ONLY BE USED SO THEY OPTED FOR GALVANIZED PIPING FORGETTING THE DISIMMILAR METAL PROBLEMS CREATING RUST/IRON PLUS FAILURE GUARANTEED AT THE THREADS CUT AWAY FOR THREADING INTO FEMALE BRASS PIPING ! The same DUTY shared with a Medical Professional who finds YOU HAVE KILLER CANCER IN YOUR BODY or a heart valve which is stopping up and may kill you at any moment...HE OR SHE MUST TELL YOU THE PATIENT AND YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS IF NECESSARY AND UNDER DPOA AGENT STATUS. The DOCTOR and I share those solemn duties to WARN YOU when it is professionally obvious that you could die because of what we found or could easily verify is a KILLER worthy of review. I have not WON THE LOTTO OR POWERBALL so buying AIR TIME OR LARGE BILLBOARD SPACE TO SHARE THE WARNING ON GALVANIZED PIPING CREATING SUPER DEADLY TOXIC RUST/IRON WHICH WILL KILL PERHAPS 2 OUT OF EVERY 200 HUMANS CANNOT BE DONE. I will leave it up to the MEDIA and TRUE NEWS PROFESSIONALS who used to print NEWS thus warn all IN AMERICA of a potential KILLER ! I can only contact those who have communicated with me in the past, then ASK OR BEG those people to send, forward, fax, mail copies of the PROOF direct to Media Outlets so their reporters can contact the Center for Disease Control and toher Super HEALTH AGENCIES to confirm this Hemochromatosis is a KILLER, then and only then can children, adults, animals and pets STOP DYING from Toxic Levels of Iron/RUST being consumed shutting down vital organs. On the DUTY OF AN AGENT UNDER DPOA, be sure your Primary has a Secondary Agent and BOTH AGENTS


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HAVE CELLULAR PHONE PLUS HOME PHONE LISTED SO THEY COULD NEVER MISS THE URGENT CALL TO NOTIFY YOUR DPOA AGENTS OF THE PROBLEM AND COMMUNICATE YOUR WISHES IF YOU ARE UNCONSCIOUS. DO NOT EAT THE YELLOW SNOW ! Rings still true today ! Hopefully YOU will spread the word far and wide from Nation to Nation as they too use galvanized piping attached to brass. Ruth and I will be drinking ONLY DISTILLED WATER with no Rust, no IRON and no contaminates or trace metals, depleted uranium particles or Agent Orange hopefully prolonging our lives. Leave a LIGHT ON FOR US BOTH to join you IF you keep drinking contaminated water from Well, Tap and Bottled Water SOURCES. My expenditure is $0.69 cents per gallon from Sweetbay and those gallon containers with three or four gallon jugs line the garage and are worth the effort to stay safe. Turn on that hot water and see if your ANODE ROD is gone causing more rust. REPLACE IT EVERY 5 YEARS AND CHANGE THE BED COMPONENTS EVERY 8 YEARS OR BED BUGS WILL FEED ON YOUR SKIN ! DO NOT EAT THE YELLOW SNOW ! Rings still true today FOLKS ! Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr. CFC032631 A Decorated American Veteran and Professional Contractor A Florida Whistleblower from Tampa, Florida Phone: 813-286-2333 010112

-------Original Message------From: Ruth DeLaMater Bundy or Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr. Date: 12/31/2011 8:09:39 AM To: Subject: Fw: EMERGENCY REVIEW NECESSARY TO SAVE LIVES 2012 --HEMOCHROMATOSIS AND IRON IN ALL TAP, WELL DRINKING WATER PLUS BOTTLED WATER DANGERS.

Sheriff David Gee and all deputies should read and heed this message but it may never get to the Sheriff. Ralph

-------Original Message-------


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From: Ruth DeLaMater Bundy or Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr. Date: 12/30/2011 3:12:23 AM To:;;;;; Senator Bill Nelson;; Rep. Paul;; Cc: Les O'Brien; KEILHAUERMARTA A; APFN-1;; Officer In Charge; APFN Subject: EMERGENCY REVIEW NECESSARY TO SAVE LIVES 2012 ---HEMOCHROMATOSIS AND IRON IN ALL TAP, WELL DRINKING WATER PLUS BOTTLED WATER DANGERS.

EMERGENCY REVIEW NECESSARY TO SAVE LIVES 2012 --HEMOCHROMATOSIS AND IRON IN ALL TAP, WELL, DRINKING WATER PLUS BOTTLED WATER DANGERS Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Residents of Planet EARTH: YOU HAVE A SUPER SERIOUS AND DANGEROUS PROBLEM YET MEDIA CHOOSE TO IGNORE THE FACTS, POLITICIAN'S WITHOUT PROFESSIONAL LICENSES OR EXPERIENCE SCOFF AT THE VERY THOUGHT OF A 71 YEAR OLD MAN AND 81 YEAR OLD LADY TELLING ANYONE WHO WILL LISTEN A TRUE STORY OF HOW ALL PEOPLE IN AMERICA PLUS ACROSS THIS PLANET ARE DYING FROM HEMOCHROMATOSIS DUE TO THE USE OF GALVANIZED STEEL PIPING CAUSING SUPER RUST OR IRON DEPOSITS IN WATER OF ALL TYPES BOTTLED, TAP AND WELL WATER CONSUMED DAILY ON THIS PLANET ! Everyone normally LOVES A TRUE STORY so here goes: Once upon a time two professionals in Florida specializing in Plumbing Contracting and Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing, Installation plus Repair observed a phenomenon hard to believe which was indeed killing perhaps 1 out of every 200 people in Florida consuming super amounts of water with IRON OR RUST deposits caused primarily by galvanized piping used in WELL CASINGS, Potable Water Piping for homes, businesses and buildings from perhaps 1940 through 2011. The man Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr. Age 71 the woman Ruth DeLaMater Bundy age 81 attempted to provide visual and written proof that all humans of all ages in Florida plus all States within the United States are drinking contaminated iron rich water plus those humans with Hemochromatosis problems related to IRON OR RUST would die from serious damage to vital organs yet there is an obvious solution ignored because many people feel there is no way in HELL that such would be TRUE without medical professionals and persons in special occupations bringing the TRUTH out so the Humans on the entire Planet could protect themselves immediately from this KILLER OF MANKIND ! Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr., a decorated American Veteran, worked for over 8 years with the Hillsborough County Hospital Authority starting in 1974 and ending in 1983 at Tampa General Hospital where he also worked previously as a Law Enforcement officer TPD Badge 435 while learning that the potable water lines are super


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contaminated when galvanized is attached to brass, copper for any reason with flow. Ruth DeLaMater Bundy, another professional trained and qualified by the UF/TREEO Center in Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing was the first female to go through the UF/TREEO school for Backflow Prevention Assembly REPAIR in Florida. After forming a Professional Plumbing Contracting firm both switched to ONLY Backflow Prevention Assembly Repair, Testing and Installation yet I remained qualified as State of Florida Certified Plumbing Contractor CFC032631 from 1984 to this very day. Recently these TWO Florida Professionals NOTICED that almost every home built in Florida, specifically Hillsborough County, Florida had galvanized piping and people routinely attach BRASS BACKFLOW ASSEMBLIES or BRASS FITTINGS to such potable water lines after the meter from the water purveyor then super RUST AND IRON DEPOSITS are created then consumed by the unsuspecting public not only here in Florida but every STATE who uses brass meters, brass fittings and brass backflow assemblies including but not limited to Hospitals, Jails, Prisons, Homes, Buildings, Ships, Schools, Day Care facilities and nursing homes plus assisted living facilities who had Galvanized Piping all along yet no one noticed the RUST or problems KILLING humans. ALL DRINKING IRON CONTAMINATED POTABLE WATER !


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Many City and County Inspector's who gave FINAL APPROVAL FOR INSTALLATIONS Residential and Commercial PAINTED BLUE missed the fact that the piping attached to BRASS was galvanized and several months if not years allowed the dissimilar metals to cause electrolysis thus create super rust and iron was released plus deterioration of the pipe caused bleed through from the metal to drip brown spots on concrete.

Opening up the backflow assemblies attached to galvanized piping was a REVELATION in that the super iron content of the potable water was also transferred to BOTTLED WATER, WELL WATER, TAP WATER both City and County PLUS all over the U.S. Including food and drinks made for airlines, cruise ships, hotels, motels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, day care and other facilities. ONE IN EVERY TWO HUNDRED MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN CAN HAVE THEIR ORGANS DESTROYED BY HEMOCHROMATOSIS THUS THE KILLING MATERIALS ARE NOT KNOWN BECAUSE MEDICAL PEOPLE, MEDIA AND NEWS PEOPLE IGNORE THE TRUTH AND OBVIOUS CONSEQUENCES DRINKING POTABLE WATER, BOTTLED WATER, WELL WATER WITH SUPER IRON CONTENT FORGETTING ALL HOMES BUILT FROM PERHAPS 1940 UNTIL 1999 PLUS REPAIRED HOMES TO THIS DATE HAVE GALVANIZED PIPING CAUSING KILLER RUST PARTICLES !


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Now that 2011 is almost OVER perhaps those people reading and receiving this message can send letters, e-mail, faxes and LETTERS direct to public officials, military commanders, plus share the information with the United Nations as many similar problems exist in other Nations who utilized GALVANIZED PIPING ATTACHED TO BRASS creating a similar KILLER OF HUMANS ! Check the piping with a MAGNET if galvanized the magnet will stick to it ! Look under the sink or bathroom sink and see if galvanized piping is visible then check it with a magnet and be super aware of the dangers drinking IRON WATER ! Ruth DeLaMater Bundy receives severe reactions to IRON particles and thus distilled water is consumed ONLY to protect my life partner and expert in the dangers of using galvanized piping attached to BRASS ! Being a State Licensed Professional in several fields, I Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr. ONLY drink distilled water and cook with same being super careful using a MicroWave with distilled water which can be super heated and explode since water boils due to items inside missing from distilled water which will be super heated and not BOIL thus can even explode if one drops a sugar cube or cube of bullion into the non moving super heated water. OPERATION SAVE HUMAN LIVES 2012 should gather people in an effort to end the killing of Humans with the IRON PARTICLES PLUS RUST in water. Remember that


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nearly EVERY WELL in America has galvanized piping like ALL OIL WELLS no doubt have galvanized piping rusting out in sea water or salt water getting ready to burst or rupture years later. ALL CODES should mandate STAINLESS STEEL OIL RIG PIPING IN SALT WATER but that is another item to think about for WORLD DISASTER YEARS FROM NOW WHEN THE WELL TOPS SEALED FRACTURE OR RUPTURE AND SPEW OIL AND OTHER ITEMS INTO THE WATER ! Maybe BP can comment along with those who grant drilling permits in the GULF plus elsewhere ! The SAD PART OF THIS TRUE STORY "OPERATION SAVE A LIFE 2012" is that many will DELETE THE MESSAGE OR INDICATE "NOT READ" WHEN IT IS THEIR SWORN DUTY AND RESPONSIBILITY TO READ SUCH MESSAGES then perhaps criticize the messenger not having DOCTOR OR PROFESSOR behind their names thus the elder professionals must NOT BE BELIEVED ! Sad ! OPERATION SAVE A LIFE 2012 INCLUDES YOU FOLKS PLUS ALL HUMANS ALL OVER THE PLANET ! Professionally signed electronically this 30th day of December, 2011 under Penalty of Perjury under Florida Statutes and Federal Laws applicable knowing full well it is a CRIMINAL ACT to mislead any member of Congress or Elected Official,

Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr. CFC032631 UF/TREEO Certified Backflow Assembly Tester T-12-10-0626 UF/TREEO Certified Backflow Assembly Repair R-0291 Tampa 123011 @ 3:12 AM Eastern


Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr. CFC032631 Backflow Prevention, Inc.


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4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. PMB-276 Tampa, Florida 33609-2042 USA Phone: 813-286-2333 SCRIBID ID: ralphwhitleysr SKYPE ID: ralphwhitleysr

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