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Cisco IOS Commands Master List, Release 12.

This page contains a list of all the commands documented for Cisco IOS Release 12.2, ordered alphabetically. Use the Alphabet Key or your web browsers Find function to search for a command. To access the documentation for a particular command, click on the command name.

aaa accounting update SR-96 aaa accounting SR-82 aaa authentication arap SR-4 aaa authentication banner SR-6 aaa authentication enable default SR-8 aaa authentication fail-message SR-10 aaa authentication login SR-12 aaa authentication nasi SR-14 aaa authentication password-prompt SR-16 aaa authentication ppp SR-18 aaa authentication username-prompt SR-20 aaa authorization config-commands SR-72 aaa authorization configuration default DR-2 aaa authorization ipmobile IP1R-326 aaa authorization reverse-access SR-74 aaa authorization SR-68 aaa dnis map accounting network SR-98 aaa dnis map authentication login group SR-22 aaa dnis map authentication ppp group SR-24 aaa dnis map authorization network group SR-77 aaa group server radius SR-110 aaa group server tacacs+ SR-163 aaa nas port extended SR-112 aaa nas port voip VR-2 aaa nas redirected-station SR-26 aaa new-model SR-28

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B1R Cisco IOS Bridging and IBM Networking Command Reference, Volume 1 of 2 B2R Cisco IOS Bridging and IBM Networking Command Reference, Volume 2 of 2 DR Cisco IOS Dial Technologies Command Reference FR Cisco IOS Configuration Fundamentals Command Reference IP1R Cisco IOS IP Command Reference, Volume 1 of 3: Addressing and Services IP2R Cisco IOS IP Command Reference, Volume 2 of 3: Routing Protocols IP3R Cisco IOS IP Command Reference, Volume 3 of 3: Multicast IR Cisco IOS Interface Command Reference MWR Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Command Reference P2R Cisco IOS AppleTalk and Novell IPX Command Reference P3R Cisco IOS Apollo Domain, Banyan VINES, DECnet, ISO CLNS, and XNS Command Reference QR Cisco IOS Quality of Service Solutions Command Reference SR Cisco IOS Security Command Reference TR Cisco IOS Terminal Services Command Reference VR Cisco IOS Voice, Video, and Fax Command Reference WR Cisco IOS Wide-Area Networking Command Reference XR Cisco IOS Switching Services Command Reference

aaa accounting connection h323 SR-86 aaa accounting delay-start SR-88 aaa accounting nested SR-89 aaa accounting resource start-stop group SR-90 aaa accounting resource stop-failure group SR-92 aaa accounting send stop-record authentication failure SR-94 aaa accounting suppress null-username SR-95

aaa pod server SR-29 aaa preauth SR-31 aaa processes SR-33 aaa route download DR-3 aaa session-mib SR-100 abr WR-2 absolute FR-368 absolute-timeout TR-2 accept-dialin DR-4
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

accept-dialout DR-6 accept-lifetime IP2R-438 access-class (LAT) TR-3 access-class (X.25) access-class IP1R-150 access-enable SR-192 access-expression B1R-90 access-list
B1R-92 WR-440

access-profile SR-35 access-template SR-195 access-violation MWR-6 accounting (gatekeeper) SR-103 accounting SR-101 acc-qos VR-3 activation-character FR-52 adapter B2R-202 address SR-390 addressed-key SR-392 address-family ipv4 IP2R-418 address-family vpnv4 IP2R-420 address-family XR-5 advertise IP1R-286 agent IP1R-287 aggregate-address IP2R-234 alarm-trigger alias FR-370 allocate lu B2R-308 alps a1-map a2-map B1R-530 alps alias B1R-531 alps ascu B1R-532 alps auto-reset B1R-533 alps circuit B1R-534 alps connection-type permanent B1R-535 alps default-circuit B1R-536 alps enable-alarms ascu B1R-537 alps enable-alarms circuit B1R-538 alps enable-alarms peer B1R-539 alps enable-ascu B1R-540 alps enable-circuit B1R-541 alps error-display B1R-542 alps host-hld host-link B1R-543 alps hostlink B1R-544 alps idle-timer B1R-546 alps keepalive B1R-547 alps lifetime-timer B1R-548 alps local-hld remote-hld B1R-549

access-list (connect initiate) P3R-112 access-list (DECnet extended) P3R-110 access-list (DECnet standard) P3R-116 access-list (extended-ibm) B1R-4 access-list (IP extended) IP1R-152 access-list (IP standard) IP1R-163 access-list (IPX extended) P2R-204 access-list (IPX standard) P2R-209 access-list (NLSP) P2R-212 access-list (SAP filtering) P2R-215 access-list (standard-ibm) B1R-7 access-list (type-code-ibm) B1R-8 access-list (XNS extended) P3R-366 access-list (XNS standard) P3R-369 access-list additional-zones P2R-2 access-list cable-range P2R-4 access-list compiled IP1R-166 access-list dynamic-extend SR-194 access-list includes P2R-6 access-list nbp P2R-8 access-list network P2R-11 access-list other-access P2R-13 access-list other-nbps P2R-15 access-list rate-limit QR-2 access-list rate-limit XR-3 access-list remark IP1R-167 access-list within P2R-17 access-list zone P2R-19 access-mode MWR-2 access-point MWR-4 access-point-name MWR-5
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

alias static VR-7

alps local-peer B1R-550 alps matip-close-delay B1R-551 alps max-msg-length B1R-552 alps mpx B1R-553 alps n1 B1R-554 alps n2 B1R-555 alps n3 B1R-556 alps poll-pause B1R-557 alps primary-peer B1R-558 alps remote-peer B1R-559 alps retry-option B1R-561 alps service-msg data-drop B1R-566 alps service-msg format B1R-567 alps service-msg status-change B1R-568 alps service-msg-interval B1R-562 alps service-msg-list number B1R-564 alps service-msg-list B1R-563 alps servlim B1R-569 alps t1 B1R-570 alps t2 B1R-571 alps translate B1R-572 alps update-circuit B1R-573 alt-dial VR-9 answer-address VR-10 apollo access-group P3R-2 apollo access-list P3R-3 apollo maximum-paths P3R-5 apollo network P3R-7 apollo route P3R-8 apollo routing P3R-10 apollo update-time P3R-11 append-after XR-7 appletalk access-group P2R-21 appletalk address P2R-23 appletalk alternate-addressing P2R-24 appletalk arp interval P2R-25 appletalk arp retransmit-count P2R-27 appletalk arp-timeout P2R-29 appletalk aurp tickle-time P2R-30

appletalk aurp update-interval P2R-31 appletalk cable-range P2R-32 appletalk checksum P2R-33 appletalk client-mode P2R-34 appletalk discovery P2R-35 appletalk distribute-list in P2R-37 appletalk distribute-list out P2R-39 appletalk domain hop-reduction P2R-43 appletalk domain name P2R-45 appletalk domain remap-range P2R-46 appletalk domain-group P2R-41 appletalk eigrp active-time P2R-48 appletalk eigrp log-neighbor-changes P2R-51 appletalk eigrp-bandwidth-percentage P2R-50 appletalk eigrp-splithorizon P2R-52 appletalk eigrp-timers P2R-53 appletalk event-logging P2R-55 appletalk free-trade-zone P2R-56 appletalk getzonelist-filter P2R-57 appletalk glean-packets P2R-59 appletalk ignore-verify-errors P2R-60 appletalk iptalk P2R-61 appletalk iptalk-baseport P2R-63 appletalk lookup-type P2R-65 appletalk macip dynamic P2R-67 appletalk macip server P2R-69 appletalk macip static P2R-71 appletalk maximum-paths P2R-73 appletalk name-lookup-interval P2R-74 appletalk permit-partial-zones P2R-75 appletalk pre-fdditalk P2R-76 appletalk protocol P2R-77 appletalk proxy-nbp P2R-79 appletalk require-route-zones P2R-81 appletalk route-cache P2R-82 appletalk route-redistribution P2R-83 appletalk routing P2R-84 appletalk rtmp jitter P2R-86 appletalk rtmp-stub P2R-87
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

appletalk send-rtmps P2R-89 appletalk static cable-range P2R-90 appletalk static network P2R-92 appletalk strict-rtmp-checking P2R-94 appletalk timers P2R-95 appletalk virtual-net P2R-97 appletalk zip-query-interval P2R-99 appletalk zip-reply-filter P2R-100 appletalk zone P2R-101 application VR-12 aps authenticate IR-2 aps force IR-3 aps group IR-5 aps lockout IR-7 aps manual IR-8 aps protect IR-10 aps revert IR-11 aps timers IR-12 aps unidirectional IR-13 aps working IR-14 arap authentication SR-38 arap callback DR-8 arap dedicated TR-5 arap enable TR-6 arap net-access-list TR-7 arap network TR-9 arap noguest TR-10 arap require-manual-password TR-11 arap timelimit TR-12 arap warningtime TR-13 arap zonelist TR-14 area authentication IP2R-62 area default-cost IP2R-64 area filter-list IP2R-66 area nssa IP2R-67 area range IP2R-68 area stub IP2R-70 area virtual-link IP2R-72 area-address (NLSP) P2R-218
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

area-password IP2R-184 arp (global) IP1R-2 arp (interface) IP1R-3 arp timeout IP1R-5 arp WR-418 arq reject-unknown-prefix VR-14 as VR-16 asp addr-offset B1R-330 asp role B1R-332 asp rx-ift B1R-333 asp VR-19 async default ip address TR-15 async default routing DR-9 async dynamic address DR-10 async dynamic routing DR-11 async mode dedicated DR-13 async mode interactive DR-14 async-bootp FR-340 atm aal aal3/4 WR-4 atm abr rate-factor WR-5 atm address-registration WR-6 atm arp-server WR-7 atm classic-ip-extensions WR-9 atm clock internal WR-10 atm compression WR-11 atm ds3-scramble WR-12 atm e164 auto-conversion WR-13 atm e3-scramble WR-14 atm esi-address WR-15 atm exception-queue WR-17 atm framing (DS3) WR-18 atm framing (E3) WR-19 atm ilmi-keepalive WR-20 atm ilmi-pvc-discovery WR-21 atm lbo WR-22 atm max-channels WR-23 atm maxvc WR-25 atm mid-per-vc WR-26 atm multicast WR-27

atm multipoint-interval WR-28 atm multipoint-signalling WR-29 atm nsap-address WR-30 atm oam flush WR-32 atm oversubscribe WR-33 atm pvp WR-35 atm rate-queue WR-37 atm rawq-size WR-39 atm route-bridge WR-224 atm rxbuff WR-40 atm scramble-enable VR-22 atm sig-traffic-shaping strict WR-42 atm smds-address WR-43 atm sonet stm-1 WR-44 atm sonet IR-15 atm txbuff WR-45 atm uni-version WR-46 atm vc-per-vp WR-47 atm video aesa VR-23 atm vp-filter WR-49 atm-address XR-8 atmsig close atm WR-41 attach FR-458 audio-prompt load VR-25 authen before-forward DR-15 authentication (IKE policy) SR-394 authorization SR-79 autobaud FR-53 autocommand DR-17 autocommand TR-16 auto-cost IP2R-75 auto-cut-through VR-26 autodetect encapsulation DR-18 autohangup DR-20 auto-polarity IR-16 autoselect DR-21 auto-summary (BGP) IP2R-237 auto-summary (Enhanced IGRP) IP2R-142 auto-summary (RIP) IP2R-6

backhaul-session-manager VR-27 backup delay DR-25 backup interface dialer DR-27 backup interface DR-26 backup load DR-29 backup DR-23 bandwidth (interface) IR-17 bandwidth (policy-map-class) QR-4 bandwidth remote VR-31 bandwidth VR-29 banner exec FR-124 banner incoming FR-126 banner login FR-128 banner motd FR-130 banner slip-ppp FR-132 battery-reversal VR-32 beacon IP3R-234 bert abort IR-19 bert controller IR-20 bert pattern IR-23 bert profile IR-25 bfe WR-441 bgp always-compare-med IP2R-239 bgp bestpath as-path ignore IP2R-240 bgp bestpath compare-routerid IP2R-241 bgp bestpath med confed IP2R-242 bgp bestpath med missing-as-worst IP2R-244 bgp client-to-client reflection IP2R-245 bgp cluster-id IP2R-247 bgp confederation identifier IP2R-248 bgp confederation peers IP2R-250 bgp dampening IP2R-251 bgp default ipv4-unicast IP2R-253 bgp default local-preference IP2R-254 bgp default route-target filter XR-9 bgp deterministic-med IP2R-255 bgp fast-external-fallover IP2R-258
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

bgp log-neighbor-changes IP2R-259 bgp redistribute-internal IP2R-261 bgp router-id IP2R-262 bgp rr-group IP2R-263 bgp scan-time XR-10 bindid IP1R-289 block-caller VR-34 boot bootldr

bridge-group input-address-list B1R-29 bridge-group input-lat-service-deny B1R-30 bridge-group input-lat-service-permit B1R-31 bridge-group input-lsap-list B1R-32 bridge-group input-pattern-list B1R-33 bridge-group input-type-list B1R-34 bridge-group lat-compression B1R-35 bridge-group output-address-list B1R-36 bridge-group output-lat-service-deny B1R-37 bridge-group output-lat-service-permit B1R-38 bridge-group output-lsap-list B1R-39 bridge-group output-pattern-list B1R-41 bridge-group output-type-list B1R-42 bridge-group path-cost B1R-43 bridge-group priority B1R-44 bridge-group spanning-disabled B1R-46 bridge-group sse B1R-48 bridge-group subscriber-loop-control B1R-49 bridge-group subscriber-trunk B1R-50 bridge-group B1R-23 broadcast WR-51 bsc char-set B1R-335 bsc contention B1R-336 bsc dial-contention B1R-337 bsc host-timeout B1R-338 bsc pause B1R-339 bsc poll-timeout B1R-340 bsc primary B1R-341 bsc retries B1R-342 bsc secondary B1R-343 bsc servlim B1R-344 bsc spec-poll B1R-345 bstun group B1R-346 bstun keepalive-count B1R-347 bstun lisnsap B1R-348 bstun peer-name B1R-349 bstun protocol-group B1R-350 bstun remote-peer-keepalive B1R-352 bstun route (Frame Relay) B1R-355

boot bootstrap FR-306 boot buffersize FR-228 boot config FR-229 boot host FR-231 boot network FR-233 boot system boot FR-300 bootfile IP1R-102 bridge acquire B1R-10 bridge address B1R-11 bridge bitswap-layer3-addresses B1R-13 bridge bridge B1R-14 bridge circuit-group pause B1R-16 bridge circuit-group source-based B1R-17 bridge cmf B1R-18 bridge crb B1R-19 bridge domain B1R-20 bridge forward-time B1R-22 bridge hello-time B1R-51 bridge irb B1R-52 bridge lat-service-filtering B1R-53 bridge max-age B1R-54 bridge multicast-source B1R-55 bridge priority B1R-56 bridge protocol ibm B1R-94 bridge protocol B1R-57 bridge route B1R-59 bridge subscriber-policy B1R-60 bridge-group aging-time B1R-25 bridge-group cbus-bridging B1R-26 bridge-group circuit-group B1R-28
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


bstun route B1R-353 buckets-of-history-kept FR-736 buffer-length FR-54 buffers huge size FR-376 buffers FR-374 bump QR-9 bundle QR-12 busy-message TR-17 busyout (port) DR-32 busyout (spe) DR-33 busyout forced VR-36 busyout monitor

call application voice load VR-68 call application voice pin-len VR-69 call application voice redirect-number VR-72 call application voice retry-count VR-75 call application voice set-location VR-78 call application voice uid-length VR-81 call application voice warning-time VR-84 call application voice VR-53 call fallback active VR-87 call fallback cache-size VR-89 call fallback cache-timeout VR-90 call fallback instantaneous-value-weight VR-92 call fallback jitter-probe num-packets VR-94 call fallback jitter-probe precedence VR-96 call fallback jitter-probe priority-queue VR-97 call fallback key-chain VR-99 call fallback map target address-list VR-100 call fallback map target subnet VR-102 call fallback monitor VR-104 call fallback probe-timeout VR-105 call fallback threshold delay loss VR-106 call fallback threshold icpif VR-108 call guard-timer SR-114 call progress tone country DR-34 call rsvp-sync resv-timer VR-111 call rsvp-sync VR-110 call start VR-112 callback forced-wait DR-36 called-number (dial-peer) VR-114 called-number (modem pool) DR-37 caller-id alerting dsp-pre-alloc VR-118 caller-id alerting line-reversal VR-120 caller-id alerting pre-ring VR-122 caller-id alerting ring VR-124 caller-id attenuation VR-126 caller-id block VR-127 caller-id enable VR-129 caller-id VR-116 calling-number outbound VR-131
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

busyout monitor probe VR-41 busyout seize VR-43 busyout DR-30

cable bundle XR-11 cable helper-address XR-13 cablelength long IR-28 cablelength short IR-31 cablelength IR-27 cac master VR-46 cache XR-14 cadence-list VR-47 cadence-max-off-time VR-49 cadence-min-on-time VR-50 cadence-variation VR-51 calendar set FR-377 call application cache reload time VR-52 call application voice access-method VR-55 call application voice accounting enable VR-57 call application voice accounting-list VR-58 call application voice authen-list VR-59 call application voice authen-method VR-61 call application voice authentication enable VR-63 call application voice global-password VR-64 call application voice language VR-65

calltracker call-record DR-39 calltracker enable DR-42 calltracker history max-size DR-44 calltracker history retain-mins DR-45 call-type cas DR-47 call-type DR-46 call-waiting VR-113 cap-list vfc VR-133 card type VR-134 carrier-delay IR-33 cas-custom DR-48 cas-group (E1 controller) DR-54 cas-group (T1 controller) DR-58 cbr WR-53 ccm-manager application redundant-link port VR-135 ccm-manager mgcp
VR-136 VR-137

ces dsx1 loopback WR-69 ces dsx1 signalmode robbedbit WR-70 ces initial-delay VR-150 ces max-buf-size VR-152 ces partial-fill WR-72 ces pvc WR-74 ces service VR-154 ces WR-55 ces-cdv WR-59 ces-clock VR-146 channel-group (Fast EtherChannel) IR-34 channel-group DR-63 channel-protocol B2R-204 chat-script DR-65 class (map-list) WR-246 class (MPLS) XR-15 class (policy-map) QR-14 class (virtual circuit) WR-248 class DR-68 class-bundle

ccm-manager redundant-host ccm-manager switchback


ccs connect (controller) VR-141 ccs connect (interface) VR-139 ccs encap frf11 VR-143 cd FR-177 cdp advertise-v2 FR-678 cdp enable FR-679 cdp holdtime FR-680 cdp run FR-681 cdp timer FR-683 certificate reload B2R-310 certificate SR-352 ces aal1 clock WR-56 ces aal1 service WR-57 ces cell-loss-integration-period VR-144 ces circuit WR-60 ces clockmode synchronous VR-147 ces connect VR-148 ces dsx1 clock source WR-63 ces dsx1 framing WR-64 ces dsx1 lbo WR-66 ces dsx1 linecode WR-67
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

class-int WR-76 class-map QR-20 class-range WR-225 class-vc


claw (backup) B2R-265 claw (primary) B2R-262 clear access-list counters IP1R-168 clear access-template SR-197 clear adjacency XR-17 clear aim IR-36 clear alps circuits B1R-574 clear alps counters B1R-575 clear appletalk arp P2R-103 clear appletalk neighbor P2R-104 clear appletalk route P2R-105 clear appletalk traffic P2R-106 clear arp-cache IP1R-6 clear atm arp WR-82 clear atm vc XR-18

clear backhaul-session-manager group VR-156 clear bridge multicast B1R-63 clear bridge B1R-62 clear call fallback cache VR-157 clear call fallback stats VR-158 clear cdp counters FR-685 clear cdp table FR-686 clear cef linecard XR-19 clear clns cache P3R-190 clear clns es-neighbors P3R-191 clear clns is-neighbors P3R-192 clear clns neighbors P3R-193 clear clns route P3R-194 clear clns traffic P3R-195 clear controller lex IR-38 clear controller IR-37 clear controllers call-counters VR-159 clear cot summary DR-69 clear counters (async) DR-70 clear counters line DR-72 clear counters IR-40 clear crypto isakmp SR-396 clear crypto sa SR-300 clear csm-statistics modem VR-174 clear csm-statistics voice VR-175 clear dbconn connection B2R-150 clear dbconn statistic B2R-151 clear decnet accounting P3R-118 clear decnet counters P3R-120 clear dialer dnis DR-75 clear dialer sessions DR-77 clear dialer DR-74 clear dlsw circuit B1R-246 clear dlsw reachability B1R-247 clear dlsw statistics B1R-248 clear drip counters B1R-204 clear drip counters B1R-210 clear dsip tracing 540 clear dsip tracing DR-78

clear entry TR-18 clear extended counters B2R-205 clear frame-relay-inarp WR-250 clear gprs charging cdr MWR-7 clear gprs gtp pdp-context MWR-9 clear gprs gtp statistics MWR-11 clear gprs isgsn statistics MWR-112 clear h323 gatekeeper call VR-176 clear host IP1R-7 clear hub counters IR-44 clear hub IR-43 clear interface fastethernet IR-48 clear interface serial IR-49 clear interface virtual-access DR-79 clear interface IR-45 clear ip accounting IP1R-169 clear ip audit configuration SR-262 clear ip audit statistics SR-263 clear ip auth-proxy cache SR-280 clear ip bgp dampening IP2R-266 clear ip bgp external IP2R-267 clear ip bgp flap-statistics IP2R-269 clear ip bgp peer-group IP2R-270 clear ip bgp IP2R-264 clear ip cache XR-20 clear ip cef event-log XR-21 clear ip cef inconsistency XR-22 clear ip cef prefix-statistics XR-23 clear ip cgmp IP3R-2 clear ip dhcp binding IP1R-103 clear ip dhcp conflict IP1R-104 clear ip dhcp server statistics IP1R-105 clear ip drp IP1R-170 clear ip dvmrp route IP3R-3 clear ip eigrp neighbors IP2R-143 clear ip flow stats XR-24 clear ip igmp group IP3R-4 clear ip mds forwarding XR-25 clear ip mobile binding IP1R-328
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

clear ip mobile secure IP1R-330 clear ip mobile traffic IP1R-332 clear ip mobile visitor IP1R-334 clear ip mrm status-report IP3R-236 clear ip mroute IP3R-5 clear ip mroute XR-26 clear ip msdp peer IP3R-164 clear ip msdp sa-cache IP3R-165 clear ip msdp statistics IP3R-166 clear ip nat translation IP1R-8 clear ip nhrp IP1R-10 clear ip ospf IP2R-76 clear ip pgm host IP3R-198 clear ip pgm router IP3R-199 clear ip pim auto-rp IP3R-6 clear ip pim interface count XR-27 clear ip prefix-list IP2R-271 clear ip route dhcp IP1R-106 clear ip route download DR-80 clear ip route vrf XR-28 clear ip route IP1R-11 clear ip rtp header-compression IP3R-7 clear ip sap IP3R-8 clear ip sctp statistics VR-178 clear ip sdr IP3R-9 clear ip slb IP1R-290 clear ip trigger-authentication SR-40 clear ip wccp FR-820 clear ipx accounting P2R-220 clear ipx cache P2R-222 clear ipx nhrp P2R-223 clear ipx nlsp neighbors P2R-224 clear ipx route P2R-226 clear ipx sap P2R-228 clear ipx traffic P2R-229 clear kerberos creds SR-176 clear l2relay statistics MWR-113 clear l2relay topology-map MWR-114 clear lane le-arp XR-29
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

clear lane server XR-31 clear line async-queue DR-82 clear line DR-81 clear logging FR-460 clear mgcp statistics VR-179 clear modem counters DR-85 clear modem log DR-87 clear modem DR-83 clear modempool-counters DR-89 clear mpoa client cache XR-33 clear mpoa server cache XR-34 clear ncia circuit B1R-516 clear ncia client registered B1R-518 clear ncia client B1R-517 clear netbios-cache B1R-95 clear parser cache FR-236 clear port log DR-93 clear port DR-91 clear resource-pool DR-95 clear rif-cache B1R-96 clear rlm group VR-180 clear rudpv0 statistics VR-182 clear rudpv1 statistics VR-183 clear service-module serial IR-50 clear sgcp statistics VR-184 clear smrp mcache P2R-108 clear snapshot quiet-time DR-96 clear source-bridge B1R-97 clear spe counters DR-99 clear spe log DR-100 clear spe DR-97 clear ss7 sm stats VR-185 clear sse B1R-98 clear tarp counters P3R-196 clear tarp ldb-table P3R-197 clear tarp tid-table P3R-198 clear tcp statistics IP1R-171 clear tcp FR-134 clear txconn connection B2R-152


clear txconn statistic B2R-153 clear txconn transaction B2R-155 clear vines cache P3R-22 clear vines ipc P3R-23 clear vines neighbor P3R-24 clear vines route P3R-25 clear vines traffic P3R-26 clear vlan mapping XR-36 clear vlan statistics B1R-64 clear vlan XR-35 clear voice port VR-186 clear vpdn history failure DR-101 clear vpdn tunnel DR-102 clear x25 WR-442 clear x25-vc WR-444 clear xot WR-445 clid group DR-103 clid SR-115 client ip lu B2R-313 client ip pool B2R-315 client ip B2R-311 client lu maximum B2R-317 client pool B2R-319 client IP1R-291 client-atm-address name XR-37 client-identifier IP1R-107 client-name IP1R-108 clns access-group P3R-199 clns adjacency-filter P3R-201 clns cache-invalidate-delay P3R-203 clns checksum P3R-205 clns cluster-alias P3R-206 clns configuration-time P3R-207 clns congestion-threshold P3R-209 clns dec-compatible P3R-210 clns enable P3R-211 clns erpdu-interval P3R-212 clns esct-time P3R-213 clns es-neighbor P3R-214

clns filter-expr P3R-216 clns filter-set P3R-218 clns holding-time P3R-220 clns host P3R-221 clns is-neighbor P3R-223 clns mtu P3R-224 clns net (global) P3R-226 clns net (interface) P3R-227 clns packet-lifetime P3R-228 clns rdpdu-interval P3R-229 clns route (create) P3R-230 clns route (enter) P3R-232 clns route default discard P3R-235 clns route default P3R-234 clns route discard P3R-237 clns route-cache P3R-233 clns router isis P3R-239 clns router iso-igrp P3R-241 clns routing P3R-242 clns security pass-through P3R-243 clns send-erpdu P3R-244 clns send-rdpdu P3R-245 clns split-horizon P3R-246 clns template-alias P3R-248 clns want-erpdu P3R-250 clock calendar-valid FR-378 clock rate IR-51 clock read-calendar FR-379 clock set FR-380 clock source (AS5200) IR-55 clock source (controller) IR-56 clock source (CT3IP) IR-58 clock source (interface) IR-60 clock source (MC3810) IR-62 clock source line DR-104 clock source IR-53 clock summer-time FR-381 clock timezone FR-383 clock update-calendar FR-387
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


clock-select VR-187 clp-bit WR-402 cmns enable WR-446 cmpc B2R-284 cmt connect IR-63 cmt disconnect IR-65 codec (dial-peer) VR-188 codec (dsp) VR-195 codec (voice-port) VR-197 codec aal2-profile VR-198 codec complexity VR-200 codec preference VR-202 comfort-noise VR-205 compand-type VR-206 compatible rfc1583 IP2R-77 compress mppc IR-72 compress predictor IR-73 compress stac caim IR-74 compress IR-67 condition VR-207 config-register FR-313 configure memory FR-238 configure network FR-178 configure overwrite-network FR-240 configure terminal FR-237 confreg FR-315 connect (atm) VR-209 connect (drop-and-insert) VR-211 connect (Frame Relay) WR-251 connect (FRF.5) WR-403 connect (FRF.8) WR-405 connect (global) VR-213 connect voice VR-214 connect TR-19 connection VR-215 connection-timeout VR-219 continue FR-317 controller IR-76 copy erase flash FR-255
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

copy flash lex IR-80 copy flash vfc VR-221 copy modem DR-106 copy tftp lex IR-81 copy tftp vfc VR-222 copy verify bootflash FR-257 copy verify flash FR-258 copy verify FR-256 copy xmodem: FR-259 copy ymodem: FR-260 copy FR-179 corlist incoming DR-109 corlist outgoing DR-111 cpp authentication DR-113 cpp callback accept DR-115 cptone VR-223 crc bits 5 IR-84 crc IR-82 crc4 IR-83 crl optional SR-354 crl query SR-356 cross-connect VR-228 crypto ca authenticate SR-358 crypto ca certificate chain SR-360 crypto ca certificate query SR-362 crypto ca crl request SR-363 crypto ca enroll SR-364 crypto ca identity SR-367 crypto ca trusted-root SR-369 crypto dynamic-map SR-302 crypto engine accelerator SR-305 crypto ipsec security-association lifetime SR-306 crypto ipsec transform-set SR-308 crypto isakmp client configuration address-pool local SR-397 crypto isakmp enable SR-398 crypto isakmp identity SR-399 crypto isakmp keepalive SR-401 crypto isakmp key SR-402


crypto isakmp policy SR-404 crypto key generate rsa (CA) SR-371 crypto key generate rsa (IKE) SR-406 crypto key pubkey-chain rsa SR-409 crypto key zeroize rsa SR-373 crypto map (global IPSec) crypto map (interface IPSec)
SR-312 SR-317

debug alps peer DB-25 debug alps snmp DB-27 debug apple arp DB-28 debug apple domain DB-29 debug apple eigrp-all DB-30 debug apple errors DB-31 debug apple events DB-33 debug apple nbp DB-38 debug apple packet DB-41 debug apple remap DB-43 debug apple routing DB-44 debug apple zip DB-46 debug appn all DB-47 debug appn cs DB-48 debug appn ds DB-50 debug appn hpr DB-52 debug appn ms DB-54 debug appn nof DB-55 debug appn pc DB-57 debug appn ps DB-59

crypto map client authentication list SR-411 crypto map client configuration address SR-413 crypto map isakmp authorization list SR-414 crypto map local-address SR-319 csna B2R-286 ctunnel destination P3R-251 ctype SR-117 customer-id VR-230 custom-queue-list QR-22 cut-through IR-86


debug appn scm DB-61 debug appn ss DB-62 debug appn trs DB-64 debug arap DB-66 debug arp DB-68 debug asp packet DB-70 debug async async-queue DB-71 debug backhaul-session-manager session DB-74 debug backhaul-session-manager set DB-72 debug bert DB-78 debug bri-interface DB-79 debug bsc event DB-81 debug bsc packet DB-82 debug bstun events DB-83 debug bstun packet DB-87 debug bundle errors DB-85 debug bundle events DB-86 debug cable env DB-88 debug cable err DB-89
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

data-character-bits FR-56 data-pattern FR-738 dbconn license B2R-156 dbconn pem B2R-158 dbconn ping B2R-159 dbconn server B2R-160 dbconn tcpserver B2R-163 dce-terminal-timing enable IR-87 deadtime (server-group configuration) SR-119 de-bit map-clp WR-408 de-bit WR-407 debug aaa accounting DB-14 debug aaa authentication DB-15 debug aaa authorization DB-16 debug aaa pod DB-19 debug alps ascu DB-20 debug alps circuit event DB-24 debug alps peer event DB-26


debug cable freqhop DB-90 debug cable hw-spectrum DB-91 debug cable interface DB-92 debug cable keyman DB-93 debug cable mac DB-94 debug cable mac-address DB-96 debug cable map DB-97 debug cable phy DB-111 debug cable privacy DB-112 debug cable qos DB-113 debug cable range DB-114 debug cable reset DB-116 debug cable specmgmt DB-117 debug cable startalloc DB-118 debug cable telco-return DB-119 debug cable ucc DB-120 debug cable ucd DB-121 debug cable-modem bpkm DB-99 debug cable-modem bridge DB-101 debug cable-modem error DB-102 debug cable-modem interrupts DB-103 debug cable-modem mac DB-104 debug cable-modem map DB-110 debug call fallback detail DB-124 debug call fallback probes DB-126 debug call rsvp-sync events DB-130 debug call rsvp-sync func-trace DB-132 debug callback DB-134 debug call-mgmt DB-127 debug ccaal2 session DB-135 debug ccfrf11 session DB-137 debug cch323 h225 DB-139 debug cch323 h245 DB-142 debug cch323 ras DB-144 debug ccsip all DB-147 debug ccsip calls DB-157 debug ccsip error DB-160 debug ccsip events DB-164 debug ccsip messages DB-166
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

debug ccsip states DB-171 debug ccswvoice vo-debug DB-177 debug ccswvoice vofr-debug DB-174 debug ccswvoice vofr-debug DB-179 debug ccswvoice vofr-session DB-176 debug ccswvoice vofr-session DB-181 debug ccswvoice vo-session DB-178 debug cdapi DB-182 debug cdp ip DB-185 debug cdp DB-184 debug channel events DB-187 debug channel ilan DB-189 debug channel love DB-190 debug channel packets DB-191 debug clns esis events DB-192 debug clns esis packets DB-193 debug clns events DB-195 debug clns igrp packets DB-193 debug clns packet DB-195 debug clns routing DB-196 debug cls message DB-197 debug cls vdlc DB-198 debug compress DB-200 debug condition interface DB-204 debug condition DB-202 debug confmodem DB-206 debug cops DB-207 debug cot DB-210 debug cpp event DB-213 debug cpp negotiation DB-214 debug cpp packet DB-216 debug crypto engine accelerator logs DB-219 debug crypto engine DB-217 debug crypto ipsec DB-220 debug crypto isakmp DB-223 debug crypto key-exchange DB-225 debug crypto pki messages DB-226 debug crypto pki transactions DB-231 debug crypto sesmgmt DB-229


debug csm voice DB-234 debug ctunnel DB-240 debug custom-queue DB-241 debug dbconn all DB-242 debug dbconn appc DB-243 debug dbconn config DB-245 debug dbconn drda DB-246 debug dbconn event DB-247 debug dbconn tcp DB-249 debug decnet adj DB-251 debug decnet connects DB-252 debug decnet events DB-254 debug decnet packet DB-255 debug decnet routing DB-256 debug dhcp DB-257 debug dialer events DB-260 debug dlsw DB-262 debug dmsp doc-to-fax DB-272 debug dmsp fax-to-doc DB-271 debug drip event DB-272 debug drip packet DB-274 debug dsc clock 541 debug dsc clock DB-275 debug dsip 542 debug dsip DB-276 debug dspu activation DB-278 debug dspu packet DB-280 debug dspu state DB-281 debug dspu trace DB-283 debug dss ipx event DB-285 debug eigrp fsm DB-286 debug eigrp neighbor

debug foip off-ramp DB-302 debug foip on-ramp DB-303 debug frame-relay callcontrol DB-307 debug frame-relay end-to-end keepalive DB-309 debug frame-relay events DB-311 debug frame-relay foresight DB-314 debug frame-relay fragment DB-312 debug frame-relay informationelements DB-315 debug frame-relay lapf DB-317 debug frame-relay lmi DB-318 debug frame-relay networklayerinterface DB-321 debug frame-relay packet DB-325 debug frame-relay ppp DB-327 debug frame-relay switching DB-329 debug frame-relay DB-304 debug fras error DB-330 debug fras message DB-336 debug fras state DB-337 debug fras-host activation DB-331 debug fras-host error DB-332 debug fras-host packet DB-333 debug fras-host snmp DB-335 debug ftpserver DB-338 debug gatekeeper server DB-340 debug gprs charging DB-342 debug gprs gtp DB-343 debug h225 asn1 DB-349 debug h225 events DB-360 debug h225 DB-344 debug h245 asn1 DB-362 debug h245 events DB-363 debug ima DB-364 debug ip auth-proxy DB-366 debug ip bgp DB-368 debug ip casa affinities DB-369 debug ip casa packets DB-370 debug ip casa wildcards DB-372 debug ip cef accounting non-recursive DB-375 debug ip cef fragmentation DB-377
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

debug eigrp packet DB-290 debug eigrp transmit DB-292 debug errors DB-294 debug events DB-295 debug fddi smt-packets DB-298 debug fmsp receive DB-299 debug fmsp send DB-300


debug ip cef hash DB-379 debug ip cef rrhash DB-381 debug ip cef subblock DB-382 debug ip cef table DB-384 debug ip cef DB-373 debug ip dhcp server DB-386 debug ip drp DB-387 debug ip dvmrp DB-383 debug ip eigrp DB-386 debug ip error DB-387 debug ip ftp DB-390 debug ip http authentication DB-391 debug ip http ezsetup DB-392 debug ip http ssi DB-394 debug ip http token DB-395 debug ip http transaction DB-397 debug ip http url DB-399 debug ip icmp DB-400 debug ip igmp DB-405 debug ip igrp events DB-407 debug ip igrp transactions DB-409 debug ip inspect DB-411 debug ip mbgp dampening DB-415 debug ip mbgp updates DB-416 debug ip mcache DB-418 debug ip mds ipc DB-420 debug ip mds mevent DB-421 debug ip mds mpacket DB-422 debug ip mds process DB-423 debug ip mhbeat DB-424 debug ip mobile advertise DB-427 debug ip mobile host DB-428 debug ip mobile DB-426 debug ip mpacket DB-429 debug ip mrm DB-431 debug ip mrouting DB-432 debug ip msdp resets DB-436 debug ip msdp DB-434 debug ip nat DB-437
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

debug ip ospf events DB-441 debug ip ospf mpls traffic-eng advertisements DB-442 debug ip ospf packet DB-444 debug ip ospf spf statistic DB-446 debug ip packet DB-448 debug ip pgm host DB-454 debug ip pgm router DB-456 debug ip pim atm DB-453 debug ip pim auto-rp DB-454 debug ip pim DB-458 debug ip policy DB-456 debug ip rgmp DB-458 debug ip rip DB-459 debug ip routing DB-460 debug ip rsvp detail DB-464 debug ip rsvp policy DB-466 debug ip rsvp sbm DB-469 debug ip rsvp traffic-control DB-471 debug ip rsvp wfq DB-472 debug ip rsvp DB-462 debug ip rtp header-compression DB-473 debug ip rtp packets DB-474 debug ip sd DB-475 debug ip security DB-477 debug ip slb DB-479 debug ip socket DB-482 debug ip ssh DB-485 debug ip tcp driver DB-486 debug ip tcp driver-pak DB-488 debug ip tcp intercept DB-490 debug ip tcp transactions DB-492 debug ip trigger-authentication DB-494 debug ip udp DB-496 debug ip urd DB-497 debug ip wccp events DB-498 debug ip wccp packets DB-499 debug ipx ipxwan DB-499 debug ipx nasi DB-501 debug ipx packet DB-503


debug ipx routing DB-505 debug ipx sap DB-507 debug ipx spoof DB-511 debug ipx spx DB-513 debug isdn event DB-515 debug isdn q921 DB-520 debug isdn q931 DB-526 debug isis adj packets DB-529 debug isis mpls traffic-eng advertisements DB-530 debug isis mpls traffic-eng events DB-532 debug isis spf statistics DB-533 debug isis update-packets DB-535 debug kerberos DB-537 debug l2relay events DB-539 debug l2relay packets DB-540 debug lane client DB-541 debug lane config DB-549 debug lane finder DB-551 debug lane server DB-552 debug lane signaling DB-555 debug lapb DB-557 debug lapb-ta DB-561 debug lat packet DB-563 debug lex rcmd DB-565 debug list DB-568 debug llc2 dynwind DB-571 debug llc2 errors DB-572 debug llc2 packet DB-573 debug llc2 state DB-575 debug lnm events DB-576 debug lnm llc DB-578 debug lnm mac DB-581 debug local-ack state DB-583 debug management event DB-585 debug mdss DB-587 debug mgcp DB-589 debug mls rp ip multicast DB-601 debug mls rp DB-600 debug mmoip aaa DB-603

debug modem csm DB-606 debug modem dsip DB-612 debug modem oob DB-614 debug modem trace DB-615 debug modem traffic DB-617 debug modem DB-605 debug mpls adjacency DB-618 debug mpls events

debug mpls lfib cef DB-620 debug mpls lfib enc DB-624 debug mpls lfib lsp DB-627 debug mpls lfib state debug mpls lfib struct debug mpls packets
DB-630 DB-633 DB-635

debug mpls traffic-eng areas DB-637 debug mpls traffic-eng autoroute DB-638 debug mpls traffic-eng link-management admission-control DB-639 debug mpls traffic-eng link-management advertisements DB-640 debug mpls traffic-eng link-management bandwidth-allocation DB-642 debug mpls traffic-eng link-management errors DB-643 debug mpls traffic-eng link-management events DB-644 debug mpls traffic-eng link-management igp-neighbors DB-645 debug mpls traffic-eng link-management links DB-646 debug mpls traffic-eng link-management preemption DB-647 debug mpls traffic-eng link-management routing DB-648 debug mpls traffic-eng load-balancing DB-649 debug mpls traffic-eng path DB-650 debug mpls traffic-eng topology change DB-651 debug mpls traffic-eng topology lsa DB-652 debug mpls traffic-eng tunnels errors DB-653 debug mpls traffic-eng tunnels events DB-654 debug mpls traffic-eng tunnels labels DB-655 debug mpls traffic-eng tunnels reoptimize DB-657 debug mpls traffic-eng tunnels signalling DB-658 debug mpls traffic-eng tunnels state DB-659 debug mpls traffic-eng tunnels timers DB-660
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


debug mpoa client DB-661 debug mpoa server DB-662 debug mspi receive DB-663 debug mspi send DB-664 debug mta receive all DB-665 debug mta send all DB-666 debug mta send rcpt-to DB-667 debug ncia circuit DB-669 debug ncia client DB-674 debug ncia server DB-676 debug netbios error DB-678 debug netbios packet DB-682 debug netbios-name-cache DB-679 debug nhrp extension DB-685 debug nhrp options DB-686 debug nhrp packet DB-687 debug nhrp rate DB-688 debug nhrp DB-683 debug oam DB-690 debug packet DB-691 debug pots csm DB-698 debug pots DB-696 debug ppp bap DB-718 debug ppp multilink events DB-725 debug ppp multilink fragments DB-724 debug ppp multilink negotiation DB-726 debug ppp DB-707 debug priority DB-728 debug proxy h323 statistics DB-729 debug pvcd DB-730 debug qllc error DB-731 debug qllc event DB-732 debug qllc packet DB-733 debug qllc state DB-734 debug qllc timer DB-735 debug qllc x25 DB-736 debug radius DB-737 debug ras DB-739 debug redundancy DB-742
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

debug resource-pool DB-743 debug rif DB-746 debug route-map ipc DB-749 debug rtpspi all DB-769 debug rtpspi errors DB-772 debug rtpspi inout DB-774 debug rtpspi send-nse DB-776 debug rtpspi session DB-777 debug rtr error DB-751 debug rtr trace DB-753 debug rtsp api DB-756 debug rtsp client session DB-757 debug rtsp pmh DB-760 debug rtsp socket DB-767 debug rtsp DB-755 debug sdlc local-ack DB-783 debug sdlc packet DB-785 debug sdlc DB-779 debug sdllc DB-786 debug serial interface DB-788 debug serial packet DB-793 debug service-module DB-794 debug sgbp dial-bids DB-795 debug sgcp errors DB-797 debug sgcp events DB-799 debug sgcp packet DB-805 debug sgcp DB-796 debug smrp all DB-810 debug smrp group DB-811 debug smrp mcache DB-813 debug smrp neighbor DB-815 debug smrp port DB-816 debug smrp route DB-817 debug smrp transaction DB-819 debug snasw dlc DB-820 debug snasw ips DB-822 debug snmp packet DB-824 debug snmp requests DB-826 debug sntp adjust DB-827


debug sntp packets DB-828 debug sntp select DB-830 debug source bridge DB-831 debug source error DB-833 debug source event DB-835 debug span DB-839 debug sse DB-842 debug standby errors DB-843 debug standby events icmp DB-845 debug standby events DB-844 debug standby packets DB-847 debug stun packet DB-848 debug sw56 DB-850 debug syscon perfdata DB-851 debug syscon sdp DB-852 debug syslog-server DB-853 debug tacacs events DB-857 debug tacacs DB-855 debug tag-switching adjacency DB-859 debug tag-switching atm-cos DB-860 debug tag-switching atm-tdp api DB-862 debug tag-switching atm-tdp routes DB-863 debug tag-switching atm-tdp states DB-865 debug tag-switching packets DB-866 debug tag-switching tdp advertisements DB-867 debug tag-switching tdp bindings DB-868 debug tag-switching tdp directed-neighbors DB-870 debug tag-switching tdp peer state-machine DB-871 debug tag-switching tdp pies received DB-873 debug tag-switching tdp pies sent DB-874 debug tag-switching tdp session io DB-876 debug tag-switching tdp session state-machine DB-878 debug tag-switching tdp transport connections DB-880 debug tag-switching tdp transport events DB-882 debug tag-switching tdp transport timers DB-884 debug tag-switching tfib cef DB-886 debug tag-switching tfib enc DB-887 debug tag-switching tfib state DB-888 debug tag-switching tfib struct DB-889

debug tag-switching tfib tsp DB-890 debug tag-switching traffic-engineering interfaces DB-892 debug tag-switching traffic-engineering metrics DB-893 debug tag-switching traffic-engineering routing-table DB-894 debug tag-switching traffic-engineering DB-891 debug tag-switching tsp-tunnels events DB-895 debug tag-switching tsp-tunnels signalling DB-896 debug tag-switching tsp-tunnels tagging DB-897 debug tag-switching xtagatm cross-connect DB-898 debug tag-switching xtagatm errors DB-900 debug tag-switching xtagatm events DB-901 debug tag-switching xtagatm vc DB-903 debug tarp events DB-915 debug tarp packets DB-917 debug tccs signaling DB-919 debug tdm DB-921 debug telco-return msg DB-924 debug telnet DB-925 debug text-to-fax DB-927 debug tftp DB-928 debug tgrm DB-929 debug tiff reader DB-931 debug tiff writer DB-933 debug token ring DB-934 debug tsp DB-936 debug txconn all DB-937 debug txconn appc DB-938 debug txconn config DB-940 debug txconn data DB-941 debug txconn event DB-943 debug txconn tcp DB-945 debug txconn timer DB-947 debug udptn DB-948 debug v120 event DB-949 debug v120 packet DB-950 debug vg-anylan DB-952 debug video vicm DB-954 debug vines arp DB-956
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


debug vines echo DB-958 debug vines ipc DB-959 debug vines netrpc DB-961 debug vines packet DB-962 debug vines routing DB-963 debug vines service DB-965 debug vines state DB-967 debug vines table DB-968 debug vlan packet DB-969 debug voice all DB-970 debug voice cp DB-971 debug voice eecm DB-972 debug voice protocol DB-973 debug voice signaling DB-975 debug voice tdsm DB-977 debug voice vofr DB-979 debug voip aaa DB-981 debug voip ccapi error DB-984 debug voip ccapi inout DB-985 debug voip ccapi DB-982 debug voip ivr settlement DB-994 debug voip ivr DB-988 debug voip rawmsg DB-996 debug voip settlement all DB-997 debug voip settlement enter DB-998 debug voip settlement error DB-999 debug voip settlement exit DB-1004 debug voip settlement misc DB-1005 debug voip settlement network DB-1006 debug voip settlement security DB-1009 debug voip settlement transaction DB-1010 debug vpdn pppoe-data DB-1011 debug vpdn pppoe-error DB-1014 debug vpdn pppoe-events DB-1016 debug vpdn pppoe-packet DB-1018 debug vpdn DB-1009 debug vpm all DB-1020 debug vpm dsp DB-1021 debug vpm error DB-1022
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

debug vpm port DB-1023 debug vpm signal DB-1025 debug vpm signaling DB-1026 debug vpm spi DB-1027 debug vpm trunk_sc DB-1029 debug vpm voaal2 all DB-1031 debug vpm voaal2 type1 DB-1033 debug vpm voaal2 type3 DB-1035 debug vsi api DB-1037 debug vsi errors DB-1039 debug vsi events DB-1041 debug vsi packets DB-1043 debug vsi param-groups DB-1045 debug vtemplate DB-1047 debug vtsp all DB-1050 debug vtsp dsp DB-1051 debug vtsp error DB-1052 debug vtsp port DB-1054 debug vtsp send-nse DB-1057 debug vtsp session DB-1058 debug vtsp stats DB-1061 debug vtsp tone DB-1065 debug vtsp vofr subframe DB-1063 debug x25 annexg DB-1074 debug x25 DB-1066 debug x28 DB-1076 debug xcctsp all DB-1077 debug xcctsp error DB-1078 debug xcctsp session DB-1079 debug xns packet DB-1080 debug xns routing DB-1081 debug ntp DB-689 decnet access-group P3R-121 decnet accounting list P3R-124 decnet accounting threshold P3R-126 decnet accounting transits P3R-127 decnet accounting P3R-122 decnet advertise P3R-128 decnet area-max-cost P3R-130


decnet area-max-hops P3R-131 decnet cluster-alias update P3R-132 decnet cluster-holdtime P3R-133 decnet congestion-threshold P3R-134 decnet conversion P3R-135 decnet cost P3R-137 decnet encapsulation P3R-138 decnet hello-timer P3R-139 decnet host P3R-140 decnet in-routing-filter P3R-141 decnet map P3R-142 decnet max-address P3R-144 decnet max-area P3R-145 decnet max-cost P3R-146 decnet max-hops P3R-147 decnet max-paths P3R-148 decnet max-visits P3R-149 decnet multicast-map P3R-150 decnet node-type P3R-152 decnet out-routing-filter P3R-153 decnet path-split-mode P3R-154 decnet propagate static P3R-155 decnet route (interface static route) P3R-156 decnet route (specific static route) P3R-158 decnet route default (interface default route) P3R-160 decnet route default (specific default route) P3R-162 decnet route-cache P3R-163 decnet router-priority P3R-164 decnet routing P3R-166 decnet routing-timer P3R-168 decnet split-horizon P3R-169 default (VPDN) DR-117 default VR-234 default XR-39 default-file vfc VR-235 default-information originate (BGP) IP2R-272 default-information originate (IS-IS) IP2R-185 default-information originate (OSPF) IP2R-78 default-information originate IP2R-7

default-information IP2R-144 default-metric (BGP) IP2R-274 default-metric (Enhanced IGRP) IP2R-145 default-metric (IGRP) IP2R-38 default-metric (OSPF) IP2R-80 default-metric (RIP) IP2R-8 default-name XR-40 default-profile B2R-322 default-router IP1R-109 default-value exec-character-bits FR-57 default-value special-character-bits FR-58 define VR-236 delay (interface) IR-88 delay (virtual server) IP1R-292 delete vfc VR-238 delete FR-194 deny (extended) P2R-230 deny (IP) IP1R-172 deny (NLSP) P2R-233 deny (SAP filtering) P2R-235 deny (standard) P2R-237 description (controller) IR-89 description (dspfarm) VR-240 description (interface) DR-119 description (vpdn-group) DR-120 description VR-239 destination-pattern (interface) VR-244 destination-pattern VR-241 detect v54 channel-group VR-245 device-id VR-246 dhcp-gateway-address MWR-12 dhcp-server MWR-14 diag FR-461 dial-control-mib VR-247 dialer aaa SR-120 dialer callback-secure DR-122 dialer callback-server DR-124 dialer called DR-126 dialer caller DR-127
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


dialer clid group DR-129 dialer congestion-threshold DR-130 dialer dnis group DR-131 dialer dns DR-133 dialer dtr DR-134 dialer enable-timeout DR-135 dialer fast-idle (interface) DR-137 dialer fast-idle (map-class) DR-139 dialer hold-queue DR-141 dialer idle-timeout (interface) DR-142 dialer in-band DR-144 dialer isdn short-hold DR-146 dialer isdn DR-145 dialer load-threshold DR-151 dialer map (AOC) DR-157 dialer map (SPC) DR-160 dialer map snapshot DR-162 dialer map DR-153 dialer max-call DR-164 dialer outgoing DR-166 dialer pool DR-167 dialer pool-member DR-169 dialer priority DR-171 dialer redial DR-173 dialer remote-name DR-174 dialer reserved-links DR-175 dialer rotary-group DR-176 dialer rotor DR-178 dialer string (dialer profiles) DR-181 dialer string (legacy DDR) DR-182 dialer string DR-179 dialer voice-call DR-184 dialer vpdn DR-185 dialer wait-for-carrier-time (interface) DR-187 dialer wait-for-carrier-time (map-class) DR-188 dialer watch-disable DR-189 dialer watch-group DR-190 dialer watch-list DR-191 dialer DR-121
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

dialer-group DR-140 dialer-list protocol DR-148 dial-peer cor custom DR-193 dial-peer cor list DR-194 dial-peer hunt VR-248 dial-peer terminator VR-250 dial-peer video VR-252 dial-peer voice VR-253 dial-shelf split backplane-ds0 DR-195 dial-shelf split slots none DR-199 dial-shelf split slots remove DR-200 dial-shelf split slots DR-197 dial-tdm-clock IR-544 dial-tdm-clock DR-201 dial-type VR-256 digit-strip VR-258 dir FR-196 direct-inward-dial VR-261 disable (TN3270) B2R-324 disable FR-4 disc_pi_off VR-262 disconnect qdm QR-24 disconnect ssh SR-486 disconnect DR-203 disconnect-ack VR-263 disconnect-character FR-59 dispatch-character FR-60 dispatch-machine FR-62 dispatch-timeout FR-63 distance (IP) IP2R-440 distance (ISO CLNS) P3R-253 distance bgp IP2R-276 distance eigrp IP2R-147 distance mbgp IP2R-422 distance ospf IP2R-81 distribute-list in (IP) IP2R-443 distribute-list in (RIP, IGRP, EIGRP) IP2R-149 distribute-list in (RIP, IGRP, EIGRP) IP2R-40 distribute-list in (RIP, IGRP, EIGRP) IP2R-9


distribute-list in IP2R-278 distribute-list in P2R-239 distribute-list out (IP) IP2R-445 distribute-list out (RIP, IGRP, EIGRP) IP2R-11 distribute-list out (RIP, IGRP, EIGRP) IP2R-151 distribute-list out (RIP, IGRP, EIGRP) IP2R-42 distribute-list out IP2R-281 distribute-list out P2R-241 distribute-sap-list in P2R-243 distribute-sap-list out P2R-245 distributions-of-statistics-kept FR-739 dlsw allroute-netbios B1R-249 dlsw allroute-sna B1R-250 dlsw bgroup-list B1R-251 dlsw bridge-group B1R-252 dlsw cache-ignore-netbios-datagram B1R-254 dlsw disable B1R-255 dlsw duplicate-path-bias B1R-256 dlsw explorerq-depth B1R-257 dlsw group-cache disable B1R-258 dlsw group-cache max-entries B1R-259 dlsw history-log B1R-260 dlsw icannotreach saps B1R-261 dlsw icanreach B1R-262 dlsw llc2 nornr B1R-264 dlsw load-balance B1R-266 dlsw local-peer B1R-267 dlsw mac-addr B1R-269 dlsw max-multiple-rifs B1R-271 dlsw netbios-cache-length B1R-272 dlsw netbios-keepalive-filter B1R-273 dlsw netbios-name B1R-274 dlsw peer-on-demand-defaults B1R-276 dlsw port-list B1R-278 dlsw prom-peer-defaults B1R-279 dlsw redundant-rings B1R-281 dlsw remote-peer frame-relay B1R-282 dlsw remote-peer fst B1R-285 dlsw remote-peer interface B1R-288

dlsw remote-peer tcp B1R-291 dlsw ring-list B1R-296 dlsw rsvp B1R-297 dlsw timer B1R-299 dlsw tos disable B1R-301 dlsw tos map B1R-302 dlsw transparent map B1R-304 dlsw transparent redundancy-enable B1R-305 dlsw transparent switch-support B1R-306 dlsw transparent timers B1R-307 dlsw udp-disable B1R-308 dlur B2R-325 dlus-backup B2R-327 dnis (AAA preauthentication configuration) SR-121 dnis (AAA preauthentication) SR-41 dnis (vpdn) DR-204 dnis bypass (AAA preauthentication configuration) SR-123 dnis group DR-206 dnsix-dmdp retries SR-452 dnsix-nat authorized-redirection SR-453 dnsix-nat primary SR-454 dnsix-nat secondary SR-455 dnsix-nat source SR-456 dnsix-nat transmit-count SR-457 dns-server IP1R-110 domain DR-207 domain-id B2R-328 domain-name IP1R-111 domain-password IP2R-187 downward-compatible-config FR-388 down-when-looped IR-90 ds0 busyout (channel) DR-209 ds0 busyout (voice) VR-264 ds0 busyout-threshold DR-211 ds0-group (controller e1) DR-213 ds0-group VR-266 dscp QR-25 dsn VR-278
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


dspint dspfarm VR-281 dspu activation-window B2R-4 dspu default-pu B2R-5 dspu enable-host (QLLC) B2R-8 dspu enable-host (SDLC) B2R-9 dspu enable-host (Token Ring, Ethernet, FDDI, Frame Relay) B2R-7 dspu enable-pu (Ethernet, Frame Relay, Token Ring, FDDI) B2R-10 dspu enable-pu (QLLC) B2R-11 dspu enable-pu (SDLC) B2R-12 dspu host (Frame Relay) B2R-13 dspu host (QLLC) B2R-15 dspu host (SDLC) B2R-17 dspu host (Token Ring, Ethernet, FDDI, RSRB, VDLC) B2R-19 dspu lu B2R-21 dspu ncia enable-pu B2R-24 dspu ncia B2R-23 dspu notification-level B2R-25 dspu pool B2R-26 dspu pu (Frame Relay) B2R-28 dspu pu (QLLC) B2R-30 dspu pu (SDLC) B2R-32 dspu pu (Token Ring, Ethernet, FDDI, RSRB, VDLC, NCIA) B2R-34 dspu rsrb enable-host B2R-39 dspu rsrb enable-pu B2R-40 dspu rsrb start B2R-41 dspu rsrb B2R-37 dspu start B2R-43 dspu vdlc enable-host B2R-47 dspu vdlc enable-pu B2R-49 dspu vdlc start B2R-51 dspu vdlc B2R-45 dsu bandwidth IR-91 dsu mode IR-92 dte-invert-txc IR-94 dtmf timer inter-digit VR-286 dtmf-relay (Voice over Frame Relay) VR-284
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

dtmf-relay (Voice over IP) VR-282 duplex IR-95 dxi map WR-83 dxi pvc WR-85 dynamic IP1R-178

e2-clockrate IR-97 early-token-release IR-98 echo-cancel comfort-noise VR-287 echo-cancel compensation VR-288 echo-cancel coverage VR-289 echo-cancel enable (controller) VR-293 echo-cancel enable VR-291 echo-cancel loopback VR-294 editing FR-5 efci-bit WR-409 eigrp log-neighbor-changes IP2R-153 eigrp log-neighbor-warnings eigrp stub IP2R-155 enable (TN3270) B2R-330 enable password SR-434 enable secret SR-436 enable FR-8 enabled XR-42 encapsulation aal5 WR-87 encapsulation alc B1R-576 encapsulation atm-ces VR-295 encapsulation atm-dxi WR-91 encapsulation bstun B1R-356 encapsulation cpp DR-215 encapsulation dot1q XR-43 encapsulation frame-relay WR-252 encapsulation ftc-trunk VR-297 encapsulation gtp MWR-16 encapsulation isl XR-44 encapsulation lapb WR-447 encapsulation sde XR-45


encapsulation sdlc B1R-398 encapsulation sdlc-primary B1R-399 encapsulation sdlc-secondary B1R-401 encapsulation smds WR-419 encapsulation stun B1R-357 encapsulation tr-isl trbrf-vlan B1R-205 encapsulation tr-isl trbrf-vlan XR-46 encapsulation uts B1R-577 encapsulation x25 WR-449 encapsulation IR-99 encryption (IKE policy) SR-416 encryption mppe DR-217 encryption VR-298 encryptorder B2R-331 end FR-10 enrollment mode ra SR-375 enrollment retry count SR-376 enrollment retry period SR-378 enrollment url SR-380 erase bootflash FR-200 erase flash: erase FR-198 escape-character FR-65 ethernet-transit-oui B1R-99 evaluate SR-200 exception core-file FR-465 exception dump FR-467 exception linecard FR-469 exception memory FR-471 exception protocol FR-473 exception region-size FR-475 exception slot B2R-207 exception spurious-interrupt FR-477 exec FR-136 exec-banner FR-137 exec-character-bits FR-68 exec-timeout FR-139 execute-on FR-479

exit (EXEC) FR-11 exit (global) FR-12 exit XR-47 exit-address-family XR-48 expect-factor VR-301 exponential-weighting-constant QR-28 export destination XR-49 export map IP2R-284 export map XR-51 extended-port XR-53

faildetect IP1R-293 fair-queue (class-default) QR-30 fair-queue (DWFQ) QR-32 fair-queue (policy-map) QR-34 fair-queue (WFQ) QR-36 fair-queue aggregate-limit QR-41 fair-queue individual-limit QR-43 fair-queue limit QR-45 fair-queue qos-group QR-47 fair-queue tos QR-49 fair-queue weight QR-51 fax interface-type VR-302 fax protocol (dial-peer) VR-303 fax protocol (voice-service) VR-305 fax rate VR-307 fax receive called-subscriber VR-309 fax send center-header VR-311 fax send coverpage comment VR-313 fax send coverpage e-mail-controllable VR-314 fax send coverpage enable VR-316 fax send coverpage show-detail VR-317 fax send left-header VR-318 fax send max-speed VR-320 fax send right-header VR-321 fax send transmitting-subscriber VR-323 fax-relay ecm disable VR-310
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

erase vfc VR-300


fddi burst-count IR-102 fddi c-min IR-103 fddi cmt-signal-bits IR-104 fddi duplicate-address-check IR-106 fddi encapsulate IR-107 fddi frames-per-token IR-109 fddi smt-frames IR-110 fddi tb-min IR-111 fddi tl-min-time IR-112 fddi token-rotation-time IR-114 fddi t-out IR-113 fddi valid-transmission-time IR-115 fdl IR-116 file prompt FR-201 filter-for-history FR-741 firmware location DR-218 firmware upgrade DR-221 flash-update-threshold IP2R-13 flowcontrol DR-223 force-local-chap DR-225 format FR-202 forward-alarms VR-324 forward-digits VR-325 forwarding-agent IP1R-188 frag-pre-queuing VR-329 frame-relay adaptive-shaping WR-255 frame-relay address registration auto-address WR-257 frame-relay address registration ip WR-259 frame-relay address-reg enable WR-261 frame-relay bc WR-262 frame-relay be WR-264 frame-relay becn-response-enable WR-266 frame-relay broadcast-queue WR-267 frame-relay cir WR-269 frame-relay class WR-270 frame-relay congestion threshold de WR-273 frame-relay congestion threshold ecn WR-275 frame-relay congestion-management WR-271 frame-relay custom-queue-list WR-277
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

frame-relay de-group WR-278 frame-relay de-list WR-279 frame-relay end-to-end keepalive error-threshold WR-281 frame-relay end-to-end keepalive event-window WR-283 frame-relay end-to-end keepalive mode WR-285 frame-relay end-to-end keepalive success-events WR-288 frame-relay end-to-end keepalive timer WR-290 frame-relay fair-queue WR-292 frame-relay fragment WR-294 frame-relay holdq WR-299 frame-relay idle-timer WR-300 frame-relay interface-dlci switched WR-305 frame-relay interface-dlci WR-302 frame-relay interface-queue priority QR-53 frame-relay intf-type WR-307 frame-relay inverse-arp WR-308 frame-relay ip rtp compression-connections IP3R-10 frame-relay ip rtp header-compression IP3R-12 frame-relay ip rtp priority QR-55 frame-relay ip tcp compression-connections WR-310 frame-relay ip tcp header-compression WR-311 frame-relay lapf frmr WR-313 frame-relay lapf k WR-314 frame-relay lapf n200 WR-315 frame-relay lapf n201 WR-316 frame-relay lapf t200 WR-317 frame-relay lapf t203 WR-318 frame-relay lmi-n391dte WR-319 frame-relay lmi-n392dce WR-320 frame-relay lmi-n392dte WR-321 frame-relay lmi-n393dce WR-322 frame-relay lmi-n393dte WR-323 frame-relay lmi-t392dce WR-324 frame-relay lmi-type WR-325 frame-relay local-dlci WR-326 frame-relay map bridge broadcast B1R-65 frame-relay map bridge WR-331 frame-relay map bstun B1R-359 frame-relay map clns WR-332


frame-relay map ip compress IP3R-13 frame-relay map ip nocompress IP3R-15 frame-relay map ip rtp header-compression IP3R-16 frame-relay map ip tcp header-compression WR-333 frame-relay map llc2 B1R-496 frame-relay map rsrb B1R-497 frame-relay map IR-120 frame-relay map WR-327 frame-relay mincir WR-335 frame-relay multicast-dlci WR-336 frame-relay payload-compress WR-337 frame-relay policing WR-339 frame-relay priority-dlci-group WR-340 frame-relay priority-group WR-342 frame-relay pvc WR-343 frame-relay qos-autosense WR-345 frame-relay route WR-347 frame-relay svc WR-349 frame-relay switching WR-350 frame-relay tc WR-351 frame-relay traffic-rate WR-352 frame-relay traffic-shaping WR-354 frame-relay voice bandwidth VR-327 frame-relay IR-118 framing (E1/T1 controller) IR-124 framing (E3/T3 interface) IR-125 framing (T3 controller) IR-127 framing DR-227 framing IR-122 fras backup dlsw B1R-498 fras ban B1R-500 fras ddr-backup B1R-502 fras map llc B1R-506 fras map sdlc B1R-507 fras-host ban B1R-503 fras-host bnn B1R-504 fras-host dlsw-local-ack B1R-505 fr-atm connect dlci WR-253 freq-max-delay VR-330

freq-max-deviation VR-331 freq-max-power VR-332 freq-min-power VR-333 freq-pair VR-334 freq-power-twist VR-336 frequency FR-743 fsck FR-205 ftc-trunk frame-relay-dlci VR-337 ftc-trunk management-dlci VR-338 ftc-trunk management-protocol VR-339 full-duplex IR-129 full-help FR-13

gatekeeper VR-342 gateway VR-343 generic-pool B2R-332 gprs access-point-list MWR-17 gprs canonical-qos best-effort bandwidth-factor MWR-19 gprs canonical-qos gsn-resource-factor MWR-20 gprs canonical-qos map tos MWR-21 gprs canonical-qos premium mean-throughput-deviation MWR-23 gprs charging cdr-aggregation-limit MWR-25 gprs charging cdr-option local-record-sequence-number MWR-26 gprs charging cdr-option node-id MWR-27 gprs charging cdr-option no-partial-cdr-generation MWR-28 gprs charging cdr-option packet-count MWR-30 gprs charging cdr-option served-msisdn MWR-31 gprs charging cg-path-requests MWR-32 gprs charging container volume-threshold MWR-33 gprs charging disable MWR-35 gprs charging flow-control private-echo MWR-36 gprs charging map data tos MWR-38 gprs charging packet-queue-size MWR-40 gprs charging path-protocol MWR-42 gprs charging server-switch-timer MWR-44
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


gprs charging tariff-time MWR-45 gprs charging transfer interval MWR-46 gprs default charging-gateway MWR-48 gprs default dhcp-server MWR-50 gprs default ip-address-pool MWR-52 gprs default radius-server MWR-54 gprs fastswitch MWR-57 gprs gtp error-indication throttle MWR-58 gprs gtp map signalling tos MWR-59 gprs gtp n3-buffer-size MWR-60 gprs gtp n3-requests MWR-61 gprs gtp path-echo-interval MWR-62 gprs gtp t3-response MWR-63 gprs gtp t3-tunnel MWR-64 gprs idle-pdp-context purge-timer MWR-65 gprs maximum-pdp-context-allowed MWR-66 gprs qos default-response requested MWR-67 gprs qos map canonical-qos MWR-68 gprs radius msisdn first-byte MWR-69 group (AAA preauthentication configuration) SR-124 group (IKE policy) SR-417 group auto-reset VR-345 group cumulative-ack VR-346 group out-of-sequence VR-347 group receive VR-348 group retransmit VR-349 group timer cumulative-ack VR-350 group timer keepalive VR-351 group timer retransmit VR-352 group timer transfer VR-353 group SR-43 group VR-344 group-range DR-229 gw-accounting VR-354 gw-type-prefix VR-359

h323 asr VR-362 h323 call start VR-363 h323 gatekeeper VR-365 h323 h323-id VR-374 h323 interface VR-375 h323 qos VR-377 h323 t120 VR-378 h323-gateway voip bind srcaddr VR-367 h323-gateway voip h323-id VR-368 h323-gateway voip id VR-369 h323-gateway voip interface VR-371 h323-gateway voip tech-prefix VR-372 half-duplex controlled-carrier IR-134 half-duplex timer IR-136 half-duplex IR-132 hardware-address IP1R-112 hash (IKE policy) SR-418 help FR-15 history size FR-19 history FR-17 hold-character FR-70 holding-time XR-55 hold-queue IR-138 hops-of-statistics-kept FR-744 host IP1R-113 hostname FR-389 hours-of-statistics-kept FR-747 hssi external-loop-request IR-140 hssi internal-clock IR-141 http-raw-request FR-746 hub IR-142 huntstop VR-379 hw-module slot IR-546 hw-module slot DR-230

h225 timeout tcp establish VR-361
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

icpif VR-380 idle IP1R-294


idle-time B2R-334 idle-timeout WR-92 idle-voltage VR-381 ignore lsa mospf IP2R-83 ignore VR-383 ignore-dcd IR-143 ignore-hw local-loopback IR-144 ignore-lsp-errors P3R-255 ilmi manage WR-94 ima active-links-minimum WR-95 ima clock-mode WR-96 ima differential-delay-maximum WR-98 ima frame-length WR-100 ima test WR-102 image encoding VR-385 image resolution VR-387 ima-group WR-101 impedance VR-389 import all IP1R-114 import map XR-56 inarp WR-103 incoming called-number VR-390 index XR-57 info-digits VR-392 information-type VR-393 initiate-to DR-233 input gain VR-394 input-queue IP2R-14 insecure FR-71 inservice (real server) IP1R-295 inservice (virtual server) IP1R-296 interface (RLM server) VR-396 interface atm

interface ctunnel IR-149 interface ctunnel P3R-256 interface dialer DR-238 interface fastethernet IR-150 interface fastethernet XR-59 interface fr-atm WR-356 interface gigabitethernet IR-152 interface group-async IR-153 interface multilink DR-239 interface multilink IR-154 interface port-channel IR-155 interface pos IR-157 interface range IR-158 interface serial multipoint WR-420 interface serial DR-240 interface vg-anylan IR-160 interface virtual-template DR-242 interface virtual-tokenring B1R-508 interface vlan B1R-211 interface XTagATM XR-61 interface IR-145 international bit IR-162 international FR-166 invert data IR-163 invert rxclock IR-165 invert txclock IR-167 invert-transmit-clock IR-166 ip access-group IP1R-189 ip access-list log-update IP1R-193 ip access-list IP1R-191 ip accounting mac-address IP1R-200 ip accounting precedence IP1R-201 ip accounting IP1R-195 ip accounting-list IP1R-197 ip accounting-threshold IP1R-198 ip accounting-transits IP1R-199 ip address dhcp IP1R-115 ip address negotiated DR-243 ip address IP1R-12
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

interface atm ima WR-107 interface atm WR-105 interface bri DR-235 interface bvi B1R-66 interface cbr WR-109 interface channel B2R-209


ip address-pool DR-244 ip alias TR-23 ip as-path access-list IP2R-285 ip audit attack SR-265 ip audit info SR-266 ip audit name SR-267 ip audit notify SR-268 ip audit po local SR-269 ip audit po max-events SR-270 ip audit po protected SR-271 ip audit po remote SR-272 ip audit signature SR-274 ip audit smtp SR-275 ip audit SR-264 ip authentication key-chain eigrp IP2R-157 ip authentication mode eigrp IP2R-158 ip auth-proxy (interface configuration) SR-282 ip auth-proxy auth-proxy-banner SR-283 ip auth-proxy name SR-285 ip auth-proxy SR-281 ip bandwidth-percent eigrp IP2R-159 ip bgp-community new-format IP2R-287 ip bootp server FR-390 ip broadcast-address IP1R-14 ip cache-invalidate-delay XR-62 ip casa IP1R-202 ip cef accounting XR-66 ip cef linecard ipc memory XR-68 ip cef load-sharing algorithm XR-69 ip cef table adjacency-prefix override XR-71 ip cef table consistency-check XR-72 ip cef table event-log XR-74 ip cef table resolution-timer XR-76 ip cef traffic-statistics IP1R-15 ip cef traffic-statistics XR-77 ip cef XR-64 ip cgmp IP3R-18 ip classless IP1R-17 ip community-list IP2R-289
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

ip default-gateway IP1R-18 ip default-network IP2R-447 ip dhcp conflict logging IP1R-119 ip dhcp database IP1R-120 ip dhcp excluded-address IP1R-122 ip dhcp ping packets IP1R-123 ip dhcp ping timeout IP1R-124 ip dhcp pool IP1R-125 ip dhcp relay forward spanning-tree IP1R-19 ip dhcp relay information check IP1R-126 ip dhcp relay information option IP1R-127 ip dhcp relay information option XR-79 ip dhcp relay information policy IP1R-128 ip dhcp relay information trust-all IP1R-131 ip dhcp relay information trusted IP1R-130 ip dhcp smart-relay IP1R-132 ip dhcp-client broadcast-flag IP1R-118 ip dhcp-client network-discovery DR-246 ip dhcp-server DR-248 ip directed-broadcast IP1R-21 ip director default-weights IR-168 ip director dfp security IR-172 ip director dfp IR-171 ip director host priority IR-174 ip director host weights IR-177 ip director server availability IR-180 ip director server port availability IR-182 ip domain-list IP1R-23 ip domain-lookup nsap P3R-257 ip domain-lookup IP1R-24 ip domain-name IP1R-25 ip drp access-group IP1R-203 ip drp authentication key-chain IP1R-204 ip drp server IP1R-205 ip dvmrp accept-filter IP3R-20 ip dvmrp auto-summary IP3R-22 ip dvmrp default-information IP3R-23 ip dvmrp metric IP2R-423 ip dvmrp metric IP3R-24


ip dvmrp metric-offset IP3R-26 ip dvmrp output-report-delay IP3R-27 ip dvmrp reject-non-pruners IP3R-28 ip dvmrp routehog-notification IP3R-29 ip dvmrp route-limit IP3R-30 ip dvmrp summary-address IP3R-31 ip dvmrp unicast-routing IP3R-32 ip explicit-path XR-80 ip extcommunity-list IP2R-291 ip finger FR-391 ip flow-aggregation cache XR-81 ip flow-cache entries XR-82 ip flow-export source XR-86 ip flow-export XR-84 ip forward-protocol spanning-tree IP1R-28 ip forward-protocol turbo-flood IP1R-30 ip forward-protocol IP1R-26 ip ftp passive FR-342 ip ftp password FR-343 ip ftp source-interface FR-344 ip ftp username FR-345 ip hello-interval eigrp IP2R-160 ip helper-address IP1R-32 ip hold-time eigrp IP2R-161 ip host IP1R-35 ip hp-host IP1R-36 ip http access-class FR-167 ip http authentication FR-168 ip http port FR-170 ip http server FR-171 ip icmp rate-limit unreachable IP1R-206 ip igmp access-group IP3R-33 ip igmp helper-address (UDL) IP3R-216 ip igmp helper-address IP3R-34 ip igmp immediate-leave IP3R-36 ip igmp join-group IP3R-38 ip igmp last-member-query-interval IP3R-40 ip igmp mroute-proxy IP3R-217 ip igmp proxy-service IP3R-219

ip igmp query-interval IP3R-41 ip igmp query-max-response-time IP3R-43 ip igmp query-timeout IP3R-44 ip igmp static-group IP3R-45 ip igmp unidirectional-link IP3R-221 ip igmp v3lite IP3R-47 ip igmp version IP3R-48 ip inspect alert-off SR-230 ip inspect audit trail SR-231 ip inspect dns-timeout SR-232 ip inspect max-incomplete high SR-234 ip inspect max-incomplete low SR-236 ip inspect name SR-238 ip inspect one-minute high SR-245 ip inspect one-minute low SR-247 ip inspect tcp finwait-time SR-249 ip inspect tcp idle-time SR-250 ip inspect tcp max-incomplete host SR-251 ip inspect tcp synwait-time SR-253 ip inspect udp idle-time SR-254 ip inspect SR-233 ip irdp IP1R-37 ip load-sharing XR-88 ip local policy route-map IP2R-449 ip local pool DR-250 ip mask-reply IP1R-207 ip mobile arp IP1R-39 ip mobile foreign-agent IP1R-335 ip mobile foreign-service IP1R-338 ip mobile home-agent address IP1R-344 ip mobile home-agent resync-sa IP1R-345 ip mobile home-agent standby IP1R-347 ip mobile home-agent IP1R-340 ip mobile host IP1R-349 ip mobile prefix-length IP1R-352 ip mobile registration-lifetime IP1R-353 ip mobile secure IP1R-354 ip mobile tunnel IP1R-356 ip mobile virtual-network IP1R-358
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


ip mrm accept-manager IP3R-238 ip mrm manager IP3R-239 ip mrm IP3R-237 ip mroute IP3R-50 ip mroute-cache IP3R-52 ip mroute-cache XR-90 ip msdp border IP3R-167 ip msdp cache-sa-state IP3R-169 ip msdp default-peer IP3R-171 ip msdp description IP3R-173 ip msdp filter-sa-request IP3R-174 ip msdp mesh-group IP3R-175 ip msdp originator-id IP3R-176 ip msdp peer IP3R-177 ip msdp redistribute IP3R-179 ip msdp sa-filter in IP3R-181 ip msdp sa-filter out IP3R-183 ip msdp sa-limit IP3R-185 ip msdp sa-request IP3R-186 ip msdp shutdown IP3R-188 ip msdp ttl-threshold IP3R-189 ip mtu IP1R-208 ip multicast boundary IP3R-54 ip multicast cache-headers IP2R-425 ip multicast cache-headers IP3R-57 ip multicast default-rpf-distance IP3R-223 ip multicast heartbeat IP3R-59 ip multicast helper-map IP3R-61 ip multicast multipath IP3R-63 ip multicast rate-limit IP3R-64 ip multicast ttl-threshold IP3R-66 ip multicast use-functional IP3R-67 ip multicast-routing XR-92 ip name-server IP1R-41 ip nat inside destination IP1R-44 ip nat inside source IP1R-46 ip nat outside source IP1R-49 ip nat pool IP1R-52 ip nat service IP1R-54
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

ip nat translation IP1R-56 ip nat IP1R-42 ip nbar pdlm QR-58 ip nbar port-map QR-59 ip nbar protocol-discovery QR-61 ip netmask-format IP1R-58 ip nhrp authentication IP1R-59 ip nhrp holdtime IP1R-60 ip nhrp interest IP1R-61 ip nhrp map multicast IP1R-63 ip nhrp map IP1R-62 ip nhrp max-send IP1R-64 ip nhrp network-id IP1R-65 ip nhrp nhs IP1R-66 ip nhrp record IP1R-67 ip nhrp responder IP1R-68 ip nhrp server-only IP1R-69 ip nhrp trigger-svc IP1R-70 ip nhrp use IP1R-71 ip ospf authentication IP2R-84 ip ospf authentication-key IP2R-85 ip ospf cost IP2R-86 ip ospf database-filter all out IP2R-88 ip ospf dead-interval IP2R-89 ip ospf demand-circuit IP2R-90 ip ospf flood-reduction IP2R-91 ip ospf hello-interval IP2R-92 ip ospf message-digest-key IP2R-93 ip ospf mtu-ignore IP2R-95 ip ospf name-lookup IP2R-96 ip ospf network IP2R-97 ip ospf priority IP2R-99 ip ospf retransmit-interval IP2R-100 ip ospf transmit-delay IP2R-101 ip pgm host IP3R-200 ip pgm router IP3R-203 ip pim accept-register IP3R-71 ip pim accept-rp IP3R-72 ip pim autorp listener IP3R-73


ip pim bidir-enable IP3R-74 ip pim border IP3R-76 ip pim bsr-border IP3R-77 ip pim bsr-candidate IP3R-78 ip pim dr-priority IP3R-80 ip pim message-interval IP3R-81 ip pim minimum-vc-rate IP3R-82 ip pim multipoint-signalling IP3R-83 ip pim nbma-mode IP3R-84 ip pim neighbor-filter IP3R-85 ip pim query-interval IP3R-86 ip pim register-rate-limit IP3R-87 ip pim register-source IP3R-88 ip pim rp-address IP3R-89 ip pim rp-announce-filter IP3R-92 ip pim rp-candidate IP3R-94 ip pim send-rp-announce IP3R-96 ip pim send-rp-discovery IP3R-98 ip pim spt-threshold IP3R-99 ip pim ssm IP3R-100 ip pim state-refresh disable IP3R-101 ip pim state-refresh origination-interval IP3R-102 ip pim vc-count IP3R-103 ip pim version IP3R-104 ip pim IP3R-68 ip policy route-map IP2R-451 ip port-map SR-290 ip precedence (dial-peer) VR-398 ip precedence (TN3270) B2R-336 ip prefix-list description IP2R-297 ip prefix-list sequence-number IP2R-299 ip prefix-list IP2R-294 ip probe proxy IP1R-73 ip proxy-arp IP1R-74 ip radius source-interface SR-126 ip rarp-server FR-346 ip rcmd domain-lookup FR-348 ip rcmd rcp-enable FR-350 ip rcmd remote-host FR-351

ip rcmd remote-username FR-354 ip rcmd rsh-enable FR-356 ip rcmd source-interface FR-357 ip redirects IP1R-209 ip reflexive-list timeout SR-202 ip rgmp IP3R-105 ip rip authentication key-chain IP2R-15 ip rip authentication mode IP2R-16 ip rip receive version IP2R-17 ip rip send version IP2R-18 ip rip triggered IP2R-19 ip rip v2-broadcast IP2R-21 ip route (large-scale dial-out) DR-254 ip route profile IP2R-456 ip route vrf XR-99 ip route IP2R-453 ip route-cache flow XR-96 ip route-cache policy XR-98 ip route-cache XR-93 ip router isis IP2R-188 ip routing IP1R-75 ip rsvp atm-peak-rate-limit QR-62 ip rsvp bandwidth QR-64 ip rsvp burst policing QR-66 ip rsvp dsbm candidate QR-67 ip rsvp dsbm non-resv-send-limit QR-69 ip rsvp flow-assist QR-71 ip rsvp neighbor QR-73 ip rsvp policy cops minimal QR-75 ip rsvp policy cops report-all QR-76 ip rsvp policy cops servers QR-78 ip rsvp policy cops timeout QR-80 ip rsvp policy default-reject QR-81 ip rsvp pq-profile QR-82 ip rsvp precedence QR-84 ip rsvp reservation QR-86 ip rsvp reservation-host QR-89 ip rsvp sender QR-91 ip rsvp sender-host QR-93
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


ip rsvp signalling dscp QR-95 ip rsvp svc-required QR-96 ip rsvp tos QR-98 ip rsvp udp-multicasts QR-100 ip rtp compression-connections IP3R-107 ip rtp header-compression IP3R-108 ip rtp priority QR-102 ip rtp reserve DR-256 ip sap cache-timeout IP3R-110 ip sap listen IP3R-111 ip sdr cache-timeout IP3R-113 ip sdr listen IP3R-114 ip security add SR-458 ip security aeso SR-460 ip security dedicated SR-461 ip security eso-info SR-463 ip security eso-max SR-464 ip security eso-min SR-466 ip security extended-allowed SR-468 ip security first SR-469 ip security ignore-authorities SR-470 ip security implicit-labelling SR-471 ip security multilevel SR-473 ip security reserved-allowed SR-475 ip security strip SR-477 ip slb dfp IP1R-297 ip slb serverfarm IP1R-299 ip slb vserver IP1R-300 ip source-route IP1R-210 ip split-horizon (IGRP) IP2R-44 ip split-horizon (RIP) IP2R-23 ip split-horizon eigrp IP2R-162 ip ssh SR-487 ip subnet-zero IP1R-76 ip summary-address eigrp IP2R-163 ip summary-address rip IP2R-25 ip tacacs source-interface SR-165 ip tcp async-mobility server DR-257 ip tcp chunk-size IP1R-211
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

ip tcp compression-connections IP1R-212 ip tcp header-compression IP1R-214 ip tcp intercept connection-timeout SR-210 ip tcp intercept drop-mode SR-211 ip tcp intercept finrst-timeout SR-213 ip tcp intercept list SR-214 ip tcp intercept max-incomplete high SR-215 ip tcp intercept max-incomplete low SR-217 ip tcp intercept mode SR-219 ip tcp intercept one-minute high SR-220 ip tcp intercept one-minute low SR-222 ip tcp intercept watch-timeout SR-224 ip tcp path-mtu-discovery IP1R-215 ip tcp queuemax IP1R-216 ip tcp selective-ack IP1R-217 ip tcp synwait-time IP1R-218 ip tcp timestamp IP1R-219 ip tcp window-size IP1R-220 ip telnet comport DR-258 ip telnet hidden DR-259 ip telnet quiet DR-261 ip telnet source-interface FR-392 ip telnet tos DR-263 ip tftp source-interface FR-393 ip tos B2R-338 ip trigger-authentication (global) SR-44 ip trigger-authentication (interface) SR-46 ip udp checksum VR-399 ip unnumbered IP1R-77 ip unreachables IP1R-221 ip urd IP3R-115 ip verify unicast reverse-path SR-480 ip vrf forwarding XR-101 ip vrf XR-102 ip wccp <service> group-listen FR-825 ip wccp <service> redirect FR-829 ip wccp enable FR-824 ip wccp redirect exclude in FR-827 ip wccp redirect-list FR-828


ip wccp version FR-831 ip wccp FR-821 ip web-cache redirect FR-832 ip-access-group MWR-70 ip-address-pool MWR-71 ipx access-group P2R-247 ipx access-list P2R-249 ipx accounting P2R-251 ipx accounting-list P2R-253 ipx accounting-threshold P2R-255 ipx accounting-transits P2R-256 ipx advertise-default-route-only (RIP) P2R-257 ipx advertise-to-lost-route P2R-259 ipx backup-server-query-interval (EIGRP) P2R-260 ipx bandwidth-percent eigrp P2R-261 ipx broadcast-fastswitching P2R-262 ipx compression cipx DR-264 ipx default-output-rip-delay P2R-263 ipx default-output-sap-delay P2R-265 ipx default-route P2R-267 ipx default-triggered-rip-delay P2R-268 ipx default-triggered-rip-holddown P2R-270 ipx default-triggered-sap-delay P2R-271 ipx default-triggered-sap-holddown P2R-273 ipx delay P2R-274 ipx down P2R-276 ipx eigrp-sap-split-horizon P2R-277 ipx encapsulation P2R-278 ipx flooding-unthrottled (NLSP) P2R-280 ipx gns-reply-disable P2R-281 ipx gns-response-delay P2R-282 ipx gns-round-robin P2R-283 ipx hello-interval eigrp P2R-284 ipx helper-address P2R-285 ipx helper-list P2R-287 ipx hold-down eigrp P2R-289 ipx hold-time eigrp P2R-290 ipx input-network-filter (RIP) P2R-292 ipx input-sap-filter P2R-294

ipx internal-network P2R-296 ipx ipxwan error P2R-300 ipx ipxwan static P2R-301 ipx ipxwan P2R-297 ipx link-delay P2R-302 ipx linkup-request (RIP) P2R-303 ipx maximum-hops (RIP) P2R-304 ipx maximum-paths P2R-305 ipx nasi-server enable TR-24 ipx netbios input-access-filter P2R-307 ipx netbios output-access-filter P2R-309 ipx netbios-socket-input-checks P2R-311 ipx network P2R-312 ipx nhrp authentication P2R-316 ipx nhrp holdtime P2R-317 ipx nhrp interest P2R-318 ipx nhrp map P2R-319 ipx nhrp max-send P2R-320 ipx nhrp network-id P2R-321 ipx nhrp nhs P2R-322 ipx nhrp record P2R-323 ipx nhrp responder P2R-324 ipx nhrp use P2R-325 ipx nlsp csnp-interval P2R-327 ipx nlsp enable P2R-329 ipx nlsp hello-interval P2R-331 ipx nlsp hello-multiplier P2R-333 ipx nlsp lsp-interval P2R-334 ipx nlsp metric P2R-335 ipx nlsp multicast P2R-336 ipx nlsp priority P2R-337 ipx nlsp retransmit-interval P2R-338 ipx nlsp rip P2R-339 ipx nlsp sap P2R-340 ipx output-ggs-filter P2R-341 ipx output-gns-filter P2R-343 ipx output-network-filter (RIP) P2R-345 ipx output-rip-delay P2R-347 ipx output-sap-delay P2R-349
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


ipx output-sap-filter P2R-351 ipx pad-process-switched-packets P2R-353 ipx per-host-load-share P2R-354 ipx ping-default P2R-355 ipx potential-pseudonode (NLSP) P2R-357 ipx ppp-client DR-265 ipx rip-max-packetsize P2R-358 ipx rip-multiplier P2R-359 ipx rip-queue-maximum P2R-360 ipx rip-response-delay P2R-363 ipx rip-update-queue-maximum P2R-361 ipx route P2R-364 ipx route-cache inactivity-timeout P2R-369 ipx route-cache max-size P2R-371 ipx route-cache update-timeout P2R-372 ipx route-cache P2R-367 ipx router P2R-374 ipx router-filter P2R-376 ipx router-sap-filter P2R-378 ipx routing P2R-380 ipx sap follow-route-path P2R-384 ipx sap P2R-382 ipx sap-helper P2R-386 ipx sap-incremental (EIGRP) P2R-387 ipx sap-incremental split-horizon P2R-389 ipx sap-max-packetsize P2R-391 ipx sap-multiplier P2R-392 ipx sap-queue-maximum P2R-393 ipx sap-update-queue-maximum P2R-394 ipx server-split-horizon-on-server-paths P2R-396 ipx split-horizon eigrp P2R-397 ipx spx-idle-time P2R-398 ipx spx-spoof P2R-400 ipx throughput P2R-402 ipx triggered-rip-delay P2R-403 ipx triggered-rip-holddown P2R-405 ipx triggered-sap-delay P2R-406 ipx triggered-sap-holddown P2R-408 ipx type-20-helpered P2R-409
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

ipx type-20-input-checks P2R-411 ipx type-20-output-checks P2R-412 ipx type-20-propagation P2R-413 ipx update interval P2R-415 ipx update sap-after-rip P2R-417 ipx watchdog P2R-418 ipx watchdog-spoof P2R-419 isdn all-incoming-calls-v120 DR-263 isdn answer1, isdn answer2 DR-264 isdn autodetect DR-266 isdn bchan-number-order DR-267 isdn bind-l3 VR-400 isdn busy DR-268 isdn call interface DR-269 isdn caller DR-270 isdn calling-number DR-272 isdn calling-pty DR-274 isdn channel-id invert extended-bit DR-275 isdn conference-code DR-276 isdn contiguous-bchan VR-401 isdn disconnect interface DR-278 isdn disconnect-cause DR-277 isdn fast-rollover-delay DR-279 isdn flip-chan-flag DR-281 isdn global-disconnect VR-402 isdn guard-timer DR-282 isdn incoming-voice DR-283 isdn i-number VR-404 isdn layer1-emulate DR-285 isdn leased-line bri DR-286 isdn map DR-287 isdn modem-busy-cause DR-288 isdn negotiate-bchan DR-289 isdn network-failure-cause VR-405 isdn not-end-to-end DR-291 isdn nsf-service DR-293 isdn number DR-292 isdn outgoing-voice DR-294 isdn overlap-receiving DR-295


isdn piafs-enabled DR-296 isdn point-to-point-setup DR-297 isdn protocol-emulate (dial) DR-298 isdn reject DR-300 isdn send-alerting DR-302 isdn sending-complete DR-303 isdn service DR-305 isdn silent-boot DR-307 isdn snmp busyout b-channel DR-308 isdn spid1, isdn spid2 DR-309 isdn static-tei DR-311 isdn switch-type (BRI) DR-312 isdn switch-type (PRI) DR-315 isdn t306 DR-318 isdn t310 DR-322 isdn tei-negotiation (global) DR-327 isdn tei-negotiation (interface) DR-328 isdn test call interface DR-324 isdn test disconnect interface DR-325 isdn timer t309 DR-320 isdn timer t321 DR-326 isdn transfer-code DR-331 isdn twait-disable DR-332 isdn v110 only DR-333 isdn v110 padding DR-335 isdn voice-priority DR-336 isdn x25 dchannel DR-338 isdn x25 static-tei DR-339 isis adjacency-filter P3R-258 isis circuit-type IP2R-190 isis csnp-interval IP2R-191 isis display delimiter IP2R-192 isis hello-interval IP2R-194 isis hello-multiplier IP2R-196 isis lsp-interval IP2R-198 isis mesh-group IP2R-199 isis metric IP2R-201 isis password IP2R-202 isis priority IP2R-203

isis retransmit-interval IP2R-204 isis retransmit-throttle-interval IP2R-206 iso-igrp adjacency-filter P3R-260 is-type IP2R-207 ivr autoload mode VR-411 ivr autoload retry VR-410 ivr autoload VR-408 ivr prompt memory VR-413

keepalive (LMI) WR-357 keepalive (TN3270) B2R-340 keepalive IR-184 keepalive-lifetime XR-103 keepalive-time XR-104 kerberos clients mandatory SR-177 kerberos credentials forward SR-178 kerberos instance map SR-179 kerberos local-realm SR-180 kerberos preauth SR-181 kerberos realm SR-182 kerberos server SR-183 kerberos srvtab entry SR-184 kerberos srvtab remote SR-186 key chain IP2R-460 key config-key SR-187 key IP2R-458 keylen B2R-343 keymap TR-26 keymap-type TR-33 key-string (authentication) IP2R-462 key-string (IKE) SR-419

l2f ignore-mid-sequence DR-340 l2relay echo-interval MWR-115 l2relay flow-control MWR-116
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


l2relay pilot-uid MWR-117 l2relay use-interface MWR-118 l2tp drop out-of-order DR-341 l2tp flow-control backoff-queuesize DR-342 l2tp flow-control maximum-ato DR-343 l2tp flow-control receive-window DR-344 l2tp flow-control static-rtt DR-346 l2tp hidden DR-347 l2tp ip tos reflect DR-349 l2tp ip udp checksum DR-350 l2tp tunnel authentication DR-351 l2tp tunnel hello DR-352 l2tp tunnel password DR-353 lan B2R-211 lane auto-config-atm-address XR-105 lane bus-atm-address XR-107 lane client flush XR-112 lane client mpoa client name XR-113 lane client mpoa server name XR-114 lane client XR-109 lane client-atm-address XR-110 lane config database XR-117 lane config-atm-address XR-115 lane database XR-119 lane fixed-config-atm-address XR-121 lane fssrp XR-123 lane global-lecs-address XR-124 lane le-arp XR-125 lane server-atm-address XR-127 lane server-bus XR-129 lan-name B2R-53 lapb interface-outage WR-451 lapb k WR-452 lapb modulo WR-453 lapb n1 WR-454 lapb n2 WR-456 lapb protocol WR-457 lapb t1 WR-458 lapb t2 WR-460
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

lapb t4 WR-461 lat access-list TR-36 lat enabled TR-38 lat group-list TR-39 lat host-buffers TR-41 lat host-delay P3R-170 lat ka-timer TR-42 lat node TR-43 lat out-group TR-44 lat remote-modification TR-45 lat retransmit-limit TR-46 lat server-buffers TR-47 lat service autocommand P3R-171 lat service enabled TR-49 lat service ident TR-51 lat service password TR-52 lat service rating TR-53 lat service rotary TR-55 lat service-announcements TR-48 lat service-group TR-50 lat service-responder TR-54 lat service-timer TR-56 lat vc-sessions TR-57 lat vc-timer TR-58 lat TR-34 lbo IR-186 lcp renegotiation DR-354 lease IP1R-133 length FR-72 lex burned-in-address IR-188 lex input-address-list IR-189 lex input-type-list IR-190 lex priority-group IR-191 lex retry-count IR-192 lex timeout IR-193 lifetime (IKE policy) SR-421 limit base-size DR-356 limit overflow-size DR-357 line DR-358


linecode IR-194 line-power DR-361 line-power VR-415 line-termination IR-195 line-termination VR-416 link (RLM) VR-417 link (TN3270) B2R-344 link-test IR-196 list XR-131 listen-point B2R-346 lives-of-history-kept FR-748 llc2 ack-delay-time B1R-403 llc2 ack-max B1R-405 llc2 dynwind B1R-509 llc2 idle-time B1R-407 llc2 local-window B1R-408 llc2 n1 B1R-409 llc2 n2 B1R-410 llc2 nw B1R-412 llc2 recv-window B1R-413 llc2 send-window B1R-414 llc2 t1-time B1R-415 llc2 tbusy-time B1R-416 llc2 tpf-time B1R-417 llc2 trej-time B1R-419 llc2 xid-neg-val-time B1R-420 llc2 xid-retry-time B1R-421 lnm alternate B1R-101 lnm crs B1R-103 lnm disabled B1R-104 lnm express-buffer B1R-105 lnm loss-threshold B1R-106 lnm password B1R-107 lnm pathtrace-disabled B1R-109 lnm rem B1R-110 lnm rps B1R-111 lnm snmp-only B1R-112 lnm softerr B1R-113 load-interval FR-394

loadsharing DR-362 locaddr-priority B1R-220 locaddr-priority-list B1R-222 local name DR-363 local-lnm IR-197 location FR-73 lock FR-140 lockable FR-74 log-adjacency-changes (IPX) P2R-420 log-adjacency-changes (ISO CLNS) P3R-262 log-adjacency-changes IP2R-102 logging buffered FR-483 logging console FR-485 logging event IR-198 logging facility FR-487 logging history size FR-492 logging history FR-489 logging linecard FR-493 logging monitor FR-495 logging on FR-497 logging rate-limit FR-499 logging source-interface FR-501 logging synchronous FR-502 logging trap FR-504 logging FR-482 login (EXEC) TR-59 login (line) TR-61 login authentication SR-47 login-string TR-63 log-neighbor-changes (EIGRP) P2R-422 logout FR-20 logout-warning FR-75 loopback (ATM) WR-112 loopback (controller e1) DR-364 loopback (E3/T3 interface) IR-201 loopback (interface) IR-199 loopback (T1 interface) IR-203 loopback (T3 controller) IR-206 loopback applique IR-208
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


loopback dte IR-209 loopback line IR-210 loopback local (controller) DR-365 loopback local (interface) DR-366 loopback remote (controller) DR-367 loopback remote (interface) IR-211 loopback VR-421 loopback WR-110 loop-detect VR-423 loss-plan VR-424 lrq forward-queries VR-426 lrq reject-unknown-prefix VR-429 lrq timeout blast window VR-431 lrq timeout seq delay VR-432 lsap B2R-349 lsp-gen-interval (IPX) P2R-423 lsp-gen-interval IP2R-209 lsp-mtu (IPX) P2R-424 lsp-mtu (ISO CLNS) P3R-263 lsp-refresh-interval (IPX) P2R-425 lsp-refresh-interval (IS-IS) IP2R-211 lsr-path FR-750 lu deletion B2R-351 lu termination B2R-353

match as-path IP2R-300 match class-map QR-108 match clns address P3R-264 match clns next-hop P3R-266 match clns route-source P3R-268 match community IP2R-302 match cos QR-110 match destination-address mac QR-112 match extcommunity IP2R-304 match input-interface QR-113 match interface (IP) IP2R-464 match interface (ISO CLNS) P3R-270 match ip address IP2R-466 match ip dscp QR-115 match ip next-hop IP2R-469 match ip precedence QR-117 match ip route-source IP2R-471 match ip rtp QR-119 match length IP2R-473 match metric (IP) IP2R-475 match metric (ISO CLNS) P3R-272 match mpls experimental QR-120 match nlri IP2R-427 match not QR-122 match protocol citrix QR-126 match protocol http QR-127 match protocol QR-123 match qos-group QR-129 match route-type (IP) IP2R-477 match route-type (ISO CLNS) P3R-274 match source-address mac QR-131 match tag IP2R-479 max bandwidth WR-227 max vc WR-228 max-conn VR-433 max-connection VR-434 maxconns IP1R-301 max-forwards VR-436 maximum routes XR-134

mac-address B1R-114 manager IP3R-240 map-class atm WR-113 map-class dialer DR-368 map-class frame-relay WR-357 map-group WR-358 map-list WR-359 mask destination XR-132 mask source XR-133 match access-group QR-105 match address (IPSec) SR-321 match any QR-107
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


maximum-lus B2R-355 maximum-paths IP2R-306 maximum-paths IP2R-481 max-llc2-sessions B2R-213 max-lsp-lifetime (IPX) P2R-426 max-lsp-lifetime (IS-IS) IP2R-212 max-redirects VR-437 max-reserved-bandwidth QR-132 mdl IR-214 mdn VR-438 media-type half-duplex IR-218 media-type IR-216 member (dial peer cor list) DR-372 member DR-371 memory scan FR-282 memory-size iomem FR-283 menu (EXEC) FR-21 menu clear-screen FR-142 menu command FR-143 menu default FR-145 menu line-mode FR-146 menu options FR-147 menu prompt FR-148 menu single-space FR-149 menu status-line FR-150 menu text FR-151 menu title FR-153 metric holddown IP2R-46 metric maximum-hops IP2R-47 metric weights (Enhanced IGRP) IP2R-164 metric weights (IGRP) IP2R-48 metric weights (ISO CLNS) P3R-276 metric-style narrow XR-136 metric-style transition XR-137 metric-style wide XR-138 mgcp block-newcalls VR-440 mgcp call-agent VR-441 mgcp codec VR-442 mgcp default-package VR-443

mgcp dtmf-relay VR-445 mgcp ip-tos VR-446 mgcp max-waiting-delay VR-448 mgcp modem passthru VR-449 mgcp package-capability VR-450 mgcp playout VR-452 mgcp quality-threshold VR-453 mgcp request retries VR-455 mgcp request timeout VR-456 mgcp restart-delay VR-457 mgcp sdp simple VR-458 mgcp vad VR-459 mgcp VR-439 microcode (12000) FR-266 microcode (7000/7500) FR-262 microcode (7200) FR-264 microcode reload (12000) FR-270 microcode reload (7000/7500) FR-268 microcode reload (7200) FR-269 microcode reload controller VR-460 mid WR-114 mkdir FR-206 mls rp ip multicast management-interface XR-142 mls rp ip multicast XR-141 mls rp ip XR-140 mls rp ipx (global) XR-144 mls rp ipx (interface) XR-145 mls rp locate ipx XR-146 mls rp management-interface XR-147 mls rp nde-address XR-148 mls rp vlan-id XR-149 mls rp vtp-domain XR-150 mmoip aaa global-password VR-461 mmoip aaa method fax accounting VR-462 mmoip aaa method fax authentication VR-464 mmoip aaa receive-accounting enable VR-466 mmoip aaa receive-authentication enable VR-467 mmoip aaa receive-id primary VR-468 mmoip aaa receive-id secondary VR-470
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


mmoip aaa send-accounting enable VR-472 mmoip aaa send-authentication enable VR-473 mmoip aaa send-id primary VR-474 mmoip aaa send-id secondary VR-476 mode (IPSec) SR-323 mode ccs VR-480 mode VR-478 modem answer-timeout DR-373 modem at-mode DR-374 modem at-mode-permit DR-376 modem autoconfigure discovery DR-377 modem autoconfigure type DR-378 modem autotest DR-379 modem bad DR-381 modem buffer-size DR-383 modem busyout DR-384 modem busyout-threshold DR-386 modem callin DR-392 modem callout DR-393 modem call-record DR-388 modem country mica DR-394 modem country microcom_hdms DR-396 modem cts-required DR-399 modem dialin DR-400 modem dialout controller DR-401 modem dtr-active DR-402 modem dtr-delay IR-219 modem hold-reset DR-403 modem host DR-404 modem inout DR-405 modem link-info poll time DR-406 modem log DR-408 modem min-speed max-speed DR-409 modem passthrough (dial-peer) VR-481 modem passthrough (voice-service) VR-483 modem poll retry DR-410 modem poll time DR-411 modem printer DR-412 modem recovery action DR-413
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

modem recovery maintenance DR-415 modem recovery threshold DR-418 modem recovery-time DR-419 modem ri-is-cd DR-421 modem shutdown DR-422 modem startup-test DR-423 modem status-poll DR-425 modemcap edit DR-426 modemcap entry DR-427 modem-pool DR-429 mop device-code FR-359 mop enabled IR-220 mop retransmit-timer FR-360 mop retries FR-361 mop sysid IR-221 more begin FR-23 more exclude FR-25 more flh:logfile FR-272 more include FR-27 more FR-207 motd-banner FR-156 mpls atm control-vc XR-151 mpls atm vpi XR-153 mpls ip (global configuration) mpls ip default-route XR-156 mpls ip propagate-ttl XR-157 mpls ip ttl-expiration pop XR-158 mpls label range XR-160 mpls mtu XR-162 mpls netflow egress XR-164 mpls traffic-eng administrative-weight XR-166 mpls traffic-eng area XR-167 mpls traffic-eng attribute-flags
XR-168 XR-154

mpls ip (interface configuration) XR-155

mpls traffic-eng flooding thresholds XR-169 mpls traffic-eng link timers bandwidth-hold XR-172 mpls traffic-eng link timers periodic-flooding XR-173 mpls traffic-eng link-management timers bandwidth-hold XR-170


mpls traffic-eng link-management timers periodic-flooding XR-171 mpls traffic-eng logging lsp XR-174 mpls traffic-eng logging tunnel XR-175 mpls traffic-eng reoptimize events XR-177 mpls traffic-eng reoptimize timers frequency XR-178 mpls traffic-eng reoptimize XR-176 mpls traffic-eng router-id XR-179 mpls traffic-eng signalling advertise implicit-null XR-180 mpls traffic-eng tunnels (global) XR-181 mpls traffic-eng tunnels (interface) XR-182 mpls traffic-eng XR-165 mpoa client config name XR-183 mpoa client name XR-184 mpoa server config name XR-185 mpoa server name trigger ip-address XR-187 mpoa server name XR-186 mrinfo IP3R-241 mrm IP3R-242 msisdn suppression MWR-73 mstat IP3R-243 mta receive aliases VR-485 mta receive generate-mdn VR-487 mta receive maximum-recipients VR-489 mta send mail-from VR-491 mta send origin-prefix VR-493 mta send postmaster VR-495 mta send return-receipt-to VR-497 mta send server VR-499 mta send subject VR-501 mtrace IP3R-245 mtu IR-222 multicast P2R-427 multilink bundle-name DR-431 multilink max-fragments DR-433 multilink virtual-template DR-434 multilink-group DR-432 multiring trcrf-vlan B1R-206 multiring trcrf-vlan B1R-212

multiring B1R-115 music-threshold VR-502

name (dial peer cor custom) DR-435 name elan-id XR-188 name local-seg-id XR-189 name preempt XR-190 name server-atm-address XR-191 name B2R-214 name-connection FR-158 named-key SR-423 nasi authentication SR-49 nat IP1R-302 national bit IR-224 national reserve IR-225 ncia client B1R-520 ncia rsrb B1R-522 ncia server B1R-523 ncia B1R-519 negotiation IR-226 neighbor (IGRP) IP2R-50 neighbor (OSPF) IP2R-103 neighbor (RIP) IP2R-27 neighbor activate XR-193 neighbor advertise-map non-exist-map IP2R-309 neighbor advertisement-interval IP2R-307 neighbor allowas-in XR-194 neighbor as-override XR-195 neighbor database-filter IP2R-105 neighbor default-originate IP2R-311 neighbor description IP2R-313 neighbor distribute-list IP2R-314 neighbor ebgp-multihop IP2R-317 neighbor filter-list IP2R-318 neighbor local-as IP2R-320 neighbor maximum-prefix IP2R-322 neighbor next-hop-self IP2R-324
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


neighbor password IP2R-325 neighbor peer-group (assigning members) IP2R-327 neighbor peer-group (creating) IP2R-329 neighbor prefix-list IP2R-332 neighbor remote-as IP2R-334 neighbor remove-private-as IP2R-336 neighbor route-map IP2R-338 neighbor route-reflector-client IP2R-340 neighbor send-community IP2R-342 neighbor shutdown IP2R-344 neighbor soft-reconfiguration IP2R-345 neighbor timers IP2R-347 neighbor unsuppress-map IP2R-348 neighbor update-source IP2R-350 neighbor version IP2R-351 neighbor weight IP2R-353 net IP2R-213 netbios access-list (IPX) P2R-428 netbios access-list bytes B1R-117 netbios access-list host B1R-119 netbios enable-name-cache B1R-121 netbios input-access-filter bytes B1R-122 netbios input-access-filter host B1R-123 netbios name-cache name-len B1R-126 netbios name-cache proxy-datagram B1R-128 netbios name-cache query-timeout B1R-130 netbios name-cache recognized-timeout B1R-131 netbios name-cache timeout B1R-132 netbios name-cache B1R-124 netbios nbf DR-436 netbios output-access-filter bytes B1R-133 netbios output-access-filter host B1R-134 netbios-name-server IP1R-134 netbios-node-type IP1R-135 network (BGP and multiprotocol BGP) IP2R-355 network (DHCP) IP1R-136 network (Enhanced IGRP) IP2R-166 network (IGRP) IP2R-51 network (IPX Enhanced IGRP) P2R-430
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

network (RIP) IP2R-28 network area IP2R-106 network backdoor IP2R-357 network-clock base-rate VR-504 network-clock-priority DR-437 network-clock-select (ATM) WR-115 network-clock-switch VR-505 network-id XR-196 next-address XR-197 next-server IP1R-137 no ip gratuitous-arps IP1R-79 no ip inspect SR-256 no menu FR-155 no snmp-server FR-604 non-linear VR-506 notify FR-76 nrzi-encoding IR-228 nsap VR-507 ntp access-group FR-396 ntp authenticate FR-398 ntp authentication-key FR-399 ntp broadcast client FR-402 ntp broadcast FR-401 ntp broadcastdelay FR-403 ntp clock-period FR-404 ntp disable FR-405 ntp master FR-406 ntp max-associations FR-408 ntp multicast client FR-410 ntp multicast FR-409 ntp peer FR-411 ntp refclock FR-413 ntp server FR-415 ntp source FR-417 ntp trusted-key FR-418 ntp update-calendar FR-419 number DR-439 numbering-type VR-510 num-exp VR-508


oam retry WR-119 oam-bundle QR-135 oam-pvc WR-117 oam-range WR-229 oam-svc WR-122 offload (backup) B2R-273 offload (primary) B2R-268 offload alias B2R-271 offset-list (Enhanced IGRP) IP2R-167 offset-list (IGRP) IP2R-52 offset-list IP2R-29 operation VR-512 option IP1R-138 output attenuation VR-513 output-delay IP2R-31 owner FR-751

permit (NLSP) P2R-436 permit (reflexive) SR-204 permit (SAP filtering) P2R-438 physical-layer IR-229 ping (privileged) FR-506 ping (user) FR-510 ping sna B2R-78 playout-delay (dial-peer) VR-515 playout-delay (voice-port) VR-519 playout-delay mode (dial-peer) VR-521 playout-delay mode (voice-port) VR-523 police QR-137 policy-map QR-143 pool B2R-357 pool-member DR-447 pool-range DR-448 port (dial peer) VR-525 port (global) DR-450 port media VR-528 port modem autotest DR-452 port signal VR-529 port IR-231 pos ais-shut IR-232 pos flag IR-233 pos framing IR-235 pos framing-sdh IR-236 pos internal-clock IR-237 pos report IR-238 pos scramble-atm IR-240 pos threshold IR-242 posi framing-sdh IR-244 pots call-waiting VR-530 pots country VR-531 pots dialing-method VR-533 pots disconnect-supervision VR-535 pots disconnect-time VR-537 pots distinctive-ring-guard-time VR-539 pots encoding VR-541 pots line-type VR-543
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

pad TR-64 padding FR-77 parity FR-78 parser cache FR-241 partial-fill WR-124 partition avoidance IP2R-215 partition FR-285 passive-interface IP2R-482 password SR-438 path B2R-276 paths-of-statistics-kept FR-752 peer default ip address DR-441 peer match aaa-pools DR-443 periodic FR-421 permission (dial peer voice) DR-445 permit (IP) IP1R-222 permit (IPX extended) P2R-431 permit (IPX standard) P2R-434


pots ringing-freq VR-545 pots silence-time VR-547 pots tone-source VR-549 ppp accm DR-455 ppp accounting SR-104 ppp authentication SR-51 ppp authorization SR-81 ppp bap call DR-457 ppp bap callback DR-458 ppp bap drop DR-459 ppp bap link types DR-461 ppp bap max DR-462 ppp bap monitor load DR-464 ppp bap number DR-465 ppp bap timeout DR-468 ppp bridge appletalk DR-470 ppp bridge ip DR-471 ppp bridge ipx DR-472 ppp callback (DDR) DR-474 ppp callback (PPP client) DR-475 ppp chap hostname SR-54 ppp chap password SR-56 ppp chap refuse SR-58 ppp chap wait SR-60 ppp encrypt mppe DR-476 ppp ipcp DR-478 ppp lcp delay DR-480 ppp lcp fast-start DR-481 ppp link reorders DR-482 ppp max-bad-auth DR-483 ppp multilink endpoint DR-486 ppp multilink fragment delay DR-488 ppp multilink fragment disable DR-490 ppp multilink fragment maximum DR-492 ppp multilink fragmentation DR-491 ppp multilink group DR-493 ppp multilink idle-link DR-495 ppp multilink interleave DR-496 ppp multilink links maximum DR-501
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

ppp multilink links minimum DR-502 ppp multilink load-threshold DR-504 ppp multilink DR-484 ppp pap refuse SR-62 ppp pap sent-username SR-63 ppp quality DR-506 ppp reliable-link DR-507 ppp timeout authentication DR-509 ppp timeout idle DR-510 ppp timeout multilink link add DR-511 ppp timeout multilink link remove DR-513 ppp timeout multilink lost-fragment DR-515 ppp timeout ncp DR-516 ppp timeout retry DR-517 ppp DR-454 pppoe enable WR-231 pppoe limit per-mac WR-232 pppoe limit per-vc WR-233 pppoe limit per-vlan WR-234 pppoe max-session WR-236 pptp flow-control receive-window DR-518 pptp flow-control static-rtt DR-519 pptp tunnel echo DR-520 prc-interval (IPX) P2R-440 prc-interval IP2R-217 precedence (VC bundle) QR-145 precedence (WRED group) QR-147 pre-dial delay VR-551 predictor IP1R-303 preference VR-552 preferred-nnserver B2R-360 prefix VR-555 pri-group nec-fusion VR-559 pri-group timeslots DR-521 pri-group IR-245 pri-group VR-557 printer FR-79 priority QR-150 priority-group QR-153


priority-list default QR-155 priority-list interface QR-157 priority-list protocol bstun B1R-360 priority-list protocol ip tcp B1R-361 priority-list protocol stun address B1R-363 priority-list protocol B1R-225 priority-list protocol QR-159 priority-list queue-limit QR-163 private FR-81 privilege level SR-442 privilege SR-439 process-max-time FR-424 profile incoming DR-523 profile B2R-361 progress_ind VR-560 prompt FR-425 protect QR-165 protocol (ATM) WR-125 protocol (VPDN) DR-527 protocol rlm port DR-525 protocol rlm port VR-419 protocol-type MWR-75 proxy h323 VR-562 pu (DLUR) B2R-363 pu (listen-point) B2R-364 pu (TN3270) B2R-366 pu dlur (listen-point) B2R-368 pulse-time IR-246 pvc WR-128 pvc-bundle QR-167 pvc-in-range WR-238 pwd FR-209

qllc partner B1R-465 qllc sap B1R-467 qllc srb B1R-469 qllc xid B1R-471 qos pre-classify QR-169 query url SR-381 queue-limit QR-171 queue-list default QR-173 queue-list interface QR-175 queue-list protocol bstun B1R-365 queue-list protocol ip tcp B1R-366 queue-list protocol QR-177 queue-list queue byte-count QR-179 queue-list queue limit QR-180

radius-server attribute 188 format non-standard SR-133 radius-server attribute 32 include-in-access-req SR-128 radius-server attribute 44 include-in-access-req SR-129 radius-server attribute 55 include-in-acct-req SR-130 radius-server attribute 69 clear SR-132 radius-server attribute nas-port extended SR-134 radius-server attribute nas-port format SR-135 radius-server challenge-noecho SR-137 radius-server configure-nas SR-138 radius-server deadtime SR-139 radius-server directed-request SR-140 radius-server extended-portnames SR-141 radius-server host non-standard SR-145 radius-server host SR-142 radius-server key SR-146 radius-server optional passwords SR-148 radius-server retransmit SR-149 radius-server timeout SR-150 radius-server unique-ident SR-151 radius-server vsa send SR-152 radius-server MWR-76 random-detect (interface) QR-184
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

qllc accept-all-calls B1R-460 qllc dlsw B1R-309 qllc largest-packet B1R-461 qllc npsi-poll B1R-463


random-detect (per VC) QR-187 random-detect dscp QR-181 random-detect exponential-weighting-constant QR-190 random-detect flow average-depth-factor QR-195 random-detect flow count QR-197 random-detect flow QR-193 random-detect precedence QR-201 random-detect-group QR-199 range pvc WR-239 range DR-529 rate-limit QR-205 rate-limit XR-198 rcapi number DR-531 rcapi server DR-532 rd XR-201 real IP1R-304 reassign IP1R-305 receivers IP3R-247 redistribute (IP) IP2R-483 redistribute (IPX) P2R-441 redistribute (ISO CLNS) P3R-278 redistribute dvmrp IP2R-428 refuse-message FR-159 register e164 VR-564 registered-caller ring VR-566 reload components DR-533 reload FR-318 remark IP1R-228 rename FR-210 req-qos VR-567 request-data-size FR-754 request-dialin DR-535 request-dialout DR-537 reset VR-568 resource threshold VR-569 resource DR-539 resource-pool aaa accounting ppp DR-542 resource-pool aaa protocol DR-544 resource-pool call treatment discriminator DR-546
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

resource-pool call treatment DR-545 resource-pool group resource DR-547 resource-pool profile customer DR-549 resource-pool profile discriminator DR-551 resource-pool profile service DR-552 resource-pool profile vpdn DR-553 resource-pool DR-541 response-data-size FR-755 response-time group B2R-371 response-timeout VR-571 resume (setting X.3 PAD parameters) TR-66 resume (switching sessions) TR-70 retry (real server) IP1R-306 retry (SIP user-agent) VR-577 retry keepalive DR-554 retry WR-131 retry-delay VR-573 retry-limit VR-575 rif timeout B1R-137 rif validate-age B1R-138 rif validate-enable B1R-139 rif validate-enable-age B1R-141 rif validate-enable-route-cache B1R-142 rif B1R-135 ring cadence VR-580 ring frequency VR-582 ring number VR-584 ring VR-578 ring-speed IR-247 rlogin trusted-localuser-source TR-74 rlogin trusted-remoteuser-source local TR-76 rlogin TR-72 rmdir FR-211 rmon alarm FR-700 rmon capture-userdata FR-702 rmon collection history FR-703 rmon collection host FR-705 rmon collection matrix FR-706 rmon collection rmon1 FR-707


rmon event FR-708 rmon queuesize FR-710 rmon FR-698 roaming (dial-peer) VR-586 roaming (settlement) VR-587 root CEP SR-382 root PROXY SR-383 root TFTP SR-384 rotary DR-556 rotary-group DR-559 route-aggregation (NLSP) P2R-444 route-map (IP) IP2R-487 route-map (ISO CLNS) P3R-280 router bgp IP2R-359 router eigrp IP2R-169 router igrp IP2R-54 router isis IP2R-219 router iso-igrp P3R-282 router mobile IP1R-360 router odr IP2R-2 router ospf IP2R-110 router rip IP2R-32 router-id IP2R-109 route-target XR-202 rsh FR-362 rsrb remote-peer lsap-output-list B1R-227 rsrb remote-peer netbios-output-list B1R-228 rtr key-chain FR-759 rtr low-memory FR-760 rtr reaction-configuration FR-761 rtr reaction-trigger FR-764 rtr reset FR-765 rtr responder FR-766 rtr restart FR-768 rtr schedule FR-769 rtr FR-756 rtsp client session history duration VR-588 rtsp client session history records VR-589 rule VR-590

rxspeed TR-78

samples-of-history-kept FR-772 sap-priority B1R-229 sap-priority-list B1R-230 scheduler allocate FR-427 scheduler interval FR-428 scramble IR-248 scrambling cell-payload WR-133 scrambling-payload WR-134 script activation DR-561 script arap-callback DR-563 script callback DR-565 script connection DR-567 script dialer DR-569 script reset DR-571 script startup DR-573 sdlc address B1R-422 sdlc cts-delay IR-249 sdlc dlsw B1R-311 sdlc dte-timeout B1R-424 sdlc frmr-disable B1R-425 sdlc hdx IR-250 sdlc holdq B1R-426 sdlc k B1R-427 sdlc line-speed B1R-428 sdlc n1 B1R-429 sdlc n2 B1R-430 sdlc partner B1R-431 sdlc poll-limit-value B1R-433 sdlc poll-pause-timer B1R-435 sdlc poll-wait-timeout B1R-437 sdlc qllc-prtnr B1R-439 sdlc role B1R-440 sdlc rts-delay IR-251 sdlc saps B1R-442 sdlc sdlc-largest-frame B1R-443
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


sdlc simultaneous B1R-444 sdlc slow-poll B1R-445 sdlc snrm-timer B1R-446 sdlc t1 B1R-448 sdlc test serial B1R-449 sdlc virtual-multidrop B1R-368 sdlc vmac B1R-451 sdlc xid B1R-452 sdlc xid-pause-timer B1R-453 sdllc partner B1R-473 sdllc ring-largest-frame B1R-475 sdllc sap B1R-476 sdllc sdlc-largest-frame B1R-477 sdllc traddr B1R-478 sdllc xid B1R-480 sec-profile B2R-373 security (TN3270) B2R-375 security VR-592 send qdm message QR-209 send FR-160 senders IP3R-249 send-lifetime IP2R-491 sequence-numbers VR-594 serial restart-delay IR-252 server (RADIUS) SR-154 server (RLM) VR-596 server (TACACS+) SR-167 server registration-port VR-598 server trigger VR-599 servercert B2R-376 serverfarm IP1R-307 service compress-config FR-242 service config FR-244 service decimal-tty FR-429 service dhcp IP1R-140 service exec-callback TR-79 service exec-wait FR-430 service finger FR-431 service gprs MWR-78
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

service hide-telnet-address FR-432 service linenumber FR-162 service nagle FR-433 service old-slip-prompts TR-80 service pad from-xot WR-464 service pad to-xot WR-465 service pad WR-462 service password-encryption SR-444 service prompt config FR-434 service pt-vty-logging TR-81 service single-slot-reload-enable FR-848 service single-slot-reload-enable IR-271 service slave-log FR-512 service tcp-keepalives-in FR-513 service tcp-keepalives-out FR-514 service tcp-small-servers FR-435 service telnet-zero-idle FR-436 service timestamps FR-515 service translation WR-410 service udp-small-servers FR-437 service-module 56k clock rate IR-253 service-module 56k clock source IR-255 service-module 56k data-coding IR-256 service-module 56k network-type IR-257 service-module 56k remote-loopback IR-259 service-module 56k switched-carrier IR-260 service-module t1 clock source IR-261 service-module t1 data-coding IR-262 service-module t1 fdl IR-263 service-module t1 framing IR-264 service-module t1 lbo IR-265 service-module t1 linecode IR-266 service-module t1 remote-alarm-enable IR-267 service-module t1 remote-loopback IR-268 service-module t1 timeslots IR-270 service-policy (class-map) QR-213 service-policy (policy-map class) QR-215 service-policy QR-210 session


session protocol (Voice over Frame Relay) VR-605 session protocol aal2 VR-607 session protocol multicast VR-608 session protocol VR-603 session target (VoATM) VR-609 session target (VoFR) VR-612 session target (VoIP) VR-615 session transport VR-618 session-limit TR-83 session-timeout TR-84 set as-path IP2R-360 set atm-clp QR-218 set automatic-tag IP2R-493 set comm-list delete IP2R-362 set community IP2R-364 set cos QR-220 set dampening IP2R-366 set default interface IP2R-495 set extcommunity IP2R-368 set interface IP2R-497 set ip default next-hop verify-availability IP2R-501 set ip default next-hop IP2R-499 set ip df IR-272 set ip dscp QR-222 set ip next-hop (BGP) IP2R-370 set ip next-hop verify-availability IP2R-504 set ip next-hop verify-availability XR-204 set ip next-hop IP2R-502 set ip precedence (policy-map) QR-224 set ip precedence (route-map) QR-226 set ip precedence IP2R-506 set ip qos-group QR-228 set ip tos (route-map) QR-229 set level (IP) IP2R-508 set level (ISO CLNS) P3R-283 set local-preference IP2R-510 set metric (BGP, OSPF, RIP) IP2R-512 set metric (Enhanced IGRP) IP2R-170 set metric (IGRP) IP2R-55

set metric (ISO CLNS) P3R-285 set metric-type (ISO CLNS) P3R-287 set metric-type internal IP2R-372 set metric-type IP2R-514 set mpls experimental XR-206 set next-hop IP2R-516 set nlri IP2R-429 set origin (BGP) IP2R-374 set ospf router-id XR-207 set peer (IPSec) SR-325 set pfs SR-327 set qos-group QR-231 set security-association level per-host SR-329 set security-association lifetime SR-331 set session-key SR-334 set tag (IP) IP2R-518 set tag (ISO CLNS) P3R-289 set transform-set SR-337 set vlan mapping XR-210 set vlan XR-208 set weight IP2R-376 set VR-619 set-overload-bit IP2R-222 settle-call VR-620 settlement roam-pattern VR-624 settlement VR-622 setup FR-44 sgbp dial-bids DR-575 sgbp group DR-576 sgbp member DR-577 sgbp ppp-forward DR-578 sgbp seed-bid DR-579 sgcp call-agent VR-627 sgcp graceful-shutdown VR-629 sgcp max-waiting-delay VR-631 sgcp modem passthru VR-633 sgcp quarantine-buffer disable VR-635 sgcp request retries VR-637 sgcp request timeout VR-639
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


sgcp restart VR-641 sgcp retransmit timer VR-643 sgcp timer VR-645 sgcp tse payload VR-647 sgcp VR-625 shape (policy-map class) QR-235 shape adaptive QR-237 shape fecn-adapt QR-238 shape max-buffers QR-240 shape QR-233 shelf-id IR-548 shelf-id DR-581 shortcut-frame-count XR-212 shortcut-frame-time XR-213 show rtr history FR-786 show (Flash file system) FR-287 show aal2 profile VR-649 show access-expression B1R-143 show access-list compiled IP1R-231 show access-lists rate-limit QR-241 show access-lists IP1R-229 show accounting SR-105 show adjacency XR-214 show aliases FR-438 show alps ascu B1R-578 show alps circuits B1R-581 show alps peers B1R-583 show apollo arp P3R-13 show apollo interface P3R-14 show apollo route P3R-16 show apollo traffic P3R-18 show appletalk access-lists P2R-110 show appletalk adjacent-routes P2R-112 show appletalk arp P2R-114 show appletalk aurp events P2R-116 show appletalk aurp topology P2R-117 show appletalk cache P2R-119 show appletalk domain P2R-121 show appletalk eigrp interfaces P2R-123
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

show appletalk eigrp neighbors P2R-125 show appletalk eigrp topology P2R-127 show appletalk globals P2R-131 show appletalk interface P2R-134 show appletalk macip-clients P2R-138 show appletalk macip-servers P2R-139 show appletalk macip-traffic P2R-143 show appletalk name-cache P2R-145 show appletalk nbp P2R-147 show appletalk neighbors P2R-149 show appletalk remap P2R-153 show appletalk route P2R-156 show appletalk sockets P2R-161 show appletalk static P2R-163 show appletalk traffic P2R-165 show appletalk zone P2R-171 show aps IR-274 show arap TR-85 show arp IP1R-80 show async bootp FR-364 show async status DR-583 show atm arp-server WR-135 show atm bundle statistics QR-245 show atm bundle QR-243 show atm class-links WR-137 show atm ilmi-configuration WR-138 show atm ilmi-status WR-139 show atm interface atm WR-141 show atm map WR-144 show atm pvc WR-147 show atm svc ppp WR-241 show atm svc WR-154 show atm traffic WR-160 show atm vc WR-163 show atm vc XR-216 show atm video-voice address VR-651 show atm vp WR-171 show backhaul-session-manager group VR-652 show backhaul-session-manager session VR-654


show backhaul-session-manager set VR-656 show begin FR-29 show boot FR-320 show bootvar FR-321 show bridge circuit-group B1R-70 show bridge group B1R-72 show bridge multicast B1R-73 show bridge vlan B1R-75 show bridge B1R-67 show bsc B1R-369 show bstun B1R-374 show buffers FR-439 show busyout DR-585 show c2600 (2600) FR-517 show c7200 (7200) FR-520 show cable bundle XR-219 show calendar FR-443 show call active VR-657 show call application voice VR-664 show call calltracker active DR-588 show call calltracker handle DR-590 show call calltracker history DR-591 show call calltracker summary DR-593 show call fallback cache VR-669 show call fallback config VR-671 show call fallback stats VR-672 show call history video record VR-681 show call history voice record VR-682 show call history VR-673 show call progress tone DR-595 show call resource voice stats VR-684 show call resource voice threshold VR-686 show call rsvp-sync conf VR-687 show call rsvp-sync stats VR-689 show caller DR-598 show cdapi VR-691 show cdp entry FR-689 show cdp interface FR-691 show cdp neighbors FR-693

show cdp traffic FR-696 show cdp FR-687 show cef drop XR-220 show cef events XR-222 show cef interface policy-statistics XR-228 show cef interface XR-224 show cef linecard XR-230 show cef not-cef-switched XR-233 show cef timers XR-235 show ces circuit WR-175 show ces clock-select VR-693 show ces interface cbr WR-178 show ces status WR-181 show ces WR-173 show class-map QR-247 show clns cache P3R-293 show clns es-neighbors P3R-296 show clns filter-expr P3R-298 show clns filter-set P3R-299 show clns interface P3R-300 show clns is-neighbors P3R-302 show clns neighbor areas P3R-304 show clns neighbors P3R-306 show clns protocol P3R-308 show clns route P3R-311 show clns traffic P3R-315 show clns P3R-291 show clock FR-444 show cls FR-521 show cmns WR-466 show compress IR-276 show configuration FR-212 show configuration FR-246 show connect (FR-ATM) WR-411 show connect VR-694 show context (2600) FR-523 show context FR-525 show controllers (GRP image) FR-527 show controllers (line card image) FR-529
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


show controllers atm WR-182 show controllers bri DR-600 show controllers cbus IR-278 show controllers channel B2R-215 show controllers e1 call-counters DR-607 show controllers e1 cas-data DR-609 show controllers ethernet IR-284 show controllers fastethernet IR-286 show controllers fddi IR-289 show controllers gigabitethernet IR-290 show controllers lex IR-293 show controllers logging FR-534 show controllers mci IR-295 show controllers pcbus IR-297 show controllers pos IR-298 show controllers rs366 VR-696 show controllers serial IR-302 show controllers t1 bert IR-309 show controllers t1 call-counters DR-611 show controllers t1 cas-data DR-613 show controllers t1 clock DR-615 show controllers t1 firmware-status DR-616 show controllers t1 timeslots DR-617 show controllers t1 IR-305 show controllers t3 IR-311 show controllers tech-support FR-535 show controllers timeslots VR-698 show controllers token (IBM) B1R-144 show controllers token IR-322 show controllers vg-anylan IR-327 show controllers voice VR-700 show controllers vsi control-interface XR-236 show controllers vsi descriptor XR-237 show controllers vsi session XR-239 show controllers vsi status XR-243 show controllers vsi traffic XR-245 show controllers XTagATM XR-249 show cops servers QR-248 show cot dsp DR-619
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

show cot request DR-621 show cot summary DR-623 show crypto ca certificates SR-385 show crypto ca crls SR-387 show crypto ca roots SR-388 show crypto dynamic-map SR-339 show crypto engine accelerator logs SR-341 show crypto engine accelerator sa-database SR-343 show crypto ipsec sa SR-344 show crypto ipsec security-association lifetime SR-346 show crypto ipsec transform-set SR-347 show crypto isakmp policy SR-425 show crypto isakmp sa SR-427 show crypto key mypubkey rsa SR-429 show crypto key pubkey-chain rsa SR-430 show crypto map (IPSec) SR-348 show csm VR-704 show dbconn connection B2R-166 show dbconn license B2R-169 show dbconn ports B2R-170 show dbconn server B2R-171 show dbconn statistic B2R-174 show dbconn wlm B2R-177 show debugging FR-537 show decnet accounting P3R-174 show decnet interface P3R-176 show decnet map P3R-180 show decnet neighbors P3R-181 show decnet route P3R-182 show decnet static P3R-184 show decnet traffic P3R-186 show decnet P3R-172 show derived-config FR-247 show dhcp DR-625 show diag FR-538 show diag IR-329 show diagbus IR-333 show dialer dnis DR-632 show dialer interface bri DR-634


show dialer map DR-637 show dialer sessions DR-639 show dialer DR-627 show dial-peer video VR-711 show dial-peer voice VR-712 show dialplan incall number VR-715 show dialplan number VR-719 show dial-shelf split DR-643 show dial-shelf IR-550 show dial-shelf DR-640 show dlsw capabilities B1R-312 show dlsw circuits B1R-314 show dlsw fastcache B1R-316 show dlsw peers B1R-317 show dlsw reachability B1R-321 show dlsw statistics B1R-324 show dlsw transparent cache B1R-325 show dlsw transparent map B1R-326 show dlsw transparent neighbor B1R-327 show dnsix SR-478 show drip B1R-207 show drip B1R-214 show dsc clock IR-552 show dsc clock DR-644 show dsi IR-554 show dsi DR-646 show dsip

show dsip transport IR-575 show dsip version DR-668 show dsip version IR-578 show dspu B2R-54 show dxi map WR-186 show dxi pvc WR-187 show entry TR-87 show environment FR-541 show exclude FR-31 show extended channel backup B2R-278 show extended channel cmgr B2R-288 show extended channel cmpc B2R-290 show extended channel connection-map llc2 B2R-216 show extended channel csna B2R-292 show extended channel icmp-stack B2R-217 show extended channel ip-stack B2R-219 show extended channel lan B2R-223 show extended channel llc2 B2R-225 show extended channel max-llc2-sessions B2R-234 show extended channel packing names B2R-279 show extended channel packing stats B2R-281 show extended channel statistics B2R-236 show extended channel subchannel B2R-241 show extended channel tcp-connections B2R-246 show extended channel tcp-stack B2R-249 show extended channel tg B2R-296 show extended channel tn3270-server client-ip-address B2R-381 show extended channel tn3270-server client-name B2R-384 show extended channel tn3270-server dlur B2R-387 show extended channel tn3270-server dlurlink B2R-390 show extended channel tn3270-server nailed-domain B2R-392 show extended channel tn3270-server nailed-ip B2R-393 show extended channel tn3270-server nailed-name B2R-395 show extended channel tn3270-server pu lu B2R-403 show extended channel tn3270-server pu B2R-396 show extended channel tn3270-server response-time application B2R-407
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

show dsip IR-561 show dsip clients DR-655 show dsip clients IR-565 show dsip nodes DR-657 show dsip nodes IR-567 show dsip ports

show dsip ports IR-569 show dsip queue DR-662 show dsip queue IR-572 show dsip tracing

show dsip tracing IR-573 show dsip transport DR-665


show extended channel tn3270-server response-time global B2R-410 show extended channel tn3270-server response-time link B2R-412 show extended channel tn3270-server response-time listen-point B2R-415 show extended channel tn3270-server response-time subnet B2R-418 show extended channel tn3270-server security B2R-422 show extended channel tn3270-server B2R-377 show extended channel udp-listeners B2R-252 show extended channel udp-stack B2R-253 show file descriptors FR-213 show file information FR-214 show file systems FR-215 show file FR-250 show flh-log FR-274 show frame-relay end-to-end keepalive WR-362 show frame-relay fragment WR-364 show frame-relay ip rtp header-compression IP3R-116 show frame-relay ip tcp header-compression WR-367 show frame-relay lapf WR-369 show frame-relay lmi WR-371 show frame-relay map WR-373 show frame-relay pvc WR-375 show frame-relay qos-autosense WR-387 show frame-relay route WR-389 show frame-relay svc maplist WR-390 show frame-relay traffic WR-393 show frame-relay vofr VR-722 show fras map B1R-514 show fras B1R-510 show fras-host B1R-512 show gatekeeper calls VR-725 show gatekeeper endpoints VR-727 show gatekeeper gw-type-prefix VR-729 show gatekeeper servers VR-732 show gatekeeper status VR-734 show gatekeeper zone prefix VR-735 show gatekeeper zone status VR-736
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

show gateway VR-738 show gprs access-point MWR-79 show gprs charging parameters MWR-82 show gprs charging statistics MWR-85 show gprs gtp parameters MWR-87 show gprs gtp path MWR-89 show gprs gtp pdp-context MWR-90 show gprs gtp statistics MWR-95 show gprs gtp status MWR-98 show gprs isgsn statistics MWR-119 show gsr FR-555 show gt64010 (7200) FR-556 show history FR-33 show hosts IP1R-82 show hub IR-335 show idb FR-446 show ima interface atm WR-189 show include FR-35 show interface cbr WR-193 show interface dspfarm VR-740 show interface mac IP1R-233 show interface precedence IP1R-235 show interface stats XR-252 show interface XTagATM XR-254 show interfaces atm WR-197 show interfaces bri DR-670 show interfaces channel B2R-255 show interfaces crb B1R-76 show interfaces ctunnel IR-350 show interfaces ethernet IR-353 show interfaces fair-queue QR-249 show interfaces fastethernet IR-358 show interfaces fddi IR-367 show interfaces gigabitethernet IR-376 show interfaces hssi IR-378 show interfaces irb B1R-78 show interfaces lex IR-383 show interfaces loopback IR-388 show interfaces port-channel IR-392


show interfaces pos IR-397 show interfaces posi IR-401 show interfaces random-detect QR-251 show interfaces rate-limit QR-253 show interfaces serial bchannel show interfaces serial IR-402 show interfaces summary IR-420 show interfaces tokenring (IBM) B1R-149 show interfaces tokenring IR-421 show interfaces tunnel IR-427 show interfaces vg-anylan IR-431 show interfaces virtual-access show interfaces IR-338 show ip access-list IP1R-237 show ip accounting IP1R-238 show ip aliases IP1R-84 show ip arp IP1R-85 show ip audit configuration SR-276 show ip audit interface SR-277 show ip audit statistics SR-278 show ip auth-proxy SR-287 show ip bgp cidr-only IP2R-381 show ip bgp community IP2R-383 show ip bgp community-list IP2R-385 show ip bgp dampened-paths IP2R-387 show ip bgp filter-list IP2R-389 show ip bgp flap-statistics IP2R-391 show ip bgp inconsistent-as IP2R-393 show ip bgp ipv4 multicast summary IP2R-434 show ip bgp ipv4 multicast IP2R-431 show ip bgp ipv4 IP2R-394 show ip bgp neighbors IP2R-396 show ip bgp paths IP2R-403 show ip bgp peer-group IP2R-404 show ip bgp regexp IP2R-405 show ip bgp summary IP2R-406 show ip bgp vpnv4 XR-258 show ip bgp IP2R-378 show ip cache flow aggregation XR-270
DR-676 DR-675

show ip cache flow XR-264 show ip cache policy IP2R-520 show ip cache XR-261 show ip casa affinities IP1R-241 show ip casa oper IP1R-243 show ip casa stats IP1R-244 show ip casa wildcard IP1R-246 show ip cef adjacency XR-276 show ip cef events XR-278 show ip cef exact-route XR-280 show ip cef inconsistency XR-281 show ip cef traffic prefix-length XR-283 show ip cef XR-273 show ip dhcp binding IP1R-141 show ip dhcp conflict IP1R-143 show ip dhcp database IP1R-144 show ip dhcp import IP1R-146 show ip dhcp relay information trusted-sources IP1R-147 show ip dhcp server statistics IP1R-148 show ip director dfp IR-437 show ip drp IP1R-249 show ip dvmrp route IP3R-118 show ip eigrp interfaces IP2R-172 show ip eigrp neighbors IP2R-174 show ip eigrp topology IP2R-176 show ip eigrp traffic IP2R-178 show ip explicit-paths XR-285 show ip extcommunity-list IP2R-408 show ip flow export XR-287 show ip igmp groups IP3R-119 show ip igmp interface IP3R-122 show ip igmp udlr IP3R-225 show ip inspect SR-257 show ip interface virtual-access show ip interface IP1R-87 show ip irdp IP1R-90 show ip local policy IP2R-521 show ip local pool DR-683 show ip masks IP1R-91
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2



show ip mbgp summary IP2R-433 show ip mbgp IP2R-430 show ip mcache IP3R-124 show ip mcache XR-288 show ip mds forwarding XR-290 show ip mds interface XR-292 show ip mds stats XR-293 show ip mds summary XR-295 show ip mobile binding IP1R-361 show ip mobile globals IP1R-363 show ip mobile host IP1R-365 show ip mobile interface IP1R-367 show ip mobile secure IP1R-369 show ip mobile traffic IP1R-371 show ip mobile tunnel IP1R-375 show ip mobile violation IP1R-377 show ip mobile visitor IP1R-379 show ip mpacket IP3R-126 show ip mrm interface IP3R-251 show ip mrm manager IP3R-252 show ip mrm status-report IP3R-254 show ip mroute IP3R-128 show ip mroute XR-297 show ip msdp count IP3R-190 show ip msdp peer IP3R-192 show ip msdp sa-cache IP3R-194 show ip msdp summary IP3R-196 show ip nat statistics IP1R-92 show ip nat translations IP1R-94 show ip nbar pdlm QR-255 show ip nbar port-map QR-257 show ip nbar protocol-discovery QR-258 show ip nhrp traffic IP1R-98 show ip nhrp IP1R-96 show ip ospf border-routers IP2R-113 show ip ospf database opaque-area XR-305 show ip ospf database IP2R-114 show ip ospf flood-list IP2R-125 show ip ospf interface IP2R-127
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

show ip ospf mpls traffic-eng XR-307 show ip ospf neighbor IP2R-129 show ip ospf request-list IP2R-132 show ip ospf retransmission-list IP2R-133 show ip ospf summary-address IP2R-134 show ip ospf virtual-links IP2R-135 show ip ospf IP2R-111 show ip pgm host defaults IP3R-204 show ip pgm host sessions IP3R-206 show ip pgm host traffic IP3R-209 show ip pgm router IP3R-211 show ip pim bsr IP3R-139 show ip pim interface IP3R-141 show ip pim interface XR-309 show ip pim neighbor IP3R-146 show ip pim rp IP3R-148 show ip pim rp-hash IP3R-151 show ip pim vc IP3R-153 show ip policy IP2R-523 show ip port-map SR-294 show ip prefix-list IP2R-409 show ip protocols vrf XR-311 show ip protocols IP2R-525 show ip redirects IP1R-250 show ip rip database IP2R-33 show ip route dhcp IP1R-150 show ip route profile IP2R-535 show ip route summary IP2R-537 show ip route supernets-only IP2R-538 show ip route vrf XR-313 show ip route DR-686 show ip route IP2R-529 show ip rpf IP3R-155 show ip rsvp atm-peak-rate-limit QR-262 show ip rsvp host XR-315 show ip rsvp installed QR-264 show ip rsvp interface QR-266 show ip rsvp neighbor QR-268 show ip rsvp policy cops QR-269


show ip rsvp request QR-271 show ip rsvp reservation QR-272 show ip rsvp sbm QR-273 show ip rsvp sender QR-276 show ip rsvp QR-260 show ip rtp header-compression IP3R-157 show ip sap IP3R-159 show ip sdr IP3R-161 show ip slb conns IP1R-308 show ip slb dfp IP1R-310 show ip slb reals IP1R-312 show ip slb serverfarms IP1R-314 show ip slb stats IP1R-315 show ip slb sticky IP1R-317 show ip slb vservers IP1R-318 show ip sockets IP1R-251 show ip ssh SR-488 show ip tcp header-compression IP1R-253 show ip traffic IP1R-255 show ip traffic-engineering configuration XR-320 show ip traffic-engineering routes XR-322 show ip traffic-engineering XR-317 show ip trigger-authentication SR-65 show ip vrf XR-323 show ip wccp web-caches FR-837 show ip wccp FR-833 show ipx access-list P2R-446 show ipx accounting P2R-447 show ipx cache P2R-449 show ipx compression DR-688 show ipx eigrp interfaces P2R-450 show ipx eigrp neighbors P2R-452 show ipx eigrp topology P2R-454 show ipx interface P2R-458 show ipx nhrp traffic P2R-465 show ipx nhrp P2R-463 show ipx nlsp database P2R-467 show ipx nlsp neighbors P2R-470 show ipx nlsp spf-log P2R-472

show ipx route P2R-474 show ipx servers P2R-478 show ipx spx-protocol DR-689 show ipx spx-spoof P2R-481 show ipx traffic P2R-483 show isdn nfas group DR-700 show isdn service DR-702 show isdn DR-691 show isis database verbose XR-326 show isis database IP2R-224 show isis lsp-log IP2R-228 show isis mpls traffic-eng adjacency-log XR-329 show isis mpls traffic-eng advertisements XR-330 show isis mpls traffic-eng tunnel XR-332 show isis routes P3R-318 show isis spf-log IP2R-230 show isis topology IP2R-233 show kerberos creds SR-188 show key chain IP2R-539 show keymap TR-88 show l2relay statistics MWR-121 show lane bus XR-336 show lane client XR-338 show lane config XR-342 show lane database XR-344 show lane default-atm-addresses XR-346 show lane le-arp XR-348 show lane server XR-350 show lane XR-333 show lat advertised TR-89 show lat groups TR-90 show lat nodes TR-91 show lat services TR-93 show lat sessions TR-94 show lat traffic TR-98 show line async-queue DR-704 show line TR-100 show llc2 B1R-454 show lnm bridge B1R-153
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


show lnm config B1R-154 show lnm interface B1R-156 show lnm ring B1R-159 show lnm station B1R-160 show local-ack B1R-231 show logging history FR-561 show logging FR-558 show management event FR-605 show memory scan FR-295 show memory FR-563 show mgcp connection VR-748 show mgcp endpoint VR-750 show mgcp statistics VR-751 show mgcp VR-745 show microcode FR-275 show mls rp interface XR-355 show mls rp ip multicast XR-356 show mls rp ipx XR-359 show mls rp vtp-domain XR-361 show mls rp XR-353 show modem at-mode DR-714 show modem bundled-firmware DR-715 show modem call-stats DR-716 show modem calltracker DR-721 show modem configuration DR-723 show modem connect-speeds DR-728 show modem cookie DR-734 show modem csm DR-735 show modem log DR-737 show modem mapping DR-748 show modem mica DR-751 show modem operational-status DR-755 show modem summary DR-771 show modem test DR-772 show modem version DR-774 show modem DR-705 show modemcap DR-780 show modem-pool DR-769 show mpls forwarding-table

show mpls interfaces


show mpls label range XR-369 show mpls traffic-eng autoroute XR-370 show mpls traffic-eng link-management admission-control XR-372 show mpls traffic-eng link-management advertisements XR-374 show mpls traffic-eng link-management bandwidth-allocation XR-376 show mpls traffic-eng link-management igp-neighbors XR-378 show mpls traffic-eng link-management interfaces XR-380 show mpls traffic-eng link-management summary XR-382 show mpls traffic-eng topology path XR-386 show mpls traffic-eng topology XR-384 show mpls traffic-eng tunnels summary XR-391 show mpls traffic-eng tunnels XR-388 show mpoa client cache XR-395 show mpoa client statistics XR-397 show mpoa client XR-393 show mpoa default-atm-addresses XR-398 show mpoa server cache XR-402 show mpoa server statistics XR-404 show mpoa server XR-400 show nbf cache DR-783 show nbf sessions DR-785 show ncia circuits B1R-525 show ncia client B1R-526 show ncia server B1R-528 show netbios-cache B1R-162 show network-clocks WR-202 show node TR-105 show ntp associations FR-447 show ntp status FR-450 show num-exp VR-754 show parser statistics FR-251 show pas caim IR-438 show pas eswitch address IR-449 show pas isa controller IR-450 show pas isa interface IR-451

Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


show pci aim IR-454 show pci hardware FR-569 show pci FR-567 show policy-map class QR-279 show policy-map interface QR-280 show policy-map QR-277 show port config DR-787 show port digital log DR-792 show port modem calltracker DR-795 show port modem log DR-797 show port modem test DR-805 show port operational-status DR-807 show pots csm VR-756 show pots status VR-757 show ppp bap DR-813 show ppp mppe DR-815 show ppp multilink DR-817 show ppp queues SR-66 show privilege SR-446 show processes cpu FR-574 show processes memory FR-577 show processes FR-571 show protocols FR-579 show proxy h323 calls VR-761 show proxy h323 detail-call VR-762 show proxy h323 status VR-768 show pxf accounting XR-406 show pxf crash XR-409 show pxf feature cef XR-411 show pxf feature nat XR-412 show pxf interface XR-413 show qdm status QR-286 show qllc B1R-481 show queue QR-287 show queueing interface QR-297 show queueing QR-292 show queuing virtual-access DR-819 show radius statistics SR-156 show rawmsg VR-769

show rcapi status DR-821 show redundancy DR-822 show redundancy IR-580 show registry FR-452 show reload FR-323 show resource-pool call DR-823 show resource-pool customer DR-824 show resource-pool discriminator DR-826 show resource-pool resource DR-828 show resource-pool vpdn DR-830 show rif B1R-164 show rlm group statistics VR-770 show rlm group status VR-773 show rlm group timer VR-775 show rmon alarms FR-713 show rmon capture FR-715 show rmon events FR-718 show rmon filter FR-720 show rmon history FR-722 show rmon hosts FR-725 show rmon matrix FR-727 show rmon statistics FR-729 show rmon topn FR-732 show rmon FR-711 show route-map ipc IP2R-542 show route-map ipc XR-414 show route-map IP2R-540 show route-map P3R-320 show rtr application FR-774 show rtr authentication FR-776 show rtr collection-statistics FR-777 show rtr configuration FR-781 show rtr distributions-statistics FR-784 show rtr operational-state FR-788 show rtr reaction-trigger FR-790 show rtr responder FR-791 show rtr totals-statistics FR-792 show rtsp client session VR-777 show rudpv0 failures VR-780
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


show rudpv0 statistics VR-782 show rudpv1 VR-784 show running-config map-class FR-256 show running-config FR-254 show sdllc local-ack B1R-483 show service TR-108 show service-module serial IR-455 show sessions DR-833 show settlement VR-788 show sgbp queries DR-835 show sgbp DR-834 show sgcp connection VR-790 show sgcp endpoint VR-792 show sgcp statistics VR-794 show sip-ua VR-796 show smds addresses WR-421 show smds map WR-422 show smds traffic WR-423 show smf IR-460 show smrp forward P2R-173 show smrp globals P2R-175 show smrp group P2R-177 show smrp mcache P2R-179 show smrp neighbor P2R-181 show smrp port P2R-183 show smrp route P2R-185 show smrp traffic P2R-187 show sna B2R-56 show snapshot DR-836 show snasw class-of-service B2R-80 show snasw connection-network B2R-81 show snasw directory B2R-82 show snasw dlctrace B2R-84 show snasw dlus B2R-86 show snasw ipstrace B2R-88 show snasw link B2R-89 show snasw lu B2R-91 show snasw mode B2R-93 show snasw node B2R-94
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

show snasw pdlog B2R-96 show snasw port B2R-97 show snasw pu B2R-99 show snasw rtp B2R-101 show snasw session B2R-103 show snasw statistics B2R-105 show snasw summary-ipstrace B2R-107 show snasw topology B2R-109 show snmp engineID FR-610 show snmp group FR-611 show snmp pending FR-612 show snmp sessions FR-613 show snmp user FR-615 show snmp FR-607 show sntp FR-453 show source-bridge B1R-165 show span B1R-168 show spanning-tree B1R-80 show spe digital active DR-844 show spe digital csr DR-846 show spe digital disconnect-reason DR-848 show spe digital summary DR-850 show spe digital DR-842 show spe log DR-852 show spe modem active DR-856 show spe modem csr DR-858 show spe modem disconnect-reason DR-860 show spe modem high speed DR-862 show spe modem high standard DR-866 show spe modem low speed DR-868 show spe modem low standard DR-870 show spe modem summary DR-873 show spe modem DR-854 show spe recovery DR-875 show spe version DR-878 show spe DR-838 show ss7 mtp2 ccb VR-798 show ss7 mtp2 state VR-800 show ss7 mtp2 stats VR-803


show ss7 mtp2 timer VR-807 show ss7 mtp2 variant VR-809 show ss7 sm session VR-810 show ss7 sm set VR-812 show ss7 sm stats VR-813 show sscop WR-204 show sse summary P2R-488 show ssh SR-489 show stacks FR-580 show standby delay IP1R-260 show standby redirect IP1R-261 show standby IP1R-257 show startup-config FR-258 show stun B1R-376 show subscriber-policy B1R-81 show subsys FR-582 show tacacs SR-168 show tag-switching atm-tdp bindings XR-416 show tag-switching atm-tdp bindwait XR-418 show tag-switching atm-tdp capability XR-419 show tag-switching atm-tdp summary XR-421 show tag-switching cos-map XR-423 show tag-switching forwarding vrf XR-425 show tag-switching forwarding-table XR-424 show tag-switching interfaces XR-426 show tag-switching prefix-map XR-427 show tag-switching tdp bindings XR-428 show tag-switching tdp discovery XR-431 show tag-switching tdp neighbors XR-432 show tag-switching tdp parameters XR-434 show tag-switching tsp-tunnels XR-436 show tarp blacklisted-adjacencies P3R-324 show tarp host P3R-325 show tarp interface P3R-326 show tarp ldb P3R-327 show tarp map P3R-328 show tarp static-adjacencies P3R-329 show tarp tid-cache P3R-330 show tarp traffic P3R-332

show tarp P3R-322 show tcp brief FR-589 show tcp intercept connections SR-225 show tcp intercept statistics SR-227 show tcp statistics IP1R-264 show tcp FR-584 show tdm backplane IR-462 show tdm connections FR-590 show tdm connections IR-464 show tdm data FR-591 show tdm data IR-467 show tdm detail IR-470 show tdm information IR-472 show tdm pool IR-474 show tech-support modem DR-884 show tech-support rsvp QR-299 show tech-support spe DR-886 show tech-support FR-592 show terminal TR-110 show tgrm DR-888 show tn3270 ascii-hexval TR-114 show tn3270 character-map TR-115 show traffic-shape queue QR-302 show traffic-shape statistics QR-305 show traffic-shape QR-300 show translate TR-116 show translation-rule VR-815 show ttycap TR-118 show txconn connection B2R-178 show txconn destination B2R-180 show txconn license B2R-181 show txconn route B2R-182 show txconn server B2R-183 show txconn statistic B2R-185 show txconn transaction B2R-189 show users TR-119 show vc-group WR-413 show version FR-324 show vfc cap-list VR-819
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


show vfc default-file VR-820 show vfc directory VR-821 show vfc version VR-823 show vfc VR-818 show video call summary VR-824 show vines access P3R-27 show vines cache P3R-28 show vines host P3R-30 show vines interface P3R-31 show vines ipc P3R-34 show vines neighbor P3R-36 show vines route P3R-40 show vines service P3R-44 show vines traffic P3R-47 show vlans B1R-82 show vlans XR-437 show voice busyout VR-825 show voice call VR-827 show voice dsp VR-831 show voice permanent-call VR-833 show voice port VR-837 show voice trunk-conditioning signaling VR-848 show voice trunk-conditioning supervisory VR-852 show vpdn domain DR-895 show vpdn group DR-896 show vpdn history failure DR-899 show vpdn multilink DR-901 show vpdn DR-890 show vrm active_calls VR-855 show vrm vdevices VR-858 show whoami FR-82 show x25 context WR-467 show x25 cug WR-469 show x25 hunt-group WR-471 show x25 interface WR-473 show x25 map WR-474 show x25 pad TR-121 show x25 profile WR-476 show x25 remote-red WR-478
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

show x25 route WR-479 show x25 services WR-480 show x25 vc WR-481 show x25 xot WR-488 show xns cache P3R-371 show xns interface P3R-372 show xns route P3R-374 show xns traffic P3R-376 show xremote line TR-125 show xremote TR-123 show xtagatm cos-bandwidth-allocation xtagatm XR-439 show xtagatm cross-connect XR-440 show xtagatm vc XR-444 shut VR-866 shutdown (CMCC) B2R-259 shutdown (controller) IR-476 shutdown (dial-peer) VR-867 shutdown (DS1) VR-868 shutdown (FR-ATM) WR-414 shutdown (gatekeeper) VR-869 shutdown (hub) IR-477 shutdown (interface) IR-478 shutdown (port) DR-903 shutdown (PVC range) WR-243 shutdown (PVC-in-range) WR-242 shutdown (RLM) VR-870 shutdown (settlement) VR-871 shutdown (spe) DR-904 shutdown (TN3270) B2R-424 shutdown (voice-port) VR-873 signal keepalive VR-878 signal pattern VR-880 signal sequence oos VR-884 signal timing idle suppress-voice VR-886 signal timing oos restart VR-890 signal timing oos slave-standby VR-892 signal timing oos suppress-all VR-894 signal timing oos suppress-voice VR-896 signal timing oos timeout VR-898


signal timing oos VR-888 signal VR-876 signaling-class cas DR-905 signal-type VR-900 sip-server VR-902 sip-ua VR-903 slave auto-sync config FR-849 slave default-slot FR-851 slave image FR-852 slave reload FR-853 slave sync config FR-854 slave terminal FR-855 slip TR-126 smds address WR-425 smds dxi WR-426 smds enable-arp WR-428 smds glean WR-429 smds multicast arp WR-432 smds multicast bridge WR-433 smds multicast ip WR-435 smds multicast WR-430 smds static-map WR-437 smrp mroute-cache protocol appletalk P2R-193 smrp protocol appletalk P2R-195 smrp routing P2R-197 smt-queue-threshold IR-479 sna enable-host (QLLC) B2R-57 sna enable-host (SDLC) B2R-58 sna enable-host (Token Ring, Ethernet, Frame Relay, FDDI) B2R-59 sna host (Frame Relay) B2R-60 sna host (QLLC) B2R-62 sna host (SDLC) B2R-64 sna host (Token Ring, Ethernet, FDDI, RSRB, VDLC) B2R-66 sna rsrb enable-host B2R-69 sna rsrb start B2R-70 sna rsrb B2R-68 sna start B2R-71 sna vdlc enable-host B2R-74

sna vdlc start B2R-75 sna vdlc B2R-72 snapshot client DR-906 snapshot server DR-908 snasw cpname B2R-111 snasw dlcfilter B2R-113 snasw dlctrace B2R-115 snasw dlus B2R-117 snasw dump B2R-119 snasw event B2R-121 snasw ip-precedence B2R-122 snasw ipsfilter B2R-123 snasw ipstrace B2R-125 snasw link B2R-127 snasw location B2R-130 snasw mode B2R-132 snasw msgdump B2R-133 snasw pathswitch B2R-134 snasw pdlog B2R-135 snasw port B2R-137 snasw rtp pathswitch-timers B2R-142 snasw start cp-cp B2R-144 snasw start link B2R-145 snasw start port B2R-146 snasw start B2R-143 snasw stop cp-cp B2R-148 snasw stop link B2R-149 snasw stop port B2R-150 snasw stop session B2R-151 snasw stop B2R-147 snmp enable peer-trap poor-qov VR-905 snmp ifindex clear IR-480 snmp ifindex persist IR-482 snmp trap illegal-address IR-486 snmp trap link-status FR-677 snmp-server access-policy FR-616 snmp-server chassis-id FR-617 snmp-server community FR-618 snmp-server contact FR-620
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


snmp-server context FR-621 snmp-server enable informs FR-622 snmp-server enable traps aaa_server FR-627 snmp-server enable traps atm pvc FR-629 snmp-server enable traps bgp FR-631 snmp-server enable traps calltracker FR-633 snmp-server enable traps envmon FR-635 snmp-server enable traps frame-relay FR-637 snmp-server enable traps isdn FR-639 snmp-server enable traps repeater FR-644 snmp-server enable traps snmp FR-641 snmp-server enable traps voice poor-qov FR-646 snmp-server enable traps FR-623 snmp-server engineID FR-648 snmp-server group FR-650 snmp-server host

source-bridge explorer-fastswitch B1R-175 source-bridge explorer-maxrate B1R-176 source-bridge explorerq-depth B1R-177 source-bridge fst-peername B1R-234 source-bridge input-address-list B1R-178 source-bridge input-lsap-list B1R-179 source-bridge input-type-list B1R-180 source-bridge keepalive B1R-235 source-bridge largest-frame B1R-236 source-bridge max-hops B1R-181 source-bridge max-in-hops B1R-182 source-bridge max-out-hops B1R-183 source-bridge output-address-list B1R-184 source-bridge output-lsap-list B1R-185 source-bridge output-type-list B1R-186 source-bridge passthrough B1R-237 source-bridge proxy-explorer B1R-187 source-bridge proxy-netbios-only B1R-188 source-bridge qllc-local-ack B1R-485 source-bridge remote-peer frame-relay B1R-239 source-bridge remote-peer fst B1R-241 source-bridge remote-peer interface B1R-486 source-bridge remote-peer tcp B1R-242 source-bridge ring-group B1R-189 source-bridge route-cache cbus B1R-192 source-bridge route-cache sse B1R-194 source-bridge route-cache B1R-191 source-bridge sap-80d5 B1R-195 source-bridge sdllc-local-ack B1R-488 source-bridge spanning (automatic) B1R-197 source-bridge spanning (manual) B1R-198 source-bridge tcp-queue-max B1R-244 source-bridge transparent fastswitch B1R-201 source-bridge transparent B1R-199 source-bridge trcrf-vlan B1R-208 source-bridge trcrf-vlan B1R-215 source-bridge B1R-169 source-ip DR-910 spe call-record modem DR-914

snmp-server ifindex persist IR-484 snmp-server informs FR-658 snmp-server location FR-660 snmp-server manager session-timeout FR-662 snmp-server manager FR-661 snmp-server packetsize FR-664 snmp-server queue-length FR-665 snmp-server system-shutdown FR-666 snmp-server tftp-server-list FR-667 snmp-server trap link FR-669 snmp-server trap-authentication FR-668 snmp-server trap-source FR-671 snmp-server trap-timeout FR-672 snmp-server user FR-673 snmp-server view FR-675 sntp broadcast client FR-455 sntp server FR-457 source template DR-909 source-address IR-488 source-bridge connection-timeout B1R-171 source-bridge cos-enable B1R-233 source-bridge enable-80d5 B1R-172 source-bridge explorer-dup-ARE-filter B1R-174
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


spe country DR-916 spe download maintenance DR-918 spe log-event-size DR-920 spe recovery DR-921 spe DR-912 special-character-bits FR-83 speed IR-489 spf-interval IP2R-235 spf-interval P2R-489 squeeze FR-217 squelch IR-491 srp buffer-size IR-492 srp deficit-round-robin IR-493 srp loopback IR-494 srp priority-map IR-495 srp random-detect IR-497 srp shutdown IR-498 srp tx-traffic-rate IR-499 ss7 mtp2-variant bellcore VR-906 ss7 mtp2-variant itu VR-908 ss7 mtp2-variant ntt VR-910 ss7 mtp2-variant ttc VR-912 ss7 session cumack_t VR-916 ss7 session kp_t VR-918 ss7 session m_cumack VR-920 ss7 session m_outseq VR-922 ss7 session m_rcvnum VR-924 ss7 session m_retrans VR-926 ss7 session retrans_t VR-928 ss7 session VR-914 ss7 set failover-timer VR-930 sscop cc-timer WR-206 sscop keepalive-timer WR-207 sscop max-cc WR-208 sscop poll-timer WR-209 sscop receive-window WR-210 sscop send-window WR-211 ssh SR-490 standby authentication IP1R-266

standby delay minimum reload IP1R-267 standby ip IP1R-269 standby mac-address IP1R-271 standby mac-refresh IP1R-273 standby name IP1R-274 standby preempt IP1R-275 standby priority IP1R-277 standby redirects IP1R-279 standby timers IP1R-281 standby track IP1R-283 standby use-bia IP1R-285 start-character DR-923 start-chat DR-924 start-forwarding-agent IP1R-286 state-machine FR-84 state-tracks-signal B2R-260 station-id VR-931 statistics-distribution-interval FR-794 sticky IP1R-319 stopbits FR-86 stop-character DR-926 stun group B1R-378 stun keepalive-count B1R-380 stun peer-name B1R-381 stun protocol-group B1R-382 stun quick-response B1R-384 stun remote-peer-keepalive B1R-386 stun route address interface dlci B1R-387 stun route address interface serial B1R-388 stun route address tcp B1R-389 stun route all interface serial B1R-391 stun route all tcp B1R-392 stun schema offset length format B1R-393 stun sdlc-role primary B1R-395 stun sdlc-role secondary B1R-396 subcell-mux VR-933 subscriber-policy B1R-84 subscription-required MWR-100 summary-address (IS-IS) IP2R-237
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


summary-address (OSPF) IP2R-136 supervisory disconnect anytone VR-935 supervisory disconnect dualtone voice-class VR-937 supervisory disconnect VR-934 svc WR-212 synchronization IP2R-411 synguard IP1R-321

tag-switching ip default-route XR-462 tag-switching mtu XR-463 tag-switching prefix-map XR-464 tag-switching request-tags for XR-465 tag-switching tag-range downstream XR-466 tag-switching tdp discovery XR-467 tag-switching tdp holdtime XR-468 tag-switching tsp-tunnels (global configuration) XR-469 tag-switching tsp-tunnels (interface configuration) XR-470 tarp allow-caching P3R-333 tarp arp-request-timer P3R-334 tarp blacklist-adjacency P3R-335 tarp cache-timer P3R-336 tarp enable P3R-337 tarp global-propagate P3R-338 tarp ldb-timer P3R-339 tarp lifetime P3R-340 tarp map P3R-341 tarp nselector-type P3R-342 tarp originate P3R-343 tarp post-t2-response-timer P3R-344 tarp propagate P3R-345 tarp protocol-type P3R-347 tarp query P3R-348 tarp resolve P3R-350 tarp route-static P3R-352 tarp run P3R-354 tarp sequence-number P3R-355 tarp t1-response-timer P3R-356 tarp t2-response-timer P3R-357 tarp tid P3R-358 tarp urc P3R-359 tcp-port B2R-426 tdm-group VR-939 tech-prefix VR-941 telnet break-on-ip TR-133 telnet refuse-negotiations TR-135 telnet speed TR-136 telnet sync-on-break TR-137

t1 bert IR-501 t1 clock source IR-503 t1 external IR-505 t1 fdl ansi IR-507 t1 framing IR-508 t1 linecode IR-509 t1 test IR-511 t1 timeslot IR-513 t1 yellow IR-515 t1 IR-500 table-map IP2R-413 tacacs-server directed-request SR-170 tacacs-server host SR-171 tacacs-server key SR-173 tag FR-796 tag-control-protocol vsi XR-446 tag-switching advertise-tags XR-448 tag-switching atm allocation-mode XR-450 tag-switching atm control-vc XR-451 tag-switching atm cos XR-452 tag-switching atm disable-headend-vc XR-453 tag-switching atm maxhops XR-454 tag-switching atm multi-vc XR-455 tag-switching atm vc-merge XR-456 tag-switching atm vpi XR-457 tag-switching atm vp-tunnel XR-458 tag-switching cos-map XR-459 tag-switching ip (global configuration) XR-460 tag-switching ip (interface configuration) XR-461
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


telnet transparent TR-138 telnet TR-128 template DR-927 term ip netmask-format IP1R-100 terminal databits FR-87 terminal data-character-bits FR-88 terminal dispatch-character FR-89 terminal dispatch-timeout FR-90 terminal download

terminal txspeed FR-117 terminal width FR-119 terminal-queue entry-retry-interval FR-103 terminal-type FR-118 terminate-from DR-928 test aim eeprom IR-516 test appletalk P2R-198 test call fallback probe VR-943 test flash FR-595 test interface fastethernet IR-518 test interfaces FR-596 test memory FR-597 test modem back-to-back DR-929 test port modem back-to-back DR-930 test pots dial VR-944 test pots disconnect VR-945 test service-module IR-519 test translation-rule VR-946 test voice port detector VR-948 test voice port inject-tone VR-951 test voice port loopback VR-954 test voice port relay VR-956 test voice port switch VR-959 test vrm busyout VR-961 test vrm reset VR-963 test vrm unbusyout VR-964 tftp-server system FR-368 tftp-server FR-365 tg (CMPC) B2R-303 tg (CMPC+) B2R-305 threshold de WR-394 threshold ecn WR-396 threshold noise VR-966 threshold FR-797 timeout absolute DR-932 timeout login response SR-68 timeout FR-798 timeouts call-disconnect VR-967 timeouts initial VR-968
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

terminal editing FR-37 terminal escape-character FR-92 terminal exec-character-bits FR-93 terminal flowcontrol FR-94 terminal full-help FR-38 terminal history size FR-42 terminal history FR-40 terminal hold-character FR-95 terminal international FR-173 terminal keymap-type FR-97 terminal lat out-group TR-139 terminal lat remote-modification TR-140 terminal length

terminal monitor FR-99 terminal notify FR-100 terminal padding FR-101 terminal parity

terminal rxspeed FR-104 terminal special-character-bits FR-105 terminal speed FR-107 terminal start-character FR-108 terminal stopbits FR-109 terminal stop-character FR-110 terminal telnet break-on-ip terminal telnet speed FR-113 terminal telnet sync-on-break FR-114 terminal telnet transparent FR-115 terminal terminal-type FR-116 terminal transport preferred TR-141

terminal telnet refuse-negotiations FR-112


timeouts interdigit VR-969 timeouts ringing VR-971 timeouts wait-release VR-972 timer DR-933 time-range FR-459 timers active-time IP2R-179 timers basic (IGRP) IP2R-57 timers basic (ISO CLNS) P3R-360 timers basic (ODR) IP2R-3 timers basic IP2R-35 timers bgp IP2R-415 timers lsa-group-pacing IP2R-138 timers spf IP2R-139 timers VR-974 timeslot IR-521 timing clear-wait VR-975 timing delay-duration VR-977 timing delay-start VR-979 timing delay-with-integrity VR-981 timing dialout-delay VR-985 timing dial-pulse min-delay VR-983 timing digit VR-987 timing guard-out VR-989 timing hookflash-input VR-990 timing hookflash-out VR-991 timing interdigit VR-992 timing percentbreak VR-994 timing pulse VR-995 timing pulse-interdigit VR-997 timing wink-duration VR-999 timing wink-wait VR-1001 timing-mark B2R-427 tn3270 8bit display TR-144 tn3270 8bit transparent-mode TR-145 tn3270 character-map TR-146 tn3270 datastream TR-150 tn3270 null-processing TR-151 tn3270 optimize-cursor-move TR-152 tn3270 reset-required TR-153
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

tn3270 status-message TR-154 tn3270 typeahead TR-155 tn3270 TR-143 tn3270-server B2R-429 token-root-name VR-1003 tone ringback alert-no-PI VR-1005 tos FR-799 trace (privileged) FR-598 trace (user) FR-602 trace (VINES) P3R-53 traffic-engineering filter XR-471 traffic-engineering route XR-472 traffic-shape adaptive QR-307 traffic-shape fecn-adapt QR-309 traffic-shape group QR-311 traffic-shape rate QR-313 traffic-share balanced IP2R-180 traffic-share balanced IP2R-59 traffic-share min IP2R-544 translate lat (virtual access interfaces) TR-163 translate lat TR-156 translate tcp (virtual access interfaces) TR-173 translate tcp TR-166 translate x25 (virtual access interfaces) TR-187 translate x25 TR-176 translate VR-1006 translate-outgoing VR-1008 translation-rule VR-1010 transmit-buffers backing-store IR-523 transmit-clock-internal IR-524 transmit-interface IP1R-287 transmitter-delay IR-525 transport input TR-191 transport output TR-193 transport preferred TR-195 transport VR-1012 trunk group (global) DR-935 ts16 IR-526 ttycap TR-197


tunnel checksum IR-527 tunnel destination IR-528 tunnel flow egress-records XR-474 tunnel key IR-530 tunnel mode mpls traffic-eng XR-475 tunnel mode tag-switching XR-476 tunnel mode IR-531 tunnel mpls traffic-eng affinity XR-477 tunnel mpls traffic-eng autoroute announce XR-479 tunnel mpls traffic-eng autoroute metric XR-480 tunnel mpls traffic-eng bandwidth XR-482 tunnel mpls traffic-eng load-share XR-483 tunnel mpls traffic-eng path-option XR-485 tunnel mpls traffic-eng priority XR-486 tunnel sequence-datagrams IR-533 tunnel source IR-534 tunnel tsp-hop XR-488 tunnel udlr address-resolution IP3R-227 tunnel udlr receive-only IP3R-228 tunnel udlr send-only IP3R-230 tunnel DR-937 txconn destination B2R-192 txconn license B2R-194 txconn ping B2R-196 txconn route B2R-197 txconn server B2R-198 tx-queue-limit IR-536 tx-ring-limit QR-315 txspeed TR-201 type (settlement) VR-1015 type (voice) VR-1013 type dhcp FR-800 type dlsw FR-802 type dns FR-804 type echo FR-805 type ftp FR-807 type http FR-809 type jitter FR-811 type pathEcho FR-813

type tcpConnect FR-814 type udpEcho FR-816

ubr WR-214 ubr+ WR-217 udp-port IP3R-256 unbind-action B2R-430 unbundle vfc VR-1017 undelete FR-220 url VR-1018 use-interface MWR-101 use-proxy VR-1020 username SR-447

vacant-message FR-164 vad (dial peer) VR-1022 vad (voice-port) VR-1024 validate-update-source IP2R-37 variance (Enhanced IGRP) IP2R-181 variance (IGRP) IP2R-60 vbr-nrt WR-220 vbr-rt VR-1025 vc-class atm WR-223 vc-group WR-415 vc-hold-queue QR-317 verify FR-222 verify-data FR-818 version IP2R-38 vines access-group P3R-55 vines access-list (extended) P3R-56 vines access-list (simple) P3R-59 vines access-list (standard) P3R-61 vines arp-enable P3R-64 vines decimal P3R-66 vines encapsulation P3R-67
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


vines enhancements P3R-68 vines host P3R-70 vines input-network-filter P3R-72 vines input-router-filter P3R-73 vines metric P3R-74 vines neighbor P3R-77 vines output-network-filter P3R-79 vines propagate P3R-80 vines redirect P3R-82 vines route P3R-83 vines route-cache P3R-85 vines routing P3R-87 vines serverless P3R-89 vines single-route P3R-91 vines split-horizon P3R-92 vines srtp-enabled P3R-94 vines time access-group P3R-95 vines time destination P3R-96 vines time participate P3R-97 vines time services P3R-99 vines time set-system P3R-101 vines time use-system P3R-102 vines update deltas P3R-104 vines update interval P3R-106 virtual IP1R-322 virtual-profile aaa DR-938 virtual-profile if-needed DR-939 virtual-profile virtual-template DR-940 virtual-template DR-941 vofr VR-1027 voice call convert-discpi-to-prog VR-1031 voice call send-alert VR-1032 voice class busyout VR-1034 voice class codec VR-1036 voice class dualtone VR-1040 voice class h323 VR-1042 voice class permanent VR-1044 voice confirmation-tone VR-1050 voice hunt VR-1053
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2

voice local-bypass VR-1055 voice rtp send-recv VR-1061 voice service VR-1062 voice vad-time VR-1063 voice-card VR-1033 voice-class codec (dial peer) VR-1038 voice-class h323 (dial peer) VR-1043 voice-class permanent (dial-peer) VR-1046 voice-class permanent (voice-port) VR-1048 voice-encap VR-1051 voice-group VR-1052 voice-port busyout VR-1059 voice-port VR-1056 voip-incoming translation-rule VR-1064 vpdn aaa attribute nas-port vpdn-nas SR-158 vpdn aaa attribute DR-943 vpdn aaa override-server DR-945 vpdn aaa untagged DR-947 vpdn domain-delimiter DR-948 vpdn enable DR-950 vpdn history failure table-size DR-952 vpdn incoming DR-953 vpdn logging history failure DR-955 vpdn logging DR-954 vpdn multihop DR-956 vpdn outgoing DR-958 vpdn profile DR-959 vpdn search-order DR-960 vpdn session-limit DR-961 vpdn softshut DR-962 vpdn source-ip DR-963 vpdn-group DR-951 vrn B2R-431 vty-async dynamic-routing DR-966 vty-async header-compression DR-967 vty-async ipx ppp-client loopback DR-968 vty-async keepalive DR-969 vty-async mtu DR-970 vty-async ppp authentication DR-971


vty-async ppp use-tacacs DR-972 vty-async virtual-template DR-973 vty-async DR-964

x25 loc WR-513 x25 ltc WR-514 x25 map bridge B1R-86 x25 map bridge WR-520 x25 map cmns WR-523 x25 map compressedtcp WR-524 x25 map pad WR-526 x25 map ppp DR-976 x25 map qllc B1R-489 x25 map WR-515 x25 modulo WR-527 x25 nvc WR-528 x25 ops WR-529 x25 pad-access WR-530 x25 profile WR-531 x25 pvc (encapsulation) WR-534 x25 pvc (switched PVC to SVC) WR-539 x25 pvc (switched) WR-537 x25 pvc (XOT) WR-542 x25 pvc qllc B1R-492 x25 remote-red WR-545 x25 retry WR-546 x25 roa WR-548 x25 route WR-549 x25 routing WR-558 x25 subaddress TR-203 x25 subscribe cug-service WR-560 x25 subscribe flow-control WR-562 x25 subscribe local-cug WR-564 x25 subscribe packetsize WR-566 x25 subscribe windowsize WR-568 x25 suppress-called-address WR-570 x25 suppress-calling-address WR-571 x25 t10 WR-572 x25 t11 WR-573 x25 t12 WR-574 x25 t13 WR-575 x25 t20

weight IP1R-324 where FR-120 where TR-202 which-route P3R-361 width FR-121 write erase FR-224 write memory FR-297 write network FR-298 write terminal FR-225

x25 accept-reverse WR-489 x25 address WR-490 x25 alias WR-491 x25 aodi DR-975 x25 bfe-decision WR-493 x25 bfe-emergency WR-494 x25 default WR-495 x25 facility WR-496 x25 fail-over WR-498 x25 hic WR-500 x25 hoc WR-501 x25 hold-queue WR-502 x25 hold-vc-timer WR-503 x25 host WR-504 x25 htc WR-505 x25 hunt-group WR-506 x25 idle WR-508 x25 ip-precedence WR-509 x25 ips WR-510 x25 lic WR-511 x25 linkrestart WR-512

x25 t21 WR-577

Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2


x25 t22 WR-578 x25 t23 WR-579 x25 threshold WR-580 x25 use-source-address WR-581 x25 win WR-582 x25 wout WR-583 x28 TR-204 x29 access-list WR-584 x29 profile WR-586 x3 TR-210 xmodem FR-277 xns access-group P3R-378 xns encapsulation P3R-380 xns flood broadcast allnets P3R-382 xns flood broadcast net-zero P3R-384 xns flood specific allnets P3R-385 xns forward-protocol P3R-387 xns hear-rip P3R-388 xns helper-address P3R-390 xns input-network-filter P3R-392 xns maximum-paths P3R-394 xns network P3R-396 xns output-network-filter P3R-397 xns route P3R-399 xns route-cache P3R-401 xns router-filter P3R-402 xns routing P3R-403 xns ub-emulation P3R-404 xns update-time P3R-406 xremote lat TR-216 xremote tftp buffersize TR-217 xremote tftp host TR-218 xremote tftp retries TR-219 xremote xdm TR-220 xremote TR-212

zone access VR-1066 zone bw VR-1068 zone local VR-1069 zone prefix VR-1071 zone remote VR-1074 zone subnet VR-1076

yellow IR-537
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.2