BRICK, THE AUT HOR (THAT WOULD BE ME) DENIES ALL KINDS OF RESPONSABILITY SHOULD YOUR PS3 GET DA MAGED IN ANY WAYS. YOU KNOW THE RISKS **WARNING** Requirements: 1. A playstation 3 on firmware 3.55 or below 2. A dongle to go to Service mode 3. A usb pendrive 4. A brain 5. The author of this little trick. 6. Have your pc connected directly to the ps3 on ethernet with the ip set to 192 .168.0.100 and the hostmask to (make sure no firewall is running, not even windows one, this may prevent your console from connecting to the pc) Procedure: ** PART 1 ** 1. Set your console into service mode with any compatible dongle. 2. Put the content of the converter-console folder at the root of your usb pendr ive. 3. Extract ObjectiveSuites-GetData on your PC. 4. Put the usb pendrive on the last usb port on the right of your console. 5. Run ObjectiveSuites.exe from ObjectiveSuites-GetData 6. You now have a few seconds to start your console, start it. 7. Objective Suite should display "PASS" and txt files will be created in the Te mp dir. Once done, power off your console. 8. Get ALL these txt files from your temp directory and send them to the author (me) with informations about your playstation 3 model (FAT/SLIM, CECH* model) ** PART 2 ** 9. You should recieve from the author (Yeah me again) a file called request_idps .txt 10. Extract ObjectiveSuites-SetIdps on your pc. 11. Put the request_idps.txt in your temp folder (MAKE EXTRA SURE IT'S THERE OR YOU WILL BRICK) 12. Run ObjectiveSuites.exe from the ObjectiveSuites-SetIdps directory. 13. Start the SAME CONSOLE YOU GOT THE TXT FILES FROM (If it's another console y ou WILL BRICK IT). 14. Wait until Objective suite displays "PASS" Then power off your console, at t his point your console should be a Debug one.

then pow er off the console (you may have to unplug it from the AC) 21. Put your usb pendrive on your pc.30 debug firmware) 16.self" from the "set up" directory at the r oot of your pendrive along with PS3UPDAT. The screen will be black and the green led will stay l it. Your console will power on for a few seconds then power off. once it does the firmware w ill be installed. 18. 17.PUP (that's 3. Power on the console. Put the pendrive back on pc. Put the pendrive on the usb port on the most right of your console. then copy the Lv2diag. 20. 19. a nd copy the content of the "drivefix" folder to the root of the pendrive. delete all the files you previously put in there. CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE NOW COMPLETED ALL THE STEPS AND YOUR CONSOLE IS A FULLY FUNCTIONAL DEBUG BOX. You will now need to do a drive initialisation in order to use the bluray dr ive on your console. delete the files you put in there previously. . delete the files you previously put in th ere. Put the pendrive on the usb port on the most right of your console.** PART 3 ** 15. Power it on. 22.self from the "finalize" folder. Put the pendrive back onto the pc. wait a couple of seconds. Put the pendrive at the usb port most on the right of your console and power it on. wait until it blinks and the console powers off. Put "Lv2Diag. The drive initialisation will then occur. YOU NOW JUST NEED TO POWER IT ON AND COMPLETE THE USUAL F IRST TIME SETUP PROCEDURE.

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