Greetings Chapter Presidents: The Baltimore Chapter of the Settles Family Reunion is pleased to inform you that the

date and location of our next family reunion has been set. The dates are from Friday, July 10th thru Monday, July 13th, 2009. The location for the reunion will be at the Sheraton Hotel in historic Annapolis, Maryland. Please share this information with the family members in your chapters We will need the names and address of the family members in your chapters as soon as you are able to do so. In order to plan activities for all age groups, please send us an approximate number of adults, youths (ages 6-18), and children (ages 5 and under) who may be interested in attending the reunion. More information regarding registration and hotel fees will be forthcoming. Please feel free to contact Linda Landrum and/or Veronica Johnson if there are questions or concerns. Sincerely, Linda M. Landrum Vice President Baltimore Chapter Contact Information: Linda Landrum 3314 Essex Road Baltimore, Maryland 21207 410-298-3836(H) 410-984-1937 (C) Veronica Johnson 3426 Dayta Drive Baltimore, Maryland 21207 443-802-5188 (C)


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