CHILDREN’S RESOURCES 1. Biographies for Kids: 2.

Computers and Internet; Fun Stuff; Health and Nutrition: 3. English for Children: Presentacion.html 4. Movie Maker: Funny and Interesting way to learn English: 5. Pitara: Riddles, Tongue Twisters, Famous people, etc.: 6. Science news for kids: 7. Science, Social Studies, Technology, English, Math, etc.: 8. Short Stories: 9. Children’s Literature, Fables, Magazines, Poetry, Quotations, Short Stories, etc.: 10. Children’s Readings: CLOZE 2007_06_01_archive.html 11. Cloze Activities: 12. Cloze Design Page: 13. Cloze Passages: Bike Safety, Christmas, Rain Forests, Solar System, etc.: 14. Cloze Practice: Grades 1, 2, and 3. THE 4 LANGUAGE SKILLS: LISTENING, SPEAKING, READING & WRITING

Advanced: http://www. British Council: http://learnenglishkids. Free Classic Audiobooks: http://www.5minuteenglish.htm 20.mysitemyway. Basic English Conversations: http://www.shtml 0/10/ Audio English: Six-Minute English: Audio and Text that can be downloaded: A wide variety of topics: 27. Intermediate. Dave’s ESL Café: 29. The Flatmates Series: 0/10/ 21.htm 16.htm 25. Conversation Questions: .freeclassicaudiobooks.pdf 24.britishcouncil. Mixxer: http://www. Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab: 17.shtml 26. Elllo: http://www. Text to Speech: ESL Listening Comprehension Exercises: Movie Clips: icons. Ompersonal: 5minuteenglish: 19.shtml 22.

Talk English: Daily ESL: Eleaston Conversations: http://www.htm Read to Learn: http://www. English for everyone: 42. The Bible On Line: New International Version: http://www.html 44. Robot: Conversations and Writing: http://www.html 41.eslfast. Easy Reading and Listening: http://www.html 38.aspx languagearts.htm 40.talkenglish. 35. Everyday dialogues are found in the following link: %20Comprehension.html http://www. Informative Passages: http://www.htm 34. Learning English Electronically: 39.dailyesl. Small Talks: Practical American English: http://www. Practical Conversation for Everybody: reading. Activities On Line: http://www.eslfast.html 32.

miguelmllop. Writing Practice with a Robot: 56.timeforkids.1-language. Reading Comprehension: http://www.htm 55.htmlESL Writing: 54.htm THE 3 LANGUAGE SUB-SKILLS: CULTURE. 48.rhlschool.simpleenglishnews. Essays and Articles: http://www. Nuclear Power. etc. Reading Comprehensiona About Canada: http://2ndnature-online-eikaiwa./ Starfall: www. Compositions: Writing down about Animal GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY http://www. Poems.classicreader.45.htm 47. Short Stories: / 57. Simple English News: Ways of Writing: Compositions by Foreign Learners: http://www. Stories Archives: 52. Time for Kids: Stories.: http://www. T.htm 49. Society and Environment: http://literacynet. The Center for Writing Studies: http://www.html Technical Reading Comprehension: 50.html .com/TFK/

General: All kind of literary genre: http://wiredforbooks. Usatourist: http://www.html 70. Museums. 63. Audio Sites and E-Texts: http://eleaston.ivyjoy.: http://www.virginia.elcivics.htm .: http://www.html 67. National Monuments: http://www. etc. Biographies for Kids: http://gardenofpraise. Scientists. Famous People: Authors. 64.manythings. Scientists. British Culture: http://www. Buildings. American Family and Traditions: http://www. etc. American Culture: http://www.pbs. British Museum: 65.htm 68.htm 59.58.usatourist.rug.manythings. From Revolution to Reconstruction: http://www. Musicians.htm 71. Scientists.britishmuseum. Cities. Politicians.: http://www.htm 66. Musicians. Fables: http://etext. Civics: http://www.1-language.

Vocabulary and pronunciation: English Page: http://www.englishpage.englishpage. Englisch Hilfen: .html Advanced English: www.uvcs. 5minuteenglish: Road to Grammar: Grammar Exercises: http://www.html languagearts. Rong Chang Grammar Exercises: 75.rong-chang.englisch-hilfen.jpg 83.wordsmyth.73. http://people. Dictionary and Thesaurus: http://www.htm http://www.roadtogrammar.html 80.htm 84. Public Domain Books: VOCABULARY http://www.htm 77. Grammar Topics: http://web2. Novels and Poetry: 74.pppst.

T.pdictionary. etc. Shows. TOEFL. 95.learnamericanenglishonline. Topics.usembassy. Short Story Vocabulary: .html 89.html 87.manythings. Learn American English On Line: http://www. Industrial History: Voice of America News: Interactive Learning: http://www. Mesopotamia. GMAT: http://www.spartacus. Greece.merriam-webster. Energy. Rome.english-for-students. 98. http://www. American History: Text and MP3 Files: http://www.history. Articles on Ancient History: Egypt.livius. Visual Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Arts. Vocabulary Tests: 88.vocabulary.eslfast. Philosophers. etc.: http://www. The Internet Picture Dictionary: 90.htm 91.voanews. Science: http://visual. Spanish: http://www.: HISTORY http://seoul. Virtual Vocabulary List: http://virtualsalt.php 93. GRE.V.html 96. Difficult Words and Their Usages: http://www. Communications. Vocabulary games: http://www. Italian. Learn English with Pictures and Audio: http://www.schoolnet.html 86. Eleaston: http://eleaston. 99.htm 92.vocaboly. Influential People. 107.talkenglish. Clothes.merriam-webster.oxfordadvancedlearnersdictionary. Food. Idioms: parenting/ DICTIONARIES/ENCYCLOPAEDIAS 111.100.wordreference. English Idioms Page: http://www.cambridge.aspx 114. The Free Dictionary: http://www. Weather. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English on line: IDIOMS books4u. Primary History: 105. Look Way Up: http://lookwayup.thefreedictionary.internetschoolhouse.htm 108. Cambridge Dictionary: 103. 101. Idioms: Interactive Idiom Dictionary by VOA: .: http://2ndnature-online-eikaiwa. Idioms: Phrases and Idioms Section: http://www. Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary: http://www. Internet School House: http://www.ohdeedoh. Dictionary Reference: http://dictionary.ldoceonline. Merriam-Webster Dictionary: 106.1-language. Word Reference: Reverso Dictionary: http://dictionary.htm 113.

org/ ON-LINE LANGUAGE COURSES http://www.forbes. Low Intermediate. Forbes: http://www. Learn American English On Line: 128.mcli.the-book-ninja.html 123. 115.dist. On-line English Course: http://www. Learning English Electronically: http://www. Usalearns: The American Spectator: 122. Intermediate: MEDIA http://www.economist.html The Idiom Connection: http://www.maricopa. Learn English with Pictures and Videos: 121.economist.learnamericanenglishonline. Ingles Mundial: 125.inglesmundial. Interchange Arcades: 127.1-language. Idioms in American English: 120.mcli. English for Little Children: 117. The Economist: esentacion/presentacion.htm 124.cnice. Magazine of the society for science and the public: .

time.http://sciencenews. Work. Travel and Leisure: http://www. People: 130.htm 141. Cinema. National Geographic: http://www. Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition: http://www. English On Line Multimedia Course: name=pron& 139. Television Series: http://www.html MOVIES / TELEVISION www.html Time: MULTIMEDIA The Internet Movie Database: http://www. Shopping.html Dialogues: http://www.html 131.wsjclassroom.people.: . Hotel. Movie Maker: Funny and Interesting way to learn English: movies 132. Eating out.dvolver. Interesting movies with their corresponding transcripts: http://www. Scientific American: http://www. Welcome to London: Movie Trailers: http://trailers.php 140.

V. List of Lyrics: 150. Funny.png NEWS 146.png 152.http://www. ABC: http://www. Los Angeles Times: 143. MUSIC 142.sing365. etc. CNN: News on Video: http://edition. Simple English News: http://www. News on Video 153.voanews. The Boston Channel: WCVB T. Music. Entertaining.latimes. The Guardian: http://www.missouri.articleslounge. Risa Song Lyrics Archive: http://www. Boston: NEWSPAPERS http://weblogs.variety.html Voice of America: mes. CNN: http://vodpod.voanews.

The Times: .washingtontimes.dailytexanonline. West Virginia: 167. Wall Street Journal: http://online.http://www. California: http://www. Miami Herald: 158. Texas: 164.dailybruin. Massachusetts: RADIO PROGRAMS 162.wikimedia. USA Today: http://www. BBC Radio: http://www.htm Washington Times: http://www.cornellsun. National Radio Program: http://www. Pennsylvania: NEWSPAPERS –COLLEGES – 161. New York Times: http://global. New York: 165.

podcastsinenglish. Radio Programs and Print Articles about Science and the Sea by University of Texas: 172. 179. Learning Mattters: Early Education.: 177. Race & Gender. Basic Conversations in English: http://www. 175. ABC NEWS: http://abcnews. ESPN: http://espn.pbs.php? option=com_docman&Itemid=7 169.go. BBC Podcasts: http://www. Voice of America: Radio and Television: Podcastinenglish: Listen to a variety of topics on line: Testing.168.php? option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1 http://www. Newshour: Global News and Analysis from the BBC World: http://www. Money. Intermediate Conversations in English: http://www. Radio Archive.shtml PODCAST NEWS 176.voanews.ompersonal. All-level Conversations: PODCASTS 174.foxnews.htm 171. Web .:

com/ 181.eslconnect. Eslall: http://www.lonelyplanet. Fun 185. Flags. Health and Nutrition: 190.html 184. Holidays.howstuffworks. A Little Bit About Everything: http://www. Slang. 193. Games. Comprehension. FOX NEWS: www.podcast. Grammar.180. Culture.: http://a4esl. Radio and Television about Ecology: http://ecology. 194. Proverbs. Computers and Internet. Adult Learning Activities: http://www. Religion. English Specialist: http://english. 195. Science. etc. Health.cnn.htm 187.eslall. CBS NEWS: http://cbsnews.foxnews.specialist. CNN NEWS: 182.: http://www. Animals. Grammar.discovery.: 186. News. Conversations. 191. Videos. Ecology: Articles. Crossword Puzzles. Architecture. 183. ESL Mania: http://www.: http://www. . Tourism: Weird and Famous Places to visit: 189. etc. etc.: http://dsc.englishdaily626.html 192.

Tools for Educators: http://www. Proverbs. Math.brainpop. Idioms. Grammar.196.: http://www. 203. Singing. Reading. Games to learn English: http://gamestolearnenglish. 204. Daily Pronunciation Practice: http://www. Idioms. English.examenglish.: 199. 201. PRONUNCIATION http://morechristlike. etc. Short Stories: http://www. Tests. Social Studies. Grammar.: http://www. for children: http://www.: http://a4esl. etc. Places. Writing. etc. 205. Grammar. Slang.htm 202. TESTS AND EXAMINATIONS 200.: http://www. 198. 207. PUZZLE MAKER http://puzzlemaker. Holidays.rong-chang. Vocabulary. Idioms. Free practice Tests for Learners of English: http://www. Quizzes. Science. etc.htm VIDEOS .manythings. Classroom Resources: Virtual Language Centre: Games.

htm 208. VideoSift: 214.: MegaVideo: http://www. Voice of America: Television and Radio: http://www. Learning Matters: http://learningmatters.http://www. Tech and 209.masternewmedia. Lingual. A Little bit about everything: http://www.html . 213. People and Celebrities. Dailymotion: 210. Film and TV. Music.

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