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Loughborough University
Undergraduate Application Form for students at the British University in Egypt
Please type or complete in BLACK INK using BLOCK CAPITALS. Applicants should complete sections 1-4 of this application form and then submit it to Mohamed Wafik in Student Affairs at the British University in Egypt. It is recommended that students complete this application form electronically, and submit it by email to Staff from the BUE will then check the form and complete section 5 before submitting the form to the Undergraduate Admissions Office at Loughborough University. Once decisions have been made on the applications these will be notified to the applicant through staff at the BUE. Once an offer has been confirmed and accepted by the student, Loughborough University will arrange for the formal Admissions pack to be sent to the students permanent address so that they can begin the process of applying for their entry Visa (if required).

1. Personal details
Title Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss Date of Birth Gender (delete as appropriate): Male / Female Nationality Country of Permanent Residence Country of Birth: First / given name(s): Surname / Family name:

Correspondence Address British University in Egypt El Sherouk City Egypt Tel No. Mobile Phone No. Email:

Permanent Address (Note that this address is used to send the final registration pack containing the Admissions Certificate which will
enable you to apply for your Visa. All other correspondence will be via the correspondence address above).

2. Course applied for

Proposed programme of study: Proposed year of entry (delete as appropriate): Year 1 / Year 2

Loughborough University: application form for students from BUE

3. Your qualifications
School qualifications
Please include details of the highest level of qualification you took at school. This may be Thanaweya A'ama (or the General Secondary School Certificate Examination), IGCSE, International Baccalaureate, A-levels or another qualification. If there is not room on this sheet, please continue on a separate sheet. Copies of certificates should also be provided. Secondary school attended: Overall Qualification Title: Level Subject Date Grade Level Subject Date Grade

BUE qualifications
Please put in all the modules you have taken (or are taking in the spring semester), plus grades where you have had these. Programme title: Year 1 Preparatory year Modules taken Grade Modules taken / to be taken (delete as appropriate) Grade

Year 2 Degree studies (required for students applying to enter year 2 at Loughborough University) Modules taken Grade Modules taken / to be taken (delete as appropriate) Grade

English Language qualifications

Please give details of your English language qualifications. This should include details or IGCSE, IELTS, TOEFL or other internationally recognised qualification. If you have not yet sat for any of these, please indicate when you intend to take an appropriate qualification. English Language Qualification: Date taken / to be taken: Grade achieved:

Loughborough University: application form for students from BUE

4. Personal Statement
Please provide any additional information in support of your application. This statement should say why you are interested in the course and what you hope to do after your studies. You may wish to include: What interests you about your chosen subject, and what you know or have read about the subject; any job, work experience, placement or voluntary work that you have done that is relevant to the subject, plus what skills you gained from it; any non-accredited skills and achievements you have gained through extra-curricular activities; your social, sports or leisure interests.

Loughborough University: application form for students from BUE

5. Reference
Name of referee: Position: Predicted grades: Email:


6. University Decision (for internal use only)

Degree programme: ... Year 1 entry Year 2 entry Unconditional offer: Conditional Offer (please state conditions):

Reject (code:

Admissions Selector: . Signed .. Date . Head of Department: . Signed .. Date .

Loughborough University: application form for students from BUE