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EBP In-Class Review Questions Overview - Zara is a clothing and retail manufacture. Has world¶s most responsive supply chain - Which departments does Zara¶s information systems help to integrate? ‡ Finance, Marketing, HR, Manufacturing, Sales, IT, Logistics, Stock, Design - What is the driving for in the fashion industry? How does Zara meet this? ‡ Time to market. Zara achieves it by having such a responsive SC. - How many fashion designers does Zara have ‡ 200 - Which is not part of the daily transaction processing system, TPS? ‡ Sales Regional Analysis - Johnny¶s Lunch website is a B2B operation looking to help sell franchise options - What was Zara¶s information system challenge? ‡ Coordinating their Supply Chain - What is a business process? ‡ Set of tasks or activities that produce desired

outcomes. Every BP is triggered by some event, such as receiving a customers order or recognizing the need to purchase something. - Describe functional organizational structure. Why do you think it is common? ‡ They are divided into functions or departments, each responsible for ser of closely related activites. It is widely used because it spreads the responsibilities across an organization instead of locating it in a particular department/area. - Describe the key BP of buying (procurement). ‡ It is buying or requiring materials used by the organization, such as the raw materials needed for projects. - Describe the key BP of making (production). ‡ It involves the creation of products within an organization. EX: P/G making tube of toothpaste - Describe the key BP of selling (fulfillment).

footwear and accessories for women. Paris (1990). Malta (1995) and Cyprus (1996). Zara offers its customers a unique mix of affordability. it started to make another expansion through franchise when they enter the Asia such as Japan (1997). Portugal. Inditex is the world¶s fastes growing retailer and Zara is described as the most innovative and devastating retailer in the world. has a strong and unique business model. by LVMH fashion director Daniel Piette. documents.85% of a companys knowledge assets are stored in emails. The market growth remained mysterious and it kept growing the stores in different countries and its cities. exclusivity and differentiation. Zara mission and vision is to give the customer an exclusive choice of fashion by providing a quicker turnover of new stock than other fashion retailers Read more: http://wiki. Today. charts Zara Introduction ZARA is the flagship chain store for the Spanish Inditex Group owned by Amancio Ortega. then the product range expanded to incorporate women¶s fashion. Mexico. however.. It was first open in 1975 in La Coruna.. Belgium and Sweden (1994).‡ All the steps involved in selling and delivery of products to customers or organizations. By focusing on shorter response times. well-priced new apparel every week. Started from the United States (1989). The company keeps its operating income elevated. and has various opportunities for expansion in the retail industry (Craig et al. Galicia. the company ensures that its stores are able to carry clothes that the consumers want at that time. The stores remained company owned. who also brands such as Massimo Dutti and Bershka. To many Europeans.answers. men and children. By the year of . Originally a lingerie store. Zara has the potential for sustainable growth due to its competitive advantage and its ability to face the challenges of the apparel industry. opened its first foreign store in Oporto. Zara is a high-fashion concept offering apparel. as well as creating a unique shopping experience. 2004). The international adventure began in 1988. Market segments within the fashion retail context. Spain. menswear and children¶s clothes. . Zara has 1058 stores located in 68 countries around the world. Zara is a familiar face with consistently trendy. and the 792 international stores generated 54 percent of group sales.

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