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744800 Alberta Ltd

KEITH ERIC JOHNSON R.E.T, CQA, CQT, F.I.A.Q.P , M.Inst. NDT P.O. Box 474 Edmonton Alberta, Canada T5J 2K1 Res Tel 780 486 7581 6921 E-mail Personal
British and Canadian Citizenship, Married, three children

Cell 780 719

Experience TransCanada Pipelines Ltd Contract Welding and Piping Inspector Lac La Biche Alberta.Field Lake Compressor Station bi-directional project . Carbon Steel low temp piping to ASME B 31.3 code Qualified all welders using VT and RT in accordance with TCPL Procedures, reviewed all welding procedures, RT and MT reports, witnessed all closure welding .Enforced all TCPL TOPS and safety requirements. Sept - Dec 2008. InterPipeline Fund- SNC-LAVALIN, Resident Inspector at Muskeg River Pump Station Expansion of lines from 20 inch to 42 delivery line , installation of new pumps. July-Aug 2008. Encana Foster Creek SAGD Plant BFL Fabricators Q.C Inspector on piping and vessel maintenance projects June-July 2008. Exxon Mobil Piping inspector and company representative at Heerema Zwinjdrecht B.V Netherlands Carbon steel and duplex materials for UBIT Gas well offshore Nigeria. Reviewed welding and fabrication procedures, RT results, MRRs, NCRs, witnessed weld parameter checks.Nov-2007-Feb 2008. TIC QA Manager Shell Scotford Upgrader Prepared ITPs with hold points for new underground piping and above ground piping and installation of vessels and hydrogen furnace July 2007- present. Suncor QA Coordinator contracted through Roevin Technical People Millenium plant turnaround witnessed inspection of welds, hydrostatic tests and bolt torquing by main contractors Lockerbie and Hole, Commonwealth and Jacobs Engineering on piping tie ins and vessel closures. Reviewed and signed off QA packages for each tie point and CFT work. June July 2007.


CNRL Lauren Engineering and Construction QA Advisor. Horizon project CoGen and Water treatment. Bolt torque witnessing, inspection of vessels , HRSG, ducting and stack . Over sight of Main contractor and subcontractors QC activities. May-June 2007. Kinder-Morgan TransMountain Pipeline expansion auditing tank at Albreda pump station , vendor surveillance at Fabrication shop. Nov 2006 April 2007. Devon Canada / Conoco Phillips / Blackgold Inspection
Construction Supervisor/ Welding Piping Mechanical Nov March . 70Kms of 10 plus 8 inch pipelines CSAZ662 Sour service near Grande Cache Alberta. Performed Visual inspection, tested welders, reviewed Xray and gamma radiographs interfaced between Devons Construction manager and Contractors.

Retained by Devon Canada for tank construction work near Cold Lake Alberta. April till Oct 2006. API 650 6 new 20,000 Bbls. Heavy oil plant expansion. Audited all NDT including RT , MT and PT. LOC Houston and Mexico Aug 2005 Oct 2006. Quality Surveyor on Pemex contractor vessels offshore. Performed suitability surveys and witnessed subsea engineering and construction including welding, NDT and hydrotesting of pipeline tie ins. Gulf of Mexico/ Triton projects Bonnyville District QC supervisor contract position June- Aug 2005.Implemented QC programme, reviewed NDT reports on three job sites for maintenance activities repairs and alterations welding and painting. QA manager on one construction site Supervised a staff of seven inspectors and QC personnel Kellogg Brown and Root Syncrude Canada Coker shutdown Night QC Inspector for Reactor and reactor piping ,welding inspection, coordination of NDT requirements updating ITPs Interfacing with Syncrude QA Inspectors and KBR production managers. Welding on stainless steel , low alloy and CS spools and vessel plates. ASME Sect VIII and ASME B31.3 codes Feb-March 2005. Terasen Pipelines Company representative in fabrication Shop , Edmonton for all US Pump stations on the Express Pipeline expansion API 1104 , ASME B31.4. Sept 2004Feb 2005 Anadarko Petroleum Delta Epsilon Coal bed Methane Gas gathering system, Powder River Wy. Project Inspector. Inspected HDPE pipelines and gas well hook up efforts. Fusion bonding , ditching and site reclamation. May-July 2004 Pembina Pipelines Taylor B.C Tank Inspector Site Rep. Supervised repairs and alterations on two old tanks 80,000 and 20,000 bbls New floors, manways ,inlet and outlet piping. Performed interpass MT on insert plates to shell welds , reviewed all RT and UT also floor EMFL and UT. Nov 2003-Mar 2004 Flint Energy Services Fab shop Piping Inspector welded pipe spools for Suncor Firebag project. Oct-Nov 2003 Alstom Power Manitoba Hydro Brandon Combustion Gas turbines QC Supervisor On intercooler piping warranty work .Stainless Steel air lines welded at plant to ASME Sect 1. Performed Water washable PT and reviewed all RT. Sept- Oct 2003


Williams Energy services Lloyds Register NA PV Inspection Clients rep on CSO Pipe laying ship Deep Blue 18 inch export lines , sleds and pig launchers on Devils Tower Spar Project. Read all RT and witnessed MT on field welds. June July 2003 Encana FaithAMC Inspection, Quality audit of pipelines and facilities, company representative on two 5000 BBl API 650 Oil Storage tanks Southern Plains B.U Alberta.Feb-May2003 SparTEC Quality review of P.T.McDermott Batam Island Indonesia. Worlds largest Spar structure under construction. Performed welding inspection review of NDT results and APIQ1 style quality audit. Formulated several corrective actions and other improvements AWS, ABS ASME Specs Dec 2002 Jan 2003. ABS and USCG Regulations.

Husky Oil Celtic thermal project Paradise Hills Saskatchewan Quench and tempered above ground steam pipeline with emulsion line. Read all radiography on this 100% RT pipeline. CSA Z662 July Sept 2002 Tengizchevroil Kazakhstan Inspection turnaround large gas plant on amine systems and Sulphur plant.API 510 rules April-May 2002 Paramount Resources Cameron Hills Pipeline Project NWT Winter installation of 8 inch,Gas pipeline and laterals to CSA Z662.Under the Jurisdiction of National Energy Board of Canada. March 2002. Visual inspection of welding and review of radiographs. Sakhalin Energy Oil platform Molikpaq offshore Sakhalin Island Russian Federation NDT inspections of old piping systems. Jan Feb 2002 API 570 and UT activities. Calpine Carville Energy Center St Gabriel Louisiana. May Dec 2001 Project Quality manager with the EPC company Gilbert Southern Corp. subsidiary of Peter Kiewit and Sons Kansas City,Kansas. Responsible for inspection staff of five as well as performing vendor surveys, repair of damaged components and control of welder testing and coordination of NDT. 500 MW CoGen fast tracked project . Review all inspection reports on civil, electrical, piping, boiler and rotating equipment installations. Troubleshoot all subcontractors on adjacent Petrochemical plant supplying water in return for steam and condensate. ATCO Power Rainbow Lake Alberta March 2001, QC Piping and welding Inspector on waste heat recovery boiler on Co-Gen plant. Fast tracked construction and commissioning activities. Supplies 150 tonnes of steam per hour to adjacent Husky Oil plant. ANSI/ASME B31.1 Code. Visual inspection of piping, instrumentation, hydro testing, revamp of existing structural steel pipe racks. CSA W59. ENBRIDGE Pipelines Athabasca Project and other clients, inspection of hot bitumen tank on Suncor Lease Ft McMurray, inspection of truck portable 400 Bbls tanks visual and MPI. Took ultrasonic thickness readings. API 650 and 653 standards. Faith AMC Inspection Nov2000- Feb 2001, Eckville and Devon. TransCanada Midstream JV Olefins Tube Storage Project, Suncor Lease Ft McMurray,


Welding inspection on 48 inch pipes with automated ultrasonic examination and automatic welding. Reduced repair rate from 78 % down to 3%. Supervised nightshift backfilling of the tube storage field. Sep Nov 2000. Mobil Equatorial Guinea Zafiro Producer FPSO Inspection of vessels and pipe work in accordance with API 510 and 570 rules. Directed UT team. AMOSCO Southampton UK. Aug Sept 2000. Canadian Fertilizers Plant Medicine Hat Alberta, Turnaround Inspection of Vessels , tanks, process piping on an Ammonia Plant. Supervised repairs on reformer tubes using an orbital GTAW machine. API 510,570 and 653 rules. Delta Catalytic industrial Services. June July 2000. Methanex Kitimat B.C Contract plant inspector, of ammonia and methanol plants.API 510,570 and 653 rules. Major alteration to on CO2 Stripper vessel. Delta Catalytic Industrial Services Feb- May 2000

Equistarchemicals Chocolate Bayou Texas. Vendor survellience activities on a new dearator vessel in Edmonton Alberta. Also equipment inspection with CIC and Ball Engineering MPI plus Shear wave UT. Nov 99-Feb 2000. AEC Pipelines AOSPLE Project Mildred Lake Pump Station ( Syncrude Lease) Site Inspector/ Supervisor SNC-Lavalin Inc Supervised crew of fifty changing out buried piping and installed new headers three new strainers and PDF meters. New instrumentation installed. Accident rate achieved 0.35. July-Oct 99 British Gas Tunisia Turnaround inspection of Miskar platforms A B and C. Vessel and piping inspection API 510,570 utilizing visual and WFMPI. Supervised emergency repairs to flare stack tip within scheduled shutdown period. Incolloy 800 material. MayJune 1999 Clarke Refinery Lima Ohio. T/A Inspection of pressure vessels and process piping using API 510 and 570 rules. Mar 1999. American Petroleum Institute Quality dept API Q1 Surveys across USA and Canada various pipemills, valve shops, pump shops, cement and drilling fluid plants, utilizing API Q1 and ISO 9001/2 standards, as well as API 5CT,6A,6D,2C,5L,10A and 11AX. Sept 98-Apr 99. ATCO Midstream ( CWNG ) Carbon Compressor and Storage complex, inspection of compressor piping using ANSI/ASME B31.3 standard and visual and WFMPI techniques. Six compressors of various ages. Aug 98- Feb 99 On an as required basis. Nova gas Canada Ltd , Taylor Boundary Lake BC , refurbishment of an 8 inch pipeline multiphase system, CSA Z662 rules, site supervision, review of radiographs, new pump house, tie-ins, pig launchers and other AGIs. Texaco Panama, Lombo East Block Two, Offshore Angola. Onstream inspection of production and exploration vessels in accordance with API 510 rules. April- May 1998 Shell Martinez Refinery, California T/A Inspection of pressure vessels, towers, process piping and heaters. In accordance with API 510 rules. Jan -Feb 98 AEC Pipelines Maskwa Pump station Cold lake Alberta installation of new headers and pumps. Visual inspection and site supervision crew of 20. Aug-Nov 97


Trans Canada Pipelines. Quantel-Veco Potter Compressor Station plant C Ontario . Welding and piping in accordance with CSA Z662 code. June 97-Aug 97

Mix Bros Tank Services, review of Quality program in accordance with ISO 9001 and API653 June 97 AGRIUM Potash Mine Vanscoy Sask. Visual inspection of ore bin in accordance with CSA W59 Dynamic loading requirements. April May 97 Sherrit International Ft Saskatchewan Inspection and safety representative on an Ammonia rail and road tank car loading racks ANSI/ASME B31.3 code. Jan Apr 97 Academy Petroleum Industries. Express Pipelines Hardisty terminal, Quantel Veco Engineering . Site Inspector for four x 150,000 Bbls Oil storage tanks to API 650. Internal floating roofs and cone roofs. Welding, piping, mechanical, excavations, safety and hydrotesting of these fast tracked tanks during - 45 deg weather. Oct 96- Jan 97

Chevron Kaybob III Fox Creek Alberta Hot tapping on amine piping, inspection of piping Ball Associates Inland Cement Inspection of new piping. Sherritt Fertilizers Redwater Alberta,T/A inspection of ductile iron Sulfuric acid piping using Ultrasonics. CIC Inspection services May 95- Sept 1996. Trans Alta Utilities and EPCOR Power plants, ABB Combustion services division, waterwall tube inspections and repairs, replacement of support clips. WWLPI, ASME Sect I Power boilers code work.Mar 95-April96 AEC Pipelines 24 inch dia sour gas designed pipeline on Suffield Military block storage cavern compressors Ball Engineering welding process SMAW. Cross Cancer Institute Edmonton HVAC repairs WFMPI. Chevron Canada Berland Pipeline AGIs to Kaybob III gas plant inspection of ESD valve stations. All with Ball Engineering Nov 94 - Feb 95. Vancouver Airport New terminal Seismically designed, auditing of welding and inspection Procedures. Yukon Territorial Government Bridge Inspection s Visual UT and MPI. Both with CIC Inspections. March Oct 1994. Union Carbide Prentiss II Ethylene Glycol Plant. Piping, welding, mechanical inspector. Witnessed the QC efforts of the EPC contractor Fluor . e.g. Hydrotesting. Bolt torquing, insulation, erection of vessels and process piping, punch listing, verification of HVAC and drainage sumps. Roevin Technical People.Nov 93- Feb 94. TransAlta Utilities Sundance G.S Unit 4 replacement of water wall IR panels, replacement of superheater and reheat headers utilizing orbital GTAW procedures. Overlay welding of inconel on tubes. Visual and LPI ASME sections I and V. ABB Combustion services Aug Sept 93. Nodeco Hibernia project GBS St Johns Newfoundland. QC Supervisor Risers and Drill shafts. Inspection and vendor surveillance activities across Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and at Bull Arm fabrication yard and dry dock. Auditing of radiography and ultrasonic shear wave reports on risers and drill shafts. Reviewed NDT procedures and quality manuals. Mar - June 93


RTD Quality Services Inc Edmonton Welding Inspection Supervisor. Prepared CWB approved welding inspection and NDT procedures for CSA W47.1, W59,offshore supplements, ASME Boiler and pressure vessel code sections VIII Div 1and Div 2 sections IX. ANSI B31.3, CSA Z183 and Z184, also AWWA, AAR tank cars, also chemical storage tanks and inspection on sour service gas plant pressure vessels. Performed inspection survey and necessary repairs of structural steel on north warning system radar stations in Yukon and North west Territories utilizing visual inspection, dry powder magnetic particle inspection, shear wave ultrasonics in accordance with CSA W59 Structural steel code. Arctic conditions in minus 58 deg F weather. Feb 92- Nov 92. TransAltaUtilities Sundance G.S Unit 6 shutdown, replacement of soot blower water wall panels same activities for unit 3 shutdown. ABB Combustion services.

Alberta Power Battle River G.S Unit 5 Shutdown, modifications and repairs made to ID fans. High strength T100 steel WFMPI . TransAltaUtilities Keephills GS Unit 2 repair and Inspection activities. ABB Combustion Services. Chevron Canada Resources Ltd Kaybob III Gas plant , review of gas plant inspection and maintenance records. Recommended repairs and new inspection techniques. API 510 rules. Roevin Gulf Canada Nevis Gas Plant, Husky Rainbow Lake Gas Plant, Can Oxy Mazzepa Gas Plants T/A Inspection and repairs on sour gas pressure vessels. CESSCO Field Services Edmonton. June Dec 91 Amoco Canada Empress Decompression and Recompression Facilities Q.C Activities on new large bore piping on the turbo expanders. Additional activities included the auditing of Dreco Edmonton fab shop for Shell Draugen Project in North Sea, Shell Norske. Ball Engineering April 90 -Dec 91. Uhde Gmbh Dortmund West Germany, Vendor surveillance activities throughout Western Europe on behalf of Napetco, refurbished and replacement components for an Ammonia Plant in North Africa. ASME BPV Code Sections I,II, V,VII Div one , sect IX and X. Reviewed structural steel, boiler headers, fasteners, chopped matt glass fibre reinforced plastic seawater inlet piping. Canspec Optima JV Calgary. Nov 89 - March 1990. Sherritt Gordon Mines Fort Sask Alberta, WFMPI on fertilizer kiln after repairs to drive pinion. Amerada Hess Olds Gas Plant Amine contactor vessels inspection WFMPI, Interprovincial Pipelines Edmonton to Regina Looping project CSA Z183 20 inch diam line. Hydro testing for NEB of Canada. Gulf Rimbey Gas Plant CESSCO repair of amine contactor vessel. Change out of nozzles Shell Canada Oil and gas well head choke gauging under SCBA sour service.125 well heads across Alberta. Mechanical inspections under SCBA sour gas conditions.


Alberta Power Battle River GS, Trans Alta Utilities Sundance GS Turnaround inspections Combustion Engineering Superheater.Ltd Sept 87 Nov 89 Nova Corp / Alberta Gas Ethylene Plant II Joffre Alberta. Plant Inspector. Daily visual inspection of pressure vessels, piping and maintenance projects. Nov 88 - Mar 89. Proctor and Gamble Pulp Mill Grande Prairie T/A Inspection of recovery boiler Cantech testing. Visual and UT thickness readings. IPL Looping project Edmonton to Regina NEB Hydrotesting of new pipelines. Sept-Nov 87

Atlas Testing Labs and Services Oakville Ontario Welding Inspection Supervisor. Preparation of welding inspection procedures under CWB 178.0m program for pressure vessels, pipelines, power piping, ABS, ships, oil and chemical storage tanks. Performed radiography, ultrasonics, LPI.and MT in power plants, refineries, factories and pipelines across Ontario. Attended pipeline repair welding seminar at WIC Oakville. Sleeve welding inspection program prescribed by National Energy Board Of Canada. Dec 86- Aug 87 Tepco-Roevin Business Development Manager Calgary. Undertook an intensive business development campaign across Alberta, Northern BC and Saskatchewan client list expanded by 30 % Aug -Dec 86 Dome Petroleum Edson Gas Plant Inspection Consultant Poulsen Industries. WFMPI inside two Amine Contactor vessels. Identified and removed all indications Mar 86- May 86. Hoogensen Metallurgical Engineering Inspection Supervisor Development of CSA W178.0 Inspection procedures, inspection of cranes , structural steel inspection. CSA W59. July 85 Nov 85 Chevron Canada Resources Ltd Mitsue, Slave Lake, Tank inspection 4 x 5000BBl tanks Imperial Oil Resources Canada Norman Wells Inspection of 44 000 bbl pipeline surge tank during construction API 650, Construction of card lock tanks at Esso petroleum Canada Grande Prairie Mobil Oil Canada Calgary Review of radiographs Z184 code. April 84 June 85 Syncrude Canada Ltd Contract inspector in Mines Maint Shop, repair of buckets and other drag line components Generex Project Management Feb March 84 Shell Canada Scotford refinery Construction Inspector CDN $1.2 Billion Piping, welding and mechanical inspector. PCL Braun Simons JV. Inspected new underground piping, witnessed hydrostatic testing, performed PMI using an alloy analyzer on all alloy and stainless steel equipment. Performed structural steel inspection of modular pipe racks. Aug 82-Nov 83


Suncor Tar Island Alberta LPI inspection on Hydrogen furnace pigtails Incolloy 800 material Relief valve servicing in the Power plant. Canada West Inspection June Aug 82 Imperial Oil / Esso Petroleum Canada Strathcona Refinery , expansion project, Senior Inspector Installation of new 125 psi steam line , 24 inch diam 160 tie ins all PWHTd to reduce caustic embrittlement problems. Initial phase of AP/AF energy conservation project, relocation of tank car loading racks, expansion of south tank farm. Review of radiographs to ANSI B31.3. Undertook vendor surveillance trips around Edmonton. Generex Project Management July 81 June 82 NBEPC Point Lepreau Nuclear G.S Plant commissioning QA consultant G.P.Dickie and associates May-June 82.

Texaco Canada Inc Edmonton refinery Plant Inspector. Engaged in corrosion control, cathodic protection surveys, welding inspection of radiographs to API 650, ANSI B31.3 codes. Inspected the construction of 3 x 100,000 Bbls storage tanks, performed visual inspection of boilers, pressure vessels, surface metallography of vessel plates. Performed shutdown activities at Texaco Nanticoke and Dartmouth refineries on cat cracker dip leg changeouts , refurbishment of refractory linings , installation of new stacks, heater coils. Liaised with Alberta Boilers branch. Witnessed testing and adjustments to PSVs on mobile benches. Nov 79 April 81 NBEPC Point Lepreau Nuclear G.S New Brunswick Welding Inspector, RMB Technical Services Dominion Bridge Universal Pipelines JV. Performed welding inspection in the small bore fab shop. Calibration of hand tools and measuring equipment, controlled welding consumables. Compilation of QA documentation in accordance with ASME Section III and CSA Z299.1 requirements. Also inspected non nuclear components across Quebec during summer of 1978. Civil work on Govt of Canada test track for vehicles at Blaineville St Therese PQ. Asphalt and concrete testing, slump and air entrainment tests. Mar 78 Oct 79 British Gas Bacton Plant Norfolk England Xray of piping, Shell Expro Charlie Platform Leman Field southern sector of North sea .MPI of crane pedestals and other structures. API 2C. Solus Schall.British Gas Line UK X ray tech, Phillips Petroleum Ekofisk field UT and visual inspection of piping.BIX Gt Yarmouth Feb 76 Dec 77 British Army 50 Fld Sqn Royal Engineers Petersville Camp CFB Gagetown NB DND Project Exercise Waterleap 75 Call out from TAVR to regular force. Construction of new facilities, firewater lines hydrants ,Sewage lagoon, tree felling earthmoving and rock blasting. July Oct 75. TAVR Sapper Officer candidate 1973 78 Plant, roads, airfields, water supply, bridging and mine clearance. Training on weekends and summer camps. Survival and weapons trg.


Pritchard-Rhodes Ltd London Administrative Assistant Drawing office archives records control for plant EPC group SKIKDA Algeria. Mar 75 June 75 Johnson Matthey Ltd Brimsdown Shift process Operative Silver Lead Blast Furnace. Sept 74 Feb 75 Baddische Stahl Gmbh Kehl am Rhein West Germany Steel making Operative. Worked on two sixty ton electric arc steel making furnaces, temperature control and furnace relining duties. Made alloying additions under direction of melt foreman. July Aug 74 Sheerness Steel Company Sheerness Kent England. Metallurgical Inspector Metallurgical control of large electric arc steel plant with concast and rolling mill. Scrap to finished product rebar and machining steel bars. Initiated a technical liaison between the company and Middlesex Polytechnic comparing physical properties of rolled products against chemical composition in the melt shop utilizing regression analysis. Jul 73-Apr74

Education AWS/ CWI course CASTI Edmonton Jan 2009. CSWIP 3.2 Refresher course TWI Cambridge Apr 2007. API 579 Fitness for Service Course CASTI Calgary Jan 2007. Materials for sour service course CASTI Edmonton Alberta NACE MR0175 And NACE MR0103 Dec 2006. API 571 Supplementary Inspection certificate course CASTI Edmonton Alberta Corrosion mechanisms and advanced metallurgy for fixed refinery equipment September 2006. Refreshers courses for CSWIP 3.2 and Offshore survival March April 2006. Offshore survival course including HUET firefighting, life raft and first aid Blackpool and Fylde College Fleetwood Nautical Campus April 2002 Auditors conference in Houston Tx ISO 9001 2000 Transition course Oct 2000 API 570 and 653 Course ITAC Pasadena Tx Nov 98 and Sept 95 CSWIP 3.2 Senior welding Inspectors Course Rotherham England May 96 API 510 Course RTD Quality services Edmonton Alberta. ISO 9000 Lead Assessors Course Intech Lancaster England Feb 94 General Level III NDT Course NDE Institute of Canada Hamilton Ontario Level II Ultrasonics Course SAIT Sept 85 Canadian Forces Military Engineering Courses TQ3 and 4 SNCOs Course 1980-1984 Recon Sgt 1980-1986 8th Fld Engr Regt Edmonton Alberta Leadership and cold weather survival trg. Radiography Level II course CSNDT NAIT Jan 80/ NACE Basic Corrosion Course Edmonton Jan 80 HND Metallurgy Course Manchester Polytechnic Sept 72- July 74 Ambrose Fleming Technical Grammar School Enfield Middlesex England Sep 64 July 72 Qualifications



AWS /CWI Jan 2009 by examination. ABSA Welding Examiners Cert Aug 2008. API 580 Risk Based Inspection Certificate Sept 2007 Fall arrest and confined space entry courses CNRL Horizon Project May 2007 CSWIP 3.2 Senior welding Inspector 10 year renewal cert Apr 2007 API 571 supplemental corrosion mechanisms. Mar 2007. ABSA In service Pressure Vessel Inspector Certificate of competency. Feb 2007. UKOOA Renewal OPITO OFFSHORE survival course Mar 2006 UKOOA Medical Cert and Offshore Survival cert 6836 OPITO Apr 2002 First Aid, H2S,Confined space entry,TDG,WHIMIS ,Leduc safety services Dec 2002 API 570,653,510 By examination Dec 98,Sept 95, June 95 CSWIP 3.2 Senior Welding inspector and radiographic Interpreter June 1996 ASQ CQT, CQA, Mar 1995, July 1994 . AWS /CWI Jan 1993 CGSB Level III UT, MT, Level II RT PT 1979-1990 # 324 All current. CSA W178.2 Level III Welding Inspector 1983 with five year rewrites # 409 API Q1 Quality Surveyor 1988 with endorsements.