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KE970 U s e r G u i d e
Some of contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on the
software of the phone or your service provider. P/N : MMBB0235801(1.1) H
KE970 User Guide
- English

Disposal of your old appliance

1. When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol is attached to a product it means the
product is covered by the European Directive 2002/96/EC.
2. All electrical and electronic products should be disposed of separately from the
municipal waste stream via designated collection facilities appointed by the
government or the local authorities.
3. The correct disposal of your old appliance will help prevent potential negative
consequences for the environment and human health.
4. For more detailed information about disposal of your old appliance, please contact
your city office, waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product.
Introduction 5 General functions Browser 39
For your safety 6 23 Home 40
Guidelines for safe Making a Call Bookmarks
and efficient use 7 Answering a Call 24 Go to URL
KE970 features 12 Entering Text 25 History 41
Parts of the phone
Display information 16 Selecting functions Network profiles
and options 29 Cache 42
On-Screen Icons
In-call menu 30 Cookies
Security certificates
Installation 18 During a Call
Conference Calls 31 Information
Installing the SIM card
and the handset battery
Charging the Battery 20 Menu Tree 34 Multimedia 43
Disconnecting the Profiles 37 MP3 player
charger 21 Activate Camera 47
Inserting the memory Personalise Video camera 49
card 22 Voice recorder

Removing the memory


Call history 51 Sent 61 Contacts 68
All calls Listen voicemail Search
Missed calls Info message New contact 69
Dialled calls Read 62 Speed dials
Received calls 52 Topics Groups 70
Call duration Templates Copy all
Call costs 53 Text Delete all
Data information Multimedia 63 Settings 71
Settings 64 Information
Messaging 54 Text message
Multimedia message My stuff 72
New message
Email 65
Text Images
Voicemail number 67
Multimedia 55 Sounds 73
Push message
Email 57 Videos 74
Info message
Inbox 58 Documents 75
Email box 59 Others 76
Drafts 60 Games & Apps 77

Outbox External memory


Tools 79 Display 83 Security 93

Alarm clock Wallpaper PIN code request
Calendar Backlight timer Phone lock
Calculator 81 Brightness 84 Call barring 94
Memo Home screen shortcut Fixed dial number 95
Stop watch 82 Menu style Change codes
Unit converter Dialing style Flight mode 96
World clock Standby text Power saving
SIM services Network name Reset default
Connectivity Memory status
Settings 83 Bluetooth
Network 87 Q&A 97
Date & Time
Set date
USB connection 89 Accessories 100
Call 90 Technical data 101
Date format
Call divert
Set time
Answer mode 91
Time format
Send my number
Auto update

Call waiting 92
Minute minder
Auto redial

Congratulations on your purchase of the
advanced and compact KE970 mobile
phone, designed to operate with the latest
digital mobile communication technology.

This user’s guide contains important

information on the use and operation of
this phone. Please read all the
information carefully for optimal
performance and to prevent any damage
to or misuse of the phone. Any changes
or modifications not expressly approved
in this user’s guide could void your

warranty for this equipment.

For your safety
Warning! Caution!
• Mobile Phones must be switched • Switch off the phone in any area
off at all times in aircrafts. where required by special
• Do not hold the phone in your hand regulations. For example, do not use
while driving. your phone in hospitals or it may
affect sensitive medical equipment.
• Do not use your phone near petrol • Emergency calls may not be
stations, fuel depots, chemical available under all mobile
plants or blasting operations. networks. Therefore, you should
• For your safety, use ONLY specified never depend solely on your mobile
ORIGINAL batteries and chargers. phone for emergency calls.
• Do not handle the phone with wet • Only use ORIGINAL accessories to
hands while it is being charged. It avoid damage to your phone.
may cause an electric shock or • All radio transmitters carry risks of
seriously damage your phone. interference with electronics in
• Keep the phone in a safe place out close proximity. Minor interference
of small children’s reach. It includes may affect TVs, radios, PCs, etc.
small parts which, if detached, may • Batteries should be disposed of in
cause a choking hazard. accordance with relevant
For your safety

• Do not dismantle the phone or

• Risk of explosion if battery is
replaced by an incorrect type.

Guidelines for safe and efficient use
Please read these simple guidelines. Not transmitting at its highest certified
following these guidelines may be power level in all used frequency bands.
dangerous or illegal. Further detailed v While there may be differences
information is given in this manual. between the SAR levels of various LG
phone models, they are all designed to
meet the relevant guidelines for
Exposure to radio exposure to radio waves.
v The SAR limit recommended by the
frequency energy International Commission on Non-
Radio wave exposure and Specific Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) is
Absorption Rate (SAR) information 2W/kg averaged over ten (10) gram of

Guidelines for safe and efficient use

This mobile phone model KE970 has been tissue.
designed to comply with applicable safety v The highest SAR value for this model
requirements for exposure to radio waves. phone tested by DASY4 for use at the
This requirement is based on scientific ear is 0.443 W/kg (10g) and when worn
guidelines that include safety margins on the body is 0.245 W/kg (10g).
designed to assure the safety of all
v SAR data information for residents in
persons, regardless of age and health.
countries/regions that have adopted the
v The radio wave exposure guidelines SAR limit recommended by the Institute
employ a unit of measurement known of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
as the Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR. (IEEE), which is 1.6 W/kg averaged over
Tests for SAR are conducted using one (1) gram of tissue (for example USA,
standardised methods with the phone Canada, Australia and Taiwan).

Guidelines for safe and efficient use

v Do not subject this unit to mechanical

Product care and
vibration or shock.
maintenance v The coating of the phone may be
Warning! Only use batteries, damaged if covered with wrap or vinyl
chargers and accessories approved wrapper.
for use with this particular phone
model. The use of any other types v Do not use harsh chemicals (such as
may invalidate any approval or alcohol, benzene, thinners, etc.) or
warranty applying to the phone, and detergents to clean your phone. There is
may be dangerous.
a risk of this causing a fire.
v Do not disassemble this unit. Take it to v Do not subject this unit to excessive
a qualified service technician when smoke or dust.
Guidelines for safe and efficient use

repair work is required.

v Do not keep the phone next to credit
v Keep away from electrical appliances
cards or transport tickets; it can affect
such as a TV’s, radios or personal the information on the magnetic strips.
v Do not tap the screen with a sharp
v The unit should be kept away from heat
object as it may damage the phone.
sources such as radiators or cookers.
v Do not expose the phone to liquid or
v Never place your phone in a microwave
oven as it will cause the battery to
v Use accessories, such as earphones and
headsets, with caution. Ensure that
v Do not drop.
cables are tucked away safely and do
not touch the antenna unnecessarily.

v Please remove the data cable before v Do not use a hand-held phone while
powering on the handset. driving.
v Give full attention to driving.

v Use a hands-free kit, if available.

Electronic devices v Pull off the road and park before making
All mobile phones may get interference, or answering a call if driving conditions
which could affect performance. so require.
v Do not use your mobile phone near v RF energy may affect some electronic
medical equipment without requesting systems in your motor vehicle such as a
permission. Avoid placing the phone car stereo or safety equipment.

Guidelines for safe and efficient use

over pacemakers (i.e. in your breast v If your vehicle is equipped with an air
pocket.) bag, do not obstruct it with installed or
v Some hearing aids might be disturbed portable wireless equipment. It can
by mobile phones. cause serious injury due to improper
v Minor interference may affect TVs,
radios, PCs, etc. If you are listening to music whilst out and
about, please ensure that the volume is at
a reasonable level so that you are aware
of your surroundings. This is particularly
Road safety imperative when attempting to cross the
Check the laws and regulations on the use street.
of mobile phones in the areas when you
Guidelines for safe and efficient use

v Do not transport or store flammable gas,

Avoid damage to your
liquid, or explosives in the compartment
hearing of your vehicle, which contains your
Damage to your hearing can occur if you mobile phone and accessories.
are exposed to loud sound for long periods
of time. We therefore recommend that you
do not turn on or off the handset close to
your ear. We also recommend that music
In aircraft
and call volumes are set to a reasonable Wireless devices can cause interference in
level. aircraft.
v Turn off your mobile phone before
Guidelines for safe and efficient use

boarding any aircraft.

Blasting area v Do not use it on the ground without

Do not use the phone where blasting is in crew permission.

progress. Observe restrictions, and follow
any regulations or rules.

Potentially explosive
v Do not use the phone at a refueIling
point. Don’t use near fuel or chemicals.
v Use only LG batteries and chargers. LG
chargers are designed to maximize the
Keep the phone in a safe place out of battery life.
small children’s reach. It includes small
v Do not disassemble or short-circuit the
parts which if detached may cause a
choking hazard. battery pack.
v Keep the metal contacts of the battery
pack clean.
v Replace the battery when it no longer
Emergency calls provides acceptable performance. The
Emergency calls may not be available battery pack may be recharged
under all mobile networks. Therefore, you hundreds of times until it needs

Guidelines for safe and efficient use

should never depend solely on your mobile replacing.
phone for emergency calls. Check with v Recharge the battery if it has not been
your local service provider.
used for a long time to maximize
v Do not expose the battery charger to
Battery information and direct sunlight or use it in high humidity,
care such as the bathroom.
v Do not leave the battery in hot or cold
v You do not need to completely
discharge the battery before recharging. places, this may deteriorate the battery
Unlike other battery systems, there is no performance.
memory effect that could compromise
the battery’s performance.
KE970 features
Parts of the phone
Front view
v Top: Signal strength,
battery level and various
Navigation key function
v In standby mode:
Briefly q: List of Message v Bottom: Soft key

Briefly r: List of Profiles indications

Briefly press: Menu
Briefly press: List of
Alpha numeric keys
Contacts ;IQ[QM v In standby mode: Input
Briefly press: List of
numbers to dial
v In menu: scroll up & down
Hold down
- International calls
Briefly press: OK key
- Activate Voice
mail centre menu
to - Speed
KE970 features

v In editing mode: Enter
numbers & characters
With the up/down scrolling
navigation key, you can select
menu and functions more
Left soft key/ Right soft key
;IQ[QM These keys perform the function
indicated in the bottom of the

End key
v Switch on/off (hold down)

v End or reject a call.

Clear key
Deletes a character with each press.
Hold the key down to clear all input.
Use this key to go back to a previous

KE970 features
Send key
v Dial a phone number and answer a
v In standby mode: shows recently
dialled, received and missed calls.

KE970 features

Holes for a Battery Charging Connector/

carring strap Cable connector and Ear jack

v Please ensure phone is powered on and in idle mode
before connecting the USB cable.

Side keys
v In standby mode (opened): Volume of key tone

v In standby mode (closed):

Short press - The LCD light on.
v During a call: volume of the earpiece

v To protect your sense of hearing while the slide is
open, the maximum volume level is set to 3.
KE970 features

MP3 key
Activates the MP3 player directly.

Side camera key

Long press - Photo camera activation
Rear view

SIM Card Socket

Battery latch
Press this button to remove
Memory card slot
the battery cover.

Battery cover


Camera lens

KE970 features
Battery Terminals

KE970 features

Display Information The screen displays several icons. These

are described below.
Icon area

On-Screen Icons
Text and graphic
area Icon Description
Tells you the strength of the
Menu Contacts Soft key network signal.*
Call is connected.
Area Description
You can use GPRS service.
First line Displays various icons.
Middle lines Display messages, Shows that you are using a
instructions and any roaming service.
information that you
enter, such as number The alarm has been set and is on.
KE970 features

to be dialled.
Tells you the status of the battery.
Last line Shows the functions
currently assigned to You have received a text message.
the two soft keys.
You have received a voice message.
Vibrate only menu in profile.
General menu in profile.
* The quality of the conversation Icon Description
may change depending on network Outdoor menu in profile.
coverage. When the signal
strength is below 2 bars, you may Silent menu in profile.
experience muting, call drop and Headset menu in profile.
poor audio.
Please refer to this signal as an You can divert a call.
indicator for your calls. When there
Indicates that the phone is
are no bars, that means that there
is no network coverage: in this accessing WAP.
case, you won’t be able to access Indicates that you are using GPRS.
the network for any service (call,
messages and so on). You have activated the Bluetooth
Shows the EDGE service is
available. Connection to the
EDGE service allows you to

KE970 features
transfer data at a speed of
200Kb/s (depending on network
availability). Check with your
operator for network coverage
and service availability.

Installing the SIM card Note
and the handset battery v Removing the battery from the
Make sure the power is off before you phone when the power is on may
remove the SIM card or battery. cause the phone to malfunction.
1. Remove the battery.
Press and hold down the battery release 2. Install the SIM card.
button and lift off the battery cover. Turn Insert and slide the SIM card into the
the phone up-side down, as shown, then SIM card holder. Make sure that the
lift up the battery with your fingers and SIM card is inserted properly and that
pull-out the battery. the gold contact area on the card is
facing downwards. To remove the SIM
card, press down lightly and pull it in the
reverse direction.

To insert the SIM card To remove the SIM card

3. Install the battery.
Insert the the battery into the battery
v The metal contact of the SIM card
compartment as metal contacts meet in
can be easily damaged by the middle of the phone.
scratches. Pay special attention to Push down the top of the battery until it
the SIM card while handling. snaps into place. Place the battery cover
Follow the instructions supplied to the phone as shown.
with the SIM card.

• Do not replace or remove the SIM
card while your phone is being
used or turned on, or data may be
lost or the SIM card might be


Charging the Battery CAUTION!

Before connecting the travel adapter to the • If the battery is completely
discharged, the charging display
phone you must first install the battery. will appear on the LCD
approximately 1 to 1.5 minutes after
connecting TA.
• Do not force the connector as this
may damage the phone and/or the
travel adapter.
• Insert the battery pack charger
vertically to wall power outlet.
1. Ensure the battery is fully charged • If you use the battery pack charger
before using the phone for the first time. out of your own country, use an
2. With the arrow facing you as shown in attachment plug adaptor for the
proper configuration.
the diagram push the plug on the battery
adapter into the socket on the side of • Do not remove your battery or the
SIM card while charging.
the phone until it clicks into place.
3. Connect the other end of the travel
adapter to the mains socket. Use only
the charger included in the box.

4. The moving bars of battery icon will stop

after charging is complete.

WARNING! Disconnecting the
• Unplug the charger during lightning
storms to avoid electric shock or
fire. Disconnect the charger from the phone by
• Make sure that no sharp-edged pulling the connector, not the cord.
items, such as animal teeth or nails,
come into contact with the battery.
There is a risk of this causing a fire.


Inserting the memory card Removing the memory

Insert the memory card into the slot until card
the memory card is fully inserted into the Carefully remove the memory card out of
slot, as shown in the figure below: the soket, as shown in the figure below:

Note Note
v The gold connectors must be face v Only use memory cards that have
down and inserted first into the been approved by the
memory card slot. manufacturer. Some memory
cards might not be compliant with
the handset.

Do not replace or remove the memory
card while your phone is on, or data
could be lost and the memory card
might be damaged.

General functions
Making a Call Making International Calls
1. Press and hold the key for the
1. Make sure your phone is powered on.
international prefix. The ‘+’ character
2. Enter a phone number including the area can be replaced with the international
code. access code.
To edit a number on the display screen,
2. Enter the country code, area code, and
simply press the key to erase one
the phone number.
digit at a time.
v Press and hold the
3. Press the key.
key to erase
the entire number.
Ending a Call
3. Press the key to call.
When you have finished a call, press the
4. When you want to finish, press the key.
Making a Call From the Contact list
Making a Call by Send Key
You can store names and phone numbers
1. Press the key, and the most recent

General functions
dialled frequently in the SIM card as well
incoming, outgoing and missed phone as the phone memory known as the
numbers will be displayed. Contact list.
2. Select the desired number by using the You can dial a number by simply looking
navigation key. up a name in the contact list.
3. Press the key.

General functions

Adjusting the Volume 2. End the call by closing the phone or

During a call, if you want to adjust the pressing the key.
earpiece volume, use the side keys of the
In idle mode, you can adjust the key v You can answer a call while using
volume using the side keys.
the Address Book or other menu
features. If the phone is connected
to a PC via USB cable, incoming
Answering a Call calls will be rejected, but after
disconnecting the phone from the
When you receive a call, the phone rings PC you will see a Missed call
and the flashing phone icon appears on window.
the screen. If the caller can be identified,
the caller’s phone number (or name/photo
if stored in your Address Book) is
displayed. Signal Strength
General functions

1. Slide up and press the key or the If you are inside a building, being near a
left soft key to answer an incoming call. window may give you better reception.
If the Any Key menu option (Menu You can see the strength of your signal by
9.5.2), has been set to any key press will the signal indicator ( ) on your
answer a call except for the key or phone’s display screen.
the right soft key.

Entering Text T9 Mode
This mode allows you to enter words with
You can enter alphanumeric characters by
only one keystroke per letter. Each key on
using the phone’s keypad. For example,
the keypad has more than one letter. The
storing names in the Address Book, writing
T9 mode automatically compares your
a message, creating scheduling events in
keystrokes with an internal linguistic
the calendar all require entering text. The
dictionary to determine the correct word,
following text input methods are available
thus requiring far fewer keystrokes than
in the phone.
the traditional ABC mode.

Note ABC Mode

v Some fields may allow only one This mode allows you to enter letters by
text input mode (e.g. telephone pressing the key labeled with the required
number in address book fields). letter once, twice, three or four times until
the letter is displayed.

123 Mode (Numbers Mode)

General functions
Type numbers using one keystroke per
number. To change to 123 mode in a text
entry field, press key until 123 mode
is displayed.

General functions

Symbolic Mode
This mode allows you to enter special
v You can select a different T9
language from the menu option or
press hold down the key . The
Changing the Text Input Mode default setting for T9 is set to
1. When you are in a field that allows disabled mode.
characters to be entered, you will notice
the text input mode indicator in the
upper right corner of the display. 1. When you are in the T9 predictive text
input mode, start entering a word by
2. If you want to change modes, press pressing keys to Press one
. The available modes are key per letter
v The word changes as letters are typed-
ignore what’s on the screen until the
Using the T9 Mode
word is typed completely.
The T9 predictive text input mode allows v If the word is still incorrect after typing
you to enter words easily with a minimum
General functions

completely, press the down navigation

number of key presses.
key once or more to cycle through the
As you press each key, the phone begins
other word options.
to display the characters that it thinks you
Example: Press
are typing based on a built-in dictionary.
to type Good.
As new letters are added, the word
changes to reflect the most likely
candidate from the dictionary.

v If the desired word is missing from the Using the ABC Mode
word choices list, add it by using the Use the to keys to enter your
ABC mode. text.
2. Enter the whole word before editing or 1. Press the key labeled with the required
deleting any key strokes. letter:
3. Complete each word with a space by v Once for the first letter.
pressing the key or key.
To delete letters, press . Press and v Twice for the second letter.

hold down to erase the letters v And so on.

2. To insert a space, press the key
once. To delete letters, press the
Note key. Press and hold down the key
v To exit the text input mode to erase the letters continuously.
without saving your input, press
. The phone returns to the
idle screen.

General functions
General functions

Using the 123 (Numbers) Mode

The 123 Mode enables you to enter
v Refer to the table below for more
numbers in a text message (a telephone
information on the characters number, for example).
available using the keys.
Press the keys corresponding to the
required digits before manually switching
Characters in the order display back to the appropriate text entry mode.
Upper Case Lower Case
. , ? ! ' '' 1 - ( ) @ / : _ . , ? ! ' '' 1 - ( ) @ / : _ Using the Symbol Mode
ABC2ÀÂÆÇ abc2àâæç The Symbol Mode enables you to enter
various symbols or special characters.
DEF3ÉÈÊË def3éèêë
To enter a symbol, press the key.
GHI4ÎÏ ghi4îï
Use the navigation keys to select the
JKL5 jkl5 desired symbol and press the [OK] key.
M N O 6 Ñ Ô Ö OE m n o 6 ñ ô ö oe
General functions

PQRS7 pqrs7
TUV8Û tuv8û
W X Y Z 9 Ŵ Ŷ w x y z 9 ŵ ŷ
Space Space
0 (long press) 0 (long press)

Selecting functions and options
Your phone offers a set of functions that
allow you to customise the phone. These
functions are arranged in menus and sub- Menu Contacts
menus, accessed via the two soft
keysmarked and . Each menu
and sub-menu allows you to view and alter
the settings of a particular function.
The roles of the soft keys vary according to
the current context; the label on thebottom
line of the display just above each key
indicates its current role.

Press the left soft Press the right soft

Selecting functions and options

key to access the key to access the
available Menu. Contacts menu.

In-call menu
Your phone provides a number of control Answering an Incoming Call
functions that you can use during a call. To To answer an incoming call when the
access these functions during a call, press handset is ringing, simply press the
the left soft key [Options]. key. The handset is also able to warn you
of an incoming call while you are already
on a call. A tone sounds in the earpiece,
During a Call and the display will show that a second
call is waiting.
The menu displayed on the handset screen
This feature, known as Call waiting, is only
during a call is different than the default
available if your network supports it. For
main menu displayed when in idle screen,
details of how to activate and deactivate it
and the options are described below.
see Call waiting (Menu 9.5.4).

Making a Second Call If Call Waiting is on, you can put the first
call on hold and answer the second, by
(Network Dependent)
pressing the left soft key .
You can get a number you wish to dial
from the Address Book to make a second Rejecting an Incoming Call
You can reject an incoming call without
In-call menu

answering by simply pressing the

Swapping Between Two Calls
To switch between two calls, press
During a call, you can reject an incoming
key or the left soft key, and then select
call by pressing the key.
Swap Call.

Muting the Microphone Conference Calls
You can mute the microphone during a call
The conference service provides you with
by pressing the [Mute] key. The handset
the ability to have a simultaneous
can be unmuted by pressing the [Unmute].
conversation with more than one caller, if
When the handset is muted, the caller
your network service provider supports this
cannot hear you, but you can still hear
feature. A conference call can only be set
up when you have one active call and one
call on hold, both calls having been
DTMF tones while calling answered.
To switch on DTMF tones while calling Once a conference call is set up, calls may
(e.g. to use the phone with an automatic be added, disconnected or separated (that
switchboard) press the key [Options] is, removed from the conference call but
followed by Send DTMF on. Select DTMF still connected to you) by the person who
off to disable DTMF tones. DTMF tones set up the conference call. These options
are normally on. are all available from the In-Call menu. The
maximum callers in a conference call are
five. Once started, you are in control of the
conference call, and only you can add calls

In-call menu
to the conference call.

In-call menu

Making a Second Call Activate the Conference Call on

You can make a second call while Hold
currently on a call. Enter the second To activate a conference call on hold,
number and press the . press the key. Alternatively press the
When the second call is connected, the left soft key [Options] and select Join
first call is automatically placed on hold. all/Hold all calls. Other users on hold will
You can swap between calls, by pressing stay connected. To return to conference
the key. call mode, press the left soft key
[Options] followed by Conference call.
Setting Up a Conference Call
Adding Calls to the Conference Call
To set up a conference call, place one call
on hold and while the active call is on, To add a call to an existing conference
press the left soft key and then select the call, press the left soft key, and then select
Join menu of Conference call. the Join menu of Conference call.
In-call menu

Private Call in a Conference Call
To have a private call with one caller from
a conference call, display the number of
the caller you wish to talk to on the screen,
then press the left soft key. Select the
Private menu of Conference call to put all
the other callers on hold.

Ending a Conference Call

Currently displayed caller from a
conference call can be disconnected by
pressing the key.

In-call menu
Menu Tree
The menu in this phone can be displayed in 2 ways. One is by list type or secondly in grid
format. Please note that menu number options are different in each view.
The default setting on the phone is set to show the menu in list type, so therefore all the
menu number selections throughout the manual are shown according to that setting.
The following illustration shows the available menu structure and indicates the:
v Number assigned to each menu option.
v Page where you can find the feature description.
You can go to the desired menu using the left soft key [Menu], navigation keys and the [OK]
key. And you can also take a shortcut by pressing the corresponding number key of desired
menu after pressing the left soft key [Menu].

1. Profiles 2. Browser 3. Multimedia

1.1 General 2.1 Home 3.1 MP3 player
1.2 Silent 2.2 Bookmarks 3.2 Camera
1.3 Vibrate only 2.3 Go to URL 3.3 Video camera
1.4 Outdoor 2.4 History 3.4 Voice recorder
Menu Tree

1.5 Headset 2.5 Settings

2.6 Information

4. Call history 5. Messaging 6. Contacts
4.1 All calls 5.1 New message 6.1 Search
4.2 Missed calls 5.2 Inbox 6.2 New contact
4.3 Dialled calls 5.3 Email box 6.3 Speed dials
4.4 Received calls 5.4 Drafts 6.4 Groups
4.5 Call duration 5.5 Outbox 6.5 Copy all
4.6 Call costs 5.6 Sent 6.6 Delete all
4.7 Data information 5.7 Listen voicemail 6.7 Settings
5.8 Info message 6.8 Information
5.9 Templates
5.0 Settings

Menu Tree
Menu Tree

7. My stuff 8. Tools 9. Settings

7.1 Images 8.1 Alarm clock 9.1 Date & Time
7.2 Sounds 8.2 Calendar 9.2 Languages
7.3 Videos 8.3 Calculator 9.3 Display
7.4 Documents 8.4 Memo 9.4 Connectivity
7.5 Others 8.5 Stop watch 9.5 Call
7.6 Games & Apps 8.6 Unit converter 9.6 Security
7.7 External memory 8.7 World clock 9.7 Flight mode
8.8 SIM services 9.8 Power saving
9.9 Reset default
9.0 Memory status
Menu Tree

In Profiles, you can adjust and customise The profile setting option opens. Set the
the phone tones for different events, option as required.
environments, or caller groups. v Call alert type: Set the alert type for
There are five preset profiles: General, incoming calls.
Silent, Vibrate only, Outdoor and v Ring tones: Select the desired ring
Headset. tone from the list.
Each profile can be personalised. Press the v Ring volume: Set the volume of the
left soft key [Menu] and select Profiles ringing tone.
using up/down navigation keys.
v Message alert type: Set the alert type
for messages.
Activate (Menu 1.X.1)
v Message tones: Select the alert tone
1. A list of profiles is displayed.
for messages.
2. In the Profiles list, scroll to the profile
v Keypad tones: Select the desired
you want to activate and press the left
soft key [OK] or OK key. keypad tone.
v Keypad volume: Set the volume of
3. Then, select Activate.
keypad tone.
v Slide tones: Allows to set the flip tone
Personalise (Menu 1.X.2)
for adjusting environment.

Scroll to the desired profile in the Profile
list. After pressing the left soft key or v Effect sound volume: Set the volume
the OK key, select Personalise. of effect sound.


v Power on/off volume: Set the volume

of the ringing tone when switching the
phone on/off.
v Auto answer: This function will be
activated only when your phone is
connected to the handsfree kit.
• Off: The phone will not answer
• After 5 secs: After 5 seconds, the
phone will answer automatically.
• After 10 secs: After 10 seconds, the
phone will answer automatically.

v All profiles cannot be renamed.

You can access various WAP (Wireless Key Description
Application Protocol) services such as
banking, news, weather reports and flight q,r Scrolls each line of the
information. These services are specially content area
designed for mobile phones and they are Returns to the previous
maintained by WAP service providers. page
Check the availability of WAP services, Selects options and
pricing and tariffs with your network confirms actions
operator and/or the service provider
whose service you wish to use. Service
providers will also give you instructions on Using the WAP browser menu
how to use their services. There are various menu options available
Once connected, the homepage is when surfing the Mobile Web.
displayed. The content depends on the
service provider. To exit the browser at any Note
time, press the ( ) key. The phone will v The WAP browser menus may
return to the idle menu.
vary, depending on your browser
Navigating with the WAP browser version.
You can surf the Internet using either the

phone keys or the WAP browser menu.
Using the phone keys
When surfing the Internet, the phone keys
function differently to phone mode.

v Connect: Connects to the selected

Home Menu 2.1
Connects to a homepage. The homepage
v View: You can see the selected
will be the site which is defined in the
activated profile. It will be defined by the bookmark.
service provider if you have not defined it v Edit: You can edit the URL and/or the
in the activated profile. title of the selected bookmark.
v New bookmark: Select this to create a
new bookmark.
Bookmarks Menu 2.2 v Send URL via: Sends the selected
bookmark via Text/Multimedia message
This menu allows you to store the URL of
and Email.
favourite web pages for easy access at a
later time.
To create a bookmark
1. Press the left soft key [Options].
Go to URL Menu 2.3

2. Select Add new and press the OK key. You can connect directly to the site you
want. After entering a specific URL, press
3. After entering the desired URL and title, the OK key.
press the OK key.

After selecting a desired bookmark, the

following options are available.

History Menu 2.4
Each profile has submenus as follows:
v Activate: Activates the selected profile.
This menu will shows the recent browsing
pages. v View: You can see the selected profile.

v Edit: You can edit the selected profile.

v New profile: You can add a new

Settings Menu 2.5 profile.
You can set the profile, cache and security v Delete: Deletes the selected profile
related to internet service. from the list.
v Delete all: Deletes all profile from the
Network profiles (Menu 2.5.1) list.
A profile is the network information used v Reset all: Allows you to reset all
to connect to the Internet. profiles.
There are default profiles for some
operators, stored in phone memory. It’s
impossible to rename default profiles.


Cache (Menu 2.5.2) Information Menu 2.6

The information or services you have
You can view the information of WAP
accessed are saved in the cache memory
browser version.
of the phone.

v A cache is a buffer memory, which
is used to save data temporarily.

Cookies (Menu 2.5.3)

The information or services you have
accessed are saved in the cache memory
of the phone.

Security certificates (Menu 2.5.4)

You can see the list of personal.
Certificates that have been stored in your

You can enjoy various multimedia
functions on your phone such as camera, Note
voice recorder, MP3 for your fun and v Because of the small dimension of
convinience. the speaker, in some cases the
audio could be distorted,
Note especially at maximum volume
v When the status of the battery and when there are lots of bass
indicates low, you may not use sounds. Therefore, we
the Camera or Multimedia recommend you to use the stereo
function. headset in order to appreciate the
high quality of your music.
v While using Multimedia function,
the status of the battery is
changeable. The music player supports:
• MPEG-2 Layer III, MPEG-2.5 Layer
III: Sampling frequency up from 8KHz to
48KHz. Bit rate up to 320Kbps, stereo.
• AAC: ADIF, ADTS formats (Sampling
MP3 player Menu 3.1 frequency from 8KHz to 48KHz)

The KE970 has an integrated MP3 player • AAC+: V1: (Bit rate 16~128Kbps)
built-in. You can enjoy listening to MP3 V2 : (Bit rate 16~48Kbps)
music files on your phone using a (Sampling frequency from 8KHz
compatible headset or via the internal to 48KHz)


Note Note
v KE970 doesn’t support the v You should copy MP3 to
variable bit rate of all mentioned Sounds/MP3 folder. If you copy to
file types. Therefore, you can’t another folder, you will not be
change the file from MP3 format able to view the MP3 files.
to AAC. v The PC should run Windows 98
SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000,
You can transfer MP3 files from a Windows XP operating system.
compatible PC to the memory in your
phone using the Mass Storage. When you
connect the phone to a PC using the USB
cable(supplied in the same package), this
will be displayed as a removable disk
through Windows Explorer. If you are
using Win98 SE, you will have to install
the Mass storage driver for Windows 98
on CD-ROM.

v In case that any invalid file is

File name included in the playlist, an error

message will pop and go back to
Progressive Running time the prior screen.
bar Stereo/
Volume Playmode/
level Shuffle 1. Press Multimedia menu, and then select
Options Back
MP3 player.
Status of the 2. Press the left soft key [Options] to
music controller access the following menus.
v Pause: You can pause the playing MP3
v View playlist: You can select another
Play all file on the MP3 list.
Repeat all v Set as ringtone: You can set the
current music on playing MP3 file as a

Repeat one ringtone


v Settings
- Equalizer: This menu helps you to
v Music is copyright protected in
adjust to a variety of environments
when listening to music. international treaties and national
copyright laws. It may be
- Play mode: This menu allows to set necessary to obtain permission or
the play mode: Repeat one, Repeat a license to reproduce or copy
all,Play all. music. In some countries national
- Set shuffle: It you select On, you can law prohibits private copying of
listen to the music at random. copyrighted material. Please
check the national legislation of
- Visual effect: You can select the
the applicable country concerning
visual effect menus: Real spectrum,
the use of such material.
Fake. This menu allows to change the
background of main LCD on playing
MP3 file.

Camera Menu 3.2 1/2 Zoom in/Zoom out
Using the camera module built in your 3 Camera
phone, you can take pictures or record Shutter sound or video recording sound is
videos. Additionally, you can send photos omitted even when setting mode,
to other people and select photos as including manner mode .
• To take a picture

Note Hold down the camera button. The

camera will be ready to use and you may
v When using the camera, power
want to rotate the screen into a horizontal
consumption increases. If this icon
appears on the wallpaper,
indicating low battery, recharge the - To take clear pictures, press the camera
battery before use. button while holding the camera
without any movement.
For your convenience, rotate phone as - Appropriately adjust distance to the
shown below when taking picture. object that you want take a picture of
12 3 (more than 50 cm).
- Handle carefully since the camera is

vunerable to shock and use a soft cloth
when cleaning the camera lens.
- Do not disassemble or modify the camera
as this may lead to fire or malfunctioning.


- Auto Focus function is enabled when v Quality [ ]: Allows you to set the
taking a picture or sticker shot. Press the image quality from Normal, Fine and
camera button half way to adjust Super fine.
v Flash [ ]: Allow you to set the flash
1. Hold down the in standby mode. when you take a photo in dark place.
2. Focus on the subject to capture the v Self timer [ ]: Allows you to select
image, and then press the key. the delay time (Off, 3 seconds, 5
3. If you want to save it, press the seconds, 10 seconds). Then the phone
key. takes a photo after the specified time.
v Save to [ ]: You can set the space
Note after taking a picture. (External/Phone)
v You can adjust the brightness by v Multi shot [ ]: Allows to take
using the qr. multishot photos successively.
v Metering [ ]: Determines the
v Shot mode [ ]: Allows you to set lighting based on a little part of the
the shot mode from Marco, Auto focus subject. You can select the Centred and
On and Off. Combined which is to be exposed

v Resolution [ ]: Allows you to set

the image size.(1600x1200), (1280x960) v Colour effect [ ]: 4 settings are
(640x480) and (320x240). Multishot is available.
only available with the (320x240), (Negation/Mono/Sepia/Colour)
(640x480) pixel resolution.

v White balance [ ]: Allows you to Voice recorder Menu 3.4
change the settings according to the
You can record voice memo. The following
[Options] menus are available.
ght/Auto) v Storage

v Shutter tone [
You can choose Phone or External
]: You can set the
sound when taking a picture.
v Recording mode
v Reset settings [ ] : Allows you to
You can choose General mode of
reset the settings.
unlimited recording or MMS mode of
recording up to 30 seconds.
Video camera Menu 3.3
1. Press OK to start recording. Once
1. Select Video camera menu. recording is started, the message
2. Video camera settings menu is the same Recording and the counter is displayed.
with Photo camera settings, except 2. If you want to pause or resume
following items: recording, press left soft key or OK key.
v Mode [ ]: Allows you to set to send 3. If you want to finish recording, press

a video file through MMS or General. right soft key [Stop].
v Resolution [ ]: You may select the
following resolution: 128x96, 176x144 .


You can view the Sounds folder which lists
allsound files saved in the memory.

Call history
You can check the record of missed, v Enter a new name for the number and
received, and dialled calls only if the save both in the Address Book
network supports the Calling Line v Send a message by this number
Identification (CLI) within the service area.
v Delete the call from the list
The number and name (if available) are
displayed together with the date and time
at which the call was made. You can also
view call times. Dialled calls Menu 4.3
This option lets you view the last 50
outgoing calls (called or attempted). You
All calls Menu 4.1 can also:
You can view all lists of outgoing or v View the number if available and call it

incoming calls. or save it in the Address Book

v Enter new name for the number and
save both in the Address Book
Missed calls Menu 4.2
v Send a message by this number

v Delete the call from the list

This option lets you view the last 50

Call history
unanswered calls. You can also:
v View the number if available and call it,
or save it in the Address Book

Call history

Received calls Menu 4.4 Call duration Menu 4.5

This option lets you view the last 50 Allows you to view the duration of your
incoming calls. You can also: incoming and outgoing calls. You can also
v View the number if available and call it reset the call times.
or save it in the Address Book The following timers are available:
v Enter new name for the number and v Last call: Length of the last call.
save both in the Address Book v Dialled calls: Length of the outgoing
v Send a message by this number calls.
v Delete the call from the list v Received calls: Length of the
incoming calls.
v All calls: Total length of all calls made
and incoming calls since the timer was
last reset.
Call history

Call costs Menu 4.6
Allows you to check the cost of your last
call, all calls, remaining and reset the cost.
To reset the cost, you need to PIN2 code.

Data information Menu 4.7

You can check the amount of data
transferred over the network through the
GPRS information option.
In addition, you can also view how much
time you are online.

Call history
New message Menu 5.1
3. You can add phone numbers in the
address book.
This menu includes functions related to
SMS (Short Message Service), MMS 4. Press the [Option] and then press
(Multimedia Message Service), Email, send after entering numbers. All
voice mail, as well as the network’s messages will be automatically saved in
service messages. the outbox folder, even after a sending
Text (Menu 5.1.1) v Insert

You can write and edit text message. - Symbol: You add special characters.
1. Enter the New messages menu by - Image: You can insert the Default
pressing the left soft key [OK]. graphics or graphics in My pictures
that are available for short messages.
2. If you want to write a new message,
select Text. - Sound: You can insert sounds that are
available for short messages.
3. To make text input easier, use T9.
- Default images: You can insert
4. Press [Options] to attach the followings. Animations stored.
Options - Default sounds: You can insert

v Send to: Sends text messages. Sounds stored.

1. Enter numbers of recipient. - Text template: You can use Text
2. Press r key to add more templates already set in the phone.

- Contacts: You can add phone Multimedia (Menu 5.1.2)
numbers or e-mail addresses in You can write and edit multimedia
address book. messages, checking message size.
- My business card: You can add your 1. Enter the New message menu by
Business card to the message. pressing the left soft key [OK].
v Save to drafts: Stores messages in
2. If you want to write a new message,
Drafts. select Multimedia.
v T9 languages: Select the language for
3. You can create a new message or
T9 input mode. You can also deactivate choose one of the multimedia message
T9 input mode by selecting templates already made.
‘T9 off’.
Maximum available file size, that can be
v New T9 word: Select the New T9
inserted to MMS-message, is 300 kb.
word for inputting New word into the
dictionary. Options
v Clear text: You can clear text while v Send to: You can send multimedia

writing SMS. messages to multiple recipients,

priorities your message, and make it
v Exit: If you press Exit while writing a
sent later as well.
message, you can end the writing

message and back to the Message v Insert: You can add Symbol, Image,

menu. The message you have written is Video, Sound, New slide, Text template,
not saved. Contact, Business card, Others.


v New T9 word: Select the New T9

Note word for inputting New word into the
v All messages will be automatically dictionary.
saved in the outbox folder, even v Exit: You can get back to the Message
after a sending failure. menu.

v Preview: You can preview multimedia Note

messages you have created. v If you select a picture with a large

v Save: You can save multimedia

file size (200K for example) on
writing multimedia message, the
messages To drafts or As templates
loading duration will take around
v Edit subject: Allows you to modify the 10 seconds. Furthermore, you
multimedia message you have chosen. can’t activate any keys during the
v Slide duration: You can set the loading time. After about 10
duration of slide of multimedia seconds, you should be able to
message. write the message.
v T9 languages: Select the language for
T9 input mode. You can also deactivate
T9 input mode by selecting ‘T9 off’.

Email (Menu 5.1.3) v Save to drafts: Select this to save the

To send/receive an email, you should set message in Drafts.

up the email account. v Edit subject: You can edit the subject.

1. You can input up to 20 email addresses v T9 languages: Select the language for
in the To and Cc field. T9 input mode. You can also deactivate
Tip: To input “@”, press the and the T9 input mode by selecting ‘T9 off’.
select “@”. v New T9 word: Select the New T9

2. Key in the subject of the mail and press word menu for inputting a new word
OK. into the dictionary.
v Clear text: You can clear text while
3. After writing an email message, press
the left soft key [Options]. You can writing the message.
access the following option menus. v Exit: If you select this while writing the

v Send to: You can edit recipients. message, you can exit from writing
message and go back to the previous
v Insert: You can add Symbol, Text screen. The message you have written
template, Contact and Signature. is not stored.
v Attachment: You can attach file with
this menu.

v Preview: You can preview the writing


Inbox Menu 5.2

v For each e-mail account you may You will be alerted when you have
save up to 40 messages (totally received messages. They will be stored in
200 for five accounts). In Inbox Inbox.
folder you may save not more than If the phone shows ‘No space for SIM
20 messages, in Drafts and message’, you have to delete only SIM
Outbox folders - 5 messages, and messages from Inbox. If the phone
in Sent folder up to 10 messages. displays ‘No space for message’, you can
In case Drafts Outbox or Sent make space of each repository as deleting
folder is full, and you try to save messages, media and applications.
new message to one of this
* SIM message
folders, first saved message will
be automatically deleted. SIM message means the message
v Maximum size for one sent
exceptionally stored in SIM card. You
can move this message to the phone.
message is 300 kb with
attachments, and maximum size For notified multimedia message, you have
for one received message is 300 to wait for downloading and processing of
kb. In case you have received the message.
message with more than 5

To read a message, select one of the

attachments, only 5 of them will messages by pressing the left soft key
be received. Some attachment .
may display incorrectly.
v View: You can view the received
v Delete: You can delete the current
Email box Menu 5.3
When you access this menu, you can
v Reply: You can reply to the sender.
either connect to your remote mailbox to
v Forward: You can forward the selected retrieve your new email messages, or you
message to another party. can view the previously retrieved email
v Return call: You can call back to the messages without logging in to the email
sender. server.
v Information: You can view information You can check the saved emails, drafts,
about received messages; Sender’s outbox, and sent emails. In the Inbox, up to
address, Subject (only for Multimedia 20 emails are stored.
message), Message date & time, (Outbox stores up to 5, Draftes store up to
Message type, Message size. 5, Sent stores up to 10)
v Multi delete: After selecting the
messages you want to remove, you can
delete the selected messages.
v Delete all read: You can delete all
messages read.

v Delete all: You can delete all


Drafts Menu 5.4 Outbox Menu 5.5

Using this menu, you can preset This menu allows to view the message
multimedia messages that you use most which is about to send or is failed sending.
frequently. This menu shows the preset After sending the message successfully,
multimedia message list. the message will be moved to sent box.
The following options are available. v View: You can view the message.
v View: You can see the multimedia
v Delete: You can delete the message.
v Resend: You can resend the selected
v Edit: Modifies the message you choose.
v Delete: Deletes the message you
v Edit: Modifies the massage you choose.
v Information: You can check
v Information: You can view information
information of each message.
about the message you choose.
v Multi delete: Select and delete the
v Multi delete: After selecting the
selected messages.
messages you want to remove, press
OK and you can delete the selected v Delete all: You can delete all

messages. messages in outbox.


v Delete all: Deletes all of the messages

in the folder.

Sent Menu 5.6 Info message Menu 5.8
This menu allows you to view the (Dependent to network and
messages which are already sent. You can subscription)
check the time and the contents of
message. Info service messages are text messages
delivered by the network to GSM. They
provide general information such as
weather reports, traffic news, taxis,
Listen voicemail Menu 5.7 pharmacies, and stock prices.
Once this menu has been selected, simply Each type of has the number; therefore,
press the left soft key [OK] to listen to you can contact service provider as long as
voice mail. You can also hold down the you have input the certain number for the
key in standby mode to listen to information.
voice mail. When you have received an info service
message, you can see the popup message
Note to show you that you have received a
v When you receive a voice mail, message or the info service message is
your phone displays the icon and directly displayed.

you hear an alert. Please check To view the message again or not in
with your network provider for standby mode, follow the sequence shown
details of their service in order to below;
configure the handset correctly.


Read (Menu 5.8.1) Templates Menu 5.9

1. When you have received an info service
message and select Read to view the Text (Menu 5.9.1)
message, it will be displayed on the
screen. You can read another message You have 6 text templates as below;
by scrolling , or [Next]. • Please call me back.
2. The message will be shown until • I’m late. I will be there at
another message is reached. • Where are you now?

Topics (Menu 5.8.2) • I’m on the way

(Dependent to network and subscription) • Urgent! Please contact.
v View list: You can see Info service • I love you
message numbers which you added. If The following options are available.
you press [Options], you can edit
and delete info message category which v View: You can see multimedia
you added. templates.
v Active list: You can select info service v Edit: Use this to write a new message
message numbers in the active list. if or edit the selected template message

you activate an info service number, you from the text template list.
can receive messages sent from the

v Send via v Insert: You can add Symbol, Image,
Video, Sound, New slide, Text template,
- Text message: Use this to send the
Contact, Business card and Others.
selected template message by SMS.
v Preview: You can preview multimedia
- Multimedia message: Use this to
templates you wrote.
send the selected template message
by MMS. v Edit subject: Allows you to modify the
multimedia message you have chosen.
- Email: This menu allows you to edit,
delete or add an email account. v Slide duration: You can set the
duration of slide of multimedia
v Delete: Deletes the template.
v New template: Use this to create v T9 languages: Select the desired
new template.
language for T9 input mode. You can
v Delete all: Allows you to delete all also deactivate T9 input mode by
multimedia messages. selecting ‘T9 off’.
v Exit: Will take you back to the Message
Multimedia (Menu 5.9.2) menu.
After saving new template, you can use
the following options.

v Save: Allows you to save new
multimedia templates you created.


v Message centre number: If you want

Settings Menu 5.0
to send the text message, you can
receive the address of SMS centre
Text message (Menu 5.0.1) through this menu.
v Message types:
v Bearer setting: You can set the bearer
Text, Voice, Fax, Paging, X.400, setting such as GSM, GPRS.
Email, ERMES
Usually, the type of message is set to Multimedia message (Menu 5.0.2)
Text. You can convert your text into v Subject: You can enter multimedia
alternative formats. Contact your service messages subject when this menu is on.
provider for the availability of this
v Slide duration: Display the duration of
each page when writing the message.
v Validity period: This network service
v Priority: You can set the priority of the
allows you to set how long your
messages will be stored at the message message you choose.
centre. v Validity period: This network service

v Delivery report: If you set to Yes, you

allows you to set how long your text
can check whether your message is sent messages will be stored at the message

v Delivery report: If it is set to Yes in
v Reply charging: When a message is
sent, it allows the recipients to reply this menu, you can check whether your
and charge the cost of the reply to your message is sent successfully.
telephone bill.

v Read report: You can receive the report Email (Menu 5.0.3)
whether the receiver read the message v Email account
or not.
This menu allows you to edit, delete or
v Auto download: If you select On, you
add an email account.
receive multimedia messages
automatically. If you select Off, you • View: You can see the Email.
receive only notification message in the • Set as default
inbox and then you can check this
notification. If you select Home network • Edit
only, you receive multimedia messages Account name: Account name.
depends on Homenetwork. Email address: Enter the email
v Network profile: If you select address given to you by your service
multimedia message server, you can set provider.
URL for multimedia message server. My name: You can make your
v Permitted message type nickname.
Personal: Personal message. Incoming mail server: Enter the
Advertisement: Commercial message. POP3 address and Port number of the
that receives your email.
Information: Necessary information.

User name: Enter your email ID.
Password: Enter your email


Outgoing mail server: Enter the Outgoing mail authentication:

SMTP address and Port number of when you send the mail, you can set
computer that sends your email. authentication whether or not.
- Advanced settings Outgoing server ID/password:
Protocol type: Choose your protocol Enter the ID and password for sending
type. (POP3/IMAP4) your email.

Maximum receive size: View the • New account: You can set up to 5
Maximum size that you can receive email accounts by selecting New
mails. account menu. Using the Edit menu,
you can set the following values.
Save to server: Select Yes to leave
the messages on the server. • Delete: Deletes the selected account
from the list.
Insert signature: Select Yes to
attach your signature to your email • Delete all: You can delete all
messages. account lists.
v Network profile
Reply email address: Email
address that you can receive the A profile is the network information
reply. used to connect to the Internet. There
are default profiles for some operators,

Incoming port number: Allow you

to edit POP3 port number. stored in phone memory. It’s impossible
to rename default profiles.
Outgoing port number: Allow you
v Signature
to edit SMTP port number.
You can make your signature.
Voicemail number (Menu 5.0.4) Info message (Menu 5.0.6)
You can receive the voicemail if your v Receive
network service provider supports this Yes: If you select this menu, your phone
feature. When a new voicemail is arrived, will receive Info service messages.
the symbol will be displayed on the screen.
Please check with your network service No: If you select this menu, your phone
provider for details of their service in order will not receive Info service messages
to configure the phone accordingly. any more.
v Alerts
Push message (Menu 5.0.5) Yes: Your phone will beep when you
You can set the option whether you will have received Info service message
receive the message or not. numbers.
No: Your phone will not beep even
though you have received info service
v Language

You can select the language you want

by pressing OK key. Then, the info

service message will be shown in the
language that you selected.

v New message: After you have found
Search Menu 6.1
the number you want, you can send a
1. Select Search by press the left soft key message(Text/Multimedia/Email) to the
[OK]. selected number.
2. Enter the name that you want to search. v Send via: You can send the data of
phone book via Text message,
Note Multimedia message, Bluetooth or
v Instant searching is available by Email.
inputting the initial letter of the v Delete: You can delete an entry.
v New contact: After selecting the place
(SIM/Phone) you want to save, you can
3. If you want to edit, delete, copy an add to the phonebook list.
entry, or to add the voice to one, select v Multi delete: Allows you to remove a
left soft key [Options]. number of files selected.
The following menu will be displayed. v Copy to handset/SIM: You can copy
v View: You can view each entry in an entry from SIM to phone or from
details. phone to SIM.
v Edit: You can edit the name, number, v Main number: If a contact has more

group, ringtone and picture by using the than one number stored, select the one
navigation key. that you use most often. This main
number will be displayed first.

New contact Menu 6.2 Speed dials Menu 6.3
You can add phonebook entry by using this You can assign any of the keys to
function. Phone memory capacity is 1000 with a Name list entry. You can call
entries. SIM card memory capacity directly by pressing this key.
depends on the cellular service provider. 1. Open the phonebook first by pressing
The number of character is SIM dependent the right soft key [Contacts] in
feature. standby mode.
2. Scroll to Speed dial, then press the left
soft key [OK].
v Maximum stored name and
number length depends on SIM- 3. If you want to add speed dial, select
card type. <empty> by pressing the left soft key
[Assign]. Then, you can search the
name in phonebook.
1. Select New contact by press left soft 4. After assigning the number as speed
key [OK]. dial, you can change and delete the
2. Input a name. entry. You can also make a call or send
a message by this number.
3. Press r, then you can input a

4. You can set a group for the entry by
pressing , .
5. You can set a ringtone and a photo for
the entry by press left soft key
[Options]. 69

Groups Menu 6.4 Copy all Menu 6.5

You can list up to the members per each You can copy entries from SIM card
group. There are 7 groups you can make memory to Phone memory and vice versa.
lists to. v SIM to phone: You can copy the entry
v View members: Shows the group from SIM Card to Phone memory.
members you have selected. v Phone to SIM: You can copy the entry
v Group ringtone: Allows you to specify from Phone memory to SIM Card.
ring tone for the group members’ call.
v Group icon: Allows you to select the
icon dependent on Group. Delete all Menu 6.6
v Add member: You can add group
You can delete all entries from SIM or
v Remove member: You can remove the
member from the Group member list.
But the name and the number will be
remained in phonebook.
v Remove all members: Allows you to
delete all the members in the group.

v Rename: You can change a group


Settings Menu 6.7 Information Menu 6.8
1. Press the right soft [Contacts] in v Service dial numbers
standby mode. Use this function to access a particular
2. Scroll to Settings, then press the left list of services provided by your network
soft key [OK]. operator (if supported by the SIM card).
v Default memory v Own numbers (SIM dependent)

You can set the default memory from You can save and check your own
Always ask, SIM or Handset. number in SIM card.
v View options v Business card

Scroll to highlight View options, and This option allows you to create your
then press the left soft key [OK]. own business card featuring Name and
- Name only: Set the phonebook list an mobile phone number.
with displaying only name. To create a new business card, press
- With picture: Set the phonebook list the left soft key [New] and enter
with the information of character and the information into the fields.
picture. If you want to edit, delete or to send a
business card, select left soft key


My stuff
v File
Images Menu 7.1
Show the list of JPG files at My - Rename: Change the file name of
media\Photos in Multimedia memory. selected file. You can not change the
extension of file.
v View: You can see the JPG file when
pressing OK key or selecting View menu
of Option menus.
v You can’t use the following
v Delete: Delete a file. characters \ / : * ? ” < > |
v Set as

- Full image wallpaper: Currently - Move to folder: Move the selected

selected image can be set as a file to the folder.
wallpaper. - Move to external memory: Move
- Landscape wallpaper: Currently the selected file to the Multimedia
selected image can be displayed memory/external memory.
horizontally as a wallpaper.
- Picture ID: Currently selected image If you remove the external memory
can be set as a Picture ID. during data transfer, it can seriously
damage the phone.
v Send via: Allows you to send a image
My stuff

through MMS/Bluetooth/Email. - Copy to external memory: Copy the

selected file to the Multimedia
memory/external memory.

Warning! Sounds Menu 7.2
If you remove the external memory Show the list of MP3, MP4, AAC, M4A
during data transfer, it can seriously
damage the phone. files at My media\Music in Multimedia
- Information: Show the file v Play: You can play the MP3 file when
information. pressing OK key or selecting Play menu
v Print via Bluetooth: Most pictures that of Option menu.
you’ve taken in the camera mode and v Set as: Currently selected sound can be
downloaded through WAP can be set as a Ringtone/Ringtone ID.
transmitted via Bluetooth to a printer.
v File info: Show the file information.
v Slide show

You can view a slide show of the files

you stored.
v New folder: You can create a new
v Multi delete: You can remove a
number of files you selected.
v Delete all: Delete all files in the list.

My stuff
v List view: Allows you to set the view

My stuff

Videos Menu 7.3

Shows the list of 3GP, 3G2 files at My v You may send files via Bluetooth
media\Videos in Multimedia memory. only if they are stored in phone
Supported file types are 3gp files, that are memory, not on memory card. To
encoded with MPEG4 and h.263 video- send file from external memory,
codecs and AMR audio-codec. please, firstly copy it to internal
v Play: You can play the video file when phone memory.
pressing OK key or selecting Play menu
of Option menus.
v File: You can save/move/copy the
v Delete: Delete a file. folder or external memory.
v Send via: Send the selected file to - Rename: Change the file name of
another device via Multimedia selected file.
message, Bluetooth or Email. The maximum length of characters is
36. And you can not change the
extension of file.
My stuff

Warning! v New folder: You can create a new
You can’t use the following
characters \ / : * ? “ < > | v Multi delete: You can remove a
number of files you have selected.
- Move to folder: Move the selected
v Delete all: Delete all the files in the
file to the folder.
- Move to external memory: Move
the selected file to the Multimedia
memory\external memory
Warning! Documents Menu 7.4

If you remove the external memory This menu enables you to view document
during data transfer it will cause files (txt, ppt, pdf, doc and excel).
serious damage to your phone.
You can use the following Options menu
- Copy to external memory: Copy the v View: You can see the document file
selected file to the Multimedia when pressing the OK key or selecting
memory\external memory. View menu of Option menus.
- Information: Shows the file v Information: Show the file information.

My stuff
My stuff

Others Menu 7.5

Show the list of files in My media\Others v When you connect the phone with
in the Multimedia memory. a PC via Bluetooth, you can both
send and receive files to the
Note Music and Video folders. You can
v You may send files via Bluetooth copy any file type to the Others.
only if they are stored in the You can only receive files from the
phone memory, not on the Photos, Sounds, and Images
memory card. To send files from folders. You can only view or play
the external memory you must files in the Others folder if the file
first copy it to the internal phone types are supported. When
memory. connecting with a PC via USB
cable you will only see the
following folders in the internal
memory: Images, Sounds, Videos,
and Others. You can see all
folders in the external memory.
My stuff

Games & Apps Menu 7.6
New Fantastic LG
In this menu, you can manage the Java The KE970 works as a mass storage
applications installed in your phone. You device. If you connect the USB cable,
can play or delete downloaded you can use the phone as a
applications, or set the connect option. Removable Disk. You can download
MP3 files, photos, videos, text files
etc. this gives you fast access from
the PC to phone, by just connecting
External memory Menu 7.7
the USB cable.
This menu allows you to view Images,
Sounds, Videos, Documents and Others in Note
memory card. If the external memory is not v MASS STORAGE function will only
available, a pop up message “Please insert work when the phone is in idle
external memory” is displayed. mode.
v DO NOT remove the cable while
you are downloading files. After
v The SIM card must be installed in
you download the files, you need to
order for the phone to be click “Safely Remove Hardware”
recognised as a removeable disk. on the PC and then disconnect the

My stuff

My stuff

v When you copy a file to the

removable disk, you can see a
message on the display
“transferring”. It means MASS
STORAGE is working and data is
being transferred. While
“transferring”, do not disconnect
the cable. If you disconnect the
cable while “transferring”, data
will be lost or corrupted and
possibly damage the phone.
v If you receive a call when using as
MASS STORAGE the call will be
rejected, but after you remove the
cable you will be able to see the
missed call.
My stuff

Alarm clock Menu 8.1 Calendar Menu 8.2
You can set the alarm clock to go off at a When you enter this menu a calendar will
specified time. show up. On top of the screen there are
1. Select On and enter the alarm time you sections for date. Whenever you change
want. the date, the calendar will be updated
according to the date. And square cursor
2. Select the repeat period: Once, Mon-Fri, will be used to locate the certain day. If
Mon-Sat, Sat-Wed, Sat-Thu, Everyday. you see marked date in the calendar, it
3. Select the alarm tone you want and means that there is a schedule or memo
press [Set]. that day. This function helps to remind you
of your schedule and memo. The phone
will sound an alarm tone if you set this for
the note.
To change the day, month, and year.
Key Description
, Yearly
, Monthly
q,r Weekly

, Daily


In the scheduler mode, press left soft key v New schedule

[Options] as follows; Allows you to add new schedule and
v View memo for the chosen day. You can store
View all schedules and memo for the up to 100 notes.
chosen day. Input the subject and then press left soft
Use q,r to browse through the key [OK].
note lists. You enter the appropriate information in
the follow section; Time, Repeat and
If you want to view the note in detail, Alarm.
press left soft key [OK]. Press left
v Scheduler tone
soft key
[Options] to View, Delete, New You can set the alarm tone of each
schedule, Send via Text chosen date.
message/Multimedia v All schedules
message/Bluetooth/Email, Edit,
Calendar, Scheduler tone, All schedules, View all schedules and memo for the
Go to date, Multi delete and Delete all. chosen day.
Use q,r to browse through the
note lists. If you set alarm for the note,
the alarm icon is displayed.
v Go to date

You can go the chosen date directly.

v Delete all

You can delete for the all notes.

Calculator Menu 8.3 Memo Menu 8.4
This contains the standard functions such 1. Select the Memo by pressing the left
as +, -, x, n : Addition, Subtraction, soft key [OK].
Multiplication, and Division. 2. If the entry is empty, press the left soft
Furthermore, you can use the various key [New].
function of calculator such as +/-, sin, cos, 3. Input the memo and then press left soft
tan, log, ln, exp, sqrt, deg, rad. key [Options] > [Save].
1. Input the numbers by pressing numeric
keys. Note
2. Use a navigation key to select a sign for v If you want to change the text input
calculation. mode, press the in order.
3. Then input the numbers.
4. Press key to view the result.
5. To input the decimal number, press
6. To end Calculator, press the right soft
key [Back].


Stop watch Menu 8.5 World clock Menu 8.7

1. Press [Start] to take time and record the You can check the current time of
lap time by pressing [Lap]. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and major
2. Press [Stop] to ascertain the record of cities around the world, using the left/right
lap time. navigation keys and left soft key [Zoom in].

3. Press [Reset] to default condition. The screen shows the city name, current
date and time.
To select the time zone in which you are
located, proceed as follows:
Unit converter Menu 8.6
1. Select the city corresponding to your
This converts any measurement into a unit time zone by pressing the left/right
you want. There are 7 types that can be navigation keys and left soft key [Zoom
converted into units: Currency, Area, in] one or more times. The local date
Length, Weight, Temperature, Volume and and time are displayed.
2. If you want to change the time display in
1. You can select one of unit types by standby mode to the selected time,
pressing [OK] key. press [OK] key twice.
2. Select the unit you want to convert by
pressing q, r. It’s impossible to

input “-” symbol in unit converter.

SIM services Menu 8.8
3. Select the standard value by using
, . This menu depends on SIM and the
network services.
Date & Time Menu 9.1
Auto update (Menu 9.1.5)
Select On, the phone will automatically
You can set functions relating to the date
update the data and time.
and time.

Set date (Menu 9.1.1)

You can enter the current date. Languages Menu 9.2
You can change the language for the
Date format (Menu 9.1.2) display texts in your phone. This change
You can set the Date format such as will also affect the Language Input mode.
(D: Day / M: Month / Y: Year) Display Menu 9.3

Set time (Menu 9.1.3) Wallpaper (Menu 9.3.1)

You can enter the current time. You can select the background pictures in
standby mode.
Time format (Menu 9.1.4)
Backlight timer (Menu 9.3.2)

Your can set the time format between 24
hours and 12 hours. You can set the light-up duration of the
(Off/10 secs/20 secs/30 secs/60 secs)


Brightness (Menu 9.3.3) Standby text (Menu 9.3.7)

You can set the brightness of LCD: 100%, If you select On, you can edit the text
80%, 60%, 40% which is displayed in standby mode.

Home screen shortcut (Menu 9.3.4) Network name (Menu 9.3.8)

Selecting On displays the functionalities of If this function is activated, network name
4 Navigation keys and Menu key as will be displayed on LCD.
pictures on the middle of the idle window.
(Profiles/Messaging/ Favourites/Contacts)

Menu style (Menu 9.3.5)

Connectivity Menu 9.4

Your phone provides you with Grid and List

Bluetooth (Menu 9.4.1)
menu themes. Set the menu style by
scrolling and pressing the left soft key Bluetooth enables compatible mobile
[OK]. devices, peripherals and computers that
are in close proximity to communicate
Dialing style (Menu 9.3.6) directly with each other without wires.
This handset supports built-in Bluetooth
Your phone provides you with four dialing connectivity, which makes it possible to
styles. connect them with compatible Bluetooth

(Color style/Beads style/Digital headsets, computer applications and so

style/Sketchbook style) on.

v Bluetooth on/off
You can activate or cancel the Bluetooth
v If you use LG PC Sync via
Bluetooth, you can exchange the
v Device list
data only within phonebook
v When you receive data from You can view all devices which your
another Bluetooth device, the KE970 is already paired to. If you enter
phone requests confirmation. Paired devices, you access the options
After confirming the transfer, the - Connect / Disconnect: After pairing
file will be copied on to your with headset or stereo headset, you
phone. should connect with those devices.
v Depending on the file type, it will Then you can use those devices.
be stored in the following folders:
- Video (.3gp, mp4): Videos folder
- Image (.bmp, gif, jpg, png):
Images folder
- Sound (.amr, wav, aac): Sounds
- MP3 (.mp3): Sounds/MP3 folder

- Other files (.txt, html): Others


- Add new: Allows to search new - Set as authorised/Set as

Bluetooth devices and add them to unauthorised: Allows you to set an
your phone’s list of paired devices. authorised connection between each
When you select Add new your Bluetooth device. For example if you
handset will start to search for regularly use a Bluetooth headset with
Bluetooth devices within range. Once your phone then setting the connection
the device you wish to pair appears on as authorised will mean the headset
the list press the right soft key [Stop]. will automatically connect to the
Scroll to the desired device and press handset each time the headset is
the left soft key [Pair]. You will then be powered on.
asked to enter a passcode. The - Remove: Allows to delete a paired
passcode can be any code you wish to Bluetooth device.
use (the same passcode must be used
by both devices) or is one that is pre- - Remove all: Allows to delete all a
determined by the manufacturer of the paired Bluetooth devices.
device you are trying to pair with. v Bluetooth settings
Please check the User Manual of the
device you are initiating the pair with - My visibility: This indicates whether
to see if it already has a predetermined or not your handset will be visible to
passcode in place. other Bluetooth devices.

- Rename: Allows you to change the


name of the paired Bluetooth device

and how it is displayed on the handset.

- My name: You can set the name of v Manual: The phone will find the list of
Bluetooth device. The default name is available networks and show you them.
LG KE970. Then you can select the network which
- My address: You can view the you want to use if this network has a
address of your Bluetooth device. roaming agreement with your home
network operator. The phone let you
select another network if the phone fails
Network (Menu 9.4.2) to access the selected network.
You can select a network which will be v Preferred: You can set a list of
registered either automatically or preferred networks and the phone
manually. attempts to register with first, before
Network selection (Menu attempting to register to any other
networks. This list is set from the
Usually, the network selection is set to phone’s predefined list of known
Automatic. networks.
v Automatic: If you select Automatic
mode, the phone will automatically
search for and select a network for you.
Once you have selected “Automatic”,
the phone will be set to “Automatic”

even though the power is off and on.


GPRS attach (Menu Network profile (Menu

You can set GPRS service depending on v Data connections
various situations. • Name: You can type the network
v Power on name.
If you select this menu, the phone is • Bearer: You can set the bearer data
automatically registered to a GPRS service.
network when you switch the phone on. 1 Data/2 GPRS
Starting a WAP or PC dial-up application <Data settings>
created the connection between phone Appears only if you select Data
and network and data transfer is Settings as a Bearer/service.
possible. When you end the application,
GPRS connection is ended but the - Dial number: Enter the telephone
registration to the GPRS network number to dial to access your WAP
remains. gateway.
v When needed - User ID: The users identity for your
dial-up server
If you select this menu, the GPRS (and NOT the WAP gateway).
connection is established when you
connect a WAP or application service - Password: The password required
and closed when you end the WAP or by your dial-up server (and NOT the

applicaion connection. WAP gateway) to identify you.

- Call type: Select the type of data
call; Analogue or Digital (ISDN).

- Call speed: The speed of your data - Primary server: Input the IP address
connection; 9600 or 14400 (Depends of the primary DNS server you
on Operator) access.
- Linger time: You need to enter - Secondary server: Input the IP
timeout period. address of the secondary DNS server
After entering that, the WAP you access.
navigation service will be unavailable
if any data is not input or transferred. USB connection (Menu 9.4.3)
- Primary server: Input the IP address You can choose one mode of Data service
of the primary DNS server you and Mass storage.
When you have finished using the phone
- Secondary server: Input the IP memory, click Exit and take the following
address of the secondary DNS server steps.
you access.
<GPRS settings> Caution
The service settings are only available v Before you remove the cable, it is
when GPRS is chosen as a bearer necessary that you click Exit. Or,
service. the integrity of transferred data is
- APN: Input the APN of the GPRS. not guaranteed.

- User ID: The users identify for your
APN server.
1. Click on the notification area.
- Password: The password required [Unplug or Eject Hardware]
by your APN server.

2. Select USB Mass Storage Device, click v If busy

on Stop. Diverts voice calls when the phone is in
The following message will appear: use.
“The ‘USB Mass Storage Device’ device
can now be safely removed from the v If no reply

system” Diverts voice calls which you do not

3. Then remove the cable. answer.
v If out of reach

Diverts voice calls when the phone is

Call Menu 9.5 switched off or out of coverage.
v All data calls
You can set the menu relevant to a call by
pressing [Select] in the Setting menu. Diverts to a number with a PC
connection unconditionally.
Call divert (Menu 9.5.1) v All fax calls
The Call divert service allows you to divert Diverts to a number with a fax
incoming voice calls, fax calls, and data connection unconditionally.
calls to another number. For details,
v Cancel all
contact your service provider.
Cancels all call divert service.

v All voice calls

Diverts voice calls unconditionally.

The submenus Answer mode (Menu 9.5.2)
Call divert menus have the submenus v Slide open
shown below. If you select this menu, you can receive
- Activate an incoming call when you open the
Activate the corresponding service. slide.
v Any key
To voice mailbox
Forwards to message centre. This If you select this menu, you can receive
function is not shown at All data calls a call by pressing any key except
and All fax calls menus. [End] key.
v Send key only
To other number
Inputs the number for diverting. If you select this menu, you can receive
a call by only pressing [Send] key.
To favourite number
You can check recent 5 diverted Send my number (Menu 9.5.3)
numbers. (network and subscription dependent)
- Cancel v Set by network

Deactivate the corresponding service. If you select this, you can send your

- View status phone number depending on two line
service such as line 1 or line 2.
View the status of the corresponding


v On Minute minder (Menu 9.5.5)

You can send your phone number to If you select On, you can check the call
another party. duration by a beep sound given every
Your phone number will be shown on minute during a call.
the receiver’s phone.
v Off Auto redial (Menu 9.5.6)
Your phone number will not be shown. v On

When this function is activated, the

Call waiting (Menu9.5.4) phone will automatically try to redial in
(network dependent) the case of failure to connect a call.
v Activate v Off

If you select Activate, you can accept a Your phone will not make any attempts
waiting (receiving) call. to redial when the original call has not
v Cancel

If you select Cancel, you cannot Send DTMF (Menu 9.5.7)

recognize the waiting (receiving) call.
You can send touch tones during an active
v View status call to control your voice mailbox or other

Shows the status of Call waiting. automated phone services.

Security Menu 9.6
5. You can enter your PUK code up to 10
times. If you put wrong PUK code more
than 10 times, you can not unlock your
PIN code request (Menu 9.6.1) phone. You will need to contact your
In this menu, you can set the phone to ask service provider.
for the PIN code of your SIM card when
the phone is switched on. Phone lock (Menu 9.6.2)
If this function is activated, you’ll be You can use a security code to avoid
requested to enter the PIN code. unauthorized use of the phone. Whenever
1. Select PIN code request in the security you switch on the phone, the phone will
settings menu, and then press request security code if you set phone lock
[OK]. to When switch on.
2. Set On/Off. If you set phone lock to When SIM
changed, your phone will request security
3. If you want to change the setting, you code only when you change your SIM card.
need to enter PIN code when you switch
on the phone.
4. If you enter wrong PIN code more than 3
times, the phone will lock out. If the PIN
is blocked, you will need to key in PUK



Call barring (Menu 9.6.3) v Cancel all barrings

The Call barring service prevents your You can cancel all barring services.
phone from making or receiving certain v Change password
category of calls. This function requires the
call barring password. You can view the You can change the password for Call
following submenus. Barring Service.
v All outgoing The submenus:
The barring service for all outgoing calls. - Activate
v Outgoing international Allows to request the network to set call
restriction on.
The barring service for all outgoing
international calls. - Cancel
v O/G international except home Set the selected call restriction off.
country - View status
The barring service for all international View the status whether the calls are
outgoing calls except home network. barred or not.
v All incoming

The barring service for all incoming


v Incoming when abroad

The barring service for all incoming calls

when roaming.
Fixed dial number (Menu 9.6.4) Change codes (Menu 9.6.5)
(SIM dependent) PIN is an abbreviation of Personal
You can restrict your outgoing calls to Identification Number to prevent use by
selected phone numbers. The numbers are unauthorized person.
protected by your PIN2 code. You can change the access codes:
v On Security code, PIN1 code, PIN2 code.
You can restrict your outgoing calls to 1. If you want to change the Security
selected phone numbers. code/PIN1/ PIN2 code input your
original code, and then press [OK].
v Off
2. Input new Security code/PIN/PIN2 code
You can cancel fixed dialling function. and verify them.
v List view

You can view the number list saved as

Fixed dial number.


Flight mode Menu 9.7 Power saving Menu 9.8

This allows you to use only the phone’s If you set On, you can save the power
features that do not require the use of the when you don’t use the phone.
wireless network when you are in an
airplane or in places where the wireless
network is prevented.
If you set the flight mode on, the icon will
Reset default Menu 9.9

be displayed on the screen instead of the You can initialize all factory defaults. You
network signal icon. will need Security code to activate this
v On: You cannot make (or receive) any
calls, including emergency calls, or use
other features that require network
coverage Memory status Menu 9.0
v Off: You can deactivate the flight mode
You can check free space and memory
and restart your handset to access the usage of each repository, Internal memory
network. and Multimedia memory. You can go to
each repository menu.

Please check to see if any problem which Q Connection is poor or is not audible in
you may have with your phone is described certain areas.
here before taking it for service or calling a
service engineer.
A In certain areas, signal strength can
vary dramatically. Try moving to a
different location. Heavy network
Q How do I view the list of outgoing traffic may affect the ability to
calls, incoming calls and missed connect, or the stability of the call.
A Press . Q Connection is poor even when
Q does not disappear from the A In certain areas, signal strength can
screen. vary dramatically. Try moving to a
different location. Heavy network
A Check whether you are in a service traffic my affect the ability to connect,
area. If you continue to see , or the stability of the call.
turn off the power and wait for
approximately 2 minutes before
turning it back on. If there is no Q LCD does not turn on.
change, relocate to another area and
check again.
A Remove and replace the battery and
turn on the power. If the phone still

does not turn on, charge the battery
and try again.


Q An echo can be heard during Q Standby duration of the phone

connection with a certain telephone gradually becomes shorter.
in a certain area. A Batteries have a limited life. When
A It is called ‘Echo Phenomenon’. It the battery lasts for half its original
occurs if the volume is too high or time, it requires replacement.
caused by special properties (semi Only use authorised replacement
electronic telephone exchange) of the parts.
machine on the other end.

Q Usage time of battery becomes

Q The phone gets warm. shorter.
A During long calls, or if games/Internet A If the battery time is short, it may be
are used for a long time, the phone due to the user environment, or large
may become hot. This is perfectly volume of calls, or weak signals.
normal and has no effect upon the life
of the product or performance.
Q No number is dialled when you recall
a phonebook entry.
Q The bell does not ring, or lamp or LCD A Check that the numbers have been
blinks only. saved correctly, by using the
A The phone is set to ‘Vibrate’ or ‘Silent’ phonebook Search feature. Resave

in the Profiles menu. Please select them, if necessary.

‘Normal’ or ‘Loud/.

Q You cannot be contacted.
A Is your phone switched on (
pressed for more than three
seconds)? Are you accessing the right
cellular network? Have you set an
incoming call barring option?

Q I cannot find the lock, PIN, or PUK

code, or password?
A The default lock code is ‘0000’. If you
forget or lose the lock code, contact
your phone dealer. If you forget or
lose a PIN or PUK code, or if you have
not received such a code, contact your
network service provider.

There are various accessories for your mobile phone. You can select these
options according to your personal communication requirements.

Standard Battery Hands free

and music
player controller
v Stereo headset
Travel Adapter v Controller: Answer & End button,
This charger allows music player control, volume control,
you to charge the Hold button and microphone.
battery while away
from home or your office. Note
] Always use genuine LG
Data cable/CD accessories.
You can connect ] Failure to do this may invalidate
your phone to PC your warranty.

to exchange the
] Accessories may be different in
data between
different regions; please check
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Technical data
Product name: KE970
System: GSM 900 / DCS 1800 / PCS 1900

Ambient Temperatures
Max: +55°C
Min: -10°C

Technical data