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We are one of the leading company in Turkey, manufacture raw white and spun dyed Air Jet Textured

Yarns & False twist textured Yarns for Upholstery, automotive car seat, seating, weaving carpet, Home Textile, outdoor and technical fabric industries from Polyester, Polypropylene and Polyamide with the best possible price and on-time delivery. Product groups are: Yarns Available in Aplication

Flame Retardant Polyester of P (phosphorus) type Yarns

FDY 75F36,150F48,330F96 DTY 75F36,150F48,300F96 ATY 300f96, 600f192, 900f288

Home Textile, Upholstery, Automotive, Seating Fabric, Bedding Garment and wall Paper, Air filter

Home Textile & Upholstery

Dope Dyed Flame Retardant Polyester Yarns

DTY 75F36,150F48,300F96 ATY 300f96, 600f192, 900f288

Automotive Fabric Apparel Fabrics Technical Fabrics

Awnings Marine & Parasol Fabric 3

UV Stabilized Dope Dyed Polyester Yarns

Outdoor Fabrics
DTY 75F36,150F48,300F96 ATY 300f96, 600f192, 900f288

Technical Fabrics

Polyester Air Jet Textured Yarns

ATY150F72,380F96,650 F192,780F180,910F240, 1000F288,1100F288, 1600F432,1800F576, 2440F576,2550F432, 3000F816,4000F1056

Automotive Seat Fabric, Technical Textiles Awnings, Outdoor , Home Textile, Upholstery, Seating,Apparel, Wall covering, Carpet, Digital Printing Fabric, Innerwear, Sports, wear Air Filter, etc.

Polyester Disperse ( Disperse / Cationic) Blend Filament Air Jet Textured Yarns
ATY from 300 upto 4500 D.

Home Textile, Upholstery, Car seat Fabric, Seating Fabric

Filament (PET, PA 66, PP ) Textured (DTY & ATY ) Yarns

DTY from 18 up to 1200 ATY from 100 up to 5000

Awnings, Umbrella,Seal Cloth , Marine Fabric, Home Tetxile, Upholstery, Automotive , Digital printing fabric, Outdoor and many other special appliactions

Peach Skin Fabric 7

BiCo (Splitable) Filament Yarn

DTY 75/36*16 150F72*16

Wiping Cloth Suede Weft application of shirts, blouse,denim, trousers etc.

PTT Elastic Filament Yarn ( Shape Memory Fibre )

FDY 75F72, 150F144, DTY: 75F72, 150F144

Home Textile Apparel Sportswear, outdoor, underwear

PBT Elastic Filament Yarn

Sportswear , Denim trousers , Corporate wear outerwear

DTY 75F36, 150F72, 300F144,600F288

Apparel Home Textile & Upholstery 10

Polyester Antimicrobial ( Nona silvers) Yarns

DTY 75F36, 150F72, 300F144,600F288

Automotive Fabrics Medical Fabrics Technical Fabrics


PET 6 Channel Capillary Formation Yarn

DTY 50F36, 75F36,150F72

Sportswear, Underwear, Uniform etc..


PET Hollow core Filament Yarn

FDY 75F36, 150F72

Polar Fleece, Innerwear, Uniform, Outdoor, Velvet, Veloa pile fabric

Sports wear & Denim 13

Cupro Filament Yarns

FDY 40F24, 75F45, 150F70

Inner wear & Outer wear Linings & Home Textile


Polyamide (Nylon) 66 High Tenacity Air Textured Yarn

ATY 350F140, 500F140, 800f240, 1000F280

Military Fabric, Dyepack,Outdoorwear, Luggage, Backpacks, Footwear, Workwear


Polyester High Tenacity Industrial Yarns From 6.8 up to 9.30 G/D

FDY Bright from 75Den upto 13000D, Regular and Low Shrinkage and Dope Dyed

Industrial Fabric, Narrow Fabric, Sewing thread, Rope,Hose, Net,Seat Belt, GeoTextile, Awnings, Tent, Conveyor belt, Seal Cloth etc.


Polyester Micro Filament Yarns

DTY 30F24,30F72,50F72 50F96 ,50F144, 75F144, 150F288, 300F576 ATY 380F576

Home Textile, Upholstery, Towel,woven and knit fabric

100% Recycled Polyester Filament Yarn


(Ecofil by Tepar is a 100% recycled polyester yarn made from both post-consumer and postindustrial waste)

DTY 75F36,150F48, 300F96, 600F192 ATY 300F96, 600F192, 900F288, 1200F384

Home Textile, Automotive Seat Fabric,Upholstery, Apparel, Label, Ribbon

Home Textile 18

Polyester Textured Monofilament Yarn

DTY 20F1,30f1

Automotive Fabrics Technical Fabrics


Spun Yarns (Cotton , PES, Acrylic and its blends) Carded, Combed and Open End

Woven & Knitting Fabrics

From Ne 6 till Ne100 & E-Mail: