CCBPI believes that each worker brings his or her unique talents and ideas to work every day to help the Coca-Cola system achieve the goals outlined in their 2020 Vision. It strives to create open work environments as diverse as the markets they serve, where people are inspired to create superior results. They also aim to create environments where people are fully engaged and where the Company is viewed both internally and externally as an employer of choice. The Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Inc. in Sta. Rosa is a vast company that employs various types of employee positions ranging from the managerial positions to rank and file positions. The company is divided into different departments namely; legal, human resource, production, finance, etc. y In hiring workers, CCBPI uses a job specification for each type position. It uses a list of the minimum acceptable qualifications that a potential employee must possess to perform a given job successfully. y CCBPI makes sure that there is a fit between the employees hired for a specific position and the work/tasks to be performed. It matches the employee¶s abilities, skills and qualifications to a corresponding job/tasks to ensure that tasks are properly done. y It uses a job description for every type of position which outlines the duties, responsibilities, required qualifications and reporting relationships of a particular job and even salary range. y Division of labor y Works are subdivided into separate jobs assigned to different people which potentially increases work efficiency y Employees are divided into teams headed by a team leader to whom the subordinates must report to. y Forms of work coordination y Formal because of the hierarchy of authority and company rules. y Informal communication also exists within teams j How do we provide a reasonable work environment? CCBPI follows a Workplace Rights Policy and Human Rights which states the company¶s commitment to the promotion of human rights and reasonable workplace for the workers. They also state the Company¶s principles concerning freedom of association; forced labor; child labor; discrimination; work hours and wages; occupational health and safety; and workplace security. It is a global policy binding upon all Coca-cola bottlers around the world. In the Sta. Rosa plant, y Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

placement. The Company is committed to bargaining in good faith with such representatives. y Safe and Healthy Workplace . they are also committed to establishing a constructive dialogue with their freely chosen representatives. religion. The Company prohibits the hiring of individuals that are under 18 years of age for positions in which hazardous work is required. skills and experience. national or social origin. in obedience to the provisions of the Labor Code of the Philippines with respect to Collective bargaining. According to them. intimidation or harassment. age. political opinion or any other status protected by applicable law. They offer employees opportunities to develop their skills and capabilities and provide advancement opportunities where possible. disability. work hours. The basis for recruitment. bonded labor. y Work Hours and Wages The Company compensates employees competitively relative to the industry and local labor market. indentured labor. The Company¶s prohibition of child labor is consistent with International Labor Organization standards. training. including prison labor. sex. sexual orientation. respects the employees¶ right to join. military labor or slave labor. y Forced Labor The Company prohibits the use of all forms of forced labor. compensation and advancement at the Company is qualifications. form or not to join a labor union without fear of reprisal. hiring.CCBI. y Child Labor The Company adheres to minimum age provisions of applicable laws and regulations. color. They maintain a work environment is free from discrimination or physical or verbal harassment on the basis of race. overtime and benefits laws. y Discrimination The Company values all employees and the contributions they make and has a long-standing commitment to equal opportunity and intolerance of discrimination. They operate in full compliance with applicable wage. performance.

harassment. CCBPI has a Safety Management System Standards and supporting requirements for worker safety and loss prevention which are collectively known as "The Coca-Cola Safety Management System" or "TCCSMS. Benefits Provides benefits pursuant to the provisions of the Labor Code of the Philippines -maternity leave -overtime pay -13th month pay -service incentive leave -BONUSES . This safety management system requires a commitment to both public safety and to visitors. This system globally operates for all plants under the same standards and requirements. Training CCBPI provides training to successful applicants before they go into the work. Encouraging Open Communication: CCBPI also encourages a work environment of open communication where workers are given the chance to express their ideas and give suggestions in decision-making. TCCSMS is part of their integrated management system. environment. Workers are also given enough autonomy to perform their specific tasks. BSI OSHAS 18001. occupational safety and health. It is their priority to develop their people and therefore. They are dedicated to maintaining a productive workplace by minimizing the risk of accidents. The Coca-Cola Quality System which incorporates quality. injury and exposure to health risks.The Company provides a safe and healthy workplace." TCCSMS defines their systematic approach to managing occupational safety and health and loss prevention. y Workplace Security The Company is committed to maintaining a workplace that is free from violence. intimidation and other unsafe or disruptive conditions due to internal and external threats. and loss prevention into a single framework. TCCSMS is aligned with an internationally-recognized safety management system. they continuously endeavor to provide them with learning opportunities for their growth.

In order to operate efficiently and orderly. Employees always think that and almost everyone want to get higher scores and feedbacks to gain the rewards. Challenge: The challenge in job design: greater chance of mental overload and stress. . and proper degree of passion would be made and established. Now.000 employees in the whole world. satisfaction and performance should be integrated in the job design. Rewards and Performances During a business cycle. and service.000 of them outside the America. with 59. the company will consider he or she may be not proper to their company. They will discuss why he or she gets the bad comments from others. for example. some employees may lack the passion to gain the reward. This reward system according to their performance feedback is used by the Coca-cola management.Jobs and Design As mentioned above. If the employee always gets low grades from the comments. technical careers. This is a chance the company gives them to improve themselves. and performance. The Coca-Cola company approach to job design is the Job Characteristics Approach that employees when they rewarded for the work they will work hard and when the work gives them satisfaction. it has been a part of culture in the internal of the company. the design of work in Coca-Cola seems to be more important. skilled trades. they suggest that motivation. psychology. lower personal utilization levels. making a future plan and goals for the year. Coca-Cola¶s managers should do reviewing annual performance. In Coca-Cola. after feedback for the employees. Coca-Cola is a globalization beverage company which owns many subsidiary companies outside the nation. the employees with the higher grade will get money reward or reputation or other forms of rewards like vacation. professional and public service sectors. Managers will also grade their employers of his/her department. To be scientific management. those who get low grades and bad feedback from other colleague will be asked to talk with the boss who is considered a negative consequence. However. and finally. However. There are 71. they will be demoted or fired. Reward systems in the Coca-Cola Company did contribute to motivate the employees perform trying their best and be much more responsibility. The goal of punishment establishment is to discourage unexpected behavior like doing private things when working or lazy to do own work. JOB DESIGN ARRANGEMENT: The Coca-Cola Company uses nontraditional job. just rewards to employees may not be the most efficient. at this time. the punishment is not always used because it may be cause unintended results in the aspects of the employees¶ emotion. job enlargement method which means increasing the number of activities in a job including job rotation and cross-training programs is applied. So.

000 and you have reached the peak it will remain as it is and will have no further increases until you retire. no performance evaluation used in promoting workers salary cap corruption For the exempt group or employees who are non-unionized they are entitled to an increase in their salary every year. forecasts. Promotion is longer performance based but now depends on your relationship with your boss. For unionized employees. commission (for sales men) is dependent on their Collective Bargaining Agreement which cycles every three years. So if the salary cap of your position is just 20. and that means if you are not good with your supervisor or manager you will not get any increase. But currently there is this so called salary cap. Promotion ‡Union members suffer discrimination. their increase along with other benefits such as rice subsidy. shoe allowance. The salary cap depends on the job grade level of your position though. .And in the contrary if you are not a member of the Union. Some supervisors and managers with questionable integrities and capabilities in their positions.How much can we expect our employees to produce? Based on demands/historical data. quota ISSUES: y y y y y y y y management seems to be insensitive and unconcerned. based on previous performance of workers. . When you belong to the exempt group all salary increases are dependent on your performance evaluation. Favoritism is blatantly practiced in promotions and work assignments. wherein if you reach the maximum level of increase for the position you are holding you will no longer have any increase on your salary but a lump sum based on your performance. you will be promoted fast.

and business establishments are located. In addition. Greater Mnaila Area. North Luzon. there are now two plants in Sta. Rosa I is the one in-charge in making decisions regarding distributions of products which therefore include the issue of location.LOCATION The CCBPI Inc. Retail trucks then get these stocks of products from the warehouse and deliver them to the retail outlets. Rosa because of it is a progressive city which houses many industrial and manufacturing plants of multi-national companies. Rosa. Large population also implies that there is an enough source of labourers to work for the company. the government BOI provides for incentives to companies located at not less than 40 kilometers away from Manila. Santa Rosa is the premier city and hub of South Luzon. Rosa namely Sta. CCBPI Inc. Cross docks are being used by the . It has a large population of 288. there is a large demand of goods and services frrm this city. It has a land area of 54. The main and largest plant is located in Sta. Coca-cola products are unloaded by trucks from the plants to the sales warehouses and stock them there. Rosa II. On what criteria should we base this location decision? CCBPI Plants are located in the major regions in the Philippines. Laguna. Direct selling to retail business owners and to consumers are also done in sales warehouses. It is also known for its tourist landmarks and attractions visited by people from the outside of the city. agricultural. the political and legal policies were also considered by CCBPI in locating the main facility in Sta. South Luzon. Visayas and Mindanao. It is the Makati of the South in terms of economic activity. At present. Rosa I (main and largest) and Sta. on the other hand. Due to the large number of residents and people going in and out of the city. Cross docks. Products are delivered to those sales warehouses by bulk transport vehicles and distributed to retail outlets by smaller distribution trucks. Rosa because.032 as of 2008. has 21 plants all over the Philippines. Sta. are just unloading sites where products are unloaded from incoming big trucks and are loaded into smaller trucks with no storage in between to deliver the products to the retail stores. Where should we put the facility? The main and largest plant was decided to be situated in Sta. also has sales warehouses and cross docks.13 square kilometers (5413 hectares) where different commercial. industrial.

Sales warehouses and Cross Docks are located in places where there is large demand of its products. The desirability of a climate and temperature is considered vital because it affects the condition of the finished product (taste and color). Climate The company also considers the climatic conditions in a location. Location of Markets/Demands Plants. sugar. Labor Factors The company considers the cost and availability of labor in a specific location as well as the desirability of a community as a place for its workers and managers to live. It is their strategy of increasing profits by increasing market share. Site-Related Factors soil conditions. room for future expansion. and drainage rates land costs. considers the following criteria in locations decisions: REGIONAL FACTORS Source and Location of of Raw Materials The company considers the proximity and adequacy of the materials it uses for its productions like to lessen the costs. It is used as an alternative to sales warehouses because putting up a warehouse is too costly. current utility and sewer capacities sufficient parking space for employees and customers Industrial parks . and electricity for a specific location. Inc. CCBPI.

e. Environmental considerations The company is also committed to the welfare of the community in general. They make sure that the location is not hazardous to the residents. i. the size of the equipment and machines to be used in the operation.The Company also considers the ease of access. Competition .CCBPI puts up their facilities in places where competitors in the same industry do not have a facility and where Coca-cola is the only one offering such kind of products in a specific location. high visibility and easy access for customers. Risks Political Economic Cultural - Layout design The company also considers the volume of output. consumers and workers. It is considered as a strategy that emphasizes convenience for the customer. Location where easy and proper waste disposal can be done.- Accessibility . Legal and Political Considerations Rate of Local taxes .

. This is to decide whether they should expand an existing facility. add new locations while retaining existing ones. or shut down a location and move to another.- The company puts up facility outside metro manila because the government BOI provides for incentives to companies located at not less than 40 kilometers away from Manila. Other location strategy: *The company often examines and assesses the performance of each facility together with other factors.

This kind of layout pattern increased the output rates of Coca-Cola products and also. The process are almost automated. This type of design is necessary to Coca-Cola bottling company whenever they have new facilities constructed and when new product is introduced. Product layout is an arrangement based on the sequence of operations that is performed during the manufacturing of a good. They are arranged in such a way that . Layout design refers to the specific arrangement of physical facilities. rapid. The machines and equipment are arranged according to the processes involved in the production. high-volume flow. The layout is arranged in such a way that products are being produced continuously and efficiently. it utilized labor and equipments.LAYOUT DESIGN The picture above depicts the layout of the production plant of coca-cola. Coca-cola uses a product layout because it uses standardized processing operations to achieve smooth.

reduces productions delay and manufacturing time. a breakdown of one piece of equipment in the plant can cause the entire process or operation to shutdown. The company considers the following in when making a layout decision : y y y y Product design Process design size of plant the repairs and maintenance (negative circumstances are being considered since it is cannot be avoided. For instance. every equipment in the factory should be arranged in an adequate position so that by the time that necessary repairs are needed there should be an allotted space for them to be moved and repaired) Accidents and Safety Hazards Changes in environmental or other legal requirements y y The present layout brings the following advantages to coca-cola: ± ± ± ± ± ± ± High volume Low unit cost Low labor skill needed Low material handling High efficiency and utilization Simple routing and scheduling Simple to track and control . avoids necessary capital investment. simplifies control of production. However. machine and services and lastly increases in prevents accidents. helps effective utilization of employees. the present layout design has a disadvantage.

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