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Movie Analysis
SUBMITTED BY: Letran, Rachelle Anne S.
BSN 3-2



psychological. Ruth is described to be always crying and scared that her mother may abuse her again and . In the movie. may exhibit differences in speech. Each of Sybil·s personality is said to represent an event in her past. Her condition at first is said to be hysteria but later termed as multiple personality disorder or when an individual display distinct or multiple identities of himself or herself. and sexual. referred to as alters. mannerisms. Ruth is the child personality of Sybil who is always afraid of being hurt. These personalities has different identities. She would always talk about god and rationalized her actions that if she didn·t do this or that she might go to hell. The main character in the movie Sybil is named Sybil Isabel Dorsett. Examples of these abuses were shouting. Symptoms are not related to any substance use or medical condition 2. During Sybil·s childhood she was abused by her mother in a variety of ways this includes physical. She is a college student studying art in the University of Columbia. thoughts. The glass breaking attitude of Peggy was somehow from the memory of Sybil being blamed for breaking a piece of glass ware from their house. displays sixteen distinct identities or personality states that recurrently take control of her behavior at different times. Mary is the moral personality of Sybil. Peggy is characterized to very violent has a tendency to break glass whenever she expresses her anger. Mary is born out of her love for her grandmother and the belief that her parents was instilling to her which is their religious belief. Sybil·s parents were very religious and Sybil thinks that she is not religious enough for her parents because she always gets punished so Mary was created. Sybil presented 16 distinct identities or personalities b. At least to identities recurrently taking control of Sybil·s behavior c. attitudes. Peggy Lou is Sybil·s personality that is always angry and is created because Sybil can·t get angry for herself. and being given enemas. being tied up to the piano. Each personality is an outlet in which Sybil expresses her feelings from these events in her life. Sybil is unable to recall important personal information: more extensive than ordinary forgetfulness d. DSM IV criteria of Dissociative Identity Disorder a.1. Like for example Vicky is one of Sybil·s other self is characterized as this very sophisticated women who speaks French and also known to control of the other personalities within Sybil and also the one responsible for communicating with them. Mary is characterized as a very religious person. and gender orientation.

She finds paintings or drawings or items she has clearly written but is in handwriting other than their own. Other personalities of Sybil such as Vanessa and Marthia·s identities who painted at the same time in a scene were not fully seen. He is said to be the one that fixes everything in Sybil·s house. Sid is Sybil·s boy personality. Sybil repeatedly meets people who seem to know her. y y y y She finds items in her possession but she doesn·t recall how those things were acquired. Vicky was born long before and was the one that takes over whenever Sybil was hurt. Also. Depression example of this in the movie was when Sybil was crying in bed and when she saw Peggy Lou·s drawing she decided to commit suicide but failed. 3.when triggered she may display aggression due to the fact that she is defending herself from her mother·s abuse. She also like buying things for Sybil and likes to dress nice and style her hair really good by curling them. but whom she does not recognize. Derealization appears in the movie many times like when Sybil said sorry to Dr. Like when she freaked out when she found herself in Philadelphia and she didn·t remember how or when did she went there. She is characterized to be very sophisticated. Symptoms of DID can include the following: y Suicide attempts or self-injury was manifested by Sybil when she cut herself using a piece of glass and when she climb to the roof top and let herself fall. y being frequently accused of lying when they do not believe they are lying (for example. Sid is said to have been born because Sybil doesn·t want to become like her mother so she tried to be like her father. she can·t recall that she rented in a hotel and she can·t remember that she draw the picture she found in her room. she is usually unable to remember some of the events that occurred while other personalities were in control. . Vicky is Sybli·s strongest personality. y y Depersonalization is when an alter of Sybil is taking control of the body. When she is under the control of one identity. She was not aware of the time and where she was during those times. resulting in finding herself in places but not recalling how she traveled there. Sid is characterized to be a good handyman and carpenter. being told of things they did but do not recall). y Sybil experiences blackouts in time. Wilbur for missing their sessions however little that she knew she was always present.

Encourage Client to do Journal Writing Journal writing encourages the client to express his or her feelings through writing. improved self esteem Limit setting There are certain instances that the client may act-out. Nursing Intervensions Interventions Maintain Client safety Rationale Client·s may become violent not just to others but also to him or herself so in order to reduce harm inflicted on the client a safe and secure environment must be implemented. It is a nonviolent way of the client expressing what he or she feels. Respect client·s independence and decision making as much as possible The client·s autonomy needs to be respected and his or her decisions must be respected as much as much as possible Discuss the consequence of the client·s action The client must be brief regarding the consequences of his or her actions. This contract will indicate the details regarding the relationship such as the purpose. 4. duration. So that the client may understand what to expect or what will happen if he or she had done something. time. Establish a contract with the client regarding the nurse-patient relationship Part of establishing a therapeutic relationship is to create a contract with the client. become violent or too manipulative towards others and self. This promotes self-actualization. a contract would also prevent the likelihood that the client may act-out during the end of the therapeutic relationship. In order to prevent that and maintain control of the relationship the nurse must .y Flash backs on Sybil·s childhood triggers her the alters to take control of the body which is depicted on many scenes in the movie.

They use a variety of things to manipulate others such as giving gifts and flattering compliments.limit the client·s setting. This will give the nurse more control and to somehow impose to the client manipulation is not tolerated. 5. develop new coping and life skills. Encourage client to participate group activities and remove client from the activity if client becomes manipulative or violent. Group activities may be appropriate as long as the client is not violent anymore and manipulative. This will allow the nurse to understand the client and will be able to device appropriate interventions in order to address the client·s needs. to ensure the safety of the individual. The goals of treatment for DID are to relieve symptoms. Confront client·s manipulative behavior Again if client becomes too manipulative confronting the client and telling him or her that her actions are not acceptable will help reduce the clients manipulative behavior. And if incidence of violence occurs the client must be removed from the group to prevent him or her from inflicting harm to others Provide opportunities for client·s to share feelings In order to understand how the client feels the nurse must be able to allow the client to share his or her feelings. . and to "reconnect" the different identities into one well-functioning identity. Accept no gifts or flattery from the client Clients with personality disorder are often manipulative. Treatment also aims to help the person safely express and process painful memories. Imposing on her or him that manipulation or any inappropriate behaviors are not tolerated. In order to reduce the client·s manipulative behavior the nurse must be firm at denying any gifts or flattery from the client. restore functioning.

‡ Family therapy This kind of therapy helps to educate the family about the disorder and its causes. ‡ Clinical hypnosis This is a treatment technique that uses intense relaxation. allowing people to explore thoughts. . ‡ Cognitive therapy This type of therapy focuses on changing dysfunctional thinking patterns. ‡ Medication There is no medication to treat the dissociative disorders themselves. concentration and focused attention to achieve an altered state of consciousness or awareness. music therapy) These therapies allow the patient to explore and express his or her thoughts and feelings in a safe and creative way. a person with a dissociative disorder who also suffers from depression or anxiety might benefit from treatment with a medication such as an antidepressant or anti-anxiety medicine. The best treatment approach depends on the individual and the severity of his or her symptoms. ‡ Creative therapies (art therapy. feelings and memories they might have hidden from their conscious minds. Treatment is likely to include some combination of the following methods: ‡ Psychotherapy This kind of therapy for mental and emotional disorders uses psychological techniques designed to encourage communication of conflicts and insight into problems. However. as well as to help family members recognize symptoms of a recurrence.and improve relationships.

name. I·ve learned from the psychiatrist who handled Sybil that you should not easily go with the flow or accept what others belief but then you should have faith in your own knowledge and will. and did other physical and emotional abuses which lead her to develop different identities. She fought for her theory that Sybil·s condition is not hysteria but multiple personality disorder (currently known as dissociative identity disorder or DID) even though her fellow psychiatrist are thinking that she·s out of league and its worthy because now DID is an accepted diagnosis. it must be treated because a related cause of DID is severe childhood trauma and severe sexual abuse which a schizophrenic parent is susceptible of. It is when they make comments about it or when they react but analyzing the condition of a character is really challenging. Sybil usually sees thing that she didn·t buy at her cabinet. We also learned that conditions like schizophrenia should not be ignored. use ice water enema on her. alters can talk to each other and sees what happens to the host. Sybil is a good movie and actually I enjoyed watching it with my siblings. Likewise.6. tied her on the piano. people who will claim that they know her but are total strangers to her and usually in a place which she can·t recall she went to. alters take control of Sybil·s body whenever they want to and sometimes do things that frustrate Sybil for example Victoria will shop dresses and shoes using and Sybil will have to return them back to the shop. painting that she doesn·t remember painted. Another possible cause of her disorder is her emotional trauma about her first love that died in front of her eyes. I explained to them about the host does not know that she has alters while alters know that they·re in Sybil·s body. Moreover. And what strikes me at the ending is when they found paintings that use different techniques which suggest that they are painted by different artist using the same hand. she hypnotize each identity to ground them all to the same ages which is eighteen (18). I also began to randomly remember about the discussion like alters has different age. . In the movie Sybil·s mother raped her. gender and right-handedness or left-handedness. Learning Derived Analyzing a movie is actually done of anyone who watched a movie. Another thing which amazed me is the treatment that the psychiatrist used on Sybil.