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12 Nov 2004
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Aro Granite Industries, maker & exporter of granite slabs & tiles, is capitalising on high growth in the US residential construction market. It’s expanding its granite slab capacity by three-fold. The first phase of expansion kicks in next month with 1.5 times rise in production. This will be followed by doubling of production in the middle of next year. Longer term plans include entering value added granite products.

Fair Value Rs.171

Price Rs.48


The stock currently trades at 2.1 times estimated EPS for FY05 and 1.2x estimated EPS for FY06. We expect its net profit to grow at 75% and 32% in FY06 & FY07 respectively. We estimate DCF fair value at around Rs.171. Present value of Free Cash Flows till FY2011 reduced by all debt is more than current market cap – implying substantial margin of safety.

Key Investment Points
Key Data Market Cap Market Cap at fair value Shares Outstanding 52 week High-Low Average Daily Volume BSE 365 days BSE 30 days BSE Scrip Code Shareholding % Promoters – Mar-04 Jun-04 Sep-04 Institutions – Sep-04 Others Stock Performance 3 months 6 months 12 months Multiple Valuation

Rs.337 mn Rs.1.2 bn 7.02 mn Rs.49/Rs.21 No. of shares 8,704 20,876 513729

50.07 50.19 51.05 Nil

Strong demand for granite from the US residential construction market Granite demand is expected to pick up from some European residential markets, non-residential & infrastructure markets going forward Three-fold capacity expansion to meet rising demand and strong order flow Growth in realisations kick in from the current year, input and other costs under check Tax exemption till March 2011 on substantial portion of profits Closure of granite tiles plants in Italy revived tiles business Company has been growing faster than the industry and is likely to keep it up Respect towards minority shareholders

Value Kickers
Capacity expansion in granite tiles not factored in the valuations Forward integration into value added products to further add value

76% 126% 103%
YE Mar-05E 2.3x 2.6x 0.43x 2.1x 0.5x

Party Poopers
Decline or substantial slowdown in the US residential market Substantial weakening of US$ and strengthening of Euro Capacity expansions in the industry beyond the currently envisaged ones may put pressure on realisations
ARO GRANITE [B513729] Price Log 50.00 45.00 40.00

Near Term Likely Triggers • • • 50% rise in capacity effective Dec-04 Further doubling of capacity in Sep-05 Orders-in-hand for next 6 months





Vol 150000

















Company Research: Aro Granite Ltd

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Wooden flooring is significantly expensive too. and is an excellent background for carvings and lettering. processes and exports granite slabs and tiles. Other major players in the granite industry are Pokarna Ltd. score poor on wear & tear and durability. Gem Granites. there are other substitutes like ceramics and wood. Aro Granite has been growing faster than the industry It can be seen from the table below that the company has been growing much faster than the Industry in the past and looking at its ambitious expansion plans. It is used extensively in the construction of public buildings. however. ARO exports almost the entire production except about 5% rejects. Impetus Advisors – Company Research: Aro Granite Ltd Page 2 of 8 . Granite slabs find main application in kitchen tops and granite tiles are used for flooring. Dupont has come out with a Kitchen Top branded as ‘Korean’. Among the international players. Granite is one of the strongest of all dimension building stones. The demand has been so strong that the company has been regularly expanding the capacity for slabs.113mn. The Hosur based company has two manufacturing units near Bangalore. it is difficult to cut and handle because it is extremely hard. Chinese and Italian players offer tough competition. We expect the US residential market to remain strong in calendar 2005 as well. We foresee only a decline in growth rate and not decline in demand for home units. sandstone. Marble has long been edged out by Granite. which is made of synthetic stone-like material. it is likely to outgrow the Industry going forward as well. Other dimension building stones are limestone. and slate. It commenced the slab unit in FY02 with 3 Gangsaws (Gangsaw is the main machine that cuts rough granite blocks into slabs) and added the 4the one in FY03. as interest rates have started rising in the US. Its first unit for making granite tiles was commenced in 1991-92 as 100% EOU. a company with annual sales of Rs. Granite can be polished to a glossy finish. However. Growth in recent years has been driven by granite slabs supplies to the US. Granite is increasingly being preferred over other stones due to its resistance to wear and tear as well as weathering which makes granite ever lasting stone. etc. Granite is a hard coarse-grained rock that makes up a large part of every continent. The growth rate may come down thereafter. In flooring application.Introduction Aro Granite Industries Limited. The US residential construction market has been showing strong growth on the back of falling and low interest rates.675mn and annual net profit of Rs. Key Investment Arguments Rising granite demand from US residential market Half of the company’s sales come from the US and half from many other countries in the world including Europe. There is no other natural substitute to Granite in Kitchen Top application. among others. Crystal Granites. Marble is now a poor cousin of Granite. Madhav Marble & Granites Ltd. The company’s slabs are mainly used for kitchen tops. The most ambitious of all expansion is addition of six additional gangsaws for which civil work and fund raising has started. marble. The company has adequate orders in hand for the next six months. which are sold in the domestic market. It commenced another 100% EOU for granite slabs in FY02. This is however very expensive compared to Granite Kitchen Tops. These. Granite scores over competing products Granite slabs are mainly used as Kitchen Top. These six gangsaws will double its capacity and are likely to commence production from Sep-05. GTP. It is putting up two more gangsaws currently and these are likely to commence production in Dec-04. Most granite can withstand weathering for centuries.

which uses Italian machines.000 Growth % 33% Production Growth % 127. nor does it have to pay any import duty on inputs. the company will not have to pay any tax on its incremental profits.500 50% 203. Realizations Growth – first time in three years The company commenced production of slabs in FY02.100mn and the balance from internal accruals. We expect most of the growth to come from volume growth and market share gain.548 85% 2005E 295. It will incur additional capital expenditure of India Growth % ARO Granite Growth % FY02 20. The task of setting up two of these gangsaws is in full swing and these are likely to begin production from next month. There has also been a shift in demand from granite tiles to granite slabs. The company plans to finance this expansion with debt of Rs. Chinese tiles and vitrified tiles.Granite Exports Rs. Therefore. A number of units with Chinese machines for granite tiles have come up and these units further reduced the market share of players like Aro Granites. Granite slab realizations have grown around 9% as against 3% rise in rough block costs in the first half of FY05.000 square meter of Granite Tiles and 197. Impetus Advisors – Company Research: Aro Granite Ltd Page 3 of 8 . This year for the first time.9 612 14.000 197. it does not have to pay any excise duty. In FY03 and FY04. 2003 2004 Capacity 197. It is expanding its slab capacity three-fold to 591. it has seen rise in realizations despite marginal increase in rough block costs.265mn next year to install the six gangsaws. Closure of granite tiles plants in Italy Over the last three years. It plans to add eight more similar gangsaws to multiply its capacity three-fold. As many players in the industry are undertaking the capacity expansion.7 534 79.060 66% 2007E 591. slab plant will contribute maximum profits and growth. it could not raise slab realization despite an annual 20% rise in rough block costs. Even the expansions being undertaken currently will enjoy tax holiday till FY2011. realizations growth is likely to be muted going forward.470 297 FY03 24. It may go for expansion of tiles capacity thereafter as it is operating at 99% capacity utilization in tiles plant.895 69% 2006E 591. granite tiles market has seen many changes.000 square meter by Sep05. which are expected to commission production in Sep-05. Profit from the tiles business is now fully taxable.225mn and rights issue of equity shares to the extent of Rs.300 18. The company has spent Rs. Granite Slabs: Growth in capacity and production YE Mar 31.8 FY04 25. will continue to enjoy 100% tax holiday till March-2011.000 2. chipped away a large pie of the tiles market.150mn on these two gangsaws and the civil work for additional six gangsaws. As it’s a 100% EOU and exports its entire production.586 65% 167.6 Three-fold capacity expansion underway to meet rising demand Aro Granite currently has capacity to make 180.720 92% The company currently has four gangsaws of identical capacity.000 100% 390. This is a significant improvement over the last two years and points at the strength of demand for granite slabs. Going forward. which was commissioned in 1991-92 completed 10 year tax holiday at the end of FY01. which was commissioned in FY02. Granite slab plant. which cost only one third of granite tiles.000 square meters of Granite Slabs.000 543. Tax exemption to granite slab unit till March 2011 Aro’s granite tile plant.

There is a need to target customers in non-residential and infrastructure segments. as these sectors are expected to witness accelerated growth rate going forward. South Africa. we observe that other costs across the board have been very well controlled Longer term plans include value added granite products After the current expansion in slab capacity. Some of the granite companies have gone into making monuments. we see some sign of sanity in pricing of rough blocks this year. France is expected to see accelerated growth in residential as well as non-residential construction in 2005 and possibly beyond. Most of the Indian granites are not available in other parts of the world. Moreover. Costs of packing material (mostly imported from Italy and South Africa) have been brought last two years despite strengthening Euro. rough block costs have increased by only about 3% this year. the company may add further value to its granite slabs. this year. It is currently operating at full capacity in tiles. which are highly inequitable and unfair to minority shareholders. road & port infrastructure. realizations have not improved yet. This combined with low labor cost for quarrying and processing gives India a competitive edge over other granite producing countries like China. There does not appear any more scope to However. Respect towards minority shareholders While we do not consider it sagacious for the company to raise equity at this point in time (more on this later). Indian players have structural difficulties in breaking into these segments. Its granite has unique colors & grains and is of good quality. Despite rise in volumes. the company also intends to raise the capacity of tiles. Based on the demand for granite slabs and availability of rough blocks. However. of rough block forced the company to look for cost reduction in other area. At a time when there are spates of preferential issues and private placements including issue of convertible warrants. but we understand this business requires a totally different skill sets. rising interest rate may cause slowdown in growth rate after 2005. the decision to go for the rights issue shows respect towards minority shareholders. Spiraling costs consumable & down over the cut costs here. particularly large projects. it can convert slabs into kitchen tops. and Norway. The company is currently operating at 99% capacity in tiles. Rights issue is the fairest and most equitable mode of raising equity for existing companies. These structural difficulties include use of outdated technology at quarry sites. Brazil. which has ventured into readymade garments. the choice of rights issue mode to raise equity wins our hearts. Though quality variation impacts costs. Rough block costs showing sign of sanity now After witnessing 20% annual rise in the cost of rough block (for slabs) in FY03 and FY04. Longer term. the company is willing to further expand in granite slabs.Sales volume of granite tiles have picked up again in the current year. the company intends to grow in this line of business itself and has no plans to diversify into unrelated areas unlike some of the other industry players like Pokarna Ltd. cost of rough granite blocks for tiles has been falling and this has made it more profitable than what it was in the past couple of years. After the current expansion in slabs. Impetus Advisors – Company Research: Aro Granite Ltd Page 4 of 8 . Risks / Concerns Rising interest rates may slowdown growth in US residential market While the US residential market is expected to be strong in calendar 2005. For example. the company may also go for expansion in granite tiles. The company may do well to lay special emphasis on pockets of strength in Europe like France. India uniquely placed among granite producers in the world India has large granite reserves of wide variety. as a few tiles plant in Italy have closed down due to high labor cost. Going forward.

A few bad bocks can alter the average yields significantly. machineries. This puts a lid on business scalability. etc). The company does not seem to have a good bargaining position vis-à-vis customers too. can not be relied on to act in good faith in procurement. it has witnessed rise in rupee realization for slabs in the first half of the current year. Even here. the bargaining power does not exist. Even in the face of 20% annual rise in cost of rough blocks. It is not easy to backward integrate into granite quarrying. We understand the key problems are hold of local strongmen over quarries and involvement of cash transactions. The company gets payment almost after four months. though trained & skilled. Export of rough blocks has also been growing due to demand from other countries for rough blocks. Ability to procure rough blocks is a key limitation Procurement of rough granite blocks is a key function in this business. An incentive & disincentive system with owner-like payoffs should be explored to overcome this key constraint. abrasives. This can partially set off risk to realizations due to weakening US$. will exert pressure on realizations once these capacities become operational. The large scale capacity expansion. What we understand from our interaction with the management of granite companies is that owners’ involvement in procurement is a must. the company could not raise the price of granite slabs in FY03 and FY04. the practice carries risk. Skill in block selection is a key success factor. For companies like Aro Granite. Other players in India also expanding capacity Other Granite slab makers in India are also expanding capacity or considering expanding capacity. Cost of quarrying rough granite blocks have been increasing due to rise in royalty rates and cost of petroleum products. Average growth in rupee realization was around 9% in the first half of FY05. One possibility is to take US$ denominated debt instead of rupee debt and convert as much rupee debt into US$ debt as possible. spares) are from Italy and invoiced in Euro. as employees. This practice is common in the industry. Consumables (diamond tools. This may prove double whammy for the company as the trend in both these currencies is against the company at present. spares are imported from Italy. granite slab realizations remained unchanged but rough block prices were raised by 20% per annum. This indicates that the strong demand from the US has given it some leeway in its bargaining position vis-à-vis customers and this is a good omen. The company needs a way to guard itself against this adverse trend in US$/Euro. Weak bargaining position vis-à-vis suppliers and customers Granite processors have a weak bargaining position vis-à-vis suppliers. For the first time ever since the company started granite slab production. The increased cost is being passed on to slab and tiles makers. Madhav Marble & Granites (MMG) is mulling capacity expansion by adding two Gangsaws. USD realization were higher than 9%. which is the best source for these inputs. Most of its imports (consumables. Impetus Advisors – Company Research: Aro Granite Ltd Page 5 of 8 . Aro Granite exports almost half of its production to the US. This has reduced the availability of rough blocks for Indian processors. As rupee appreciated in the first half of FY05 compared to the average of FY05. It’s also planning backward integration into granite quarrying. Most of the supplies to US distributors are without letter of credit. which is a sign of improved confidence in the sector. The business can be scaled up only to the extent of owner managers’ capacity to procure good quality blocks. Among the listed companies. During FY03 & FY04. where promoters come from the north.Weakening US$ and strengthening Euro Half of the company’s sales is to the US and invoiced in US$. Yield of final products depends a great deal on proper choice of blocks. there is a language barrier as well in the south. Rough blocks are normally paid for in advance. Though bad debts have not been significant in the past.

Sunil Arora’s family has been in the business of building material supplies in Delhi and Mr.105mn taking 1:2 ratio for rights. 2% annual growth in slab realizations. 1. These families together hold 51.Planned rights issue shows lack of financial sagacity Aro Granite has very low operating leverage. Delhi and Mr.05% of the company. At the current price of Rs. Valuation and key underlying assumptions We estimate discounted cash flow value per stock at around Rs. Mr. The company has been maintaining a sub-optimal financial leverage at around 33% (33% of capital employed came from debt). This will be shareholder value accretive even if it meant lower credit rating and a little higher rate of interest.48. the stock trades at 2. Present value of the company’s likely free cashflows over the next six years reduced by all debt is greater than its current market capitalization. Prem Arora’s family has been in construction business.171 at 18% cost of equity (Rs. Impetus Advisors – Company Research: Aro Granite Ltd Page 6 of 8 . they can do it better by creeping acquisition than by rights issue.70mn to Rs. the stock offers significant appreciation potential. it’s the best option.tremendous margin of safety. We have assumed an increase in equity from the present Rs. Sunil Arora is a chemistry graduate from St Stephens. 5% annual growth in rough block cost.210 at 15% CoE). Over the last five years. This implies that you are not paying for some uncertain cashflows in distant future but relatively certain cashflows over the next six years -. managing director and Mr. Prem Arora is from IIT-Delhi. Key assumptions are (a) debt/equity of at least 0.48. Mr. Granite was thus a related filed for both of them.100mn from the rights issue. Ownership and Management Major ownership of the company is with two Arora Families of Delhi.5 times. whole time director are key management personnel. Mr. As shares are highly undervalued. If promoters want to invest more funds into the company. At the current price of Rs. It had very stable operating margins in the past. Such a company should use high financial leverage to create greater shareholder value. debt has never been more than 40% of Capital Employed at year ends. Our analysis shows that an optimum financial leverage (debt to capital employed) would be 65-70% for Aro Granite. The company plans to raise around Rs. Sunil Arora. no growth in tiles realizations and optimum capacity utilization.2x estimated EPS for FY06 and just 53% of estimated book value at the end of Mar-05. Prem Arora.1x estimated EPS for FY05.

4 35.71 Sep-03 6 300 75 9 66 7 1 59 7 52 47 14. Mn. Pref.9 13.4 24.26 1.6 34.0 50.0 1.5 Sep-03 6 24.5 0.3 -6.3 1.9 0.105 0 318 33 Financing Cash Flow Rs.35 Mar-07P 12 1.3 Ratios No.5 0.8 4. of months: Revenues EBIT PBT Adj.1 3.) Stress Value per share (Rs.0 Quarterly Ratios % No.6 30.) Sep-04 6 363 97 9 88 10 6 85 5 80 70 22.3 34.2 0.) (cum-right) Mar-05E 12 776 182 168 157 22.4 53.6 Bps Chg.7 75.718 413 376 366 52. of months: EBITDA / Sales EBIT / Sales Tax/PBT Material cost/sales Staff cost/sales Other cost/sales Sep-04 6 26.2 17. PV of NCL Equity Value Fair Value Range (Rs.8 16.1 0. No.1 5.9 0.9 18. +198 +263 +234 -25 -406 Impetus Advisors – Company Research: Aro Granite Ltd Page 7 of 8 .7 -32.3 34.0 53. Cap. Key Assumptions Terminal Growth Rate WACC Cost of Equity DCF Valuation NPV FY05 to FY12 NPV Terminal Cash Flows PV of non-operating assets Contingent Liabilities @ 100% Enterprise Value Debt. Cash flow Cash Flow to Investors Mar-05E 12 171 95 75 151 (76) 0 (76) Mar-06P 12 303 273 29 265 (235) 0 (235) Mar-07P 12 401 242 159 0 160 0 160 Balance Sheets Rs.07 Multiple Valuation EV/EBITDA x EV/EBIT x Mkt.7 56.5 Mar-06P 1.RM Advance to suppliers days Mar-05E 12 26.200 150-197 171 89 % 2.0 32. of months: Post-tax Interest Repayment/ (issue) of Debt Equity Share Dividend Buyback/Redn/ (issue) of equity shares Increase in excess cash Financing Cash Flow Mar-05E 12 13 9 7 (105) 0 (76) Mar-06P 12 27 (277) 16 0 0 (235) Mar-07P 12 36 96 28 0 0 160 Quarterly Rs.Income Statement Rs.) Per share Value (Rs. Assets Net Block Investments Net Current Assets Liabilities Equity Capital (post right) Reserves Preference Capital Debt Non-Current Liab.43 Mar-06P 12 1. Mn. Mn. Mar-05E 391 0 411 105 527 0 137 33 Mar-06P 656 0 672 105 776 0 414 33 Mar-07P 656 0 904 105 1.3 110 32 49 17 Free Cash Flow Rs.0 53.4 0.7 42. PAT EPS (Rs.2 29.5 110 33 49 17 Mar-07P 12 33.1 0. Mn No.2 110 38 49 17 Mar-06P 12 66.19 0.0 15. of months: Revenue Growth % EPS Growth % RoE % D/E x Receivables days Inventory days .5 21.3 2.) 625 704 21 0 1. Mn.4 Mar-07P 1. No. of months NOPLAT Change in Net Working Capital Operating Cash Flows Net Capex & others Free Cash Flow Non-opr.5 12.350 151 1.6 0. Cap/Sales x P/E x Price/Book x Mar-05E 2. No.84 Var % 21.43 2. of months: Net Revenues EBITDA Depreciation EBIT Interest Other Income PBT Tax PAT Equity Capital EPS –annualised (Rs.FG -. Mn.0 DCF Valuation Rs.281 315 287 276 39.

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