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Drgdrishya Vivek

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Total Number of Episodes: 35

Total Playback duration: 32 hours

Compilation provided by: Anand Vrindavan

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Drgdrishya Vivek
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj


Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Lec 01 1 Introduction P001-012

Same vasthu has 2 names Brahma & Jiva One is correct & other incorrect
Viveka (Discrimination) between Drg(seer) & Drsya (Seen)
Two Drk- Seers one mediated through sense organs & another
who sees without mediation ( directly)
Vicara is a vikshepa in Yoga while Samadhi is a laya in Vedanta
Form is seenby eyes which are again seen by Mind
Sakshi sees mental Vrittis while there is no seer of Sakshi

Lec 02 1-3 Eyes see various shapes,colours etc & Mind sees various qualities of P013-026
eyes such as clear, clouded etc
Vedanta is not sadhana but understanding properly "What is"
Without being born Brahma appears as objects
Knowerhood only when there is Triputi & not otherwise
Only a seeker of Truth is eligible for this knowledge
Factually there is no Drsya in the locus called as Drsta
The division is merely mayika

Lec 03 1 This teaching is not regarding an other Iswara but one's own Self P027-041
Until Atma is experienced as Non Dual Brahma Dukha is not eliminated
Is Brahma a Sadhana Sadhya Vasthu or not - Primary question
Vedanta's words are not for belief but to see actually & experience it
Culmination of Vedanta- There is nothing other than "I"
Brahma should be known - mere adhyaropa as it is the very substratum
for all suppositions & hence not a Jneya Vasthu

Lec 04 Discussion on Sukha & Dukha P042-056

As long as there is identification with body there is no avoiding dukha
Doership ( Kartrtva) is a major problem leading to Papa & Punya
A true sadhaka sees defects in one's own self rather than others
A jnani sees neither defects in himself or others
Bhoga is merely a Sukhakaar vritti in mind & not in external objects
Any dependence on external things is Dukha
When all experiences, things, people are coming & going I remain the
knower of their presence & abscence - Hence bigger than everything
This knowledge not available to one with an agitated mind or a sick body

Lec 05 Mutual transference of Gunas of Drsya with Drsta P057-071

Identification with Drsya as mine is the main problem
Nature never gives Dukha it is only in "I" & "mine"
Neither does Iswara give Dukha Only Ignorance causes dukha
Drsta means put yourself in that position where there is no identification
with whatever is being seen
Drsta is Asangha, Udaseena & Swatantra ( Independent & Unattached )
Learn not only to accumulate but also to give up

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Drgdrishya Vivek
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Lec 06 Drg Drsya Viveka is Atma Anatma Viveka P072-085
Discussion on Shanthi path - Bhadram Karne Bhi Shrunuyama etc
4 levels of mistake -Seeking pleasure in outside things, Manorama Abhimana & Abhyasa
Self is the dearest of all things dear to one
If you cannot extricate yourself from Dukha there is nothng in creation that will free you
Drsta teaching is to eliminate Abhimana janya sukha
Important discussion on next Viveka - No establishing Second object
without first Drsta becoming evident
Become Pure first before you approach Iswara !

Lec 07 Saakshi Drg eva Na Tu Drsyathe discussion continues P086-099

Iswara alone is what is desired by one & all knowingly or unknowingly!
What you seek is infinite & where you seek is in finite things
Time space & Objects do not condition Drsta but only Drsya
When you are no longer identified with limited Body you become one with Iswara
Drg Drsya viveka frees one from Pramtr
Pramatr is one who sees value in pramana operated Prameya & seeks
that alone for his status
Abhava of Antahkarana is Maya & Iswara has this Maya within Himself

Lec 08 Even when all differences are cognised Seer remains One P100-112
Discussion on " Shannomitra Sham Varunah "
Identification with many vrittis of mind such as sukha, dukha etc causes
notion of I am Dukhi I am Sukhi etc
Important to experience That I am different from whatever I See
Abhasavada & Pratibimbavada discussion
Drsta as seen in Sankhya, Yoga & Vedanta

Lec 09 Discussion continues on nature of Drsta P113-127

***** Discussion on " Namo Brahmane Namasthe Vayo"
Drg Drsya Viveka is Tvam Pada Pradhana Brahma Sakshaatkar upaya
Important discussion on three types of Drsta - Bhava, Abhimana &
finally the True all pervasive Drsta.
Difference in Yoga & Sankhya regarding Drsta

Lec 10 1-5 Discussion continues on nature of Drsya P128-139

***** Why is knowledge attained through senses not true ?
4 questions one needs to ask regarding Drsta/ Drsya
No knowledge of Bheda without identification with antahkarana Vritti
Discussion on Samanyadhikarana & Vyadhikarana
Drsta sees presence & abscence of time space & objects
Important - Are you Drsta or do you need to become Drsta ?
Divisions in antahkarana cannot touch Drsta
There can be no dividing line between Drsya & Drsta

Lec 11 1-5 Need for alambana to reach Iswara P140-153

Without desire for the Lord where is worship & Understanding
Alambana of shapes & colors to see Eyes & capacity of eyes to know manas
Difference between Sadhana & Pramana
To Know one's own self what is needed is Pramana rather than Sadhana
Vedanta needed to know the adwitiya nature of Brahma
Nature of Satvik manas
All desires, doubts, Shradda Ashraddha etc belong to mind alone
What is experienced outside is in fact an expression of what is inside

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Drgdrishya Vivek
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Lec 12 5 Discussion on Asangha nature of Drsta P154-165
"Bhadram Karnebhih " Shanti mantra discussion
All darshanas consider Atma is different from Body except charuvaka
Culmination of Drsta vicara is in Self alone
Neither birth nor death or Atma & always effulgent
Birth & Death are merely inferences based on birth & Death of Upadhis

Lec 13 5 Discussion on non-destructive nature of Atma P166-179

"Purnah Purnamidam " Shanthi mantra discussion
True nature of Sushupthi is Mithya whether seen or not
No Pragabhava or Pradhvamsabhava for Chaitanyam
Atma remains knower of all changes in Jagat including body
Effulgence of Atma is not dependent on another
Nature of Guru discussion Whither Iswara or one's own Self ?
Learn from All

Lec 14 5 Swayamprakasha nature of Atma P180-190

"Sahana Avathu" Shanti mantra Discussion
Need for properly understanding the True meaning of "I"
Nirvikar Swayamprakash is swarupa of Parameshwara
Punarjanma is not for Atma. nor for Antahkarna Merly identification &
considering antahkarana as mine & real, causes punarjanma
All questions regarding travel is remaining with Avidya alone

Lec 15 5 Discussion on " No witness for Drsta ' P191-201

Meaning of "Shanti Shanti, Shanti "
Swasthi No Stharkshi... Discusion
Difference between Nitya & Vibhu
All distinctions of Time, space etc are merely due to identification with
Body & do not exist factually
What does Vedanta actually do ?
Travel towards destination starts from where we are
Knowing Self distinct from body alone makes Brahmajnana possible
What is the real Granthi ( Bondage)
Discussion on Fear of Death

Lec 16 6 Dual nature of Antahkarana P202-212

Why agitation in mind - 6 causes
Bhadram Karnebhi discussion
Vedanta can only teach by negation
Drsta & Drsya are in reality one & same
Drsti eva Shrishti & Vice versa hence neither Drsti nor Shrshti
A desireless person can never indulge in action

Lec 17 6 Know from where you are getting your teaching P213-225
3 things to know in life - Body is known, Abhasa inside body is known
Unattachedness of knowledge
Through Chitchaya alone Buddhi grasps things
Vrittiman is a mere notional existence
Discussion on Vivartha Creation
Not discriminating between 2 similiar things is at root of adhyasa
Discrimination between Pramtr, Sakshi & Mistaken Sakshi
3 types of Bhranthi

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Drgdrishya Vivek
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Lec 18 Viveka of Nitya & Anitya P226-234
Other than Viveka no other upaya for elimination of Dukha
Locus of Dukha is always in the mind & never elsewhere
6 qualities of a Vairagi

Lec 19 7-11 3 Types of Tadatmya - Sahaja, Bhrantija & Prarabdaja P235-249

First step in path of Parameshwara is to try to understand the meaning
of many words heard properly
Second step is to concentrate on subject matter of enquiry
Third step is Vedanta
Bhranthi due to non understanding of True swarupa
Knowledge is bigger than space which contains the entire universe
Drsya is within Drsti of Drsta & Drsti is non seperate fo Drsta
Laya of Ahankara is Sushupthi, partial is Swapna & when active Jagrat
Mithyathva of Swapna
4 important things in sadhana

Lec 20 11-17 Discuusion continues on unreality of 3 avasthas P250-266

2 issues - 1 What is to be acheived & 2 how should be the tool needed
Important to be Truthful without which no seeking Paramatma
Saakshi is also aropitha on vasthu
What is seen is Jada & what Sees is Chetana
Paramatma sometimes expresses himself as Sakaar & sometimes as Nirvikaar
What remains in all changes is the True Drsta
Manas is Vritti(Vyavahar) & Ahankar is Vrittiman (Doer/Enjoyer)
All 3 avasthas keep coming & going while Atma illumines all 3
Owning up the actions of 3 avasthas is at root of all dukha

Lec 21 14/15 Determined & brave alone can have this knowledge P267-282
Fearlessness is Brahma
One's Swarupa is my true location & sometimes get down into various avasthas
But my Sathyathva is in these ephemeral states & not swarupa
Make your mind such that it does not get stuck in any situation
Need for strength of Shanthi, Sahana & Concentration for this knowledge
When mind is completely still then world disappears
What is appearing as Creation is Brahma alone
Important discussion on nature of Avidya & Brahma
Same Brahma appears as Drsta & Drsya & hence all Bheda

Lec 22 14-20 Discussion continues on true nature of Creation P283-296

Never think that Attainable is vey difficult Nor Very easy
Never mulch over others defects but rather on Iswara's Glory
Various goals presented by darshanas are really one & same
Purity of Ahara (intake/food) essential to grasp this teaching
Bheda really means distinct & not different
Avarana shakthi is what covers Brahma & makes it appear as Samsara
Asthi, Bhathi, & Priyam belong to Brahma & Nama & Rupa to Jagat
There can never be Amsha (part) in Infinite (Ananta)

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Drgdrishya Vivek
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Lec 23 19-22 Lack of any differences whatsoever in Brahma P297-311
Sadhana Chaushtayah Sampatthi of a Sadhakha
Nature of Maya - Make things appear where they are not
Om contains all letters & numbers
All transactions possible only when all 5 are there Asthi,Bhaathi,Priyam
Nama & Rupa
Only Names & Forms makes Adwitiya Brahma appear as Many
Sanmatra & Chinmatra are not 2 different things but one & same
Nature of Samadhi - how to attain it

Lec 24 21-24 How to attain this Knowledge P312-326

Eligiblity of one & all to attain this knowledge
Antahkarana Ashuddhi is thinking of things other than Paramatma
5 ways of obtaining antahkarana shuddhi
Nothing wrong in taking support of an Alambana to reach the Goal
True Samadhi is that in which Atma & Brahma are One
2 Types of Samadhi - Savikalpa & Nirvikalpa
Further division of Savikapla into Drsya & Shabda ( As Alambana)

Lec 25 24/25 Discussion continues on nature of Samadhi P327-342

One who is not Truthful can never find this Ultimate Truth
5 Do's & Don'ts for Samadhi
Various regimens to be followed for attaining Samadhi
Nature of Savikalpa Samadhi
What appears in mind is not me,nor mine nor real - Mere appearences
Unless you identify with those changes then you remain a Sakshi
If Atma were to become Dukhi then who would be Witness to this ?

Lec 26 25 Discussion continues on Samadhi P343-359

Samadhi as seen in Yoga Darshana
Pratyahara, Iswara Pranidhana,Dharana & Dhyana
Get rid of Lobha, Moha etc but not Sadhana
Elements such as water , prithivi etc are by nature Pure
2 types of Asangatha - Lotus in water & Blueness in Sky

Lec 27 26 Discussion on Nirvikalpa Samadhi P360-374

Abhyasa & Vairagya are important in Samadhi
Even Devas who have not had Tatva Jnana have Punarjanma
Have Shraddha in Sadhana
Difference in Vedanta from Yoga & Sankhya schools
True nature of Vyavahara Shuddhi
Ananda in its pure form & its discussion
LIke no Earth without water , No Jada without Chetana
Giving up all Triputi divisions - that in which all 3 are seen is your nature

Lec 28 27-30 Samadhi Discussion continues P375-390

Neccesity of Satsang, Vairagya & Viveka in attaining Samadhi
Which in turn takes away all pratibandhas for Mahavakya to work
Just like internal sadhana , external attention is also essential
Eliminate all Names & Forms from objects & see in its innate nature
Until identification with body goes away Paramartha Jnana is unattained
For a Jnani wherever the mind goes there is samadhi
There is no Death or Birth for Nitya Shuddha Buddha Mukta Atma
For a Jnani Samsara & Samadhi are not different

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Drgdrishya Vivek
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Lec 29 31 Discussion continues on Samadhi & Jnani P391-407
Abhaya & its nature
Do not get caught up in too many books & Shastra
Vedanta says only negate after proper enquiry & never before
If you do so you will remain in Avidya alone
Adhyaropa Apavad is main Prakriya of Vedanta
All knots of Avidya are gone on knowing this Principle properly
True nature of Sakshatkara of Paramatma
3 Types of Adhyasa

Lec 30 31-34 All doubts resolved in wake of Knowledge P408-419

All differences are merely imaginations in one Unitary Principle
All existence belongs to Sakshi alone & differences only in Name & Form
"IS" or "Asthi" is the means to know Paramatma
Speciality of Adwaitha is Liberation even while Living
No regrets , doubts or duties for Jnani
Paramartha is that which is inherent in & through all

Lec 31 32-34 Discussion continues on nature of Jnani P420-432

Me & Mine both within & without is Papa
Defects at level of Body, mind etc based on Shastra
Varna Vibhaga is to regulate actions & not discriminate
That Omnipresent Atma is unconditioned by fragmented conditionings
Sukhi, Dukhi are all in chidabhasa & not in Chaitanyam

Lec 32 34-39 Oneness of Jiva & Brahma P433-445

Analogy of pot space & Space being non different
Nature of Jiva, Iswara & Jagat in its essential nature
All bheda is within Chidabhasa alone
Nature of Maya in Brahma
As long there is Kapata within seeker it covers both Seer & Seen with
Maya & this is the obstruction in realising Paramatama
Ignorance is being asleep to facts

Lec 33 39-43 Nature of Awakening from Ignorance P446-458

3 orders of reality- Paramrthika, Vyavaharika & Pratibhasika
Profundity of Rope serpent example & Swapna example
Mithya merely means not innately true but is dependent on another
42-45 Paramrthika Jiva is none other than Brahma
Division of Chetana & Jada in various darshanas

Lec 34 44-46 Jivanmukthi possible in Adwaitha Vedanta P459-469

Vedanta shravana etc is to eliminate all bhranthi in this life & not to
produce any Adrsta for a future life
Sannomitra Sham Varunah description
Drsta seesDrsya as seperate but Drsya is never seperate from Drsta
Mind alone is friend, foe, papa, punya etc
True Sakshi is Sachidananda
Vicara eliminates Ajnana while Samadhi eliminates Vikshepa When both
are together the it is Swayamprakasha Brahma alone

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Drgdrishya Vivek
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Lec 35 Question & Answer session
Iswara can never have Paroksha Jana & Always Aparoksha Jnana
All events are directly experienced by Iswara- No memory
Tips for sadhaka regarding Raga Dwesha
Purity in food , utensils, place, cook etc
Why worship of Murthy ( Form)
Sanyasi Niyama
Rasa Lila of Sr Krishna


-: End of document :-

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