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tambah, cik ikgu Nota ringkas ini bukanlah siap sepenuhnya. Jika ada tokok tambah, sila emailkan kepada cikgu dan ikgu science’ ini. cikgu akan masukkan ke dalam nota ringkas `science’ PMR ini. Semoga semua pelajar MAHER dapat PMR’ A dalam Sains PMR dan `straight A in PMR’ NOTA RINGKAS & tip exam `SCIENCE’ PMR 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Apa yang ditanya, JAWAPAN ada dalam soalan. (baca betul betul apa soalan nak…) pa ditanya, betul-betul Baca soalan dan fikirkan soalan itu dibawah tajuk APA? Pemahaman kertas 2 emahaman i. label ii. fungsi mesti tulis nama dulu baru fungsi …….. External caliper – internal caliper = ex in/2 = thickness ex-in/2 Different/beza – mesti tulis apa beza kedua dua alat/experiment/observation ….. kedua-dua Observation – jangan senaraikan yg negative (bukan, tidak), yg tak Nampak, yg tak dpt dirasai …… Unicellular – amoeba, paramecium, euglena, yeast, chlamydomonas, plurococus paramecium, chlamydomonas, Multicellular – fish, rabbit, hydra, bird, fern, mucor, spirogyra, moss , CELL
Cell Animal

Plant Onion cell salah

Part Cell membrane Nucleus ucleus Cytoplasm ytoplasm Cell wall Chloroplast hloroplast Vacuole acuole Nucleus ucleus Cell membrane

Function Control substance in/out of the cell. Control all activities in the cell. Place chemical process occur. Jelly like substance contain nutrient. Jelly-like To protect, maintain shape Contain chlorophyll Contain cell sap & excretory product


a. b.

C.T.O.S ? simple S.O Matter
Has mass Occupies space

complex (cell, tissue, organ, system, organization)

13. a. b. c.

Matter – state – solid, liquid, gaseous
Experiment - Arrange of particles Blue copper (ii) sulphate diffuse into gel – show the solid gel are arrange close together. Purple Potassium permanganate crystal diffuse i to water ….. fairly close together into Reddish-brown Reddish brown bromine gas diffuses quickly into air …… loosely arranged

14. 15.

K-Melting, L-boiling, L-evaporatio P,N-sublimation – absorb heat Melting, boiling, evaporation, sublimation M-Condensation, J-freezing, – release heat Condensation, J


18. 19. 20. 21. 22.

Density = Mass/volume formula seg segitiga spt V.I.R, P.V.I.{Power (watt)=Voltage (V ) x Current (A)} lihat no 94 , )} Denser – sink & Less denser – float (liquid or solid) Resources – element, compound, mixtures. Element – one type of particles (metal & non non-metal) Metal heat – expand, particles vibrate faster, space between particles increase expand, SOLID LIQUID
Absorb heat





absorb heat

release heat

release heat

Element – 3 state (solid, liquid, gaseous)

Keep constant/fix/control constant/fix/control malar/disamakan keep the same b. distillation. responding variable hasil akhir experiment /yg nak dicari/diukur measured Metal Properties NNON METAL properties NON a. natural gas. Kinetic energy (min) . Magnetic. volume of solute DIFFERENT a. 25.NOTA RINGKAS SCIENCE PMR CIKGU ZAIDI SMK DATO` AHMAD MAHER ZAIDI-SMK mohdzaidi@maher. temperature of solvent.very soluble c. manipulated manipulasi / berubah changed (yg diubah) c. blue litmus solution test presence of CO2 (blue to red. 33. High melting point (except mercury) f. physically combined Separating mixture – sifting (tapis sieve-ayak). Black/dull good absorber Luar Increase 28. A.kill bacteria in food dilute sulphuric acid – electrolysis .acid) lihat text book form 3 blue f. i. l. petroleum Solubility – size of solute.T. potential energy (max) & kinetic energy (max). Good conductor of heat g. tapis. Density – high low density Resources – S. sodium bicarbonate supply CO2 b. Good conductor of electricity h. b.acid) red e. naphthalene) naphthalene). acidified potassium dichromate (VII) – to test sulphur dioxide – ora orange to green potassium manganate crystal (VII) supply oxygen – chp 6 F3 dilute hydrochloric acid – stomach . anhydrous calcium chloride absorb water vapour g. Variable a. filtration. j. k. evaporation & sublimation (iodine. 32. chemically combined H2O – water (hydrogen + oxygen) hydrogen CO2 – carbon dioxide (carbon + oxygen) HN3 – Ammonia (hydrogen + nitrogen) Compound can be separated – electricity (chemically process) called electrolysis : copper + chlorine element element Compound electrolysis Copper chloride -----------------26. M. Shiny/hard dull surface b. bicarbonate indicator test presence of CO2 (red to yellow .my 23. Very Hard -Solid (except mercury) e. sodium hydroxide solution absorb CO2 . + - good radiator (pemancar cahaya) pemancar Dalam alam Decrease ecrease Sumber haba Reading of thermometer HITAM 29. 27. Malleable – shaped/bent/pull /bent/pull non-malleable c. Fossil fuel – coal.acid) lihat SPS rokok red d. 31. 24. decantation. decantation.more conductivity distillation – kill microorganism in water remove suspended substances & dissolves substances . c. acidified potassium manganate (VII) test presence of sulphur dioxide – purple to colourless (acid gas… lime water pun boleh guna) h. separating funnel. ayak). Ductile – dawai not ductile d.more two type of particles. a. L. stirring. hydrogen carbonate indicator test presence of CO2 (red to yellow . potential energy (min) Compound – two or more type of particles. 30. W. Mixture .

renim coagulate milk liquid milk solid milk ii.) melting vs dilute (lebur & cair) ………kehidupan harian heat vs temperature i.distillation u. many blood capillary. temperature air pressure 3buoyancy of water – ability to move/float in water Stability 4 – centre of gravity. Fiber/H2O constipation VERSE a.I. cara kira sudut mesti dari Normal line hydrochloric acid vs dilute sulphuric acid FACTOR Short-sightedness & Long-sightedness 2 factors– eye ball is too long/short. h. convection .vacuum condensation . i. q.heat flow through light . a. exhalation vs inhalation ) ingat (Thoracic Cavity berhubung songsang dgn air pressure): inhale – TC increase. geotropism. Vitamin D rickets (weak bones) c. 35. 37. warm blooded vs cold blooded – warm – body temperature remain constant/not change with surrounding temperature e. b.vitamin soluble in water b. i. Exchange of gases efficient in alveolus 3 thin. short-sightedness vs long-sightedness figure – beza short/long c.bacteria & fungi fungi – decompose dead plant bacteria – decompose dead animal water displacement method siphon . hydrotropism.1cm3 REPLACE sodium hydroxide solution – potassium hydroxide solution (absorb CO2) . e. . Iron anaemia (pucat) d. Sensitivity of skin .. j. k. t.K. Vitamin C scurvy – bleeding gum A. n. c.G. r. sublimation /pemejalwapan (solid changes directly into gas without melting first and vise versa) ex iodine crystal change to purple iodine vapour when heated Pipette – measure fixed/specific volume 10cm3. eye lens is too thick/thin balance diet 5evaporation 3 – wind..NOTA RINGKAS SCIENCE PMR CIKGU ZAIDI-SMK DATO` AHMAD MAHER mohdzaidi@maher. land breeze (night) radiation . temperature is the degree of hotness or coldness incident ray vs reflected ray …. Weight (Newton) vs mass (Kg) b. h. surface area. number of receptor Jus gaster a. f.heat flow through liquid or gaseous –sea breeze. Diffusion end product of digestion (villi) Lung damage 3 . base area ………. dilute hydrochloric acid – kill bacteria in food b. enzyme i. decomposer . s. – move toward stimuli. 36.Thickness of the epidermis b. Protein kwashiorkor – stunted growth e. 34. …………. acid vs alkali (ingat pH atau masam/pahit) evaporation vs boiling (temperature. . 25cm3. AP decrease raTA TArik .B. phototropism. d. p.E.D. g. monocular vision vs stereoscopic vision (kebaikan pada monocular kelemahan pada stereoscopic dan sebaliknya) d. pepsin digests protein peptone Deficiency a.A. nastic movement – move away f. heat is energy ii.C. 50cm3 Burette – measure accurate 0. thigmotropism.Benedict – Fehling solution (test presence of glucose) & Egg white – albumen a. 38. l.vitamin soluble in fat B.? conduction – heat flow through solid – thumbtacks at the rod fall off C. m.diaphgram g.changing gas to liquid . o. whole/only surface ….

parasitism).……………………. TEST a. 45. litmus paper 2.CO2 + heat energy + light energy Hydrocarbon/alcohol . Bennedict Fehling test presence of glucose b. 43. second class. Aquous humour ……………. 46.. SAME NAME a. Combustion carbon + oxygen ----. Lever ….. j. Vitreous humuor …………………. JUST KIDDING a. Test water – cobalt chloride paper – blue to pink . Lime juice air limau – acid – litmus paper blue to red c. Amylase. Test starch – iodine solution dark blue f.……………………. Semi circular canal not involve in hearing to balance body to balance both side of the ear/AIR PRESSURE b. Shark . Test acid 1. prey-predator. 44. Albumen egg white protein TAKE CARE a. remora-shark. 42.NOTA RINGKAS SCIENCE PMR CIKGU ZAIDI-SMK DATO` AHMAD MAHER mohdzaidi@maher. 48. Blind spot .L.P. Water – water vapour c. mutualism. Prey –predator betul.……………………. Liver produce bile – stored at gall bladder d. predator-prey salah j. Image form in the retina 3 b. Test fat – alcohol/ethanol/filter paper milky mixture/emulsion/translucent spot g. Lime water air kapur – alkali. INTERACTION – symbiosis (commensalism.CO2 + water + heat + light energy b. Concave lens ……………………..E’. 41. SAME FUNCTION a. Except – size of surface contact (base area contact) can measure using S. Pancreas produce 3 type of enzyme (Protease. pH paper 3. e. litmus paper 2. stirrup b. Yellow spot ………………. third class lever `F. universal indicator b. anvil. nitrogen fixing bacteria-leguminous plant CHARACTERISTICS a.HEAT d. universal indicator - bas merah 07 14 07 14 c. temperature. 49. Test glucose – Benedict solution brick red precipitate . Tropism move towards stimuli c. mutualism – sea anemone-hermit crab. to L. Test protein – Millon`s reagent brick red precipitate . surface area k.5) d. Kelas 1 – salah ….my 40. Test alkali 1. Magnitude of force – nature (rougher). 3 bones ossicles hammer. pH paper 3. Convex lens ………………. First class. Transpiration 5 light. competition Commensalism – bird`s nest fern-tree.control size of pupil (mata hitam luar) Platypus – mammal salamander .B. humidity. g. f. air movement.HEAT e.(calcium hydroxide solution pH 12.P. i. Eusthian tube not involve in hearing c. h. (Jika tulis Kelas 1 – salah) Resovoir coagulation (alum/slake lime) mixing tank (cleanest) Rain water spring w well w river w sedimentation filtration pond w sea w (dirtiest) chlorination storage supply 47. Pupil control light entering the eye (anak mata) Iris . weight. Lipase) AIR PRESSURE H.

b. To detect carbon dioxide a. Sodium hydroxide solution ( S H S rises to fill up to the test tube) . d. Absorb carbon dioxide a.very dissolves in CO2 d. f. Sodium hydroxide solution – experiment photosynthesis 56. i. k. Phenolphthalein indicator . c. Hydrochloric acid + sodium hydroxide = ……………………………………………… Hydrochloric acid + calcium hydroxide = ……………………………………………… Hydrochloric acid + ammonian hydroxide = ……………………………………………… Sulphuric acid + ammonium hydroxide = ……………………………………………… Sulphuric acid + potassium hydroxide = ……………………………………………… Sulphuric acid + sodium hydroxide = …………………………………………………. universal indicator – green to yellow – acid 52. Potassium hydroxide solution b. universal indicator purple to yellowish green neutral .my 50. f. d. Level of water – rises up … sama spt oxygen f. c. Alkaline pyrogallol solution – not dissolve in CO2 (O2 very dissolve) Tumpang sekaki……. Indicator Name of indicator Acid Neutral Alkali Litmus paper Red Purple Blue Phenolphthalein methyl Orange Colourless Pink Merah jambu pucat/Pale Pink Orange Merah jambu/pink Yellow Universal indicator • Red/pink/orange/yellow Yellowish Green Bluish purple/purple Phenolphthalein & methyl orange tidak termasuk dlm sukatan pelajaran – tak perlu hafal…… test presence of water j. test presence of water (transpiration) k. b. Supply Carbon Dioxide a. Chlorophyll – to absorb light energy 54.human body temperature – Visking tube Chlorine – kill microorganism in water dilute hydrochloric acid – kill bacteria in food Chloride – prevent tooth decay Lime – reduce acidic Alum (aluminum Sulphate)/slaked lime – coagulate the suspended particles g. Potassium bicarbonate b. 370 C . Bicarbonate indicator (red to yellow) b. Litmus paper (blue to red) – acid h.NOTA RINGKAS SCIENCE PMR CIKGU ZAIDI-SMK DATO` AHMAD MAHER test presence of water h. Hydrochloric acid + potassium hydroxide = ………………………………………….. j.. e. Lime water (turns cloudy) – calcium carbonate c. salty c. anhydrous copper sulphate – white to blue . d.(pink to pale pink ) … …to test presence of water? During neutralization process … tak perlu hafal i. Test presence of starch in the leaf Boil leaf Boil in alcohol/ethanol Place in hot water Iodine PURPOSE to kill/break the cell wall to remove chlorophyll soften the leaf to test …… starch a. Burning Wooden splinter – goes out/burns out e. Nitric acid + calcium hydroxide = ……………………………………………………… Nitric acid + sodium hydroxide = ………………………………………………………. Sodium bicarbonate 55. Anhydrous Cobalt chloride paper – blue to pink . 51. acid + Alkali = nama baru (alkali + acid) + water (salty) b. Hydrogen carbonate indicator – red to yellow –acid g. i. e. . Titration Method a. a. Neutralisation Process. hydrochloric acid + Sodium hydroxide = ………….. universal indicator (purple to green) pH 7. g.

calcium chloride + water + CO2 . Anhydrous Cobalt chloride paper blue BLOOD CIRCULATION Salur darah . Acidified potassium manganate VII purple to colourless ii. c. Anhydrous calcium chloride kristal e. b.Lime water - blue - to - pink it produce `pop sound’ Calcium. di no 49 c. d. Calcium carbonate – not dissolve in water b.chemical energy k. Ingat tak … satu lagi … dichromate… d. saturated 58. b. Water i. Anhydrous copper sulphate white - ignite blue ii. Burning wooden splinter more burning /brighter b. to absorb water vapour a. Anhydrous Cobalt chloride paper e. HP.VC-PA-A-PV Artery-blood out of the heart. Rat 1 : owl 2 competition. hydrogen Calcium.. j.Quick lime 3. Burning wooden splinter 1. rat 1 : owl 1 prey-predator/biological control 57. …. c.drying agents b. Electrolysis of water terminal Panjang – Positive . oxygen. oxygen. sv. Glowing wooden splinter burst into flame ii.Slaked lime 4. Reaction with acid i. Oxygen i. Anhydrous copper sulphate white blue a. sv. Properties of Calcium Carbonates (Calcium. Hydrogen i. a. oxygen Calcium. Photosynthesis – light energy . Solution dilute. lumen-small.Oxygen – Anode terminal pendek ……………………… hydrogen dilute sulphuric acid ………………. f. Sulphur dioxide i. oxygen) a. silica gel . lumen-large Valve – tv.NOTA RINGKAS SCIENCE PMR CIKGU ZAIDI-SMK DATO` AHMAD MAHER mohdzaidi@maher. oxygen Calcium. d. Carbon dioxide – lime water – chalky dan banyak lagi …. hydrogen Calcium carbonate Calcium oxide Solid calcium hydroxide Calcium hydroxide solution 63. bv.. LP. carbon. 59.renal artery -Artery to - pink kidneys -- renal vein vena cava (orang normal/kidney failure dialysis sama shj) 62. Calcium carbonate + hydrochloric acid ----. to …more conduct electricity electrolysis – to break down molecule of water (water consist two atom hydrogen & one atom oxy) distillation – remove suspended substances & dissolves substances.Lime stone/marble 2. H – L – H – pulmonary circulation H-ALL-H – systemic circulation Excretory Aorta -.drying agents dlm kasut c. carbon. Test water – cobalt chloride paper – blue to pink d. 60. calcium chloride crystals/pellets . …. To test presence of a. vein – blood into heart. e.. concentrated. e.

calcium oxide + CO2 (Lime stone) (quick lime) kapur tohor Batu kapur + Water = calcium hydroxide (slaked lime) kapur mati + More water = calcium hydroxide solution (lime water) air kapur The effect of heat on carbonates (carbon dioxide is released) Turn lime water milky Extinguished burning splinter Changes red bicarbonate indicator to yellow Converts orange acidic dichromate (VI) to green. Water + CO2 ---------chlorophyll/sunlight--------------. 67. Sulphur dioxide – acidic potassium manganate (VII) – purple to colourless acidic potassium dichromate (VII) orange to green. argentums oxide ii.iron oxide . Moth`s Scale Moths’ scale Talc (softest) Gypsum Calcite Fluorite Apatite Feldspar Quartz Topaz Corundum Diamond (hardnest) hardness value 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Clue Tarzan George Can Force A Fat Queen To Carry Diamond 66. Solubility in water except – potassium & sodium Effect of heat a. Acid + carbonated carbon dioxide (turn lime water cloudy/chalky) c. Metal oxide ii. Tindak balas a. Calcium Carbonate + dilute sulphuric acid Calcium Sulphate + water + CO2 iii. sodium carbonate ii. Except mercury oxide. Acid + metal hydrogen (pop sound) b. Metal React with O2 – M. 68.O2 + glucose 65. Metal carbonate i.A. Calcium Carbonate + nitric acid Calcium Nitrate + water + CO2 c. CO2 – lime water cloudy b. Metal sulphide i. Except potassium carbonate.I. Iron + O2 ------heat------. potassium The effect of heat on some mineral The effect of heat on oxides (oxygen is released) The glowing splinter will burn brightly The effect of heat on sulphides (sulphur dioxide is released) Bleaches acidic purple potassium manganate (VII) colourless 64.Z. O2 – ignites glowing wooden splinter c. Effect of heat (will decompose) Calcium carbonate ---------heat--.NOTA RINGKAS SCIENCE PMR CIKGU ZAIDI-SMK DATO` AHMAD MAHER mohdzaidi@maher. a.

B. Metal + sulphur -----heat---. Electromagnet a. B. Transpiration . Temperature thermometer j. Sodium citrate prevent blood from coagulating Blood group CAN DONOR Blood group CAN RECEIVE Blood group  A. Release oxygen – photosynthesis ii. O O O  A. Does not react with dilute acid iii. Phloem – outer – food . Blood i. Metal React with sulphur – M. a. AB universal recipient iii. Increase turn wire/electric current 3. Mass bb. rabbit b. compression b k. O universal donor for leukemia. Length opisometer h. Transpiration photometer f. frog.metal sulphide b. Does not break down when heat ii. Copper + sulphur -----heat--c. AB.NOTA RINGKAS SCIENCE PMR CIKGU ZAIDI-SMK DATO` AHMAD MAHER mohdzaidi@maher. Excretion . Xylem – mineral salt & water 75.A. Decreasing diameter of solenoid 79.jari lain – magnetic field (electron flow .I. Weight spring balance.Function stomata (guard + stoma) i. Irregular shape water displacement method i. lb. Voltage Voltmeter d. Release Carbon dioxide . O 72. To measure – a. AB A A.kidney . Release water – transpiration iii. haemophilia ii. AB B B. Lead + O2 -----heat--69. Right hand grip rule – ibu jari – arah current flow + . Direction magnetic field – N S 78. Insoluble in water 71.lack – swollen – died (bahagian bawah) 74. AB. Asexual .ureter .my b. Transfusion process transferring blood iv.+) b. Air pressure barrow meter g. Current Ammeter c.silicon dioxide or silica a.urethra 77. Silica silicon + O2 ------------heat----. Copper + O2 -----heat--d.urinary bladder . O  B. Solenoid – increased strength magnetic field 1&2. galvanometer (to detect current) e. Properties i.zinc oxide c. Sexual human. cb 76. REPRODUCTION a. Lead + sulphur -----heat--70. Agglutination two incompatible group lead to dead v.Z.respiration 73. VIR – series IT = I1 = I2 & parallel VT = V1 = V2 b. O  AB AB A. Zinc + O2 -----heat--.

a. onion. euglena budding hydra. 86. starfish PHASE IN MENSTRUAL 1-5 days menstruation phase ovum & blood cell are discharged 6-11 days repair phase the lining of the uterus thickens 12-16 days fertile phase ovulation/bertelur (days 14 menjadi) 17-28 days pre menstrual phase the uterine wall thick & rich with blood vessels. yam. sweet potato. & sucker) regeneration flat worm. Hypegeal germination 88. b. . yeast spore formation mould. d. c. Leaf setawar b. binary fission amoeba. paramecium. d. e. 84. Short ripening period ii. Water b. 87. c. Rhizome ginger iv. Sucker banana 89. 82. bulb. banana (rhizome. Bulb onion ii. Epigeal germination b. tuber. Corm yam iii. b. d. Condition needed germination a. a. 85. a. Air (oxygen) ORGAN VEGETATIVE a. b. Quantity increase iv. More variety GROWTH PLANT Radical – root Plumule – Pucuk /shoot cotyledon is pulled above – long bean cotyledon is pulled underground – maize Type of germination a. runner.NOTA RINGKAS SCIENCE PMR CIKGU ZAIDI-SMK DATO` AHMAD MAHER mohdzaidi@maher. b. mosses. strawberry.fruit Pollination – the transfer of pollen grain from an anther to a stigma Advantage cross pollination 80. 83. Runner strawberry v.seed . fern vegetative galangal. Suitable temperature c. Prepared implantation CONCEPT in reproduction Menstruation blood discharge Ovulation process releasing ovum form the ovary Fertilization – process of fusion between the nucleus of sperm & an ovum in the fallopian tube Implantation – process embryo sticking to the uterine wall Zygote – embryo – fetus – baby – infancy – childhood – adolescence – adulthood – old age HUMAN GROWTH – rapid – slow – rapid – minimal – negative Between 12-14 the growth girl exceed boy (a girl reaches puberty earlier than a boy) PLANT Anther + filament = stamen = male reproductive –luar sekeliling pistil Style + ovary + stigma + ovule = pistil = female reproductive – dalam Ovule (in) -. c. corm. Root tuber (sweet potato. carrot) c. ovary (out) --. More resistant against disease iii. tape worm. 81. a. Stem i.

seperti mana yang ditunjukkan oleh gambarajah ……………. RV decrease i. salah PMR 07 94. STEP IN INVESTIGATION: Identified the problem Making hypothesis Planning an experiment Control variable Collect data Analyzing and interpret data Making conclusion Write a report Ingat Mu Pelakon Comel Cantik Aku Minat Weh Nota: dulu carry.. Contoh PMR 08: `the rate of transpiration’ is the position/reading of the air bubble.. RV increase c. RV increase d. candle to seal road surface Clue Girl Pondan Nak Kahwin Dengan Lelaki Fantasi Beb Fuel Fuel Fuel Fuel Fuel Fuel Fuel Fuel Fuel vi. Responding Variable depend/influenced Manipulated Variable a. SALAH 1. tuber 90. Contoh: jika masa meningkat.NOTA RINGKAS SCIENCE PMR CIKGU ZAIDI-SMK DATO` AHMAD MAHER mohdzaidi@maher. Contoh PMR 09: `Combustion’ ialah masa lilin untuk padam seperti yang ditunjukkan oleh bacaan …. MV…. - sweet potato FRACTIONAL DISTILLATION Petroleum fraction Petroleum gas Petrol (gasoline) Naphtha Kerosene Diesel oil Lubricating oil Fuel oil Wax Bitumen Uses to make plastic and cooking oil for motor vehicles and machine making plastic and PVC for jet aircraft and rocket for diesel engine for engine and machine for ship and electric generators to make polish. If MV increase. Living thing (ANIMAL & PLANT) uses O2 and give out CO2 during respiration Hypothesis – a. Contoh: jika suhu meningkat masa meningkat …. paksi mendatar MV Inference 95. Lihat pada graf – paksi menegak RV. Define operationally ‘mesti tulis soalan semula’ + ialah bacaan ……. When MV increase. control 92.. the ………… the RV b.. The …………… the MV. As MV increase. INGAT JIKA RV …dulu…diikuti. 93. Tiada alat ditunjukkan Contoh: trial PMR 2010 _____`tekanan udara’ ialah bacaan tolok tekanan_____ ______`air pressure’ is shown by the reading of pressure gauge____ Fikirkan sejenak: `Define operationally’ + RV + alat apa . suhu meningkat …… betul 2.

spore formation mould. Leaf bryophyllum vi. Graf – graf garis/line f. flatworm c.water + Co2 + heat energy g. Common characteristics (sangat banyak) a.CO2 + heat + light ii.CO2 + water + heat + light ex: charcoal. Sucker banana.NOTA RINGKAS SCIENCE PMR CIKGU ZAIDI-SMK DATO` AHMAD MAHER mohdzaidi@maher. paramecium ii. sexual reproduction ii. Burning food Sugar + oxygen ---burnt. Respiration i. sugarcane vii. Glucose + oxygen ------. Fuel i. strawberry iv. Type of vegetative reproduction + Oxy f. Fuel + oxygen ---. Runner grass.fuel burns + heat + light c.calcium chloride + water + CO2 Photosynthesis – water + energy + CO2 ----(light + chlorophyll). asexual reproduction b. garis mesti satu sahaja. GRAF a. Biasanya : i.water + CO2 + energy b. Graph line – graf line 97. Corm yam v. maka graf jangan mula dgn nilai `0’ d. amoeba. vegetative bryophyllum. Calcium carbonate + hydrochloric acid ----.CO2 + water + heat + light iii. Burning i. Neutralization 98. Bulb onion viii. maka graf mesti mula dgn nilai `0’ c. planarian. bamboo e. fungus iv. WAY/type of Reproduction i. paksi menegak/y ii. yeast iii. paksi mendatar/x iii. Hydrocarbon + oxygen -. Graph bar – graf bar g. onion. Stem tapioca. petrol ex: ethanol d. tapioca v. coal ex: candle. Alcohol + oxygen -. lalang ii. kalau jadual Manipulated Variable Responding Variable responding variable manipulated variable 2 4 6 e. Jika data tidak diberi/tiada nilai `0’. Tidak boleh sambung-menyambung b. rejuvenation starfish. Tuber potato iii. . algae. binary fission bacteria. kalau data diberi/ada nilai `0’. Rhizome ginger. budding hydra. Carbon + oxygen -. type of asexual 96. moss. EQUATION a.

stigma and anther are hung outside the flower/petal j. buttress root .{Power (watt)=Voltage (V ) x Current (A)}. P. Jika d. twining k. clasping root orchid.5A current. FUNCTION i. Work done 1 kg = 10 N i.durian vi. air sacs – water hyacinth. prop root maize x. internal fertilization ii. hydrostatic skeleton l. type of skeleton – endoskeleton. long filament f..0A 103. stilt root . Fuse – melts – breaks the circuit a. force x distance Power (watt) = work done (Joule) / time taken (s) 100. tukarkan utk I = P/V bagi electrical appliance 101. exoskeleton. tawakkal … . . Fuse – function – prevents the appliances or the live wire from burning 104. tendrils cucumber ix.NOTA RINGKAS SCIENCE PMR CIKGU ZAIDI-SMK DATO` AHMAD MAHER mohdzaidi@maher. big anther g. type of fertilization i. external fertilization e. woody tissue iii. Mass + load x distance dirinya & bawa barang ke depan punggah barang iii. pepper morning glory.I. Mass + load x height naik tangga ii. maka fius mesti lebih besar cth 3. lotus v.mangrove vii. Electrical Energy (kWh) = power (kW) x time (h) utk kira bil elektrik x harga perunit 102. water turgidity (turgor pressure– balsam plant) ii. doa. featherly stigma i. usaha. Protect an electric circuit against excessive current SELAMAT BERJAYA DALAM PMR ……………………. flowering & non-flowering 99. thorn viii. long bean xi. buoyancy of water iv.V. prevent excessive current ii. small petal h. support system in plant i.

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