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Taitteriya Upanishad Vartikas

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Total Number of Episodes: 20

Total Playback duration: 14 hours 10 minutes

Compilation provided by: Anand Vrindavan

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Taitteriya Upanishad Vartikas
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Taitteriya Upanishad Vartikas

Swami Akhnadananda Saraswathiji Maharaj

Lec 01 Introduction to Upanishad through Shanthi Path

Tape1A Not knowing One's Own Self is cause for all Bondage & Dependence

Lec 02 In desiring things I make myself Petty

Tape1B Shastra regulates indulgence through Dharma
Sukha & Dukha are always in form of Knowledge & Internal
Mangalacharana Shloka

Lec 03 Usefulness of Mangalacharana

Tape2A Taking support of Iswara is not dependence but gives strength
I notion alone is caled Samsara
One who loves Truth alone seeks to find Truth
One Drsta ( Knower) & Many Drsya ( Known)

Lec 04 Salutations to that principle not graspable through 5 senses

Tape2A/B Man can create all else except himself
In vedanta, anubhava of Pramtr Drsta is not considered True
Mukthi when Brahmatva of Drsta is known
Ultimate teaching of Adwaitha – Nothing other than Self

Lec 05

Lec 06 Cause for Dukha is Vasana & No end for longing

Tape3A/B How Ajnana is at root of all bondage
Until Antahkarana is shuddha it is impossible to attain Brahmatva
Remove vikara ( Raga,dwesha etc) first & then samskara
Discussion on Adhyaropa Apavada

Lec 07 Respect to others is to make one's own mind become pure

Tape3B Developing a sense of gratitude to all that makes me possible to live
Tape4A Yagna,Puja, Tapas etc to purify antahkarana to receive this Vidya
Whatever form is seen is subject to destruction without exception

Lec 08 Samsara will not die a natural death Effort is needed to come out of it
Tape4A/B Sadhana starts with vivechana of Sukha & Dukha
Continue in Dharma until Vasanas no longer bother you
Vairagya through Doshanuchinthanam
Brahmajnana makes Raga & Dwesha mithya but is not hetu for Virag

Lec 09 Ashuddha Pravritti at root of all dukha

Tape4B Hate does not destroy other but one's own antahkarana

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Taitteriya Upanishad Vartikas
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Lec 10 All Manovikaras are due to Avidya

Tape5A/B Discussion on Sadhana – Raga & Dwesha shithilikarana
Samsara & Jagat are 2 different things Only samsara needs negation
“I am” need not be established by any other means
Ajnana is not Jnana abhava but Jnana Vishesha abhava

Lec 11 Difference between Parinama & Parimana

Tape5B In Atma neither parinama not parimana

Lec 12 If I am not the body who am I ?

Tape6A/B As long as identified with limited antahkarana no experience of
Discussion on Mithya , Karakas

Lec13 Preperations of a sadhaka for Brahma Jnana

Tape6B Freedom in doing, not doing or doing otherwise
Tape7A Discussion on Tyaga
Upadhi & Upahitha viveka

Lec 14 Role of Dharma in preparing sadhaka for this knowledge

Tape 7A Nature of swabhava & how to overcome it – by Tyaga
Iswara as Karma phala daatha
All raga dwesha only due to non-recognition of Iswara's nature

Lec 15 Discussion on Tyaga as a center theme of vedanta

Tape7B Elimination of vasanas only by tyaga
**** Tyaga comes from outside to inside & not vice-versa
Drsta has Mukhya samandhikarana with Brahma & Drsya has
Bhaada samandhikarana with Brahma
You are not living inside the body but in a kalpana of deha

Lec 16 Discussion on Tyaga continues as the ultimate moksha sadhana

Tape8A Dharma is to remove pramadha , aalasya etc
Removing yourself from all that you are not is Tyaga
In anubhava of adwithiya nature of Self “this” is not seperate from“I”.
Vairagya is sadhana & Asangatha is swarupa

Lec 17 Resolution of paradox – Tyaga or Jnana -which is marga for

Tape8B Amruthathva – both said by Shruthi
**** Tyaga is giving up ownership to its rightful owner
This comes with the right understanding – Yathartha Jnana or Prama
Ama ( Amavasya) & Prama ( Isavasya) discussion

Lec 18 Ananda Mimamsa discussion

Tape9A Ananda as swarupa of self

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Taitteriya Upanishad Vartikas
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Lec 19 Sukha is the ultimate goal of all beings

Tape9B Seek that Nitya sukha & not Anitya sukha in little & changing things

Lec 20 Pure Chethana & impure koshas covering that chaitanya

Tape10A Vyakthithva needs reform & not Chethana
Taking the divine name of the lord makes your life divine


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