Appointment Letter

Date: October 20, 2011 To, Mr. Ffff Ffff fff Dear Sir, We are pleased to offer you employment in the position of FLOOR MANAGER with effect from November 1, 2011. This appointment is subject to the following terms and conditions: 1. BASE SALARY Your starting Gross Salary will be Rs 25,000 (Rupees Twenty Five Thousands Only) per month, subject to various deductions as per companies and government policy. 2. PROBATION You are required to serve a probationary period of three months after which your service will be confirmed subject to satisfactory performance. The probationary period may be extended or shortened at the absolute discretion of the Company. During the probationary period, the appointment may be terminated by either party giving two weeks¶ notice in writing to the other party or on payment of salary in lieu of notice. 3. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES You are required to perform the duties and responsibilities related to your position at any division, department or section in the Company or within the Group of Companies. You will currently be deployed at." 4. WORKING HOURS Monday to Saturday: 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Lunch time: 1.00 p.m. to 2.00 p.m. The Company reserves the right to change your working days and hours.

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Accordingly. firm. You will not at any time during the continuance or after the termination of your services with the Company irrespective of any reason for such termination. 2. ii. the affairs and confidential information of the Company or any of its related companies of which you have knowledge or become aware during the course of your service with the Company. ANNUAL LEAVE/HOLIDAYS You are entitled to ten (10) days annual leave in addition to gazetted holidays observed by the Company. misconduct or negligence in the performance of your duties. if you have been found to have committed a serious breach or continual material breach of any of your duties or obligations. in the opinion of the Company. RULES. 7.5. devote your full attention and skill to the affairs of the Company and will endeavor to your utmost ability to promote and advance the interests of the Company. or have any interest directly or indirectly in any other undertaking or activity which might interfere with the proper performance of your duties without first obtaining the written permission of the Company. make use or disclose to any party either for your own benefit or for the benefit of any party (individual. company. INSURANCE (ESI) "Insurance" 8. if you are found to have made illegal monetary profit or received any gratuities or other rewards. 6. 9. in cash or in kind. notice of termination of employment will be one (1) month¶s notice in writing or one (1) month¶s salary in lieu of notice from either party. Notwithstanding the aforementioned. you undertake that: 1. TERMINATION After confirmation of your employment. You will under no circumstances make available your services to any undertaking. any trade or business). Page 2 of 3 . the Company shall be entitled to terminate your employment without notice. TRANSFER/SECONDMENT You are subject to transfer to any place where the Company has an office or when required in the course of performing your duties. iii. 3. REGULATIONS & CONFIDENTIALITY You shall at all times. guilty of dishonesty. if you are. indemnities and compensation in any of the following events: i. out of any of the Company¶s affairs or any of its subsidiaries or related companies. You will obey and comply with all reasonable orders and instructions given to you by the Company or its authorized agents and observe all standing and other rules and regulations now in force or from time to time approved by the Company.

please indicate your acceptance within thirty (30) days from the date of this letter by signing on the duplicate copy of this letter and thereafter returning it to the undersigned. for and on behalf of Page 3 of 3 . Yours sincerely.10. this offer will automatically lapse and can no longer be accepted. In the absence of evidence of the exact date of birth you shall retire on 31st December of the year of attainment of sixty years of age. Thank you. RETIREMENT The retiring age is at sixty (60) years. If we do not receive the said document from you by the stipulated date. If you find that the terms are favorable.