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A BYTE OF LIFE Tuesday, November 4, 2008

02 09
Former rocker turns to Natekar recalls Hiroshima Games
bhakti music


Flying high
Usha Ragunathan is South India’s first licensed lady
pilot. Not just that, she’s in the textile industry for
over two decades and has been a journalist,
scriptwriter for AIR and anchor for Doordarshan.
Anusha Parthasarathy meets the lady.
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A woman’s best friend

‘Endhiran a priority, You have been proudly adorning those stunning
pieces of diamonds over the years, either bought or
gifted to you.
It’s time you knew how priceless they are. Drop in at
the on-going ‘Diamond Evaluation Week’ at Kirtilals.


“Right now my focus is only my over, said that time and circum- failure of a movie,” Rajinikanth
next film, Endhiran, and not poli- stance determine a person’s suc- said.
tics,” said Superstar Rajinikanth cess in politics. “Above all, God
to his fans, who were eagerly Almighty will determine my fu- Hogenakkal issue
awaiting their idol’s entry into ture. No one can force me to do The actor said it was extremely
politics. something. unfortunate that whenever there
The exclusive meeting was held Now I am focussing only on is a political issue, cinema halls
at the Raghavendra Kalyana Endhiran, which will turn out to screening Tamil movies and Ta-
Mandapam in Kodambakkam on be one of the biggest productions mil production houses in Karna-
Monday morning. The meeting in the Indian film industry.” taka are targeted.
assumed importance as his fans “There is no connection be-
have been urging the star to enter On Kuselan tween cinema and political is-
politics, especially after Telugu “The movie was released si- sues,” he said.
actor Chiranjeevi floated his par- multaneously in three languages. “It is a known fact that Tamil
ty recently. I did a guest role in the movie and films do well in Karnataka, be-
The Superstar, who is planning it was the producers who hyped cause our films deliver and are
to meet his fan clubs district-wise the film before the release. One high on creativity,” he added. ■
after the Endhiran shoot gets cannot determine the success or Ergo Correspondent
02 NAMMA CHENNAI ERGO Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thai food festival

A great opportunity for Thai food lovers, to relish
exclusive Thai recipes at Benjarong in Alwarpet. The
food festival is on till November 9 and is open for
lunch and dinner between 12:15 p.m. to 3 p.m. & 7:15
p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Former rocker gives
Bhakti music of Kabir,
Tulsidas a makeover

MITHRA SURESH ful, plain and simple, which makes it profound.”
Vedanth’s first album is Mati

nter the many-door boudoir Kahe (2007), but this performance
of Madras Terrance House was to also highlight the next al-
and the music that lilted and bum in waiting, which will feature
drew crowds spilling into only songs of Kabir.
each of its rooms was that of vocal- His performance is usually
ist and guitarist Vedanth Bharad- punctuated with commentaries on
waj and his accompanying music generally, which he relates
percussionist Darbouka Shiva. with an awkward smile. One in-
And, according to Vedanth, the stance of it was about his teacher.
performance was as good as it gets. Present in the audience was his
“I was supposed to play for an guru, Professor Ramamurthy Rao
hour, and ended up playing for an who “was a disciple of Pandit
hour more.” This independent folk Bhimsen Joshi in the gharana
musician is best known for his ren- style, which means he stayed with
dition of lyrical poems by poets him while learning.”
such as Kabir, Tulsidas and Guru And then the guitar. Vedanth
Nanak. was the rhythm guitarist for the
What was different about this rock band, Buddha’s Babies. He
performance was that it was laced explains that the vital difference
with songs by Bob Dylan – ‘The between both genres is that Indian
times they are a-changin’, ‘Blowin’ classical music is dependant on
in the wind’ and ‘Lay down your shruti, while Western music de-
weary tune’ were the chosen three. pended on the rhythm and then
“I find that Dylan’s music has lyr- the singing style.
ical similarity to Kabir. It is truth- Darbouka Shiva, an RJ with Ra-
dio Mirchi and a music producer,
I find that Dylan’s had a solo session as well, where he
demonstrated considerable skill
music has lyrical with the cajon drum, while keeping
similarity to Kabir. It is beat with his salangai.
The evening, as is characteristic
truthful, plain and of Vedanth’s performances, was
simple, which makes it peaceable and, most importantly,
profound a discovery for those who had not (Left) Darbouka Shiva looks on as Vedanth Bharadwaj sings and plays on his
heard his voice before. ■ guitar and mouth organ PHOTO: R. RAVINDRAN

HDFC Deutsche Bank Axis Bank

6600 3333 6601 6601 2812 3888

Standard Chartered SBI HSBC

Banking queries 3940 4444

Citi Bank
3902 0202 / 1800 180 1290

2526 9595

Customer care numbers 2852 2484 2821 5151 42088000
of some banks in Chennai
Tuesday, November 4, 2008
Mexican food festival
Chef Alejandro Estrada from Mexico promises to
treat all food lovers from November 4 to 10 at The
Raintree located at Alwarpet.
For reservations call 42252525.

Meet South India’s first licensed
lady pilot. And that’s just one
of her many achievements

ANUSHA PARTHASARATHY was a simple life then. My father’s

favourite hobby was flying and I

sha Ragunathan, 71, is not often went with him to the flying
your ordinary, next-door club to watch him fly. From then With the ’Tiger Moth’ when she was 18 years
South Indian lady. Not on- on, I was hooked,” Usha
ly has she been in the tex- remembers. flying, the A License is for begin- height was not much, Usha was media scene in her late 40s, she
tile business for over 25 years, she She then became passionately ners and the B License is for com- safe. After marriage, she couldn’t moved on to textiles.
has also been a journalist for a involved in flying and took up a mercial pilots, the latter requiring take up flying full-time due to “My daughter-in-law was wait-
leading Tamil magazine, a script- flying course with a government more hours of training and time. personal constraints and, hence, ing for her visa and wanted to do
writer for AIR, an anchor for scholarship. She was the only “To get your license, you need to took to writing. She was ap- something. Hence, both of us de-
Doordarshan and is South India’s woman in her class, at the age of pass a legislation exam with min- proached by a Tamil magazine to cided to arrange for ‘coffee morn-
first licensed lady pilot. 18. Later, she was selected for imum 75 per cent marks. I got my write about her flying experienc- ings’ where people from the
Usha, whose father was with training and took to flying the ‘Ti- license when I was pregnant with es and this slowly led to her con- textile industry would meet up
the civil aviation wing of the go- ger Moth’, a two-seater plane. my first child, in 1956. But even tributing on a daily basis for the for a weekly chat on the latest
vernment, spent her childhood “My training sessions were after that, I didn’t want to waste next few years. trends.”
playing with airplanes. Not toy from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. an opportunity to fly. I used to go After journalism, Usha decided Usha was soon approached by
planes but life-sized ones, since to 8 p.m. Since it was early in the for joy rides. I’m still a member of to try her hand at TV Anchoring a boutique in Alwarpet, Urvashi,
the housing quarters were inside morning I had to cut quite a bit of the Madras Flying Club, after all and, hence, approached Door- to run their store. This went on
the airport. college for these sessions. I was these years.” darshan for the opportunity. She from 1983 and in 1996 she
“As a kid, I used to play about doing my Literature (hons) from But flying was not a walk in the was readily accepted and an- branched out and started her
in the runways and if planes were Presidency. I had to discontinue park. Usha had her share of acci- chored a show. Following this, own boutique, Ushas. Usha gets
to take off an official would shoot later since I got married.” dents. Once, her plane stalled 15 she also became a scriptwriter for her designs from all over the
a toy rocket as a warning, beck- After she passed her solo flying feet off the ground and dropped AIR. country. She arranges for exhibi-
oning us to get off the track. It test, Usha got her A License. In to the floor. Luckily, since the Deciding to quit from the tions and learns of that state’s
popular designs and fuses it with
her own. Running a shop and
managing a family is not easy.
But Usha has managed to bal-
ance both admirably.
After more than 50 years of
shifting various careers, Usha still
feels passionate about flying. “All
these opportunities came up be-
cause of my passion. I was asked
to write about my experiences,
and landed up in journalism. Su-
rya, a magazine, chose me as one
among the ‘Top 10 Career Wom-
en’ of that time. I sent that photo
to Doordarshan, which landed
me a job there. And from there
on, AIR, Urvashi and now Ushas.
The journey has been amazing.”
Though life-threatening acci-
As a kid, I used to dents did prop up, to Usha it was
play about in the just part of the game. “God has
given me repairable damage.
runways and if Things could have been much
planes were to take worse. If you can be happy with

off an official would what you have and still smile over
small mishaps. That’s what
shoot a toy rocket counts!” she smiles brightly. ■
as a warning,
beckoning us to
get off the track.
04 KALEIDOSCOPE ERGO Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Coming soon
Intel and ASUS are urging people to dream
about and tell them what they want in an ideal
computer so that they could design PCs in
accordance with the user community’s desires.

Now, you can measure hair

R esearchers have developed maths-based
imaging technology to measure hair on
different parts of the human body.
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial
Research Organisation’s (CSIRO) Biotech
Imaging team, which specialises in
developing software to analyse images
More than the
automatically, worked with a British
company to find a way to test how well
their hair removal products work.
Hair counting is often done manually by
human assessors. “It’s a boring job and
results are prone to errors and variations
between different people,” Pascal Valloton,
leader of Biotech Imaging said.
“Our software uses images captured by a In these current
small flatbed scanner pressed onto the skin.
The software crunches the numbers to times of
analyse the image of skin and hairs.”
“Then, almost instantly, it reports fluctuating bullion
information about the length and number
of hairs in the picture. You can compare the prices, isn’t it
results with earlier images to see if hair is
growing quickly or slowly or has been worth knowing
properly removed by, say, a depilatory
cream.” how much your
In the language of image analysis, a hair is
called a ’linear feature’. There are many diamonds are
ways of detecting linear features but this
software uses algorithms that exploit some really worth?
special things about hairs, like their relative
straightness, according to a CSIRO release. LIFFY THOMAS

Microsoft India launches ■ I am getting married and my

grandmother has gifted me her
map services diamond-studded necklace she
received as gift from her parents.
M icrosoft India on Monday launched its
map services to join the league of
Google and Yahoo. “Live Search Maps for
It is at least 60 years old and
though I like the design I would
India will allow users to search for like to add a little bit of work.
geographical information, places of general ■ Or, for that matter, you are cu-
interest and business listings both on the PC rious to know about the worth of
and mobile phones,” Microsoft the gold and diamond stud pre-
India Consumer and Online sented by your friend from Dubai
Marketing Operations Head on your second anniversary. In Examination: Jan Lauwers. PHOTO: R. RAVINDRAN

Rishi Srivastava told reporters. greed, diamonds are forev-
Similar services are already er. But how often have you rooms in Chennai and Bangalore. that your diamonds have no de-
being offered by its rivals opened that jewellery box Ergo caught up with Jan Lauwers, fect and they are worth this many
Google, Yahoo and domestic to admire that stunning senior laborant, who has been in points.
firms like MapMyIndia. piece of work or kept guessing the diamond trade for the last 28
The first version of the local about its present worth or won- years to learn all what you should When does the diamond get
mapping service for India has been dered if it is actually worth un- know about your polished dia- cut?
developed by the company’s India dertaking a minor repair on that monds. Remember, diamonds are very
Development Centre (IDC) in Hyderabad. antique piece! Questions and an- hard but at the same time break-
Microsoft’s map services will offer detailed swers for which you hoped the The three Cs able. “When two stones run
listings and street maps for nine cities, person in the counter knew a lit- Colour, cut and clarity are the against each other they do break.
business listings across 29 cities and access tle more and could be trusted. three fundamental rules that Sometimes you could also re-
to highway networks to 20,000 cities and Diamonds certifiers from HRD speak about the quality of your place one of the stones,” he says.
towns. The nine cities include the four Antwerp, Institute of Gemology, diamond. Diamonds must be
metros along with Bangalore, Hyderabad, Belgium (, are on a clear and shinning. “We say that Wearing out
Pune, Ahmedabad and Jaipur. week-long diamond evaluation there should be life and fire in the To prevent diamonds from
PTI programme at the Kirtilals show- stone. When the stone is not cut wearing out easily, make sure
properly we say it is lifeless,” says they are wrapped in soft cloth.
Lauwers, examining some an- Let it not come in contact with
tique pieces presented by a cus- other jewellery when kept in the
STOCKTRACK When the tomer through his micro lens. box.

10332.06 3044.40 stone is not Damage control Colour, colour

What if I discover that some of The ‘D’ colour is the best col-
cut properly the stones are damaged after the oured diamond you can have for
544.00 158.80 evaluation? Nothing really can be yourself.
we say it is done if you are sentimental about (The ‘Diamond Evaluation Week’
the piece. “But, a cut can be im- is on till November 9; 10 a.m. to 8
lifeless proved. You could polish it, but p.m. at Kirtilals, No 76, C.P.
then you might lose weight.” At Ramasamy Road, Alwarpet.
SENSEX NIFTY the end of the day it is the feeling Ph: 2466 0067 )
Tuesday, November 4, 2008
Websites of the day
Snap up some retro confectionary at this
sweet-toothed site:
The coolest sites gathered all in one place:

World’s oldest creatures

Naidu’s caller tune
TDP party pays tribute to party founder with
phone downloads

eeping up with its designed keeping in view
hi-tech image, the the demands from the
Telugu Desam Party Nandamuri fans as well as
today launched its the TDP rank and file,”
exclusive website Naidu said., The TDP’s official web-
from where one can site
download favourite ring too has certain mobile
tones, caller tunes, wallpa- download features but the
pers and video clips relat- latest site would have a full
ed to the party. complement of features
TDP Chief N Chandra-
babu Naidu, who
compatible with every
mobile service provider. N ew genetic research has found
that arachnids like spiders
and scorpions first emerged at
News. For the research, Hoy and
colleague Ayyamperumal Jeya-
prakash, who is a University of
launched the website at Party senior leaders K
the party headquarters Yerran Naidu, Dadi Vee- least 400 to 450 million years ago, Florida senior biological scientist,
here, said the portal has rabhadra Rao and others making them among the world’s obtained complete genetic se-
several features like MP3 were present on the oldest creatures. quences for the mitochondria of
ring tones, caller tunes, occasion. According to a report in Dis- 25 different invertebrates, includ-
mobile videos in 3GP for- PTI covery News, the study extends ing four spiders, two mites, three
mat containing movie the known world presence of scorpions, soft and hard ticks,
clips, songs and dialogues these creepy crawlies by over 200 and other members of an arach-
of party founder N T Rama This website has million years. nid group that’s known as the
Rao. ‘‘A horseshoe crab dating to Chelicerata lineage.
It also has songs from
been designed 475 million years ago provided Jeyaprakash identified genetic
films starring the second keeping in view one of our anchor dates, and this sequences common to the orga-
and third generation Nan- crab actually looked quite mod- nisms.
the demands ern, as did a Devonian period The researchers then used high
damuri heroes Balakrish-
na, Kalyan Ram, Taraka from the (416 to 359 million years ago) tech computer programs to cal-
N. Chandrababu Naidu Ratna and NTR (Junior). Nandamuri fans mite that was one very modern- culate how much time passed
PHOTO: SHIV KUMAR PUSHPAKAR “This website has been looking mite,’’ co-author Marjo- since the sequences evolved from
rie Hoy, a University of Florida a common origin.
entomologist, told Discovery ANI

Peak of their Going potty

Celebrities to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
S inger Gary Barlow has assem-
bled nine celebrities to attempt
to climb Mount Kilimanjaro,
climb feel similarly, so it made
sense to ask them to join me.”
“I have chosen the people I
which is 19,340 ft high, for the want to be stuck on the side of a
charity Comic Relief. The sun- mountain with, even if we are the reports Barlow saying, “I least likely you would expect to
went to Africa for Comic Relief 18 find there. We are all nervous and
months ago and the images from are trying to fit training into our
that trip have stayed with me and schedules, but the team spirit,
made me want to do something enthusiasm and commitment are
big to make a difference and raise incredible.”
money. The other people on the IANS

I went to Africa for Comic Relief 18

months ago and the images from
that trip have stayed with me 쒀 A Kashmiri Muslim carries traditional heating pots in Srinagar. Thousands of
wicker and mud pots are sold every year in Kashmir to fight the harsh Himalayan
06 VILLAGE ERGO Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Existing animals
Of all known forms of animals life
ever to inhabit the Earth, only
about 10 per cent still exist today.

Threat to Plastic bags kill croc found in

Australian tourist zone
Tendulkar’s life A crocodile which was captured after menacing tourist
beaches near Australia’s World Heritage-listed Great Barrier
Reef has died from eating too many plastic bags, officials
said. Queensland’s Environmental Protection Agency
Threat from Pakistan-based terror announced Sunday that the crocodile died a day after it
was captured near Magnetic Island, close to the world
outfit Jaish-e-Mohammad famous coral reef which runs along Australia’s north-
eastern coast. The agency said 25 plastic shopping and
garbage bags had been found inside the animal, along
with a plastic wine cooler bag and a rubber float. “Because
the material had compacted solidly in its stomach it was
unable to digest food,” it said in a statement.

Dalai Lama vows silence ahead of

exile meeting
The Dalai Lama said on Monday talks with China about
autonomy for Tibet had so far been a ‘failure’ and he plans
to remain silent ahead of a special meeting of Tibetan exiles
later this month to discuss its future. Concern has grown
about the diminishing likelihood of a meaningful settlement
between China and the Tibetan exiles, even as the Dalai
Lama’s envoys hold fence-mending talks this week in China.
“Things are not going well ... I have to accept failure,” the
73-year-old exiled Tibetan leader told a news conference in
Tokyo, where he is visiting to give spiritual talks. “Now I
remain completely neutral. If I say I prefer this one, then
that may become hindrance, obstacle (for) different
opinions (to come) freely.”

Ice alert row sank the Titanic,

says documentary
The Titanic disaster, that claimed over 1,500 lives 96
years back, could have been averted if its radio operator
had not been rude, a new documentary claims.
According to the documentary, the 25-year-old radio
operator, Jack Phillips, had a row with his counterpart
on the nearest ship who tried to warn him of ice in the
area on April 14, 1912. In fact, Phillips, who had a
backlog of greetings messages to send for the luxury
liner’s passengers, told Cyril Evans of the SS Californian:
‘Shut up’, ’The Sun’ reported. An angry Evans reacted by

atting maestro Sachin Ten- unturned in providing security to
switching off his radio equipment just ten minutes
dulkar faces a threat to his him,” another top police official
before the Titanic hit an iceberg.
life from Pakistan-based said here.
terror outfit Jaish-e-Mo- The teams will be given ade-
hammad and his security has quate security cover, including in
been tightened in its wake, police Hotel Pride near the airport
said on Monday.
“The Central government has
where they will stay, police said.
Security has also been beefed
Charles presents forest plan to
issued a high-alert for Sachin.
They have information that the
up at the old stadium of the Vi-
darbha Cricket Association at
Indonesian president
Britain’s Prince Charles met Indonesian President
JeM has issued a threat to him. Civil Lines, where the two teams Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Jakarta on Monday
We have informed everyone and will have net sessions for the next and presented his ideas for saving the world’s
his security has been tightened,” two days, they added. The match rainforests, officials said. Speaking at the presidency
Nagpur Police Commissioner will be played at the new stadium after the meeting, the heir to the British throne
Praveen Dixit said. in Jamtha, about 16 km near suggested a scheme to determine how much
Tendulkar will be arriving for Nagpur. funding rainforest countries needed to re-orientate
the fourth and final Test match A recent spate of serial blasts their economies toward preservation and
against visiting Australia from has put the intelligence agencies reforestation. “The rainforest nations would need to
November 6-10. in the country in high alert and consider how much they should be paid so that they
“The city police have received the JeM had previously issued can continue to grow and develop their economies
an advisory from central agencies threats against other celebrities without cutting down the forest,” he said.
about the threat from Jaish-e- including top leaders of the coun- AFP
Mohammad. try. ■
Hence we are leaving no stone PTI
Tuesday, November 4, 2008
This day, that year 2 lakh glass milk
It was in November 4, 1928 that
Charlie Chaplin’s silent film classic, A healthy cow will produce an
The Kid, with 12-year-old Jackie average of 200,000 glasses of
Coogan, opened in Paris. milk in her lifetime.

Obama, McCain duel in final hours

of White House race
The final pre-election poll by Gallup-USA Today
published Monday gave Obama a yawning lead of 11
points – 55 percent to 44 percent for McCain

hite House front-runner sement about Obama’s fiery for- at 72, would be the oldest presi-
Barack Obama duelled mer pastor Jeremiah Wright. dent elected to a first term.
with John McCain on the Obama and his family were in- The Democrat’s campaign has
penultimate day of the troduced in Cleveland with a not made the age difference an
epic 2008 campaign, presenting a rousing set from fabled rocker explicit issue of the election, but
tableau of his loving family and Bruce Springsteen, who brought the contrast was implicit as his
vowing to change America. many in the vast crowd to tears young family rejoined him on the
In the home stretch before with ‘The Rising,’ which is played campaign trail at rallies in west-
Tuesday’s historic vote, the Dem- before all Obama rallies. ern states and in Ohio on Sunday.
ocrat bidding to become the first “A rising is coming,” Obama The Democratic nominee
black US president appeared be- said after Springsteen exclaimed seemed buoyed by the presence
fore 80,000 supporters in Cleve- to deafening cheers: “I want my of his family.
land, Ohio, with his wife Michelle country back, I want my dream In the presidential Electoral
and their two daughters aged sev- back, I want my America back!” College, states are apportioned
en and 10. McCain, following his own votes based on their population,
The final pre-election poll by two-day bus odyssey around ranging from giant California
Gallup-USA Today published rust-belt Ohio, was also stepping with 55 to the least populous
Monday gave Obama a yawning up the pace with his first mid- states such as Alaska, Montana
lead of 11 points – 55 percent to night rally of the campaign, in and Vermont with just three votes
44 percent for McCain. Florida, following events in Penn- each. McCain, who had promised
McCain however fought for a sylvania and New Hampshire. not to make Wright an issue in
comeback win in Pennsylvania – “We are two days away from the campaign, later returned to
which went Democratic in 2004 changing America, and it’s going New Hampshire, where he won
and which he must take to stand to start right here in the great the Republican primary in 2000
a chance of victory – as the state state of Ohio,” said the 47-year- and earlier this year. ■
Republican Party ran an advertis- old Obama, whose rival McCain, AFP

Swedish lesbians Ordinary, extraordinary

wed at Taj Mahal
T wo young Swedish women tied
the knot at the weekend in the
first known lesbian ‘marriage’ be-
They then made seven circuits
around a fire in the traditional
marriage custom.
side the Taj Mahal, India’s ethe- The priest, Dharm Das, initially
real monument to love, refused to ‘marry’ the pair but re-
newspapers said on Monday. lented after they gave an offering
The happy couple, known only to the temple and said they would
as Sandra and Sarah, followed be his life-long disciples, reports
Hindu rituals during the ceremo- said.
ny which was conducted by a “Although the Hindu system of
priest at the Mahadeva Shiva marriage doesn’t allow such rela-
temple close to the Taj in the tionships or marriages, I am im-
town of Agra. pressed with the love that the two
After exchanging garlands, women have for the monument
Sandra, 19, marked the head of of love,” Das told the Mail Today.
18-year-old Sarah with vermilion. “They had also argued that
their Swedish society allows such
The priest initially kind of marriages.”
refused to ‘marry’ the The Taj Mahal was built by Em-
peror Shah Jahan in memory of
pair but relented after his second wife Mumtaz Mahal
they gave an offering who died giving birth in 1631.
at the temple and said At Saturday’s ‘wedding’, San-
dra acted as the groom while Sa-
they would be his life- 쒀 A tourist poses for a photo alongside a galvanised wire sculpture titled ’ordinary
rah played the role of the coy
extraordinary’ by artist Ivan Lovatt overlooking Tamarama beach near Sydney on
long disciples bride, newspapers reported. ■
Monday as part of the ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ annual art exhibition. AFP PHOTO
08 SPORT ERGO Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama loses
A local soccer team christened Obama FC was at the weekend beaten 1-0 in a derby held in a western Kenyan village of the US
Democrat’s kin. The tournament, dubbed Obama Big Day Soccer Tournament, was organised by Barack Obama’s step-brother
Malik Obama, in anticipation of the senator’s victory in the November 4 US presidential elections. Originally called Kogelo FC –
named after the village of Obama’s Kenyan father – it changed its name to Obama FC in 2004 when the Democrat first made
headlines after giving an electrifying speech at the Democratic Party convention.

SLC hits back at Modi

Sri Lanka Cricket on Monday rubbished Indian
Premier League (IPL) chief Lalit Modi’s claim that its
chairman Arjuna Ranatunga was
aware of the Lankan players’
contract with the IPL’s next
edition when he finalised the
now-cancelled tour of England
New champion It was an emotional rollercoaster: Hamilton
scheduled for the same time
period. “The Sri Lankan Cricket
had got a letter in September last
year from team captain Mahela
Jayawardene seeking no
objection for playing for inaugural Twenty20 in 2008
and there was no mention of playing for three
years,” SLC sources said. The sources said in reply, the
Chief Executive of SLC Duleep Mendis in a letter
dated October 1, 2007 said the SLC had no objection
in allowing Jayawardene to play the inaugural IPL
subject to being available to any commitments with
Sri Lanka Cricket at any given time. Subsequently, a
few months ago, SLC Chairman Arjuna Ranatunga
wrote to Sri Lankan players asking them to skip
matches of IPL 2009 that coincide with the now-
cancelled tour of England. The players contended
they had already committed to play for the Indian
tournament. Ranatunga blamed the IPL for a USD
three million for SLC due to the cancellation of the
English tour as the ECB was not prepared for
matches against a second string Sri Lankan cricket
team in the wake of commitments of the senior
players towards the IPL.

Last 16 in sight for big guns

Europe’s big guns have emerged largely unscathed
from the early skirmishes in this season’s Champions
League group stages and several can virtually
guarantee their places in the knockout round this
week. Group C leaders Barcelona should make it Lewis Hamilton (centre, bottom) celebrates his F-1 title with team manager Ron
four wins from four matches against pointless Basel Dennis (left, bottom) and his brother Nicholas (right, bottom) at Interlagos race track
on Tuesday, holders Manchester United can book in Sao Paulo, Brazil. PHOTO: AFP
their last 16 place with victory at Celtic while
Chelsea know a win at Roma should be enough.

cLaren’s Lewis Hamilton struggling for grip after staying second time in three years to
Inter Milan, Bayern Munich and Arsenal are also in roared into the record out on dry tyres. Vettel overtook chalk up a record 16th construc-
strong positions going into the fourth round of books as Formula One’s his compatriot for fourth place tors’ title for the Italian team and
fixtures, but the likes of Porto and PSV Eindoven youngest champion on and then Hamilton powered past their eighth in 10 seasons. Ferrari
have plenty still to do. Porto, champions of Europe Sunday when he snatched the ti- Glock as the final corner ap- ended up with 172 points to
in 2004, will be eliminated if they lose in Kiev on tle in last lap drama at the Brazi- proached. Some 18 seconds lat- McLaren’s 151 with BMW-Saub-
Wednesday, while Dutch representatives PSV need a lian Grand Prix. In one of the er, the title was won. “Amazing, I er third on 135. Hamilton, who
win in Marseille to keep on the coat tails of Group D most thrilling finales the sport can’t even get my breath back,” missed out by a single point to
leaders Liverpool and Atletico Madrid who meet at has seen, the 23-year-old Briton said Hamilton, who embraced Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen in Bra-
Anfield. Nine-time European champions Real Madrid was seconds from failure for the his father and brother before be- zil last season, ended the 18-race
still have their destiny in their own hands in Group second year in a row. ing mobbed by the team. “I season with 98 points to Massa’s
H, although they trail Juventus by a point after Needing to finish fifth to be- thought my heart was going to 97.
defeat in Italy two weeks ago. The Spaniards will be come his country’s first cham- explode. I think everyone else
eager for revenge and top spot in Wednesday’s pion since Damon Hill in 1996, was the same. I don’t know what Deserving winner
return in the Bernabeu. Hamilton began the final lap in would have happened if I had “He scored more points than
Reuters sixth place and with Ferrari title lost out on the last lap.” me; he deserves to win the title,”
rival Felipe Massa cruising to vic- said Massa. “I know how to win,
tory. Forced to pit for wet tyres Heart stopping I know how to lose. This is an-
while in fourth place after a rain- Team boss Ron Dennis could other day of my life that I’m go-
storm in the closing stages, Ha- only agree: “It was heart stop- ing to learn a lot from.” At 23
milton had dropped to fifth and ping stuff,” he said. “I don’t think years and 301 days old, Hamilton
was then passed by Vettel’s Fer- there has been a more exciting broke the record set by former
rari-powered Toro Rosso on the world championship as regards McLaren team mate Fernando
69th of 70 laps. With the title the outcome. It just worked Alonso, the Spaniard who won
disappearing as fast as Massa’s great. I’m sure there will be lots the first of his two titles with Re-
Ferrari was taking him to the of people who have lots of opi- nault in Brazil at the age of 24,
chequered flag in front of his nions, but as far as we’re con- one month and 27 days. Hamil-
home fans, Hamilton’s family cerned we came to Brazil ton’s title was the first for Mer-
looked on aghast while Brazil determined to win the world cedes-powered McLaren since
prepared to celebrate. Salvation championship, and we did.” Finland’s Mika Hakkinen in
came in the shape of Toyota’s Massa, Hamilton’s sole title ri- 1999. ■
Timo Glock, with the German val, won his home race for the Reuters
Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We (West Indies cricket) are doing it, the results are here
tonight. We will beat anybody in the world with this
team. We are back, we’re going to take the world again.
Texan billionaire Allen Stanford

Gaurav Natekar on
the doubles and
team gold at the
1994 Asian Games
in Hiroshima

ndia has always been a peren-
nial underachiever when it
comes to sports and although
the country hosted the inaug-
ural Asian Games in 1951 and
came second in the medals tally
with 15 gold, 16 silver and 20
bronze behind Japan (24 gold, 21
silver, 15 bronze), its perfor-
mance since then has been abys-
mal. India’s performance
reached its nadir when they only
managed a single gold at the 1990
Beijing Games.
Four years later, in the historic

Courting gold
city of Hiroshima, they fared a lit-
tle better. Two of India’s four gold
medals were won in the tennis
courts, where an inspired Lean-
der Paes and Gaurav Natekar won
the team title before grabbing the
doubles gold, too. Relatively un-
known but not new to the circuit,
the duo jelled well and played
memorable tennis throughout
the competition to help India fin-
ish a respectable eighth in the cold in Hiroshima. Both Leander
medals tally. and I had a bad day at office and
“I think nobody expected us to were two match points down. But
reach the medal round and that Leander is a fighter to the core
took the pressure off us. I think and he came out with a winner to
after P.T. Usha’s brilliance in Se- save the game for us. After that
oul 1986, it was the first time that we just had to hold our nerves to
somebody had won two gold pocket the match as the Indone-
medals, so obviously it was extra sians were rattled to see such a
special,” Natekar recalls. spirited fightback,” Natekar says.
“Just a week before the games Paes and Natekar had a rela-
we had a Davis Cup tie, so we tively easy win against the South
were in good nick. We also had Korean pair of Chang Eui-Jong
the added advantage of playing and Kim Chi Wan in the final to
together for a long time. We were win their second gold. ■
not new to top-level tennis; both
of us were playing in the pro-tour
and had a good idea of how to go
about. Unexpectedly, we won the
team championship defeating In-
donesia and from there everyth-
ing fell in place.”
The Indians, however, faced
much stiffer resistance in the
doubles competition; the Indo-
nesian pair of Donny Susetyo and
Teddy Tandjung was vying for re-
venge and they met in the semi-
finals. “They were a tough nut to
crack and it was very windy and
10 FLICK ERGO Tuesday, November 4, 2008

‘Orpah’ Winfrey?
Oprah is actually a typo. Her parents
wanted to use the biblical name Orpah,
but the midwife couldn’t spell so it
became Oprah.

Coach ‘M’ for missing?

D ame Judi Dench might not be seen playing the
signature boss to James Bond in the next 007 film.

The veteran actress, who has played ‘M’ in six Bond
movies, from Golden Eye (1995) to the recent
Quantum of Solace, revealed that she doubted the
possibility of her being in the future movie.
“I don’t think I will be in it. I am nothing to do with
it – but of course I will do it if I am asked,” the Daily
Star quoted the 73-year-old as saying.
Meanwhile, James Bond star Daniel Craig had
revealed that the next sequel in the 007 series might
be expected to have more steamy action, with the
I was afraid that I would re-introduction of Miss. Moneypenny’s role.
look stupid. I was afraid The 40-year-old’s recent Bond flick, Quantum of
Solace, rocked the box office, collecting a staggering
that the players wouldn’t 4.9 million pounds on its opening day, displacing
listen to my football former record-holder Harry Potter and the Goblet of
advice. I was afraid that Fire’s collection of 4.25 million pounds. ■
the advice that I gave
wouldn’t be very good

shton Kutcher’s
new job as a foot-
ball coach is sure-
ly paying off – his
Harvard-Westlake High
Wolverines are off to a 4-2
winning start this season.
The That’s 70s Show
actor, who is coaching
the team, admits he’s get-
ting a lot out of his new
“Though football is no great
step for mankind... it’s a
great step for me,” the
Daily Star quoted
him, as telling
Sports Illustrat-
ed magazine.
“I’m not
there to teach
them; they
are there to
turn as
teach me,” he
As for why
coaching, Kutch-
coach is a
Britney on X Factor
er says on his blog
that he’s always want-
ed to coach, but was
S imon Cowell has confirmed that Britney Spears
will be performing on X Factor in two weeks’
“afraid of the time commitment. Cowell said that the ‘Toxic’
I was afraid that I would look singer would be on the
stupid. I was afraid that the show on November 15.
players wouldn’t listen to my “I’m really excited about it,
football advice. I was afraid that because she’s got her act
the advice that I gave wouldn’t together now and the new
be very good.” record’s terrific,” News of
Kutcher played linebacker at the World quoted him, as
ClearCreek Amana High saying.
School in Tiffin, Iowa. ■ “She’s come back from a
ANI very dark place and is a
great artist,” he added. ■
Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tobey Maguire to do
Spider-Man 4 and 5
Tobey Maguire, who rose to fame
with his role as Peter Parker in the
Spider-Man films, has been signed on
for Spider-Man 4 and 5 too.

My sex symbol title Cine City

was silly : Gere
e’s been one of the big Gere, who was married to su-
screen’s most recogniza- permodel Cindy Crawford for
ble stars for 30 years, four years in the 1990s, says
and has been a sex his marriage to actress Carey
symbol for a long time, but Lowell and the birth of their
according to Richard Gere son when he was 50
the title was ‘silly’. changed the way he ap-
While in an interview, proached his career, with
when the ‘Pretty Wom- his family now a big fac-
an’ star was about his tor in his choice of roles.
long-time billing as a “I pick my roles dif-
sex y icon, the actor ferently. I want to know
said: “I thought it was where it’s going to
silly - I always did and I shoot.
always will,” he says. I don’t want to be far
“They’re just charac- from my family,” he
ters to me. Believe me I said.
have a very rich, com-
mitted and interesting
Gere recently finished
filming Amelia, about pi-
What’s in a name?
life outside of this stuff. lot Amelia Earhart, who Raju Sundaram, the director of Ajith starrer Aegan,
This is a job,” the Daily Tel- disappeared over the Pacif- had earlier decided to name the villain played by
egraph quoted him, as say- ic in 1937 in an attempt to fly actor Suman as Joseph. But when actor Ajith heard
ing. around the world. this, he had asked Sundaram to change the name
Gere says his early days as an The film co-stars Hilary and later the character was named John
intense, self-critical young actor Swank, Ewan McGregor, Virginia Chinnappa. And the reason behind Ajith’s
have given way to someone who Madsen and Canberra-raised instructions was that the name Joseph was actor
has mellowed and is no longer teenager Mia Wasikowska. Vijay’s real name. So Ajith didn’t want to hurt the
concerned solely with work. ANI
sentiments of Vijay fans, though Sundaram had
decided the name unintentionally.

Simon Cowell, Terri

Seymour part ways
S imon Cowell and his long-
time girlfriend Terri Sey-
mour have reportedly parted
According to pals, the X
Factor boss has splashed out
2.5 million pounds for a new
home for TV reporter Sey-
mour in Los Angeles. Cowell,
49, has also promised to help
her as she adjusts to single
Friends say that the reason
behind the couple’s split was
Case against Nayan ?
If Internet buzz is to be believed, an advocate in
their hectic work schedules Kerala has filed a charge against Nayanthara, the
and Seymour longing to start producers of Aegan and a theater owner. The
a family. advocate, who has taken strong exception to
“They had different views Nayanthara’s glamorous ways in Aegan, has made
on where they wanted things the charge seeing a few posters in and around the
to go,” News of the World theatre premises which he considered obscene.
quoted a friend, as saying.
12 ERGO Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday’s Question:
If you were to stage a
protest for a cause,
what would it be?
■ To lay rubber roads all over
Padma Gopal, CTS
■ To stop work extend ... ( its really
very horrible that doing extend
Nirmala, Perot Systems
■ I would protest for civilians who
are targeted by traffic police, who
are unnecessarily forced to bribe
■ I will protest against Global Krishna Kumar from Hexaware Techonologies has nominated his team as Partners in Crime.
Warming. And I will create awareness
among people, those who don’t
know about it. Save earth.
Vivekanandhan, Perot Systems
■ I would stage a protest against the
killing of innocent people in the
name of religion and terrorism. We
cannot live each day in constant fear.
Swati Karthik, Polaris
■ Corruption, the No.1 evil thing
which is prevalent in our country.
Jude, Infosys
■ To make Government servants take
responsibility in doing their work
without taking bribes and finishing it
Karthik, Patni
■ I would stage a protest and ensure
that T Rajendar does not act, more
specifically not dance, in any movies
and scare the weak hearted and
Shiva, EDS
■ Protest against profit oriented and Dhanarajan Ramalingam from Infosys has nominated his friends as Partners in Crime. The pic was clicked at
greedy real estate people. Munnar.
Sridhar R, STG
■ Against child labour and against all
border issues like Kashmir, Israel, Sri
Sunil, CGSL
■ My protest would be for the
people begging at traffic signals. This
causes complete chaos at signals and
troubles those driving through these
busy signals. The government should
take stringent steps to curb this
Rakshita Sreenivasan,
Oracle DBA, Wipro Technologies

Today’s Query:
If you were to gift Anil
Kumble something for
his retirement, what
Sethupandian V of Verizon Data Services has appointed Vivek Anand, Siva kumar and Dilip as his Partners in
would it be and why? Crime. The pic was clicked at Yercaud.
Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hi Ergo , ■ Dear Sinthana,

I am Anant from RR Donnelley, Acropolis. First of all I would like to appreciate the Wish u a very happy birthday. May you have the best in
ERGO TEAM for bringing out a good daily publication among youths and the various everything. I wish you all succcess throughout your life. God Bless
office goers. I am very happy with your daily news and the various articles being You.
published in the paper in different sections. When I was in Anna Nagar, I used to read Loads of Love n prayers,
the paper daily, but now a days as I am shifted to Acropolis branch (next to Hotel Sudha,
Savera), I am not able to read the paper as you guys don’t supply the paper here. TCS
I would like you to supply the paper in this branch of RR Donnelley also. I would like ■ Dear Anitha,
to know if there is any veg. budget restaurant or any tiffin centre near Hotel Savera (like Wish u many more happy returns of the day. May all ur dreams
the Karthick Tiffin Centre in Anna Nagar). Awaiting for your reply. come true. Wish you a great future ahead.
With Regards & Thanks, “Wat we feel for u seems less of earth and more of a cloudless
Anant Kumar Mundhra heaven”
With love,
Koms,Ugi and Mahi.
■ Dear ’COBOL’ Comathi,
Wishing you many more happy returns of this day. May this year
bring you lots of happiness & prosperity. Wishes from your loving
LOGISAIR friends,
Wipro Technologies.
■ Hi Suresh Manickam
Wish u a many more happy returns of the day. May the happiness
blossom around you in the coming days.
With love & affection
Sathya, Saravanan
& TCS DWB Team
■ Savi (Key) Thri (Wick)
Sudarsan Vijay As her name implies, she has opened our doors of success and lit
Kumar from Wipro the lights of our career. Let this birthday globalize her glory. She is
Technologies a master, an Amazing character, Vibrant in attitude, always with
doodled this. Incomparable Energy and Thirst for learning, an Hallmark,
Repository of knowledge, and altogether, an Inspiration for all of
us. Many more happy returns of the day Ma’am. Vazhtha
vayathillai vanangukirom!!!
PS: She is known as the Meera Jasmine of TCS.
By Shared Services Team,
We wish you a happy birthday. May your dreams come true. Enjoy
your day...........
■ Dear Latheef,
Wish You Many More Happy Returns Of the Day! You are very
special to us and you always deserve the best. We wish you a
wonderful life filled with Love and Happiness always.
With loads of love & wishes,
Syed Shehanaz Mariam,
Syed Nasreen Fathima,
Fathima Mariam,
Thirdware Solutions Pvt Ltd.
■ Hi Bug Bala ( Nayagan - JK Rithish Sisyan),
Namakku yeanda indha vilambaram...
lifela yedhavathu saadhichavan thaan da porandhanaal
ore nimisham yosichu paaru.. porandhu 30 varushathula
yedhavathu urupadiya senjirukiya... atleast bug illatha codachum?
sari tholanju poo.. unnoda palagina pavathukaga. Nee sonna
mathiri anupiyaachu.. (photolam poda mattangalam da)
inniya priandhanaal vazhalthukal..
unnai ninaichu varthapadum vaalibar sangam.
SSIL(Sella Synergy india limited)
Wife : Do you want dinner? ■ Dear Yanas,
Husband : Sure, what are my choices? Baby! Happy birthday; we pray for u to always have a good health,
Wife : “No” or “I will Cook” more career in life..and more birthdays to come..always take care
Manonmani Kesav, HCL and we all love u so much. Because time itself is like a spiral,
Indraiya Technical Mokkai : Wen u put 1 dog in an empty vessel & open d vessel after something special happens on your birthday each year: The same
sum time many dogs cum out, hw???????? Bcoz empty vessels make more NAYYS. energy that God invested in you at birth is present once again.
Gopi, Sending you warmest wishes on your special day... and everyday!
Changepond Technologies Ltd. Hearty Wishes from,
UST Global
14 TRAFFIC JAM ERGO Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Criminal action
A police force put 26 of its cars out of
action by filling up with the wrong


Ramesha JS of Wipro Infotech clicked

this picture at Rathnagiri Murugan
Temple in Vellore.
He captions it ‘Together all the time’.
Hobbies: Travelling, photography and

What strikes you the most when we

talk about ‘poverty’? Tell us through
one of your best photographs that has
moved you, with details of the place,
person, etc. Theme ‘Poverty’ will be
featured in the Click Pick section till
November 15.
So you think you would make a terrific photographer but never really had the
platform? Mail us your best work and we’ll publish it in this space, with credit.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008
Split snaps Word’s worth
"Singerie" (san-zhuh-ree) a decorative style using
Divorcing couples in Italy are flocking
pictures of monkeys, often wearing clothes or
to a photographer who’s offering to
indulging in other anthropomorphic behaviour.
shoot a wedding-style album of their
From a French word meaning ’monkey business; a
collection of monkeys.’



Today your focus remains on career progress. You
will be highly practical and may take right decisions
right in time. You will work harder and may also
expect others to work hard. Your love life may be
sidelined while you are too involved in work.


Luck is in your favour in general. You may be
working on new projects. Important meetings
related to work may happen today. You will enjoy
good family life today. You will receive full moral
support from your life partner or beloved one today.


Ganesha does not find you in a very good mood
BORN LOSER today. At office, you would not be able to finish
desired work in given time. Ensure that you don’t
cross deadlines! In love life, you will neither have
very good time nor very tough time.
Today you might have to take a back-seat at office
and let others handle important task. This is just
time being change, you will be back in power soon
but today, stars are not favouring you. At home,
you will be completely dedicated to your partner.
LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
You can be overloaded with work at office. There
are chances of cold arguments with superiors.
Ensure that you maintain cordial relations. In case
of love life you may not be carried away by
emotions but may use your intelligence.
There is a lot of scope of doing some sort of R and
FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT D today. You will love your job more than usual
and may take interest in company’s progress.
Emotional bond between you and your beloved one
may strengthen up today.
Your responsibilities may be sidelined and you may
be dealing with mundane tasks. Ganesha suggests
you to keep up with routine practice. Your love life
may become dry if you don’t say sweet words to
partner. In Handle everything with utmost care.
Tasks that you have not been finished till now may
be finished today. It is best day to deal with
activities that need to be done quickly. You may
need to put in more effort to please your beloved. If
you don’t try to dominate, everything will be okay.
Today you may need to control your speech. Office
work may become more demanding. In love life,
you should try to act more emotionally or
dramatically to make your partner feel that you are
concerned about him or her.
This is ’power day’ for you. Your energies are in the
process or recharging. You will be able to set higher
goals and start working in this direction. Domestic
life is in perfect balance. You may be in good
humour while you are with your beloved one.
PREVIOUS You may put in lot of effort to solve problems at
work but if you shoot one, another will appear
ISSUE’S immediately. In love life, you may not be able to
dominate your partner. Ganesha advises you to
SOLUTIONS keep low profile, to remain tension free.
Your efforts are likely to yield positive results today.
Ganesha finds you receiving gains at office. Other
people may give you due importance and you will
gather more respect. Love life may be sailing
smoothly. You may not have any complaints today.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni
16 ! ERGO Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dangerous crossing
Children in a remote part of China
face a hazardous walk to school -
because it is halfway up a sheer cliff.

The name is Rice

Olympic golden girl Stephanie Rice’s name
will now be seen in the skies over the Middle METROSEXUAL
East. The Australian Defence Force’s AP-3C
Orion, from RAAF Edinburgh’s Number 11
Squadron, will now be known as ‘Stephanie’
after the swimmer.
Corporal Andrew Summers said that the new
AP-3C Orion was destined for success just like
its namesake.
“The long smooth figure and design is built
for speed and manoeuvrability whilst
maintaining its sense of gracefulness,” quoted Summers, as saying.
Flight Lieutenant
Jonathan Morgan
made the naming
official by spraying
champagne on the
aircraft’s nose.
Stephanie has been
deployed to the
Middle East Area of

Not so funny
A Halloween pizza
promotion depicting Everest
conqueror Sir Edmund Hillary
dancing in a graveyard has
upset his family, news reports
The walking canvas
said Monday.
The animated commercial, by
Tattoo minus the needle. Welcome to the world of body art
the New Zealand company
Hell Pizza, shows a skeletal VIPASHA SINHA regular water colour and is ap- the designs are made in similar
Sir Ed, flanked by Australian plied after mixing it with water. strokes. If you wish to add some
actor Heath Ledger and

re you scared of the tor- Unlike permanent tattoos, drama to it, we beautify the de-
Britain’s Queen Mother ment of the stinging tattoo these paints are washable and signs by adding sparkle, glitters
emerging from graves to machine but still wish to can be removed in a single wash. and beads,” explains Ashim
dance to Michael Jackson’s have that ink on your body? The process of body art is the These designs can be painted
song, ‘Thriller’. Sir Ed and Heath Ledger Then visit Naturals to get any de- same as painting on a canvas; on any part of your body. Using
died in January and the Queen Mother in sign you wish, minus the pain. here the human body replaces black paint with thick strokes,
2002. For the first time in Chennai, the white. you can get permanent tattoo-
Sir Ed’s son, Peter Hillary, dubbed the Naturals has launched its body Ashim, a body paint specialist, like designs done.
commercial, which Hell Pizza posted on art services. These designs are explains the technique of using “I have always been fascinated
the Internet two days before Halloween, painted on the skin using a brush the brush. “Body art is done using by tattoos but couldn’t get it done
“grotesque.” and special body paints. These two colours at the same time. The because my parents are strictly
Noting that his father had died only 10 paints, exclusively used for body brush is completely dipped in the against it. These temporary ones
months ago, he told the Dominion Post: art, are brought from Malaysia. first colour and the tip is touched look realistic, are affordable and
“It is early days and it’s still pretty raw. It’s This body paint resembles your with the other colour and then painless and, moreover, are avail-
extremely poor taste, really.” able in varied designs. I can have
DPA a different design every time, de-
pending on my dress,” smiles
Vandhana, a college student.
The best thing about this is that
One figure for another if you are not happy with the de-
sign or colour combination, you
In Hong Kong, a car registration number, can get it changed within min-
1234, fetched 360,000 Hong Kong dollars utes without much hassle.
(46,445 US dollars) at Sunday’s “For special occasions young
government girls get their body painted with
auction, where a designs and colours that match
total of 280 their dress and jewellery. Models
unusual plates opt for it for fashion shows to add
raised just short of to the glamour,” says Ashim
345,000 US dollars. So the next time you plan to
However, of the make heads turn by the drama on

280 plates put up your skin, Naturals can be your

for auction, some stop. The cost of body art starts
30 failed to reach from Rs. 50 and varies depending
their reserve price. on the size and type of the design.
DPA For more details contact Naturals
at 28331415. ■

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