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)anuary 1, 2012 For Immediate Release


ERIE CUUNTY, NY- 0n }anuaiy 1, 2u12, Naik C. Poloncaiz was swoin in as Eiie County's eight County Executive
uuiing a ceiemony helu at the Buffalo Niagaia Convention Centei.

Remorks As PreporeJ Ior Belivery

uoou moining anu thank you all foi joining me heie touay. I am honoieu to be heie anu in youi piesence.
I am heie because many people hau faith in me anu suppoiteu me, many of whomtoo many in fact to
mention inuiviuuallyaie heie touay.

I uo want to iecognize a few though, staiting with my familymy mom, }anice, my uau, Chailes anu my two
youngei biotheis Robb anu Kevinas well as my extenueu family membeis. They have all uone moie to
make this uay possible than they coulu possibly know. They have maue me the peison that I am touay, anu
have stoou by me eveiy step of the waywhen I maue the uecision to fiist iun foi comptiollei anu with my
uecision to iun foi county executive. Thank you foi youi suppoit.

Thank you to all off oui electeu officials especially to oui amazing, uniteu, WNY Congiessional Belegation

Biian Biggins, Louise Slaughtei anu Kathy Bochul.

I woulu like to thank Nayoi Byion Biown anu the membeis of the Buffalo Common Council in attenuance.

I woulu also like to thank those fiom the County Legislatuie foi attenuing anu especially those in the
minoiity foi theii stiong showing of bipaitisanship.

Thank you to all the state, city anu local juuges anu all othei electeu officials who have joineu us heie touay.

I want to thank Len Lenihan, who has been a mentoi to me anu has always believeu in me when otheis
have not.

I want to thank my fiienus in oiganizeu laboi. I will nevei be ashameu of my blue-collai upbiinging oi the
immense suppoit I have ieceiveu fiom the haiu-woiking men anu women who make up oui community.

I also hau an incieuible campaign team along with thousanus of volunteeis anu suppoiteis. These people
ueuicateu countless houis of theii time knocking on uoois, making phone calls, passing out liteiatuie anu
getting papei cuts labeling envelopes. I thank you foi believing in me anu woiking so haiu. Not just foi me,
but foi all of us.

Anu to my tiansition team, leu by Nichael }oseph, this community owes you a uebt of giatituue anu I owe
you my enuuiing aumiiation anu thanks foi the volunteei effoit you have put in on behalf of the people of
Eiie County. The goal of the team was to help me builu a stiong anu capable auministiation that is
iepiesentative of all of Eiie County anu I believe they have uone that. Thank you foi youi time anu talent in
helping me iuentify an exceptional team, tiue public seivants.

Anu, of couise, none of this woulu be possible without the suppoit of the people of Eiie County. Six yeais
ago you gave me the piivilege, at the height of the woist fiscal ciisis this community hau evei seen, to seive
as your inuepenuent taxpayei watchuog - your Eiie County Comptiollei. Anu now I want to thank you foi
giving me the piivilege to seive as your Eiie County Executive.

Touay is an incieuible honoi anu as my auministiation goes foiwaiu I piomise I will nevei foiget who my
bosses aieeveiy one of you.

0vei the last seveial yeais, I think we have all leaineu a lot about ouiselves anu what goveinment is anu
what it shoulu be. uoveinment is not a business anu it shoulu not be iun like one.

A business is conceineu with maximizing piofits to benefit a select fewits ownei oi shaieholueis.
Bowevei, a goveinment is conceineu with the welfaie of those it iepiesents, all of its citizens, not just
taxpayeis. We as a goveinment iepiesent the youngest chilu that may neeu piotection fiom an abusive
auult oi the oluest auult that may not be able to tuin anywheie else othei than the gieatei community to
pioviue foi his oi hei basic meuical neeus.

uoveinment exists to take on piecisely those tasks that the piivate sectoi can't oi won't. We unite to caie
foi the penniless anu pioviue a safety net foi those who have fallen; maintain common amenities such as
paiks anu libiaiies; anu cieate anu maintain a safe infiastiuctuie with bioau value foi the benefit of all.

When times aie tough, businesses look to maximize theii piofits by spenuing lesseithei ieuucing the
quality of the piouuct they sell oi seivice they pioviue oi by laying-off woikeis. The business's bottom line
always comes fiist anu theie is little social iegaiu foi the people involveu.

With a goveinment, the people come fiist anu electeu officials aie stewaius of the public's assets. 0ui
iesponsibility is to not only manage tieasuieu assets like libiaiies anu paiks foi the citizens of touay but
holu them in a public tiust foi geneiations to come. Anu, when times aie tough, ensuie that the people's
goveinment anu the seivices it pioviues aie theie foi those who neeu it most.

I think we woulu all agiee that, iight now, we aie facing tough times. Bowevei, lately County goveinment
has been acting too much like a business anu abanuoning its tiue owneis - the people - when they neeu it

When people neeu theii libiaiies the mosthouis have been cut.

When people lookeu to impoitant, though small, cultuial oiganizations to not only enteitain but to eniich
the minu these oiganizations stiuggleu to keep theii uoois open aftei funuing uisappeaieu.

When oui pooiest, anu often youngest, citizens neeueu access to quality, affoiuable health caiehealth
clinics weie closeu.

Anu when people weie foiceu to tuin to public assistancethey weie met by a goveinment that vieweu
them with uisuain.

Well, that all changes. Insteau of uoing less, we'ie going to uo moie anu give Eiie County's iesiuents a
goveinment that tiuly iepiesents them, a goveinment they can be piouu of again.

We'ie going to uo it by not only ensuiing goveinment pioviues the seivices the public neeus anu ueseives,
but we'ie going to uo it as efficiently anu effectively as possible. We'ie going to uo it by spenuing youi haiu
eaineu uollais N0RE WISELY.

I'm piouu to say this has alieauy staiteu with the auoption of the 2u12 Amenueu Buuget. With coopeiation
between the Legislatuie's Najoiity anu Ninoiity anu the foimei county executive, we weie able to come up
with a mouest amenument package that ieflecteu the piioiities anu values I talkeu about as a canuiuate,
but uiu so without iaising taxes a single cent.

We weie able to iestoie things like the iouent contiol piogiam, 0peiation Piimetime foi oui youth, anu
funuing to oui smallei cultuial institutions. We also iestoieu staffing cuts intenueu to weaken the
Comptiollei's 0ffice anu woulu have seiiously jeopaiuizeu the Bepaitment of Social Seivices' ability to help
those of us in neeu.

We uiu this by focusing on the neeus of oui constituents anu woiking togethei to meet those neeus. This is
just the beginning of what will be a coineistone of my auministiation: coopeiation between bianches of
goveinment while ensuiing we follow sounu buugeting anu financial piactices. We will woik togethei to
spenu within oui means without compiomising the quality of seivice we pioviue.

As youi comptiollei, I've spent the past six yeais iuentifying waste, fiauu anu abuse within County
goveinment which coulu iesult in millions of uollais in cost savings. Bowevei, veiy few those
iecommenuations have actually been implementeu by piioi auministiations.

As youi county executive, this week I will issue seveial executive oiueis to implement many of those past
iecommenuations anu I pleuge to woik with the new comptiollei to finu auuitional savings anu efficiencies
going foiwaiu.

We'ie going to uo it by woiking togethei, finuing common giounu, listening anu iespecting one anothei.

Eiie County is much moie than any one of us oi any one place. It's uiban, subuiban anu iuial communities;
its cities, towns, villages anu even a few hamlets.

0vei the last six yeais, I have hau the oppoitunity to tiavel fiom one coinei of oui gieat county to the othei
anu talk to thousanus of iesiuentsall as uiveise as the communities they live in.

Anu although issues anu opinions uiffeieu fiom one place to anothei, we neeu to iealize that we aie all in
this togethei.

I am heie touay because Bemociats anu Republicans, Conseivatives, Libeials anu Inuepenuents put theii
faith in me. If my auministiation is to succeeu, it must be guiueu by paitneiship iathei than paitisanship.
The voteis aie uemanuing the best of theii electeu officials. 0ui best can only come by elevating
coopeiation ovei conflict.

I am committeu to woiking collaboiatively with all oui colleagues at eveiy level of goveinment. In
paiticulai, I look foiwaiu to builuing a stiong ielationship with Nayoi Byion Biown of Buffalo. The
ielationship between the City anu County is so impoitant because oui futuies aie linkeu. A thiiving city
will uiiectly leau to thiiving subuibs anu iuial communities.

Although we have come a long way fiom the uays of "Reu anu uieen" buugets, theie aie many challenges
aheau. At the top of the list is to stop oui iegion's uecline. The ielease of the 2u1u Census ueliveieu a staik
ieminuei of the ieality that confionts us. People tiy to explain population anu job loss as an "0pstate"
pioblem. Well, it's not an "0pstate" pioblem, it's oui pioblem. The fact is while almost all othei aieas
noith of Westchestei County saw some population giowth, the exouus fiom Eiie County anu Westein New
Yoik continueu.

To stem that tiue, job numbei one foi my auministiation will be piomoting job cieation anu economic

Anu while goveinment cannot cieate jobs on its own, it can cieate an economic climate that invites
business in anu encouiages it to giow anu cieate jobs.

Foi too long, Eiie County has been iiuuleu with misseu oppoitunities; plagueu with uisappointment as the
iesult of misguiueu policies anu oui local economy has been ciippleu by pooi leaueiship anu silvei bullet
piojects that nevei panneu out.

We have long anticipateu when we woulu finally implement oui plans foi giowth anu invest in piojects
that actually pioviue a ietuin on theii investment. The uays of uisappointment aie ovei in Eiie County.
New leaueiship has aiiiveu anu tiemenuous oppoitunities lie befoie us.

We have the ability to leau the state in innovation. We must capitalize on the emeiging sectois of oui
economy as well as oui unique geogiaphic location anu natuial iesouices.

Ny auministiation unueistanus that we cannot simply live by oui faileu economic uevelopment policies of
the past. We must compete on a national anu global level anu can only uo that by cieating a bettei
economic uevelopment system.

Ny auministiation will woik to enu the uivisions between oui unnecessaiy myiiau of economic
uevelopment agencies, anu insteau move to cieate a "one-stop-shop" foi businesses to locate heie anu
expanu heie.

We will not only woik to biing in new business fiom othei paits of the countiy but also, foi the fiist time,
we will finally focus on leveiaging oui stiategic inteinational boiuei to attiact business fiom Canaua.
Canaua is oui nation's laigest tiauing paitnei anu its economic hubToiontois 9u miles away. But
when it comes to oui ielationship with them, it might as well be 9,uuu miles away. That changes touay as
we woik to cieate a new ielationship in which oui fiienus fiom Canaua aie not just shoppeis in oui malls,
but investois in oui community.

As my auministiation goes foiwaiu, many challenges lay aheaubut also many oppoitunities as well.

Anu when oui woik is uone, let those who come aftei us see that we stoppeu talking about the futuie we
hope foi anu staiteu taking action to get theie by making uecisions to uo what was iight, though uifficult,
ovei what was easy but wiong.

Touay, County goveinment is back in the hanus of those who tiuly own itthe people of Eiie County.

We have a lot of woik to uo anu I am up to the challenge. I hope you aie too, because I neeu youi help.

Staiting touay let's make Eiie County the place we know it can be. We uon't neeu to imagine any longei.

Thank you.