Total Marks: 40

(I.COM 1 Year)

Date: 24-12-2011

Time Allowed: 45 Minutes

Q. No. 01) In ach sentence the underlined word can be replaced by one of the following four words given below each sentence. Find out the right synonym and tick () it. (10) (i) Norma repressed a simile. (a) urged (b) checked (c) have (d) wear (d) caressing (d) authoritative (d) stream
d) respected d) stood

(ii) The fingers of trees were fondling the substance of clouds. (a) teasing (b) hiding (c) showing (iii) Arthur looked incredulous. (a) doubtful (b) sure (iv) Jess lost his plough in a furrow. (a) valley (b) groove (c) definite (c) barrow

(v) Laura wept that they were stranded on the Mars. a) tortured b) abused c) cast away (vi) The boy stooped to pick up the pocket book. a) bent down b) thought c) mused

(vii) Mr. Hubert was chocked with indignation. a) blame b) guilt c) honour (viii) Jorkens said that the man should arrange competition. a) contest b) schedule c) programme (ix) The quack said that he could cure the goiter. a) expert b) surgeon c) doctor (x) The parents were looking at the doctor distrustfully. a) knowingly b) disbelieve c) confidence

d) anger d) sermon d) pretender d) lack (10)

Q. No. 02) Each sentence contains four options below. Find out the right option and tick () it. (i) In which city did Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lewis live? (a) London (b) Paris (c) New York (ii) The reward for pushing the button was____________. (a) $25,000 (b) $50,000 (c) $5,000

(d) Washington

(d) $30,000

(iii) The old man wanted to show his son______________________. (a) his farm (b) his land (c) patch of clearing (d) river
(iv) How much time it would take to build a rocket according to Sam? a) 25 years b) 30 years c) 35 years (v) What was the age of the boy who tried to snatch the purse? a) 13 or 14 b) 14 or 15 c) 15 or 16 d) 40 years d) 16 or 17

(vi) How did the Mayor look? a) stout and serious b) funny

c) happy

d) calm d) Tit for Tat

(vii) What is the moral of the story µThe Piece of String¶? a) Curse of Innocent people b) Pride hath a fall c) truth triumphs

and learned so late in life. and never had had. It remained only to inaugurate him. So Gorgios was appointed acrobat to the Court. That was his name. that his parents were right after all. And that is where I came on the scene. 04) Translate the following lines into URDU. No. 03) Give short answers to any FIVE of the following questions. (10) And as a matter of fact its customs weren¶t so silly as you suppose. He was a good athlete when he came by this idea. But that didn¶t stop young Gorgios. (i) What were the three options Arthur and Norma discussed about the button-unit after Steward left their house? (ii) What was the public announcement? (iii) What were the feelings of Gorgios on the occasion? (iv) What was the condition of the parents on the arrival of the doctor? (v) What is the significance of the title of the story µA Clearing in the Sky¶? (vi) Who were included in the family of Harry? (vii) What happened to the boy when he tried to snatch the purse? Q. a) thing b) disease c) blessing Q. No. what always takes time.(viii) What did Gorgios do to create a post? He went into _____________. They had no post of court acrobat. a) politics b) cinema c) theatre d) circus (ix) What did a quack claim to cure? a) fever b) goiter c) headache d) injury d) calamity (10) (x) The slave had never experienced any_______________. . wandering about Europe as I used to do in those days when food was cheap.

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