Introduction: Philippine business franchise is one of the most convenient ways to establish your own enterprise.

Let Mang Inasal Philippines win your heart in the franchise business as it captured the taste of the Manileos. Chicken Inasal business boomed several years ago due to its distinct and flavorful taste that passed the discriminating choices of the Filipino diners. Chicken Inasal is not just an ordinary barbequed chicken dish that gives the fresh-from-the-grill taste but also incorporates the achuete oil that spells the difference to other recipes. While the chicken was grilled, it was brushed with the achuete oil, the secret mix and spice for the chicken inasal. Inasal originally meant grilled dish in skewer. The native Filipino dish is an original recipe of the Ilonggos that began to spread its wings and conquer even the hidden spots of Metro Manila. Chicken Inasal is a rave among the Manileos for its pocket-friendly price and great tasting chicken. It continued to tickle their appetites after tasting the specialty of Negros province. Mang Inasal Philippines has been in the business since 2003. The family-owned business was the pioneer of the fast food industry in the sidewalks of Iloilo. The savory Ilonggo fast food also offered franchise deals to cater the Filipino appetite the choice of a little sweetness and saltiness in their dishes. The concept of Mang Inasal Philippines was to spread the business in various locations to promote the goodness of Filipino dishes. Aside from the financial capability to own a Mang Inasal franchise, commitment and dedication to serve the Filipino customers with the best are the must-have attitudes an entrepreneur must have to join the bandwagon of the success of Mang Inasal Philippines franchise. For 800,000PHP, an entrepreneur can use the name of Mang Inasal. Formal training programs and seminars on how to operate your own franchise of Mang Inasal would be provided by the company for a month to ensure that an entrepreneur would be guided in the operation and management of his business. More or less, the investment for Mang Inasal store branch would cost 4 to 6 million PHP depending on these factors.

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