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HAAD Examination - Sample Questions

by Pinoy Med Tech International on Sunday, November 20, 2011 at 6:18am HAAD EXAM Notes 0ctober 7, 2011 1. Me ng Computation for the Coefficient of Variation, given na anf SD nya, kukuhanin mo na lang ang Mean ; eto po ang formula Mean= kunin nyo lang average ng given vaules CV = 1. (SD x100) /mean The analyte that is increased in Myocardial Infarction Aspartate and Creatine Kinase 1. There’s a question about CBC with a normal Hct and RBC Ct. but mapapasin nyo na yung MCHC nya eh umabot ng 3-folds sa normal plus o ang iba pang RBC indces nya, -indicative of Codl agglutinin Disease. What would you do Ans; Warm the sample @ 37 degree celscius 4. In chronic active hepatitis, high titers of which of the following antibodies are seen? a. antimitochondrial b. anti-smooth muscle - answer c. anti-DNA d. anti-parietal cell


In the indirect fluorescent antinuclear antibody test, a speckled pattern may indicate the

presence of antibody to: a. histone b. Sm c. RNA d. DNA - answer

6. Which of the following is associated with Glanzmann's thrombasthenia?

A patient has had massive trauma involving replacement of one blood volume with Red Blood Cells and crystalloid.6-6. Cryoprecipitated AHF c. absence of clot retraction-answer 7.94 x lo6/ .2 x lo6/& Hgb 13.4 g/dL What is the blood component of choice for this patient? a.4% -0%-54% MCV 128 fL 82-90 fL MCH 46.7 pg 27-31 pg high high low low low .a. normal bleeding time b.1 8 g/dL Hct 35. Increased 8. this is indicative of Dilultional thrombocytopenia .0x103/~ RBC 2. Laboratory values are as follows: PT Normal APTT Normal Breeding time Prolonged Platelet count 20 x 1 03/@ Hemoglobin 1 1. Platelets b.8 g/dL 4. Prothrombin Complex -Pero sa case na to. A patient had a multiple transfusion of whole blood. normalADP aggregation c. nireshuffle lang nila yung question. Given ang blood component tapos ang itatanong e kung alin ang mag pprolong na Test Answer.answer Dilutional Coag Factor def The following results were obtained on an electronic particle counter: Patient Normal WBC 5. suddenly the patient develops bleeding and oozing from mucous membranes. She is currently experiencing oozing from mucous membranes and surgical incisions.1x103/p~ 5. BLEEDING TIME . Fresh Frozen Plasma d.0-10. abnormal initial wave ristocetin aggregation d.

RNA d. often referred to as "good cholesterol.MCHC 40% 32%-36% high What step should be taken before recycling the sample? a. dilute the specimen -suspect a cold agglutinin’s are present 9.answer c. histone b.It is a genetic disease in which a fatty substance (lipid) accumulates in cells and certain organs – Tay Sach’s Dse . These antibodies are typically associated with autoimmune hepatitis. clean the apertures b. Tangier disease (also known as "Familial alpha-lipoprotein deficiency"[1]:535) is a rare inherited disorder characterized by a severe reduction in the amount of high density lipoprotein (HDL). warm the specimen -answer c. DNA Anti-smooth muscle antibodies are antibodies (immunoglobulins) formed against smooth muscle. sharp and -intense pain in the lower back. Anti-DNA – for Systemic lupus Erythematosus (SLE) 11." in the bloodstream. Marker for Hepa B Infection. replace the lysing agent d. In the indirect fluorescent antinuclear antibody test. Sm. eventually leading to the premature death of those cells. There is a question abou a sickle cell patient who develops shortness of breath. . to sa HAAD) (Eto naitanong 12.disease occurs when harmful quantities of gangliosides accumulate in the nerve cells of the brain. Gaucher’s Dse . a speckled pattern may indicate the presence of antibody to: a. this is due to -Splenic sequestration crisis / vaso occlusive crisis 10.

Which one is a sample of an Auto immune disease --. IgM anti-HBc: IgM antibody subclass of anti-HBc. Its presence indicates acute infection.answer anti HBS HBsAg: Hepatitis B surface antigen is a marker of infectivity. Its presence indicates an immune response to HBV infection. but this abbreviation is best avoided since it is often confused with abbreviations such as HBsAg. chronic.Hashimoto’s thyroditis 16.HbsAg . . Positivity indicates recent infection with HBV (within the past 6 mos). Anti-HBs: Antibody to hepatitis B surface antigen is a marker of immunity. In persons with chronic HBV infection. or resolved HBV infection. its presence suggests a low viral titer and a low degree of infectivity. Complement. . (It is also known as HBsAb. urticaria and Hives are examples of. Certain antibodies produce this kind of substances that induces red cell lysis in vivo. and it correlates with a high level of HBV replication. or the presence of passively acquired antibody. General principle for Platelet storage must be . Rash. 13. Its presence indicates either acute or chronic HBV infection. an immune response to vaccination. Marker for Acute Hepa A infection Anti HAV IgM and IgG Total Anti-HAV IgM -answer 14. Anti-HBe: Antibody to hepatitis B “e” antigen may be present in an infected or immune person.answer 15. It is primarily used to help determine the clinical management of patients with chronic HBV infection. HBeAg: Hepatitis B “e” antigen is a marker of a high degree of HBV infectivity.) Anti-HBc (total): Antibody to hepatitis B core antigen is a nonspecific marker of acute.Allergic reactions 17.

have hepatitis c. free sodium ions b. increased catabolism of heme . The pH of a urine specimen measures the: a. marked hemoglobinuria 19. Which blood component does not require crossmatching? FFP . chyluria b. normal concentration of haptoglobin. have a yeast infection -proteus produces urease which the converts urea in urine into ammonia in the presence of oxygen 23. occult blood b.answer d.answer c. pyuria-answer 22. hematuria c. decreased erythrocyte survival. protein *pH will increase = alkaline urine 20. normal osmotic fragility b. pH.answer Platelets RBC .answer Must be collected within 12 hrs -wrong 18.answer d. are diabetic b. total acid excretion d.Must be gently agitated RT . An ammonia-like odor is characteristically associated with urine from patients who: a. normal catabolism of heme d. decreased serum lactate dehydrogenase activity. volatile acids 21. specific gravity c. Which of the following would be affected by allowing a urine specimen to remain at room temperature for three hours before analysis? a. free hydrogen ions -answer c. leukocytosis d. The presence of leukocytes in urine is known as: a. normal or slightly increased erythrocyte survival. have an infection with Proteus sp . Which of the following sets of laboratory findings is consistent with hemolytic anemia? a.

5% NaCl solution c. catalase testing 27. an outbreak of infections due to Mycobacteria gordonae -answer b. An unusual number of Mycobacteria gordonae have been isolated. porphyrins-answer c. decreased c . This organism is reported as a "probable contaminant. increased Glucose increased decreased decreased increased Protein increased decreased increased decreased -answer b. susceptible to bacitracin 29. decreased 28. melanin b. Chemistry and hematology CSF results that would indicate bacterial meningitis include: WBC a. bilirubin d. unable to grow in 6. The streptococci most likely to have a high MIC (minimum inhibitory concentration) with penicillin are: a. serological typing c. increased d. An outbreak of Staphylococcus aureus has occurred in a hospital nursery. In order to establish the epidemiological source of the outbreak. Dereased RBC Survival rate and Increase Hema catabolism 26. A technologist is reading a Gram stain from a CSF and observes small structures suggestive of gram-negative coccobacilli. plasmid fingerprinting/ pulse/ phage-typing---answer b." The MOST likely source is: a. coagulase testing d. contamination by water organisms . it is helpful to do: a. enterococci-answer b.. Urine that develops a port wine color after standing may contain: a. Sign of RBC hemolysis . typed as Lancefield group A streptococci d. urobilinogen 25.24.

Non motile Edwardsiella--. CSF Infection wit a positive Oxidase test Meninggococci – answer When you say meningococci .???? Providencia -Indole +. glucose fermetaion. is is caused by Neisseria meningitidis which is an Oxidase positive org 32. placenta. VP +/-.ATP the liver and striated muscle[1 . urease +. beta hemolytic P. and pancreas LDH-5 (4M) . LIA +. contamination of commercial Lowenstein-Jensen tubes d. Indol +ve Proteus – indole +.Indole the reticuloendothelial system LDH-3 (2H2M) . contamination of the specimen collection containers Mycobacterium spp commonly isolated as a water contaminant – M.c. A CSF exhibits a gram positive cocci in chains. pyruvic acid      LDH-1 (4H) .in the the heart and RBCs LDH-2 (3H1M) . ODC+ Yersinia enteroclitica ODC. which of the following products is actually measured3 a. non motile. Motile + VP – CitrateA. Study the Biochem of the following.aerugunosa Oxidase positive. gordonae 30.Catalase positive. lactic acid d. Oxidase NEGATIVE. pyocyanin + Klebsiella pneumonia – Indole -. swarming 33. Urea. H2S-. exhibiting a beta hemloysis CAMP Test. E. baumahnii .in the lungs LDH-4 (1H3M) . NADH -asnwer b.answer Camp test positive –beta hemolytic srep B 31. In the assay of lactate dehydrogenase.coli .

A condition in which erythrocyte protoporphyrin is increase -IDA 36. Which of the following serum protein fractions is most likely to be elevated in patients with nephrotic syndrome? a. decreased globulin fractio 35. at 40°C-60°C . alpha-2 globulin and beta globulin--answer d. broad prealbumin peak b. The electrophoretic pattern of a plasma sample compared with a serum sample shows a: a. diffuse pattern because of the presence of anticoagulants d. . beta globulin and gamma globulin 37. in sulfuric acid c. A characteristic of the Bence Jones protein that is used to distinguish it from other urinary proteins is its solubility: a. A LDH-1 level higher than the LDH-2 level (a "flipped pattern") suggestsmyocardial infarction (damage to heart tissues releases heart LDH.aminotransferase markedly increase.Bence Jones Protein Myasthenia Gravis . alpha-1 globulin and alpha-2 globulin c. in ammonium sulfate b. myasthenia gravis d. Analysis of CSF for oligoclonal bands is used to screen for which of the following disease states? a. multiple sclerosis. AST markedly increase ALT slightly increase 38. von Willebrand's disease Multiple Myeloma. multiple myeloma b.Usually LDH-2 is the predominant form in the serum. which is rich in LDH-1. Acute hepatitis .answer c. sharp fibrinogen peak-answer c. into the bloodstream) 34. alpha-1 globulin b.One test is for antibodies against the acetylcholine receptor 39.

dehydration-answer 41. The result was 40yg/dL.d. The result was 85 yg/dL. possible liver damage d. A patient's blood was drawn at 8 AM for a serum iron determination. the serum was stored at 4OC and run the next morning.' a. at 100°C-amswer 40. nephrotic syndrome b. improper storage of the specimen c. A repeat specimen was drawn at 8 PM. These results are most likely due to: a. iron deficiency anemia b. acute hepatitis c. the time of day the second specimen was drawn-answer . chronic inflammation d. Increased serum albumin concentrations are seen in which of the following conditions? .