EVO Defibrator™ series

New refiner segment technology.d. combined with a new infeed Major energy savings In comparison based on data from the old M-54 Defibrator and the replacement EVO 56 at the Finsa MDF plant in Padron. Benefits • Low operating cost • Low electric energy consumption • Excellent dewatering capacity • Saves energy in the dryer • Low steam consumption • Minimal water consumption • Uniform fiber flow • Saves resin • Easy to operate and maintain • Short time to production • Global service network • Continuous development. Focus on energy reduction The development efforts for the new-generation Defibrator focused entirely on enhancing efficiency to maximize energy reduction and ensure minimum resin consumption for the selected panel quality.EVO DEFIBRATOR™ EVO DEFIBRATOR™ Energy saving EVO helical discharge Traditional radial discharge EVO Defibrator™ series Since launch. M and P series has been a base for practical improvements for operation and maintenance. Metso has developed a unidirectional refiner grinding house. uniform furnish flow into the fiber grinding zone. steam and fiber in the refiner is essential in the fiberpreparation process.t. Superior infeed geometry The new Defibrator features a high-speed feeder that. Since its launch on Ligna 2005 the EVO series has been a great sales success and will soon be operational on all the world’s continents. In the design work of the new. geometry in the coarse breaker bar section of the segment area and a high performance center plate. which is already considered one of the most energy efficient Defibrators on the market. Finsa reported some highly impressive process figures. experiences from the L. The optimized spacing around the rotor combined with highly effective rotor wings minimizes fiber buildups in the housing. Unique helical discharge As a result of the latest development in lowenergy unidirectional refiner segments. Spain. Operation with this geometry – with normal unidirectional segments – indicates a specific energy saving on the level of 25-50 kWh/ton for softwood fiber at a fiber quality level for furniture panels. exterior design that contri-butes to operating stability and facilitates access for easier maintenance. uniform infeed and discharge not o nly influences fiber quality but also the consumption of electric energy for grinding. The reduction in specific steam consumption is verified at 25-45%. advanced helical discharge from the refiner housing.m/h Curves of max capacity 80 70 60 50 Model Segment EVO 50 Ø 46”-50” EVO 56 Ø 52”-56” EVO 64 Ø 58”-64” EVO 70 Ø 64”-70” EVO 74 Ø 68”-74” Production 40 30 20 10 0 Hardwood Softwood 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62 64 66 68 70 72 74 Segment diameter (inch) 2 3 . the EVO series has been expanded to include EVO models covering segment diameter 46-74”. Smooth. b. evolutionary EVO-series Defibrator. resin consumption and dryer energy consumption. provides for an unique low energy and smooth. The flow pattern of furnish. Finsa recorded a drop in specific energy consumption of 10% for all fiber qualities compared with the M54 Defibrator. The helical fiber path combined with a blow valve that opens in the direct fiber flow. facilitates smooth discharge possible without any loss of energy due to turns or choking of the fiber flow. steam consumption for discharge. Revolutionary design The key features of the EVO-series Defibrator include a new high-capacity screw feeder system with dewatering plug pipe. new bearing system with no axial play.

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