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Dinosaur Dooly
Kim Su-jeong

First Publication Treasure Island(Monthly Comic

Magazine, 1983)
Genre Comedy
First Edition 1986
Publisher Daiwon C.I.
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 10(Finished, 1994)
Media Crossover TV animation(1987), VHS(1995),
Theater animation (1996), UNICEF card character the cartoon has is that the cartoon tries to show the warmth shared between the
(1997), Street of Dooly in City of Bucheon (2001),
Musical(2001), 4D animation (2004) characters beyond the façade of constant struggle.
The comics include many other well-developed original characters such as
About the Author Born in 1950, the author is
Mikol: a wannabe singer, Tochi: an extraterrestrial, Doughner: a circus ostrich, and
well known for his placement of funny, rather weird,
characters in his stories. Many of his characters were Hee-dong: the baby nephew of Gil-dong.
made into successful merchandise. He is the owner It has been more than two decades since Dooly was introduced into the world
of his own merchandising company, Dooly Nara, and in 1983. The continued popularity and the success of the character are in thanks
was the president of Korean Cartoonists’ Association
to ongoing projects based on the character including a musical, animations, and
in 2000.
other various reiterations. The city of Bucheon in Korea selected Dooly as the
character of the city and adorned a part of the city with the character. Dooly was
also selected as a character for UNICEF Christmas cards and appeared in charity
A Korean Success of Merchandising: Dooly events. Other characters in the cartoon were involved
If you ask any Korean, young and old, to name one cartoon character, Dooly in various projects. Hee-dong, the baby in the
will mostly likely to be his or her answer. Dooly is one of the most respected and cartoon, is represented in the pediatrics wing of the
commercially successful characters of Korean animation. He is always topping the Seoul National University Hospital, and Mikol is the
list in nationwide surveys for character recognition by people of all ages. character ambassador of the Pearl Buck Foundation
Dooly is a baby dinosaur that was trapped in ice. He survived the Ice Ages and for children of mixed race.
ended up in modern-day Seoul 10 million years later. His sole hope is to reunite
with his mother. Dooly, who is always happy and silly, is contrasted by Go Kil-
dong who is unkind and aggressive. It is interesting how Dooly reacts so innocently Author's Other Works
to Go Kil-dong’s efforts to attack Dooly. For various reasons these skirmishes Spring for Oh, Dal-ja(1981), Let’s Fly, Godori (1982), Ariari Dongdong (1985), Cutie
Chocomi (1989), Teacher X (1994), Seven Spoons (2003)
always bring laughter to the readers and viewers. One of the many strengths that
© Kim Soo-jung / Daiwon C.I.

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The Explosive Delivery Man
Kim Young-oh

First Publication BOOKING (Bi-Weekly Comic

Magazine, 2004)
Genre Fantasy
First Edition 2004
Publisher Haksan Pub. organizations and do deliveries according to their own rules. Whenever there is a
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 5 (Finished, 2006) delivery request and the right amount of pay, they complete a delivery.

About the Author Male, born in 1976, he debuted
The delivery branch of Banya, Mai, and Kong is located at the center of a desert.
by winning a contest in a comic magazine. He caught Banya and Kong save Yu-ma’s life by chance when Yu-ma is attacked by the Gagol
attention with his first comic book for its wit and and Yu-ma requests delivery of his secret letter. With the secret letter, many people
try to plunder the nation. Like in this situation, there is always danger in the delivery
U.S. Edition Information process. They must complete their work even though it is so dangerous, and that’s
Publisher Dark Horse First Edition 2006 Total Volumes 5 (Finished)
their responsibility as a deliveryman.
Every episode starts with a new delivery request.
What is most interesting is whenever Banya completes
Postman Delivers Fantasy to Your Door! his delivery; he recovers a part of his lost memory. In
What would happen if a postman was invited into a fantasy world like a war the end, he is requested to capture a dragon. On the way
during the middle age? This comic specializes in placing the lead character in a to the dragon, Banya recovers all of his lost memory
world that doesn’t seem to quite fit. and, as a result, goes crazy. However, he recovers just
In the middle of a fierce battle, a general is fighting the enemy’s attack to take in time to save the world. Placing the deliverymen in an
the castle without a way to ask help. At the moment when the general is attacked unlimited array of fantasy worlds provides the readers
by the sword of the enemy, a stranger passes a letter written which is written ‘Be with nonstop fun!
ready for the enemy!’ Finally, the general finds out the way to ask help. The stranger
introduces himself as a deliveryman who has ‘Speed, Accuracy, and Safe’ as a
Author's Other Works
Baljak(2000), The Ghost(2008)
There is a group of people who have no loyalties to any countries or
© Kim Young-oh / Haksan Pub.

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Be Good
Shin In-cheol & Kim Ki-jeong

First Publication Young Jump (Bi-Weekly Comic

Magazine, 2000)
Genre Comedy
First Edition 2000
Publisher Bandi
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 9(Unfinished)

About the Author Male. During his early debut, he

had a strong indie following, but now his storytelling
has gone more mainstream. He won Today's Manhwa
Award (2001) for Be Good.

A Gang Boss Goes to School?! Be Good uses a refreshing and unique theme to make
“Say what? A gang boss has returned to high school?” 40 years old, with a its readers laugh. The thought of Kang Hoon wearing a
gigantic build, and a fist that can win in 40 to 1 fight. Be Good is about a gang boss small backpack creates laughter; similarly, the betrayal
who returns to high school to study, and many adventures that follow. of one of his men creates rage, and then the help of a
Kang Hoon is a gang boss who is practically unstoppable. After doing many new friend creates tears. A wide spectrum of emotion
bad deeds, he was betrayed by one of his men and put in jail. In prison, Kang Hoon is contained in these pages. Gangsters are a constant in
meets a priest, who re-names him Kang Sae-sam (new life). Regretting his past, movies and dramas, but how often do you see a funny
Kang Sae-sam decides to live a ‘new life’. After getting out of prison, he leaves his gangster? This comic succeeds, plus, who could resist not
men behind and enters high school to finish his education. But, it is not easy. His laughing when you pit a 40 year old against a teenager?
age, his strength and build are not easy to hide. A teacher who punishes him ends
up at a hospital, and all the school bullies gather around him like flies. And after one
of his new friends gets him tangled up in a gang, his past comes back to haunt him Author's Other Works
and an uncontrollable series of incidents erupts. As they say, once a gang member, The Guy Who Stands Everyday (1996), Blue Academy Legends (1999), Doobidowa
(2000), Be Good Ⅱ (2003),
always a gang member.
© Shin In-cheol & Kim Ki-jeong / Bandi Publishing

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Kim Byung-jin & Kim Sung-jae

First Publication Hacking (internet webzine, 2000)

Genre Fantasy
First Edition 2000
Publisher Haksan Pub.
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 15(Finished, 2004)

About the Author Male, born 1939. His debut

piece Chonchu was praised for its illustrations and is
currently being published in a Japanese magazine.

U.S. Edition Information

Publisher Yen Press First Edition 2007 Total Volumes 3 (Unfinished)

A Mix of Eastern and Western Civilization towards him due to his status as the son of the demon, he even throws himself in
Cartoons are a very ‘expressive’ outlet. It shows you everything literally. the way of his enemies, but he never dies. He eventually accepts his inevitable fate,
Chonchu is a cartoon faithful to this characteristic. Chonchu has big spaces with and starts to train himself to control himself. He thus grows into a new and different
many thrilling action scenes. Its characters are also very expressive. What you see warrior.
is what you get with them. Chonchu is a very imaginative piece. It is set somewhere
at a meeting point of East and West. It seems set in Northeast Asia. However, the
buildings or the mannerisms are Western medieval. The main characters, overall,
are very Eastern, but the others have Western mannerism. The author seems to have
planned this show-it-as-it-is method, and the story is more or less revealing.
A child destined to be king is born, but not one, but twins. However, one is
marked as the son of demon, and thus destined to die. With their destinies crossing,
the son of the demon Chonchu is set to die from the moment of his birth. However,
due to the mark of the demon, he is given immortal power. He is stabbed and
slashed by several swordsmen, but he never dies. Due to the criticism and clashes
© Kim Byung-jin & Kim Sung-jae / Haksan Pub.

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Crazy Locomotive
Cho Jae-ho

First Publication IQ Jump (Bi-Weekly Comic

Magazine, 1999)
Genre Sports
First Edition 1999
Publisher Seoul Cultural Publishers
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 22 (Finished, 2005)

About the Author Born in 1968, he is well-known
for his precise and active illustrations and his deep
knowledge of soccer.
becomes a soccer player to the disapproval of his father while the younger brother
stays with the father out of his concern for his father’s wishes. The elder bother
earns fame and plays in international leagues using his superpower. The comic
features wonderful illustrations of the brothers’ game. It is as exciting as watching a
Soccer Combines Imagination and Real World live game.
The author was the advertisement illustrator of FIFA’s official play in the 2002 After the World Cup was jointly held in Korea
World Cup. He is also credited for the PPL between a soccer supplying company and Japan, the popularity of comics about soccer
and a comic for Korea. The author remakes his teacher’s comic The Kick of the became very high. Just as in other comics, sports
King into The Explosive Train. Using the conflict of the original comic, he mixes it comics usually feature a hero with a super power.
with the realness of today’s world soccer. By incorporating interviews and advice What makes this comic unique is that it mixes
from professionals, the author gives the comic a sense of authenticity. Reading superpowers with real-life and very human problems
the comic, any soccer fan will feel like they are watching a real pro-league soccer such as family.. This is why Crazy Locomotive is the
match. The author adds behind the scene stories of the players to add a deeper sense most popular among several soccer comics.
of reality into the stories.
Two brothers with genetically given superpowers are the heroes of the comic.
Their father, Kim San, accidentally kills a goalkeeper with his power when he was
Author's Other Works
a soccer player. He stopped playing soccer and does not want his sons to follow his
Diet Go Go(1995), European Culture, European Soccer(2006)
career. However, the brothers dream of becoming soccer stars. The elder brother
© Cho Jae-ho / Seoul Cultural Publishers

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Fairies’ Landing
You Hyun

First Publication Young Champ(Bi-Weekly Comic

Magazine, 1998)
Genre Fantasy
First Edition 1998
Publisher Daiwon C.I.
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 19(Unfinished, 2007)
Media Crossover Animation (DMB T.V, 2006)

About the Author Female, born in 1976. The author

started working for a comic magazine as a senior in
high school. She usually works in the boy’s comic
magazine and is famous for young and creative
storylines with soft drawing.

U.S. Edition Information

Publisher Tokyopop First Edition 2004 Total Volumes 19 (Unfinished)

The nymph Hwan-ta’s character is very unique.

Fantasy with Warm and Soft Feminine Touch Although she acts very much like a human, she is still
The author’s career is distinct. She won a prize during a comic’s competition different. This is because her mother is a nymph and her
when she was only a teenager. Although a female, she usually works in the field of father is human.
boy’s comic magazines.
Fairies’ Landing is a comic parody of an old Korean fairy tale. Jae Gal-ryang
meets a Kentauros by accident and the Kentauros tell him about a pond of nymphs.
In the nymphs’ pond he met one nymph who is called Hwan-ta. She comes to his
house, and because of this, he is cursed.
This young author satisfies the readers with light and tactful humor in
Fairies’ Landing. The funny nymph and the male character create many fun and
entertaining situations. The author also brings together two interesting ideas,
something as fantastic as a God spell and something as real as video games and
Author's Other Works
skateboarding. Fast story telling and distinct characters make this a very enjoyable
BOX PRINCESS PANDORA(2005), Raon(2006)
© You Hyun / Daiwon C.I.

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Hip Hop Kim Soo-yong

First Publication IQ Jump (Bi-Weekly Comic

Magazine, 1998)
Genre Drama
First Edition 2000
Publisher Seoul Cultural Publishers
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 24 (Finished, 2004)

About the Author Born in 1972, the author used to
be a dancer on a broadcasting station. He says that
he learned dancing to do a manhwa on the subject.
Accordingly, most of his works are on a dance and
hip-hop. Soo-young’s books are an example of
manhwas that are based on real-life experiences.

“Comic on professional subjects” on Dance comic served an educational purpose to youth

Hip Hop’s theme on dance, as the title suggests, was featured in a weekly and the general public alike. This contributed
magazine in the late 1990s. It later became a best seller when it was published in to this style of dance gaining more popularity
book format and many dance themed manhwa works followed. in Korea. Lastly, the storyline is a saga where
The hero, Sung Tae-ha, grew up as an only child and was raised by his father. the heroes go through and overcome different
Tae-ha was suspended for a year from school after having getting into a school obstacles in their adventures of becoming a
fight. On the day of his return, he meets Bobby, another main character, dancing professional dance team.
in the school yard. He is totally mesmerized by the dance and enters a professional
dance team to train.
Three things characterize Hip Hop. First of all, it is theme is based on the
popular Korean dance styles that gained popularity in the 1990s. This alone
attracted attention from the young fans and gave interested fans a new role model.
Author's Other Works
Secondly, the comics boasted its professional knowledge on dance, whereas this
Hip Hop (2000), B4 Hip Hop (2004), Wicked (2005)
style of dance was perceived as a mere youthful entertainment at the time. This
© Kim Soo-yong / Seoul Cultural Publishers

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Kim Youn-kyung et Son Hee-joon

First Publication Hacking (Comic webzine 2000)

Genre Fantasy
First Edition 2000
Publisher Haksan Pub.
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 26(Unfinished)

About the Author Born in 1976, she was involved
in an amateur comic club. She made her debut with
YUREKA and has been concentrating on this comic
for 8 years.

U.S. Edition Information

Publisher Tokyopop First Edition 2005 Total Volumes 15 (Unfinished)

Reality and Virtuality in MMORPGs

When people play MMORPGs (Massively multiplayer online role-playing together seamlessly. When the problem of the battle has roots in reality, the story
game), there are times when they feel they are the character they control on the goes more exciting and tense. This is the allure for readers of Yureka.
screen. The game that started this trend in Korea was “The Kingdom of the Wind” Janggun has no special interests or talents and only likes to play the online
and this craze continues on until today. Yureka addresses the experience of playing game, ‘Lost Saga’ and travels around the virtual realm with the nickname ‘Roto’. He
a typical RPG game and how it relates to reality. surrounds himself with friends, celebrities, the game
The main character, Janggun-a general name in Korean- takes part in an makers, and even a middle-aged husband and wife
imagery game world and fulfills his missions. The story takes place in the year in the RPG world. In the game they fight and mingle
2000, but the imaginary space of a fantasy world is without limits and transcends with each other. Roto meets a girl named Yureka
time. There is a bit of a reality/fantasy disconnect for Junggun because it is who has a multiple personality disorder in reality and
impossible to be “virtual” all the time. For instance, the simple reason for halting often confuses Roto in virtual space. Nevertheless,
the battle is his mom’s scolding, hence bringing the character back to reality. In Rotos’ love does not change and it is this unchanging
addition, sometimes there are also connection problems to the high speed Internet. nature that allows him to endure long journeys and
Reality and the “virtuality” are clearly separated; and yet, at times, they blend painful battles-both actual and virtual.
© Kim Youn-kyung & Son Hee-joon / Haksan Pub.

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Yang Kyung-il & Youn In-wan

First Publication Young Champ(Bi-Weekly Comic

Magazine, 1997)
Genre Fantasy
First Edition 1998
Publisher Daiwon C.I.
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 7 (Unfinished)
Media Crossover Novel

About the Author Zombie Hunter and New Royal

Secret Agent were released in Japan. He has been
dubbed as ‘a master of the illustration’ by a Japanese (this, of course, goes against the Buddhist code.)
publishing editor. Among the Korean mystery horror comics, this work has very different
U.S. Edition Information storylines and characters. There are many monsters in the comic. The author
Publisher Tokyopop(V7) First Edition 2002 Total Volumes 7 (Finished)
research into discovering new monsters and they mythologies surrounding them
add flair and majesty to this comic. This is complemented by the artist’s stylish
illustrations and comic presentation.
Beautiful Island during the Day, Scary Legends, Ghost Hunts, Youn In-wan’s storylines and Yang Kyung-il’s illustrations are a perfect match
and Mysteries at Night and their teamwork is shown in their masterful, New
Island has Jeju, one of the beautiful Korean islands, as its background. The Royal Secret Agent. New Royal Secret Agent received
island is just like other normal island during the day, but at night the monsters come critical applause from Japanese publishers and editors
out to play. And the author doesn’t ease his readers into this dark realm. In his first when it was released in Japan. Also, this comic helped
episode he shows a bloody murder scene that shows the evil side of human beings. Japanese understanding of Korean culture more,
Witnessing this crime against humanity, ghost hunters Van, Won Mi-ho, and Yo- because the contents are based on the traditional
han emerge. Many different traditional Korean monsters are depicted in this comic Korean legends and tales. This comic was published as
while incorporating the historical ties between Korea and Japan. The mystery plot a novel with same title.
is narrated using the poem “Another Hometown” as a secret code, which shows the
storytelling skill of the author.
But this is not another ghost hunter story. The hunter’s behaviors and monsters
Author's Other Works
are very different from what we expect, the main character ‘Van’ is a tantric
Deification of Soma(1994), Zombie Hunter(2000), New Royal Secret Agent(2001)
Buddhist mercenary that wears casual outfits and performs exorcisms for money
© Yang Kyung-il & Youn In-wan / Daiwon C.I.

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Kid Gang
Shin Young-woo

First Publication XEN (comic magazine)

Genre Comedy
First Edition 2000
Publisher Samyang Pub.
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 21(Unfinished)
Media Crossover Cable TV Soap Opera(2007)

Author's Other Works About the Author

Male, born in 1971. Author who shows the real comic
fun. He is famous for brilliant ideas and funny lines.

Baby with a Knife vs. Silly Gang This campy mix gangsters and baby-care,
The author, Sin Young-woo, uses the comedy as his power. He uses laughter to was made into the sitcom on cable T.V in 2007
communicate with his readers in many of his works. Kid Gang is a great example in in Korea. The similarity between the character
this respect. of a baby who does everything at his own will,
Gang Dae-bong, the boss of the gang, ‘Bloody Tuesday,’ has planned to kidnap and the gang members who live outside the social
the son of the detective who put one of his gang members in jail. During the parameters create an uncoordinated yet quite
kidnapping, the detective and his wife are killed by a gas explosion. This absurd effective juxtaposition.
situation forces this gang to take care of the baby. The juxtaposition of this tough as
nails gang being forced to nurture a cute baby, keeps readers chuckling from front
page to last.
Young-woo is the emperor of witty one-liners, and there is ample room for him
to dictate his rule in Kid Gang. The all-male gang members are now in a fate of
Author's Other Works
having to raise a baby on their own when few in the gang can barely take care of
Red Jacket(2000), Double Casting(2001), The Life of Seoul Knight(2005)
themselves. The humor escalates when they have to live in a same house with a
© Shin Young-woo / Samyang Pub.

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King Of Hell Kim Jae-Hwan & Ra In-soo

First Publication Champ (Bi-Weekly Comic

Magazine, 2001)
Genre Fantasy
First Edition 2002
Publisher Daiwon C.I.
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 28(Unfinished)

About the Author Male, born 1971. Earned fame

when his piece Green Tank Haemosu got made into
a TV animation series. He is now producing several
works overseas.

U.S. Edition Information

Publisher Tokyopop First Edition 2003 Total Volumes 19 (Unfinished)

Based on Asian martial arts, the King of Hell is set in an unusual underworld.
A Boy Death keeper’s Adventures in the Underworld Mixing just the right amount of eastern and western views of death, this piece has
What does death look like? The image of a grim reaper at the face of death gained much popularity in the US. This is a long series that has been published
can be scary. But let’s say the deathkeeper is a little boy. Like a little rascal, this to book 2. Currently, 18 books have been published in the US. It is unusual for
boy has puffy cheeks and spiky hair, and you can see the mischief in his face. But such a long series to be published in the US, but its many action scenes, intricate
surprisingly, this boy is a martial arts artist. There is a reason behind this. Though illustrations, suspense, and playful humor are
he had risen to the place of a martial arts master, he is stuck in the image of a boy important success factors for King of Hell
being the reaper.
The job of a cute angel of death is to hunt down spirits who run away from the
underworld and into the world of the living. This journey is long and rough. There
are people stronger than these escaped spirits who help them, and they roam in
groups. The settings expand from Korea to Japan to China.
The underworld has always been important in Eastern cultures, and its mystery
Author's Other Works
and interpretation varies a lot. It emphasizes the different views of death in Japan
Rainbow (1994), Green Tank Haemosu, Mech Destroyer(2001, Image Comics)
and China.
© Kim Jae-hwan & Na In-soo / Daiwon C.I.

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Kung Fu
Jungle Boy
Lee Chung Ho & Um Jae-kyung

First Publication IQ Jump(Bi-Weekly Comic

Magazine, 1995)
Genre Fantasy/Action
First Edition 1996
Publisher Seoul Cultural Publishers
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 13(Finished, 1999) s forces, and the Ruth Cifer is locked up and sent away to the Cloud Island up in the
Media Crossover Game (1997)
About the Author Male, Kung Fu Jungle Boy was a There is peace on the planet at last and Kung Fu Jungle Boy, a 12-year-old boy,
huge success selling a million copies followed by the lives on Cloud Island with his dog, Shooba. However, peace does not last long.
same author’s My Love in 1993.
Satan’s gang comes to Cloud Island to bring back their King. A war breaks out
U.S. Edition Information between Kung Fu Jungle Boy and his friends and Satan’s gang. There are many
Publisher Central Park Media(CPM) First Edition 2006 Total Volumes 3 (Unfinished)
battles. Then his evil minions break the seal of Ruth Cifer’s tomb. With Satan on
the loose, the fate of the world lies in Kung Fu Jungle Boy’s hands. Kung Fu Jungle
Boy must fight with all his might until peace is restored.
Boy’s Action Genre’s Greatest Hit! The art is one of the main draws for this comic. Satan’s followers are all
The author made himself known as one of the best-selling authors when his uniquely drawn and the illustrations breathe life into every character in this comic.
cartoon, My Love, sold over one million copies. Armed with a new approach, his The battle scenes are epic and have readers rooting for their hero to succeed. Just as
next work Kung Fu Jungle Boy, also captivated his audience. This work was his in any boys’ comics, the one-to-one battle scenes are the most interesting parts in
own interpretation of the famous Japanese action fantasy, Dragon Ball, and he this comic. Kung Fu Jungle Boy is a great example of a boys’ comic genre in Korea:
added many entertaining characteristics found in computer games. The author good wins over evil, there is copious magic and spirits, and each combatant’s sword
became the most noted author in the 90s as his second work became another is imbued with astonishing magical power.
The story takes place in a castle called Byo-ri-a, a planet in the depths of outer Author's Other Works
space. For years, the humans, also known as the New Tribe, had been at war with My Love(1993), Pam Pam the Snow Knight(2000), Blind Fish (2001), Three
Kingdoms (2007)
the Satanic King: Ruth Cifer. After many battles, the humans triumph over Satan’
© Lee Choong Ho & Uhm Jae-kyung / Seoul Cultural Publishers

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Let’s Be Perverts
Lee Yoo-jung

First Publication Gigas (Bi-Weekly Comic Magazine,

Genre Drama
First Edition 2002
Publisher Shigongsa
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 4 (Finished, 2003)

About the Author Male, born 1972. His story lines

are concise and fast paced, and he’s especially gifted
in short stories. He has been publishing in Japanese
cartoon magazines since 2000.

U.S. Edition Information

Publisher Netcomics First Edition 2006 Total Volumes 4 (Finished)

myself out of this?”

“There are a lot of other interesting kids at out school.
On How I Became A Pervert One guy who got dumped by a girl resorts to rape, one
“I am 17 years old. I’m a young energetic high school student who, like any kid escapes from reality by watching porn, and one girl,
other kid, is curious about sex. However, I’ve already been labeled a ‘pervert’. who everyone thought was a nerd, turns out to be dating a
Ironically, my parents named me Byun Tae-ji (the name pronounced means Me married older man.”
Pervert in Korean). So, I’m a pervert.”
“I, Byun Tae-ji, am a normal student. Unfortunately, my curiosity usually gets
me into tough spots. For instance, on my first day at a new school (because I was
known as a pervert in my previous school), I see a creepy guy following a girl. I
just try to save the girl and block the guy, but somehow ‘I’ end up being called the
creepy pervert. When I arrive at school, it turns out that the girl was another new
student in our class, Hong-dan. And the creepy guy was our math teacher! Though
the math teacher was a great teacher, he keeps making sexual jokes at the girls. And Author's Other Works
Hong-dan is his next target. However, Hong-dan has a secret. She’s a skilled fighter, Wild Stress (1994), The Wild Vampire (1996), The Snakehead Wars (1998),
Asian(1998), Hair(2001)
and also has a thing with another girl (that is soooo hot)! How am I supposed to get
© Lee You-jung / Sigongsa

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Madtown Hospital
Kim Jin-tae

First Publication Booking(Bi-Weekly Comic

Magazine, 2000)
Genre Comedy
First Edition 2000
Publisher Haksan Pub.
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 4(Finished, 2001)

About the Author Born in 1968, the author drew for
his college newspaper and made his debut by winning
an open contest in 1989. The author covers social and
ethical issues with a satirical and humorous twist.

U.S. Edition Information

PublisherNetcomics First Edition 2006 Total Volumes 4(Finished)
knives. And sometimes-just to be normal-they will miniaturize themselves to get
into a patient’s body, and they are willing to hide a patient away to win over a rival
hospital. These small light-hearted episodes are quite out of the sensical world.
Madtown Hospital Madtown Hospital is the place where there is no practicality, when it should
It is hard to predict what Madtown Hospital is about, especially if you are be the place where it is needed the most. Moreover it is the place where unique,
thinking of a typical medical drama. This is no typical medical drama. Here you cheerful personalities give you the most unexpected reading pleasure. Like many
won’t find typical doctors are dedicated to their cause, greedy doctors are blind of Kim Jin-tae’s works, the comic is based on a professional background. His
for money, nor a perfectly matched doctor couple, and it is not full of tear-jerking approach to theme in Madtown Hospital is light-hearted and dumb-foundingly
dramatic event. funny. It is best if the readers understand the beauty of this comic, as it comes out
The stories in Madtown Hospital are simply beyond common sense. Dr. Han from pure exaggeration and perversion-taking the power of comical imagination to
Ho-saek, one of the main characters, has a record for the number patients who have the extreme. It does not fail to deliver a sharp satire on society.
died under his knife. Dr. Kang Yoo-hee puts all of her energy into research. Dr. Oh
Eun-joo, an old male nurse, is probably the most energetic of them all-despite his
appearance. Dr. Bae Ho-il is a shrink and treats his patients through ventriloquism. Author's Other Works
Dr. Woong Dam is obsessed with healthy food. If all these quirky characters were Stories under the Skirt(1990), Korean Boss Whang(1991), Good morning
Boss(1996), Gag House(1997), Sexy Girl (1997), Bubbling(1998), New Korean Boss
not enough, we have a smiling corpse wandering around the hospital. Oh, and the
Whang(1998), GoGo Cherry Cherry(1999), Citizen Hero(1999), Banana Girl(2005)
doctors like to eat sashimi in the operating rooms and cut their meat with surgical
© JTK / Haksan Pub.

132 133
sunjeong sonyeon adult eWebtoon

Metal Heart
Yoon Jae-ho

First Publication Chance (Bi-Weekly Comic

Magazine, 2004)
Genre SF
First Edition 2004
Publisher Haksan Pub.
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 11(Unfinshed)

About the Author Male, born in 1975, the author

demonstrates his deep knowledge as a game maniac
in his comics.

Heart is definitely a work that demonstrates his talent well. He is also known as
Beautiful-girl Love Comedy a game maniac just like the hero of the comic. Metal Heart is a nice blend of his
Love stories featuring a beautiful girl is ever evolving and this new modern knowledge of games and his comic-drawing skills. Many
story is about a beautiful android girl transported from a game world into the real details borrowed from other comics, animations, and
world. games, are all parodied and embedded in the comic. These
Hyun Min-woo is a game-playing maniac and considered by others as an otaku. elements pleasantly surprise and entertain the readers,
He is into his second year in high school and has never dated a girl. One day, he is especially all the lovers of comics, animations, and games.
beta-testing a game, Metal Heart 2, and meets a beautiful girl Min Si-a, who looks The author touches up all his drawings by a computer
just like the heroine of the game. He sometimes get twirled into a series of events which greatly enhances the background details and
where he is bound to date Si-a. She is actually an android manufactured by a multi- drawings of each person. The coloring and the book cover
international group, Mega Tech, but she thinks she is the heroine of the game and are all done wonderfully by hand.
forgets that she is a robot due to a system error. Now Min-woo is caught with the
dilemma of getting rid of this dangerous machine, Si-a, and bringing her to a default
Author's Other Works
setting by playing a dating game with her in the real world.
Angel Cup(2001), ONE+ONE(2001), In Dream World(2002)
The author is known as the best illustrator of beautiful girls in Korea, and Metal
© Yoon Jae-ho / Haksan Pub.

134 135
sunjeong sonyeon adult eWebtoon

Park Sung-woo

First Publication IQ Jump (Bi-Weekly Comic

Magazine, 2001)
Genre Fantasy
First Edition 2001
Publisher Seoul Cultural Publishers
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 25 (Unfinished)
Media Crossover Mobile Game girl. Together, they meet the boy Biryu, a master of the Demons’ Dance. Master
Biryu sometimes falls unconscious and kills people, but believes in the power of
About the Author Male, born in 1972. A member of
a comic book fan club, he constantly uses fantasy and
the Demons’ Dance. Biryu is the sole survivor of a massacre, and plans revenge
neo-chivalry for his motifs. He is famous for using the on those who killed his family after the fall of Koguryo. However, after embarking
computer for his illustrations. on a journey that was his grandfather’s wish, he slowly learns the true meaning
U.S. Edition Information of martial arts and himself. This comic tells the story of the children fighting the
Publisher Infinity Studios First Edition 2006 Total Volumes 6 (Unfinished)
followers of King Myeong, and growing up in the face of dreary memories of their
families and their past.
The author has published several science fiction, fantasy, and neo-chivalry
The Power of Fantasy, the Fun of Neo-Martial Arts stories using his clear computer-graphic like illustrations. By stretching his story
A sequel to his previous work, Sirius, this comic features the characters from the across two generations, he refines the story using his sequels and special editions.
previous book after two generations in a post-Koguryo Dynasty. The previous book Among those works, Now, is considered
told the story of a Koguryo soldier, Yeon-O-Rang, who journeyed to the midlands his finest. It reinterprets the fantasy of the
in search of his elder brother Pagunsung. Pagunsung was trained in the martial arts oriental world. With illustration styles and
called “Demons’ Dance,” and was a champion that ruled the midlands. In the prior characters that are acclaimed in Japan,
book, Yeon-O-Rang travels with the Chunsan swordswoman’s apprentice Wol-Ha- Park debuted in a 2004 Japanese Comic
Rang; and together, they master the art of the Demons’ Dance. book magazine and is now working in both
In Now, the main characters are all of Korean descent such as: the boy Biryu, the countries.
daughters of Yeon-O-Rang and Wol-Ha-Rang: Yeon-A-Ran and Yeon-A-Rin, and
the teenage boy Yoo Seha. Pagunsung, after killing hundreds of midland martial
arts masters, suddenly disappears. And eventually, all of his siblings that were Author's Other Works
learning the Demons’ Dance die-except for the youngest Seha. Seha embarks on a The Legend of the Eight Dragons (1993), Sirius (1997), Pagans (2000), Zero – The
Coffin of the Beginning (2001), Zero – The Circle of Flow(2006)
search for Yeon-A-Rin, who is a Demons’ Dance master despite being just a young
© Park Sung-woo / Seoul Cultural Publishers

136 137
sunjeong sonyeon adult eWebtoon

Planet Blood
Kim Tae-hyung

First Publication Young Champ (Bi-Weekly Comic

Magazine, 1994)
Genre Fantasy
First Edition 1996
Publisher Daiwon C.I.
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 11(Finished, 2000)
Media Crossover Game (2006)

About the Author Male, born in 1971. Before he

debuted as an author, he worked at a computer
graphics company where he drew original paintings.
Since releasing Planet Blood, he has been
participating in creating the original artwork for the

U.S. Edition Information

Publisher Tokyopop First Edition 2005 Total Volumes 10 (Unfinished)

On the last day of the war, our hero ‘Shinan’ receives

How Does the Era of Space War Begin? a mission to guard and transport Martian attack satellite
Author Kim Tae-hyung is both a comic book writer and one of Korea’s most “Dike” to the moon in order to end the war. Dike
celebrated illustrators. His most noted work Planet Blood, which is filled with explodes, and Shinan, along with his companions Yan
intricate sceneries and background effects using screentone, is considered to be an and Scod, are teleported to the planet Horai where (like
illustration handbook rather than a comic book. Consequently, it is currently being in medieval times) swords and sorcery reign. On this
used by some schools as art textbooks. planet, a war between the king’s twin son and the king’
In year U.C. (Universal Century) 0031, after enduring World War 5, the human s stepson Pantera is being waged. The three hapless
population has decreased by almost 46%, and many flee Earth to colonies on the warriors are sucked into this chaos. But soon, they learn
moon and Mars. An “Earth-Purification” policy is set up. The plan goes that the that the ancient magic and myths of the Horai actually
entire population will leave Earth so that it can be purified for 60 years. After originated from their home: Earth.
which, 35% of the earth population will be brought back home. But as soon as the
time for the move back comes around, men start fighting over property and wealth
Author's Other Works
distribution. Eventually, the men on Mars announce their independence, and thus
Restricted Area (1992), Ant Man (1993)
the first Space War begins.
© Kim Tae-hyung / Daiwon C.I.

138 139
sunjeong sonyeon adult eWebtoon

Hyung Min-woo

First Publication Champ (Bi-Weekly Comic

Magazine, 1998)
Genre Fantasy
First Edition 1998
Publisher Daiwon C.I.
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 16 (Unfinished)
Media Crossover MMORPG Online Game(2003), a
movie contract ongoing with a Hollywood studio (2007)

About the Author The author switched his style

with this comic. Priest is being made into a Hollywood

U.S. Edition Information

Publisher Tokyopop First Edition 2002 Total Volumes 15 (Unfinished)

Many supporting characters compliment this interesting storyline: a devout

Christian who abandons his soul and body after losing his faith in God and a fanatic
The First Korean Comic Made into a Hollywood Movie Christian who interprets the will of God to his liking.
Priest is a horror fantasy comic featuring the hero, Ivan Isaac. Isaac is a priest Priest is the first Korean comic that is going to be made into a Hollywood
during the American Gold Rush era who performs exorcisms. The comic depicts movie. Sam Raimi, the director of Spiderman, is the
his struggle against Satan. This work became one of the favorite comics in Korea producer of the movie with Andrew Douglas of The
because of its tight storyline featuring Ivan’s adventures, battles, and intense Amityville Horror slated as the director. The crew is
confrontations with Satan along his way. Another reason for the comics’ popularity currently filming in Mexico, and Gerard Butler of 300
is because of its distinct illustrations. plays the hero. The movie is scheduled to open in 2008.
Ivan Isaac was adopted into a family, and he falls in love with his adopted sister, The author is currently working on War of Warrior Gods
Gena. His stepfather forces him to go to a seminary to become a priest. However, and is actively involved in turning it into a PC game.
the priests at his seminary want to restore evil spirits. He gets involved in this
scheme and succeeds in reviving Themosarae, the “Fallen Angel”. Ivan loses his
belief of God when he accidentally kills Gena and starts a plan of revenge by selling Author's Other Works
his soul to the devil. Ivan’s painful memory-of having cut off his lover’s head- Life of a Hot-blooded Judo Champion(1995), Chronicles of King Tae’s Journey
North (1996), War of Warrior Gods (2007)
amplifies his anguish and anger throughout his journey.
© Hyung Min-woo / Daiwon C.I.

140 141
sunjeong sonyeon adult eWebtoon

Lee Myung-jin

First Publication Champ (Bi-Weekly Comic

Magazine, 1998)
Genre Fantasy
First Edition 1998
Publisher Haksan Pub.
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 10(Unfinished)
Media Crossover Online RPG (2002), TV animation
reincarnation of Balder: the ancient God, and goes to find Chaos. When Sara Irine
About the Author Born in 1974, the author’s debut
broke the million copy sales record. Ragnarök was
(one of the twelve evil Valkyries of Freya) and Sakray (the cursed prosecutor) bring
made into a game in which he participated as the about bloodshed in Fayon, Chaos is thrown into a war between his past and the fate
game designer. of this world.
U.S. Edition Information The author worked on Ragnarok for over three years before it came out. He was
Publisher Tokyopop First Edition 2002 Total Volumes 10 (Unfinished)
inspired by the Northern European myth of Ragnarok: the final battle between the
Gods and Goddesses and the Frost Giants. Lee Myung-jin’s characters are clad in
majestic regale and well equipped and with weapons and various magical skills. His
A Fantasy Masterpiece Made Internationally art is dynamic and flourishing, his backgrounds panoramic. It is no wonder that his
Successful through an Online Game fantasy comic was much admired by the readers of the magazine in which it first
What is the most successful project to come out of the Korean Manhwa appeared.
industry? This question has come under tremendous debate, but in terms of Lee Myung-jin is a wunderkind in the Korean manhwa industry. His first
commercial success, Ragnarok definitely stands on top. Ragnarok was made into an manhwa was written while he was still in high school and his first effort sold a
online RPG game that is played worldwide in over 63 countries. The success of the million sales and was praised for its depiction of teen culture of the time. He has
online game had a lot to do with the creator: Lee Myung-jin. He not only supported been labeled, “manhwa genius.”
this project as a game designer; but prior to the game’s development, he created the Thanks in part to the popularity of the game, the comic Ragnarok, has became
manhwa under the assumption that it would be made into an RPG game. an international hit in the fantasy genre. It has been exported to 24 countries
Ragnarok follows the life and adventures of the warrior Chaos, who is an worldwide.
amnesiac that cannot remember the prior two years of his life. He resides in the city
of Fayon, which is inhabited by a long line of warriors. Iris Irine is the next in line
Author's Other Works
to claim the head position of the village. She trains with her close friend Chaos to
Something’s Gotta Happen This Evening (1992), Genocider (1995)
become a suitable leader for her people. Meanwhile, Fenris Fenrir searches for the
© Lee Myung-jin / Haksan Pub.

142 143
sunjeong sonyeon adult eWebtoon

Shaman Warrior
Park Jung-ki

First Publication Booking(Bi-weekly comic

Magazine, 2003)
Genre Fntasy
First Edition 2003
Publisher Haksan Pub.
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 9 (Finished, 2006)

About the Author M a l e, b o r n 19 7 9. H e w a s
determined to finish his debut piece Dangoo in 9

U.S. Edition Information

Publisher Dark Horse First Edition 2006 Total Volumes    

Watch the Actions of a Warrior chosen by God

Man yearns for a power stronger than his own. Dangoo adds the motivation for mission and is in constant battle with other tribes. A psychic warrior named Arang,
this. The psychic warrior is the reason for this. The writer explains all this in the who had set many feats for the Kukai, is stabbed in the back by his superior and
beginning. This refers to the chosen one, a warrior who has extraordinary power. killed just because he is psychic. His daughter Yaki, who received his blood,
If a person with psychic power is called a psychic, a psychic warrior refers to a searches with many helpers seeks revenge on the
warrior chosen by god. In Dangoo, the writer starts with two important rules. First, man who betrayed her father.
psychics are hereditary, through blood. Another is that psychics only show potential
for something stronger. To become a psychic warrior, you need some revelation.
This of course, explodes in extraordinary power. The funny thing is that psychic
warriors are shown with blood filled eyes like those of an uncontrollable person.
Dangoo starts off with these two basic rules and then follows with a continuum
of sword against sword and power against power battles.
The setting for this cartoon is unclear. It is somewhere in ancient North Asia,
just after the Iron Age. A dominating tribe called the Kukai is on a cleansing
© Park Joong-ki / Haksan Pub.

144 145
sunjeong sonyeon adult eWebtoon

Sun and Moon

Kwon Ga-ya

First Publication IQ Jump (Bi-Weekly Comic

Genre Martial Art
First Edition 1996
Publisher Sigongsa
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 3 (Finished, 2001)
extraordinary character development and unique presentation. In addition, its
About the Author Born in 1966, the author philosophical contents are loved by late teens and twenties who are older than
became famous through a weekly series in 1990s.
He introduced a new kind of chivalry comics with his
original target readers.
works. His work features a huge scale background By mingling calm scenes and active scenes,
with elegant art. the author gives the story dramatic tension.
For example, battle scenes are composed of
consistently urgent panels. Moreover, the
author leaves empty spaces in his layout to
indicate when his character is absorbed in
The Art in the World of Chivalry Comics thinking or having a casual conversation. This
Kwan Gaya is considered a pioneer of new martial arts. Here are two reasons: is a technique usually used in oriental painting.
first, the art; and second, his hero transcends stereotypes. Sun and Moon is a world
unlike any martial arts setting in ancient China times, and his weapon designs such
as swords, iron hammers, and armor have futuristically unique shapes. The hero of
Sun and Moon, Baek Il-hong, is well known for his sleepy eyes, lack of seriousness,
his habit of jumping on his soapbox, and his unwillingness to let his guard down on
women. This is one hero who does not treat a woman gently. Most heroes in martial
arts usually care deeply about women or consider them weak. Even if the battle
opponent is a woman, he does not give her any advantage. So there are no romantic
or playboy elements here. For these reasons, this work is very masculine.
Sun and Moon was serialized in weekly magazine targeting early teens.
Author's Other Works
Because the main subject is bloody battles of the characters, it looks like a typical
Man's Story(1999), Lucky Adventure(2000), Blue Road (2002)
martial arts comic. However, it breaks conventional rules for martial arts through
© Kwon Ga-ya / Sigongsa

146 147
sunjeong sonyeon adult eWebtoon

The Boss
Lim Jae-won

First Publication Champ (Bi-weekly Comic

Magazine, 1996)
Genre Drama/Action
First Edition 1996
Publisher Daiwon C.I.
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 52(Unfinished)
Media Crossover Action role-playing Game(2004)

About the Author The author is working on The

Boss for 10 years, and it was released in 52 volumes
under one title. This is the longest-running record for a
comic in Korean.

U.S. Edition Information

Publisher ADV Manga(V3~) First Edition 2004 Total Volumes 3 (Unfinished)

fighters and the broadening of the battle area. What

differentiates these ‘wars’ from the gang war comics is
School Action Comic, the Boss that these battles seem justifiable. There is no way the
Both in Korea and Japan the story of school is most popular. It became a popular hero nor other supporting characters can escape from
genre in the mid 1990 with stories about the power struggle teenager boys’ and their battle.
growth to adult. The teenagers easy in these stories fight away the stress of tests The combatants all look like models or fashion
and their eventual conformity to society. Park San-ha’s The Real Man and Lim Jae- icon, which is appealing from a superficial standpoint
won’s The Boss are the two representatives of this kind of storyline in Korea. The to teenagers. Other supporting characters have very
title of this comic made the term ‘Jjang,’ which means the best or the strongest, distinct iconic personalities. For example, Han-young,
synonymous with this genre. one of the supporting characters, has an online fan club.
The hero Hyun Sang-tae always causes trouble because he is loyal to his friend Finally, the author’s skill in describing the kinetic battle
and can’t handle his temper when he sees injustices caused them. He always helps down to last drop of sweat keeps this genre popular.
friends when they fight so he becomes the most famous fighter in the city Incheon.
As a result, Sang-tae has many challengers that try to usurp his power.
Author's Other Works
Incheon high schools are battlefields. The comic follows the typical high school
Young Cops(1995), Oriental Special Express(1995)
action storyline, which show many rivals and fights. Each story’s climax has new
© Lim Jae-won / Daiwon C.I.

148 149
sunjeong sonyeon adult eWebtoon

The Era of
Aerial Sepulture
Lee Sung-gyu & Kari

First Publication Young Champ (Bi-Weekly Comic

Magazine, 2004)
Genre Fantasy
First Edition 2004
Publisher Daiwon C.I
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 8 (Unfinished)
There, Jung Mok meets his guardian animals, which represent his birth year, month,

About the Author Male. Won the “Manhwa of Today day, time (Cow, Dragon, Lamb, Tiger accordingly), and they save his life. After that,
Award” (2005) and the “Korea Comics Award” special Jung Mok becomes a local shaman with the ability to see what others can’t.
award (2007) for The Age of Aerial Burials.
Jung Mok, with the help of his guardian animals, learns to predict the future,
prevents accidents, and stops demons. These guardian animals know that he is the
vessel that Maitreya (Buddha) will use when he reincarnates. The Japanese fear him
and do everything in their power in order to prevent the reincarnation of Maitreya
because Maitreya has the power to revive the Joseon dynasty.
A Historical Fantasy of Korea’s Last Dynasty The magic of this story is how it weaves the history of the Joseon dynasty and
The Age of Aerial Burials is a Korean fantasy cartoon set in the confusion of the regional myths. In the history of Joseon, the Hongbeon Article 14 ignites a series
late Joseon Dynasty. The Joseon Dynasty was the last Korean royal dynasty, which of revolutionary acts and modernization movements that help it gain independence
arose in the 14th century and continued on to the early 20th century. This piece is from the Chinese Ching Dynasty. These articles actually turn out to be a plot from
set near the end of the kingdom as the new world was just about to begin. Japan to get the Joseon Kingdom out of China’s protection. This is how Jung Mok
Jung Jinsa, a regional bourgeois, studies for 30 years in order to become a royal unintentionally ends up in the age of confusion. Out of the protection of China, the
commissioner. But then Gojong, the last king of Korea, declares the Hongbeon Joseon dynasty becomes the battle arena for the Japanese power struggle.
Article 14, which intends to modernize the country. This policy abolishes the state
examinations and Jinsa loses his chance. If that wasn’t tragic enough, his son, Jung
Author's Other Works
Mok, suffers from a severe fever and his life falls in danger. During his malady,
Bargeta (2000)
Jung Mok meets a demon wearing a Western suit, who leads him to another world.
© Lee Seong-gyu & Kim Yeong-bin / Daiwon C.I.

150 151
sunjeong sonyeon adult eWebtoon

The Magical Thousand

Chinese Characters

Genre Educational
First Edition 2003
Publisher Owlbook
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 16(Unfinished)
Media Crossover Musical (2007), currently being
produced into the animation and a theme park. Most educators agree that Chinese characters should be taught early for greater
understanding of the Korean language and to get a head start on learning the
About the Author ‘Serial’ is a pseudonym of two
cartoonists. In the case of educational comics,
Chinese language.
cartoonists normally use a pen name, assigning their What makes The Magical Thousand Chinese Characters so engaging for kids
authorship to publishers completely. Therefore, the is its use of many fun exaggerations while following the core story of the origin.
author is the publisher.
For instance, Samjangbubsa, an old and inspiring monk is changed into a pretty
and spunky girl that wins a magic tournament. It was a good way to attract many
readers. A Chinese character comes up on every page, and they blend seamlessly
into the story. Each book introduces 20 new Chinese characters.
The book changed the tradition of how
Educational Manhwa Puts a Spell on Kids Korean students memorized the 1000 main
Educational comics are a unique genre in Korea and have become a trend lately. Chinese characters. This resulted in the social
Parents recognize the positive effects of comics such as in the biography of a great phenomena of reading out Chinese characters’
people, classics, science, and foreign languages. There are now comic textbooks sounds (which are often on shop signs and
where the whole textbook contents are display in comic strips. businesses) and meanings all over Korea.
One of the most popular educational manhwa is The Magical Thousand Chinese Parental support is the main reason for the
Characters. It was published to help students memorize Chinese characters through recent surge in the educational comic trend.
the help of comics; as soon as it was released, it was a sensational hit. They expect education and entertainment. This
In 5 years, 16 books have been published and have sold more than 8,000,000 fusion of ideas is a win-win situation for the
volumes. The original was recently remade into a musical, an animation and a kids who read these comics who have fun and
theme park are being made based on the comic. education at the same time.
© Serial / Owlbook

152 153
sunjeong sonyeon adult eWebtoon

The Official
Lim Kwang-mook & Choi Seong-hyun

First Publication Young Champ (Bi-Weekly Comic

Magazine, 1998)
Genre Fantasy
First Edition 1999
Publisher Daiwon C.I. named June who is being chased by villains. Suddenly, Kyoui’s world is turned
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 5 (Finished, 2000) upside-down. June, the story’s heroine, is a poor girl who was sold into prostitution

About the Author Male. By putting a modern twist
because of her parents debt. Many villagers say she resembles the goddess Sohee. A
on the oriental art of calligraphy, he is known for his swordsman named Jin Kak Woo, who was once in love with Sohee, appears to help
surreal illustrations. June. Meanwhile, Ezra, the head of the gang Mohwaega, and also a rejected lover of
Sohee, sends assassins to kill Jin Kak Woo and Do Chun-Young. The old bitter ties
between Ezra and Jin Kak Woo end up entangling the lives of Kyoui and June.
This comic was the first to be published simultaneously in both Korea and
Japan. The author’s unique frame styling and strong action illustrations brought
A New Twist on Martial Arts attention to this comic, even in the early stages of its publishing. Also, the usual
When is this? Where is this? Where does it start, and does it even end? These distinction between good and evil is obliterated, and the story evolves more around
are some of the questions that fill your mind while reading Lim Kwang-mook’s the conflict and drama of the characters. His complicated character relationships
comics. However, despite these questions, you can’t help but to fall deeply into the and philosophical signs and motifs are easily misunderstood or missed in
illustrations. For one, he uses several visual contrasts, like the contrast between translation. However, his calligraphic art style and wide
black ink and white paper. He draws surreal atmospheres and radical characters. variety of characters, both good and evil, are the reasons
And on top of that, the narration of the story might cause a severe case of dyslexia. For why many readers keep reading.
readers of his comics, the language-whether you’re a Korean native or a complete This comic was released in the United States in
foreigner-is not a factor. 2002, re-titled to The Sect and some of the author’s new
The setting of the story is the village of Hwa-Woo, a surreal and dreamy place works are set to be released in Japan.
where cultures collide. This is the home of Kyoui, the main character, who, most of
the time, lives like a weak, autistic person. However, when faced with either internal
Author's Other Works
or external stimulation, he suddenly gains the strength and ability of a martial arts
Like a Movie (1996), G-PLUS (2002), Diaries of a Chronic Disease (2005)
master. One day, while standing around listlessly at the station, he meets a woman
© Lim Kwang-mook & Choi Sung-hyun / Daiwon C.I.

154 155
sunjeong sonyeon adult eWebtoon

The Ruler
of the Land
Yang Jae-hyun & Jeon Keuk-jin

First Publication Young Champ(Bi-Weekly Comic

Magazine, 1995)
Genre Martial Art
First Edition 1995
Publisher Daiwon C.I.
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 45(Unfinished)
Media Crossover RPG Game the ruler of the land and there is no goal for him to achieve. He is not a reliable person; he is more like
online 1, 2
light, lascivious, and frivolous person. He becomes a disciple of the martial arts’
About the Author Born in 1970, the author has put master Chunmasingun by chance, so he is protected by the Black Wind gang. He
all his efforts into finishing The Ruler of the Land due constantly tries to date with women. For example, Han Bi-gwang meets a fighter
to its popularity.
of high-grade Dam Hwa-lin by accident. Dam Hwa-lin is a woman dressed in male
U.S. Edition Information attire. Han Bi-gwang sees her portrait of her and falls in love, but he doesn’t notice
Publisher ADV Manga(V9~) First Edition   Total Volumes 9 (Unfinished)
Hwa-lin because she is dressed as a man. She promises introduce him the woman in
the portrait; hence, their adventures begin.
The Ruler of the Land is a success, not just in
Refreshing Comic Heroism with Orange Breeze popularity, but also in media crossover. This comic
The Ruler of the Land was started in 1994 in the teenager comic magazine was used as the source of a RPG online game, and
“Young Champ” and is still going strong after 14 years. This comic has 45 issues in this game has been exported to US, Canada, Japan,
the series and has been sold more than 3 millions volumes. This is the best selling China, Taiwan, and other countries. Furthermore, the
record as an independent publisher. This comic has been labeled ‘new heroism,’ characters of the comic are used for the stationary
because the author used more sensitive language, which teenager and young people products and the illustration books have become
can understand and relate to. Instead of traditional heroism’s confrontation with popular.
dignity, tragic beauty, revenge, this new heroism blends typical Asian heroism with
fantasy and light humor.
Author's Other Works
The hero Han Bi-gwang is not a wanderer like other traditional heroes. He
Lonely Samurai(1998)
has wonderful inner strength. He doesn’t have a special martial arts’ technique
© Yang Jae-hyun & Jeon Keuk-jin / Daiwon C.I.

156 157
sunjeong sonyeon adult eWebtoon

The V agrant
Ryu Kum-chel

Genre Fantasy
First Edition 2001
Publisher Random House Korea
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 6(Finished, 2008)

About the Author Male, born in 1978. His debut

piece The Vagrant Soldier was finished in 7 years ultimate goal is to find his master’s lost sword, but the journey itself is unplanned
through 26 books. He is praised for his unique and unexpected.
Though this piece is set in medieval time, it seems to draw a lot of inspiration
from Greek mythology. Ares is the God of War. Kronos, the God of Time. And the
Minos Kingdom and Ariadne all appear in the Theseus myth. Ares, like the God
of War, is strong and ruthless in his fights. This
is because he learned from his master that only
The Journey of Misfits Going off to the Battlefield the strong survive. The only one who can cure
Ares is a one-eyed boy. He is a young misfit, who normally has a peaceful face; his dry heart is Ariadne. Like in the myth where
however, he turns into a fierce warrior once he holds up his sword. After wandering she helps Theseus find his way out of the Minos
around, he ends up joining an army of knights as a mercenary. The reason: he needs maze, Ariadne offers Ares emotional and mental
a place to eat and sleep. support. In this story, we get to see the young
The Vagrant Soldier is set around the battle between the four nations of Kronos, Ares mature into into a true hero.
the Ladink Confederation, Silonica, and Isiris. Ares, the apprentice of a Kronos
swordsman Kiron, embarks on a journey to find the ‘Red Eye Knight’ who killed
his teacher and took his eye. On the way, he ends up in a mercenary troop. With
Author's Other Works
his friends Mikael and Baruna, he fights off thieving kings and becomes friends
Four Forest Zone (2007)
with Kronos’s princess, Ariadne, (with whom he develops a teenage crush.) His
© Ryu Kum-chel / Random House Korea

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sunjeong sonyeon adult eWebtoon

Kim Dong-hoon & Yoon Joon-shik

First Publication Booking (Bi-Weekly Comic

Magazine, 2005)
Genre Fantasy/ Action
First Edition 2005
Publisher Haksan Pub.
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 6(Unfinished)

About the Author VERITAS is the author’s first
work, he made debut with the support in Korea Culture
and Content Agency. He is famous for his elaborate
drawing. He was honored with Excellence honor in
Korea Manhwa Award in 2007.

Fantasy Based on Korean Traditional Martial Arts with A Modern power he had never felt before.
Can mysterious Eastern martial arts be accepted in the West? Fans abroad might Gang-ryong is reborn through training, but suddenly his teacher disappears.
find it fun when they see ancient martial arts in present time because it invites them Later a strange gang comes up to him and hands him the arm of his teacher.
to the fantasy world. Saddened, he starts to track down his teacher and ends up at a school owned by
This is the author’s intention. The setting of Veritas is the present time but the Reunion. The Reunion students are hostile
guides us to more competitive world between much stronger martial arts masters. to Gang-ryong because Neui-ho is their public
Veritas pits traditional martial arts successors against a huge multinational enemy. However, Gang-ryong fights against them
company. Our main character, Ma Gang-ryong, rules the Gwang-poon Junior High using his teacher’s training, ‘Neuijeong-sohon.’
School in fighting. But he fights according to his wild instinct, so he knows he The introduction of secret traditional
cannot win against several people at once in reality. martial arts such as “Namsadangpa,” which is
Just as Gang-ryong is about to suffer defeat, Neui-ho appears. Neui-ho is the the fighting style of Korean festive traditional
successor of the Chenbu-ohaeng martial arts tradition. This form of martial arts performers, and “The Descendents of Tiger
uses thunder and is symbolized by gold. Seeing Neui-ho’s disciplined, awesome Hunters” make the comic more interesting and
power, Gang-ryong begs him to be his teacher. Through training, he feels a sense of exciting.
© Kim Dong-hoon & Yoon Joon-shik / Haksan Pub.

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sunjeong sonyeon adult eWebtoon

Yoon Tae-ho

First Publication Booking (Bi-Weekly Comic

Magazine, 1999)
Genre Drama
First Edition 1999
Publisher Haksan Pub.
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 20(Finished, 2003)

About the Author Born in 1969, Yahoo won Today’

This comic recounts large accidents in Korea such as: the gas explosion in
s Manhwa Award in 1999 and Moss won “Excellent Ahyeon-dong, the breakdown of Seongsu Bridge, and the collapse of Sampoon
Honor” during the Korea Manhwa Award in 2007. department store. It makes us consider questions such as: ‘if you were there…’ and ‘if
you witnessed the father’s death in your eyes…’ The author gives direct accusations
of critical moments in Korea’s stormy history.
Though the comic spotlights real history from 80’s to the
early 21-century, some fictional elements like Sugyeongdae
A Reassessment of 20th Century Korean History (the security force that Kim Hyeon worked for) were added
Kim Hyeon, an ordinary high school boy, sees his father’s corpse after it was and show how imagination works in a comic form. The
crushed in an unexpected building collapse. This 19-year-old boy experiences author has his own traits such as his adequate drawing
the terrible accident and yet seems not to care about it. But this incident starts the style, restrained scripts, and a calm artistic direction that
growth of his destructive instinct deep in his heart. He drops out of school and does not exaggerate. He pursues his own inventive path and
tries to find the way to escape the world; he joins a joint a security force whose job is unwilling to compromise-regardless of the latest fad. He
is to suppress protestors. However, more miserable situations occur to him there shares his concerns and asks questions to the generation
and his inner violent emotions blaze out. He begins to wage a reckless war against that demonstrates against the corrupted society.
A “Yahoo” is the human-like beast in Gulliver’s Travels that has a filthy
unkempt body. They are lascivious, crude, and obsessed with pretty stones. Just Author's Other Works
as an average high school boy becomes a terrorist, this word tries to tell us that all A Husband, Sleeping Alone(1996), Yeon’s Special Story (1997), Sugoong Special
Story(1997), Outrageous Life(1998), Romance(2001), A Street Knight’s Scuffle
people who witness corruption and social irregularities in Korean modern history
(2006), Siren(2006), Moss(2007)
are yahoos at heart.
© Yoon Tae-ho / Haksan Pub.

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sunjeong sonyeon adult eWebtoon

the Invincible
Moon Jung-hoo

First Publication Chance (Bi-Weekly comic

Magazine, 1996)
Genre Martial Art
First Edition 1996
Publisher Haksan Pub.
Total Volumes(Year Finished) 23 (Finished, 2002) in comedy cartoons, such as Wallace’s Gromit or Dilbert’s friend Dogbert, but it
Media Crossover RPG game (2005), Mobile RPG seldom appears in this genre. The fact that it is willing to overstep those conventions
game (2003, 2007)
is what distinguishes this from other cartoons in its field.
About the Author Male, Born in 1967. Won the Our hero, bounty hunter Yongbi, loves money and sex, and seems to be a
Today’s Manhwa Award for Yongbi.
character that can’t be taken seriously. He travels with his horse and partner
Biryong, and together, they hunt for rewards. One day, Yongbi captures Guhui, a
man worth 1000 nyang. The head of an evil murderous clan, Guhui swears revenge
on Yongbi. While transporting Guhui across the land, Yongbi saves a child from
drowning in the water. As a thank you, Yongbi receives a golden necklace. This
Hybrid Martial Art Is Stronger golden necklace turns out to be the key to great treasure and power: the legendary
The home of martial art comics is China, and while China emphasizes key of the Golden Castle! Once Yongbi discovers this secret, he starts his own hunt
traditional martial art cartoon structures, Korea has long tried to create new hybrid for the treasure. Consequently, several martial arts clans, powerful officials, and
versions of the martial art genre. While following this trend, Yongbi certainly the revenge-seeking Guhui chase Yongbi. But Yongbi has a secret. He was once the
deviates from the traditional Martial Art structure. Even though it contains the main head of an unstoppable, murderous clan. One night, he fell into a trap and lost all his
features of a martial art comic, this piece experiments with new modern techniques. men during battle. After we learn about this past, we see that there is actually more
Yongbi follows a man, journeying the lands in search of a ‘greater force’. But it than meets the eye to this humorous, yet sad character.
adds a modern twist to this story. Our main character is not a typical hero, but a
rather realistic fellow who evokes humor at unexpected times. Even in the tensest
Author's Other Works
moments, this piece gives comic relief such as showing a horse that, in action,
Whirldwind (1998), The Demon Battles (2001), Yongbi Special Edition (2006)
is smarter to our leading character. An animal smarter than a man might appear
© Moon Jung-hoo / Haksan Pub.

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